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who here is /LGA775/

say what you must, but you cannot convince me that in 2017, the Q6600 is obsolete

>cheap ass CPU
>shit IPC but its still cheap as fuck
>dime a fucking dozen
>only downside is lack of mobos
>anything below P43/P45 is ass
>still cheap as fuck

get at me /g/

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> cannot convince me that Q6600 is obsolete

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i dont care, i can still watch porn, play some very light vidya, have multiple web tabs open at once, and has VT-x support

if i use loonix, everything is 200% faster
check mate

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It isn't. I got a family member running a system on it.

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Hello friend!!

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>not QX9650
>not capable of frying VRMs
>has never set a SB heatsink on fire
>not 1600mhz(OC) FSB

you make me sick

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>having a socket for toasters on your mobo

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you're just mad because my room is like 30c warmer than yours during winter

have fun with your home heater cuck

>fermi GPU
>775 CPU
>6 fans in chassis
>run AIDA64 on those extra cold days

anyone else here /comfy775/ during the winter? who the fuck needs summer when my room is sweltering year around

775 - 1
1150/1151 - 0

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P35 on Q9550

Working since 8 years ago B)

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this is what i like to see

see /g/? 775 is still here, here to stay

shit even 771 is allowed too, only for the xeons tho

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It's probably ok for home video editing, Photoshop, programming, or as an educational, or student cpu. There are 300mhz cpu's that are probably still fine for word processing.

Chrome in js heavy sites, I would like to see how it would fair.

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chrome kills the G4560 for fuck's sake

q6600 would off itself

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I've seen a xeon e5450 do fine, so I'm guessing it would be like that only crappier.

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>not sticking superior LGA771 Xeons in 775 mobos

entry level pleb

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I bought one for an intel mobo, and now the bios shows different settings than are really applied, virtualization tech is not enabled although ticked in the bios, and the system always has to be hard rebooted...

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Damn, must be your board.
I stuck an x5450 in an Optiplex 330 and it doesn't have any issues

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I'm thinking micro code or bios update.

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I have an i5-2500k in my daily driver, but I really want some old hardware to mess around with, I've considered pentium 3 or amd k6-2, something to run windows 98 on or test super lightweight linux distros, trying to remember my motivation back when firefox 2 just came out, or around that time.

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don't mind me, just overcooking my q6600

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same, but with a 3470
must be all those nostalgia threads

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needed some water cooling though

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still have a [email protected] on my desktop. can still play [email protected] and witcher 3 solid 30fps.

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I've run a motherboard in water before, plugged into power, it still ran although it was half submerged, then it didn't power on after I took it out of the water, it was a scientific perception based test.
Back then it was like you could see and hear the hardware working, and notice differences in timing.

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Or you can buy the g4560 or an i5 2500 if you want to be poor.
Q6600 is an antique piece of shit that stutters when playing 1080p h265.

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Q9550 here

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this, lga 775 fags are in denial that their shit is terribly out of date

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720p 264 plays on fine on an atom n270, this doesn't seem right.

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I see no problem using lga 775 in 2017. It does almost everything except play the latest children's games.

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Thread reported for cyber bullying.

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lga 775 build for under $50 minus case, monitor, and hard drives.

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nigger detected

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It both is and isn't.

If all you do on it is browse the web and casually game, its just fine.

If you multitask, as in shit ton of crap open, then no, it's not.
If you want to game at 60fps everywhere, it isn't
If you want to do anything that stresses the cpu, it isn't.

Get the cpu that is up to the tasks you want if you are cheap, go overkill if you have some money because it will last you in the long run better.

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>have Q8200
>stuck with DDR2, PCIE 2, SATA 2
>cant render video at any modern resolution
>every modern program lags to FUCK
yeah real fun, ditched that shit for a low tier pentium and a modern mobo

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Bought an i3 2120 + p67 board +6GB RAM for 70 bucks last year.

There is literally no reason to be using LGA775 in 2017.

If you only have $50 to build a computer, don't buy a fucking computer you dumb fucking idiot, put that money towards something actually necessary.

You're only poor because of how you spend your money.

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I used a SL9400 without an SSD until early 2016 and I didn't have problems with modern programs or browsing any websites. I did not play games or render video, which many people do not.

