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Why don't you own the best laptop on the market?

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Because I own the objectively superior one, you manlet

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because i got sick of laptops. almost considering getting a xps though but got a AIO instead.

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>I don't leave my house

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That's actually the opposite, manlet. I always have to work on the go and don't want to spend 12 hours a day looking at a minuscule screen.

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I don't need a laptop.

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But I do anon

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I already own a macbook pro anon

What is that plastic bullshit you posted?

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By objectively best you mean the made in japan vaio z flip?

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I'm waiting for a better laptop to enter the market.

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I would never buy a laptop with a screen bigger than 13 inches. disgusting.

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I own your mom's pussy

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Tiny man, tiny wallet, tiny dick, I see...

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>I am taller therefore I need a bigger screen because my eyes are worse


I do have a tiny penis tho got me there.

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Why is there an XPS thread everyday? Too many shills?

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>buy a big object
>claims overcompensating for something
>buy small object
>claims similar scale penis
The only conclusion I can come to is that anyone who claims someone has a small penis based on something that person purchases (unless they are XXS condoms) probably has a small penis themselves.

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>the "adaptive screen brightness" cannot be disactivated for Ganooh plus Lunix.

>Lot of proprietary driver needed to get basic stuff working.

>Installing gentoo was a mess on the 2015 version (because of shitty proprietary drivers). You had to boot on another distro such as Kali Linux or Arch Linux installation medium and then do the Gentoo install. And you weren't 100% sure to get it done.

>No usb type C charging.

> Everything soldered on the inside (? never verified myself this one though)

I hope either Dell (with the next gen of xps13) or Lenovo (with the x1carbon or the future x280) will make a decent 12~13 inch laptop before my X201 dies.

Unfortunately, "gaymer rigs" are better than "business class" for laptops. So I might eventually consider the 13 inch alienware or the macbook clone from razer if I am sure they will support Linux correctly.

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give me a non meme answer. What is the best laptop for $400-$700?

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Literally a ThinkPad with an ssd

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I have to admit, i've been thinking about the 15" over the 13" because it's actually upgradable. Though i do really prefer the 13"

Plus whats with this years model not having any Iris Pro graphics?

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> 16:9 aspect ratio

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>Why don't you own the best laptop on the market?

Because it's a piece of consumer class pretty shiny shit, that's why.

>buying an XPS over a Latitude or Precision
>you're fucking insane

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>see pic
>who the fuck taught this idiot how to hold a weapon
>not a three point stance off the knee
>great way to lose all necessary control of the barrel
>if he can hit the ground with that stance I'd consider that a lucky shot

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But I already have the new Retina MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

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I feel sorry for you.

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looks cool
can I buy it for less than $300?
if no I don't care

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The only non 16:9 laptops I know are macbooks, surfaces and chromebooks, and I'm not 100% sure.
4:3 laptops would be GOAT, but I also think 16:10 is superior to 16:9.
I don't think we can escape 16:9 on laptop without compromising on the components.

Serves a different purpose. XPS owner usually own another more powerful desktop or a heavy laptop with a GPU that they don't want to move around all day everyday.

I have a dell latitude e6440 and it's heavy as fuck. I use a x201 when I have to use a computer outside without needing computational power.

pic related.

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what model

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Lurk the /tpg/ threads.
But basically it sums up to this
>You want a 14 inch laptop?
You go for the T420
>You want a 12 inch laptop?
>You WANT to hack the trannieboot to free your bios?
You take a x200 and you're stuck with a core2duo
>You're poor but want a core i5 or i7 (first gen tho)?
You take a x201
(avoid the x200s and x201s)
>You have a little more to spend?
You take a x220

That's enough spoonfeeding for today.

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Because I haven't purchased it yet.

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I don't know for the most recent models, but expect the worst Linux compatibility.

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I know. I found some japanese forum where someone got Mint on an RZ4 so I'm still a little hopeful.

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Wtf that's not the Spectre x360

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be careful for the sound. I work with a let's note (older one, forgot the model name) and couldnt get asla working on it. Didn't care much because it's for work so I dont use sound anyway but it's rage initiating when it happens on a personal machine.

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My mid 2012 MBP is still fine. But i would buy the 9560 so quickly if it weren't.

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> e5450
1366x768 master race here

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>all that wasted space
they could have put a keypad on the right wtf

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There's not enough room for a numpad there.

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Not enough space for a proper numpad but I do think they could have made the keys bigger

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But I do

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Shoulda got the Spectre, you fucked up bigly

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That's a totally valid shooting stance/grip.

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i would only use HP devices if i was getting paid to use them

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The XPS actually uses less plastic than the MBP, anon.

