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HDDs are easily the most outdated technology that everyone is still using. Literally anyone who has used an SSD will tell you they are worth it. HDDs are so slow and ginormous and fucking loud, why the hell are we using moving storage in 2017???

>But SSDs are too expensive!
You can get a 500gb for like $150 and often even less than that during sales. 500gb is easily enough for anything since games and the OS are the only thing you need on a drive anyway, put everything else online faggot. If you seriously can't afford to get an SSD you should not own a computer because HDDs are fucking worthless and outdated as floppy disks.

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>He doesn't have 3tb of steam games installed
I feel sorry for you pham

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Mass storage

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I know right! We can also upload our files to the cloud.

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>implying games are not 50-100gb after install.

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Not op here but I'm up to 6tb, running off 2x4tb shhd's in raid0

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I bought a 500gb 850 evo for 100 bucks last year. Now it's 2017 and they're 150 bucks. Fuck that shit.

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Do I get good money selling this thing's magnets

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When, 16TB SSD are under 500usd.

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>put everything else online faggot
Do you pay to keep your online data on SSDs? Are you a retard?

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hdd's still have their uses, especially for things that dont require a lot of speed like music and movies and certian games, but you are right in saying that ssd's are getting bigger, faster and cheaper

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>implying you need all those installed and play them all regularly

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>500gb for like $150
Or I could buy a HDD for 20 bucks a terabyte.

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consumer archive storage, you millenial retard

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>3TB of steam games
>not 3TB of chinese cartoons

Look at this homo.

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No you jewish piece of shit.

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>not having both

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Maybe if the steam games are all weebshit. But that wouldn't fill up 3 TB, unfortunately.

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> When can we stop using these?

When flash density catches up. Right now we're pretty much at a stand still with platter density so it's only a matter of time but as of right now I ain't paying $1600 for 4TB

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Whoops meant to type >>60116743
My 4chan app is retarded

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>mfw hes uploading his precious shit to the botnet

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Bought a 256GB nvme ssd with a 1TB "classic" SSD.
Didn't buy a HDD. Did I make the right choice?

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You screwed up. You can get 4tb hdds for about $100 apiece and put them in RAID + offsite backups for less.

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>You can get a 500gb for like $150
Or I can get a 1TB hdd for a third of that price.
Hard drives will always be superior to SSDs for mass storage.

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Newest drives are only half as slow in raw throughput as common ssds tho. And price per gb is unmatched.

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This. Why do you need to have all that shit installed 24/7? Only a dozen of my steam games are installed.

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until i can get a 2tb ssd for $40, ill keep using ssds as boot drives and hdds as storage drives

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waiting on a 4tb version...

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>tfw 1tb 960 evo
>tfw 4tb WD black

and i keep some things on Google Drive lol

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Blame price fixing.
Anything that uses NAND skyrocketed in price.

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Do you guys not have backups or something? All these, 1ssd, 1hdd posts are disturbing.

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>he doesn't use a tape backup

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>he doesn't backup his data on stone tablets

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>he hasn't commited his data in machine code to memory

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> 2017
> still no reasonable explanation why should I stop using hdd

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SSDfags are the worst

>muh boot times

How often do you boot your fucking computer? I haven't turn mine off in months.

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Where? Most 1tb 7200 rpm drives are above $35.

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Nigger, just use what you want. HDDs are cheap storage.

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Can you guys fuck off with this meme. If you have your OS and programs installed to your SSD, who gives a fuck how fast your HDD. Just get the slowest one. You can still open movies and music from it nearly instantly.

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Tell me when a 2tb SSD doesn't cost half a 2006 car.

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>chinese cartoons

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>nobody checked this bloke


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>20 bucks a terabyte

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when manufacturers will stop with weird inventions like TLC (probably even quad-level cell in the future) as a way to get to $0.045/GB

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Lurk for two years before posting .

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>4tb for $100

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Anyone who buys a new computer without a SSD boot drive is an idiot. That said, for mass storage hard drives are fast enough and they're much cheaper per GB.

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>buying something and not having it in your possesion

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>there are now 12tb HDDs
When will ssdlets ever catch up lol

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Steam games are ever in your possession. If you get banned. All your games are gone.

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As if botnets really affected anything besides triggering spergtards.

