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>get cs degree
>still cant program

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>Get a BA in software development, after cs
>Still can't program

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>getting into CS to program

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>studying computer
Kys's you useless fucking retards

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Don't worry, you don't actually need to be able to program to make a career in programming.

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Just become a project manager :^)

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I think you mean pajeet manager.

>Arts degree in software development

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>get a cs degree
>don't like programming

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>get cs degree
>don't like programming
>don't want to program for a living

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>love programming
>drop out of Cisco CNET degree because don't want to be used as a slave by corpie gluttons and found the work too easy
>made me want to kill myself because of how easy it was
>thinking about taking cs degree this year
>don't know what to do with my love for programming
Fucking niggers

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then go do it, you should be able to get a junior job even without a degree if you have cool projects to show off.
I like programming but don't like it as a job, it's fucking miserable

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What companies don't want to hire mindless cattle that will work their asses off and burnout simply for a profit?

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sad thing is it's not only the mindless ones they want to exploit

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>get a gender studies degree
>still can't get laid

FUCK, my parents money down the shitter

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Great, so basically my only option is to fake schizophrenia (runs in the family) and leach off the government or be exploited in hopes of one day exploiting. It's true that only psychopaths make it in this world.

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Why don't you launch a start up or go indie game dev

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yea you can take this route >>59461547
just don't expect any decent money any time soon

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>going to college for anything but healthcare

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>implying software development isn't art

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>study CS
>expect to program and learn about how computers work
>instead learn dry abstract math

Fuck STEM desu. No idea how people make through it. It's mental torture. Also I have no idea what is going on in the brains of people who actually find it fun.

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why cs and why not a programming degree???

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what's a programming degree????

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>study physics
>still cant fix an elevator

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If you want to be a code monkey, of course you sure as hell don't need math.


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>get CS degree
>know everything there is to know about data structures, algorithms, etc...
>know nothing about actual programming
It's like applying to learn about carpentry and only learning about the science of wood. The fact that you can get onto the dean's list and still be a fucking terrible programmer in the end is pretty astonishing.

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>thinking CS is about learning to program
you guys know you don't actually need to go to uni right?

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>studying CS
>finding programming boring and mundane
I really dont want to be a codemonkey

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>Have a BA in CS.
>Only know how to write "Hello World" program.

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so now that I've fallen for the programming meme and want out, where do I go next

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>Have an AS in Programming and Analysis
>Only good with C++ and SQL, hate Java
>Currently working on BS in IT.

Admittingly I am a bit divided on the whole, do I want to be a technician or a coder.

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>be undergrad
>can't program but still got a job
>get cosc degree
>learned to program, make shit ton of money

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>ITT: people who got shit degrees from shit universities

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This is why I quit that shit :D

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Learn powershell.

Stupid easy, most morons havent caught on yet. You can easily script your entire job then learn how to properly program with all your free tiem.

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The only person in that group with the qualification to fix an elevator is the engineer.

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>took 3 years of Java
>still don't know what the fuck an interface is supposed to do

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Implementing an interface is a guarantee that a class will have the methods in the interface.

That's literally it.

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You should have gone into computer engineering.

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>Get Msc in CS
>Spend a lot of time learning how to write functional code, how to create complex systems, but also how to write assembly, FPGA designs and routing PCBs. Even lead a team of 20 students for a student competition.

It's been a fucking mountain of hard work, but if you do it like this you end up with an amazing education. Only thing I really feel like I'm missing is mech eng knowledge.

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>no cs degree
>can program quite well
>but can't get hired for good jobs because no cs degree
>no school-leaving qualifications either so path to any degree would be a long and complex one
>all these grads who can't code are being considered before me

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then get a degree if you're that good

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Are you really that good? If you are then you should have some projects to show off, if you haven't got an education and you have no projects then you're not as good as you think you are. Remember, you don't need to have a vastly complex project to put it on github, a neat program that performs its task well is often good enough.

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>Programming doesn't follow the scientific method
>CS classes doesn't follow computing architecture

It's just a fancy word for algorithm classes anon

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>can program quite well
Then you show people projects you worked on you lying idiot.

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Real fun doesn't start until you can make a farting machine out of an arduino

CS majors are dorks

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>Get computer engineering degree
>Get job offers left and right
>Fast tracked to promotion
>Get awarded a retention bonus and a performance bonus
>Employer fearful of me working with devs from other companies because they're always giving me offers for higher pay
>Get to pick and choose what projects I want
>Offered promotion that goes to most people with at least 10 years at the company within 2 years
>Clients love me so much I work from home 90%.

