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Lets try this again. Last thread got deleted for some reason.

I am considering selling my Battlestation, Thinkpad, and Nexus 6p and replacing it with the new MacBook Pro, an ultrawide display, a amgic keyboard and magic trackpad, and an iPhone 7 Plus.

>pic related is pretty much what I'm aiming for

I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech and wonder if I get rid of all the windows and android gaymer and 4chan bullshit and become an apple normie then I could possibly become normal again.

I'm tired of all the gayming pcmasterrace bullshit and notice that all the normal well adjusted non NEET basement dweller normies use apple hardware and actually have a life and friends and relationships etc.

I think switching to apple hardware will allow me to not take tech shit so seriously and make me have a social life and workout and be normal like everyone else

Am I fucking crazy?

Does anyone else feel like this?

Opinions please

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>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech
>Considering the Apple "lifestyle"

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It's a common misconception that objects make the man, you'll still be the same person no matter the hardware.

Just like the saying goes, the man makes the clothes the clothes do not make the man.

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Nice .gif but I need and actual breakdown of what the fuck is going on it my head bro

I literally feel like I'm going insane because i'm putting so much emphasis on the tech people use also I'm on new meds so maybe that's it?

What the fuck

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Replacing tech does not make you normal.

You are fool if you think that this will change your personality.

If you want to change then start doing it.It will be pain at start but later it will be easy.

Go lift or jog.You will hate it when you start and love it later.

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>Last thread got deleted for a reason

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Go ahead you idiot, blow all your fucking money on meme-tier hardware and meme-tier software, it's literally the downsides of not having windows and the downsides of not having linux.

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Not really desu

If a man had to wear fucking rags it would be very fucking hard to make something of himself

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But it was tech related

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If you're scratching an itch, would a nice, used MBP work for you? That would take off the pressure and it can be resold easily if you're just fooling yourself. I just did this recently.

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if you want to go and suck dicks and take dicks in the ass, why the fuck do you think we care?

gtfo with your blogposting. nobody here cares if you drink bleach and die.

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How pathetic is your life that you consider a brand to be a "lifestyle"?

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Get a motorcycle.

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Well to a certain point it stands true.
If we put the stereotypical worthless fuck into a $30,000 outfit he would still be a worthless fuck.

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>I think switching to apple hardware will allow me to not take tech shit so seriously and make me have a social life and workout and be normal like everyone else

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>If I buy normie shit then I'll finally be a normie!

Nigga I'd be chad by now if that were true.

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>I'm on new meds
>let's buy all apple products
I wonder who could be behind this...

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OP you really need to talk to your doctor. Really you sound fucking insane

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I didn't read your bullshit OP but just do it. Macs are great. I'm honestly really happy and my life has taken a turn for the better ever since I got a Mac and stopped tinkering with my font rendering. It's beautiful, powerful, smooth, clean, it just fucking works, and it has all of the Linux autism on the back end because muh terminal muh bash included.

Just buy one and never come to this place ever again.

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I miss the old edits of dogs doing things like these before /sp/ stole them and fed them to normies

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>buying a Mac
Nigga just hackintosh if you want to try Mac

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So you can crash while riding it and thus end your pathetic life.

Also, if you want to be a "normie" that badly, first step it's to stop coming to 4ch and instead go to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, I don't know.

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Maybe you should sell your stuff. Go a month without anything with the exception of a phone (bottom tier Android go-phone at most). Then go ahead and buy an Apple.

Otherwise, you'll probably end up like any one of these /g/pedo's posting their loli OSX desktop or ricing out their Mac with bullshit dock replacements.

Trust me, the break is not OPTIONAL. If you buy right after you sell you will remain a fucking ricetard /g/nerd.

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Adding to my post, you're not stupid or crazy thinking this way. You just have a consuming habit that no longer improves your life, and it's just that now, a habit.

Take this from someone who has gone through the same stupid shit in other areas of technology, mostly gaming. I don't fuck with gaymes anymore.

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I'm thinking about getting a Macbook Pro. Heres why: Currently have an HP laptop running windows 8, roughly two years old. I7, 16gb ram, 2tb hd, 4gb dedicated graphics. The headphone jack and integrated webcam are both broken. After tooling around on a macbook this weekend the combination of a non-retina screen and windows 8 make this thing feel like a windows 3.1 machine. If I upgrade to Windows 10 I'll literally be paying for bandwith for windows to spy on me, not to mention Windows 10 just sucks in general. The build quality on this thing is awful. Either way my next machine will probably be a mac, but is it time? Idk. The mac seems like it will last but I'd be shelling out more money for less specs. But do I really need those specs?? Idk what to do op.

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>just waste your time with an unstable system that you can't update for fear of having to tinker for hours and hours to get things working, sometimes having to modify or even write your own kernel extensions
no thanks.

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>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge
>extremely loose near bottom edge
>overall flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to solid non-click touchpads
>still has no real buttons
>relies on pressure sensitive gimmick bullshit
>if you press too lightly or too hard it does something completely different than what you intended
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX is a steaming pile of shit with horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a massive heavy 95WHr battery to make up for it
>even XXXTREME GAMER cancer like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life in same tasks
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Yoga 2 in battery life in same tasks
>the battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>overheats constantly from abysmal crippled cooling system
>throttles to 800mhz due to chronic overheating problems
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>gloss mirror coating impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with glossy 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>memetouch emojibar
>no USB-A
>no escape
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life

>it's 2017 and moving files around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

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I'm sorry

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How did your father take the news?

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Still there are many ways to actuate your needs. Perhaps you should play some Fallout 4 and reflect. See the path for YOU and you alone.

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I guess you haven't tried it then, Installed Sierra on a random Asus board and it took maybe 30 min max to get everything working. Signed into the App Store and updated Sierra to the latest version just as you normally would.
Hardest part was finding MacOS install media which I just used a VM

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I never understood this either. If you're on 4chan and or a pedo why the fuck would you be using the preferred OS or hardware of Normies which is Apple?

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What do you use now? Are you an Apple person since you stopped gayming?

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I'd say go for it. The worst that could happen. Is you stop being a shut in and go outside and have a life

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Because Apple stuff is decent in some ways and good bit of the time those some ways are what some people care about.

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Typical troll/retard replies in this thread. I'll actually try to help you out.

Here's a run down of my setup
>iPhone 7
>MacBook Pro with a dock hooked to monitor (this is my "desktop")
>Mostly use google services (Maps, Gmail, Keep, etc)
>Have a Synology with 2 4tb HGST drives (omg a prebuilt NAS! fucking retard!)