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Nice damage control

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>Dell XPS $1440 AUD
>Thinkpad E470 $915 AUD

I want the Dell XPS because >dat bezel, sexy form factor and build quality
but having trouble justifying spending more for lower specs over the ugly lenovo, help I'm incapable of making decisions for myself.

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I do.

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Clean your Fucking keyboard

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Because your responses make you seem like a normal well adjusted person who just wants to work on the move. Wouldn't surprise me if you're smeared in shit, fucking a dead cat in your moms basement as you reply to this thread you cunt

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The fuck are you even talking about? Now you're just spewing shit, I'm starting to think you're severely autistic and you've been let loose on the internet for a while to give your carers a break. I ain't even talkin bout /g/s autist meme, you truly must be on the spectrum

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Is this you?

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Apparently that dipshit doesn't understand overcompensating, he believes in a world where more money = bigger laptop = bigger dick

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Kek, seems like I hit a nerve there fampais.
Don't take it so personal

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>getting a reply = butthurt
Ebin. Enjoy your micropenis, anon.

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thats not necessarily overcompensating. a redneck needs a redneck truck senpai

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Nobody is taking it personally, it's just fun to point out how much of a twat you are. Raggin on a moron != taking personal offence to said morons idiotic outbursts, more of you autists need to learn this fact

I honestly couldn't care what your opinion is on laptops or screen size or whatever else is being debated in this thread. Put simply, I see a cunt, I mock a cunt

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What is the difference between the e460 and the thinkpad 13?

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It's right there in your post

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>Ferd F-teen thousand

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call me when they get a trackpad that isn't aids

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I've had my dell xps 13 9350 for a week and have already seen it spike over 95c and now it experiences significant coil whine when performing simple tasks.

This thing is pretty but it doesn't seem built to last. It sucks because I really wanted to like it. Dells solution is to send a tech out to my house to replace the motherboard, but why should I already be repairing a defective unit I have had for only a week? Fuck this, I'm taking it back to costco on Monday. Might go with a yoga 2 for half the price or even spend more for a 13" mbp and call it a day because it "just werks".

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What's a good, or the best laptop in the 800-1200 price range? If you can't narrow it down to one, name five.

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>no usb type c charging

But I read a review where it said this is a handy feature as it lets you use an external powerbank...

Anyway I am very tempted to get this.

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>why should I already be repairing a defective unit I have had for only a week?
because it's fucking broken? are you retarded?

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pls respond

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>no numpad

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>repairing a flawed design
>being stuck with a lemon
I hope you can appreciate my concern.

>> No.59448929

the design isn't flawed. >your< laptop is. You're not stuck with it, you're just too stubborn to get it replaced.

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not really though

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I do
>pic related

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Ugliest pos I've seen in my life

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the spectre and the yoga 910 are both a little bit better

they're still flawed though so i'm going to wait

also dell are a bunch of jews and i hate them and wouldnt give them my money

>> No.59449547

>they're still flawed

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>shitty keyboard
>coil whine
>no USB C
>no trackpoint

At least post the best laptop on the market right now

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It's trying to hard to keep an industrial look but also looking sleek

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I've seen this copy pasta in another thread. Take your MBP shilling somewhere else.

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Is the 2016 x1c preferable over the xps? I want to get a refurbished one

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If it's a laptop and has a numpad, it's inherently shit. Only exception being the UltraBay numpad.

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I'm going to soon, but I'm leaning towards the XPS 15, because it can go beyond 8gb of ram (i don't need it now, but I expect to use a computer for a solid 5yrs), and the decent video card would make it so I don't have to entirely give up pc gaming if I ditch my desktop.

I would normally not look at 15" models, but this one is smaller than the typical 15". I'd like to still get my hands on one in person if I can.

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The XPS 13 has 16GB configurations, and why would you be ditching your desktop?

>> No.59450945

It's running a 7yr old cpu, and I have little interest in putting money into considering how much I actually use it for gaming, while it would be cheaper to throw in a new cpu + mobo, I don't game enough to justify having a tower around.

as for the 16gb option on the XPS 13, I would prefer not to have the higher resolution display.
I have little interest in anything beyond 1080p if it's just going to be scaled down, and consume more battery, but I suppose I can reconsider.

>> No.59451002

the not being able to get 16GB without QHD is pretty lame on their part albeit the QHD display is pretty impressive in person.

>> No.59451247

i completely forgot why I had dropped that option from consideration. That option puts it around $1,900 with CA sales tax. At that price point, I would rather buy a 13" MacBook Pro.

