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Buckle up boys we are going full speed in the cyber dystopia.
PreGame thread
All official irc links and live stream link will be posted later


/g/ revision chat

I hope some of you guys from last year are still here since we had a blast last time.

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This years gear for the main machine.

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Livestream here

Official chat here
>#revision on ircnet

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More wallpapers

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Stream starting

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Here are some highlights from last year's releases.

Fermi Paradox by Mercury (PC 64k intro)

Darkness Lay Your Eyes Upon Me by Conspiracy (PC 64k intro)

Higher State of Resolution by Dekadence (Amiga 64k intro)

Soleu by Collapse (PC 4k intro)

Instant God by Fairlight & CNCD (PC demo)

Through the Cracks by Still (PC demo)

True Colors by Still (PC demo)

If you can you should run them yourself instead of watching video captures. Especially the first Still demo gets completely destroyed by Youtube's video encoding.

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I haven't followed the scene in ages. Has anyone ever managed to outdo Farbrausch's The Product?

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Outdo in what way?

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in any way

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Take a look at the two 64k intros mentioned in >>59887253 and tell me what you think.

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what's the point?
demoscene was dead since long ago
>tfw any random anime opening has more visual aestethic than the best demo of all times

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>What's the point of people enjoying things that I don't enjoy

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Don't know what this and now I'm going no further to find out.

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are all these some kind of poorly made fanart upon Remeber Me?

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>4KB ubershaders intro
>64KB ubershaders intro in C++
>Mega 64MB mp3 soundtrack Demo

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No, Remember Me, as forgettable as it was, is fanart of these events

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>mp3 demoscene

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but art and zik (and code) was much better in Remember Me

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you seem to be new to demonscene

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I don't get it

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first one was jittery, glitchy and literally unwatchable on my computer. i was mind blown when i saw the youtube link and watched it from there. is these dependent to certain hardware?

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I kid, I liked Remember me, I've just been waiting years to make that joke
What, that they've been aesthetically boring C3 looking events up till the last couple of them?

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Seminar in progress

Last year Mercury has some pretty cool things,search for the interview they used some data from their workplace to simulate things.


Stay ignorant newfag.

Why have to e such buthurt jesus,take a drink and have fun for once.


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Very cool, I am going to have the stream open for the whole weekend.

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Meteoriks Award Show starting now

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also thanks doc

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nippon strong

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>conspiracy again
thats 3 awards
fucking bs

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Shader Showdown Qualification IN 30 MINUTES


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Go to bed truck

I will sing you a lullaby about free software

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garbage truck is gay

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I remember seeing a thread about this last year as well, but I still don't get it.
Can someone please explain what this demo stuff is all about?

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>t. 16 year old
or american

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it's a special olympic gaems where coders demostrate their skills at writing unmaintainable c0d3z

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It's not that impressive anymore as our hardware is quite limitless and nothing will impress anymore for it's limits.

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shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you dont know what you are talking about

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you got the point

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So, it's live rendered video? Like some cutscenes in games? I downloaded one but it was locked to a 1080p resolution though.
But is there any advantage to this over pre-rendering a video? Or is it all about showing off your hacker skills?

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>Or is it all about showing off your hacker skills?

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It has always been about showing off skills and creativity.

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demo - means demo version, so they just showing off demoversions of upcoming games.

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>But is there any advantage to this over pre-rendering a video?

Smaller filesize. Also many codecs will absolutely destroy certain visuals.

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It's like live rendered video, but it was amazing stuff when computers could not even render videos like today.

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if they could not, then it wasn't possible?

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That's where skills and creativity come into play.

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so it was possible, after all?

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Literally Meteoriks awards had category for that and just gave out an award.

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>he thinks it is that easy

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possible, hence computers could render that video, and only programmers couldn't program them properly

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Usually there was no video at all, it was clever code.

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although probably it was already too late as those computers were already obsolete

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It's not impressive anymore, but it was impressive when you made a computer with 64k of RAM and 1MHz CPU render pseudo-3D environments, 3D objects, multiple layers of graphics, video, voice... or generally braking limits even the people who designed the systems didn't have an idea was possible.

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>But is there any advantage to this over pre-rendering a video?
The whole point of demos is that they're computed in real time. Demoscene isn't about producing pretty videos, it's about producing pretty demos.

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Can't wait for ASD to show everyone how it's done again.
They're participating right?

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>could render that video
Except it is not video and is real time rendering of things unimaginable before on the system.

Sega master system nigga

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Is this some sweet motherfucking Dubmood?
Who /rzr/ here?

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Now demoscene is about beer.

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The last time ASD released a demo at Revision/Breakpoint was Breakpoint 2008 so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Shader Showdown starting

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I also talked to him once on FB

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Wew lad, that's a weak collection.
>he doesn't even own the Force de Frappe vinyl

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Place your bets

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>implying i can find it

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Fizzer a cute

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for >>59892914

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Why do they not indent their code

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>falling for /g/ memes
not even once

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>making your code readable
>/g/ memes
uh ok?

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>making your code readable
fuckings to 14m3r5 to be honest

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Since today computers are "limitless", why don't they write a demo that runs on 16 Gigs of RAM and produces real-life like graphics in 144 Fps on UHD resolution?

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because they aren't. saying that computers have no limits is a meme.

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Because they do lol

run it on 4K

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Fucking shader wizards, man.

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>tron-like shit that can be rendered in 3d max
>no human faces, no complex lighting on complex surfaces, no voxels, no waving in the wind neckbeard hair
I don't even care about 64k, just make something feasible

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whatever man,you should try for once see how it goes.
DICE is always looking for talent on Revision.

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Fizzer wins

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>instead of making program hat consumes 64Mb of memory, they make 64K program that eats all available memory
every time

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Blueberry is going to take this.

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Round 2

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what is this? coding competition?

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Why does the quality, visual style and their clothing look like it's 2003 outside?

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This one is gonna be fierce

Live shader programming against the clock.

They have no need for any other representation on the physical plane, their skills are sufficient.

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shader coding compo = who can write the prettiest looking pixel shader in a fixed amount of time given a set of textures and sound input. you get a little framework to start with. website should have more info

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well thats floored from the begging, shit like what people find pretty is all subjective.

do they all just get a participation trophy?

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They don't do it to win prizes, they do it because it's fun.

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>well thats floored from the begging, shit like what people find pretty is all subjective.
End of each round they estimate who gets the biggest applause, whoever wins goes to next round, only one person can finally win.

>do they all just get a participation trophy?
Amerifag detected. We don't do that shit here.

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Cupe has leading.

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>do they all just get a participation trophy?
Chill the fuck out its all for fun

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