How have I done?

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for starters you elected to not fall for the retarded memes on /sci/, good on you

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I want one. I'm seriously considering it, actually. There are quite a few barriers which stand in my way but I could overcome them if I truly dedicated myself.

I currently have some remote-freelance code monkey webdev work. I'm Western and producing solid code but getting pajeet pay.
>that good
I'm not exactly John Carmack, but I've built full-stack commercial webapps which are currently in production and I actively manage/maintain them. I'm writing a software rasterizing 3D engine in my spare time which I'll eventually release.

Despite the above it's very likely that companies will go for graduates instead of people like me and I do understand why.

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>Get certified to work in IT

>Still feel retarded at work

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Software engineering.

What retarded memes?

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Where are you at? I'm not going out of my way to be mean here, but you need to reconsider if the stuff you have put out is good, or if it is merely working. It's often hard to tell what you're bad at when you're working alone. I've met people who think they are hot shit who were garbage coders, (of course I've met people who thought they were hot shit, who were in fact hot shit). Keep at it, just be critical of your approach and you'll eventually catch a break.

memes about comp sci/eng being "meme-degrees" and the other drivel you hear from retarded nuke freshmen and biologists.

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lol all that shit is taught in second year engineering programs

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that's pathetic my nig

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meanwhile mr shekelstein, owner of university of faggots, is enjoying a nice 20 grand in extra revenue for every retard like yourself that gets shoved through the system.

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>We were taught relativity theory in high-school, thus I conclude that all physics majors are retards

t. you

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>Being this dumb
Anon pls

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Wasn't my point at all

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>Where are you at?
I'm a britbong, if you mean geographically.
>you need to reconsider if the stuff you have put out is good, or if it is merely working
Very good point. To give you an idea, I'll talk specifically about the webapp I built/am currently maintaining. I will admit that it's definitely not optimally designed- it's getting harder to maintain as it scales, there is some code duplication, and there is nowhere near full test coverage. Ideally I would refactor it and build in a lot more automated tests.

However, there have been no security issues and no showstopper bugs in production, I'm always responsive to roll out fixes for minor problems, and there is a rigid manual testing system at staging before anything goes to prod. Overall I think it's a competitive product and the client is happy with it.

Again, I don't claim to be hot shit. I claim to be a competent developer who would bring value to a full-time employer.

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Yeah, but it gives a good 4 years to help decide whether we want that shitty job or not. Or to switch to something like business.

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because they are pointless. you need to overwrite them anyways, just let the interface out

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>get engineering degree
>program instead of engineering

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what the fuck was I even supposed to use my CE degree for anyways?
All the focus was on programmig, the only subject that was embedded-related was complete shit

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>sign up for compsci university
>professor wants us to use a proprietary Windows-only program

dropped out the same day, I won't put up with this bullshit

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>First year CS student
>Have been able to program for 10 years
eat shit

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>get physics degree
>program better than cs majors
>build circuits better than EE majors
>do math better than math majors
>do statistical analysis better than stat majors
>do philosophy better than philosophy majors
why aren't you majoring in physics, /g/?

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>this is what physics students actually believe

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good for you, bud

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>do multimedia design at uni
>get out of study
>work for myself a year
>year of front-end webdesign of html+css (barely any javascript)
>get hired as a coder by a friend of the family, can't say no, dead broke
>can't program, don't know shit about C++
>everything I do I just make up and/or copypaste/tutorialize from the internet
>nobody says anything about my barely functional code
>get complemented for writing such neat code
>mfw copypasta from github and other sources
>tfw making an actual living pretending to be a coder

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Fake it 'till you make it. As long as you can earn a living it doesn't matter.

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Ah that meme. Yeah I also get a kick out of the plethora of EE undergrads talking about how they'll be inventing the next computer architecture and how much harder the major is compared to CS... but no one will hire them to do anything outside of circuit analysis and synthesis for fry cook wages with only a BS and a 3.6+ GPA.

.. I wind up interviewing a person that graduated in EE for a junior software position on a monthly basis.

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There are plenty of embedded projects out there. They just don't trust you to work on them yet.

