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Is the hype dead for the 7" laptop?

>Intel atom z8750
>8gb ram
>128gb emmc

Is it really worth $600 ?

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>Is it really worth $600 ?

No. Spend 10% of that on a used eeePC or something then install a minimal Linux system. The point of a machine that small is quick and dirty portability not a desktop replacement.

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No, I'd get it for literally half of that price

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That shit raised $2.500.000 out of the $200.000 goal, so some people sure like it

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Well you can get one if you fund the campaign for $400

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Is $400 half of $600? I didn't think so.

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>Intel atom
>Retarded placement of the keys

Battery will probably last 2 hours

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>mfw they actually say the macbook is "heavy" and "bulky" on their website

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is there a trackpoint in the spacebar?

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>Intel atom

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I built a PC with an i5-6500 and GTX 1060 for less than $700 AUSTRALIAN

What the fuck is wrong with them?
What is the fucking point of this?

This is the same problem as tablets. If you can carry around a bag large enough for a tablet, what's stopping you from carrying a laptop? At least a tablet can be awkwardly held above your head while you're in bed so you can text your faggot friends and watch your faggot Jew propaganda.

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>chinks actually believe this

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I agree.

At least the gpd win is meant for emulation, but this? No "successful businessman" would want to be seen using one of those

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Looks comfy.

Can i play my hentai games on it?

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>If you can carry around a bag large enough for a tablet, what's stopping you from carrying a laptop?

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It's comfy, shut up


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The point is you can carry it on your pocket. Some people don't like carrying a bag around.

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It barely runs CS GO on low with 25fps, so no

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What retard wrote this shit? Fucking chinks lmao.

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It gets better

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Holy shit the autism is palpable

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It's bad enough that people walk around with massive bulges in their skinny jeans for phones... But something twice that size? What pocket could fit it?

As someone with OCD I can't fathom how people aren't annoyed by this shit. I can't even put keys in one pocket without putting something else in my other pocket. Even then, I can't stop obsessing over the items in my pockets when I walk

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Those chinks need therapy

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I could tolerate all that if the battery lasted more than 3 hours

They claim "12 hours", depending on usage

If you leave it on sleep mode on the table maybe

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>No story about a wealthy businessman drinking coffee while organising his timetable on his 7-inch laptop
Fucking DROPPED. They almost had me

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how can I get a job as a Linux engineer?

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>no LTE

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Top fucking kek

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Made my day

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>Cherry Trail Z8700 Win10 IPS tablet is $300
>similar specced product with a chink shit keyboard is $600
Really makes you think

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>tfw to intelligent to get tricked by infographics trying to make most people self conscience by using general traits
>tfw to intelligent to conform to norms, making image mostly irrelevant to me

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Why choose this over a Cube i9?

Same price but

>12 inch screen
>Core m3

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>But something twice that size? What pocket could fit it?
A pocket on non-skinny jeans?

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What people dont understand is that that CPU is so slow it will make your pull your hair out.

Not to mention there are Core m3 tablets for less out there. Or heck, even a secondhand Surface pro 3

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>still dumb enough to reply

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Because it's smaller and lighter. These are both huge selling points for me because my laptop is very much a secondary portable device to accompany my desktop. Its not a replacement for my main PC.
This isn't rocket science man.

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Why do you even need a cpu if you're just going to texting the girlfriends??

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>Is it really worth $600 ?
Only if you can install gentoo

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I get along with an AMD C-70, which is a 1ghz dual core K9 processor in my laptop/netbook.
I'm not expecting blazing speeds from an Atom. I just want small form factor.

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there's a linux version as well, so yes

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well in that case this product is for you.

Still not worth the price

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>tfw so intelligent I trick you into replying to me because I'm very lonely and need some social interaction to stave off depression before I sleep

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Why is the W key so far left?


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File: 393 KB, 462x497, [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.26_[2017.03.15_14.21.42].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Paying $600 for an overpowered tablet
>Paying $600 for a keyboard you can't even touch type on
>Paying $600 for chinkshit

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I don't get it

Who actually wants this?

