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>quantum computers finally come out
>/g/ will stll complain about slow benchmarks

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>mfw intel quantum shills still shitting up the thread

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Will it run Minecraft on 9 screens with shaders?

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is IBM dare i say it back ?

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True quantum or quantum-annealing?
Not that it particularly matters too much, currently the practical application of either one is extremely niche.

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faster botnets

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probably true quantum, they aren't dwave

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What the fuck is "true quantum computer"?

Does it fucking vanish to another x,y,z point in the Universe if I don't keep observing it?

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>/g/ will stll complain about slow benchmarks



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> mfw not only NSA and CIA niggers can decrypt AES es RSA encrypted files with quantum algorithms in feasible time

I'm somewhat skeptical though, we can simulate quantum computers, but there are several obstackles that we haven't overcome yet to build an actual one that isn't specialised only for one simple task.

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Are they gonna be x86_64?
Don't care about some shit architecture nobody produces software for.

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>[Post a Reply]
buttplasted amd nigger cattle

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W-Would Bitcoin become worthless?

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So does it run Linux

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I'm sure web developers will come up with a way to make websites unresponsive and laggy even on quantum computers

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>literaly made a joke about quantum computers earlier in the day, how it's useless unless there is software that can actually with it it
>but there is bugs in the quantum bios
>the memory is holding it back Reeeee
>in the future quantum computers will be good so you should buy one now, even if it underperforms vs everything on the market.

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>if I look away for even a moment my computer might reappear elsewhere in the galaxy and an ayylmao could see the disgusting fetish porn I was looking at

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>there is no privacy in the quantum realm

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>Anonymous 03/07/17(Tue)14:58:18 No.59283053▶>>59283322
>File: 1361174205065.jpg (52 KB, 400x330)
>52 KB
> >>59281504
> >if I look away for even a moment my computer might reappear elsewhere in the galaxy and an ayylmao could see the disgusting fetish porn I was looking at
Or perfect privacy. Whenever someone observes your message it will change.

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First two quotes were accidental, sorry.

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Wait for proper gaming benchmarks you IBM shills, I bet they are worthless and overpriced against my i7 7700k :^)

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Intel shills shitposted so hard they became a meme.

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Many shills are bots

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IBM's will have 50 qubits, while D-Wave has a couple thousand which are not true, just a bunch of 8 qubit nodes in "parallel" (I don't really understand this tech desu), leading me to believe that those 50 qubits will be "true". Pls someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I've heard that AES is not vulnerable to this, only RSA, because of some prime thingy. Also, you would need more qubits to be actually capable of decrypting RSA used in practice, so we are not doomed yet. If they could decrypt RSA, everyone would be freaking out right now.

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this is clickbait btw. quantum computers are not suitable for general computing and will only be used by corporations for special purposes, or in research labs. The subject is too complex to say "millions of times faster than anything ever made!!! XDD"

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Can't crack hashes with a quantum computer, buddy.

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Wait, IBM still exists?

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you bet they will

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Not at all. Just imagine the USB superposition but instead it's your entire computer.

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AES is also vulnerable because the standard key lengths are 128, 192 and 256. To be quantum safe, we need larger key sizes.

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I don't even know what Quantum computer is.
I haven't seen any actual explanation of this shit anywhere.

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They never left?

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This was my first thought.

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Yeah with symmetric all you need to do is increase your key size which is what you do when computing gets better anyway. With most asymmetric systems your shit is broke.

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Explain to a layman like me why this is a big deal

Also how long until quantum computers are actually affordable for the plebs

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there's only like 1000 people who do. everyone else memorizes high level concepts which are actually not completely accurate.

my (oversimplified) understanding is: quantum computers use qubits instead of bits. qubits have a third state besides "on" and "off" (the two states of a bit). this state is the superposition, which is like being both on and off at the same time. somehow these qubits allow us to write algorithms that can solve specific problems much faster than a classical computer.

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>being excited about IBM
Oh wow some business men wearing suits made some boring product for businesses. Call me when Apple does it better for consumers.

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Quantum computers will start a security crises

They'll be able to brute force most encryptions, I can't wait for all the shit hitting the fan

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quantum computers have the potential to easily crack encryption keys. which means the first group to successfully do this can basically fuck everyone over. they can hack every bank, every government, every email server, etc with ease.

they are likely not suitable for general computing, and are best for specific tasks (like cracking encryption keys), so you will never use one yourself.

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Am I going to have to learn ternary now?