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OP but I can't get 5TB ssds cheap and I dont' need speed for that

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I don't need 100 TB of porn on an SSD because I'll never look at all that porn in one sitting. It only matters that I have it.

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You can get refurb 3TBs for $60 or so

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HDDs are cheaper. Think of all the files you have that really don't need to be on a SSD.

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the fuck did you buy that?

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The last time I stocked up on storage, I paid $80 for 6TB. So a little more than half the price for six times the storage. When you have a ton of data, HDDs are the way to go. With RAIDZ5 in that server, it easily saturates the client storage, including my NVMe SSD.

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My brother's SSD stopped working after only a year's use, and all he had on it was the OS and a few images. Luckily he had enough sense to store the terabytes of important shit on HDD.

>HDDs are so slow and ginormous
>put everything else online
Your argument CAN'T be "HDD is slow" AND "use the cloud", because that option is even slower.

>500GB for $150
And what? Hold like 5 games on it?

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Then don't cheat?

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Ssd's for OS drive and quick storage.
Hdd for backup and mass storage. Hard to beat approx. 50 bucks for 2 terrabytes.

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Why NOT have them preinstalled?
If I suddenly want to play one, I want to play it NOW, not in 10 minutes to an hour when it finishes downloading and installing.

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I feel bad for you
two hdd with at least some bcache space on an ssd, ideally the entire disk will give much better perofrmance

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You're still part of the botnet

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I don't give a fuck. There are many games that simply aren't available on physical media. Botnet is a meme, and so are you.

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>storage/files: HDD

HDDs are still useful, only because of their price. Even a decent laptop of any brand can house an mSATA SSD for boot and a standard 2.5" drive in the SATA bay for storage.

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Well when I can get an 10TB SSD (Don't exist yet) (For my server data) without having to rob a bank then I'll consider switching over entirely. Till then (which at this rate will take years) I'll stick with regular hdds. (oh wait, as the years pass hdds will still grow in size while still having price drops, guess that big ssd would be a waste of money after all)

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Botnet is a technical term. Search it up.
Not a meme.
Why are you even on here

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It's not just the boot times, it also affects the overall responsiveness of your system. If you've got a read/write head doing a fuckton of other shit in the background, responsiveness suffers.

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Its not about boot times you retarded brainlet. Its about responsiveness. In a laptop too, its about power consumption and the peace of mind of knowing that if your laptop suffers a fall you don't have to worry about a delicate HDD.

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The internet as a whole is a botnet. You are part of the botnet just by being here. If you don't want to be part of the botnet, go live in the woods.

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Eh... I mean, factory refurb sounds ok I guess but my autism wants new and used PC parts sounds like there's a reason why they're "used."

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>500gb for like $150
meanwhile you can get 3 terrabytes for half that price
and even if you get hacked or install le botnet OS it wont write itself to death in under a week.

>over priced
>fail so easily, you don't even need to plug it in for it to fail (obviously without physically damaging it)
>capable of writing itself to death in under a weeks time
you have to be a complete and utter moron to think paying twice as much for a 6th of the storage is worth it.

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How is it a meme you autist? It's the physical description of the drive. Same as how ssds use the nvme meme and say "Oh, ist one second faster than 3dnand so buy it goy!" Fuck off.

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>Buying used HDDs
No thx

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>he unironically thinks ssds are better

>> No.60120918

>he doesn't have a computer he lugs around to check SMART and run HDTach

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Why not both?

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I'm pretty sure there's more to it than that retardedly simple diagram you have.

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Oh god...
Its a joke you fucking mongoloid. Is this even a tech board at this point?

>> No.60121061

Do either of you by any chance have autism?

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It's not a joke board, that's for sure.

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I have a 4x3TB raidz1 pool. Why the fuck would I ever dream of using SSDs instead in this setup?

>> No.60121258

Yeah, and for the same price I get 4 TB for an HDD.

Just get RAM to feed the block cache for the price difference. It's faster than your shitty SSD anyway.

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>HDDs are so [...] fucking loud
son pls HDD noise the best

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Why hate on HDDs and use babby SSDs when you could have your own home fileserver?

Mine has 3 WD Red 3TB drives and I'm looking into getting two more. Cloud is a shitty meme.