>cramped layout
>shitty, small screen
>battery life no better than 13' ultrabooks
>processor slower than 13' ultrabooks
>storage even worse than 13' ultrabooks

If you actually NEED a tiny computer for lots of travel just buy a fucking ultrabook. Nobody is so cramped for space that they can't even carry a small laptop around and have to cuck themselves with this shit-tier harware just to shave off a few inches

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What I'm getting at is that what its worth is relative to one's needs

If you need more processing power or a larger screen then yes, you're right.
If you need small form factor (which based off of it's sales is a large point of demand) then $400 for a full PC with 8gb of ram is not a bad deal.

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That keyboard looks completely unuseable.

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That keyboard is made to trigger OCD

just noticed holy shit why are curly braces at the top what the fuck

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>Overpowered tablet
Ha! Ahaha!

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Those 10 guys who still carry around UMPCs with Pentium 1's in them

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Remove the keyboard and that's all you've got is a tablet running Windows that costs too much

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>ugh, my 12 inch, 1kg macbook 12 is so fucking heavy and bulky

>oh my, what is this wonder of design??? it is an underpowered clunky nintendo ds running windows 10

>better spend $600 on it

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>A and capslock is separated by 1 mm

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>just noticed holy shit why are curly braces at the top what the fuck
lmao in the last thread the chink shill excuse was literally

"in Fortran you don't need curly braces and semicolons"

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>So it is very suitable for woman's delicate fingers.
Jesus Christ, he was the creepy one at school wasn't he

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I'm laughing at you thinking it's overpowered, you stupid teleiophile

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he meant underpowered obviously

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>So it is very suitable for a woman's delicate fingers

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Shut up fag, I bet you masturbate to adults

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I'm laughing at you paying 600$ on a fucking Atom processor.

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You can buy a second-hand Surface pro 3 with the same money and that thing is years ahead of this shit

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$600? REALLY?

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Holy shit those lying chinks have no remorse

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>smaller than smaller
I can't even

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>a year of creation of design
>come up with an overpriced tablet strapped to a 2009 keyboard
cancelling the 3rd and 4th 1945 nuclear strikes was a mistake

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>chinks trying to innovate anything instead of cheaply copying other people's shit

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Might as well just get this if you want to spend hundreds on portable chinkshit. Doesn't have as much RAM but literally everything else about it is better. And it's $150 cheaper.


>> No.59717323

>two spaces
>one space
what did they mean by this typography innovation?

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It's overpowered for it's use case, which is basic stupid shit you can do on any x5-z8300/2 GB/32 GB netbook which is literally hundreds cheaper

At least the GPD Win had the excuse that you were gonna try to play games on it (lol)

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Remember: Skype internet phone is SO COOL!

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>At least the GPD Win had the excuse that you were gonna try to play games on it (lol)
But they said it's better than a PS3, why would they lie?

>> No.59717349

>gpd win
>gaming device
>can barely run emulators and 10 year old games

This is what you get when you trust chinks

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When you can't decide whether to call it ubuntu or noobuntu, and split the difference

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>mfw they made $2.6 million on the Indiegogo campaign

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Ensure that you always maintain blow

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How are they allowed to lie on the funding campaign? It's clearly not better than the surface and clearly the battery wont last 12 hours

>> No.59717465

whats the point in getting it then

>> No.59717471


The point of this thread exactly

>> No.59717483

Make one with a Core m3 and im sold

>> No.59717502

yeah, its shit alright

>> No.59717524

>chinks in charge of engrish

>> No.59717540

Could this run Lightroom?
I'm a full time photog and having sometime like this might change up my workflow.

>> No.59717594

You should try out the phone versions of Lightroom, they're just as good, but you have to readjust to a new interface.

