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Why can't windows laptops get a similar build quality like MacBooks?

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High end ASUS Zenbooks, HP Spectres and Dell XPS all have similar if not better builds (given the fact that they often allow for SSD/ RAM swaps), some have dGPU's and overall much better specs.

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No other company actually cares that much about their customers.

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What the fuck do you mean?
Like surface-soldered non-repairable/non-modular/expensive/exclusive marketed shit?
Do you notice how pretty much every modular component in the image provided has screws in them so in such case where the laptop does break, you can repair the individual devices at a marginally lower cost rather than repairing an entire mainboard?

Shame on you OP, you're the reason why capitalism is trickling into consumer-tier hardware
Say goodbye to Socket-ed DRAM/removable batteries you cuck

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Because apple designs both OS and hardware, allowing better uniform and robust design choices without compromise

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That's a thinkpad.

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Yes, /g/'s favorite.

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He's showing an example of ""bad build quality""
wherein he shows components that can be swapped out in case of failure (unlike new Applel products) as "poor quality" even though the people who own them don't have to buy a new laptop when a dimm of ram bites the dust, just a new dimm of ram

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apple doesn't give a shit about you, retard

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>Bad quality

I don't understand how a normal ram bar is "poor quality" compared to Apple certified ram.

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It isn't. Normal RAM is replaceable, unlike Applel certified RAM..

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Currently using Dell Lattitude e5470
Definitely better than this.

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Because only Apple can survive with soldering everything on the mobo.
You call this quality.
The Biggest Bullshit.

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This is why they screw up too?

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>"build quality"

here's why every apple user is a fucking retard:
>sees apple ads in TV about how user friendly macs are ("computers for the rest of us", aka for idiots)
>friends recommend apple products because they are apple uses themselves
>"minimalistic" design appeals to the retard, he can't predict that the materials used are designed to be so flimsy to break, also ignores how other products are more ergonomic to use since those aren't just slabs of aluminium
>compares $2000 applel product to the only other laptops he's ever used: $300 walmart trash and is amazed how ""premium"" apple is
>begins to use mac OS and since it's a bit more user friendly he believes it's the greatest thing ever
>now stuck in the apple ecosystem, has to buy a new model every 3 years because some of the hardware broke (planned obsolescence)
>likely a dumb poorfag so he has to take a loan just to buy the fucking computers
>even recommends apple to friends and tries to justify his position with unrealistic claims ("muh special functions only apple has", "I have a higher status in society if people see my computer", "it just werks", "muh special application NEEDS mac OS")

>worst of all, he doesn't even notice how much he has been cucked

tl;dr macfags are fucking retarded

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>Yes, /g/'s favorite.
That ain't a X/T*20/30 fagboi

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>being this autistic

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>having no argument so trying to refute argument by calling me stupid/autistic
Really nice! Now be a good macfag and buy that new model every 2 years

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Observe this video. The machine reaches terminal velocity pretty early but it doesn't matter, dropping this onto concrete from that height isn't doable because you can't drop shit out of a helicopter in the city.

The machine still fucking works, even the mouse, even the hinge. The display is of course fucked but it still works. Look at the engineering of this product. Because it has an all-metal unibody, intentional crumple zones can be implemented anywhere they're needed. Apple seem to be the only people smart enough to split a battery up into cells running along structural bend points. Pic related is the inside of the XPS 13 (Skylake). Notice the battery. That thing would rupture under stress and fuck the whole logic board up and probably cause a fire, whereas the MBP sustains no damage to the batteries.

Lets see a TwinkPad of any era even stay in 1 piece after this, never mind boot or work to any degree.

This board is full of fucking know-nothing teenagers. Return to your uninformed GPU/CPU shit flinging threads you dumb cunt.

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>lost sight and focus

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>Not T410

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>not librebooted t400/x200

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Why would you want overheating hardware that throttles to 1GHz when put under load?

Also you do realize macbooks have build quality so horrible the ISS has officially banned them, right?

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whats wrong with this? looks great for user servicability and they dont waste cash on matching the color of interal components. macbooks on the other hand have everything soldered and cant have any work done to them

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When will green PCBs fucking die?

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It looks great to you because you're the top 5% elite computer users. The other 95% of people never upgrade their laptops, and soldering everything together allows for thinner devices, which normies do care about.