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>You can get a 500gb SSD for like $150

Or, you can get a 5TB HDD for $145 (on sale two weeks ago for $135).


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Mah nigga

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>hdd is making some strange clicking sounds
>no backup
>no money left from my autismbox


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>can also upload our files to the cloud
>digits of satan
>gibs me all your data, anon

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All this anime won't store itself. Plus it makes it easier to travel since I can just access my own files on the go and know that third parties can't access my data.

>> No.60121648

I fucking know that glorious feel, anon.

>> No.60121689

>You can get a 500gb for like $150
That's ridiculously expensive compared to spinning discs.

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Do you run Kodi?

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In 2017 people still don't realize that with ssds you're paying for speed not capacity?
Holy shit I thought we went over this in computers 101.

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I just bought a 3tb HGST deskstar hopefully it'll last me more then 3 fucking years as opposed to that seagate garbage that lasted me 3yrs and died on me when it went out of fucking warranty

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So are any SSDs actually archival grade yet or will they still lose their content when left unpowered for long durations?

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I store shit on these faggot. Basically never.

>> No.60121756

Fuck buying anything other then HGST drives.

>> No.60121763

I got 4 of those.

>> No.60121769

the stuff that takes up the most amount of space doesn't need to be fast

>> No.60121771

How long have you used them? Backblaze has amazingly low failure rates on them.

>> No.60121783

I thought that was a bug in one manufacturers?

>> No.60121795

Not long. We're talking like two weeks.

>> No.60121796

People care more about the amount of data they can save onto their hard disk. As such, the price gap is enough to kill SSDs for most people, when most computers today are fast enough for regular usage anyways.
Most people just get a small SSD to put the OS onto, and use HDD for real stuff, exactly because the only speed they really care about that an SSD could make a (noticeable) difference on, is boot-up time.

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>have fast internet connection with no monthly limit
>encrypt files with strongest encryption available, literally impossible to crack even with quantum computers
>add random small amount of padding so they can't guess what it is based on filesize
>upload to filehosts like mega.nz and dropbox for free
>upload to multiple filehosts in case one or two get taken down like megaupload
>I don't pay the electricity bill so even that is not an issue

give me one logical reason why this is wrong, /g/.

>> No.60121826

Turns out, I'm retarded.

>> No.60121848

i love /g/, always so bitter

>> No.60121869

>>encrypt files with strongest encryption available, literally impossible to crack even with quantum computers

No algorithmic encryption is 100% uncrackable. Only using a one time pad is uncrackable, and I know you're not using one because it's only suitable for transmission, not storage.

>> No.60121904

>and I know you're not using one because it's only suitable for transmission, not storage.

>not generating a new key per file every time you open it.

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you can use a laptop harddrive for anything, so there is no point in making desktop harddrives for pcs

>> No.60122032

>not backing up all of your games with the DRM cracked on your server and setting up VMs with PCI passthrough configured to play all of them.

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You are the worthless shit here.

>> No.60122133

>500gb for like $150
>full in 3 days
Wew, living in the future here.

>> No.60122158

Nice stolen property there mate.

>> No.60122159

There's responsiveness too

>> No.60122194

>I only pretend to be retarded.

>> No.60122206

You're paying for speed and capacity.

>> No.60122245

What's the point of a SSD then? Just fall for the 16GB ram meme and get all your files that you're ever going to open cached and always put your computer to sleep and not suspension.

>> No.60122266

RAMdisks require extra step to get going.
>always put your computer to sleep and not suspension.
There's also that.
In contrast, you can just use an SSD like a normal hard drive and be done with it.

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> he hasn't grown his own biological brain tasked with memorizing data and dynamically growing in size

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>HDDs are too slow
>Keep everything in the cloud
Unless you're part of the 0.0000001% of people with ten gigabit up, ten gigabit down; an HDD will be faster than your internet.

>> No.60122350

>When the newfag spots the newfag

>> No.60122424

>since games and the OS are the only thing you need on a drive anyway
on home desktop sure, but business always store loads of data and go for the cheaper, more reliable option. Just today I had to connect a 2tb hdd to a computer used for designing. Shit was full of ps and pngs, and of course, they won't delete them.