>> No.59717596

Shitty Intel Atom can barely run anything so I doubt it

>> No.59717694

I have anon, and for single images it's not a problem but when you have a 1000 event photos to edit.. you kinda need the PC version ^^

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>read official description
>'a Linux engineer opening VIM'
>wow I better spend $600 on the GPD Pocket
>VIM is single-threaded as 99% of current software
>try to open and process large file
>get reminded that this shitty Atom has the single thread performance of a 2006 cpu
>welp, at least Skype works

>> No.59717899

Atom has the same IPC as Pentium 4, always had since the start. In single threaded tasks the newest Atoms are just as slow as the original N270 Atoms released on 2009 Netbooks.

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Were you really considering playing for on this?

>> No.59718002


Fps I mean.

>> No.59718010

Alternative for a pocket-sized PC with a keyboard?

>> No.59718114

I think it's safe to assume it's a piece of shit

>> No.59718132

>Alternative for a pocket-sized PC with a keyboard?
a x86 tablet with a keyboard

because "a pocket-sized PC with a keyboard" objectively shouldn't exist unless the cpu can deliver decent performance. otherwise you cant call it a "PC", you call it a chink shit meme.

>> No.59718144

>Is it really worth $600?
Kek, nope.

>> No.59718156

Well i think the case of the GPD pocket could be modified to add some extra batteries.

I mean, strap an extra battery pack on the bottom

Sure it would look ridiculous but fuck it, it's chinkshit anyway

>> No.59718192

Here's a video showing the technical capabilities of the GPD

Holy shit it runs CS 1.6 flawlessly.


>> No.59718218

if they didn't island the keys it could have been something so much more

>> No.59718225



Those chinks really think people are retarded

>> No.59718304

dude, the point of this is to play shitty games. can't do that on an eeepc running linux.

>> No.59718322

You really don't remember how shitty the original Atoms were, do you? http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Atom-x5-Z8300-vs-Intel-Atom-N270/m37765vsm2697

>> No.59718327


The gpd pocket can't even play 10 year old games such as Left 4 dead without catching fire

>> No.59718346

The GPD Win was the gaymer version, this is the UMPC version

>> No.59718381

what's with you man children and wanting to play video games on everything

>> No.59718386


Wow, it runs CS 1.6...For 1 hour until the battery is dead

>> No.59718398

I feel like this would have been a great device 10 years ago

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A $50 netbook can run Morrowind, Warcraft 3, GTA San Andreas, Knights of the Old Republic, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, the whole CRPG collection (Icewind Dale/Baldur's Gate/Fallout/etc.) along with N64 and PS1 emulators

What can these new $500+ GPD designs do that those old relics can't?

>> No.59718990

this is literally AMD 'moar cores' level of reasoning. the new Atoms are still shit when it comes to single core performance, deal with it.

>> No.59719051

I thought it was a stupid idea but this guy convinced me buy one

>> No.59719130

>I thought it was a stupid idea but this guy convinced me buy one

>Here's a video showing the technical capabilities of the GPD
>Holy shit it runs CS 1.6 flawlessly.

just give up, chink shills, you're done.

>> No.59719190


I was sarcastic you fucking cuck

>> No.59719258

It literally shows the single core performance crushing the old Atom, retard.

>> No.59719408

>a pile of shit crushes the 2009 version of said pile of shit
it's still shit, retard.

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File: 232 KB, 1281x917, battlestation_interesting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be quite honest I really enjoyed the old atoms. I used them while in College and having an all day battery device that was able to play 1080i .ts files straight from my favorite weeb tracker without frame loss sure was handy.

>> No.59720004

new shill thread




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>600 dollars for literal shit

>> No.59721817

Nope, I'm still hyped as fuck. Can't wait to have a modern VAIO P

>> No.59721825

This shit's so overpriced it makes my MacBook look like a good deal.

>> No.59722050



>> No.59722486

I run a $60 Stick PC that can play, in addition to that, shit like Battlefield 2 in 720p.

>> No.59722618

>'Chinese Autism: The Product' can't even put the clit in the right fucking place
>no proper trackpoint buttons
>a CNC machined sub-netbook with 2012 netbook specs

>> No.59724079

Nope. Don't see the point. Could literally get a a slightly bigger ultrabook and this one is way too overpriced.