>> No.59451317

wtf I can get it for around $1200 USD, and fortunately since I live so close to DE I can bypass sales tax altogether

>> No.59451623

The lesser xps 13 models, with 1080p display, and 8gb, sure they come out to $1,200 with tax, as as for the MacBooks, USB Type-C is an absolute requirement, so I won't be getting an older model.

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I meant the decked out version

>> No.59451795

But I already own that

>> No.59451813

I just bought a Clevo N850HK1. Breddy gud in every aspect, except for noise. It's quiet on power saver mode though.

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>current year of our Lord Jesus Christ

Not everyone is still a student who needs to take notes.

And, if I go outside I don't want to spend yet more time on a computer. I already spend too much on my home and office computer, with a normal-sized screen (at least 24 inch).

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>he doesn't travel for any reasonable amount of time
>he doesn't do work on the go
You sound like a loser.

>> No.59452540

>work on the go

Such a meme. That's why I have my phone with me and a fully featured portable keyboard, so I can remote-access my home computer and get shit done, if I need to.

A laptop's battery lasts even less than a phone's, so there's no point in lugging around a laptop just to type some text on a screen.

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Are people really shitting on 17in laptops? They're still vastly more portable than actual desktops. I put mine in a backpack when I leave the house with it, no big deal. It's hard to squint at a tiny ass 14in or less laptop when I've used a 17in for so many years.

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Is that the 13"?
You know it's OBJECTIVELY worse than the Spectre x360
Pick a spec, it loses to the HP

>> No.59452641

If you're using a 13'' laptop, you might as well go for a tablet with a stand, if all you need is to write text or browse the web.

It makes no sense to buy a laptop to play games or do intensive graphic work anyway.

>> No.59452645

>He didn't wait a month after release to get the superior Spectre

>> No.59452673

Bump for interest
I'd like to start noticing a problem with my laptop as soon as possible, but I just cant

>> No.59452688

The Spectre X360 13.3" has 16Gb options
Also significantly cheaper than the XPS spec-per-spec

>> No.59452707

Doesn't the spectre have a hinge issue?
I going to not using the subway a lot so I need aesthetic and sturdy.
Also how are the vaio laptops

>> No.59452731

I thought QHD was retarded on a 13" screen (and for most applications it is, and for any non-rendering environment, the hi res battery drains are negligible)
But it's SO nice to have text that sharp, or to see images that clearly. I might not notice 900p to 1800p in games but when looking at text the difference is night and day. Plus being able to flip it around and use it as a tablet close to your face, the hi-res is much more useful in that case
The Spectre x360 outclassed every 13" laptop in battery life, including the Yoga and the XPS

>> No.59452746

>Doesn't the spectre have a hinge issue?

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My Spectre has type-c (no thunderbolt), QHD, 16GBs ram, 7500U CPU, and was LESS than $1000 per laptop
It came in a two pack but still, under $1000 each

>> No.59452771

>no nipple


>> No.59452807

My hinge is sturdy enough, shuffling around on my bed doesn't make it wobble but I'm sure it's possible on a shitty inner-city tram
You can 2-in-1 that shit into a tent and get zero wobble, or just not worry about it because it's not nearly as significant as some other laptop I've used
I use my laptop on planes with zero wobble, but that's a lot smoother or a ride
Some people may find it more wobbly than a hinge on a 6lbs laptop, but I don't notice it at all and calling it an "issue" sounds more like some pissy reviewer looking for a reason to hate something

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>feeling superior because you own a knockoff of this

>> No.59452881

No built in LTE. And according to rumors the coil whine is bad.

>> No.59452897

>No built in LTE
Don't you have a phone?

>> No.59452918

>trackpad is now made even worse
>keyboard now has no travel
It's fucking garbage. The 2013 models, or which ever one had the fans, were better

>> No.59452921

And even the 99.8% of my school who uses MacBooks say they would want my HP

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>Artfags claiming HP logo is the second coming of christ
This fanbase is just as bad as macs

>> No.59452955

desu senpai, the new logo is nice, but I still hate their laptops with a passion.
fuck HP and their shitty consumer laptops.

>> No.59452957

Do USB SIM card network adapters exist?
If not, why?

>> No.59452979

>no USB C
It's actually one of the very few laptops with USB C.

Not him, but screen? I researched laptop screens when buying my XPS and at the time the QHD and the MBP were practically tied for first place.

Not just resolution, but color accuracy is excellent as well.

Are you the sort of person angry that they made overheating laptops a decade ago.

