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>tfw fell for the 16GB RAM meme

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>filling 14gb already

You're right, 16 isn't enough today

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>tfw fell for the 16GB RAM meme
>It's DDR3 1333mhz ram

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>tfw fell for the 8GB RAM meme
It's the comfiest amount of RAM to have.

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living on the edge is not comfy

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>Windows 10
>DDR3 1600
There's your problem.

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>friend wants to build a PC
>jokes he wants 64gb of ram
>joke continues for a year
Its not funny anymore George just stop
>"but I need all the Ram for maximum open tabs! In chrome!

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8gb and never use more then 300mb :) thx linux!

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that's to be expected when you're using an OS with no programs

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>tfw fell for the SSD meme

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Never change, /g/. Love this meme thread

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>tfw x86 processors can only handled about 4tb of ram

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>playing GTA5 as one character
>open a second GTA5 in a separate window so I can play my alt at the same time
>16gb suddenly maxed out

Fuck you guys who said 16gb was plenty

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> Half a gorillion times faster random access
> OS and programs have many small files that need loading all the time, even more so on Windows than Linux.
> Meme
You got something that's really nice to have, plz appreciate a little.

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Wrong, just not running them all at once

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You fell for a /g/ meme, they always say stuff like that to trick newbies. Most people here actually have 64GB RAM.

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16gb? what do you need 12gb for?

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>tfw fell for the AMD meme

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>>tfw 16gb meme was useful

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>NVMe is faster than RAM

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Just close firefox and you will never need to worry about Ram.

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>tfw fell for the 20gb ram meme
>skyrim with mods doesn't stutter anymore


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>fell for the 8GB RAM meme
>frequently went to 99% on Windows 7
>currently not even breaking 4000MiB on GNU/Linux even with 200 tabs open at once, a 720p video playing, as well as four images open on the second monitor

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