The responses in this thread are very overblown. I still have an Athlon II computer and a Phenom II computer, which were worse than c2d and c2q in their day, and have zero problems.

These are more than adequate for modern browsers and websites.

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I have a Q8400 and a DDR3 mobo and it's fine.

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>4790k scored higher than 6700k
really makes you think

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I feel like i3-2130 or i5-2400s is the new poorfag old CPU to be honest. You can get refurb lenovo/dell/HP complete working system off fleabay for ~$100 or even less with this CPU.

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That seems inaccurate, a 4790k is really ~4x faster than a Q6600? CPUs have gotten 4x faster from 2007 to 2014? The only "big" jumps we've had were between Core 2 and the first gen Core i-something CPUs, then I guess between 1st and 2nd gen with Sandy Bridge. After that it's been small and incremental improvements.

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Passmark is pretty shit DESU.

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>Q6600 is an antique piece of shit that stutters when playing 1080p h265.

Just use hardware decoding like everyone else. I could play 1080p h264 in 2006 on a fucking Pentium 4.

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LGA775 reporting in
I had been using this pentium 4 PC for the last 12 years, until i bought my current laptop (AMD A-6 APU, with Radeon R4 Graphics)

It was a really comfy machine and preformed well, never had any breakdowns. I still use it from time to time to store my old files

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they are worlds apart, yes. i wouldn't say 4x faster though.

>> No.59581793

I know, but the gap still seems huge.

Of course they are, but that 4x gap (reported by the benchmark) still seems absolutely huge.

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here's cpu-z with a 4690k vs a q8400 with a lot of shit in the background

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That's more like what I'd expect. Over 2x but not close to 4x.

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I literally an hour or so ago finished upgrading my server from a 775 board to a 1156 one

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Is that on stock clock? Core 2s were monsters at overclocking. I ran my e6550 on 3GHz for 4 years straight, with stock voltage. With higher clocked RAM and voltage bumps, I got it to 3.5GHz once, I think.

And that was the original node ones, not the dieshrinks, which output like half the heat.

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That's nothing. I5 7600k hits 5GHz and is 3x faster than any overclocked core2.

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Q6700 mustard race
I got that shit from intel-propaganda: retail edge when I worked at best buy a decade ago.
Got a bunch of free shit by consuming propaganda like a hog. I made 2 accounts, used a fake one to get the answers for the real account. Always got the double chip score or whatever it was. Was like #4 on the leader-board or something like that.

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>outjewing the jew
Doing God's work

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I'm a mormon

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2500K is the real king of longevity

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i still have this laying around. it has an x5460 in it and im planning to fuck around with it in the future

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e5450 + 4gb ddr2 torrent box / house heater combo represent

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>leave q6600 with two nvidia 9800 in sli running [email protected] all day and all night
>If I close the door the room gets over 90 F
>tfw comfy as fuck

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Q6600 is obsolete. Even Q9400 when overclocked only just barely outperforms a Sandy Bridge i3.

>> No.59582191

>he didn't get the based P5Q Premium

>> No.59582200


It depends on your needs. If you don't play games or anything cpu intensive then benchmarks are meaningless.

A q6600 is obsolete to play modern games? I'm ok with that.

>> No.59582261

That OC isn't nearly as impressive as what the old C2Ds and C2Qs could do. A 7600K at 5GHz is like 20% above its stock clock. The old Q6600 could do like 3.6GHz (50% OC), or even 3.7-4.0 if you were very lucky and had the right stepping. That was a serious amount of extra performance. I had an i5 750, 2.66GHz CPU that ran 4.0 for years and could get up to 4.3 with voltage that I wasn't comfortable using all day every day. OC was much, much more impressive in the old days.

Nowadays you get a top-dog 7700K and you're lucky if you can push another 500MHz above it's 4.5GHz top clock. OC for actual performance is barely worth it anymore, it's pretty much just a hobby now. Ryzen is even worse on the AMD side. Back in the day you could get a very serious CPU performance boost from OC and the benefits were immediately and clearly visible.

Nowadays you get

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I'm typing this on a Q6700. It is now my wife's PC and it meets all her needs just fine. All I did was replace the hard drive, this PC should be good for another 5 years.

