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>AMD is shit
what else is new?

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How are they not going bankrupt with that piece of shit cpu? It gets DEMOLISHED by a half priced Intel cpu.

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There's hordes of weebs, virgins and Germans that buy AMD because they want to be different.

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Do you feed your family with all those cherries you pick, Op?

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Meanwhile CPU usage is 60% steady. Run two instances or stream and the 7700k will sputter like a 1970s beater.

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Your indian cpoo has more cores, faster ram attached to it and still loses even if your cherry picked scenario lmao

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>two instances
are you retarded

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No normal human does that, ever. And if you bring up youtubers, they are rich enough to afford a 6900k which destroys poozen in streaming and gaming or a straight up 6950x

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that concave dip in 7700K line, wew

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are you comparing igpus?

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>3200MHz DDR4
>Ryzen still utter fucking shit
B-but muh memory speeds!

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wow another sinusoidal behavior
show me more! 7700K is so cool, it's like buying gaming oscilloscope!

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What about benchmarks from someone who isn't an indian or any sort of shitskin?

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>still posting that rigged benchmark
>somehow thinks 1 example among dozens disproves that Ryzen doesn't sucks balls

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>dismissing benchmarks because of skin color
das raysist

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go lookup any test on youtube where they disable half the cores on ryzen and test it against the 7700. it's not far behind for half the price.

ryzen is not shit, you're just rigging shit yourself just as much.

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>and Germans
but I have an intel

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Eat shit and die.

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>here's hordes of weebs, virgins and Germans
explain this

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>30~40% behind
>not far behind

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See >>59586699
>digitalfoundry vs some poo in loo sewer dweller
Hmm I wonder who I should trust more?

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oh look another non-threaded benchmark

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is this the DESIGNATED intel shilling thread?

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>60+FPS difference
And somehow this doesn't make Ryzen a fucking failure?

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The average human eye cannot perceive more than Intel and NVidia.

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>you need a $250 mobo and $200 ram to get anywhere near these (most likely fake) results
Might as well get a 6900k then, most people are getting a B350 Tomahawk board at best which can't even reach these ram speeds as opposed to throwing away money like a retarded AMD fanboy. AMD failed, again, because they continually fail to surpass Intel or Nvidia in any meaning/significant way. So with Ryzen they've basically caught up with Intel to where game performance is worse than Intel (for a higher price) and productivity performance is about equal (for a lower price) to Intel. (I should also point out that all Intel would have to do is lower the price of their high end cpu and it would take away ANY reason to buy an AMD Ryzen cpu) But that's a failure because AMD needed to soundly beat Intel on both fronts, and it couldn't even do that despite going up against older Intel chips. Intel will be releasing new chips and I have no doubt they will utterly destroy Ryzen.

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see >>59587003


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99.9% of all games out there aren't multi-threaded. Which is why even a fucking i5 gets better results than your shitty Ryzen.

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For some reason, I thought I was on /v/ with all the shitposts, 5th grade logical fallacies and lack of decent arguments. Go figure.

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And half the performance.

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which is why you're fucking retarded if you look at these tests and come to the conclusion ryzen SEVEN is shit when they will release R5 thats cheaper than both i7 and i5 and will get about the same results as R7.

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since all these tests already cant use all threads and cores of the R7 the results wont change.

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>Level1Techs shills
>36 minutes of nothing but babbling with no actual results

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AMD apologists are pathetic retards.

Every site that is showing the 7700k as the overall better CPU, will be brandmarked as a paid shill site by them.

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>l1t are shills
>didnt even watch video
nice "argument" bro

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But that's wrong. Even at simulated benchmarks the r5s are getting crushed.

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>The Chip, The Myth, The Legend
Could the AyyMD shilling get any more pathetic?

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because you're testing a 16 thread chip vs a 8 thread chip in tests that cant use all the threads of the AMD chip and they didnt bother running the tests with half the ryzen disabled to simulat the 4c8t R5 chip that will be sold for less than intel i5.

post them

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holy fuck
wtf is wrong with u shill? this is like the 3rd time or so i read this exact same comment....

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Jealousy is ugly, if you put in enough effort you might reach Wendell's current expertise in hardware and software some 15 years.

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Keep embarrassing yourself.

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>just wait

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oh look this thread again

which is worse, the shills or the mods?

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>b-but Ryzen will get better, just wait it's unfair to make comparisons now since games don't use 16 cores all benchmarks are unfair!
Every single time.

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>I'm a dumb AMD retard please rape my face

t. AMDshils ITT

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And I thought /v/ was a horrible board

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nice frametime.

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So what benchmarks are legit now?
This is fake btw

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Already feeling purchase remorse poojet?

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did you even watch that video yourself? fast forward to the next 3 games where the R5 is equal or even beats the i5 and i7...

no, you just have to start comparing it with the actual fucking product that will compete with the i5 and i7, not a fucking workstation chip, you retard.

