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What does /g/ think of the new player UI in Firefox 53?

Also, let's celebrate by posting /g/ webms

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How about you post one?

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hold on

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Looks modern and nice.

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wait a sec i will post some, but first someone know how to make Icaros or some other shit show video thumbnails of webm in explorer?

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ok nothing , done, just deactivated and reactivade Icaros, posting some...

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What is this? It looks gorgeous.

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Skyrim with mods that crash game in 1.3 sec

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Gawd I miss playing Skyrim and killing Horkers...

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Simple mkv to webm .BAT script for all source and resolutions:

for %%f IN (*.mkv) do (
ffmpeg -i "%%~nf.mkv" -an -c:v libvpx -qmin 10 -crf 22 -b:v 0 -quality good "%%~nf.webm"

Glad to hear firefox is at least trying not to go down as a complete fucking joke. Let me know if the script works, I just typed it out on my phone lol.

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Why does no one ever point out the glaring issues with the claims this webm makes?

Firstly, it appeared during the driver death fiasco and claims to be proof of it, yet you can tell by the case fans that this is a cold boot, with the "failure" occurring long before the driver can even be loaded.

Also, that issue that caused card death was an over volt of the bridge rectifier, which when burned gives off a nasty dark blue smoke, this is class flash paper white smoke.

Also, the smoke comes from the wrong area entirely given the claimed "driver failure" it's showing, the smoke would come from beside on the power input on the right side, and very near the edge of the card.

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Whatever happened most hold the opinion that the drivers caused the failure before the cold boot l (the smoke was just frosting on the cake), and that nvidia is a fucking joke.

Whatever really happened, we'll never know. meh

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Reminds me of one of the original Flight Simulator X DirectX 10 demos.

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>all these people running firefox stable
had this for months get with the times

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