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Looking for some fast RAM for my Ryzen COMPILAN build.

If motherboard lists compatibility with the same type of sticks but not the exact same model number is it still probably gonna work at higher frequencies?

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stop making new threads for retarded questions that fit into an existing thread

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just buy 16 GigaBytes.

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DDR4 is super expensive right now because a factory burned down or something when phones started to use DDR4, causing the demand to go up. I'd buy like one 8gb stick for now and then buy another 8gb stick once the prices come back down.

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>mixing RAM modules

Make some effort and buy a kit, it's better than facing compatibility issues later

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You don't have to mix ram, you can just buy the same SKU again...

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>mixing ram is bad meme
fuck off it's not 2003 any longer

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Kits are tested and certified to run together. DRAM is lottery, quality may vary a lot between SKUs. Granted, with a bit more voltage you might be able to get it stable.

Why don't you fuck yourself with a cactus?

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>waaaaahhh people are calling out my bullshit information from over a decade ago now i look like a retard waaaaaaaaahhh

you have to go back

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>I want to install more memory, in addition to my existing memory kit. What are my options?
>We do not recommend mixing memory kits, regardless of brand or model.
>By mixing memory kits together, there may be compatibility issues such as unable to boot or unable to operate at rated specifications.

>Each of our memory kit are thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility within each memory kit. And because we have not tested our memory kit with >your existing memory kit, we cannot guarantee compatibility when multiple kits are used.

You dense motherfucker.

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Then go ahead and learn things the hard way

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But Asus don't know shit, I guess.

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meh, I've had compatibility issues mixing RAM on numerous occasions all the way back to my Core i7-920 and as recently as this week when screwing with an AMD A10-5800k based system running ESXi.

It's always a better bet to just max a system out and be done with it than rolling the dice later on to save a few bucks IMO.

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>RAM manufacturer says marketing bullshit to get you to spend more money on RAM

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>gets BTFO
>hurr durr marketing bullshit

Go ahead, then. Here's hoping it catches fire but unfortunately, it won't.

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>RAM manufacturer's FAQ
>"there MAY be compatability issues"
how many times have you actually mixed sticks yourselves?

worked fine the dozen times i've done it the hundreds of times my mother does it every year (she's a computer engineer at the local college).
how many times have you actually done it?

yes but it's not such a huge deal as these tards are trying to make it out to be.

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If OP is willing to tweak and test settings, sure why not

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Not all mobos will be happy with it, especially Asus and MSI.

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>I'm BTFO because a RAM manufacturer told me to buy more RAM instead of just buying one stick

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if he buys the same model as the first stick and it's rated for the same timings and speed it's pretty much guaranteed to work.

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Yes, you are. Now leave, adults are talking.

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yes it's quite common for old people to hang onto old ingrown beliefs even decades after they became outdated

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Only if the subtimings match, and in trying to match subtimings you don't cause issues with the memory controller and the old stick. And you may need to up the voltage a bit, which limits overclocking potential if you're doing this only to run it at stock speeds.

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Please don't make guarantees when >>59371102 has already encountered the bit of nuisance.

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>overclocking ram

please learn to read

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>shifting goalposts

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please learn to add caveat

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there's no need to OC RAM any more since there's unlocked CPUs and OCing RAM has basically no fucking benefits for performance

>being so autistic he cant deduce meanings if it's not cleartext

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Think of the beginners!

Will you abandon them when your guarantee fails?

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All 2400+ sticks are overclocked, you inbred retard.

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>ram sold as 3000mhz
>mobo sold with 3000mhz support
>thinks it's the same as buying 2400mhz RAM and overclocking it to 3000mhz or using 3000mhz ram and overclocking a mobo that doesnt support those speeds according to manufacturer

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When you install RAM and power on your computer, it boots at JEDEC timings, because either the mobo or the IMC may not be able to handle it. Then you go to the BIOS setup and load the XMP/AMP profile or set the timings manually, save, quit and pray. Do you understand it now?

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yes, but you're still not overclocking if both parts are rated to run at those speeds, you're simply resetting defaults, you stupid fucking mongrel

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Yes, it is overclocking. Anything above 2400 is not guaranteed to work.

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>now going full-retard mode
Thank you for the comedy.

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>ram and mobo both rated to run far higher
>flip a setting to make them run at the rated speed

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All mobos mark 2400+ clocks as (OC). If you weren't so obnoxious, you'd know that.

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So now Intel is wrong?
>Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) lets you overclock RAM and compatible DDR3/DDR4 memory to enhance the gaming features built into PCs with Intel Inside®. Get that extra edge you need to dominate.

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Keep bitching. You're amusing.

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it's not overclocking if both parts are rated to run at that speed, but sure go ahead and keep spouting marketing buzzwords

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Now provide us with 3000MHz DDR4 RAM chip datasheet from, like, Samsung. Not modules, mind you.
Hope you will finally understand the meaning of overclocking.

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>factory overclocked
>sold to user at rated speed
nice goalpost move

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You've actually mentioned factory overclock.


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Why not just download some

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they have tested those speeds and are selling them at those speeds, that means you're not overclocking shit.

overclocking means YOU change the settings to run them ABOVE RATED SPEED, and if they're sold at 3000Mhz and you dont run them faster you're not overclocking.

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Wait what the fuck? Are those stars as a tripcode

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see >>59371836

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Speed ratings is in RAM chip datasheets. Whether tested or not.

To run them above rated speed equals overclock. Whether tested or not.

Factory overclock equals overclock. Whether it is sold at that rating or not.

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>moving goalposts this hard
if it's sold as 3000Mhz it's been re-rated.

if you buy a graphics card that's factory overclocked you dont say you're running it overclocked.

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>it's factory overclocked
>it's not overclocked

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Just because those 2133MHz modules have been tested at 3000MHz doesn't mean it's stock at 3000MHz. It's stock at 2133MHz. Period.

Learn the difference between stock and overclock. Whether factory tested or not.

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Does it say that it's OC'd on the stick of RAM?

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Holy shit is it summertime because i think summerfags are starting to show up Jesus fucking Christ
This is the reason I left /b/

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Does it say my name on your mom's ass?

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Your ancestors must be proud. They've toiled away as serfs, workers, etc etc, just to give their children a slightly better life than they had. I think they would regret working so hard if they knew it'd result in people so pampered that they have nothing better to do than be at each other's throats over RAM speed.

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top kek

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/g/ will argue over anything

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no we wont, fag

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yes you will, cuck

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you're wrong, nigger

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