>> No.59452982

Of course, we all hate consumer HP laptops here
But this one has a Mac-knockoff aluminum unibody, it doesn't overheat, and build quality seems to be better than "the normal HP laptop"

>> No.59452986


>> No.59452993

Vaio z flip, made in japan, aluminum carbon fiber materials or something besides aluminum m.2 ssd 28 watt skylake.
>but no usb c

>> No.59452997


>> No.59453008

I do. I'd rather use the battery life for making phone calls though since the reason I use a laptop is because I have to work on the go.

Why would I want dongles if I buy an ultrabook? I spend around 200 days a year in travel for work. I keep the bare minimum with me and try to fit everything in carry-on luggage. When getting highest tier in the hotel chains you often get free laundry.

>> No.59453012

My screen is QHD
>color accuracy
On which laptop? I read the Spectre, the XPS 13, and the yoga 910 all have about a 70-80% RGB or srgb something, I don't know what that means but people say it's nothing special from most other high res 13" laptop screens

>> No.59453028

It could easily be made into something smaller than a wireless mouse receiver
Also like I just said, I'm not aware these even exist
I for one am very happy that my windows 10 laptop isn't permanently connected to paid-data internet

>> No.59453045

If you're traveling for work how do you not have wifi everywhere?
I went to Iceland a few weeks ago and had internet for nearly the entire trip, including the plane, airports, busses and businesses

>> No.59453129

What about it even resembles a mac? Apple doesn't have a patent on aluminum.

I was talking about the XPS, I think I saw the comparison on arstechnic or trusted reviews. If you really care about screen quality, check a comparison.

>> No.59453157

Why not use a a wifi hotspot from your phone? It makes much more sense than an extra dongle. I mean I carry a dongle, it does usb3 to usb2, vga, ethernet and hdmi. I wouldn't carry one for something I can do with my phone.

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They're like "aww shit bro is that retina?"
I say "no it's just high-resolution"
Then I touch my 13.3" size touchbar, load up a real PowerPoint file and they excuse themselves to the bathroom

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>> No.59453212

Good for you. I use enterprise windows so any spying done is done by my employer. I don't care if x can be made small. I care that it can be put inside the laptop to keep the formfactor small without useless additions and under 1kg in weight preferably.

Company policy does not allow me to connect to public networks. I even have a sat crypto phone but that's another story. And where I go sometimes there is barely cell phone reception. Plus hotel wifi usually sucks during weekdays due to them being overloaded with business folks hogging all the bandwidth.

Some people actually use their phones for what they once were intended for and can't really afford burning out the battery on the phone.

>> No.59453233

Because my phone has shit battery and I'd rather have a USB receiver-sized LTE dongle, specific to my computer (which would not just be my phones data plan) than my phone hanging off my computer struggling to stay charged while heating up like a stove and draining my precious gigabytes

>> No.59453241

But we were using unibody designs on cars ages before, they just applied the concept to a laptop chassis. And ok, if you want to defend the point that they copied the idea of a unibody that's alright, but it's very far from "a clone". They look nothing alike.

>> No.59453259

So AT&T cellular data is very important to you
But a USB receiver sized dongle is too much of a compromise for you?

>> No.59453268

Then how about carrying a powerbank if a wifi hotspot kills your battery? I mean the adapter just feels way too single-usecase, a powerbank is always useful.

>> No.59453277

I literally just said the aluminum unibody was a MacBook knock-off because if I don't, there will be 15 replies that will say that it is

>> No.59453291

Just bought a surface pro 4 coz sale senpai.

>Best laptop on the market

>dated windows 8 model

>> No.59453299

The aluminum unibody is good is all I'm saying, and you can't reasonably expect to bring up "aluminum unibody" as a point of a laptop without somebody interjecting saying that Apple did it and must therefore be better somehow

>> No.59453333

You obviously don't spend the majority of your life travelling. You also probably think it's fun to live in hotels and fly a lot.

How about I have a laptop that can provide me with LTE and 8 to 12 hours of battery life without powerbanks and dongles? Yes the price tag is probably outside your comfort zone but some people actually pay for it. I bet you even didn't know that your typical enterprise laptop cost around $10000/year in support agreements and rent. An even your fucking desk probably costs around $5000/year.

>> No.59453340


I'd get a refurb elitebook before these

>> No.59453351

i don't think about you at all

>> No.59453425

Actually I travel with my mouse reciever, my mouse, external hard drive and secureid dongle
I need all of these peripherals for work, I have plenty of spare space in my bag too

>> No.59453443

My dads Thinkpad have all been free, the contractual bits ($600 + repairs for 4 years) are what you pay for you dipshit

>> No.59453494

I doubt you spend a majority of your life travelling if you have all that with you. A 3 month business trip to another branch is not the same as travelling to 2-3 different countries every 2 weeks on average.

Nice enterprise you have there. Is it mom & dad enterprise incorporated and your office is in your mommy's basement?