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>Computer Specialist
>Don't like computers


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>sign up for compsci to learn how to make games
>end up learning about boring shit like sorting algorithms

what the fuck

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>Can program super well
>Become a system admin instead because higher salary and rarely do anything serious

>> No.59466580

>discrete maths degree
>hired for a Java role because I'm competent
>8 months in they have me doing Node.js and no other bank will touch me because I'm out of touch with Java
>obsolete already

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If I can already program and want to prove it, is this distance learning degree worth the paper it's printed on?
(Just choose any country when it asks)
There is only one mandatory maths module and two completely optional algorithms modules. The rest is stuff like "Software development with Java" and "mobile technologies". It's probably better than nothing but it certainly doesn't look like an equivalent to a real CS degree and seems unlikely to be worth spending 4 years on.

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More like
>I had to supplement my physics degree with high school biology in order to get a job.

>> No.59467257

having sex with highschool students doesn't count as highschool biology

>> No.59467284

If you can already program and want to prove it, post your shit on github if you're worth a damn.

>> No.59467297

At least I've had sex you fucking nerd

>> No.59467332

you say that like it's an insult

>> No.59467399

jokes on you I'm two years away from wizard powers

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Hey fags

I had a career in sales (regional sales manager for an automotive software company) but lost my mind and couldn't talk to people anymore. I then started drinking vodka and doing blow until I ended up in rehab. Just got my first ever degree in Network Engineering while trying to figure out how to not be a complete shut-in my entire life. I'm 40.

How fucked am I?

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at the end of the day only learning how to program will make you be able to program
no teacher
no degree
they can help but that's about it

>> No.59467625

if retirement is a goal start saving a LOT

>> No.59467670

Maybe you should have actually done your homework. If your university's CS program was even half-decent, you would have had programming assignments. The only way you would have been able to walk out with a degree and no knowledge of how to program whatsoever is if you cheated and had someone else do them all.

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Hey Faggots,
My name is Bill, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day coding stupid ass Java®. You are everything bad in the world.

Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was CEO of Microsoft, and wrote my own BASIC. What software did you write, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also made billions of dollars, and have a banging hot wife (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch

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My programming experience consists of freelance work and random personal projects, none of which are impressive by themselves. I'm sure an employer isn't interested in trawling through a bunch of boring repos, so you're essentially saying I need to work on large FOSS projects to prove my worth.

That makes some sense but it still seems unlikely that some code on github could be seen as equal to a degree.

>> No.59467971

Just cut and paste as much as you can from stack exchange and if you have a problem you can't solve isolate the code and make it into an opensource project and get some 13 year old to write it for you.

t. facebook employee

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>tfw in electrical engineering but love coding
>appy for few coding student jobs (small pay but still...)
>"lol u electrical engie, shudup feg"
>can't find a side job either way
>not even as a janitor
>"hey bro can you fix my phone?"
>fix few phones for extra cash
>another guy gives me sony xperia z5 with broken lcd
>literally an hour of work
>oops, part of touchscreen doesn't work, must have jammed the cable too hard and bent a pin
>go back and fix it
>now screen doesn't work
>turns out I might have shocked the phone with static
>400$ phone
>no money

remember, if you fuck up in code then you just go back and rewrite it

>> No.59468124

>"lol u electrical engie, shudup feg"

I fugging hate this. I have a BS in "Electrical and Computer Engineering" and I had so many job interviewers ask me if I even know how to code because they assumed all I know is circuits and shit. There was even one guy who asked me this in the middle of me explaining how I learned Python and Java in high school.

Next job hunt, I'm going with just "Computer Engineering".

>> No.59468140

where are you from?

>fixing phones
don't fall for this normie meme

>> No.59468163

>but you build computers... how do you know how to code??!?

>> No.59468216

>just want to program
>can't because I need to take all these BS other classes that barely require programming


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t. code monkey

>> No.59468275

They do have a right to brag. All of us depend on them!

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second world country that is part of EU
one of that has biggest unemployment rate
not greece

extremely patronizing
in my opinion, all coding requires is time and effort (and functioning computer with net) meaning that we EEs should patronize to them desu

after all, they write on cumputers we make

>> No.59468385

>Really want to be an EE
>Join military as an 'Engineering Technician' aka Land Surveyor and GIS dude
>Fall in love with that and hate anything tech related now
>Getting out and going into the trade

Trades are where it's at my dudes

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I was in a startup incubator, it fucking sucked. The only teams getting ahead are the ones made by richfags with tons of contacts, everybody else gets fucked and has to quit back to the rat race

>inb4 muh stories from magazines

Its all bullshit, the advisors would tell us to invent some rags-to-riches story for the press same as all other startups do

>> No.59468662


Most thing they teach about java are fucking pontless. Java programming is all about using the huge api and implementing the methods. You dont need to know how shit works beyond your class.