I used to have a Thinkpad running Linux and I have a desktop with a Xeon and a 1070 that I used to game on. I'm a software developer as a profession so I loved to tinker in Linux. Had a Nexus 6p as well. The integration between iOS and MacOS is invaluable to me and the level of polish on both is just leagues ahead of anything else. I have my Synology set up as a time machine and a NAS that gets backed up to AWS as well. Could I have a custom desktop with better specs, and android phone with better specs, and a custom built NAS with more utility and better specs? Definitely. But coming home every day I honestly just want shit to work, and some of the integration is impossible outside of being integrated in the Apple ecosystem. To be fair, I don't game much anymore so that makes things a lot easier. Windows and Android just feel like clunky pieces of shit now when I go back and use them, Windows especially. With this setup its also great to just be able to undock my MacBook and have my machine with me. Theres just so much less shit to think about and I don't have to come home everyday and see what broke Xorg this time.

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Don't you need to have AIDS like steve jobs to live the apple lifestyle

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I don't understand it either. It's fucking weird.
Anyway, I use Winblows a lot still because of my job and that's what how our enterprise is setup. Personal use though, I use Apple (MBP and iPhone). Besides lots of gaming, I also used to root and mod the fuck out of my phones(Android, obv). I do not give a shit about that anymore. Also, iOS is nice because most up-to-date apps thanks to normie audience.

Like I said though, take a break after you sell and then dive in or else you will probably be very tempted to do the same shit.

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just sell the thinkpad and install os x on your thinkpad and desktop

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Mr. Jobs DID NOT DIE FROM AIDS. show some respect.

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>Two english disctionaries
Fuck off ahmed

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>He thinks this is my setup
>he didn't read the fucking post

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Noice. Has your life improved any after giving up the gayming? What do you do for hobbies now?

>> No.59488519

>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech
>continues to define his personality by what consumer electronics he wastes his life on
you're a fucking retard

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hey now....words hurt anon

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Completely doing away with all that tech won't change anything.

In the end, when you're sitting at your desk surrounded by all that shit, you're going to realize that the problem was within you, and not in the technology you were using.

I know someone who works at Apple and absolutely hates their shit. She only pretends to like their stuff so that she could rake in $150+/year. Whatever you use to shitpost on 4chan doesn't define who you are.

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Thank you so much for the honest and well layed out answer anon

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Ayy my man
You don't need to sell your shit
You know buying apple isn't going to change your interests and thus gain a life

What you need to do is force yourself to go outside, workout or whatever the fuck you want to do

Get new hobbies (not to replace your interest in tech entirely) but so that you can fully enjoy life and so that you'll have something in common with other people

once you've done that it's only a matter of making yourself available for new friends by actually doing shit outside and going places

This isn't a brag but this is my story
I've been a tool most of my life
didn't have many friends when i was younger
because the only thing i would ever talk about was computers and my hate for apple

I moved into a share house with a bunch of random people, i was very quiet for the first few months and didn't do anything but keep people awake until late as fuck, they hated me.

Then i started picking up skateboarding, for me it really changed my life, i started seeing the world differently, my taste didn't change and my biggest hobby was still computers

but it really brought on a whole bunch of shit
I started getting into conversation with random people in the city (i became a smoker so everyone was asking me for ciggarettes) and at some point during this part of my life people started seeing a better person in me

I started becoming friends with the people in the share house. made tons of friends and gained many memories of being absolutely fucked up on alcohol (good times)

Most of my friends from the house have moved out but i see them all the time anyway
and last year i got a girlfriend, we've been dating for a year, basically 2 months after she moved in and i see no end to our relationship

I still browse /g/ nonstop and have arguments with my girlfriend that apple is complete shit
but because I've made these relationships people simply overlook it now

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how about you stop being a fucking retard then?

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So much. Mostly programming at and outside of work. I like problem solving. Other than that it is piano/making music or hanging out with friends.

I will say though, for friends, I had to distance myself away from some who only guilted me to start playing. Also, some of the friends I have had for years I realized were downright toxic in and outside of gaming. Those I have recently cut out and may have attributed to me gaming more than I should. That was a big part.

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time flies when your a faggot

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Simply disassemble your shit, you will be too lazy to assemble it back in order to use your computer, nobody needs this shit aside from entertainment.

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Hmm interdasting. And yeah I had that same problem with some of my old friends as well. They would literally spam me with fucking sales for the Xbone and beg me to get one so I could play Destiny with them

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>Disassemble your shit

Hmmmm this is an interesting idea. I could take everything apart and sell it separately

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If I were you I'd do the following
>2015 Macbook
>iPhone 6s or (Insert comparable android flagship)
>magic keyboard and mouse, trackpads are shit.
also: You won't become normal or even a better person, this won't help. You need to stop coming here for a while, masturbate weekly not (amount of fap here), use a dedicated machine for gayman (Console).

This won't make you better, change comes from within my man. This will merely change you and adapt you to something new, like a midlife-crisis if you will

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>installed sierra and update to sierra
w0t, memes aside can I get the guide you used? All of them require macs don't they?

>> No.59488954

I know I have to change myself as well instead of changing possessions. But what I've seen is that I stopped working out and got really depressed after I built this battle station. And yeah sometimes I want to just leave 4chan forever

>> No.59488961

Just get other hobbies and keep your current stuff. It actually helps to just browse other boards a bit. You ever looked at /diy/ or /out/? Some of the smaller boards are really interesting. Still, improving your social skills is not gonna be easy or automatic, even if you stop obsessing over tech.

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anon do it.
lemme give you some background:
2009: C2Q rig, 2011 got a macbook, 2013 got a rig, 2016 got another macbook. many laptops flew by from 2014 to 2016, and macbooks are just insanely good, or maybe theyre too expensive for me to fuck them up regularly who knows.
2013 i got a rig to add to my mac, so that i can live the GAYMING! lifestyle (4770k, GTX780 dank shit for the time), and as soon as i started college with a new macbook pro i realized, all the forums and the desktop hardware craze suddenly disappeared.

currently im running a early 2015 retina 13, an iphone 7 (non plus) and a surface pro 3. OS preference is up to you and honestly i can use both.

but changing your lifestyle? thats up to you homeboy. just because you have apple products wont mean people will approach you and try to make friends. this applies everywhere and everything. sure there are communities in shit like cars but def. not in tech where everyone just wants the newest thing...

>> No.59489005

get yourself banned, I got banned for 30 days because some pedo falsely reported me and the amount of shit I was missing from my life was immense. like>>59488961
said, try browsing other boards, as a matter of fact try /o/ and obsess over cars next.