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Which one of you faggot nuggets is still having an SSD as a storage device in 2017?! If you can't afford a 512 GB RAMdisk you shouldn't be allowed to touch a computer in case you break it and can't cover the damages.
Games are so much way better when they are loaded into RAM. I wouldn't even consider using an SSD because non-volatile memory is literally a meme.

>> No.60122533

>got a cheapo used ssd for OS and apps
Like 20 bucks. Feels good

>> No.60122639

>500 gb is enough
stopped reading there famq

>> No.60123150

I have a laptop with 2 disks, one ssd with GNU plus Linux and one hdd with Windows 7

the main difference to me is the HDD is loud. sure, the ssd boots faster but I don't notice any major difference in opening files or programs.

that being said, I plan on replacing the hdd with another ssd eventually so everything is calm and quiet.

it's definitely a meme

>> No.60123260


Run Linux. Buy more ram. Problem solved.

>> No.60123278


Anon, you should sit down in a quiet place and prepare your anus for optane dimms.

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>You can get a 500gb for like $150

And you can get about 8 times that on a HD for the same price

>> No.60123609

>puts 9 fans in his computer + water pump
>bitches about hdds being loud

>You can get a 500gb for like $150
Yea, well I could have GOOD 4tb drives for less than that.
For anyone that wants decent storage capacities, mechanical drives are the only sane choice.
>hurr I need to access my porn, music, and movies at lightning speeds!

>> No.60123645

>tfw the soundtrack is the only convincing part of a vietnamese animation

>> No.60123777


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damn I hope the government doesn't use their above top secret trillion dollar zero-point energy quantum supercomputers to hack into mega.nz's servers, then crack the encryption on my files and find my collection of pirated video games and loli doujins. that might get me fired from my tech support/janitor job at best buy.

>> No.60123918

Tiered storage master race.

14 spindles behind 4 SSD's at home.

We won't talk about work...

>> No.60123932

you don't need 5 TB of games installed at once. cloud storage is good for long-term storage of stuff you're not going to use again for a few months or years.

>> No.60123961

It would take me three months to upload everything I have.

>> No.60124101

256 GB isn't enough to store all my 4k 3D porn. And I ain't dropping $500 for a 1 TB ssd. Thus hdds still have purpose.

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when ssd's start having at least the same price/storage size ratio if not better also hdd's have a much much longer life.and i dont have a problem with my hdd's speed because im not a turbo autist who needs to turn on his computer in 2.6 sec instead of 3.

>> No.60125284

>2.6 sec instead of 3

Bit of an exaggeration. Windows 10 shuts down in about 20 seconds and boots up in about 40 seconds off my 7200rpm HDD. The same Windows 10 shuts down in 2 seconds and boots up in 5 seconds off my SSD. Rebooting is trivial with an SSD. Launching Windows 10 from my SSD, I can turn off my pc, cold boot, and get to a desktop before the Windows 10 HDD pc even fully shuts down.

SSD's aren't perfect. Currently they are far too expensive to do anything with other than use them as a boot drive, record 4k video, and a few other specific applications. Ideally, you'd like to have an SSD as your boot drive and a nice beefy HDD as your storage drive. I'd wager you could achieve that by spending no more than a total of $150 on the two drives.

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>put everything else online faggot
kill yourself you always-connected, paid service needing, corporate cocksucking cuck.

>> No.60125452

power/internet goes out, any apocalypse situation, travel, the host you rely on gets fucked or they fuck you. I get that you can still access lots of data without local storage but not only is it a restrictive pain, it makes you reliant on a service. no matter what happens I can always just plug in my HDD and have my shit.

>> No.60125679
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>> No.60125805

>put everything else online faggot
Online storage is even more expensive per GB than SSDs.

>> No.60125818

>Having the Time to Download a Häme everytime you wanna play it

Why are there so many NEETs here?

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>Prices of SSD dropping steadily
>Next year we're going to have ~15 cents per gigabyte or something, can finally start looking into the +1TB range.
>lolfuckyou, there's a shortage on the stuff and prices are going up instead during 2017.
>Also phones are going to consume even more of this stuff, prolonging the shortage probably to the 2018
>After that, we're going to have to wait a year or two for the prices to come back down.
God fucking dammit I hate these jews.
The enterprise world has already been messing with 60TB versions and they're making us wait till 2021 until it's affordable to buy a 4TB SSD.
I'd love nothing more than to replace my sluggish external with an SSD, but until that happens, unfortunately a HDD is the way to go with multiple TB of storage.