>> No.59582306

>Nowadays you get a top-dog 7700K and you're lucky if you can push another 500MHz above it's 4.5GHz top clock
Uh what? My work PC is a 7600K and I got it to a comfy 4.8Ghz.

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>I don't use my CPU so it's not obsolete !!!
Then it's still obsolete because it uses a fuck ton of power compared to, say, an Atom.
Q6600 is not a useful CPU no matter how you choose to look at it. It doesn't matter what you do or how much you don't do anything with it, there's something better and more appropriate out there for you. If you don't need a lot of horsepower, you're better off with an Atom or an i3 that will pay for itself in savings on your electrical bill within a year.
As such, the Core 2 lineup is obsolete, no matter how many lies you tell yourself.

>tfw 34% OC on 4690k

>> No.59582314

ssd in it?

>> No.59582399

Q6600 is really only ideal if you meet certain criteria

>I have a spare LGA775 board laying around that needs a good CPU
>I want to improve my current toaster but only want to spend so much for some unexplained reason

imo, C2Q is not energy efficient or really all that good at running today's software. Unless the need to get one is urgent, all money should be saved and put towards newer stuff. I run a X5470, but not for long. I edit videos, emulate more than I run newer games, pay bills, convert stuff. Depends on your needs

>> No.59582418

What's your point? That it didn't even hit 5GHz or what?

>tfw 34% OC on 4690k
34% above the boost clock, so about 5.2GHz? That's one fucking amazing 4690K you have there, you got very lucky.

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I don't think I am going to upgrade anytime soon

both modern Intel + AMD having horrible single core performance

here have my CPU from 2008

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I still have a Prescott bibeline meme Pentium 4 box. Makes a pretty good space heater in the winter.

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Oh, no, I didn't take the boost clock into consideration, just ~20% over in that case.
I haven't tried to push it further yet, been wanting to delid it first.

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Just a new 7200rpm 1tb drive. It would fly with an ssd though.

>> No.59582518

>when playing

>> No.59582519

My mobo on it only supports up to 4.8ghz :<

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Computer benchmarks exist to sell new cpus to children who play games.

A piece of hardware is only obsolete when it can no longer do what you need it to do.

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Q6600 is lyfe

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1.32V is already pretty high for Haslel, does it throttle yet under AVX torture tests, like Linpack or P95 small FFT? Probably not advisable to push voltage even further.

>just ~20% over in that case
Yeah, figured as much, it's not very impressive. I've got a 4.7GHz 4790K too, it's much faster of course but nowhere near as impressive as the Q6600 and i5 750 that came before it. We've pretty much hit the clock wall.

>> No.59582662

Haven't tested with Linpack or P95, but it doesn't throttle under AIDA64's cpu+fpu+cache stress. During which it "only" spikes up to at most 75C averaging around 65C, so there's still a little bit of headroom as far as temperature is concerned.

>> No.59582673

AIDA is lighter than Linpack (IBT/Lynx/etc).

>> No.59582704

>tfw my LGA775 mobo never let me OC
Prebuilts suck, never again

>> No.59582794

you just didn't know the Q6600 OC tape trick

go ahead, google it, I dare you

>> No.59582839

I have a Core 2 Quad Q8400. Just werks for most stuff. Everything outside of 2012+ gaming is snappy and it can do 1080p full speed on most GC/Wii games on Dolphin.

>> No.59582849

It's running at a very higher frequency with 4 more threads.. .

>> No.59582929

I had a E4300 and never read about this, guess I should try it

>> No.59583201

>These are more than adequate for modern browsers and websites.
not only are you wrong, but you're an ugly grotesque freak

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I use a C2D daily, along with a newer i5.
A top C2D can manage pretty much all common tasks. The biggest challenge are bloated websites, but even that is usable.
I'd say they're pretty good value if you're buying a whole PC second hand (minus keyboard+monitor), since you can get those for like $50.
A newer PC with a noticeable performance improvement will be at least $200.

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who /dualLGA771/ here?