Actually, you might want LESS hobbies and more friends. I'm not talking internet friends, IRL people you meet and like, use tinder or some dating app to meet other people.

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What I meant was updating to the latest version of Sierra (installer was only for 10.12 after install I updated to 10.12.3 trough the App Store)

Don't expect the same luck as I had, and yes you need some form of working Mac or a VM with Mac installed and usb support (VMware)


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thanks! I won't but I'm 100^2% that my EliteBook 8460p is just a chunky macbook

>> No.59489095

Just get a Mac and masturbate to hot trap cock, that's they were made for ultimately

>> No.59489123

How about you stop blaming your problems on inanimate objects and try changing yourself first? Changing things you own is not going to magically make you a better person.

>> No.59489157

op i'm at the exact same mental place as you

for whatever reason i find i spend a lot less time on the internet when all i have is a laptop to work with. my gaming pc setup was "too comfortable" and i would just leave it on all day, drifting between games and random tinkering bullshit

i've since unplugged it and put it in a closet and use a setup containing only a macbook pro, phone, ereader, and a monitor/keyboard for doing school work, and i already feel a lot better

it might be some new ago placebo horseshit but the fewer pieces of tech i have the better i feel about my life, and though macbooks are overpriced it's nice to not worry about upgrades or replacing parts or switching to a different os or any of that garbage

tl;dr i wouldn't sell everything you have but just put it somewhere else and maybe try using just your laptop for a while to see how you like it, or if you have to buy a macbook and wait before you blow thousands of dollars to get into apple's ecosystem

>> No.59489371

Join a running club. Even if you can't run for shit. I fucking mean it

>> No.59489423

Yeah I was running and lifting for a while but quit because muh depression. I go back to school tomorrow....maybe I'll go to the gym and force myself back into at least running

>> No.59489428

I'd just sell everything and buy a chromebook if I wanted maximum normie.

>> No.59489445

Just buy a used old Mac Pro. I bought a 2008 model with two xeon quad cores @ 2.8ghz and slammed in a newer graphics card for about $150 total and it works great

>> No.59489534

Even normies understand the compatibility problems with Chromebooks tho. Cant run wangblows office

>> No.59489564

>implying normies use office
They don't use anything but a browser these days. Office shit is done at normie job, not in normie personal machines.

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Actually no but yeah I can see how it would look like it

>> No.59489720

Normies just use their phones these days tbqh.

>> No.59489721

>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech
what the fuck some brand will do to solve you having your head so far up your ass that you need to ask about selling your crap and then buying everything back again?
Are you retarded? Did you fall on your head?
>Am I fucking crazy?
No, you are just being stupid. Basic, like a brute and stupid on top of that.
>Does anyone else feel like this?
No. Nobody in their right mind would think this is a sound idea.

If you don't want to be obsessed about tech, just don't be. Use whatever phone, computer, whatever you feel comfy about and stop imagining stupid ass shit. Buying new stuff won't make you feel better or different.

>> No.59489725

>I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech and wonder if I get rid of all the windows and android gaymer and 4chan bullshit and become an apple normie then I could possibly become normal again.

Nop, you will go to (the verge,r/Apple,macrumors,Appleinsider) to say how superior is Apple and read all self-help guru books about Apple and Steve jobs.

Just make you live great again.

>> No.59489794

Take a look at this very deep philosophical video I found on the interwebs


>> No.59489910

I did pretty much just that. Sold my battlestation, moved out and bought a rMBP, it's enough that I spend >10 hours staring at a computer screen at work every day.

No regrets.

>> No.59490022

That's what I'm after really. Get rid of the gaymer addiction and get on with life

>> No.59490038

>Buying all the newest apple iShit will change my life
lol faggot

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I've done this as well and it worked out pretty great. My programming job requires a Mac so the switch was easy. Now I pretty much spend all my free time with friends, outdoors or programming. If I ever feel the itch for gaming I do it on my Switch or PS4.

I find that console games are a lot less addicting and time consuming compared to PC games. They're also comfier.

>> No.59490170

This. I work in a non-tech field surrounded by normies. Most of them don't have a computer in their home aside from their phones.

>> No.59490185

>rid of the gaymer addiction
I don't know how a mac is supposed to accomplish this. I'm in a graduate CS program, 75%+ of students have macbooks and they're all gaming on them.

>> No.59490342

Yeah. I can do light code, blog, and podcast from my Android phone. It's not ideal but it can be done.

>> No.59490777

I was very happy with my 2010 MacBook pro, I accidently dropped a Coke on it, repair if would have cost the same as a cheap windows laptop, so decided to jump back to windows, decided to get a top of the line Windows laptop, bought a MSI PX60, I deeply regret it now, I have experience lots of bugs, upgrading the SSD required to flip the motherboard, steam games Audio is glitchy for some reason, windows 8/8.1 was a word half-baked experiment, the keyboard was making a noise that was driving me OCD insane, had to pay profesional cleaning to fix that sound,

Windows is horrible with upscaling with 1080p screens, things look either too small or pixelated, maybe when more software updates for high screen resolution this Will be less off an issue,

For one side, I like the convenience of steam, you can get cheap games on it, but they might glitch on your specific setup, or an unexpected driver update may fuck up everything, I can solve my way around this issues, but I missed the convenience of not having to worry around making this work, and just use them as they are supposed to.

I could do things over again, maybe I would have gotten a Mac instead, a console for gaming, the iPhone it's very expensive were I live, and I'm an Android fan so probably would stick to Android anyway

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File: 485 KB, 1280x960, IMG20160914211319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always feel like talking about this but can't find anyone to talk with. I always check /g/ and very rarely find threads like this. If you're there, OP, let's talk.

A little over a year ago, I started working full time in an office again. At the time, I was a power user relying on both Android and Windows to get things done. My setup was far from that of a normie, as I had stuck with Windows 7--and even now, Windows 7 is my OS of choice for my work laptop--and I really had no problems with it. I enjoyed the power I was able to exercise with my devices. I was a master of everything and didn't really feel the need to change anything up.

Then a few months into my work, I had come to the realization that I was doing far too much customization and running too many custom configs that I had felt the stress of all of it coming down on top of me alongside all the new-found work stress that had entered my life. That was when I made the choice to switch to an all Apple /edc/.

I now have a late 2015 MacBook Air 11, an iPad mini 2 with 32GB storage, and an iPhone SE. This setup was and still is amazing for me because my needs are served perfectly. The Air is the netbook that I've always wanted, all the power of a full-size laptop in such a small and lightweight package. Then the iPhone SE also delivers on the same promise. As for the iPad, I bought it to make sure that my phone is actually used as a phone as much as possible, and I'm still trying to get that down all these many months later.