I have a Win and it's awesome, for it's price it does wonders, but this is just a small laptop.
Maybe it would be useful for some company to buy a bunch of them for their employees who have to work in logistics warehouses and quickly type in numbers on a excel table? Dunno.

>> No.59724142

>Stick PC
dumb question but where do you plug that?

>> No.59724149

HDMI port

>> No.59724283

The Win can play CS GO at 30-40FPS, this has the same SoC so it should too, but then again the Win is half the price and made for gaming, making this thing pointless for it.

>> No.59724331

For general use it ain't slow at all though
It's just retardedly overpriced

>> No.59724365

thinking of getting one for a relative. how's the youtube playback?

>> No.59724400

How is that shilling? That Android shit literary runs emulators fine and battery lost fucktons and it's still half the price of a Shield Portable
It's a good idea for the money, but you can get better

>> No.59724965

The price and specs are all wrong. Atom processors are trash. 8 gigs of ram is overkill. $200 is what I'm willing to pay for a portable laptop.

>> No.59725066

I used to play "heavy" VNs like Steins Gate on my shitty EEEPC all the time back in the day.
No prob

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If I'd make a thread about the Dragonbox Pyra instead would that thread stay free of shilling accusations and shitposts? Same price but a outdated weak ARM chip.

>> No.59725802

almost the same specs as my zenfone 2. if only I could get a fucking desktop os on the thing already.

>> No.59725831

Who cares? ESDF is superior anyways.

>> No.59725894

>Posts the same thread with the same text every other day
>hur dur I'm not shilling

>> No.59725957

I haven't made a thread about that shit, I'm not OP

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File: 13 KB, 255x191, 1413151380365-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 17 KB, 255x255, 1413150184025-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59726012

It works on the Win, I don't see why it shouldn't work on that, both have the same chip in them and active cooling
but why the fuck would you buy this overpriced thing for gaming in the first place?

>> No.59726059

Same shit we have right now, except it's MacBooks, nothing will change, both are useless

>> No.59726076

wsAd completely unusAble As well

>> No.59726162

the Win has a build in dpad and thumbsticks though instead of using the keyboard for gaming

>> No.59726188

You seriously can't believe this, you are seriously overestimating the power of the shitty igpu on old atom netbooks

>> No.59726229

He's right though. I had an old Atom Netbook shit and played quite a few of those games fine listed in that post.

>> No.59726277
File: 11 KB, 281x292, lns3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What can these new $500+ GPD designs do that those old relics can't?
Play sightly newer games like up to Skyrim and Portal 2 and emulate newer systems like GameCube and Wii?

Does not justify the ridiculous price tag though, even more when they themselves sell a handheld gaming device with the same specs for half the price

>> No.59726296

you can't run morrowind on an old atom, it even struggles on a modern atom

maybe at 800x600 on the lowest settings in 16bit colour you could probably have playable framerates

and don't bullshit me, I owned an old netbook and they are god awful for anything that isn't 2d. I can't believe people even liked those pieces of shit

>> No.59726307

Where's this $250 Windows 10 handheld you speak of?

>> No.59726329

The Pocket is $600, the Win is $300

>> No.59726339

Where's this $150 handheld you speak of?

>> No.59726428

Dunno about Morrowind, but as I said, I played quite of few of those games, Quake 3, UT, Deus Ex, Warcraft 3, GTA SA and also things like Stronghold Crusader and Most Wanted and it ran them fine.
Screen resolution was the biggest problem, only 1024x576 but it had a N series Atom with a GMA 950 GPU in it.

Also had one with a GMA 3150 GPU, I was slightly better even but it sucked because it didn't have Mac OS support, one thing that was cool to do with those netbooks.
I had both of them around 2010/2011

>> No.59726686


Depends what you call playable. I had the original eeePC 701 and it played Morrowind at around 20-25FPS, I had a newer Atom eeePC 1005HA and that played it at around the same frame rates at slightly higher resolution.

Viewing distance was set at around 20%. Couldn't see very far at all.

>> No.59727657

I had a Lenovo S10e
Man it had a retarded design but it was actually useful machine

>> No.59727679

my fucking inspiron 6000 plays better than that.