>> No.60125886
File: 415 KB, 700x621, 00107what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then don't use them. You're the only person you have to blame for using an HDD. I haven't used one in my main computer since 2012 and I'm a poorfag.

>> No.60125899

>Currently they are far too expensive to do anything with other than use them as a boot drive
It's not 2011 anymore.

>> No.60125903

Enjoying your 1.2mbs download speed, mate?

>> No.60126095

Non-volatile memory is literally a meme. I fucking told you already.

>> No.60126431

Nice security through obscurity you got going there. Let me know how that works out for you. Rather, don't, because I already know how it works for everyone.

Want real protection for your files? Save them to a hard drive, encrypt the hard drive, airgap it from the internet when not in use, and lock it in a safe when you're not using it.

This gives you technical AND LEGAL protections in the event the powers that be come after you. It won't necessarily save you from the government if they've really got it out for you but you've made it sufficiently difficult that if they want your data, they'd have to break into your house, crack your safe, and break the law enough that even the most corrupt court in the USA won't convict you of anything.

>> No.60126450

Yes they feel ancient. I run 2 TB of SSDs in my primary computer but I can never afford 6-8 TB of SSD storage for my movies and personal files. It will take time until they become viable. SSDs are almost useless for mass storage.

Remember , a 4K movie has 50+ GB. ONE...

>> No.60126471

>a 4K movie has 50+ GB. ONE...
My 4k copy of Lawrence of Arabia is 150GB.

>> No.60126489

Are you trying to sell me something, you dirty kike?
HDDs are much, much cheaper and they get shit done. Not everyone has same needs as you.
Just fuck off

>> No.60126502

fry's what

>> No.60126511

Just because you can't understand the fact that maybe others have different purposes for their computers does not mean a whole standard of storage should be eliminated just because you bought your first SSD an feel the need to express your superiority


>> No.60126513

is this 2009 again, faggot?
A lot of gaymes require 100GB for all textures and other shit. How am I supposed to keep this on SSD? Or should I store it "in cloud"?
You stupid retard. SSDs due to limited capacity and cost are still meme tier. Let me know when you can get 10TB SSDs close to the cost of 10TB HDD. Oh, and make them much more reliable, because TLC crash is a fucking joke right now. Not to mention you lose all your data if your SSD controller dies, which is NOT the case in HDDs.

>> No.60126540

>needing an SSD
what are you trying to do, anon? shitpost at some 500MB/s?

>> No.60126574

>Windows 10 shuts down in about 20 seconds and boots up in about 40 seconds off my 7200rpm HDD.
Mine takes 6 seconds to shut down and less than 20 for a hibernation start. A full restart is only 45 seconds.

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File: 63 KB, 674x532, Unbenannt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The noise of this shitty HDD really annoys me but getting a used 120 GB SSD for 30 € isn't that hard anymore.

>> No.60126892

how've you been treating your hard drive then?
mine isn't audible over all my fans combined, and most are on low-medium speeds anyway

>> No.60126918

I gotta read into that sometime. Really want one, but I know jack about networking.

>> No.60126986

Please teach me your ways, sensei

>> No.60126994

You can't be banned from Steam itself. You always have access to games you've purchased. Your game inventories can be locked to restrict transferring items, but again, you can personally always access anything you own on Steam.

If you cheat in a game, you're banned from that particular game's multiplayer. Unless it's VAC which will be for all VAC enabled servers.

>> No.60127013

SSDs probably shouldnt be the standard. Non-rewritable inode tables and whatnot

>> No.60127081

>You can't be banned from Steam itself.
You mean "there haven't been any publicized cases of Valve banning anyone from Steam." They do, in fact, have the ability to ban you from Steam, and if they did that you wouldn't really have any recourse other than giving them bad publicity.

>> No.60127158

>not using a SSD for day to day stuff and HDD for the rest

It's like you're too stupid to use the right tool for the right task

>> No.60127267


Sooo, how do you feel about battery backed DDR? Conflicted in any way?

