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tfw most of g is screenlets
why are u not using at least 4k?

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Our eyes can only see 30 fps, so what's the point?

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i tried overclocking my monitor to a higher res with updoc but it just went black

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maybe if u didn't get ur monitors out of the trash...

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I hovered over your image and it fits on my screen just fine.
Looks like I have a bigger screen than you do, faggot.

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source on that shinobu pic


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Her name?

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I'm a virgin.

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What's updoc?

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implying im going to let u dox me (。>﹏<。)
your dumb

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Because I'm not an insecure pedo faggot like you.

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no bullying aloud

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delet this

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Delet (。>﹏<。)

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no u

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How long are you going to keep shitting up the board?
You are a minor annoyance and nobody will miss you when the girl hormones destroy your body and you off yourself after realizing that you look like a freak.

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Waiting for 4k 120/144 Hz to upgrade.

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>16:9 display
>insults others for their monitors

how retarded can you be

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this desu, I'm top 100 in osu and I can't farm HDDTHR maps without a 144hz monitor

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Because poorfag, primarily. Maybe when I graduate.

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wish you'd destroy your bad posts moron

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>homosexual implying posts made by this tranny arent bad


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wish you'd Leave Online promptLy

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It's surplus to my requirements.
1440 25" suits me just fine.
I can already have cmd.exe, sublime and a browser fit.

I elected to spend more on other periphals, like headphones, keyboard, DAC/AMP.

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i wont. how sad can you be to post daily your gay desktops and sometimes even to /r9k/ and then pretend to be someone else and defend your retarded desktop

lmaoing at your life

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What is it that you do all day?
I can always tell when it's you.
I can come on at any time of day and you're always here.

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wish you'd pretend to be someone else (a good poster)

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wats ur discord

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can't tell if bait

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>communicating outside 4chan
Noemalfriends please go desu desu ne.

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retard under the influence of hormones thinking HE is somehow a good poster by posting a crappy desktop which is really cringe-tier daily to /g/ at least and sometimes also seen in /r9k/

holy fuck you are delusional. be glad nobody visits your parents basement and see your desktop, they'd die of embarassment

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>buy super amazo-great screen with humongo-big resolution
>have to increase scaling
>so now it looks like a screen that's 1/5 the price

Buying a high resolution screen, then increasing the rendering, is the visual version of Audiophile magic rocks.

No doubt there'll be people replying to this to tell me about their Golden Ear- I mean- Golden Eye.

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your dumb

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wish your posting was a delusion so i could wake up from it

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your internet activities are based on reddit moron

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dumb phone poster

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doesnt even make sense. this is what being a tranny apparently does to people

i have no idea what can make a man dress like this and making his computer look like this, you are truly beyond saving

done with talking to mentally challenged trannies

this is also why libreboot is trash, its coded by a guy like this

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Is this the new cringe thread?

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Is there a correlation with autism and gender dysphoria?

Because it's pretty hard to ignore the signs.

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Underrated post right here.

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I mean, isn't it worst if you're here every time to notice someone's posts and dedicate yourself to attacking said person???

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pls be my gf

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Why all the illya. You fucking obsessed or something?

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he's hit rock bottom

what do you think?

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illya is my gf

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not even nearly everytime, usually i just ignore but well its night now and i dont have anything i need to do at the moment so i decided to tell what 99.9999% of the world thinks but is scared to say

however it was proven that this guy is so heavily under influence of hormones that it is not possible to maintain any sensible conversation so it is not worth to replying to his posts, unless this is you too but just with a bit different writing style

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wish you would change your posting style to one which is good

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No, I'm just a curious lurker. But idk, it just seemed weird to me. Oh well. Carry on.

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If you're not a NEET, you're literally contributing to this maki spammer's continued existence through YOUR taxpayer money.

How does that make you feel?

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i never really dont usually post to these threads, that would mean i would have to spend 99% of my time on /g/ posting to this challenged guys threads

this time is an exception because i got time. i will ignore posts though which are blatantly from op because he is not able to maintain a sensible conversation at the moment

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they're two different posters you nigger

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wish you wouldn't post to any threads

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>your dumb

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Because 1440p is the current ideal

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you keep bringing up the fact that she posted on r9k, but doesn't that mean that you post there too?

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Delet xD

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yes, i do lurk there sometimes but well the amount of trannies there is so high its kind of excepted to find this guy there too sometimes, but here, what the fuck

wish these would be kept out of my main board though, degenerate threads shouldnt be here

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just as bad as newmoneyfags,
how was upgrading to x2880 from x768 two weeks ago?

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I upgraded from 4k baka
what are u poor?

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wish you'd keep your self out of this websight
wish you'd upgrade your posts

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Can someone explain to me how prisma illya is allowed to air on japanese TV during primetime?

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it's cute and inoffensive only western paedophile culture makes it seem like anything else

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it's pure

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