Is there a point to any of this? Well, I want to say that since switching to iOS and Mac OS my life has become easier in terms of managing my devices. Firstly because the battery life on my laptop, phone, and tablet are now far longer than I was used to with Windows and Android. Second, I didn't need to worry about all the petty shit that was going on in Windows. And I knew I was free of the fear of viruses from Day 1, so I wouldn't need to rely on Common Sense as much.

>> No.59490911

Then stop being so obsessed with technology , going normie wouldn't change shit. If you're a loser who can't get a girlfriend, it's not because you own a thinkpad, it's because you're a loser

>> No.59490925

Switching to Apple has lifted a considerable weight off my shoulders. I already mentioned the battery thing. My devices being small yet powerful also relieved me of the stress of having to carry huge-ass tablets being marketed as phones so I'm able to move comfortably and confident that I've got everything I need. It used to be that I had to carry the biggest phones available, with the heaviest laptops available, and despite them being mobile they actually limited my overall mobility. But now, having the SE and Air in combo lets me truly do what I feel like doing literally wherever I am.

It's ironic because I finally got my hands on these devices when I started working in an office where I wouldn't be able to use them much outside, whereas in the past, when I was always out and about, working remotely or just out of coffee shops, I passed them off as childish toys in favor of PC and Android counterparts that now seem way too clunky in comparison.

Looking at the situation with Windows now, it looks more and more like I made the right decision. That said, I'm afraid that Apple is slowly but surely fucking up Mac OS and iOS as well. So I think I will hold on to my current lineup of devices for a couple more years at least. In the meantime, I'm currently trying to look at gaming laptops like the Acer Predator and Razer Blade as possible choices to have a Windows laptop again, but Im not keen on running Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, so that's keeping me on the fence. I want the freedom that I used to have on Windows and Android, but I also want the comfort and the peace of mind that I get with Apple.

>> No.59490964

I can only say never buy an IKEA table. With every keyboard stroke this piece of shit is wobbling/shaking and it is annoying as fuck. God fucking damn it.

>> No.59490976

To be honest you're better off investing in Windows on the desktop and iOS for your phone. They've been on their way back up while Apple's been acting lazy for years.

Also, Apple users are way, way more obsessed with tech upgrades than the majority of normies.

>> No.59490980

a brand won't fix your mental state. spend less time on the computer instead of investing more money into it.

>> No.59490981

Try it out and see if you like it, OP
You can always return / sell it if you don't like it, it's a fucking material good so whatever.
I did the same as you, OP. I really like my Macbook Pro & iPhone.
MacOS is a much better environment to work in compared to Windows I think, I feel like Windows 10 is a complete step down from 7.
As for the iPhone - Androids can be pretty cool, being able to flash custom ROMs & all that - but I need a phone that actually fucking works. The iPhone is reliable and has iMessage, so communication is actually faster through texts.

>> No.59491002

no shill.. that sounds stupid...

if you insist on not being a shill.. well do whatever you want to do.. for real.. why are you saying you don't want to be so obsessed with technology when you come here and obsess about buying shitty overpriced products... buy a dildo if that works for you, you don't have to ask anyone if you feel that is the answer

>> No.59493167

>all apple workstation
>ubuntu mouse mat

Why has no one pointed this out

>> No.59493208

OP, I would recommend starting out small.

Get high-end iPad and see how it goes from there.

>> No.59493243

Just buy the 2015 Macbook Pro and the iPhone 7 Plus, don't get the 2016 one.

>> No.59493266

i fuckin did it bro
sold my 3 thinkpads, battlestation, gaming peripherals and all my other tech shit
bought a retina 21.5 inch imac and a macbook pro
lifes so much easier now. i dont need to worry about shit for technology. ive also become more social because less time tinkering with configs and parts. overall it has improved my quality of life as someone who was severely depressed (disclaimer: i am still depressed but i have more time for social activity which helps)

>> No.59493301


>Am I fucking crazy?

You are literally using one specific tech brand as a definition of your "lifestyle", so yes, yes you are.

Just use whatever the fuck you want nigger.

>> No.59493337

You're just depressed and want to buy new things to try and curb that depression. If you really want to change, try eating better, sticking to a normal sleep schedule, and exercising.

>> No.59493399

You're coming in too late. Tim Cook doesn't care about anything but iOS. Their desktop lineup is old. Their pro/prosumer applications are forgotten. Even Google has begun displacing them in schools.

>> No.59494165
File: 95 KB, 570x362, 1481741699358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Autism can be overlooked if you are fun to be around and a well-rounded person outside of tech.

Selling all your shit is most likely not going to make that change. While cold turkey might force you to do other things with your time by default, you don't have to commit to some "normie lifestyle" and deny your interests to be a human being.

The only reason you think that is because of marketing bullshit apple pulls off - not commercials, but the way in which they have penetrated social norms and painted the images by which people understand themselves. Don't fall for it. Don't let a greedy and malicious corporation dictate your "lifestyle" and who you are. If there are changes to be made in your life, then make them yourself. Own your hobbies, own who you are, and find ways to get what you want without sacrificing that which makes you happy.

>> No.59495064

Is theoretical

>> No.59496610

I bought a 27 inch iMac and it was the worst purchase I ever made. Sure, it works fine. It has a nice screen. It's good for recording music compared to Linux. But it's too expensive. Now I'm broke and can't afford a new guitar. I'd much rather buy a nice guitar and build a cheap PC instead...

I can't sell it because the fucking screen got scratched after I laughed and spat beer on the screen and wiped it off with my sleeve.

Apple ruined my life. Don't buy one unless you are rich. Don't buy it as your special treat if you're poor. Choose something that's more inline with your hobbies, you'll be much happier. I could have a fucking Les Paul Standard.

>> No.59497025


And fuck Apple. You;ve got the best setup OP. PC and Android is best. Have balance in your life as well. Gaming is a great hobby, but also workout and read and go outside and be social.

>> No.59498119

Every normie I know that has an iPhone isn't smart. They have a life just like mine, but are way dumber. They go around spending money instead of saving to buy a house or a decent car. They also think they know about technology, but I just listen to what they say and nod, otherwise I'm going to be seen as an autist for knowing basic technology shit.
My advice to OP is to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Less and hidden cables, more automation, clean screens (as in no icons and hidden taskbar) and, the most important thing, just stop caring about what others say and think if it impacts you negatively or just doesn't bring anything at all to your life and/or knowledge. That's what I do. As soon as I clock out from my job, 99% of what I've heard and memorized in that day is gone, since I only keep the good things.