>> No.59727698

I don't doubt that, the eeePC 701 was one of the first netbooks and even shit for netbook standards.

>> No.59727713

the computer clit is not a replacement for a trackpad. PERIOD

>> No.59727794
File: 439 KB, 586x430, Lenovo-Thinkpad-X200-without-touchpad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a modern VAIO P. The trackpad would add too much size to the laptop. Also
>TrackPoint is no replacement for a trackpad
That's exactly what it is.

>> No.59727837

It's only a replacement because of size and not functionality

>> No.59727850

I'll take the TrackPoint over a trackpad any day.

>> No.59727893

A simple matter of personal preference.

>> No.59727901

That atom CPU is way better than eeepc.

>> No.59727910

>the computer clit is not a replacement for a trackpad. PERIOD
Meanwhile you're trying to pass off your personal preference as a fact.

>> No.59727951

Considering functionality the trackpad is superior when size is not a restriction.
That's not my personal preference either.

>> No.59727992

Depends on if you use that functionality or not. All a trackpad is really good for is cursor control and scrolling. My TrackPoint works even better for cursor control and I never used trackpads for scrolling anyway. It's a simple matter of personal preference.

>> No.59728008

When you don't need the advanced gestures a trackpad can give you, sure.

>> No.59728023

Like I said, depends on if you use that functionality or not. Bottom line is that you need to stop pretending your opinions are objective facts.

>> No.59728054

I'm not, both are shitty input methods, I rely simply on the fact that a trackpad has more functionality to give in the first place.
You are the one who loves trackpoints and say it's a fact that they are equal.

But I agree with you, if you don't need the functionality, it's just preference.

>> No.59728076

Also, I'm not the anon who said it's not a replacement "PERIOD"
I just said >>59727837

>> No.59728303

I wanted one for a while. After looking at the videos, however, I want one that isn't designed by chinks and isn't chinkshit:
>that fucking key layout where function and control are almost the same exact key that's how close they are
>touting it for programming but the positioning of the semicolon, curly braces, and brackets is balls to the wall unusable
>tab key position
>independent sound keys despite the cramped keyboard real estate

Who the fuck cares? I have a Toshiba NB505 and over the years I've used it on and off it has played Quake 1-3, Command and Conquer, Stronghold, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Star Wars Empire at War, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Deus Ex, The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, Ys 1 and 2, Unreal, UT99, Homeworld: what does this little chinkwafer for $600? I don't even want to think about video playback outside of developer-controlled circumstances.

Nothing it does actually makes it a good "boots-on-the-ground" programming station or a handy "be anywhere" lounge device. Vaio P resurgence or bust.

>> No.59728380

I agree. Failed and wasted opportunity.

>I don't even want to think about video playback outside of developer-controlled circumstances.
I don't think it would have any problems with video playback though as the SoC has hardware acceleration for almost anything.
Just saying.

>> No.59728479

Why did they even include a capslock key?

It's not suitable for a delicate, fashionable, woman to type in all capital letters.

Also they could fix wasd while making the enter key a bit larger if they got rid of it.

>> No.59728608

>Why did they even include a capslock key?
For people who use caps lock. What kind of dumb question is that?

>> No.59728649


>> No.59728662

That's not a lie though, the Surface 3 has an x7-Z8700 in it, while this has an x7-Z8750.

You're thinking of the Surface *Pro* 3.

>> No.59728681

Also twice the memory

>> No.59728711
File: 5 KB, 250x250, 1484011752588s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And can I install Gentoo on it?