>> No.60127390

SSD's have a significant impact on game loading times. But games are also large and putting all of them on an SSD is not always possible. Data does not change much for most people so wear and tear is not really an issue unless you do a lot of things that use the drives a lot. My HDD's usually just get written a few times and data like movie rips remains static so that's not an issue. My main concern with spinning media is failure rates. Mechanical drives tend to die quicker (it used to be an issue with SSD's but not anymore).

>> No.60127459

The guy who sold it put it into a letter its a wonder that its still working
The drive is from around 2008

>> No.60127945

>You can get a 500gb for like $150
my current hdd's were AU$125 for 2000GB... and that was almost 7 years ago

>> No.60127989

>put everything else online
this doesn't even make sense, while 500GB might be enough for most of what i have that can't be sourced from the internet, the rest acts like a cache, stuff that is slow or hard to to get
and don't even start on uploading, there's no such thing as good upload speeds when i live

>> No.60128007
File: 16 KB, 800x212, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much would SSD cost to replace these?
OP is a fagit

>> No.60128042

What the fuck are you storing
It can't all be chink fingerpainting scrolls

>> No.60128046

Frys is a store

>> No.60128085
File: 12 KB, 363x481, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About 1100 movies and 55 different TV series with an unknown amount of episodes

>> No.60128113

I'm assuming you're torrenting that mess and not stockpiling media for the apocalypse. That's more media than astronauts could watch on a trip to Mars

>> No.60128223

>500gb is easily enough for anything
I'm currently using 3.4TB out of 4TB.

>> No.60128486

>Using an SSD.
>Not using the god-tier RAM disk.

heh, kiddo.

>> No.60128567

yeah, but whos store is fry's

what does he call it?

>> No.60128609

When we find a way to stop write amplification

>> No.60128635
File: 509 KB, 661x630, fry's dog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60128917

>put everything else online faggot

see, the problem is, if i were to put my documents online, i'd have to secure them properly first. this means
>creating a new loop image
>making it into a LUKS image with a detached header
>not uploading the header anywhere so nobody but me can get in there
>somehow compressing all this shit so it doesn't take a day to upload
>shelling out for a cloud provider to give me enough storage space for this shit
>huge process to open, save and reupload documents securely again, made worse because none of these cloud providers even support delta updates so i have to reupload the whole loop image again

and no, i can't just upload it plain, some of these documents contain EXTREMELY sensitive information that i'm barely comfortable having on my local disks in the first place

>> No.60130210


>> No.60130498

you save pictures in the ssd or hdd?

>> No.60130537

They are still more reliable long-term and cheaper than SSDs retard, that's why we use them.

>> No.60130549



>> No.60131928
File: 39 KB, 540x312, google.de c3f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60132650


Storage size and encryption.

At least last I recall it's not advisable to do whole disk encryption on a SSD because of increased wear load (it will go from 5~ years of writes to 2~ years). Neither drives last forever, just that HDDs are better for storage and often when a failure occurs you get bet some stuff off a HDD before it's completely gone, you can't with SSD.

>> No.60132761

shit codec, h.264 is still better for quality

>> No.60132895

fuck off, six times satan

>> No.60133136

Are there any good USB-C externals?

>> No.60133175

>he only has 3tb I feel sorry for you
I am coming up on 7tb with about 500 gigs worth of porn

>> No.60133917

>only have 500gigs of porn I feel sorry for you

I have a 20TB RAID with about 7TB of porn on it.

>> No.60133935

Enjoy your data loss of anything important when your flash based ssd eventually fails after writing for the 10,000th time.

>> No.60134492


>not using non conductive fluids over circuitry

>> No.60134573

>You can get a 500gb for like $150
You can get 5TB of HDD at this price.
Sure the price ratio is getting better, but for large size storage (mostly media), fast access time is basically irrelevant, unless you do editing stuff.
For now, the sane strategy is a SSD for OS/Apps and HDD for the rest.
Literally any cheap ass SSD will do the job btw.
Buying cutting edge tech stuff will only very slightly improve your boot time.

>> No.60134623

>528 file

if he watched one movie a day, maybe 3 or 4 on sunday, thats probably about a year

>> No.60135240

>put everything else online faggot

I will bite.
And where the fuck do you think that goes?

>> No.60135563
File: 8 KB, 374x208, 1477317408059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't have a NAS, you're poorfag or an idiot.
If you populate your NAS with only SSDs and not HDDs, you're a richfag idiot.