Neither approach is more objectively correct, it just depends on what you prefer.

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A PCB's colour is given by the solder mask coating and actually PCB's can use one of many colours these days. The reason green is still often used is probably a combination of its always been down that way and because green solder mask is actually a very good balance of being OK on the eyes for assemblers and effective to look through when the tracks on the PCB need to be seen, As for why green was originally used there seems to be many unsubstantiated reasons but this is the most likely we've come across:- The original masks used a base resin that was a brownish yellow and a hardener that was a deeper muddy brown. When they were mixed together they created a honey brown color that was apparently not very appetizing. They tried adding red pigments but it became a rusty adobe color and using blue simply made it a darker brown. None of them were very appealing colors. Since the laminate materials at the time had a green hue they tried adding more yellow and some blue and ended up with an acceptable green color. It became the standard color we are still using today.

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Build quality is now surviving a "1000ft"drop?
Thinkpads have a magnesium structure frame which doesn't bend, unlike the aluminium shit the apple trash is made out of

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>build quality

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Have you even opened up a high end ASUS? A couple that I've seen, have had descent builds.

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because when something breaks we like to actually buy something to replace it instead of actually buying a new macbook

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Because a massive portion of Apple's value is in hardware construction.

Just got my pic related delivered about an hour ago.

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Enjoy having to replace the whole motherboard and keyboard when you accidentally spill Monster in it because of the lack of drainage holes unlike Thinkpads.

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>implying I'm retarded enough to spill liquid on it
>implying I'm a fat fucking autist permavirgin loser that drinks Monster

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But it has 12 water stickers just in case you spill a drop of water on it and destroy it.

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Is that seamen?

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it's looking at meeee D:

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>it's prettier so it must be better :)
sad thing is, plenty of people would actually consider this true

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it literally is better

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>define "windows laptops"

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Linux laptops got better build quality than MacBooks !

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I recently saved an early 2008 20-inch iMac from the trash (dead hard drive) and getting it work again was a tremendous pain.

And now that it's working, I can't find a fucking thing it can do that my Windows PC, or hell even my Slackware laptop, can't. Every program feels like a shittier version of something that exists in a better form somewhere else. It's literally a paperweight. I only keep it around to serve as a Plex music client in the den because at least it looks nice but looked ain't everything.

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>thinkpad helix
Not even a real ThinkPad.

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>doesn't even give a on-site service to serious customers

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>Build quality is now surviving a "1000ft"drop?

Yes, in part.

>Thinkpads have a magnesium structure frame which doesn't bend

Shitty inferior design. Apple used to have Magnesium rollcages before they went unibody in 2008. Not that you'd remember. There is little difference in strength by weight of Magnesium versus Aluminium. Forged Aluminium is stronger than Magnesium. Aluminium wins in mass production hands down. If Lelnovo were smart, they'd make their own unibody design.

If ThinkPads are so durable, why is it that they're practically all broken in some way on eBay, if they've just been used as office computers?

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screws are fine, wires, tape and shielding everywhere is not

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>i broke a laptop
>and then said the manufacturer has bad build quality

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prepare to be flamed by a legion of unemployed hispanic kids from their mom's HP notebook :D

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If macbooks are so bulletproof, why don't fucking astronauts use them? Let me remind you, fucking astronauts use thinkpads. In fucking space. Hell, why did the ISS outright ban Macbooks?

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They don't need to.


>We have to go out and manage the Mac environment 104 fewer times a year than PC,” Previn said.
>IBM began replacing PCs with Macs in early 2015, when it began giving employees the choice to upgrade to a Mac when their company kit needed upgrading. The data speaks for itself, at IBM an astonishing 73 percent of employees will choose a Mac when they get the chance to choose for themself, Previn said.
>This is fully in line with experiences shared in 2015, when Previn said just 5 percent of IBM’s Mac users needed to call the help desk; In contrast, an astonishing 40 percent of PC staff request tech support help. At IBM last year just 25 staff supported 30,000 Macs.

>At IBM last year just 25 staff supported 30,000 Macs.

>At IBM last year just 25 staff supported 30,000 Macs.