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>Jamal can sleep though a coarse and still pass because diversity.
>I have to bust my ass to get a good grade form my professor.

>> No.59468722

You know this is bullshit

>> No.59468803

Try going to a liberal collage.
"Why did I get a C on this, everything was perfect."
>"You're privileged enough as it is."
"What are you....I'm dirt poor."
Can I sue for this?

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>start CS
>make a shitton of loans
>it requires a lot of social contact than I thought
>can't stand programming anymore
>want to quit
>I'm already 23 yo

I'm lost.

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top zoz

>> No.59468931


Either record that shit and post it everywhere or stay buttmad, nobody is going to believe you without proof

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you know hes full of shit right?

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File: 740 KB, 1834x1200, reality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in a way we all depend on Einstein or the time would stop

>> No.59470194


Thats the point

>> No.59470235

how do i install this? i want to learn

>> No.59470247

It comes with Windows. Otherwise see their github open source repo.

>> No.59470289

I believe you if the teacher is a nigger and you're taking a class that is subjective

>> No.59470375

Oh. Does it work on gentoo?

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>get phd in cs
>still cant program

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>grades too shit to get on CS
>start a Digital Media degree
>decide to specialise in (backend) Web
>take a year out of uni to focus on improving my Web skills
>the year is almost over and i still haven't made anything of substance

>> No.59470484


>> No.59470570

>be taking a shit
>someone gets in the stall next to me
>notice his shoes are the same as my boss's
>think "its my boss! he's shitting next to me"
>need to urgently ask him a C# question but don't want to be rude
>wait for his final plop before speaking
>but forgot to say hi, I'm the intern
>speak louder than normal too due to being in stalls
>he paused wiping slightly and didn't say anything
>so I asked again even louder
>left without saying a word

truly an illusive man

>> No.59470637

Why did I just save this image.

>> No.59470840

Not sure if this is the right thread but w/e, I need advice. I'm a senior in Comp E but I don't even know how to use an oscilloscope or a breadboard. I can do circuit analysis fairly well though. Anyways I realized that if I don't like the practicals of engineering I probably won't like work. I fucking hate working with hardware but I enjoy learning about it. Networks is alright i guess. It's looking like I will probably go into software development after i graduate. The degree and coursework is very challenging which I enjoy but it just feels like such a waste of both money and time that I won't be working as an engineer after i graduate. Should I try my best to get a CE job and find my niche in it or go the SE route?

>> No.59470878


>> No.59470883

>Should I
Here is the one advice you need to follow: Don't ask 4chan and in particular /g/ for advice.

>> No.59470958

Eh I don't really have anywhere to ask also i trust the judgement of the people on here.

>> No.59470979

>Eh I don't really have anywhere to ask
Fair enough.
>also i trust the judgement of the people on here.

>> No.59471020


>> No.59471093

>CE degree
'oh anon thats a great degree you will have no problem finding embedded jobs'
well guess what its a fucking lie, there are so few people competent at both parts that no company structures themselves to allow employees to work both sides. you can either be the hardware guy taking or software guy giving shit about the design. if you find a job doing both run as far as you can because it will be a tiny company paying you half for double the work.
go learn welding or something useful while you still can.

>> No.59471096

>love programming
>want to program for a living
>get hired as a programmer
>really good at my job
>get promoted to lead developer
>I no longer get to program for a living

>> No.59471141

>>do multimedia design at uni
this part was the only difference between you and 90%+ of software people i have met

>> No.59471167

If u honestly think tht lie one ur resume n say u have a degree, thn see if u get calls for jobs , if u land an onterview u cam tell the person (not hr, the i terviewer) after u inpress him, "hey man im going to be honest here i domt have a degree"



>> No.59471182

I studied MIS and 7 learned how to code during college and mastered it after college.

>> No.59471246

It's actually ridiculous. I haven't finished my bachelor yet and got a part-time job in webdev.
I die every time i look at the previously developed code but just shrug it off and hammer some quick fix cuz no time to refactor all that shit.
Most people go there without knowing a thing and then "learn" jquery and bootstrap in a single day and create the mess i have to now develop on top of.

>> No.59471398

>physics degree
>jack of all trades; master of none
>end up doing bioinformatics

>> No.59471410

That's OK. The world needs managers as well.