Best bang/$ config is:
> local system SSD
> NAS with HDDs in RAID5 (or ZFS/whatever equivalent), plus a PCIe/NVMe SSD read cache, plus a health amount of RAM
> splurge for 10GbE, even if it's just a crossover cable for a client workstation or two

You now have can pull data off your local network at over 2x the speed of a local SATA SSD, and even the uncached shit can be pulled off 5+ spindles at faster than SATA SSD rates for linear accesses.

>> No.60135814

>hdd's have a much much longer life

Are you actually retarded? Hard drives suffer from mechanical failures. That's their top failure mode. And it generally happens within the first 3-5 years. SSDs obviously don't suffer from mechanical failures. I've had the same SSD for more than 8 years and it still works like new.

>> No.60136191

I have to use HDDs to store media files until the price per GB of SSDs drop to the same point

>> No.60137880

>hdds will still grow in size
Aren't HDDs reaching a physical capacity ceiling now? Unless 5.25" HDDs make their glorious return they're probably not going to keep increasing in capacity much longer.

>> No.60138077

>he posts craigslist
audible kek

>> No.60138159

Yep. First result for "hdd physical limits":

>Itsy-bitsy: Hard drives bumping up against physical limits

> So it's news to most of us that the jig is up.
>Hard disks aren't going away any time soon, but those days of spectacular growth in storage capacity will soon be over. Engineers, bumping up against the physical limits of conventional hard disks, are looking for new storage technologies.

>In today's computer-savvy age, computer chips have brand names, Internet users debate the merits of cable modems vs. DSL phone lines and the introduction of a new operating system, such as last week's release of Windows XP, is a national news story.

Source: http://old.post-gazette.com/healthscience/20011029disk1029p2.asp

>> No.60138184



>> No.60138185


I want /v/ to leave so fucking badly

>> No.60138196



anon where the fuck have you been for the last two years? prices have gone UP since two years ago.

>> No.60138567

Yeah like rewriting a single bit of the same address 200x actually kills the whole NAND crap that is SSD.

>> No.60138592

>farfetch'd is not D:

>> No.60138622

>About 1100 movies and 55 different TV series with an unknown amount of episodes

That's a lot of CP you've got there.

>> No.60139775

HDDs are still good for large capacity i've got a 8tb

i use an 120gb SSD for running my shit,
right now im waiting on 2tb SSDs to come down in price

>> No.60140329
File: 12 KB, 480x360, snusmumrik.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not hiding encrypted data in Youtube videos for unlimited storage
i thought better of you /g/

>> No.60140561

nigger.. we are talking about sound here.. shit makes sound yo

>> No.60140657
File: 86 KB, 1500x1000, 71Qy8Sbs1DL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, thats pretty gud!


>> No.60141112
File: 87 KB, 371x554, 1366746031351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>after $230.00 discount

>> No.60141208

But that read/write speeds

>> No.60141235


I remember these articles. We're still coasting on advances in perpendicular recording and improvements in R/W head accuracy. Several of the known tricks for increasing density haven't even been used yet.

>> No.60143551

It's slower and double the cost of a Samsung 960. Not really that impressive

>> No.60143646

>Looks up the 960
Yes it slower and the full price is nearly of the 960 2tb

>> No.60143713


Shit in my IT department they're readying getting rid of all our server network storage and moving to the "cloud," i.e. box and Google drive. The system admins love this change. [Spoiler]they don't, and neither do I[/Spoiler]

>> No.60144255

dude it's obvious you know absolutely nothing about technology or any methodology related to it, it's sort of obvious where you really came from since you have steam games.

back to

>> No.60144683

>only 7tb
I wrote a python script to scrape pornhub, motherless, xvideos, and xhamster every hour for new videos

I also have about 12TB of JAV

>> No.60144718

Get used to it. Consumer enthusiast tech is fueled by the gaming industry. This board would be a backwater, discussing inaccessible outmoded and forgotten technology without it.

>> No.60144758

I would love to have an off-site personal zfs datacentre with 1PB usable after zraid and a 40Gb/s internet connection desu

>> No.60144775

how does that script work? It must have to read in a file with all the existing videos and then compare that against any different ones.

