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Is your CPU stable at 5GHz, or are you a clocklet? Not that there's anything wrong with that!

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Lol look at the corelet trying to talk big

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i'd rather be a clocklet than a corelet

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Poozen finally killed that meme forever. Four is the maximum amount of cores that a CPU should have.

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I wonder who could be behind these posts.

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4.5 Ghz to 5 Ghz is only 10% overclock.

Realistically you'd see less than 10% increase in performance.

Intel has been reaching their OC threshold limit.

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is this stable with a 24hr prime95 run?

if not then you arent stable at 5ghz

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You have littke to knie ifea what you sre speaken of so iwill nowdisregard you

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KYS corelet

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>not getting at least 5111 MHz

Talk about not even trying.

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It's currently at 4.8GHz and 1.248v. It can do 5GHz at 1.32v, but I need a better cooler.

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Only eight hours of P95 and a few hours of IBT so far. Can't be fucked to do more right now.

On air? I'm just using a single tower air cooler (Noctua NH-U14S), so 1.312V under load is already pushing it (85 on the hottest core when stress testing).

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>he thinks prime95 is enough to test stability
I can pass 12 hours of Prime, but get a BSOD an hour into playing Battlefield 1/4 multiplayer.

The best stability test right now is Realbench and x264 for 12-24 hours.

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Water and delidded.

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A full run of IBT on maximum settings has never failed me for an OC so far

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would a 5niggerhurtz i3 be faster than ryzen?

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gotta get that 5% perfomance increase?

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This. I do a full run of IBT, Realbench for 8 hours overnight and finish off with x264 for 8 hours the next day.

Usually, either IBT or Realbench fails within the first 5-20 minutes if it's unstable.

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I see. I'm considering delidding, since this seems to be a decent enough chip.

Depends. For most gaymes, yes.

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>not 8.1GHz
you are the clocklet, kid

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Is this even English?

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I only got a meme 212 evo and a 4690k

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What version of prime are you guys using for stability testing?

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>Not 8.4 Stable all 4c/8t of an 8350 using your infinite supply of liquid helium and freon
Shiggy, clocklet.

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8.8GHz is better though

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>4 cores
lmao senpai

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My 4790k is at 4.7 and that's without delidding and running on air under 1.3v.

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Are you an even raging techo fuck???? Notall ofus wereborn in English First Language Countries!

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Calm down pajeet

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shit, didn't know someone broke the 8.1GHz P4 record, i'm really out of touch with all the overclocking shit

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Considering filing a report.

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reported pajeet

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2x4 weak poo cores at 3GHz with broken SMT and IMC.

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Hi pajeet.
Bye pajeet.

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convince me to bother upgrading. money and time is no issue. simply no desire.

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>convince me
>money and time is no issue
t. poorfag pretending to be rich because he saved up $500 to upgrade his 10 year PC

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What's your ram specs?

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>last-gen [email protected] from 2017: 2512 single threaded
>[email protected] from 2009: 1413 single threaded

we are so stucked

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Haha your racist but it gets you nowhere me and my brothers and sisters already are here! We run your companies as too well! Except your world is not as it once was and welcome us we can be good friends i think.

Ee are smarter and faster and quite onbviously gifted you woukd do wel not to fight us.

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don't worry, pooloo when there's a race war you cow-lovers are one of the first to go...

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>he fell for the overclocking meme

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Enjoy your housefire.

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Water chiller? Or you live in a freezer.

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what do white women prefer?

>4 inch baby corelet


>8 inch BBC cores

fuck off corelet.

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um the iphone only has 2 cores

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and modern android snapdragon cpu's have 8 cores

so it's obvious that modern women prefer efficiency over everything

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I'm at 4.5ghz. But I don't know how to go higher.

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Single-core 1.0Hz.

fite me fegs

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My H110i is arriving today. Hope to get 4.8 on my 5820k 6 core.

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no proof, no care

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literally who gives a shit

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Why should I even bother, this baby runs at 4.2 passively cooled

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Why didn't clock speeds advance at all since pentium 4? Like back in the day everyone knew one guy who'd overclock his pentium IV above 5GHz whilst cooling it with a fire extinguisher or something.

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we don't need fire extinguishers now

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>passive cooling
do you like taking it in the butt too? Passive cooling is for people with girly ears who can't stand any noise

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I7 2600k- 2011
Overclocked to 5.0ghz

We really have gone nowhere with frequencies.

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a pentium processor @ 5ghz is like telling 5 guys to pick up the pace while kaby lake at the same peed is like telling 20 guys to pick up the pace. you'll get a lot more done.

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and you're limited by metallurgy and physics. obviously 5,000,000,000 cycles is the most that we need at the moment. the trick is to put in more transistors that can keep cycling.

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corelets are so cute

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You cant perceive more than 4 cores.

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IIRC it's one of the limits of using silicon. A physical limit just like the problems that occur at low fabrication processes.