>> No.59471465

thats why best programmers are the self-taught ones. niggers that don't have interest in it and still get a degree hoping that they will learn it will never be above mediocre developers

>> No.59471605

i mean i dont go to the degree to get a job i went with it because i wanted to learn how computers work and because it was challenging. I realize this wasn;t the right mentality but i went wth it anyway. oh well thanks, i guess i never realized that companies who would have me do both would take advantage of me. i guess SE route is the way to go it seems if i want a comfy life ill have to think more about this.

>> No.59473075

bc it's extremely baneful

>> No.59473127

Go into SE
If you aren't 420% passionate about CE, you won't even be able to get a job, most these days require at least a masters degree
They pay the same anyways, as long as you fall for the right memes (hint: not C or lisp).

>> No.59473167

I'm glad /g/ is waking up to the truth of the CE meme and the embedded software meme. I only wish people were saying shit like this 6 years ago, before I committed to a CE degree.

>> No.59473227
File: 10 KB, 261x193, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Study CS
>Like math more than CS
>Every fucking CS course requires 10+ hour coding assignments
>another fucking coding assignment comes out immediately after finishing the first one
>Never a break
>All coding assignments are tedious as fuck
>Almost no feedback on any assignment once turned in, grader isn't released but a day before if that. Have to create all test cases yourself and hope your test match what the professor wrote
>Hate coding problems like this all the time
>No time to code your own personal shit
>Rather be doing math

>> No.59474201

>loves programming
>wants to make a job out of it

9 times out of 10 you'll end up hating the shit out of programming. Doing things for a corporation where they dictate exactly what you work on, and to a degree how you work on it, can be soul-crushing to a ton of people. I went into geophysics knowing it's deeply-entrenched Unux territory, with mostly functional programming. Once you graduate you use that programming knowledge to tackle mostly physical (seismic interpretation) problems which can be very varied in how you tackle them. Advisors who all have industry experience conform that nobody will dictate your programming because all your boss cares about is hitting oil any way you can once a drill op is set up so his ass isn't on the line for a multimillion dollar failure, and all his boss cares about is how much coke and fake tits he'll be able to furnish his yacht with this year. I'm 100% certain that if I went into CS or something just to wind up fixing bugs for some Android app or tiptoeing around half-century old banking software I'd have fucking killed myself at this point.

All the people who I know that program specifically as the main source of their living are all miserable and passionless. And they all used to love programing.

>> No.59474338

To add to this, even if you don't wind up hating programming, after programming 8 hours a day, you will be too burned out on it to want to code in your free time... which is basically the only way to get ahead in SE, unless you are lucky enough to always be working with cutting edge tech (not your choice).

>> No.59475195

use the knowledge you have been given to make the next Flappy Bird, and never work again in your life.

>> No.59475227

Lol I got a CE degree and was able to successfully apply to good software engineering jobs.

The main reason I was a CE in the first place was because I realized I liked CS halfway through an EE degree and it had the most overlap with the classes I already took, though.

>> No.59475229

the grave

>> No.59475230

That's Abelson-sensei's point

>> No.59475427

I have to admit this guys is right. While coding is still a lot of fun for me, doing with for 8 hours a day is quite taxing. I'm 20, and I took a year off of college to get a job to pay for my course.

I ended up finding one just the month before I turned 20, with Haskell of all things. After all my hard work, in just under 9 months, I am now team leader, but it wasn't easy, and while my hard work paid off, it'll be a herculean task to do this for 10 or 15 years more before I can build a hut back in Africa, become a dictator, and whip my useless nigger compatriots back into shape.

>> No.59475521


>> No.59475578

If you're going to be wor king on it a long time, I recommend you ask your boss for time to rebuild. Piling spaghetti on top of spaghetti eventually leads to total meltdown or throwing heaps of money at the problem - i.e. Microsoft.

>> No.59475594

If you actually know the stuff, you can still be a sw engineer for whatever. Plenty of EE, ME, and math majors become sw engineers.

>> No.59475689

Are you german?

>> No.59475702

honestly I went with CE because it had so much focus on programming.
Now that I got a this part-time developer job I want to get out as fast as I can, it's a fucking nightmare and I can't tell if it's because the company is shit and unorganized or all of this is just normal.
Can't believe I've focused so much on it and wasted 4 years on it just to realize that I actually hate it as a job

>> No.59475833

post qt nigger dik pls

>> No.59475859

I've been here for a while, but I have to admit I'm puzzled at this reply. Do you mean to imply being a programmer leaves a guy's dick emaciated and qt?