>> No.59498134

mac os is really hard to use. i rather use linux than mac os.
everything is a mess. the menu bar is on the top and programs dont even close but minimize

>> No.59498297

what monitor is that in the OP

>> No.59498473

Just go outside jackass

>> No.59498579

Fucking seconded.

>> No.59498611
File: 3.71 MB, 3088x4160, IMG_20170312_171556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went Apple and never looked back

>> No.59498677


I was you. I switched to Apple a few years ago. I love technology, but the bad design, buggy software, malware and compatibility issues with other manufacturers get in the way most of the time. I have a partner and a career to worry about, why waste the gift of this short life sitting behind a computer monitor. I may be paying out the ass for a new MBP every two or three years but at least it'll recognize its own hard drive or battery for longer than a year. You can still use your Apple stuff to enjoy computing as a hobby, but when you want it to, it gets out of the way. Shit just works.

Running a 15 inch MBP with touch bar, LG 4K TB3 monitor, iPhone 7 Plus and some Synology network stuff atm. Shit's comfy.

>> No.59498765

>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech and wonder if I get rid of all the windows and android gaymer and 4chan bullshit and become an apple normie then I could possibly become normal again.
>I'm tired of all the gayming pcmasterrace bullshit and notice that all the normal well adjusted non NEET basement dweller normies use apple hardware and actually have a life and friends and relationships etc.

The point is not switching ecosystems. Look on /r/apple or other mainly apple-related tech sites (like macrumors), there are plenty friendless jerks who do nothing but shitpost Apple 24/7.

I regularly play PC games with 3 of my friends. One is a doctor (an actual doctor), one is me (a programmer), one is a sales guy and one is still a student. They don't have "battlestations", 2 of them have prebuilts and me and the doctor actually built our own. Granted he didn't put much research in it (basically just bought an i7 and a GTX 980), and neither did I, but we're still having fun.
Then when we're done playing games everyone goes back to doing their own shit.

Having a gaming PC doesn't prevent you from being a functional member of society or having "normal" friends. Being an idiot who spends hours on pointless online arguments and things that are neither fun nor productive does however.

>> No.59499231

Why do a corporation's products have to be your lifestyle?

>> No.59499331

op went a little too far in his post but there is some truth to it

my experience of owning a macbook is that the hardware and software feel like the best i can possibly get so i'm finally happy with what i own and don't feel that urge to rice or change anything

running windows or linux there's always a tweak you could do, a distro to try, a new upgrade you could buy, a new peripheral, etc. and it can get overwhelming if you lack self control

>> No.59499377

You're definitely crazy. Limiting your own options rather than just configuring existing devices for what you want them to do(In your case, it just seems to be simplicity) is far better than buying overpriced, underpowered trash from a company that's been putting out nothing but overpriced, underpowered trash for years.
Configure different UIs and make your set of complex tools less prominent in them but still accessible instead of destroying your access to them, or you'll regret it when a complex problem that automatic diagnostics can't solve comes up.
Buying an apple product in the hopes of it getting you friends just because normies have apple products is like a caveman wearing a tiger's skin into battle because he believes he'll gain its strength.

>> No.59499492

>Literally believes that changing hardware will cure his autism
I feel sorry for your parents.

>> No.59499518

it is called growing up.

>> No.59499583

That's a solid plan if the relationships you want to make are with men (KEK, GOT'EEM).

Your plan is stupid. Your possessions will not define you unless you allow them to. With you allowing yourself to currently be defined by a Thinkpad and an Android phone, what makes you think you'll be any less of a sheep with a Macbook and an iPhone.

You don't need to change your possessions. You need to change yourself.

>> No.59499646
File: 37 KB, 493x471, 8gb of vRamz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm tired of all the gayming pcmasterrace bullshit and notice that all the normal well adjusted non NEET basement dweller normies use apple hardware and actually have a life and friends and relationships etc.
If you think living the "apple lifestyle" will get you a girlfriend, you are beyond stupid.

I recognize that this is a bait thread but this is just ridiculous.

Pic related is my computer. I have a girlfriend. I'm in college. I have friends. I'm not a basement dweller because I play video games on a PC. OP is just a faggot.

>> No.59499678

This. OP is so materialistic that he has forgotten how people work.

>> No.59499687

I have a Mac since 3 years, still no gf. No it doesn't work, OP.

>> No.59499693

Wow, even Tim Cook, Elton John, Christian XXX and Tom Saget thinks that you are a faggot.

>> No.59499710

Obviously: Apple makes you gay.

>> No.59499829

Ask him to lend you one.

>> No.59499865

>Sandy Vag

Opinion discarded.

>> No.59499922

I also don't have a bf unfortunately

>> No.59499980

>I feel like I'm wasting my life by being so obsessed with tech

This is guilt imposed by luddites. If you enjoy tech and they don't approve, that is their issue not yours.

>> No.59499985

Wow the marketers are trying extra hard today.

If your not baiting us its obviously up to u dood but if u are so weak willed u need to sell all your gear that's your loss.

T. Non pcmr gamer

Back to Reeeedit with ya mate

>> No.59500168
File: 780 KB, 3264x2448, richy rich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.59500401

>implying the luddites aren't right and are far happier than tech zombies

>> No.59500516

there it is
the same shitty retarded copy pasta.

>> No.59500534

>magic mouse
fuck no, mice are terrible in mac os and the magic mouse in unbearable to use.
get the meme trackpad 2, it's amazing.

>> No.59500575

>mice are terrible in mac os

that's a pretty odd claim, it's the same as with any other OS

>> No.59500614

>Am I fucking crazy?

Nah. Everyone grows up at some point. And once your time is more scarce than your money you're gonna appreciate the Mac master race lifestyle of not having to deal with shit tech.

>> No.59500641

You're autistic as FUCK. Its just a computer you moron.

t. Macfag

>> No.59500675

it's mostly the mouse acceleration that's crazy high and requires you to go through terminal (or use some shitty program that breaks all the time) to turn it off.

>> No.59501011


>> No.59501158

Steve Jobs was pretty handsome

>> No.59501663

lol i5 2400 with a 1070?

>> No.59502045

how did a blog post get this many replies?

just tell him to install gentoo, stop sucking cocks, and sage the thread to death.

>> No.59502271

What's the problem?