>> No.59453673

No they're just some small Kickstarter business selling to Sandisk, Intel, and the one-off mass production console APU
But Intel won't be selling their discrete graphics card they're working on with the company to businesses for that price

>> No.59453710

See my business doesn't involve 3 months in some shithole, I go meet a company, throw a good non-pajeet face at them, and sell them $3 million worth of hardware I don't make, then I go home.
What kind of company do you work for that doesn't understand the capability of the Internet? If you're not a face, you might as well be an email.

>> No.59453908 [DELETED] 

>See my business doesn't involve 3 months in some shithole, I go meet a company, throw a good non-pajeet face at them, and sell them $3 million worth of hardware I don't make, then I go home.
Well good for you. I'm not a salesman so I don't sell stuff. I do other things that doesn't allow me to go home.
>What kind of company do you work for that doesn't understand the capability of the Internet?
The kind of company that do export restricted work in air gapped highly secure facilities without internet access and where cell phones are forbidden.
>If you're not a face, you might as well be an email.
cool story

>> No.59453971

>physically delivering data
See that's where you fucked up, you made up one too many facts

>> No.59454001 [DELETED] 

I'm not a courier.

>> No.59454025

Yeah I know, you're not anything
I like your stories though please continue

>> No.59454053

That is true. I'm nothing. Disregard everything posted.

>> No.59454075

Enjoy your chromebook with 4G
I still haven't seen a SIM card network dongle yet, you seem to be pretty adamant that they're unusable for you so which one did you use? Luckily I can handle a half square-inch USB in my computer

>> No.59454135

What's your obsession with dongles? I'm using a standard x1 carbon that has LTE. I don't understand why I would need dongles when my laptop satisfy all my needs without dongles.

>> No.59454184

I asked you a question
Which dongle did you use that angers you so much?
I don't care that there's already a SIM card reader already hookup up to your USB header

>> No.59454206

which laptop has a 2 finger scroll ability that is on par or at least close to a macbook?

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>> No.59454273

You seem very slow on the uptake. There are very good reasons why I bring an ultrabook and not a 21" gaymen laptop monster with dongles and car batteries to power it for 30 minutes.
>me travel a lot
>me only bring carry on luggage
>that means the luggage that can be brought along is very limited
>every tiny bit I don't need to bring is good
>me don't want to drag around extra useless dongles because I'm not an iFag that like dongles

>> No.59454285
File: 129 KB, 1600x976, macbook-pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do

>> No.59454315

how about i clarify: what laptop worth buying has a good 2 finger scroll

>> No.59454324
File: 40 KB, 680x680, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which dongle did you use that made your 13" ultrabook into a 40 lbs beast that dies in 5 minutes?
I mean shit, my last laptop network adapter was a fucking expresscard, and this is too much for you to fit in your bag?

>> No.59454339

carry on luggage means you have a bag for clothes and then you use a backpack or laptop case for your device, so your story doesnt make much sense

>> No.59454344
File: 63 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you have all that with you
>all that

>> No.59454357

convince me not to buy an xps 13

>> No.59454363


>> No.59454374

HP Spectre x360 is better in literally every measurable aspect except bezels

>> No.59454378
File: 47 KB, 501x585, eab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying HP

Never ever

>> No.59454383

Literally kill yourself.

>> No.59454396

>No usb type C charging
Objectively false

>> No.59454405
File: 725 KB, 1750x3264, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, I'm not here to argue
Your loss
$1400 for the non-2-in-1 XPS 13 that is beat by the Spectre
$1100 for the 2-in-1 XPS 13 that's beat even by fucking tablets (not even good tablets)
But damn this is $1000 I do not regret at all

>> No.59454466

the x360 is $600 more than the xps 13 which is on sale for me

>> No.59454476

hp shills are insane

>> No.59454481
File: 33 KB, 960x539, hp_spectre13_04-300x169[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the non-2-in-1 XPS 13 that is beat by the Spectre

Sure, if you like this fucking garbage and

>> No.59454576
File: 225 KB, 573x430, spectre 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posting a picture of a spectre 2 generations old
>b-but hp
go away child
spectre x360

>> No.59454585

That's not the X360 though

>> No.59454609
File: 181 KB, 1753x907, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My 2016 model was under $1000 for this spec

>> No.59454623

Are you a dell shill or something that's mad that the xps doesn't have built in LTE? I don't like to bring 27 fucking dongles to get a functional laptop when I can get a laptop that doesn't need dongles.

I use a combined laptop and luggage bag. I use a slimfit sleave for the laptop.

You retards are basically defending the Apple dongle meme.