R7 is workstation and competes with intel's X99 shit.
R5 competes against i5 and i7.

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>Intel has no competition for several years
>Focuses on energy savings and higher clock speeds over IPC
>Competition on IPC arrives
>Drop prices by $50 across the board
>Ryzen flops performance-wise anyway
>6 months later
>New batch of intel CPUs launched
>Completely stomps amd and make it irrelevant again for another 5 years
>Wow nothing happened
gg ayymd, at least you tried.

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>and they didnt bother running the tests with half the ryzen disabled to simulat the 4c8t

They did, atleast 1 site did that.

It didn't change the outcome as the clocks were the same.

Logically even though the software is not optimized for more cores, the simulated 1600X loses to the 1800X.

I don't see how the 1600X somehow miraculously is an overlocking monster.

However as usual, I am gonna wait for the reviews of various sites and then look what was benched and whether it fits into my software usage.

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>R7 is workstation and competes with intel's X99 shit

Poozen 7 has around 40% less performance than a 6900k, it at best competes with an i3 or even Pentium

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>R5 matches a very highly clocked i5 7600k on everything but FarCry, which has shown poor performance on Ryzen in every benchmark
>wow ryzen is so shit xdddddddd
Not the guy you're responding to, but are you confused or something?

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I am still on a 2600k....
are they paying marketers on weekends? or are you really that kind of a shill`?

>> No.59587264

literally this

somebody screencap so we can rub it in amdrones' faces

>inb4 lul waitfags

>> No.59587265

>R5 competes against i5 and i7
And still gets beaten soundly.

There simply isn't any scenario in which Ryzen is worth buying.

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I would too if I got paid 0.02$ an hour to shill on a North Korean web design forum.

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>Poozen 7 has around 40% less performance than a 6900k
top fucking kek

see >>59587256
and >>59587241
R5 is equal or beats i5 in most tasks, and costs less.

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DigitalFoundry is one of the most reliable tech reviewers out there and even him came to the same conclusion that Ryzen is a massive disappointment. Make of that what you will.

>> No.59587295

i never watch this faggot and never plan to after the bullshit he started with teksyndicate.

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No its not, none of them are fake, they all use different hardware and software to capture and count fps

>> No.59587298

>cheaper CPU is matching but losing in some scenarios by ~10%, while being 20-30% cheaper
>it's simbly not worth buying :DDDDDDD
If you wanted to buy the best CPU, you'd be looking to shell out 2000$, not looking at a 200$ CPU. Price/performance is usually what makes or breaks a purchase for most people.

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thanks for proving reking yourself with your link and proving R5 is a better choice than i5 for gaming

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we know nothing will happen tho because whatever they do the infinity fabric will still be slow in any scenario. devs aren't gonna start optimizing their game for specific core complexes now are they. they barely optimize for pc as it is. over 50% of major AAA ports have run like garbage on pc in the last 2 years as a result of shit ports.

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Yes these are fake retard, literally 40 out of 45 sites show AMD lsoing by 30% in GAMING! these few sites are the only lying ones!

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nice shitpost

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>80 posts
>24 unique posters
Intel better be paying you guys overtime to work on a Sunday.

>> No.59587349

Or different people do tests differently, shocking I know.>>59587321

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>> No.59587356

They taste differnetly so AMD wins, in real life benchmarks using normal settings Intel WINS everytime

>> No.59587362

that was probably and amdfag baiting you fucking moron

>> No.59587366

Well, yeah, I'd rather invest 30 bucks more and get a better product overall. This is how it's always been with hardware, only pajeets who can't afford computers care about minor price differences. Are AMDfags seriously this delusional? Only them would pay $500 for a CPU that gets crushed by a $300 i7 at both games and general use applications (Adobe etc).

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ryzen 5 is literally DOA

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>> No.59587372

then how do you explain this >>59587156 one of your own intel shills tried to use to "prove" the R5 is worse than i7 and i5 but ended up playing himself and proving the R5 is a far better choice for gaming than Intel?

>> No.59587374

>they don't push my narrative
>It's fake

>> No.59587382

Retarded dumb AMD shills need to get the fuck off my board, nobody wants you retarded illiterate disinfo posting ass here!

>> No.59587384

>R5 beats i5 in all but one game
>R5 is close to i7 performance for less than half the cost

>> No.59587390

If by "testing differently" you mean using underperforming intels, then yeah, sure.

>> No.59587393

But r5 gets crushed by an i3 lol look here>>59587367

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>4c/4t absolutely twatting an 8c/16t and 6c/12 in "Muh multithreaded gaem"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can't make this shit up

>> No.59587414

K7 also did worse in quake, still did better than pantium.

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retarded dumb intel shill get the fuck off my board

>R5 beats i5 in all but one game

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Watch this and realize how much of an utter, fucking imbecile you are.