>> No.59475922
File: 16 KB, 225x225, froggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>never learned how to program
>always though it's not for me as I was bad at math
>have to start with simple stuff to do test automation
>turns out if you learn syntax and have logic and basic problem solving skills you're set

>> No.59476164

You have a good point. Do you have any suggestions? Geophysics does sound interesting, but if I were to take a more scientific route it'd be astrophysics since I find space more interesting than the Earth

>> No.59477746

How? Is your GPA below a 2.5 or something? And what are you not "able" to program? If you understand how linked lists work, I think you're fine.

>> No.59477796

kek, fekking dinkass right here

>> No.59477823

I would say like 95% of graduating seniors at my university are mediocre coders at best. BS in computer science I guess shows your dedication and problem solving, but doesn't mean you actually know what you're doing

>> No.59477878

> Study CS
> Two internships over the summer
> Come to realization that sitting in chair all day every day programming is horrible
> Graduate
> Get job at university doing bioinformatics
> Write scripts in Bash and Python
> Stand up servers for departments who need them
> Automate that with Ansible
> Come in at 10, leave at 3-4.
> tfw making more than friends who graduated with same degree who work all day in stressful office

>> No.59477884

Because I don't want to be a physics professor for my occupation.

>> No.59477932

I want this so bad
I guess it's time I finally learn Python

>> No.59477940

It could be worse. Yeah, CS-related work can be a pile of shit, but at least our degree is in demand. You could change jobs fairly easily

>> No.59477967

For some reason universities/academia loves shit like Python/R. That's really the only reason why it's my go to daily language.

Slap in numpy/pandas for data ingestion and you can do a lot. People literally think you're a wizard if you take their shit data and clean it up a bit for them and output some stats.

>> No.59478319


>> No.59478388
File: 34 KB, 500x418, 635880546709691967256903253_seinfeld20funny1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get BA in economics
>become a full stack developer anyway

>> No.59478412

is bioinformatics the new stem meme?

>> No.59478444

I realized this would probably be my future and got so scared I spent the entire day looking up math books, physics learning resources and universities for it.
I don't know if I want to spend another 3-5 years in school again, especially with no decent job or experience

>> No.59478492

You don't need to. You can work in almost everything you want.

>> No.59478676

>300k starting
>any job I want

>> No.59478824

Are you autistic?

>> No.59478911

>come in at 10, leave at 3-4
>make more money than my peers working whole day in office

>> No.59479116
File: 132 KB, 960x576, 1486527835720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The trick is to find a good boss who cares more about getting shit done and retaining good engineers than pleasing upper middle management goons.

I work in at a japanese company, and pretty much everyone above my boss in my chain of command is a fucking idiot with unreasonable expectations. Most of what my boss does in his day to day is listen to what the engineers think needs to be done, and run interference with his bosses so we can work without worrying about corporate bullshit. I hate my company, but I love my team, and it makes all the difference.

Also, in my experience, not having a college degree tends to help filter out bad bosses who only care about pleasing their bosses. Those kinds tend to shy away from making decisions like hiring a dropout, which might cause their superiors to question their judgement. Yeah, it's harder to find a job and you have to actually be a good programmer, but it weeds out a lot of the jobs you wouldn't want anyway.

>> No.59479241

>be me
>finish high school
>like video games and computers
>think about getting into CS degree
>get in Software Engineering degree
>'Tell myself it'll be easy since I am good with computers'
>College starts
>12 math courses
>Calculus, electronics, discrete mathematics
>fail 3 courses on first semester
>somehow manage to graduate with a shitty gpa
>still can't program for shit.

>> No.59479319


it's the funniest part, anon. everything else is bullshit

>> No.59479352

>>no school-leaving qualifications either so path to any degree would be a long and complex one
Do it anyway. It's never too late to start college

>> No.59479366

Thankfully no.

>> No.59479378

I failed math lots of times even during high school. I don't know how I managed to pass maths subjects during College. But, it doesn't matter. It's been 2 months since I've graduated and still haven't found a job yet. The last job I had. They fired me because I was too incompetent. It's just like I wasted my 4 years learning nothing and wasting time. But, hey still I got a degree, right?

>> No.59479468

I know this feel. Literally all I do is query some databases with bash and R and occasionally run some statistical tests for some research/data the lab does.