>> No.59583572

I feel the same about x5650 oced to 4.1ghz, except maybe the price for the mobo. But it's not like I'm buying it. Paired with 1060 gtx 3GB, 18 GB RAM and Overwatch runs usually at over 200 fps (1080p, 100% render, low), with the lowest I've seen ~150 fps (while recording using shadowplay) during intense battles. Practically no reason to upgrade this 7 year old CPU right now.

>> No.59583604

Core2 shit's okay for most of the sites I browse.

I'm posting from a Pentium M unironically right now and don't want to neck myself.

>> No.59583605

x5450 p35 xp/7/10 master race checking in.

>> No.59583614

possibly a laptop with 2 slots one soldered 1gb ram and a 4 chip on the second

have a laptop with 10gb 2 soldered and 8 in the free slot

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That was on air. After this abuse for a few months it was running stable on 3.5Ghz 1.5v

>> No.59584210

q8200 overclocked at 2.8gz for 3 years on a p5b-pro
i'm not upgrading soon

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File: 56 KB, 1280x720, 20170326_111411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mu hume servour

>> No.59584346


That's like a $100 mobo, for the memes i guess

>> No.59584374

It can handle 1080p vp8 streaming and so is still a good CPU for general use, but in most cases there are better perf/$ choices when considering long term capabilities and power usage for a given task.

I'd take an 860k DDR3 system with a cheap GPU that has hardware codec support over a C2Q system.

>> No.59584397

>bragging about being too poor to buy new hardware

>> No.59584413

Can you recommend me some good lga75 mobo to look for on aliexpress?

Preferably something with ddr3 and sata3

>> No.59584428

better than getting fucked in the ass by greedy vendors who don't innovate enough and only increasing their prices

>> No.59584476


>> No.59584483

I would have a better system, but my shekels are wasted on the alphabay

>> No.59584497

>Sata III
>Core 2 Quad IMC

Money would be better spent on a newer platform.

>> No.59584501

Hey OP. How are you enjoying PS2 and Wii emulation? Oh, that's right, your Q6600 doesn't have the power to emulate those games.

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The Q8xxx and QX9xxx series are good but Q6600 is old as fuck dude

>> No.59584552

I emulated plenty of PS2 games on my Q6600.

>> No.59584561

maybe nippon ichi games with frameskip cranked up

>> No.59584562

the fuck does that go off of, ebay jews and fly by night (((reseller))) sites that are probably just fronts that don't actually sell anything?

paid like $5 for my Q6600 workstation that I eventually replaced my grandma's pentium D with, usually I can buy a fully working one from my shitbox dealer for under $80

>> No.59584584

As did I, so then we both know how limited a Q6600 can be.

Anything that really stressed the PS2 would completely falter on a Q6600. Gran Turismo 3 for instance, or FFXII's effect heavy battle animations.

Let's not forget that truly stressful games like Shadow of the Colossus can even put modern CPUs to shame.

>> No.59584597

I have no idea dude

My point is that a $65 mobo/cpu combo on the lowest end of intel's offerings is almost on par with it, and it does 4K/H265, USB3 and SATA3 at 10 watts. And yes it's a quad core.

>> No.59584682

Who is this guy? I found his YouTube channel once and forgot to bookmark.

>> No.59584697

Jew apologist gets his rocks off being retarded and complaining about things he has no vested interest in.


>> No.59584776

yeah it's pretty much a no-brainer nowadays that you can get cheap new chips pretty cheaply that will outdo one

just shitting on the price/perf chart because it's obviously retarded

>> No.59584954

SotC slows down even on the PS2 itself
i don't hold that against it though, the game looked and felt unbelievable, it was like it was in another generation compared to early ps2 games

>> No.59585097

2 + 2 + 1

I was pretty poor at that time.

>> No.59585110


>> No.59585186

Good reminder, h265. Is there a video card that accelerates its decoding? I have some nameless, fanless Radeon thingie in my old PC that makes it alright for x264.

>> No.59585197

Running X5460 paired with HD7970 in my budget build

>> No.59585218

>I've run a motherboard in water before
u w0t m8

>> No.59585221
File: 105 KB, 417x373, 1473436044818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TDP 105W

>> No.59585257

>$65 mobo/cpu combo on the lowest end of intel's offerings is almost on par with it, and it does 4K/H265, USB3 and SATA3 at 10 watts.

which mobo/cpu exactly?

