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Have you fallen for the portable hard drive jew yet?

>buy 2tb portable HD to store movies shot during trip
>100+ hours of video
>plug in the drive to my desktop
>slight tap on the desk as I put it down
>drive starts clicking
>say goodbye to your data

>tfw stupid enough to buy portable mechanical hdd

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Sounds like you bought a shit drive

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I only use them for shuttling large amounts of data, not carrying around with me during random travels.

As is usually asked about expandable storage on phones, I wonder why people need to bring so much storage with them. I can't imagine even filling a single 64GB microSD with trip movies.

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yes, also why would you want one

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Not surprised

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The only good portable HDD is a new laptop pulled 2.5" in a cheap enclosure that you can easily remove it from.

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nah fuck that, i'll be buying a bunch of 64gb flash drives, mechanical and portable is bound to fuck up

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>>slight tap on the desk as I put it down
You should just stay away from anything with moving parts from now on. Do you use your DVD-RW as a glowstick while it's burning a disc?

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Put an old SSD in a USB 3.0 enclosure. It's genius I tells ya.

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also build a nas and use flashdrives for anything else

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>have had 3 1TB+ portable HDDs for years
>they all still work fine

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At least get SDs (and a USB adapter if needed). You don't need blazing speed to archive movies at night, and you're trading the transfer speed for a smaller and more versatile medium. Just swap card after card into your camera as each fills and then consolidate when you're home.

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mSATA SSD in one of these is even better

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I like being able to listen to music without spending all of my data in an hour.

t. American stuck on bandwidth rationing plan

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That's a helluva bottleneck.

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>slight tap
More like OP is a retard that dropped it

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That hour of music is also, what, under 100MB of storage? There's a line between liking the ability to listen to music and liking the ability to carry one's entire music library everywhere. I wonder what sort of anxieties are involved with the latter side of that line.

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dam son
>meanwhile, bought a WD Passport 3TB two years ago
>still humming like a bird
dam son

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You can easily fix clicking hard drives through bashing one corner of it against a table. I did it all the time back then when I had a mp3 player with 2,5" HDD.

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>usb 3 = 5 gb/s
>sata 3 = 6 gb/s

and sata ssds don't even hit the theoritical limit anyways

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I can't possibly imagine what caused this drive to fail.

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So just get another sd card for your movie needs? Or even better, just put the shit on a laptop. Watching movies on phones is sad.

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>slight tap on the desk as I put it down
>drive starts clicking

Maybe dial back the oafish fat hand syndrome next time you fucking cluts

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Actually, it took a drop a few months back which must have misaligned the heads.
Still works fine assuming I tune ZFS to copies=2 to keep all primary data redundant.

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I own four WD Passports and they're (knock on wood) still working perfectly. Oldest one is a 1TB which is four (maybe five) years old this upcoming Christmas, a 2TB which is a three years old, a second 2TB which is two years old, and a third 2TB which I bought back in early December. I love those little fuckers.

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Why not just buy a hard drive and plug it in one of those adapters

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