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Delid the shit of that.
I gone from 5ghz 1.33v 85c to 65c.

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>mfw intelcucks think they can overclock

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gotten up to 4.8 @ 1.35V stable, haven't been able to pull off the 5 @1.425V much. i can get it to boot, but games all crash. might try a lower V.

at [email protected] i can game / stream / infinite tabs browse all weekend long and i see a noticeable frame boost in Open world games.

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God if this is true you got a bad one.
On average you can hit 5ghz up to 1.35v.
If you aren't stable check your ring ratio and dial it down also increase vccio if you use high frequency ram.

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Suicide run?

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what cooler m8?

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still can't play fallout 4 @ 1440p on ultra

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my settings are all fucked i barely tuned shit i jus used some guys settings from oc.net doin some reading now LLC changes i gotta make. the review im seeing now has 5.0 @ 1.34

will update shortly.


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please stop

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Anyone know if I can fit a fridge pump in my PC to cool it down?

I'd love to use ice water instead of ambient water.

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>The only thing that changes is the fps counter in the top corner that I hide 99% of the time

This hobby is stupid. I literally only play 2 games on a regular basis and you can run them on potatoes

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Stable, stays under 50*C on water.


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> Four is the maximum amount of cores that a CPU should have.
Gaymer confirmed

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thanks for the motivation bro!

got it to complete real bench without crashing on the benchmark now.

LLC TURBO (was auto before)
4.7 Ucore?

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yeah but that's like a guy with a huge dick that can't get an erection.

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Clocklets vs cucklets

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Enjoy your Indian "cpu".

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But I had 2500k 2011-2015 @ 5GHz 1.52v on air 24/7.

Now a sad clocklet with 6600k @ 4.8GHz 1.32v.

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So stable that you couldn't risk prtscreening to paint.

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ITT: Faggots who believe frequency is the most relevant feature for performance

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>look at me! i'm the goodest goy!

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>indian cpu

Of course...


Source: my ass

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Suits my want for a fairly cheap 5960x alternative, and I didn't have to give the jews at AMD more than I had to.

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>Not using distilled water.
>buying premixed "coolant"


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Yes went with ahead and report my of anytime imaginary infractions. Myself and them would laugh to that person coincidently ran that boared laugh upon you are and yours reports and shared taking the my screen copies to those will nothing be done!

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I was talking about poozen.

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Of yours racist remark myself wuold report

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>for 3.9GHz


And this is probably once of the "better" binned chips. Others need over 1.4v. Pathetic.

>> No.59532838

What version of prime are you guys using for stability testing?

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>higher volts
>still uses less power

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I am so tired that I just as being treated because I always say not good because some or my grammar as I try and speed typing can I still love technology and I still have to earn respect.

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When will they learn?

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>reaches thermal and voltage limit at 3.9GHz
>b-but muh power

>> No.59532934

>using prime for stability testing
It's not 2011, grandpa. Run Realbench stress/stability test for 1-3 hours and maybe a full run of IBM.
I can pass 12+ hours of Prime95, but BSOD in less than 2 hours playing Battlefield 1 multiplayer.

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In the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a small desert island stranded for several months by an older person in the sand with a tree a bottle tree. Bottle and Cork in the race shaking hands removed the message. "Due to lack of maintenance," he read, "we are sorry that it is necessary to cancel your e-mail account. "


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Housefire tier here:
>on the 212 hyper evo
while it did pass that intel burn test, im not too 100% sure about playing siege on this, although it didnt BSOD after 30 minutes so far. fan speed is near max at min, but only one fan for the CPU and 2 on the case, might add more later/soon. i normally use 4.4GHz and 1.25v anyway, just trying out 4.6GHz to push it

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what yeah but what version of prime. I've read to use v26 (iirc) but would like to know what others use as part of their testing regimen?

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im at v1.175 4.7ghz going to run a few more days like this and push up. really dont want to go past v1.25

very responsive at these speeds. huge improvememnt over my old 3630QM in photoshop

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You have an i7-7700K cpu. You likely have a GTX 1080 equivalent or some gpu close to it. You likely have 16 gb of fast DDR4 ram. All of that means you already can run every title out there on ultra max settings at well over 100 frames per second. What is the point of overclocking your system other than the hobbyist nature of it?

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>65w TDP r7 1700
>95w TDP r7 1700x
>95w TDP r7 1800x
haha no

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4.7GHz stable. Throttles like a motherfucker though thanks to that shitty TIM Intel uses, 25% clock "increase" for 10% performance increase is fucking bullshit.

>> No.59533019

Human eyes can't see more than 2GHz anyways

>> No.59533032

>buys a k cpu
>doesn't overclock

besides undervolting is nice, saves on power and disrupts the housefire meme

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>1.45v 3.9GHz
>65-70c (poozen can only handle 70c)
>not a housefire

>> No.59533043

Kill yourself, shill.

