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Show them.
Rate and hate.

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>he fell for the kaby lake meme
unless you were on sandy bridge and couldn't wait, you have no excuses

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upgraded from my 7 year old i7 860

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Who else /taxrebate/ here?

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Arch 4 da WIN

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My gpu and the 144hz monitor were bought with my tax refund.

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>all those monitors
Fucking nice man, how do you have them set up? What sort of fucking behemoth is your desk?

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My desk Isn't any thing special it's an old solid oak Encore desk that I've had forever. The Acer and Asus monitors are on the desk, the tv is wall mounted above the desk, the Dell is to my right on top of one of my floor standing speakers and the generic 720p tv is to my left on a side table.

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Speccy will eventually learn how to read my CPU temp correctly

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Neat computer

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Just got my Ryzen setup built yesterday. R7 1700 at 4GHz.

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Got a boss resolution there bud

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>Speccy will eventually learn how to read my CPU temp correctly
What do you mean? Seems accurate for MAD processor.

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>78°C seems accurate
>Tj max for that chip is 70°C

Hmm, yeah. Maybe you were thinking of a Kaby Lake housefire?

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Speccy doesn't recognize Zen yet.

1800X at stock clocks. On a H212E right now. Waiting for AM4 Cryorig R1U bracket to do maybe a mild overclock but my real goal is silence.

Also going to upgrade GPU when Vega drops, but the 480 handles 1440p not too badly, but want to push FPS higher.

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I need a new GPU

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2 week old build
all new stuff except for the seagate which I took from my old computer

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nice computer, mohammed

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Finished building yesterday

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Sapphire RX 480 bro :D

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It's the best one by far.

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Yeah, most benchmarks showed the 480 getting <60 fps on ultra in Far Cry 3, mine hasn't dipped below 75, averages 100.

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I don't play Far Cry so haven't had my own experience but in MechWarrior Online it gets over 100FPS in training grounds, averages around 90. That's at 1440p maxed settings. This is a game that runs on CryEngine too.

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YES, this is my daily rig
I connect to it remotely from my company laptop. It's used to watch porn (due to obvious reasons), access email (privately) and to process any private data I don't want my company to see. Yes, it's a virtual machine on a thin client. No, normally it's not painfully slow, unless I'm trying to access pornhub.

Should I just end my life?

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Nice. Since I'm on a 1080 screen, it will suit me for a while, eventually plan on getting Vega as well.

porn is porn

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MMm----::-://////////////oymNMd+` Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.8.0-42-generic
MMd /++ -sNMd: Uptime: 6h 34m
MMNso/` dMM `.::-. .-::.` .hMN: Packages: 2495
ddddMMh dMM :hNMNMNhNMNMNh: `NMm Shell: bash 4.3.46
NMm dMM .NMN/-+MMM+-/NMN` dMM Resolution: 7040x1441
NMm dMM -MMm `MMM dMM. dMM DE: Cinnamon 3.2.7
NMm dMM -MMm `MMM dMM. dMM WM: Muffin
NMm dMM .mmd `mmm yMM. dMM WM Theme: Mint-Y-Dark (Mint-Y-Dark)
NMm dMM` ..` ... ydm. dMM GTK Theme: Mint-Y-Dark [GTK2/3]
hMM- +MMd/-------...-:sdds dMM Icon Theme: Mint-X-Purple
-NMm- :hNMNNNmdddddddddy/` dMM Font: Noto Sans 9
-dMNs-``-::::-------.`` dMM CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core @ 3.8GHz
`/dMNmy+/:-------------:/yMMM GPU: Gallium 0.4 on NV126

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I came from a J1800 with 4GB of 666MHz RAM and a very shitty iteration of Intel graphics, so I threw about 2.5k at this PC to never feel that shit again. Is there anything wrong with that?

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Yeah for 1080 RX480 is THE card to have IMO. You shouldn't need anything more really unless you just want to push FPS higher and higher.