>> No.59587427

I wish all AMD fags died a painful fucking death and cancer with acid down their throat fucking retard

>> No.59587431

That's why he's saying that 1700 is much more valuable purchase for mixed workloads, right? He's must be and shill in the open.

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File: 911 KB, 984x914, linus_dramatic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if a 4c4t chip is on par with a 8c16t chip it's obviously not properly multithreaded you dimwit

>> No.59587445

>t, butthurt Intel shill

>> No.59587446

AMDfags are like dumb weebs, you need to take them out with a gun and shoot them until their fat stops twitching!

>> No.59587456

no, but it's on par and costs less.

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>r7 1800x: $499
>i5 7600k $230


>> No.59587465

If you want to petition the admin to ban all AMD shills please +1 this post.

Make /g/ a better place

>> No.59587480

based salazar. and i was really thinking about waiting to get the ryzen 5. well fuck it ill just get what i was planning on
Intel i5 7600k or 6700k overclock it with a EVGA GTX 1080.
NZXT accessories all the way.

>> No.59587481

Isn't the 1500X $150 ?

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>R5 1600X: $230
>R5 1500X: $170
>Intel i5: $230
>Intel i7: $320


>> No.59587493

narrative change already, i see. 1 minute you're going on about how ryzen is better than intel 7700k and the next you're saying "i-it's bad and i-i always knew it".

holy shit

>> No.59587494


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It's $180 and still gets shat on by the 7600k. Not to mention that you need fucking water cooling to get anywhere near 4GHz with Ryzen. That's a $300 setup for considerably worse performance.

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Nice bait, the human eye can't even see more than 60 FPS, AMD wins again.

>> No.59587526

How retarded are intelshills?

>> No.59587527

the 1600x is $250 tho

>> No.59587528

Actually the human eye can see about 245 hz

>> No.59587532

AMDrones are unable to refute this video.

>> No.59587547

Right, I also like ignoring that the 1700 can OC to 3.8/3.9 on a stock cooler as well.

Meanwhile with delid lake you need a industrial cooler and voiding the warranty

>> No.59587563

something like that, but just watch and wait. watch how they'll be like "GET R7 1700 COS MUH COARS AND MUH FUTURE GAEMS" but then suddenly change their story to "GET R5 1500X B-BECAUSE IT'S CLOSE TO AN I5 FOR MUCH LESS"

one minute it's all about cores and the "future" then the next minute cores and shit doesn't matter because of price. these amd shills can't make their mind up.

>> No.59587577

They can't even poo in loo

>> No.59587584

>3.8/3.9 on a stock cooler as well
Yeah when paired with a $200 mobo that isn't an unstable piece of shit. Also
>100~200MHz overclock at best otherwise your BIOS will crash
Absolutely hilarious.

>> No.59587585

by the time "future games" have come around ryzen will be fucking garbage to play them anyway

>> No.59587590

no the human eye can only see 24 fps thats why movies and such run at that rate

>> No.59587606


What also makes this important is because a simple application, running at user privileges (i.e. lacking special super-user/admin privileges), has the ability to crash the machine. Such a code could even be executed through virtual machines, and poses a security issue, with implications for AMD's upcoming "Naples" enterprise processor launch.




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>> No.59587620

Actually people have done it on $100 B chipset boards, but nice try, skunk.

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This. How to crash your Ryzen
1. Open Ryzen Master Utility
2. OC +100mhz

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>> No.59587645


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>Intel never had any launch issues

>> No.59587659

Haha, he thinks you need a $200 motherboard to push 200 watts from the CPU, holy shit how delusional.

>> No.59587685

>ITT: Isratel shills
Enjoy your built-in CIA botnet faggots

>> No.59587687

Never this bad, Intel fixed problems before anyone finds them out, AMD leaves them hanging for years

>> No.59587700

Gookmoot, if you're reading this, it's over for /g/. There's nothing but /v/ retards here that shitpost constantly about Ryzen. Put us out of our fucking misery.

>> No.59587709

>f-fuck intel beating amd

>> No.59587713


>> No.59587724

Proof that you need to be a braindead shill to even consider buying Ryzen.

>> No.59587727

AMD is literally unreliable! No matter its performance which is complete shit and slower than 30% than a 7700k which is 50% cheaper, it also crashes consatntly you can't even use it!


>> No.59587739

So what processor should I get?
CIntelA is obviously out the window and apparently AMD a shit too.
What's even left for a decent processor?

>> No.59587741

Except even Nehalem had a better launch than the piece of shit that Ryzen is.

>> No.59587759
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Get back to your designated street.

>> No.59587775
File: 60 KB, 596x403, 1489932890540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7700k if you want an gaming experience the developers intended for you

>> No.59587776
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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear am i rite?

>> No.59587778

>Intel shills still ignoring this
Ryzen is as good as the 7700k. Deal with it.

