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So confirm the CPU fag

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Q6600 master race

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Psh right nice pixels kid

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6600k @ 4.5ghz

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Had a E8200. That CPU was awesome.

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@ 4.3GHz

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pls no bully

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not gonna boot into my windows installation just to take a screenshot of cpu-z, so this will have to do.

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r8 pls

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what a snowflake

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Sure thing.
You just probably booted into your loonix installation just to take this.

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nah. but finished a game of civ4 almost an hour ago and only use windows for gaymes, so didn't wanna boot back in. pic related.

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wow, talk about autism

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just stating the facts brah
enjoy trying to get work done on a gaming OS

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dont reply to my posts, autist

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please stop replying to your own posts :^)

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>own posts
pls out newfag

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>guarding a cpu-z screenshot thread like precious treasure
>you're not a lonely niggermanchild

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i5-4590 @ 3.3GHz

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i5 4670k at 4.0Ghz

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I have same CPU as OP in my desktop, this is my lintop

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I'll probably upgrade to Ryzen if the software support is there in the next few weeks.

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>tfw no one can surpass your power level

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i7 6800k @ 4.2GHz

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6400 @ 4.5GHz

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One day I'll beat you in single core fgt. Swear on me mum

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what pussy clock are you running you 6300 at, I'm getting 6333 for multi core

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4ghz with 4.5ghz boost for single thread

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What shit is this

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Don't be mean, it's only a 2W CPU.

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With all cores locked at 4.5GHz I'm getting 6333 though and 1280 for single thread.

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I don't feel like messing around with voltages and stuff to get it that high

Not like I notice any real world difference.

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You might in extremely CPU intensive games. There are games that fully tap out CPUs like this one >>59300355

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4790k @ 4.6ghz

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>using Windows
/g/ in 2017 is fucking pathetic. Might as well merge /v/ with it by now.

btw. the gentoo installation you see is about 8 years old. Meanwhile I changed HDDs two times and then switched to SSD. Not even one reinstall. I want to see Windows surviving a single HDD switch. It works like new.

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>it's a bait linux is a meme!!#!!!

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I hope it's bait, else the post makes me think of smug gnu/loonix obese neackbeards sperging autistically about people liking what they don't like or having opinions other than him without being able to see things in different views.

Real cringe worthy shit.

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you forgot dumbass and ignorant

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>tfw want ryzen or skylake-e for moar cores

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Really is fucking disgusting how slow CPU progress has been over the past 10 years.

And it's only going to get worse.

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windows is a childrens' OS

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Why? It's pretty great, developers actually have to optimize their software/games instead of wasting resources like they used to.

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This, it's simple and does the job.

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I'm sitting here with a 965 and see literally no reason to upgrade and won't for the foreseeable future.

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So? Isn't that a positive thing? Instead of buying new hardware all the time, you just use it and software is the thing that gets better.

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>Does the job
With hundreds of malware

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Yeah, if you are a child yourself and keep installing random shit all the time.

Nevermind, you're a tripless tripfag, you obviously are a underage shitposter yourself.

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Fuck you, reported

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Kek, bye.

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I know that feel my dude. Bonus Cinebench.

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Windows keeps installing random shit by itself with the botnet in the background

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>Uses toddler toy OS
>Calls others children

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>mfw same cinebench score
when do you think intel will announce the 7800k?
it best be before september or i'm buying a 1700/x

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Nice meme. Stop being a retard user then, as you are implying you aren't but your posts prove otherwise.


Wasn't there already a comment about dumb ignorant people?

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>Nice meme
It's not

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>Dumb and ignorant people
They use w**dows

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Do you have reading comprehension?

Most likely, every OS has them.

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It is a mystery. Probably Q3 at the latest, though.
But mostly I wonder why my cinebench multithread is so low.

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Must be the lack of extra threads, I dunno, my score is about the same, and the bump from 4.6 to 4.7ghz was not even 75 points.

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>having windows and not using linux exclusively
End yourself traitor

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