>> No.59585267

He probs means water blocks on the VRMs and north bridge

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had a Q9400 on an Asus P5Q-E, ran it at 3.6 most of the time but for shits and giggles one day i gunned it for 4ghz and got a validation out of it.

Eventually sold it and used the funds to initiate the process of building another rig, which ended up being an LGA 1366 system with a hex core Xeon, a DX58SO motherboard (purchased effectively NIB for $30 off craigslist), and some spare CPUs to fuck around with including a C0 i7 920 specifically for flashing the board to the latest bios because it was still on the 2009 release bios.

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>being proud of having a 10 years old cpu
>being proud of being THIS poor

I know that /g/tards are deluded but come on.

>> No.59585366

Cant be any worse than a 7700k, quad cores are so 2006

>> No.59585443

Lacks SSE4 for x265 encoding, sadly.

>> No.59585459

I have a smaller rig made out of a tupperware container with a Q6600 in it, and i'd say it's the worst 'bearable' cpu. If you use it exclusively, fuck yourself.

>> No.59585550

I recently switched from a Q6600 @ 3.4 to a 7600k @ stock. Oh boi dat fps gain in emulators, o boi. I'm gonna play a lot of old shit that I couldn't before.

>> No.59585580

Yeah, you haven't convinced anyone

>> No.59585592

I have to say though, for other things, my Q6600 was fine. I use Solidworks mostly.

>> No.59585737

If I had a ddr3 mobo for my q9550 it wouldn't have been that much worse than a first gen i7.

>> No.59586873

[email protected] here. Will upgrade to Zen towards this summer.

>p35 based board
>Still ddr2
>still PCI-E gen 1
>no USB3 support
>still sata2

>> No.59587041

No it was a tray of water, tap water hardly conducts electricity enough, it was a spare at the time it was one of the prebuilt compaqs where they cheaped out and didn't solder on a agp port, so I was upset that I couldn't use it as a gaming machine, so I decided to test it. The psu was outside the try, only the mobo was in the tray, I think I filled it up so the height of the water was above the cpu socket or near there.

>> No.59587143

Strip off a laptop charger and put both ends in the tap water, basically all that's going to happen is some light electrolysis, creating hydrogen and oxygen, I'm not saying I would stick my hand in there, but a 300W psu will do about the same thing, I've attempted to use a desktop psu for electrolysis of water, to use for an hho torch.

I'm not sure but if you had the hot side of an AC line in a puddle of water and a body part sunk into the puddle, if you would get shocked or not, but AC with no load isn't that bad it's more scary than anything as long as your body as the ability to instantly react and jump back you're usually fine.

>> No.59588925 [DELETED] 

775 can still deliver if you stick a Xeon in there and ratchet it up to 3.6GHz or higher.

Q6600, however...OP, plz.

>> No.59589014

/comfy771/ during the winter here. Old rack servers with Socket 771 Xeons are very efficient heaters. No kidding, I don't need to use my AC for heating at winters. Everyone shits on them for their power usage etc. but well in winter good heating with~200w power usage per server isnt that bad

>> No.59589047

my laptop processor plays 1080p netflix at 1.2% CPU use on battery saver

now you try.

>> No.59589083

I had a Q6600 @ 3GHz and I couldnt get over 30FPS in any modern game unless I set everything to low and ran at 720p or lower resolution.

>> No.59589104


>> No.59589120

you miss out on stuff like doing things and making it happen though

>> No.59589169

Eh, p35 and p695 was bretty gud too

>> No.59589600
File: 286 KB, 800x800, Xeon-L5410-2-33GHz-12MB-1333MHz-Quad-Core-Processor-works-on-LGA-775-mainboard-no-need.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upgraded a couple 8-year-old machines at work with chink Xeons.

>4 x 2.33 GHz
>12 M cache
>50 watts
>8 dollars

I can't feel any difference compared to new i3s we're getting, if I find some small SSDs those machines will serve us for five more years easily.

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>a 4790k is really ~4x faster than a Q6600?

3x seems more accurate.

Core 2/Core 2 Quad pale in comparison with modern CPUs. A fucking modern Celeron beats any of them.

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