>> No.59454635
File: 1.37 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What laptop is that?

>> No.59454636

I'm waiting to see what the new surface pro/surface books are like. I want one with a thunderbolt port so I can plug an eGPU in and video games on it.

>> No.59454639
File: 24 KB, 640x360, le_meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because I'm poor

>> No.59454664

No I have a Spectre actually and would like to find a LTE dongle, which you keep refusing to show me yet insist is "impossible" for you to slide into a pocket
I'm not shilling, I don't give a fuck what laptop you have, I'm asking
You haven't posted a single one, and to be honest without me posting that image I don't think you would've even known they existed

>> No.59454670

this is an amazing laptop
it was the lightest on the market when I bought it. perfect for my iOS VM.

>> No.59454671

>B-b-but thats not the spectre I was talking about.

Next time be specific, autist.

>> No.59454677


Jesus fucking christ, HOW is that shit STILL not fixed? And I almost fell for it too.

>> No.59454682

>he think anyone on here talks about outdated hardware outside of chinkpad threads
are you fucking retarded?

>> No.59454690

writing this message on this one rn
dell xps13 kabylake i7 16gb ram
im lucky that i dont have coil whine tho

>> No.59454714
File: 4 KB, 225x225, dell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dell XPS looks really good, I have to be honest. I was never a big Dell fan in the past, but their XPS series is really impressing me.
It's comparable to the Mac in terms of slimness, and completely outclasses it in every other area.

>> No.59454716

>I carry an mouse and an external SSD in the peripheral-specific pocket of my laptop bag

>> No.59454730

The XPS 13 is objectively beat by the HP Spectre x360
The XPS 15 vs the Spectre 15 is a different story, Dell wins that one

>> No.59454732

Can you try stop being retarded for 3 seconds? I could force a suit case styled sat phone into my fucking bag but that means less other things. I rather fit something else into my bag like an extra pair of clean underwear. I know the idea of showering twice a day and put on clean underwear each time is foreign idea for you.

>> No.59454733

HP Spectre looks really good, I have to be honest. I was never a big HP fan in the past, but their Spectre series is really impressing me.
It's comparable to the Mac in terms of slimness, and completely outclasses it in every other area

>> No.59454743

There's zero port-to-port adapters on my laptop in use, the Apple meme is needing a dongle to use a cable, not needing a cable to use a useful piece of hardware

>> No.59454762

Which LTE dongle have you used?
I want one, I've wanted one since I posted that I want one (if they existed) 20 minutes ago.
You've obviously used one (or else you would just be some fucking retard talking about some created situation he knows nothing about), so which one did you use?
I want to see the options, if you say the options are so horrible

>> No.59454766

XPS 15 vs the Spectre 15 IS a different story, but it's not quite as simple as saying dell outright wins, or being comparable to xps 13 vs spectre 13 where the spectre just wins.

>> No.59454795
File: 163 KB, 1068x1039, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But why do you need more underwear if high end hotels come with free laundry?

>> No.59454834

Oh fuck off. Sick of these dumb threads. That thing is a piece of shit. The only laptops worth buying are older ThinkPads and MacBooks.

>> No.59454846


>eww becky look its all messy all those wires connecting things what a nerd xD

Fucking kill yourself you sack of shit.

>> No.59454853

What is your major malfunction? You are for some reason so extremely butthurt your buttcheeks have achieved orbit due to me not wanting to deal with dongles no matter how "small" they are.

I've briefly used Huawei E220. It's not LTE but I hope your autistic ass will forgive me. Itallowed me to make the decision I don't want to bring extra cables and peripherals I don't have to bring.

>> No.59454864

The only underwear that could fit in the size of this >>59454324 network adapter is your panties, which should be on you as you board the plane anyways

>> No.59454876

There are typically limits to the free laundry. Some only offer one free laundry per stay. Others offer 1 free clothes piece per day. And free laundry kind of requires you to have stayed with them for 50+ nights in a year. I can't always stay with the same hotel chain.

>> No.59454878

Is that the new "dq" brand?

>> No.59454881

Did you use that on your XPS? It says it only works with Windows 2000 and XP

>> No.59454891

Every hotel I've been to with laundry just has a guest-access laundry room. Are you saying you hand the hotel employees your dirty underwear?
>I can't always stay with the same hotel chain
>not racking up points
>not living in hotels for basically free after years of jewry

>> No.59454901
File: 281 KB, 1600x1067, 1483487226356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That Dell is just another generic laptop. What's it's claim to fame, just a thinner display bezel? Is that it? That's all that needs to be done to sell a laptop to Windrones?

>no fingerprint reader
>shitty clicking trackpad
>no unibody/rollcage

Utter fucking meme garbage.