>> No.59728717


but just buy a thinkpad

>> No.59729257
File: 43 KB, 450x411, lifebook-u810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate my umpc /g/

>> No.59729324


Would put in pocket

>> No.59729512

That's not yours

>> No.59729562

Should be in a teeny tiny dumpster/10

>> No.59729907


>> No.59730046

chinks need to stick to making passable clones and leave the thinking to whites

>inb4 pol

>> No.59730104

Whites aren't doing shit though in the UMPC market

>> No.59730199


>>59730046 has a point, the chinks are very chaotic in their design process and sometimes weird and interesting stuff comes out of it.

either way, non-whites are taking over so we'll have to get used to shoddy tech, plane crashes, train derailments, chemical plant explosions, spills, etc

>> No.59730248

If they would just keep their prices reasonable as well I'd be interested in the interesting tech too

>either way, non-whites are taking over so we'll have to get used to shoddy tech, plane crashes, train derailments, chemical plant explosions, spills, etc

>> No.59730509

>unironically mentioning linux
holy shit. where's their editor in chief?
>fasionable people's dream
wtf, it's just his waifu.

>> No.59730562

I'm starting to think that one of the CEOs are from /tpg/ and faps to anime.

That keyboard is not standard and may cause standard keyboard users lots of errors or even destroy accuracy with standard key users.

that A key ----> is too far to the right

>> No.59730601

We all fap to anime, fuck off newfag

>> No.59730627

I meant futa
(I do desu)

>> No.59731048
File: 902 KB, 2688x1520, IMG_20140517_155152 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>falling for chinkshit when the perfect umpc has been here for years

>> No.59731654


Check out tests online, Z8700 is marginally better than Z8750 for some reason

So that makes this shitty chinkshit less performant than the Surface 3

>> No.59731700

That was only true about the GPD Wins first units with the Z8750, performing worse than the Z8700.


As you can see here the Z8750 beats the Z8700.
All benchmarks online indicate the same for other devices.

>> No.59732990


Still, not worth $600.

Not even the $400 you pay for preordering

>> No.59733011

It's maybe worth $400 if they 100% deliver on their specs AND you happen to need a <11" device with a good screen.

768p is toilet screen, worthy only of being shat upon.

>> No.59733104

I work at a firm of 400 people, nearly everyone is using a Macbook or a Surface. Or a Dell XPS. It's kind of annoying.

>> No.59733142

It's shit but $600 is a lot more reasonable than a mass majority of technology Kickstarter shit.
Not that that's saying much.

>> No.59733211

Looks comfy but i expect the battery to last 2 hours.

>> No.59733241

ACTIVE COOLING, I hope I can underclock it hard.

>> No.59733268

The real question is: why would you back this, when the Gemini exists, is cheaper, has LTE access, and was designed by someone behind one of the best UMPCs ever?

>> No.59733284

Browsing the internet is a chore on these shitty old netbooks.
And watching Youtube is unbearable

>> No.59733286


Worth for whom? It's the only modern slim clamshell without touchpad and these specs.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gemini-pda-android-linux-keyboard-mobile-device-phone#/ - this is another thing coming out with smaller screen.

>> No.59733287

I mean, obviously the nubs around here are going for the Windows pocket but android was never an option.

>> No.59733299

Touchpad is an antifeature also.

>> No.59733335

It also dual boots to Linux. Personally, I'm not going to back it, but if it comes out I might pick it up, provided the battery life is reasonable, and the keyboard is equal to what the Psion 5 had. If so, it'll be a comfy EDC device for shitposting and SSHing into my home network for heavier duty work

>> No.59733374

They claim it dual boots to linux but it sounds more like they run linux as an android app. I won't believe a word about android support on any closed arm platform til i see it.

>> No.59733394

>They claim
Hence why I said I'm not going to back it until it comes out and I see it in the wild

>> No.59733415

meant linux support ON android platform

I mean if it boots linux it won't have a graphics driver and probly won't have any wifi/etc blobs either. You know they can't develop that so it'll run as an app underneath android. Assuming it isn't a take the money and run crowdfunding joke.

>> No.59734599
File: 454 KB, 300x185, 1476297253242.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck would you want to play games on some shitty low powered piece of shit? Get a fucking vita, 3ds or even shitty switch if you want to play games on the go. Or just buy a bluetooth controller for your phone if you're one of those "muh emulaton" retards.

>> No.59735173

It's not actually low powered, just low battery'd and low pointfulness. Also it's x86 so it doesn't have to emulate shit.

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