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>he knows people who take out loans for consumer goods

lol, hello poor person

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oh i don't know, the same several OEMs that have been making Windows laptops for that past several decades, you know?

>> No.59322281

>It's used in a very controlled environment that's no more harsh than being inside a building on earth (for things without moving parts at least)
>therefore it's tough
I'm sure the real reason NASA doesn't use Macbooks in the ISS is that their software isn't designed for MacOS, and probably price and port selection as well.

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>i painstakingly spent time to fix an obsolete computer
>and now that it works I struggle to find a use for this nearly decade old antiquated machine

damn Appletards, fucking poojeets amirite?

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but they do use iPods

astronauts fucking love Apple, Jony Ive probably wouldn't build them a custom version without a LiPo battery is all. they don't need the business whereas Lenovo needs all it can get.

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>why don't fucking astronauts use them?
>i follow what astronauts do!

Are you seriously 12? Apple wasn't in the position to compete for a fucking government contract on machines. Steve Jobs had only just returned to Apple. IBM had been making computers for longer than Apple, and were a much bigger company doing something totally different.

Apple were focused on personal home computers in the 90s. When NASA needed laptops for missions IBM was the only company to look to. Since then they just stuck with them for ease. If they wanted to move to Macs in 2005 or whatever, it would have been a massive headache.

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>6 month old macs have less problems than 5 year old pcs

Literally one exec getting paid under the table by Apple and damage controlling hard to try and justify wasting 10 years of IT budget on mactrash.

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Nah, they published studies. The Apple hardware requires no tech support practically and the Windows users cost millions more a year in tech support and lost productivity.

Mac just werks, literally.

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Better for apple because they make more profit by selling extremely expensive, proprietary replacement parts

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lol no

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this is just embarrassingly bad, this like 1995-tier levels of design.

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>Literally one exec getting paid under the table by Apple

>he actually believes this

Wintard delusion, everyone.

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>google "laptop battery swell"
>99% of all results are apple laptops

>> No.59322425

so what you're saying is macbooks are so superior it's difficult to even find a picture of another brand when doing a random google search? damn.

>> No.59322435

>Apple seem to be the only people smart enough to split a battery up into cells running along structural bend points.
Tesla does this as well but sadly they don't make laptops.

>> No.59322445

I actually don't. I just see these retards here on /g/ and other websites
What I'm saying is that no other laptop manufacturer has the "battery swelling problem".

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Why the point of making it look good inside if opening it is pointless?
When you open it up you say "that looks nice" then you close it since you can't upgrade ram, storage, wifi/Bluetooth, etc.
So tell me, if you can't upgrade or replace anything, why should it matter if it looks good since no one is going to open it?

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I binged it and got a lot of Android phones and Windows tablets suffering from battery swell.

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See that grey/brown frame? That's the magnesium which protects the hardware from being bent

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it's an engineering term called "painting the back of the fence"

it doesn't matter if you'll never see it, they know it's there.

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IBM sold the Thinkpad division to Lenovo, it's dead now. You can stop trotting this shit out like it's publicly available.

>> No.59322504

Because they don't use that amazing manufacturing company Foxconn.

Did you know that some of the current Foxconn employees aren't contemplating suicide yet?

>> No.59322516

Yes, so? We were talking about laptops.
Fun fact: Lenovo introduced the magnesium, not IBM. Are you getting desperate?

>> No.59322523

You really believe there's a company that sells laptops not made by Foxconn? Please share with the class so we can all learn.

>> No.59322527

Lenovo also introduced (and then removed) the touch bar and three month warranty repair turnaround. What's your point?

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Looks good to me

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Most higher end laptops are made by Asus.

And Lenovo has its own factories.

>> No.59322547

Lenovo: where upgrading from 1333x768 to 1080P SHOULD cost you an extra $300, because spending $1300 for a mediocre spec'd machine should be okay.

>> No.59322565

What's the point of making it look good inside if opening it is pointless?
When you open it up you say "that looks nice" then you close it since you can't upgrade ram, storage, wifi/Bluetooth, etc.
So tell me, if you can't upgrade or replace anything, why should it matter if it looks good since no one is going to open it?
Still completely form over function
I feel better knowing that if my ram fails, I can replace it in 30 seconds for cheap/whoever fixes it can do it easily without needing to keep it, rather than having to trust some dudes in a store with a device with all my data stored on it.