>> No.60144833

>not using the brain fuck scheduler on an nvme ssd

you guys don't know what responsiveness is

>> No.60144858

db with hashes of the urls

>> No.60144908

I agree with your first assertion but not your second. Gamers push the industry forward, it's true. However without them, I don't think it's reasonable to say that /g/ would be all about outdated tech. That just doesn't make sense.

>> No.60144940

latency is 20ns.
If you use slog, samsung can't compete.

>> No.60144958

gamers don't push the industry further. they're a joke for companies like intel to sell defective silicon that didn't make the cut to be in server parts

>> No.60144965

I mean that in the sense that this board would have a lot less to talk about without gamers pushing the industry forward, so in that timeline consoles would never have fallen off post-2010 when Minecraft and other indie games pumped tons of money and people into PC Vidya.

>> No.60146118

When they stop jewing people I'll buy an SSD. The prices rose by 30% in 3 months and aren't falling. When they fall back to "normal" I'll get a 240GB and a 120GB SSD.

>> No.60146326

The moment that 4TB of storage on a SSD costs around $200 is the time that magnetic storage dies for most enterprise applications.

>> No.60147363

Doubtful, HDD will be 100 tb when this happen

>> No.60149068

>EXTREMELY sensitive information that i'm barely comfortable having on my local disks in the first place
Are you afraid to admit openly that you love central processors? FBI asked 4chan to provide them with your IP anyway. Are you behind seven proxies, pedophile?

>> No.60149174
File: 52 KB, 640x640, 1492634595090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what 7TB???
I have 10Gb of porn and I feel like im the worthless and useless human being on a planet

>> No.60150079

I'm not using SSD's for my NAS

It'll be expensive if not impossible to get 4x 4TB in a row

>> No.60150105
File: 17 KB, 640x354, WD-Feature-640x354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you do THIS with a single SSD?
Get back when you can.

>> No.60150804


>> No.60150988


>> No.60151047

Are those helium HGST's a meme?

>> No.60151052

Other companies have been doing helium too

>> No.60151773

Holy fucking shit, who in their right mind would ever buy that?

>> No.60151816

Yeah but it is all about random read/write, where SSD destroys HDD.

>> No.60151950


It's Seagate though.
60TB is a lot of data to lose.

>> No.60152778

considering SAS is only used there

>> No.60152800

Redpill me on SAS, anon.

>> No.60152861

basically a mix of SCSI and SATA
uses SATA-like connectors and physical interface (it's serial), but SCSI protocol
SAS drives can't be attached to SATA controllers, but SAS controllers often support SATA drives

>> No.60152902
File: 91 KB, 569x629, complaints.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 300 TB of Illumina & PacBio data

>> No.60152916

So this SCSI protocol is the benefit? Does it increase stability or something?

>> No.60152975

>It's Seagate though.
Gets me every time

>> No.60153125

Seagate pretty faulty still eh?

I have a 1tb I'm about to install early next month, how fucked am I?

>> No.60153256

i think when the kikes makes high capacitiy ssd's available for the price of high capacity hdd's now, everyone will start using them and hdds will become obsolete

>> No.60153703
File: 120 KB, 640x512, 5.25_inch_MFM_hard_disk_drive[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And look like this again.

>> No.60153828

The only Seagate to be worried about is the 3TB desktop drive which they don't even make anymore last I checked. The fact that people still act like Seagate is shit when they had this issue fucking years ago now is ridiculous and shows how uninformed people are about the industry. Hell, you don't even need to know that to avoid this misunderstanding, you can just look at modern Backblaze data. You know, the same site where people found out the 3TB desktop-class drives are shit.

>> No.60154406

I have a Nas with 4x2tb drives

>> No.60154517

>1TB SSD - 348$
>348 $ only for faster boot time
yeah, no shit.

>> No.60154655 [DELETED] 
File: 82 KB, 654x438, acucksend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm currently on a SSD+SSHD setup, the SSHD is ultraquiet so I'm ok with it.
OS and programs are on the SSD, vidya and other bullshit on the SSHD, torrents on the external USB HDD.
Sure I didn't have any stutter when I was on my old HDDs, sometimes SSD stutters for a couple of seconds, other than that it's worth it for the silence alone, especially for a mute gaming faggot such as myself, I'm kinda autistic so I always play with sound OFF and a noise level clocked at 29db(yes, 29db) on full-load.

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