>> No.59587788



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File: 476 KB, 1382x690, 420adfe5c79c1a5b47955c996411b9c5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

r7 1700 with ddr4 3000+(was already in the pcbg OP for intel builds) is the best chip you can buy right now. Roughly matches the 7700k in modern games and will of course pull ahead and last far longer as it is objectively faster with far more processing power.

You shouldn't be mad Intel shills. I'm happy with my 6600k but that is because I built this last year. Buying a computer today would be a different story.

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>implying it isn't a well-established fact by now that Ryzen is shit at games

>> No.59587818

quit this shit meme

>> No.59587825

>chooses amd
why is that stickman stupid

>> No.59587831

>3D mark
Might as well benchmark with fucking cpu-z

>> No.59587834

It doesn't match shit it's 60% slower lmao

>> No.59587837

You fucking niggers are are the worst.

I don't give a shit about Intel or AMD. I just want to discuss programming, systems administration, embedded electronics/controls systems/electrical engineering. It's tough when half of the threads here are about Ryzen.

CPUposters are a fucking scum on this board.

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>> No.59587844

> Germans
> buying AMD
No we all buy Intel to make up for the holocaust. If you buy AMD, you will get listed as holocaust denier.

>> No.59587851
File: 495 KB, 1070x601, 1487814827640_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i may be off but i think they're referring to some German site that ran benchmarks showing ryzen dicking the competition. they're basically pic related.

>> No.59587852
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>tfw have to choose between CIA watching you sleep and shitty unstable performance
Why live?

>> No.59587854
File: 77 KB, 600x449, laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Roughly matches the 7700k in modern games

>> No.59587858

It wasn't shit even with slow as fuck ram and it scales exceptionally well with fast ram. Treat yourself to an r7 1700 and aa $150 ddr4 3600 cl16 samsung b revision ram kit
Wanna link your launch day benchmarks with ancient bios revisions and shit slow ram now?
You people are fucking pathetic. It's a shame that /g/'s overall opinion tends to
spread and actually affect purchasing decisions.

>> No.59587860

Better thab your autistic anime weeb linux threads. Hardware is more important on a technologial board than software. I don't care you're assblasted because your brand new $600 ryzen cpu is rekt by a $300 i7

>> No.59587866

>muh safe space

>> No.59587882

>it scales exceptionally well with fast ram
No it doesn't. See DigitalFoundry's benchmarks.

>> No.59587884

This video>>59586699 was uploaded today and a $600 ryzen has almost half as many frames as a $300 i7. No amount of bios updates from rajeet will fix the performance of his shit

>> No.59587886

>my company is better
You people are fucking retards

>> No.59587888


>> No.59587892

>ITT: Intel Internet Defense Force
Jews being jews.

>> No.59587905

You can call me the Ownage Master.

Primary Job: Owning dumb AMD retards!

>> No.59587906

>implying I dont have 1700 on order

>> No.59587918

nigga the video in the op picture is using 3200mhz ram which has only been achievable very recently with updated bios'. these benches are accurate based on current performance with fast ram. it has even faster ram than the 7700k.

>> No.59587920

Good job loser neet, your not even arrived cpu is already outperformed by a half core cpu

>> No.59587925


>> No.59587947

Enjoy wasting money on shit hardware.

>> No.59587950

hahahahah! enjoy your crashy and laggy CPU that is slower than a 6 year old 2500k LOL

>> No.59587958

>implying I want three-letter agencies snooping around my computer
I'm still gonna buy Ryzen.

>> No.59587961

Considering that Linux threads are mostly fucking retards posting their desktop running a useless WM that's plastered in weebshit, I can't say I'm a fan, either.

Hardware is cool, so actually discuss it. That doesn't mean compare benchmarks, you faggot. Discuss the instruction set. Discuss the topology. Post hardware you've built yourself.

You don't know about hardware because you can save pictures of a fucking benchmark.

>God fucking forbid the board be on topic

Go ahead and post hentai on /ck/. None of 4chan is a safe space, so it obviously belongs there.

I wish the AMD shills would commit violent suicide, and you should too.

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>> No.59587976
File: 187 KB, 617x793, intel cia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seems like Ryzen is bad
>Better buy a different AMD processor
Stay away from (((Intel))) boys

>> No.59587981


>get a $250 CPU
>to OC it, get another $250 mobo since intel is a jew who overprice mobo license
>get another $70 cooler to clock your shitty 4 core CPU to 4.8 GHz at most

Get the same performance as

>get a $200 R5 CPU
>get a $100 mobo cause AMD people aren't Jews
>use the stock cooler to reach 3.9-4 GHz

On a more serious side;

Both of these set ups will give you the same power at gaming give or take 5%~ while one will give you %40 more on productivity.