>> No.59322568

I would love to see a durability test between an old IBM Thinkpad and a modern Lenovo Thinkpad.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Lenovo is actually more durable due to modern materials.

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>he believes only foxconn makes laptops

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>MacBooks main competition is tablets and phones
Sounds about right actually

>> No.59322612


Its not like they tried making it look aesthetically pleasing on purpose. It just happens to be like that. I actually can't work out why Windows machines are so messy on the inside, you actually have to intend for it to look like. Some of it is cheap manufacturing too. Its much easier to have shit running across the machine held down with tape than it is to eliminate wires and lots of different ribbon cables.

>> No.59322630

>no full size SSD slots
lol Aliencrap is no better than Apple.

>> No.59322635

> windows laptops
> MacBooks
MacBooks are windows laptops.

>> No.59322648

It's easy to make a laptop pretty when you literally cannot swap any part.

>> No.59322651


>I feel better knowing that if my ram fails
>if my RAM fails

What the fuck?


>> No.59322667

> What the fuck?
> >>>/v/
What the fuck?


>> No.59322679

Making a good plastic sculpture around your soldered-in parts is easy, but making a functional user-replaceable system with 8 secure parts that can still easily be accessed is much more difficult

>> No.59322683

The most durable ones are probably the T60
Modern ones lack the metal frame in the display

>> No.59322689

You're acting like RAM failing is a weird occurrence. I've had more sticks of RAM fail than I've had failed hard drives, and I used to use Seagate before they were good.

>> No.59322705

>Claim only Apple does something
>show other companies do it too
>B-but that doesn't count!

>> No.59322711


>I've had more sticks of RAM fail than I've had failed hard drives

Then you're doing something very fucking wrong. RAM does not just fail. Never mind more than a fucking mechanical hard drive. You're a fucking idiot.

>> No.59322723

>Modern ones lack the metal frame in the display

That's true.
But what flexes doesn't break.

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Actually he said "laptop" or "MacBook" in 4 out of 5 posts, including the first one, where "Apple" wasn't even mentioned

>> No.59322751

Why would it "count"? They aren't laptops.
Latitudes/Precisions are also good, as are HP Eliteboks/zBooks

>> No.59322789

So why do Macbook owners treat it like a baby?
Always taking extra care not to damage it?
Some even put it in special pouches for extra protection.

Whereas Thinkpad owners treat it like their bottom bitch.

>> No.59322794

Personal experience of turning on my laptop, beep code, Google, ram swap, go about your marry business

>> No.59322798

Because it shows that Apple isn't the only one with this problem. And Windows laptops are in the results.

>damage control

>> No.59322813

No I'm saying that you are reaching for arguments that aren't there
The first post was >MacBook build quality, and you start attacking android phones and defending Apple as a company, if you have an argument you would've said it, no????

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File: 3.06 MB, 1881x1086, windows_laptop_battery_swelling_-_Google-keresés_-_2017-03-09_22.25.13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>google "windows laptop battery swelling"
>only see macbooks and some phones
Really makes you think, huh?

>> No.59322845

>no fullsize sd slot
what do you even mean, if you're talking about ssd's in enclosures you can fit them in the 2.5 bay. the sata m.2 is a nice enough form factor though the housing offers no advantage you autistic fuck.

>> No.59322854

Even real Thinkpad fanboys recommend Dell Latitude as a solid alternative.

There is no hate.

>> No.59322858

>scared to lift touchpad for what fiery lithium inferno lies underneath

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File: 522 KB, 2074x1382, Dell-Inspiron-15-7559-Review-inner-parts-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

every non serviceable part is hidden, all the serviceable parts are open. best of both worlds.

>> No.59322889

I think he's complaining the M.2 isn't 5 meters long.

Looks perfectly fine for a laptop though.
How many super long M.2 cards are there anyways?

>> No.59322901

You can't lift it. It will however lift itself when the battery swells
Are you now desperately searching for windows laptops which have had battery issues? My point still stands, I said that it's mostly apple ones which have this problem
>can't easily replace thermal paste
HPs are better in that regard

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File: 408 KB, 1500x1360, 91-sjw0lh4L._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll bet your desktop motherboard also looks like this.