>tfw everyone thinks I'm some kind of bioinformatics god even though I know literally no biology

>> No.59479750

While he has the most relevant experience, entering an elevator shaft is incredibly dangerous, and would probably be grounds for the termination of Sheldon/Howards tenancy

>> No.59479900

Same here Anon. I know *maybe* the fundamentals of biology, it doesn't really matter.. although I'll sometimes read the research papers after they're published to get the basic idea of what the hell we did. I'm just told 1) what type of data we're getting 2) usually some sort of transformation/lookup needed to clean/reformat 3) how to compute what they want

>> No.59479965

Yeah, I guess. In my setting, they usually just want someone who can take X research question and turn it into something automated to spit out an answer or a report. I usually understand the gist of what they want to do, but not in detail.

Some projects get a shit load of funding, and they'll spend huge gobs of cash just for someone to do this stuff. It feels weird calling it "bioinformatics", just feels really like "data combing in a scripting language"

>> No.59479984

>"data combing in a scripting language"
That's literally what it is though. Plus some statistics is you have enough data to run anything meaningful.

>> No.59480249

For him.

>> No.59480297

That pic is the truth.

Most of my current colleagues are on the right unfortunately.

>> No.59480531
File: 248 KB, 640x480, 590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be at uni
>intro into structures
>neckbeard and betamax friend of his 2 computers left
>they fucking shout out loud code
>they shout out 9gag tier memes when their code runs ex."fucking brutal"
>i just want some peace and quiet to do my structures
>they ask professor for help
>professor helps them out and they reply "fucking brutal again"
>tfw english is not our primary language.

Why cs people have to be so autistic?

>> No.59480606

>said every college graduate ever.

>> No.59480716


A true programmer knows he knows nothing.

>> No.59480927


>> No.59481037

I don't know why people act like programming is some shit tier thing to do. Maybe it's soul sucking or boring or something, but it is extremely well compensated for what it is. I am an analyst that works with the development team often, and I know the developers get to bill $70-90/hr. This is a public sector job too so it's not like I'm working at some elite Silicon Valley firm. Even if you only bill 30 hours a week that's over 100K a year, and I know our developers are primarily working with front end (HTML, CSS, etc.), SQL, and maybe some statistical work.

They CONSTANTLY complain about the project managers though. I see people saying that's some bullshit job in this thread too, but those people are also making bank with what I can imagine is a lot less work

>> No.59481075

>money is all that matters
I'd rather enjoy my sanity, thanks

>> No.59481077


I'm trying to get into bioinformatics now. I have a quant and bio background, but no formal CS. I was under the impression most real bioinformatics jobs were masters level

>> No.59481079

>those people are also making bank with what I can imagine is a lot less work
Which is precisely why people say it's a bullshit job.

Management is like HR: you have to have it once you're large enough, but calling it real work is fucking laughable compared to anything productive.

>> No.59481088


I work with them constantly. None of them are stressed. It's a public sector job. Everyone goes 8 hours and leaves. What are you on about? They aren't fucking help desk monkeys that are on call

>> No.59481093

>caring about sanity
>on a belgian dessin animé newsletter
We're too far gone already.

>> No.59481155
File: 4 KB, 111x125, 1450419359214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought into the startup meme
>there is zero organizations, no proper release management, everyone is always late
>instead of having a proper product vision we just suck up to our only client by adding tons of unsellable half assed features
>everyone is constantly scrambling to unfuck the product by putting more garbage code on top of it

I should have taken the megacorp job with the boring technology stack

>> No.59481193

You know what, I've gone the megacorp route and it's the same kind of clusterfuck, except bigger. Bigger unfuckable codebase, bigger clients, bigger dysfunctional organization.

My take on it is that people can suck at doing their jobs at any scale and still be successful enough to not die. But if you want to work in good conditions you have to be picky and do your research about your employers.

>> No.59481226


Easier to not stress in a larger environment though because most of the time there's a ton of redundancy and the responsibility for mistakes is externalized unless you've ascended to some management or supervisory position. What I'm saying is it's easier to do fuck all and not care without anyone noticing or caring unless you're a smelly autist that sniffs the seats of your female coworkers.

>> No.59481281
File: 9 KB, 480x360, 1448074541828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, corporations aren't any better
>get told to go through some SQL procedures
>procedures written horribly in a dynamic manner when there's no need for it
>have to reverse-engineer almost everything because nothing is documented
>tables are a clusterfuck because they've undergone changes from multiple teams, with no clear rules on naming or writing descriptions
>some names are even in a different language because team from another country was tasked with changing/adding to it

>> No.59481287

Agreed, that's what i'm even forced to do sometimes.