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And here's how the thin client (hypervisor) looks:
$ neofetch
,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P. -------------
,g$$P" """Y$$.". OS: Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie) x86_64
,$$P' `$$$. Model: HP t610 WW Thin Client
',$$P ,ggs. `$$b: Kernel: 3.16.0-4-amd64
`d$$' ,$P"' . $$$ Uptime: 6 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes
$$P d$' , $$P Packages: 1271
$$: $$. - ,d$$' Shell: bash 4.3.30
$$; Y$b._ _,d$P' CPU: AMD G-T56N (2) @ 1.6GHz
Y$$. `.`"Y$$$$P"' GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6320
`$$b "-.__ Memory: 2102MiB / 7942MiB
`Y$$ Disk (/): 2.9G / 12G (24%)
`Y$$. Disk (/backup): 71G / 267G (27%)
`$$b. Disk (/data): 714G / 917G (78%)
`Y$$b. Disk (/data2): 133G / 193G (69%)
`"Y$b._ Disk (/sysexp): 17G / 29G (60%)

This VM VDI is stored on /sysexp... which is a USB 3.0 flash drive.

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My nigga.

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Any OC on that puppy?

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>EVO peasant
Enjoy you're pleb-tier TLC drive

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I might not even get a Vega chip if I get decent enough FPS in Witcher 3 once it finishes downloading. Most of my other games aren't super big AAA titles so I don't really have to worry about my FPS in anything but Arma 3.

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Forget to take your pills this morning?

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that's lewd, dude. You should learn english first before you attempt to use it.
Have you?

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I did my build /90hourChristmasWeeks/ in Januaray
pls rate

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Jordan, how's your autism?
Did you finally get rid of your depression after being lawfully incapacitated by your parents?

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It's an Alienware, you didn't build it

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still a build dude
I'm not autistic and I got off antidepressants like 2 years ago nerd

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>I'm not autistic
Is that what you keep telling yourself?
There is a reason why everyone hates you on this board, you know.
That's just lewd. Unlike you I don't use a tripcode. How can you know anything about me, you dumb cunt?

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What would you /g/uys do with pic related? it's my old prebuilt before i finally built a pc.

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haha triggered

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Couldn't wait for what? Was I supposed to pay more money for an older i7 with larger manufacturing process like muh gaming enthusiasts?

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I guess he means couldn't wait to upgrade to whatever the next iteration of Intel mainstream cpus will be

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Not yet.
I'm gonna go for it in my free time next week.

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CPU is running at 4.7GHz. I keep thinking of doing a CPU/platform upgrade but so far I haven't seen anything on the CPU side that really convinced me to go for it. Maybe Skylel-X.

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Yes, I loathe Intel and all of the big tech giants (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet/Google, Facebook), but I had personal bad experiences with AMD.

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Why speccy no say "i7-7700k"?

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I really want to upgrade to 16GB of RAM, but the price for a single 8GB stick is ridiculous now. I might have to bite the bullet soon.

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I7 6700K OC'd to 4.6Ghz

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Just bought the Ironwolf 10TB.

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I've seen one with windows 8 installed, is there something wrong with it?

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Windows 8's the best Windows version, /g/'s just filled with autists who insist on Windows 7 and retards who insist on Windows 10.

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The next generation where you're not just prevented from running Windows 7 and Windows 8 but also all forms of Linux and BSD?

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mah shit

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I'm about to upgrade my GPU, should I get a 1080 or a 1080 Ti?

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you need some fuckin better cooling is what you need

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Are you me?

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makes me miss my 7 monitor setup :(
wasnt feasible to move but I have 3 now

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Thinking of trying the IPS lottery again with Acer or Asus

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And you can't use any search engine but Bing...

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>i5 krabby lake
>pascal when vega and volta will be on the way to run laps around both

enjoy your planned obsolescence

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Mobo temp is wrong

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Does what i need it to do.

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This was screencapped in the middle of a playerunknown's battlegrounds game.