>> No.59322963

This looks amazing. Remove only the bottom plate and you have total access to remove RAM, HDD, CD, WiFi, Heatsink and fan, CPU, etc.


>> No.59322966

>linux for server
>pc for gaming
>mac for desktop

>> No.59322972
File: 687 KB, 919x768, msi_z97-gaming-5_top.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nope, it looks like this

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File: 276 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>implying i need to change thermal paste more often than every few years

>> No.59323012

was $79 when i bought it. didn't care too much about brand, works fine. stupid dragon is covered by a gpu anyway.

>> No.59323031

You don't have to open the laptop at all more often than every few years
But the times you do, wouldn't you like it to be easy? Hell, on HP business laptops you don't even need a screwdriver to remove the bottom

>> No.59323035

It's not about gaymen, it's about MSI, which is still shit now and was even worse shit during haswell

>> No.59323039
File: 43 KB, 620x335, MB_applemanual_5_21_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>replace thermal paste

Apple doesn't cheap out on thermal paste.

They add more than enough to last a lifetime.
That's why you pay a little more at first, but you save money on the long run.

>> No.59323050

>posting "illegal" images

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File: 27 KB, 480x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more than enough
wow thanks apple

>> No.59323059


haha shit i remember that

>> No.59323060


Shot that is affordable and works consistently is not shit. Asus makes shit.

>> No.59323064

That's the most disgusting image ive ever seen
Macfags are literally defending this, right now
I didn't think I'd see the day

>> No.59323078

>works consistently
But it literally doesn't work consistently
What do you think "shit" means?

>> No.59323102

Thats a pretty nice mobo tee bee ayych. Overpriced, but nice.

>> No.59323109

>doesn't own msi hardware
>tells a person his perfectly working msi hardware doesn't work

okay anon, you're too ignorant to breathe my air.

>> No.59323130
File: 13 KB, 480x360, cf54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because nobody would buy them anymore if they sank that low.

>> No.59323150

You think his MSI is shit but I literally have as AsRock.

And guess what? still works just fine.

All brands are good enough even the so-called "shit" brands....except Foxconn-Apple of course.

>> No.59323186

I guess all American inventors are black if Google images is a legitimate source.

>> No.59323210

It's not bad build quality, it lacks aesthetics.

And for older models I would say that they're also poorly designed in ways that you have to "fix" the manufacturer's problems, but they make it accessible to you.

If you buy a thinkpad x220 like I did for instance, you won't get much support, but water won't damage it as much and you can easily open it and reassemble it (well, except for a few pieces). In my case I had to put foam under the keyboard and that to me seems only adequate for the price I paid for the thing (200€) but I'll be honest, it's a failure of design.

On the other hand you have macbooks which have "good" build quality, until you drop that shit or subject it to some spilling. Fixing these is not easy, the manufacturer tries everything in their hand to make it non-accessible, but some models are designed exactly like they're supposed to. There won't be a need to put foam under anything.

>> No.59323213

>have absolutely no argument except "google algorithms are shit for showing me things I don't want to accept"

>> No.59323346
File: 504 KB, 2048x1536, P_20170309_225844-2048x1536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YFW you will never have this size and format again

>> No.59323381

and keyboard....

>> No.59323388

Except when they don't work
Enjoy your statistically improbable situation while it lasts

>> No.59323403

>he can't do SMD replacement

>> No.59323427

>having no statistical evidence so you resort to using WE WUZ tier proof

>> No.59323509

Where was the statistical evidence
Here >>59322471
Here >>59322705
Here >>59322798
Or here >>59323039

>> No.59324048

>admitting you don't have evidence

>> No.59324098

why are people mistaking apples planned obsolesce with reliability? this is such a perverse misconception on how they boost profit margins.

>> No.59324175

Can't see anything wrong with it.

>> No.59324310

>there are retards who actually evaluate "build quality" based on how pretty the insides look

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File: 102 KB, 750x645, best-worst_ltp_brands_2016_full-scorecard_v2.5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59324372

>the point doesn't stand unless you show me a Wikipedia article

>> No.59324390

Can be explained by this

>> No.59324414

Sure it can, wintoddler GAYMER.

