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>RAM prices last year
>$90 for 32GB of DDR4 RAM
>Prices this year
>$170 for $32GB of DDR4 RAM

What the h*ck?

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She's a cutie.

What is supply and demand? What is the memory used in vijacurds?

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My machine is two years old now. i5 + 8gigs of ddr3 pus a 840 evo. Would I notice any difference if I were to upgrade to a new gen ssd + ddr4?

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Same thing happens with HDs too it's literally because there are floods in Taiwan that halt production

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Holy fuck nose like pinocchio

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I want to face fuck that until my dick is bloody

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Phones are eating up factory production slots at most memory manufacturers. As phone makers contract the factories to make memory for them, they cut down other RAM productions because they have limited output.

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filthy turkroach

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Diminishing returns

Upgrade the ram if you're actually going to use beyond 8gb (it's near useless otherwise), and are you really going to spend another $100 on a newer ssd for a marginal upgrade? If it's professional use, by all means, go upgrade, but it's probably not worth it otherwise...imo if you have to measure the difference, or do an A/B comparison, then it's not significant.

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Been here since summer.
Finally a banana that made me laugh.

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fuck off newfag

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;_; There is kids we are in here.

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God fuck he's not even trying to look like a girl

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who cares, post more roach girl

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Ever fancied Google image search? Consider looking here and clicking her social links for whatever your reason is. http://anzujaamu.tumblr.com/

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Who the he'll needs 32gb of RAM?

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thanks anon, i love my pc and shes been running without a hitch for two years now. just wondering if newer ssd's / ddr4 actually could have made a difference

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she should buy fucking food instead of makeup and costume shit

i'm 100% sure turkey is the meat capital of the world, why the fuck isn't she bulking on sweet natty meat.

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cause she's scared of being a hambeast again

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is this supposed to be cute?

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provide information about this couple!!!!

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ugly boys who don't show their faces because they don't pass

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I dnont care i just wanna talk to them!

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Why is production centralized in one place?

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Child labour

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> again

wait does someone have pics of chubby anzu?

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post her gross feet

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Cute ^^

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i saw anzu irl, she is totaly faggot rich spoiled brat

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you don't need to meet her in real life to know all that

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she seems like the kind of person who hangs on to parents or beta faggots to support herself instead of getting a job like a good goy.

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she lives in capital city of turkey, and studies graphics design in bilkent university. this is most expensive university in turkey

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Globalization and outsourcing. Cheaper than producing in any Western country, especially when you factor in building a new fab facility and the bux to ship the raw materials to the US/Western Yurop.

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what i meant is that just with the pics she's taken of where she lives, the school she went to and her parents you'd already realize she's a rich stuck up brat
you don't need to meet her in real life to realize that

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i made once a comment about her in some kind of very popular forumlike website. i got tons of messages from beta fags to remove that comment lul

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You see that MacBook Pro in the background?

That means she's a person who actually has a life

All she needs is an iPhone and that Mac and maybe an iPad instead of the faggy battlestayshuns all these virgin fags have on here.

Stop playing your gaymes and be a normal person and use Apple proudcts

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bullies pls go

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that's funny cause all the whores at cosplay forums and even /cgl/ over here are constantly whining about her and throwing shit at her, i guess betas will be betas and women will be women....

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women hate their friends more than men hate their enemies.

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/cgl/ is full of fat weebs

of course they're upset that someone who was as heavy as them got thin and beautiful

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yea but it was a turkish only message board, those people tell me you are spreading lies!! stop commenting about her! remove that! one of the faggots shared his story with her, he told me that he once paid for his taxi and she refused it. she is very kind and bullshit.

in the end i removed comment because they won't keep sending me private messages which was cringy and annoying

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>you are required to own products from one company in order to be a normal person

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>Has a life
>Cosplaying weeb
>4chan clearly on screen

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>$32GB of DDR4 RAM

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O-Oh a spelling mistake!

Th-There goes my argument!