>> No.59533057

Don't try 1.5v, poojeet. You're going to burn your shanty house down.

>> No.59533062

>All of that means you already can run every title out there on ultra max settings at well over 100 frames per second
You'd be surprised. A GTX 1080 system is probably paired up with a 1440p monitor at least and it most definitely won't run everything at 100+ FPS.

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nice, although somehow i have to get quite a high voltage to achieve stability compared to other people. I did ran the stress test on 1.32v and it passed, but it crashed 4 mins in on siege. the temperature is no problem for me due to it being 56c max on 1.355v on siege but i'll see if it's even safe to even get near 1.4v dynamic

it's very responsive for sure at least

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Got revisited not too long ago, got one of them this high.

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>im so jelly im pissing myself
I'm not deaf, I can hear the dripping.

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Dennard scaling halted awhile back

Might've continued a bit if Tejas and Jayhawk ever got made. But
>51 stage pipeline

imagine Netburst on 14nm

>> No.59533301

yeah i had to go a lot higher than what some had to use voltage wise, silicon lottery and all.

still way way below what my msi motherboard would automatically set, I saw 1.38 once in hardware monitor while trying 4.8Ghz figured it was time to do this by hand

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File: 26 KB, 811x560, cpu oc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my overclock for my 4790k, ran stable at 1.35v, and...

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this is my fun overclock on my Q9550. Totally ruined the motherboard, but being able to get into windows, pull up speccy, and see this was fun.

>> No.59533799


>> No.59533875

Yeah it usually ran with a bus speed of 333 mhz. Had to drop the ram multiplier to very low. It didn't last for very long, and after using it like that for more than a few minutes it would have extremely frequent drops to like 100 mhz, the vrm was shot

>> No.59533930

Nice job ruining the goddamn hardware for some BIG NUMBERS.

>> No.59533977

Should've CPU-Z verified

>> No.59533991

What a waste of good hardware that could have been used for much better applications.

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3770K master race reporting
If I didn't have such shitty RAM for OC'ing, I'd be stable over 5GHz EZPZ. For now this is as high as my 3770K will go, while remaining stable.

>> No.59534988

It was a trash motherboard anyways. Only one dimm slot was working, half the usb ports didn't work, and I'm pretty sure only one pcie slot worked. I was going to recycle it but I figured I'd have some fun first. Plus the processor still works, I currently have it running with an x48 board where it hums along smoothly

>> No.59535056

Why didn't you CPU-Z it though

>> No.59535278

the human eye can't see more than 4GHz

>> No.59535284

I had to bclk for 4
the4 cpu+mobo were only $135 though.
nice, I need an i7

>> No.59535309

>He doesn't have a Xeon
Sorry, I'm an adult with a workstation.

>> No.59535322

The single threaded performance is impressive. I hope the quad cores clock high.

>> No.59535329

This is advanced shitposting

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>Poozen finally killed that meme forever. Four is the maximum amount of cores that a CPU should have.
Ever heard of x264 or x265? More cores the better.

>> No.59535385

>muh housefires

Intel shills are pathetic

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File: 53 KB, 838x612, my 1800x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice clocks for the 1700, if I wasnt autistic I would have gone for one, they seem to mostly get good OC's for being 170 bux less. Im halfway tempted to try for 4.2 but im spooked by nobody posting too much success there without obscene 1.45+ voltage.

>> No.59535409

I have a 7600k that's at 4.8 with stock voltage right now just because I didn't want to get too crazy- and my cooler is just a hyper t4. Might snag a water cooler aio sometime soon. If I want to hit 5 should I pump the voltage to 1.3?

>> No.59535856

>1800x @4.1GHz
that thing must chew some nice ass in transcoding eh?

>> No.59536029


What cooling are you using? That seems beyond even water cooling.

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File: 29 KB, 500x750, 5032268995660088820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4790k @ 1.41v
>5ghz but need a custom loop to keep it cool


>> No.59536223

he probably lives in canada or some really cold place like that and he pumps cold air directly to his pc, or he does something similar with air conditioning

or he has one of those phase changing coolers

>> No.59536250

Was a dirty OC, I just put 3900mhz + 1.35v in the BIOS and stress tested and it worked perfectly, haven't bothered messing with it since.

The motherboards VRMs are the issue, they're hitting 85c under load. 65c on load for the CPU, so I'm nowhere near a thermal wall.

They probably won't, since it's the same die. Although for $170, it'll be a decent i5 alternative.

I thought so too, not too shabby for a 1700. Haven't tried anything further (or going for lower voltage at 3.9).

>> No.59536285

Sweden, 2x 360mm rads & 3,5L reservoir. EK block.

Just water.

>> No.59536293

room temp?

>> No.59536328

>tfw my release day 4790k could only hit 4.3 stable

Not like my ryzen right now can do any better, but damn that chip was a dud.

>> No.59536345

Don't remember what it was back then.Usually 15-20*C but could have been less.

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