>> No.59324424





>> No.59324435

>No gravity in space

>> No.59324523

Why does everything have to look like a mother fucking transformer? Every hand power tool I see, every high end car, they're always like that

>> No.59324559

That discrete GPU is fucking gorgeous.

>> No.59324611





>> No.59324621

Magnesium is actually extremely flimsy and flexible, the only reason it would appear durable is because they can use a shitload of metal and it still won't weigh much
Look at the LG Gram for a different utilization of magnesium, a more "normal" sized frame and "normal" amounts of metal used, it's bendy as shit
Yes those magnesium roll cages are durable but it's not specifically because of the magnesium, but because it's just overbuilt

>> No.59324634

You're right, it was a good deal.

>> No.59324639

It's not that NASA is worried their poor laptops will get fucked in their nice little controlled environment, it's what happens to their nice little controlled environment if their laptops do fail.

>> No.59324648
File: 906 KB, 2448x3264, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or you could just buy a Mac-looking laptop for showing to qt's, with real ultrabook-tier specs and a globally compatible OS for when you actually use it

>> No.59324666

I have an Apple, and I have an HP.

The tech support isn't even close. HP is a bunch of Pajeets who can't even listen to a simple question and constantly ask to take over your computer.

Q: What key do I press on startup to have the machine boot from the restore drive.

A: To assist you, I will need to take control of your computer through a microsoft-approved tool...blah blah blah.

HP support is awful. Should be no more than a 2/20.

>> No.59324675

So then why do they use Windows?

>> No.59324683

>globally compatible OS

what does this even mean

>> No.59324686

Who would take a sealed lipo battery into a heavily varying pressured can that would flip shut at the slightest speck of dust or fumes in the air?
I'm sure they're not "just using thinkpads" because of the brand but because of the modularity and being able to produce "space-spec" laptops without commissioning a whole laptop manufacturer to make 100 specialized laptops for a small team

>> No.59324700

But macs are even MORE "globally compatible". You can install Windows or Linux on them, and have access to all three major OSes.

>> No.59324701

>he doesn't even know how to enter bios
It's delet, like it says in the HP manual, he's right to ask to take control of your PC, you clearly don't know what you're doing

>> No.59324727

It means I can download Ableton (because Logic is depreciated garbage), and PowerPoint (because foss alternative formats always break right when you present in class), AND play games on my laptop (which I can do)

>> No.59324746

motherboard failure rates
- Gigabyte 2,18%
- MSI 3,22%
- ASUS 3,67%
- ASRock 4,25%

eat shit.

>> No.59324752
File: 45 KB, 500x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw touhou doesn't work on macbook

>> No.59324767

What year is that?
What about from the haswell era?
Like I said they were much worse and are only recently coming out of their shit qc

>> No.59324774

It's usually escape on the business models
And the irony is that the HP BIOS/EFI tells the user which key he has to press

>> No.59324786

Yeah I agree it's lame the splash screen says nothing useful, and I had to spend 7 seconds on Google to figure out how to enter bios

>> No.59324798


>> No.59324829
File: 1.19 MB, 3264x2448, hp bios.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It literally shows you pic related if you press esc

>> No.59324830
File: 206 KB, 1024x768, 2570p_unten_ges.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one slide for battery, 3, 6 and 9 cell option
>one slide for the magnesium bottom cover and you have access to everything
>2 2.5" full hight SATA bays unlike X thinkpads that are limited to 7mm drives and have no ODD

>> No.59324843

>It means I can download Ableton (because Logic is depreciated garbage)

Do you realize most of Ableton's userbase is on Mac OS? Logic is still a standard and not depreciated whatsoever especially when it comes to mixing, Powerpoint has been on Mac for ages, videogames? You'll grow up soon enough.

>> No.59324860

Why do freetards spend so much time ricing out their desktop for no practical reason when you can't even see it 99% of the time, yet deride companies for making the inside of their laptops look nice?

>> No.59324881

Works fine for me on wine on Linux? Why doesn't work for you on the max?

>> No.59324899


>> No.59324905

absolutely recommend

>> No.59324932

>Not owning an industrial reflowoven and robotic part aligner
Poorfag detected.