AMD one will cost you $300
Intel one will cost you $500-700

Camparing Intel vs AMD

>on core counts such as R7 vs 8/16 cores i7 Intels
>R5 vs 4/8-6/12 core Intels
>R3 vs 4/4 cores Intels

The answer is obvious. AMD has HUGE performance/price advantage and marginally better performance/watt advantage against Intel. R7 performance/watt advantage against Intel's 8-10 cores are simply mind-blowing.

Until Intel reduces their prices significantly and I mean atleast $50 on i5s, $100 on i7 4 cores and halves the 6-8 core lineup, AMD simply has the better CPU, there is not even a competition.

Fuck the brand loyality, just get the better product.

>> No.59587982

why is there like 3 people samfagging? calm your autism and remove yourself back to >>>/reddit/ where you belong.

>> No.59588003

>Fuck the brand loyality, just get the better product.

So Intel?

>> No.59588007

This, Intel is the Apple of processors.

>> No.59588008

already got BIOS fix
try again next time

>> No.59588010

Eh, if you want cores get a 1700 and OC it, if you want something for gaming get a i5 or r5 that's coming out next month.
Not really a difficult choice.

>> No.59588015
File: 22 KB, 218x265, 1490160411836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Intel fixed problems before anyone finds them out

>> No.59588024

Don't forget to keep your Intel sticker on your laptop so everyone can see it at Starbucks

>> No.59588029

>intel cpus outperform amd gpus in intel optimized games
stop the presses!

>> No.59588031

My mac doesn't have an intel sticker

>> No.59588046

fyi dx12 bf1 is broken, nobody plays on it

>> No.59588047

So it performs worse in tomb raider, slightly(~5 fps) worse in mass effect and bf 1 and better in Crysis 3, GTA 5, Maafia 3, and Watch_Dogs2?

I see a trend here. Worst case is it is very marginally slower than a 7700k, it's better in newer games. I think I'll take the "free" extra 8 threads and buy a r7 1700.

Thanks /g/, I didn't know about the memory scaling thing. Tried of paying intel for their half assed shit.

>> No.59588049

You have a Intel controlled dildo up your ass instead.

>> No.59588062

It overheats to reproduce the effect of body heat.

>> No.59588079


>it overheats

Probably uses Kaby Lake processor in it.

>> No.59588098

>30 FPS less on average
>slightly worse
Are you just pretending to be retarded?

>> No.59588121
File: 102 KB, 324x324, intel internet defense force.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>CIA Vault 7 leaks published
>Reveals massive spying scheme embedded into all Core I* processors
>Oy vey, the goyim know! Better start shilling against bad goy AMD!
Everyone can see what you're doing here, but keep leading the fight IIDF.

>> No.59588134

Depend on benchmarker, if they just stare at sky and ground 7700k would win easily

>> No.59588143

Ryzen Floped whether you like it or not. Death to AMD finally after years of shitty CPUs soon they will be bought by INTEL.

>> No.59588167

You don't want AMD to die because of monopoly laws you motherfucking piece of shit idiot

Intel should just let 'em have 1% of market just to justify AMD's existence and use them as legal shield against shitty capitalist laws

>> No.59588174

>ono! a brand new architecture is performing worse than an already established architecture on games that are optimized for said architecture!

>> No.59588187

AMD Fanboys are just utterly pathetic. The 1700 will never take the 7700k in games unless something drastic happens where faster IPC no longer matters. The 7700k still beats out the 1700 even in games that use more threads like Witcher 3 by a massive margin. The 1700 "might" be better one day but that is a large bet. Right now the 7700k is the king for gaming and it doesn't take a leap of faith.

>> No.59588189

/trash/ doesn't want that shit

>> No.59588191

What about rendering and photo editing where intel wins again?

>> No.59588235
File: 232 KB, 680x431, we are game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you have Intel, you are the game

>> No.59588245



AMD shits all over Intel

>photo editing

Wtf are you even talking about, photo editing can be done on a Anthlon at moments notice.

>> No.59588262
File: 158 KB, 820x933, 1aa90689d5fbf0f1bdbe64f75a58b4da.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On average out of what games? I was trying to hold off on upgrading but I'm fucking sick of playing all these new games at 30fps

>> No.59588277
File: 43 KB, 649x354, IMG_2568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except Intel shits on amd

>> No.59588295

Warhammer, GTA V, The Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry: Primal I could go on

>> No.59588313


>> No.59588318

That 1700 will bottleneck the shit out of that 1080. At most get a rx 460

>> No.59588331

>ryzen with 3600MHz-RAM is blazin fast
>officially not support more than 2400

>> No.59588333

Well it seems to do significantly better than the 7700k in ME:A which is the game that triggered me. I do play GTA pretty often and it seems great there. Lows are important to me for sure, I dont want stuttering.
I don't play any of those other ones

>> No.59588345

No one cares about anime games you lonely virgin

>> No.59588348

Also depends if someone is exiting and entering a instanced zone all the time where loading screens happen, Intel wins there due to clockspeed.