>inb4 an i5 """"bottlenecks"""" a pascal card, go buy an i7
good goy

>> No.59503015

My tips for you, OP, are this:

1) Avoid the iMac. It's spiffy, but unless you spend all your god damn time at home, it's not as useful as the MacBook Pro. And that's really the kind of behavior you're trying to avoid, right? Being a tech-restricted shut-in? Get a rMBP and external monitors instead.

2) In light of that advice, consider -- as I once did -- the sum of the tasks that you cannot reasonably perform on a laptop. BitTorrent, for instance, is a fool's game on anything with less than a terabyte of internal space that isn't always awake and connected.

3) Build a home server. Build a low-mid spec computer with the express intention of stuffing as many drives in there as is reasonably possible. Mini-ITX will be tempting, but avoid it. You want the option of room to grow.

3.5) Alternatively -- this is a change I would like to make down the road -- build a considerably beefier server-oriented machine designed to run virtual machines. Construct numerous virtual machines inside of it. It still gives you a fun project despite a Mac-centric lifestyle, it's an amazing growth experience, and it helps fill in the usability gaps of the Mac-centric lifestyle. Plus, it affords you agility, the ability to change your network landscape with a trivial amount of difficulty and little to no hardware investment.

3.75) OSes: If you decide to do a low-end server, a Linux distro of your choosing might be suitable, if you know how to wield it. I, however, prefer a purloined Windows Server license, primarily because it offers better, more turn-key remote access tools. The reason why you'd use Windows Server as opposed to a desktop SKU is because you don't want to dick around with Remote Desktop logging out your local session when a remote user logs in. Don't fuck with ReFS unless you really are doing redundant storage.

>> No.59503060

Buying new stuff won't fix you

>> No.59503133

>Last thread got deleted for some reason.
The reason is that you are ruining this board with your bad attempts at humor.

>> No.59503157

Just say it, you are considering becoming gay.

>> No.59503369

There it is
The same shitty retarted apple shill

>> No.59503662

There ain't no cure for autism anon.

>> No.59503674



Oh, the irony.


It's for trackpads, which is generally the best way to use MacOS.


Changing your hardware can alter your perception of what technology means to a person's life. I know it changed mine.

> instead of destroying your access to them

>I don't know what VMWare and/or Parallels Desktop are


>oh look, this dumb meme again


I agree on the iMac. It's a good computer, but the MBP is a much better value. I have one, and I generally wouldn't recommend it, except to a specific kind of person.

That said, you're a retard and ruined your own life by treating what's probably the most expensive thing you own like shit.


...Oh no. I hope to god you got a CTO 21.5" iMac, because the rest of them come with those god damn mechanical HDDs. If you got a HDD iMac, you still won't have time for meaningful social interactions, because you'll be too busy waiting for your slow fucking computer to launch a web browser.

A warning to you all: Never, ever, EVER buy any Apple product with a straight mechanical HDD in it. Fusion Drive at *MINIMUM*. I mean it. Don't do it.

>> No.59504668
File: 152 KB, 793x595, angry duck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suggest you pick and choose the products that are actually worth a damn instead of chasing after brand names. I have a 2015 MBP 15" dual booting Sierra and Debian, a Moto X Pure with Lineage OS, a mid-range mechanical memeboard, a $20 Logitech wireless mouse, and a custom built Mac mini hackintosh with a couple of decent LG displays. This is literally my perfect setup. Maximum comfy.

TL;DR pick and choose the things you like instead of wasting money on things because of brand names

>> No.59504917
File: 716 KB, 729x710, 111111111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've grown tired of having my pc be a gaming machine instead of a life hub like it is intended to be, and while Windows 10 seems to be getting a little better as it ages it's still far from where I want it to be. I'd still like to build a windows pc to use as a steam machine type device but would like to switch to something different for everyday use.

I have experience with Linux but mostly for fun, as something I'd like on a laptop and not my main computer. Is Mac the cure for what ails me? I'm not concerned about the botnet since my main device is using Win10 for vidya and anything I absolutely want private I would use Linux for.

I relate to how OP feels. I enjoy tinkering and having a computer that feels personal and not like I'm borrowing some corporation's machine, But having something that just works for what I need would take a lot of stress out of my life.

>> No.59504959

>owning a deprecated desktop or laptop
We have smartphones that can screen cast and utilize Bluetooth peripherals. The day of computers bigger than a pocket is over unless you're a luddite who likes redundant devices.

>> No.59505044

sure u will get more friends with iphone but its still shit quality imo

>> No.59505075

I refuse to believe people like you exist. Full keyboard is a life required item.

>> No.59505169
File: 18 KB, 300x266, DO IT 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it

I had a Nexus 10, Nexus 5, and a PC and gradually started changing.

It all started when I wanted a small, light laptop and decided on a Macbook Air, the build quality is incredibly good and it's lasted since 2013 without missing a single beat. Still works great.

Then I had an Xbox One that I never played anymore (busy with work/life, only used as a blu-ray player) so a friend of mine offered to trade it for an iPad Pro and I it's just such a fucking good tablet, I can see why it's the best selling tablet out there.

I loved these so much that when my job offered to make me a part of the Apple master program and advocate an iPhone I jumped right on it. I got a iPhone 6s and it's amazing. The music player is incredible and easy to use. I always had problems syncing my music to my android phones, playlists didn't sync correctly, album art was often missing and I couldn't find a good solution.

With Apple, 2 steps: Install iTunes, Connect phone


Fuck Lagdroid. Fuck Winblows. Fuck Neckbeardnux. Never looking back at that convoluted shit.

inb4 HURRR TROLL BAITZ memes just speaking of my experience. You don't have to agree with me.

>> No.59505215

Your computer hobbies actually make you good at something.

Why try to fix consumerist obsession with another type of consumerist ecosystem, when you could simply make those life changes while still keeping most of your stuff? Just get rid of games and linux, those are the only time sinks.
Normies use Windows mostly. Well maybe in the USA iphones have already replaced PCs, but anywhere else people use Android phones.

My sister hasn't turned on her ancient PC for years, she's only using her HTC phone now.

>> No.59505227

I'd say nobody needs more than a phone and a htpc.

>> No.59505663

I'm thinking about doing the same thing but my reason is because I am moving alot. I move every year because I cant stand my roommates and I'm a dick so having a battle station while looks nice, I would have to have a permanent home first.

I made the mistake of getting a full tower rig and its a pain in the ass to move them around but I need to processing power.