>> No.59324937

Mine didn't, escape was the first thing I tried, but mine was delete
But I also have the foofoo consumer tier spectre

>> No.59324951
File: 60 KB, 1024x250, 2570p_ports04_re.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice except for the screen
And what's up with the docking port connector being in this stupid position?
>buying consumer HP
I'm so sorry

>> No.59324963

>but guys did you know over a pajeellion people use macs so that means it's better

>> No.59324980
File: 42 KB, 775x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>consumer-tier tablet-like HP laptop
>Macfags STILL on suicide watch

>> No.59324982

Because we doe realize that "looking nice by making everything soldered " is not a good idea?

Why would you care about the PCB color of your hardware? Or how symmetrical it is?

>> No.59325013
File: 259 KB, 1898x962, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah the curse of business laptops is shitty LCDs, I downloaded some ICC profiles for Elitebooks from somewhere, it's not perfect but still a lot better than stock.
The dock works, even in Linux, it would have been better if the connector was on the bottom but whatever.

>> No.59325020

because they let the engineers design the stuff

>> No.59325026

>Yeah the curse of business laptops is shitty LCDs
Unless you get a 15" workstation model or replace the screen with an IPS that is probably compatible

>> No.59325049

>15" workstation
I don't need a desktop replacement though.
Unfortunately you can't replace the 2560/2570 LCD with anything else, for some reason the driver board is in a different place compared to other panels of the same size (x220 etc.)

>> No.59325052

>one is fully soldered shit
>one is expandable dongs

I choose the latter.

>> No.59325059

"beautifully" designed hardware full with shitty underpowered components (the designers tel the engineers what the hardware should look like, which makes no fucking sense)
Business laptops:
Inside is often "chaotic" (for normal people) because the engineers have to fit everything inside and make it user replaceable and durable

>> No.59325184

>tfw the only laptops that have a good trackpad and support for more than 3 gestures are macbooks


I bought a memepad and the trackpoint is only useful because the touchpad on that is the crappiest. Almost as if they did it on purpose to force people to use the goddamn trackpoint.

>> No.59325218

I spilled about 16oz of coffe on my Macbook Air about 2 years ago. It still runs, but veeeeery sloooooowly. It's unusable. Never bothered to get it repaired because I assumed it would be too expensive.

>> No.59325236
File: 876 KB, 2048x2432, 1459708039731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>good trackpad

Pick one.

>> No.59325243

I am sorry for you that you have never used one

>> No.59325244

They didn't even have the touchpad at first, that's was added to appease the normie businessmen

>> No.59325261

I mean I hate macs but that guy clearly has no idea what he's talking about with the trackpad

>> No.59325285

Build quality != looks pretty.

>> No.59325409

>Retards not understanding that excess of thermal compound on bare silicon IC is pushed around the IC creating a thermal connection between the interposer and a heat pipe/radiator.
I bet none of you even realise that even consumer CPUs used to be just bare pieces of polished silicon soldered onto an interposer rather than shit with heat spreaders let alone ever handled such

>> No.59325454

do people seriously look at these internals and compare to a macbook internals and think the mac is better 'build quality' . 'build quality' has become some online meme

>> No.59325472

Soldering = a thinner laptop.
>keeping your laptop so long you care about repairability

>> No.59325508

Your theory is bullshit. Massive amounts of thermal paste don't help in removing heat, they act more like an insulator
Also nobody applied thermal paste to the interposer, even back in the pentium 3/Athlon XP days when heat was a problem
Guess why apple sued the person who spread that image

>buying a new laptop every 2 years
Read this, applecuck:

>> No.59325510

If thinkpads are so good, why does their resale value drop like a lead balloon as soon as you open the box and why are so many people trying to get rid of them on eBay?

>> No.59325529

I keep a laptop for years because that's what I use it for, a mobile machine.

>> No.59325552

>my copy pasta proves me right
Macs hold their resale value way better than any PC, you can afford to sell them every two years and buy a new one.

>> No.59325572

I'm the author of the copypasta
Enjoy trying to sell your laptop to other ignorant idiots, I guess

>> No.59325582

>Posting your own pasta
You must be enlightened by your own intelligence.

>> No.59325599
File: 1.86 MB, 1600x3622, 1488740543075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are apple shills smarter than Pajeets? Who would win in a battle?

