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I would rather waste time compiling with gentoo than tracking down dependencies with slackware

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grandpa, stop using your computer

the nurse will put you to bed soon

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This, 100x this. I first installed Slackware in 1996, no way I'd run it in 2017.

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thats the price some people are willing to pay for simplicity.

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Been using it for 7 years. It works, its comfy, no systemd (pulseaudio can be easily removed)

meh at least gives me an excusse to know what im installing in my system. Besides i can only blame my self for fucking up the dependancies when updating.

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what was the hardest piece of software to install and how long did it take you?

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Hardest would have to be ffmpeg. if you want all the codecs enabled, you got to download all the codecs, some even have dependencies (about 27) then i would have to edit the .SlackBuild file to enable the dependincies (some packegs autodetect it, while others need to be manually enabled.)
took me about 25 minutes to get the dependincies done and get the SlackBuild configured

Longest is a tie between qt5, LibreOffice and gtkwebkit, all took about 3-4 hours on a intel xeon X5450 3.0ghz (it's been librebooted)

If you install something like sport or SBOpkg really helps speeds up the process, or if your lazy and want dependincy resolution there is slack-get

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sorry 25 minutes doing it manually, in the more sped up version, about 5 minutes minus compiling.

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I use it. It's the best

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I don't want my PC to be slacking so I use Microsoft Windows 10®

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>work on windoze all day
>want to find a leenux(tm) thread
>hur dur use windowze poster
>every fucking time

I take it this is meme territory?

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You don't waste time compiling with gentoo because portage with gcc and other compilers works for you. You have many cores.
>stupid arch kids nowadays

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>totally bloated
Use salix or something.

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I have used Slackware for several years, it's the best if you like to actually have control of your system.
It worth every minute you spend configuring the system.
Highly recommended! But is not a distro for everyone.

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My favourite distribution, gives you actual control over the OS and slackbuilds are much better than anything. And if you can't track dependencies, it just shows that you are retarded.

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>I'm too dumb to use ldd.

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Remove packages you don't need, fucktard.

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that's not too bad i guess. i don't have a need for ffmpeg. my install will be fairly simple actually because it's my second machine setup for specific purposes.

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there's some advantages not installing direct from upstream.
but if you can get away with doing it and don't like distro stuff getting in the way then maybe slackware is all you need.

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>t. Slackware marketing management.
>muh secret club division

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>there's some advantages not installing direct from upstream.
show me, Archer

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>t. botnet
>t. sjw
>t. I'm too dumb to write my own package and only capable of make install

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i don't use arch. not saying arch is bad, i just don't use it.
packges from distros usually have a certain amount of compatibility testing, channels to address issues find updates specific to your system. i think of popular distros as lighteight qa engineering. i say usually because even with distros there can be a certain amount of breakage.

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nobody actually uses slackware they just pretend to so they can say they are old. only total losers think this matters, it's more of a negative thing than positive since you're mentally and technologically stuck in the mid 90s. slackware is one of the dropout distros that the community at large would easily be better off without as it doesn't really do anything besides make journalists post that linux isn't ready for the mainstream, slack shits get to them first since they have so much time due to being permanently unemployable

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I've never head journalists use Slackware as an excuse to not use Linux at all. Anyway, I use Slackware and it's rock-solid and fast. Using scripts to get things done is educational and entertaining at the same time. It's a fine distro.

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Just use whatever distro you want, it takes much less time to maintain Slackware then Arch which will break as fast as you enter pacman -Syua

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k fag, tell me how long it takes you to compile a web browser or a full featured office suite.