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>$32GB of DDR4 RAM

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>he doens't own 32 Giga Bucks of Deutsche Demokratische Republik 4 Rapid Access Memes

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Only weird anti social nerds use Wangblows and Linux and LagDroid. Remember that weird outcast kid in school? Yeah he's the one who plays videogames and spends his entire life on the internet

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The roach is bulimic

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>a cooking women
cute fairytale

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Why are roach girls so perfect brehs

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>tfw my neighbor cooks pretty well and we've known each other since kindergarten but i'm too autistic to ask her out

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Its that arab/gypsy blood

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Im at a gigabyte event tomorrow, will ask them.

I know they dont make RAM but they do produce GPUs, so they mustve noticed if it has anything to do with the memory supplier.

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cnab genes

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Dont bully, im an old fag, respect me now, underage b& amirite fellow olderfags?

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Am I stoned if I looked at the food and did not notice the lady for the next 7 seconds. Also im hungry

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What? Are you saying you're a kid?

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said the neet lurking in 4chan, kek

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pls delivrr

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Why did you censor heck like a retard?

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don't swear in my thread

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Underage b&

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Remember when they burned down one of their plants when DDR3 prices bottomed out?

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it's literally price fixing. they said there were going to be shortages a few months ago

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I feel relieved I don't know who the fuck this is.

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Its called Highlighter faggot. Its to bring emphasis to features.

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I think she does have a weird looking nose too. Its pretty crisp.
Foresight = price fixing?

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I bought 16gb of my current Corsair vengeance ram for $90 in 2012. My overcloked 3570k cpu is also worth more today then in 2012

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>4 rupees have now been deposited into your shill account

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Anzu is a grill, fampai

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you havent seen this pic related?

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Would you kill yourself if your daughter turned into a total AW?

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thats pretty funny

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literally ban this faggot.

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2d is the best anyways breh

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mfw $50 for dual channel 8gb ddr4 on Indonesia

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>tfw you see pix of her ugly gook bf

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fuck off shitskin

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post 'em

I don't understand the anzu obsession desu

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> i want to berieve

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A makeup, with a human underneath.

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She's a girl (male), yeah.

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Thanks asshole now bananas are illegal in the UK

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Only decent answer to OP

Fucking phoneposters destroying DRAM and NAND market again

Fuck Samsung and Hynix too.

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Sort yourself out and do it faggot do you know how rare it is to find a girl like that today?

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A real human bean

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Same Person?

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>Turk roach
You need to rethink your life choices son

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I don't get it, is she Turkish?

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Anzu is Turkish, yes.

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disgusting turkroach

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And already defiled by a jap. No longer /pure/

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Moralfag detected

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dang. thanks for clarifying anons

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Anzu is a fucktoy for rich fags.

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You dont know who I am, anon?

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is that a camwhore

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ok,no. no no no no

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who is this fagtron

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60 euro in yorup, for one 8

>> No.59463816

How rich is the chink?

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There is no money on earth that would make me wake up besides her without makeup.

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Rich enough to buy 10 tons of makeup a month to satisfy her shitty hobby.

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still cute

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visual studio junior pajeet .net dev
that's the only reason (sometime rarly games)

>> No.59464568

Hahaha,Nice image I really like it!
Mind if I save it?

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Why are we importing RAM from Asia when we could just use cheap Mexican labor?

>> No.59464745

>when you can see the shape of his actual lips under the ones he painted on

Why do grills do this, why not just be themselves?

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tfw bought 16gb of ddr3 last year for $60

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>replying to urslef

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Autistin Stevens I think. He's pretty much garbage, im not sure why he has a successful channel.

>> No.59465889

>implying traps are ever pure

>> No.59465981

The same people who needs an octa core

>> No.59466149

>not liking slim girls
I see you're not a gentleman like myself.

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me (。>﹏<。)

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imagine pregnant Anzu... she'd probably die giving birth with those hips

>> No.59466386

What a fucking manchild, posting that disgusting webm of that orbiter bait piece of shit

>> No.59466456

me (。>﹏<。)

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you disgust me

>> No.59466556

Cuz Samshit halved it's memory chips investment.

Artificial limits on dram chip production to raise prices.


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This guy is Kyrgyz, she is not capable of finding proper jap.

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I hate this board.

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On the Internet, don't assume she's a girl until you've seen her dick

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>They're a youtuber
Get the fuck off my board.

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bullying isn't allowed

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