>> No.59325621

Also, my last MacBook cost $2,000 and I sold it for $1,000. There wasn't a PC laptop with h comparable specs for $1,000 at that time. So jokes on you.

>> No.59325624
File: 281 KB, 512x512, 1457996393142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not having a copypasta collection to deflect common retardation

>> No.59325638

>posting anime
>not being retarded

>> No.59325653
File: 261 KB, 1039x559, apustaja silicia gel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You idiots are so predictable

>> No.59325663

great story anon

>> No.59325956
File: 326 KB, 1230x822, 1462905060127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uh oh

>> No.59326040

I switched from mac to a chinkpad x1 carbon and the screen was not flush with the frame, absolutely shit tier build quality

returned it but idk what to get now
not getting a new mac because I can't tolerate that shitty keyboard regardless of the build quality

>> No.59326137

I like my Samsung Chromebook Plus, but it's a Chromebook and you can't even install Wangblows if you need it because it's ARM. The track pad and screen is excellent, I'd go for another Samsung laptop if the track pad and screen are as good.

>> No.59326149

>batteries near the center to heat up better
>wastefully large cooling system footprint
>speakers just taped onto the side
>paying more money so the inside of your laptop will be color-coordinated

macfags really are homosexual, aren't they?

>> No.59326826
File: 1.24 MB, 3000x1681, Lenovo-Thinkpad-T460p-Disassembly-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your picture shows a T460, not a T460p

>> No.59327102

The business models meaning? Things like the ZBooks are going to be handled by HPE support which is as good as the enterprise support fro the other vendors.

>> No.59327124
File: 70 KB, 136x102, 1488544326112.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you seriously bragging about wasting $1000? Fanboys truly are fucking retards

>not just buying a "broken" macbook on ebay for 350 and spending 50 on a hdd

>> No.59327216

I didn't even replace my MacBook with another MacBook. I'm using a gaymen desktop I built myself and a Chromebook. I'm just saying, if you know when to buy and sell, Macbooks aren't a bad value because they retain their resale value so well. I got to use a laptop with an i7, 16gb ram, a great screen, good battery life, decent build quality, etc for about two years for only $1,000 when no NEW Windows laptop at the time offered those specs for $1,000.
>comparing new hardware to used hardware
Some people enjoy having things like the latest wifi standard, more power efficient processors, etc etc in their laptops. Why do you waste $350 on a laptop when you can get like a Dell Mini 9 for $15 on eBay?

>> No.59327319
File: 1.96 MB, 1800x4500, 1487463303343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge
>extremely loose near bottom edge
>overall flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to solid non-click touchpads
>still has no real buttons
>relies on pressure sensitive gimmick bullshit
>if you press too lightly or too hard it does something completely different than what you intended
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX is a steaming pile of shit with horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a massive heavy 95WHr battery to make up for it
>even XXXTREME GAMER cancer like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life in same tasks
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Yoga 2 in battery life in same tasks
>the battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>overheats constantly from abysmal crippled cooling system
>throttles to 800mhz due to chronic overheating problems
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>gloss mirror coating impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with glossy 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>memetouch emojibar
>no USB-A
>no escape
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life

>it's 2017 and moving files around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

>> No.59327999

I had to read this a second tying tip make sure my eyes weren't mistaken.
Enjoy your waferbook.

>> No.59328010

Looks != build quality
That thinkpad you posted at least has user changeable parts

>> No.59328371
File: 68 KB, 790x800, 1482803534950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's right! :^)

>> No.59329155

> early 2008 20-inch iMac
I think you can install Sierra on it and run xcode.

>> No.59329184
File: 62 KB, 297x325, aiki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your picture shows poo instead of poo

>> No.59329269

Posting 10 year old picture of low end laptop lol

>> No.59329333

you're mixing build quality and design.
thinkpad have, you know, ports.
check out the ideapad line, the thin ones are literally 1 board and all the ports to one side.

>> No.59329371

How would people replace things like RAM if it is soldered to the mobo?

>> No.59329478

z97 and z87

they're fine and have been fine for quite some time. people just have bad brand association.

>> No.59329487

why do you need to replace your ram on a laptop anon, it won't suddenly make the hardware better

>> No.59330145

A Chevy cavalier got shit build quality but it will last forever.

>> No.59330265

It will if the ram is dead

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