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Ubuntu is also rock-solid and takes even less time to maintain than either (grand total of 0 thus far) and doesn't need any faux-quasi-intellectual hippie dropout bullshit reasoning along with it like how learning how linux worked 20 years ago and has been automated for essentially an equal amount of time is "educational/entertaining"

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slackware is GNU/Linux for windows users.

think about it:
- you have to install every program, besides the most basic ones, from some homepage after you downloaded it individually
- installing things takes time and often will break your system
- upgrading to new versions successfully relies on 99% sheer luck
- slackware had its naming scheme altered by skipping from slackware 4 to slackware 7. like windows did multiple times as well, changing from version to year-based release names to simple names to version names again.
- slackware still retains the same basic functions without any real innovation like windows does since 1.0. all they add is some more blingbling in the DE.
- slackware users are uncaring, egoistic children that think they are being clever for using a cumbersome operating system for a mundane reason. in windows, that is "GAEMS!!!!", in slackware "NO DEPENDENCY MANAGEMENT MEANS FREEDOM!!!"
- they both have their own operating system cult leaders. bill gates vs that volkerding guy
- slackware and windows both dont care about support for architectures other than x86. only lately, after lots of nagging and threats, they have released a half-assed 64-bit version that breaks constantly. ARM, PPC, they all will never see any slackware or windows on them.


pasta-slackware, pasta-comparison, pasta-list, pasta-hipster

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xfce that actually looks good, very nice

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>thats the price some people are willing to pay for simplicity.
So much this

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I never tried Ubuntu on my machine. I did try Debian (Ubuntu is based on this) and openSuse. They both had lots of quirks that I didn't know or cared to fix. I'm sure they were related to systemd. I didn't have these issues with Gentoo's OpenRC.

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This isn't a troll, instead this is exactly the type of anti-mentality behind your typical slackware shit.

Need to make a new copypasta comparing slackware users to creationists, because slackware shits are essentially the creationists of the linux community. Stuck in the 90s and won't even try ubuntu or anything modern yet will have opinions about it and modern faster init systems. Ignores everything after the time he's still mentally stuck in and just calls it another opinion like his own.

on the other hand I'm making more money because your typical "linux admin" that shows up even still nowadays with his fierce interstellar autism honestly thinks that helping anyone is outside all the "theory" bullshit, ie decades flushed down the toilet dicking about in a terminal in a dropout distro and will just say some shit like "it is the user's decision to maintain their own system". I would love for both a slackware user to get a job by total chance and the company's DVR to be left open or something, so we could see the autism unfold and he wouldn't last a fucking week

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whatever dude
I used Ubuntu, but it didn't allowed me enough control over the OS and also I hate apt, cause it apt-get autoremove.
Also I use bigger repos, so I don't compile everything, and even if I compile I have sbopkg for finding packages.
Really fucking easy.
Chicago95 is comfy-tier.
>le windows
they used to have good design back then

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lol. Dude, where's the salt coming from. Use whatever you want.

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systemd is the worst thing to happen to Slackware.
No you have all these salty fags shitting up every Slackware thread because they dared to not adopt it.

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>i don't like slackware and i want it to die
no u
>oh shiny things! what, there's a cost? la la la la la, i'm not listening

I don't even use slackware, but you are a massive tool.

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I run few servers on different distros (and OSes cause FreeBSD), just use Slackware on dekstop.

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nobody cares about your irrelevant dropout loser hippie opinion, ubuntu debian rhel fedora run the world and private sector, something you will never be a part of, go back to the IRC circlejerk, all you losers do is make more people think linux never left the 90s

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No systemd="Praise Bob"

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Tried it for a week. Good solid distro that sticks with kiss. I actually felt 'right' knowing the under the hood everything is working with accordingly to "aesthetic" unix philosophy ( yes, systemd ). Downside was some things wasn't working and I had problem with finding documentation on how to make it work ( like collecting temperature statistics in sar ). Ah and by the way: best irc community ever. I didn't encounter any asshole there which is strange for a linux channel.

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Why do you feel so threatened by a niche distro?

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>people care about your opinion.

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what is your problem

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that's chicago95? why does it say adwaita?

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Maybe some problems with neofetch

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How can you compare a simple, freedom loving, elitist, God-like operating system to the shit hole that is Windows?

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