>> No.59454908

Some people aren't so fat they have to use table cloths as underwear.

>> No.59454911
File: 276 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 free clothes piece for day
Do you work in fucking North Korea oh my god what is this shit
Just stop
Or keep going, actually, this is gold

>> No.59454926

So like "free laundry, except you need to not have free laundry for a year first" is like "free LTE, except you need to plug something in first"

>> No.59454949
File: 382 KB, 1219x791, 20170317211451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't use an ORIGIN PC

>> No.59454952

Fingerprint readers have been widely criticized and are disappearing even from laptops that have traditionally had them
Also are you saying a clickable trackpad is bad?

>> No.59454957

>no fingerprint reader
to be fair it does have that option now

>shitty clicking trackpad
nah the trackpad is pretty dope tbqh

>no unibody/rollcage
is this nascar?

>> No.59454982

Yes I actually had a 13" XPS back then. I believe the xps line predates your date of birth.

>Every hotel I've been to with laundry just has a guest-access laundry room.
Sounds very budget. I need to check next week if they have diy laundry rooms. It could allow me to have less smelly training clothes.
>Are you saying you hand the hotel employees your dirty underwear?
Of course. There are laundry bags in the rooms.

>not racking up points
I have loads of points. I usually use them for free food and drinks in the bar. I usually give away a boatload of them since it's difficult to use them up.
>not living in hotels for basically free after years of jewry
Honestly I'm quite fed up with living in hotels and the points expire after a while.

>> No.59454989
File: 271 KB, 670x615, pic-main2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quit bickering like morons and buy a god damn Japanese made Vaio Z Flip god damnit.

>> No.59455009

The XPS laptops didn't happen until 2008

>> No.59455015

Tell me more about what you don't like in the average hotel, I own a few

>> No.59455026

>I get points, I get tons of points, nobody gets points better than me!
>I use my points for the bar
Man you're not even trying at this point

>> No.59455041


Mechanical clicking trackpads are fucking shit. Apple's Force Touch trackpad is unbeatable.

>> No.59455053
File: 288 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170317-202600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Anything HP
Fucking trash
> Captcha

>> No.59455060

I don't see what's so funny. It's just a bonus program designed to keep the customers loyal by throwing in a few freebies. I often only utilize a few of the perks I get from the bonus program.

I'm not sure what you mean but if you want freebies and free guaranteed room upgrades you need to stay quite a few nights with a hotel chain.

>> No.59455061


>> No.59455067

Man you need to go to some real hotels instead of one-off European hostels managed by a 17 year old pakistani
I use Hilton because I used to get hotels as paid expense and thus racked up a shitload of points that I use for hotels and occasionally drivers or vacation tours (because Hilton loves to take money from white people in dangerous nations, for whatever reason they can)

>> No.59455073

here's your (you)

>> No.59455083

The ones in America are fucking garbage. First the building is constructed out of wood, so I can hear footsteps above me or the next room's TV blaring or the headboard right next to my ear being banged against or the doors fucking slamming shut. The bathrooms arent floor to ceiling tiled so I cant have a guy piss all over me in the bathroom without fucking up the walls. Theres no fucking balconies where I can stand on the railing high af on coke contemplating whether just to jump on some Camry and end it all. The breakfasts suck, I dont want fucking cereal. I'm a big man give me some fucking meat and cheese god damnit.

>> No.59455122

Do you have issues that aren't based on the building?
I could always stop pushing the stale cookies and year old bowls of cereal but people buy hotel locations based on they can afford, not every chain is able to get a brand new 18 story building made and furnished for them

>> No.59455133

The noise and light pollution.

>> No.59455163
File: 1.14 MB, 300x200, 1466016835838.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a PC replacement.
>can upgrade to 16GiB RAM and 2TB HDD
>powerful enough to emulate old games and play 1080p movies
>can run Linux
>fairly open source and free
What get?

>> No.59455166

Check out a motelone in germany some say. 50 euros a night, all solid brick construction, tiled walls, various meats and breads, and cheese for breakfast. And theyre 4 stories

>> No.59455170

nothing because such a laptop that's not a fucking brick doesn't exist

>> No.59455189

What brick.
I don't care about jewelrytops.

>> No.59455191

Tiled walls in baths... also not so motel like pretty comfy comparable to a holiday inn express but with smaller rooms

>> No.59455216

I'm quite certain I owned a XPS branded laptop in early 2006 before switching back to thinkpads.

Often garbage wifi. Not scaled to actual amount of people living there. Connection drops out all the time.