If mac can game with overwatch I would have jumped ship long time now. I'm in the process of upgrading my rig but I don't know what to upgrade to and I heard the newer gens of intel wont support anything but win 10 so I'm not even sure if I want to get anything above hashwell.

then again I dont do shit like programming or anything, I just surf the web and shit post all day so maybe all i need is a tablet

>> No.59506261

>not streaming from your phone to your tv
wasteful af

>> No.59506273

And all of that fucboi queer gear still can't compete with a single mid-range or better android phone.

>iTunes is good
Confirmed paid shill.

>> No.59506297

>I need to processing power.

>> No.59506327


What you're actually doing is undergoing the process of rationalizing the vast amount of money you're gonna have to shell out to buy a bunch of apple products all at once. You're trying to turn the limitations imposed by Apple's walled garden as a plus and painting this dramatic atmosphere of despair and obsession over anything else, kinda like those old commercials where someone is gonna do some trivial shit, fails utterly at it and everything is black and white, but then Apple comes into the picture and suddenly colors pop from the screen and the trivial task is done effortlessly.

In short, you're just an easily impressionable idiot failing prey to marketing and you'll continue being an idiot regardless of what piece of hardware you own.

>> No.59506389


>And all of that fucboi queer gear still can't compete with a single mid-range or better android phone.

You're objectively incorrect. Macbook aside, the iPad Pro alone is faster than many laptops. Plus, those three Apple devices offer advanced baked-in interoperability. I was working with another guy in the uni computer lab on a coding project today, and we AirDropped files and web pages back and forth like it was nothing. It was awesome. Being able to take my cell phone's calls on my tablet or laptop (or desktop, or watch!) is awesome too.

There are honestly very few things I've had to do in the last year that I cannot do with my iPad. Some of them are a little less intuitive, and a few of them are more or less complete non-starters due to ecosystem limitations -- coding is one of these -- but almost everything is doable. You idiots sell it way short.


Not necessarily. Apple shit gives back to you pretty well. I haven't had to pay a dime to maintain my laptop or desktop in four years. Plus, thanks to my iPad and Apple Pencil, I no longer need to buy pencils, paper, leads, erasers, notebooks, books in general, etc (not being hypothetical about this either, I literally haven't bought any of these things in the eight months since I got it). I'm not going to pretend that it necessarily recoups the investment 100%, but it's not nothing.

>> No.59506433
File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, 1489603788790.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59506451

>more convenient than google drive
It's not.

>I can take calls on my redundant devices
Good for you.

>ecosystem limitations
That's a nice way of saying he's right you know. Android is actually more capable than iOS and macOS combined.

>> No.59506458

>hurr hurr muh webbum in applel thred

Man, that's a stale gag. That gag's so old, I used it on your mom when I took her virginity.

>> No.59506472

>mom jokes
Is the cultural lag to India really twenty years?

>> No.59506523

>I haven't had to pay a dime to maintain my laptop or desktop in four years
Do apple users consider this an achievement?

>> No.59506554


AirDrop absolutely is more convenient than Google Drive, if you both happen to have the correct hardware. I use and love Google Drive, but passing files to a guy who's literally three feet away is not what it's for.

>he thinks a laptop is 'redundant' in the context of a cell phone

>ecosystem limitations

Yes. Ecosystem limitations. I'm not going to lie, they're there. However, they're nowhere near as restrictive as you believe them to be. Most of them just represent an alternative workflow that actually tends to go pretty well once you understand what it's driving at.

No, Android is not more capable than iOS and macOS combined. I used to use Android phones. I did so religiously until 2015. I had a Nexus Only policy where possible (I was a Verizonfag, so it wasn't always). Had a Droid Incredible, followed by a Galaxy Nexus, followed by a Moto X (I even got the Dev Edition to unlock the bootloader!), followed by a Nexus 6.

Frankly, I got tired of the horse shit. I got tired of Google being an Obama-style wet noodle and letting the carriers run roughshod over them. For fuck's sake, I had to pull the SIM card from my N6 and do a factory reset in order to get OTA updates, because if the phone knew I was a Verizon customer, it ignored the update per Verizon's policies. Yes, really.

So I got an iPhone 6S when it came out. Hey, what do you know, instant updates on day of release, every single fucking time. Manufacturer in control instead of cell carrier. Never looked back.


Yeah, I agree, 'ur mom' jokes are unfashionable and worn out, and have been done to death. Y'know, kind of like your mom.


It's actually pretty good, yeah. No new drives, no new fans, no new cases, no new anything. Just pick the god damn thing up and use it, for four years, and it doesn't suck even once during that time period. When you're older than 12, you'll realize that, yes, that actually is an 'achievement'.

>> No.59506577

This is a very similarish setup to the one I just gave my boyfriend. My old Ivy Bridge i7 prebuilt, but I slapped in a SSD, new PSU, and a GTX 1060. Works like a charm and is completely overkill for him.

The only game he plays with even a remote potential to be 'insensitive' is World of Warcraft, which he can now run at the highest of settings.

>> No.59506588

Messed up a word, meant to say "Intensive".

>> No.59506598

>I got tired of the horse shit.
And yet you're using Apple tech. Sad!

>It's actually pretty good, yeah. No new drives, no new fans, no new cases, no new anything.

Literally any consumer grade trash desktop in my office lasts for a decade without need of any repairs or upgrades. The fact you're genuinely impressed that a "premium," apple device lasted less than half that long says a lot about how awful they are.

>> No.59506630
File: 37 KB, 600x718, CiBVIIAXEAAGLTU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am with you OP. Last year i had issues left and right with all my new tech toys, dead HDDs and corrupted SD cards lost tons of files, and i realized its all pointless. I was so fucking bummed about all the porn and movies and work i hadnt backed up but now i dont even remember most of what i had. Its all meaningless and ive wasted my childhood and some of my adulthood on this garbage. I want back into the normie life... I WANT OUT

>> No.59506671


>And yet you're using Apple tech. Sad!

At least I actually get support from my device's manufacturer, and they don't throw me before the mercy of shitty carriers and OEMs just to curry favor with them.

>Literally any consumer grade trash desktop in my office lasts for a decade without need of any repairs or upgrades.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Do you actually believe that? No, they quit working all the fucking time. IT just replaces them with identical hardware and images it the same day it fails, so you never notice. Plus, I guaran-fucking-tee you that any bulk-contract Windows computer is going to be a complete piece of garbage four years later, let alone ten. You realize that a bulk-contract enterprise computer from "a decade" ago would most likely be running Windows XP, right? An OS that literally has no more support? Yeah. Have fun with that.

And, for what it's worth, my Apple shit has lasted four years *and counting*. Four years isn't its limit, that's just how long it's been since I decided to start buying it instead.