Can't call it much of a game though

>> No.59588362

Obvious bait thread. Ryzen is of a different architecture and a lot of things aren't optimized yet. Shit takes time.

>> No.59588372
File: 165 KB, 1010x730, whenthesourceisnttomshardware.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


are you sure?

>> No.59588384

By the time amd fixes their shit intel will have already destroy their new "fixed" architecture

>> No.59588396
File: 214 KB, 1067x600, i7 7700k vs Ryzen 1700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder the FPS is practically the same and you can't even tell the difference.
So this thread is really pre-installed spyware vs no pre-installed spyware.

>> No.59588407
File: 179 KB, 600x450, IMG_2567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59588408

>just wait goy
AyyMD's favorite catchphrase.

>> No.59588411

Add 70$ for decent cooler and 50$ for deliding tool and thermal pastes to your favorite i7. Don't forget about pricing of motherborads for overclocking that cost premium. Suddenly your calculations are not so peachy for Jew cum inside(tm) CPU when you count this necessary shit into them.

i7-4790k (delided) owner.

>> No.59588418

Intel's roadmap is literally Skylake dieshrink until H2 2019

>> No.59588419

holy fucking shit

>> No.59588424
File: 126 KB, 450x373, fullretard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>joker benchmarks

>> No.59588432

Do you get your virginity back if you haven't had sex since high school? Which was almost 6 years ago

>> No.59588435

I've always used a razor blade for delidding.

>> No.59588441
File: 1005 KB, 734x5000, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 16.26.15-fullpage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Your own site

>> No.59588443

>source is Tom's Hardware

It's like you WANT to be shilled on.

>> No.59588453

Anyone ever played Crysis 3 though? For like... playing THE game itself?

>> No.59588456
File: 102 KB, 601x806, IMG_2564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reposting the same benchmark

Into the trash with you

>> No.59588466


>> No.59588472


>> No.59588487

>R7s worse than a fucking 7600k
>somehow AMDrones expect the r5s to compete against the i5s
It's like pottery

>> No.59588489

>Ryzen Floped
outsold the intel extreme edition (what it was competing against) in a single week

>> No.59588495

No. Most people don't play any of these games. If you look at parts for average performance over commonly benchmarked titles you are fucking up. Pick parts that do well in your game.

It's like GPU arguments. We have scientific data that says exactly how each card performs in the majority of games. You don't buy an AMD card over Nv if you only play blizzard games and you don't buy the 1060 over a hopefully cheaper 480 if you only go for AAA stuff.

>> No.59588501

If you're referring to computerbase, no they ran neutral benchmarks that showed that Ryzen came out ahead in most multithreaded "productivity" workloads and behind Intel in most games and other mostly single-threaded workloads, just as shown by 500 other sites.

There used to be an AMD fab in Germany, I think they even planned to do 14nm production there but ditched it since AMD's 14nm manufacturing process was inefficient so they licensed Samsungs(?) 14nm FinFET and production is done somewhere in Asia.

But even considering this, there are no numbers indicating that AMD would have any specific advantage in Germany.

>> No.59588503
File: 118 KB, 1107x396, Screenshot from 26-03-2017 18:10:08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>was 20%+ slower in gaming at launch
>2 weeks later it's closing the gap

Uhh, I wonder why Intelshills are getting so increasingly nervous.

We need to respond with day1 benches using crashy ANUS boards

>> No.59588504

>reposting the same benchmark

>> No.59588506

But that's wrong.

>> No.59588510

that's Logan's hand

>> No.59588520
File: 354 KB, 300x300, 1434861767838.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it is overpriced turd sold to morons who get bamboozled by power of marketing and paid shills?

>> No.59588527



> inb4 DELET

>> No.59588539

>12% worse performance for 200 bucks more
>against a fucking STOCK 7700k
I beg you to stop.
I don't think my sides can take it anymore.
My ribcage is literally in danger of bursting of laughter.

>> No.59588540

no it isn't shill, umad that amd could cuck the sales of intel's extreme goyim edition in one week?

>> No.59588544

>Oy gevalt look how low of an FPS Ryzen is getting!
>H-Here put this CIA backdoor into your computer instead

>> No.59588546
File: 249 KB, 1100x1283, AM4-Update-Statement-article_1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD is so incompetent they didn't give Asetek the proper dimensions for AIO brackets BEFORE LAUNCH

>> No.59588551
File: 170 KB, 1448x1302, 1490031373290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's important is who can cherrypick the most, Intelfags are higher in number so they're obviously at the advantage, but can AMDfags compete using trickery?

>> No.59588559

Nice baseless "facts".

>> No.59588565


>> No.59588567

I'd rather have backdoors than shit performance and having my pc case smell of poo

>> No.59588577

Well from my experience, I know games run like utter shit. You need the strongest single thread performance you just can...

