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So, this happened: I was giggling around with a temp email address (gmail) on chome (created new profile with that new gmail account) and when I decided to disassociate the mail from chrome (i.e. delete that chrome user profile) all my browser data got lost. I recovered my bookmarks but I can't recover my chrome history. It's very important to me to recover it. I'm trying to recover it with Stellar Phoenix and Data Rescue PC4. Do you think I have a chance?

The history file under ...\Appdata\Google\Chrome\ has been overwritten.

Please, help me!

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If you live in USA you can buy it for a few dollars.

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Does anyone read the fucking sticky anymore?

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That's like asking if anyone reads the fucking EULAs anymore. "Anymore?" When did they even start in the first place?

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buy it from your ISP or the NSA.

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OK. You got your minute of glory. Did you help me? no.

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>He didn't sync all his Chrome(tm) Browser(r) Data(c) with his Google(tm) Account(r)

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Read the sticky, then suck a fat dick in hell.

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>sync all his porn history to the cloud
The NSA loves you.

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>i can't read

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is it possible that you all are only able to shitpost and not actually give useful advices? Damn.

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Welcome to the internet friend

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OS backup from a day might have it. You do have backups, right?

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Try Recuva maybe?

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That's not funny. The ruling just put things back to how they were before the very end of Obama's presidency. No, you can't just buy people's browsing history.

That must suck. Don't know what I'd do if I lost mine. I love seeing all sorts of stats on my browsing history.

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what a kukk, not setting delete history on close

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My FF profile is in a container that I unmount when not in use.

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still, purple links are disgusting, what you need a history for? Do you keep a cartoon backlog too?

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