Very few hotels actually have good cleaning. Cleaning staff often cut corners and don't dust. Also fuck America and your mandatory tipping the cleaning lady to not use your tootbrush when cleaning the toilet.

Some rooms should never have been allowed to happen. Poor sound isolation.

OK. You can stop replying whenever you want. You'll get it if you ever get a job that involves staying a lot at hotels.

>> No.59455239

Yeah like the ones next to the stairwell where the bed shares the same wall as the stairwell.

>> No.59455275

I don't lay the brick dude
Fresh breakfast is always considered but at least from what I see, there's just not any demand, people generally rather want something they can grab in 30 seconds or they go out to eat breakfast. Hiring a cook, keeping fresh food and serving it free without any upcharge is kinda difficult to do, especially when people see "free breakfast" and assume it's gonna be cookies and cereal in the first place
That's not Americas fault that's mexicos fault. You get a cleaner from the middle-upper class and you get none of these problems. It'd be pretty hard to tip a cleaning lady anyways, do you leave a dollar on the toilet seat?

>> No.59455291


>> No.59455324

Freshly baked bread, cheese, fruit, good coffee , bacon, scrambled eggs and vegetables at breakfast. Fuck your cardboard cereals.

>> No.59455351

Germans just give you deli meat and an assortment of breads, fruit and cheeses. Theres no hot meals but they do have a coffeeshop and probably a bar

>> No.59455354

Or the ones next to the ventilation systems main air duct. Is that an air plane starting or just the ventilation system?

>> No.59455365

Or the one right next to the elevator

>> No.59455370

Maybe people go out to eat because you serve them stale dog food for breakfast?

>> No.59455377

wtf are you two talking about holy shit, i've never seen a thread get derailed so hard

>> No.59455382

If americans were more trained to build buildings out of something besides sticks and plywood then hotels wouldnt have these problems.

>> No.59455392

Making America Great Again of course

>> No.59455394

Th problem with cheese platters is that everybodys kids come and demolish the entire thing, and then ask when breakfast is
Good cheese is expensive and you lose 100% of the cheese that's been sitting out on a plate all morning
Bacon and eggs are doable, we used to do that a few years ago but the pajeet manager cut it when he got mad at an employee for some dumb pajeet shit
Bread, fruit and coffee is pretty common, I can't imagine any hotel that claims "breakfast" and doesn't even have fruit/coffee

>> No.59455405

Which of these should I get for good Linux support? Preferably with all open source drivers

>> No.59455414

We are people that spend a lot of time in hotels. We are sharing hotel stories about how shitty hotels in reality are when you are a frequent visitor. It's something people only staying in hotels for vacation probably wont take note of.

>> No.59455424

Hotels are basically quick vacations nowadays, its pretty fucking sad. Like you take your family to a nicer newer hotel in the same city that you live in.

>> No.59455478

>now owning Xiaomi Air 13

>> No.59455522

>when you realize the "air" meme is obselete with full-power laptops now being just as thin

>> No.59455696
File: 69 KB, 700x525, lip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a french watch manufacturer called Lip which has literally the same logo.

>> No.59455740

http://www officedepot.com/mb/a/products/426101/Dell-Inspiron-15-Laptop-156-Screen/fromLocalBrowse=false

I work at the officedepot in my town and this isn't terrible for what you want. Upgrade the screen for like $50-60 and add 4gb of ram and you're gtg.

>> No.59455783

Fuck I didn't see the 13 inch requirement.

But it's not a bad deal, friend.

>> No.59455821
File: 31 KB, 480x547, 1484809482092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59456276

Let's notes look really nice, do they support linux well?

>> No.59456897

are styluses a gimmick? does anyone actually take notes with them?

>tfw cant decide between surface and a regular ultrabook

>> No.59456920

pic unrelated

>> No.59456961

Read the thread, I was replying to a guy saying he used an LTE adapter.
>oh but you don't even knooooow
Spare me.

>> No.59457938
File: 287 KB, 1400x1025, 2013-06-02-tibook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do.

>> No.59458004

you faggots all know you can replace the wifi adapter with one that supports lte right? it is replaceable on every laptop ive ever seen, including xps 13

>> No.59459455

>Just the paint job.

>> No.59460226

obviously because i dont want to, sage to this stupid bait

>> No.59460243

it helps with faster target acqusitions and aim once you get used to it.

>> No.59460272

cause i cant afford it anon :(
and even with dat budget ill probably just build a 6850K + 1080ti system

>> No.59460659

not a gimmick

2nd year physics major use my sp3 for everything

>> No.59460766

ayy the scope

>> No.59460797
File: 139 KB, 1899x903, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do
I love it

>> No.59460822

wtf is your problem?

>> No.59460836


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