Feel the lightness, brother. Feel the infinite opportunities, the chance to start over and do things right. Go redundant, use cloud storage, use M-Discs, use a cool new cataloging system, etc. It could be a great exploratory experience.

>> No.59506681

>Just pick the god damn thing up and use it, for four years, and it doesn't suck even once during that time period

Yeah I remember when people used to say this about macs, then I went and bought the original ipad on release date and it was ultimately fucking destroyed by ios 5. I still even remember the thread in the forums and unsurprisingly enough, nobody from Apple gave a single fucking shit. Just buy another one, good goy. Couldn't even watch a 2 minute video on safari without it crashing, then there was that famous keyboard lag of you pressing a bunch of keys and then they all register at the same time a few seconds later and all that crap, so I essentially had a very expensive ebook reader. My friend whose iphone 4s was also reduced to a dumbphone with similar problems due to apple's incredible updates must also have loved the experience.


But anyway, have fun being a mindless corporation whore. I mean, you're trying to sell apple shit by trying to paint the outrageous act of oh my god writing something down on a piece of paper as this herculean kind of effort that should be worth of its own hymn, because yeah, everybody just walks around with an iPad and Apple Pencil for taking simple notes. But I guess that I'm being the stupid one for trying to argue about tech anything with someone who unironically implies he has to pay people to fix problems on his computers in a tech enthusiast board, so here's your very fat (you), make it count.

>> No.59506724

>At least I actually get support from my device's manufacturer, and they don't throw me before the mercy of shitty carriers and OEMs just to curry favor with them.

Sadly, even with that "support," your toy phone will still be less functional than any android phone less than half the price. Sad!

>Apple shit has lasted four years *and counting*.

So you do believe it's a grand achievement for a mac to work for four years, haha oh wow!

>Feel the infinite opportunities
Say hello to the other curries for me Rajesh.

>> No.59506729

>No, they quit working all the fucking time

Sounds like you're tech illiterate and retarded, which is why you need a walled garden so you don't ruin your own stuff, kinda like those bubbly safe spaces they put children in so they don't rip their own eyes out with whatever random object they find lying around. I can see how Apple stuff is appealing to your kind, my bad.

>> No.59506769

I have begun my journey already friend, i started using google drive recently and its so nice.. i hardly have to use flash drives anymore, just store pictures on google drive for transferring, store extra music there, etc. Its amazing. I still love android because im too poor to buy digital music and its easier to pirate but im done trying to work with linux and outdated software. I might do a full system clean out, delete my 100GBs of hentai, porn etc.. just clean out my system, stop thinking about it all the time.. why is everyone on 4chan scared of moderation?

>> No.59506792


The original iPad? The iPhone 4S?

Dude, that was a completely different era. Things have been different for a really long time now. I, too, was a raving anti-Apple zealot during those days. At that point, it was all true. I was a huge fan of YFSGT, one of my closest friends submitted a picture that made it on there.

Things are different now. The 5S is still a really reasonable daily driver despite three years of regular updates, the SE exists for people who want in but don't want to spend a lot of money, and Apple actively sells iPads going all the way back to the iPad Mini 2.

>trying to paint the outrageous act of oh my god writing something down on a piece of paper as this herculean kind of effort that should be worth of its own hymn

I never did this. I was explicitly measured in my support of the Apple Pencil. It has allowed me to go almost completely paperless and quit buying/carrying nearly any and all writing supplies, though, that's a fact. I carry a sheaf of about ten pieces of emergency blank paper in the same bag as my iPad, and those ten pages tend to carry me through almost a full school year.


>So you do believe it's a grand achievement for a mac to work for four years, haha oh wow!

Did not say that. Pointed out that the timer was still counting up that time. People were mad when Sierra dropped support for Macs from 2009, because they were still using them. My fucking 2013 Macbook Air could still be riding around with me in 2021. Maybe it's needed a battery replacement by then. Whoop de doo.

>Say hello to the other curries for me Rajesh.

You're retarded. I was specifically suggesting some advanced technological hobby projects, like a home-built NAS and an M-Disc-based cold storage system, both of which I actively maintain.


Are you one of those suit-wearing MBA-toting mouthbreathers who doesn't know what IT does? You are, aren't you? How precious.

>> No.59506828


Clean your system out to Blu-rays-based cold storage. It's a lot more resilient than tapes, and has a much lower cost of entry. It doesn't scale as well as tape after a point, but it's a lot easier for an individual to get into.

If you have a bunch of FLAC, ebooks, and other files that will still be useful to someone a thousand years from now, consider M-Disc. They're expensive, but they last literally forever. It's basically a Blu-ray made of stone.

Also, regarding digital music, what I do is, I have an Apple Music family plan that I split with four other people. The cost for each of us comes out to $3/month. Very reasonable. You can do this with any streaming service that offers family plans, of course. I think Google Play Music does too.

>> No.59506934


>> No.59508636


>> No.59508651

Apples and oranges
You'd compare two suits from different brands

>> No.59508859

A man who spends all his life being autistic with technology will end up in a different place than where he'd be if he spent that time doing something else.

If I understand correctly, he doesn't want the "Apple lifestyle" because he thinks they're better computers or whatever reason Apple fags have.
He wants that lifestly because it means just using the devices like any other electical appliance without obsessing over it and its optimization, so he can go on with his non-tech life.

>> No.59508933


Do it OP. My company forced me into Macs and I resisted, but then realised they are so much better.

You cannot go wrong.

>> No.59508940

Damn you don't stop with this bait

>> No.59509100

>i was very quiet for the first few months and didn't do anything but keep people awake until late as fuck

>> No.59509638

Ultimately, you started doing this stuff to try and fill some kind of void you had in you to pursue technology like this

Going the apple way will keep you occupied for a short while, but after the initial excitement of new gadgets and earning the eco system of Macs, you'll find yourself coming back to the habits you had before. At the end of the day, you'll still feel the same way about things

>> No.59509849

Thanks to this post I donated a five figure sum to a eugenics program for autism. I hope future generations will have it better.

>> No.59511106


>> No.59511519

Every. Single. Mac/Apple. Thread.

Go home senpai

>> No.59511690


Yeah, it's really stale and unfunny shitposting. I wish he would stop, not because it makes me super mad or whatever, but because it's unfunny and gay.

>> No.59511779

you look back when you cannot upgrade your pos machine

>> No.59511823


People often don't need upgrades at all. It's not uncommon for a Macbook to last five to ten years with no upgrades whatsoever.

Also, the picture was of a Hackintoshed ThinkPad. So there's that.

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