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This is niche as fuck but, is it possible to set up a messenger app to read out incoming messages in morse code and use one of those sounds that older people can't hear.

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If you paid attention in class you would be well on your way to writing one yourself, brainlet

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I can hear up to 19khz both ears, and am old. Also
>implying anyone but old people know morse code

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Why not use text to speech instead of morse code if they can't hear the sound anyway?

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None of my classes had anything to do with computer science, programming, coding, or scripts lol.

Guess it could a modified morse code for security

Because then ppl who can hear it will get the message.

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>muh private sexts

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If you're trying to cheat with it, other classmates will hear it too, will be wigged out by the high frequency pitch, will recognize the morse pattern, and, as I did when people used to use those "annoying high pitch sound apps", report the user to the teacher for a proper anal-expanding.

In the time you can code this and come up with a reliable work flow to get away with it (which won't be reliable because I fucking hate and report cheaters and so do other non-cheating classmates), you could just study and eek at least a B.

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Already have my degrees this would just be for funsies

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You have a point about the pitches tho, maybe there's a better way

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Your grandparents likely learned morse code in school if they grew up during WWII.

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