But it kills you inside. I fucking hate wasting my time doing 9 to 5 on a seat that's slowly killing me, trying to pass my fucking around on personal projects as "work".

And when you are actually asked to do something virtually impossible with way too many constraints using tech so outdated it's a fucking joke to everyone involved, you do the same as everyone and cheat by doing something slightly different that actually works. And everyone pats themselves on the back for their great foresight and planning.

>> No.59481343

Use it as a stepping stone. Hopefully you're not in the mindset that this job is forever. Everyone has to do some work they don't like for some period of time, the important thing is that you can move on eventually.

>> No.59481351


Just remember many people work much harder for much less pay (and I'm talking in the US here not in pajeet country) and with more bullshit. Some people get paid 40K/yr to sit in meetings all day and suck the dick of their bosses with no free time to sit at their desk and ponder their life choices. I always think about this when I find myself wanting to complain. Use the time you're afforded "not doing anything" to figure out where it is you want to be a year or two from now.

>> No.59481416

My sanity is still there merely because I know I only have to keep doing this bullshit for a year.

After that I'm a graduate from one of the best CE/CS schools of my country with 1.5 equivalent years of experience with a bunch of recruiters licking my feet. Hell I have MS guys winking at me on LinkedIn already.

But I've learned my lesson, fuck Megacorps unless they are actually commited to a good environement for their engineers.

>> No.59481443


I'm in your position, but I haven't graduated yet; I have two more semesters to go. I'm currently working a web development job while in university and I'm freaked out that they might fire me for incompetents as well. I've been practicing development outside of work and school just to make sure I know what the hell is going on. What happened to get you fired exactly?

>> No.59481454

>Use the time you're afforded "not doing anything" to figure out where it is you want to be a year or two from now.
Good advice. But that's pretty much what I'm doing already. I'm using my dead time contributing to open source projects, reading CTCI and learning new tricks.

>> No.59481610
File: 14 KB, 173x240, Doug Hill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't get CS degree

>> No.59481633

>the most well paying jobs are in languages im not interested in
>all the jobs for C are either arduino bullshit or school assignments for dumb kids

>> No.59481647

Are you me?

>> No.59481700

literally me except I work in Cyber Security

>> No.59481734

bad, you're being underpaid for your talent, find those developers and the higher bidders and go to them

>> No.59481785
File: 29 KB, 382x322, 1400209569924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BA in software development
Literally how?

The software development curriculum is what CS should be.

CS is a garbage degree. I would know since I have one and have been working as a codemonkey for quite a while.
>not enough math for proper data analysis
>not enough trade instruction be employable without an internship
>not enough actual programming

>> No.59481847

Bachelor of Information Technology.

>> No.59481863

Install Wine.

>> No.59481880
File: 63 KB, 473x263, 1462040164089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but it's almost the same shit, atleast here where I got my CE

>tfw want to be a student forever

>> No.59481917


Honestly, reddit is good for none meme advice.

/r/sysadmin /r/cscareerquestions /r/ITcareerquestions /r/programming

>> No.59482232

You'll get some good actual advice, but Reddit is *very* prone to memes.

>> No.59482334

Less programming, more Cisco Networking crap, less Math only Math I&II, and Physics I&II

>> No.59482418
File: 36 KB, 657x527, 1464197576816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be young me
>interested in physics and math
>build circuits and program C for micro-controllers
>fast forward couple of years
>mfw took me 6 months to lose all interest in hardware
>mfw now I just want to write comfy high level code

I could have been studying CS instead but now im stuck in CE and have to choose between a master in Embedded Systems or Software Engineering. wtf should i do

>> No.59482463


digital media specialist still makes like 70-80k who cares

>> No.59482483


math is the most enlightening subject

math separates fools from geniuses

>> No.59482509

But most CS majors know jackshit about algorithms

>> No.59482571

This guy is right. The only reason why I passed my algorithm class was because the average for the final was 19/40 and the professor curved me to a C. I still don't know about anything I learned in that class.

>> No.59482620

Our algorithm exam was to only explain a couple of algorithms with pseudo code, no in depth shit. Easy.

>> No.59482839
File: 468 KB, 500x282, 1483950203215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is what NEETs actually think

>because they are pointless. you need to overwrite them anyways
Implying overriding an interface containing nothing but method signatures of public contract is the same as overriding a method of a class you're extending. End yourself.

>Java programming is all about using the huge api and implementing the methods. You dont need to know how shit works beyond your class.
Congrats you just realised that creating layers of abstraction is how you build real programs.

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