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I bought this game and don't really understand what to do. Am I supposed to go to the red area? I killed a guy just because I had a gun which was funny though

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need new graphics card

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pls no hate

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kys tripfag

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Just ordered these, did I fuck up?

Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero z270
16 gb ram (8x2)
I7-7700k kabylake quad core 4.2ghz
Msi geforce 1070 armor 8gb

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Depends. What was your previous CPU? Kaby Lake is a giant meme unless you came from a 5 year old CPU.

>> No.59701103

From nothing. My old pc was old enough (and inherited from my dad who built pcs some years ago) I just decided to start fresh and build my own.

How is it a meme?

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Looking to upgrade sometime at the end of the year. No rush though, since I'm surprisingly still quite happy with what I have.

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It's no better than Skylake. Actually it's no better than any Intel architecture since Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. CPU development has pretty much come to a full stop over the last few years.

>> No.59701165

>how it's a meme

It's literally overclocked skylake. That's it.

>> No.59701183

Dat new integrated gfx tho

>> No.59701202

btw what does /g/ think about Cannonlake?

>> No.59701212

Wait till people can test them first before bothering to think about them.

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Will upgrade gpu at some point (thinking either rx480/1060 or waiting for 11xx series/vega so long as 670 just keeps going). Going to see how much longer my 2500k can hold out.

>> No.59701218

Meh. I guess 10nm is quite the achievement but I really don't think the improvement in performance will be significant. We have pretty much reached the peak of CPU development. All we can do now is add more cores and make it smaller.

>> No.59701221

>using iGPU

No. Just never.

>> No.59701229

I guess you didn't pick up on the sarcasm

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Why does it show up as 59Hz?

>> No.59702163

Dell monitors seem to default to 59.94Hz. My U2414H does the same. You can change to 60Hz from the display adapter settings. A lot of games will still only offer up 59.94Hz though. As for why:


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This fucking shit installed chrome on my system.

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Don't be a dumb shit then and actually look at each page when installing programs. No wonder idiots get malware all the time.

>> No.59702263

My experience is the opposite of this. I cannot change to 60Hz in adapter settings (Well I can change from 59 to 60 but it switches back to 59 immediately) but in games I can set 60 without issue.

>> No.59702344

Did you try the old trick of trying to set it to 60.001?

>> No.59702545

How do I do that?

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I can change this from 59 to 60 but it changes itself back immediately.

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It's like old meets new.

Brettynice senpai. I'm considering replacing my 1080p panel with a 4k 32", maybe...

1080 Ti broski. But how do you get by on only 500gb of storage?

1070 SLI for 1080p 144hz? Wouldn't one do it? Or a single 1080?

And here is mine. Only thing I'm considering changing currently is the second display.

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5ghz 7700k

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My new build

>> No.59705866

Are those Founders Edition...

>> No.59706372

Yup, putting them on liquid blocks once summer hits. I bought like 30 of them and resold all but these two. Averaged $200-250 profit per card.

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File: 38 KB, 746x681, b_o_t_n_e_t.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CPU's an R7 1700 at stock. I've heard a bunch of shit about this motherboard but idk it's working okay for me so far.

>> No.59706870

Why would you buy meme edition?

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File: 249 KB, 1638x862, explorer_2017-04-02_18-46-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the best temp monitor? I'm using speccy, cpuid, rog app on my asus board and corsair link. They all show vastly different numbers for cpu temp.

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>inb4 "anon why do you have a 1080 but a 60hz monitor?????"

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money i could have spent toward a realdoll

>> No.59710473

Because the meme edition made me fuck tons of money? I resold 28 of the 30 I bought on ebay. Why not keep a couple?

>> No.59710478

Anon why are your temps in F?

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File: 2.52 MB, 1920x3572, FrontSpeccyBack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Built 12/2015

>> No.59710526


>> No.59710545

a freesync monitor with 1080s, how does that work?

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File: 972 KB, 1600x900, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wendy is not impressed.

>> No.59710841

Is your motherboard in the oven?

>> No.59710914

I guess you have downs.

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