> inb4 Intel shill
I used a Pentium D, a Core2Quad, an i7 first gen, and a fourth gen i7.
The only thing I learned from this is that nothing fucking scales.
The only thing that ever scaled and I use it often is 7zip. That's fucking it.

> inb4 but what if you want to encode
So what if I just have 4 threads? It won't be THAT slower.

I really wish ASUS and other companies would put faster i5s in gaymer laptops.

>> No.59588582

Yes, as you can see from this thread

>> No.59588584

>ARM only

>> No.59588587

>paying more for worse performance
>being this delusional
And people still wonder why AMDfags are despised by most everyone.

>> No.59588592
File: 114 KB, 600x707, perf3-wm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even after all the shilling and shitposting, AMD is still the better price/performance choice.

Why do you like being price gouged anon?

>> No.59588593

Get a 1700 if you're that poor.

>> No.59588599

check the 3dmark benchmark frequency, more people benched ryzen cpus in the first week of the launch than the intel exteme edition despite the fact that broadwell-e has been out for almost half a year now

>> No.59588600

>t. IIDF

>> No.59588602

>benchmarks in which intel wins
lol shills lol collected your shekels yet? lol
>benchmarks in which amd wins
now that's what I'm talking about! true justice! proper technology! excellent performance/price ratio!

>> No.59588615


>> No.59588616

it's literally in the second paragraph holy shit.

I would be more than happy with a i5-7440HQ that would be cooled better so it could OC more.
Than the mediocre i7 chips we get in mobile form.

>> No.59588618

just because you are samefagging doesn't mean that you are more than one person with severe autism

>> No.59588620

And yet still gets beaten soundly by the 6900k and is barely ahead of a 4C/8T i7, while being utterly mediocre at most games. So much for a "workstation" gaming hybrid cpu.

>> No.59588630

Nobody needs 8 cores, if you you get a Tesla and get much more performance, only 4 core chips are sold everywhere

>> No.59588632

it offers similar real world workstation performance while being half the price

>> No.59588640

and yet outsold the 6900k in 7 days, fucking embarrasing

>> No.59588641
File: 106 KB, 578x712, Exclusive_152605_794145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59588644

>you just don't like it cuz you can't afford it
Whatever you say macfag, enjoy having no headphone jack on your phone.

>> No.59588645

>1800x $600
>7700k $320

>> No.59588646

>cinebench again
You just don't give up do you?

>> No.59588652

Seems like very close to a 10 core 6950X at $1600 for a third of the price.
Probably uses less power too, lol

>> No.59588656

>called Tomb Raider
>it's not a Tomb Raider game

gg modern game industry

>> No.59588659
File: 123 KB, 240x286, why would you need 100 fps, the human I can see over 60, consoles use 30 fps, I remember when locked 20 fps was buttery smooth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59588662

>he lives in poo in the loo land where he has to pay a cuck tax

>> No.59588673
File: 32 KB, 243x312, herp derp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3dmark benchmark

>> No.59588675

More like closw to a 4core lmao

>> No.59588685

>Ryzen costs half of a 7700k and still gets beaten by it

>> No.59588686

Isn't the 1700 cheaper than a 7700k? Cheaper mobo too, comes with a cooler that can pull to 1.35V so no cost there or needs deliding.

>> No.59588702


>> No.59588708
File: 73 KB, 974x879, 1487876524269 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Isn't the 1700 cheaper than a 7700k?
No it's not

>> No.59588709

>11% faster in Wangbloez
>23% faster in Loonix

Your 4 core is worthless outside of SuperPi and Skyrim

>> No.59588722

Don't listen to the shills, the gaming performance is about 10% less on average, but the 1700 is sitting at 30% core utilization while the 7700K is sitting at 99% core utilization. Get the Ryzen.

>> No.59588729

And it has 80% less performance

>> No.59588743
File: 53 KB, 1366x638, AMD-Ryzen-7-1700X-Multi-Threaded-Performance-Benchmark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about CPU-Z then?

>> No.59588748



Seems cheaper to me.
Also the platform is cheaper as well, nah, I think I'm buying a 1700, will do great for my VMs

>> No.59588756

>$300 Intel CPU beating $1000 Intel CPU.
>Somehow this is supposed to make AMD look bad.

>> No.59588757

The 1800x is closer to the 7700k than it is to the 6900k in terms of performance

>> No.59588762

more ryzen cpus show up then intel cpus, IN A SINGLE WEEK, umad that amd is outselling intel?

learn english streetshitter

>> No.59588787

lol wow intel shilling to the max this few hour. did something happen

>> No.59588790

>i have no idea what the fuck i am even talking about

>> No.59588803

what even

>> No.59588806

Yet intel is still making more money overall. AyyMD always loses in the end.

>> No.59588818

more layoffs at intel, intel squandering their money with shit purchases and aquisitions to the verge of bankruptcy

>> No.59588826
File: 20 KB, 400x152, IMG_2572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry to break it to you rajeet

>> No.59588830
File: 49 KB, 1115x617, leltel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59588848


>> No.59588853

becuase higher profit margin on 6 gorrilian dollar cpus, your point? my point is amd has sold more ryzen 7 cpus then intel has sold broadwell-e. stop moving the goalpost

>> No.59588872

Well of course, indians are very poor on average so they have to choose the lower price and performance cpu

>> No.59588878

Is that the power consumption chart? wow a dual core manages to consume more power than a 8 core. PATHETIC

>> No.59588880

>Arguing price

Why do people who shill the 7700k always neglect the fact that Intel Motherboards are extortionately priced.

>> No.59588891
File: 4 KB, 551x38, f181ef9408e0027e223f006e246df42e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, I didn't. I don't care about average, it's minimums are better than and it's averages are close to the 7700k and I want the cores. I even paid for 2 days shipping. So excited.

>> No.59588901

doesn't fit their narrative.
>inb4 you get called a poorfag by a shill.

>> No.59588907

>I no argument against the fact that ryzen cucked the sales of broadwell-e so im just going to post leddit memes

what year did you get on 4chan?

>> No.59588911

Back you go.

>> No.59588917

>13.70 USD Price decrease 0.09 (0.65%)
is that why amd shills twice as hard in here?

>> No.59588918

Hope you enjoy it, I'm still waiting on the 1600X to come out.

>> No.59588924

>I'm buying a 1700, will do great for my VMs
It's not like a VM programs will use more than one thread, so what's the point?
> inb4 you run build bots on a desktop PC all day long

>> No.59588929


Except none of this has happened or will happen.

>Intel gets complacent and spends the last 5 years developing a shit tier iGPU which takes up more than half of the chip.
>Thinks they were narrowing the gap with NVIDIA mobile GPUs
>NVIDIA responds by jamming a full fledged desktop GPU in laptops and even sub 1cm thick ultrabooks. Does away with mobile GPUs altogether
>AMD delivers a second blow with Ryzen and catches Intel completely off guard.
>Intel has no response. iGPU dream shattered and no longer able to fund meme projects by inflating CPU prices.
>Intel does not recover.

>> No.59588933

> these amd shills can't make their mind up.
It's not about making up their mind, they simply get BTFO in one argument and they shift the narrative to what ever favors them at the time. Then when the next narrative is proven to be wrong they shift it again.
As you pointed out, they will say "moar cores and future proof" but then say "g-g-get the Ryzen 5 because it cheaper, and less cores doesn't even matter"

>> No.59588945
File: 85 KB, 806x544, IMG_2648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your piece of shit is slower than a 4 year old intel lmao

>> No.59588959

1600X will cost close to 300€ here.

Not attractive for me desu

>> No.59588960
File: 503 KB, 1531x919, am4 z270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.59588991

And the intel board won't crash when you apply a 50 mhz overclock

>> No.59588993

The amd one has far more phases, and more sata 3 connections

the amd one is higher end and therefor, higher price

>> No.59589013

Are you guys really retarded or pretend to be?

AM4 X370 mainboards costs 160€+

And why not mentioning the expensive 3200Mhz+ memory to get the CPU working properly while Intel can do with any ram?

>> No.59589022

Keep panicking. No one is buying it.

>> No.59589023

>nitpicking this hard

Post highest priced and lowest priced for both sockets.

Go on, I'll wait.

>> No.59589046

>Talks about 1700
>Shows a picture of a 1700X
are you clinically retarded?

>> No.59589049

>muuhh higher phases

Doesn't enable better overclocking and more power saving.

As of now AM4 boards are overpriced buggy shits.

>> No.59589093

>get a $250 CPU
>to OC it, get another $250 mobo since intel is a jew who overprice mobo license
Wrong, the intel motherboards that give you the option to overclock are 100$.
>get another $70 cooler to clock your shitty 4 core CPU to 4.8 GHz at most
Not a problem if you already have one. But hey there is plenty of very solid custom coolers for 30$

>get a $200 R5 CPU
>get a $100 mobo cause AMD people aren't Jews
>use the stock cooler to reach 3.9-4 GHz

AMD one will cost you $430 gives you mediocre performance, but hey if you encode videos all day who cares....
Intel one will cost you $420-450 and gives you best performance on the market for games

>Fuck the brand loyality, just get the better product.
Exactly, which is why if you play games getting ryzen is full retard.

>> No.59589101

>power saving.
ryzen does that on its own, a fucking intel quad core consumes almost as much power idle than a 1700 on load

>> No.59589153

>intel quad core consumes almost as much power idle than a 1700 on load

You and the likes are big time braindead idiots, nothing more to say.


>> No.59589203

fuck off mehmet, get something that i can read

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