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Oh fugg

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i don't think so. the advantage isn't the fact that there's a 3rd state, it's the fact that you can use certain quantum properties of a superposition. quantum algorithms use complex math that you likely won't understand unless you're a physicist.

for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shor%27s_algorithm#Quantum_part:_Period-finding_subroutine

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How did they get around error correction? Last I remember that doesn't scale linearly. Meaning they need 7 qubits to ensure 3 were working, so they would need hundreds extra for 50

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I almost died.

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Ya faster computing would have no marketability in the consumer sector ;)

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>qubits have a third state besides "on" and "off" (the two states of a bit).
That's not really right. It's more like a probability of being on/off. You can poke it and modify it in various ways but it collapses and becomes binary as soon as you try to find out what its value is.

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>You can poke it and modify it in various ways but it collapses and becomes binary as soon as you try to find out what its value is.
so they're SJWbits?

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where we at \b\ros

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>open google
>doesn't work

>flip entire computer over

>open google
>still doesn't work

>flip computer over again

>open google
>finally works

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Quantum kek

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But isn't "true" quantum encryption invulnerable to brute force methods?

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His point is that comparing quantum computers to the normal ones is comparing apples to oranges. They are better at some specific tasks, but won't necessarily yield a performance increase in normal everyday tasks, not to mention the fact that they probably cost an arm and a leg, and that their cooling uses a fuckton of power.

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Sure pal ;) keep running that sandy bridge until 2050

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My understanding is that quantum computing is great for massively parallel tasks but absolute shit at general computing.
Wouldn't that mean that they'd be great graphics cards?

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>Wouldn't that mean that they'd be great graphics cards?
it would mean a lot more than that.

but quantum computers are probabilistic, it would only be a good graphics care 90% of the time.

the other 10% it would give you bad frames.

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Please stop posting

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>it would mean a lot more than that.
Obviously it would, I was just countering his assertion that they'd have no consumer use.
>but quantum computers are probabilistic, it would only be a good graphics care 90% of the time.
>the other 10% it would give you bad frames.
Couldn't you just render frames in advance (or dramatically higher than the screen's refresh rate) to stop the user from noticing?

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>Couldn't you just render frames in advance (or dramatically higher than the screen's refresh rate) to stop the user from noticing?
how would you tell if the frame was correct or not without having another processing unit that actually rendered the correct frame?

best you could do is run it 10 times and pick the most likely outcome and hope thats correct.

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muh gaymens

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>Obviously it would, I was just countering his assertion that they'd have no consumer use.
to add on to this.

you can run machine learning algorithms on this but last time I checked which was 3 years ago they could only do SVM.

the AI implications would be enormous and its something the press releases arent talking about for some reason.

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It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to use these things. And they aren't proven to be more efficient than a classical computer at many compute tasks yet.

You need a truly massive workload that has the potential for quantum speed up (like breaking RSA or calculating discrete log) to justify the latency overhead.

Thats why IBM is asking people to figure out how to program a quantum computer. There is no real killer app for quantum computing, outside quantum simulation.

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>but quantum computers are probabilistic, it would only be a good graphics care 90% of the time.
>the other 10% it would give you bad frames.
>modern gpus are binary. They would only display information 50% of the time
>the other 50% would be a blank screen

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This is true for AMD.

>> No.59287226

and when it does display a frame its correct 100% of the time.

good job being a retard.

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Sorry that i have a basic grasp of the concept of computing

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And you have no grasp of a quantum computer.

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no, there's a hard limit for the number of bitcoins there will ever be
maybe the first person to use a quantum computer will get rich fast at first and the price for them would drop momentarily, but then it should raise back up

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they haven't made a computer in over a decade
no consumer products use IBM processors anymore (Wii U went out of production)

they've just been a bunch of autists making new iterations of their PowerPC architecture that nobody uses

they better come back and slap Intel/AMD/Qualcoms asses

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couldn't IBM just do it themselves before they start selling the computer?

>> No.59287514

actually couldn't IBM just mine bitcoins without even selling this computer? I think that's more profitable.

>> No.59287703

profitable for you and me maybe, not for one of the biggest companies in the world

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You were an acident

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>Your computers quantum processor is entangled to an exact clone in the NSA so they can watch you no matter where you are

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Trinary code.

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I thought it was a shitpost but then it was quality

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>They examine their clone
>The quantum state collapses and your machine suddenly crashes

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If you don't understand it that's fine, post a link, but don't be spreading retarded misinformation

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mfw quantum thinkpads

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Yea maybe in 20 years.

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>no "The Earth is an oblate spheroid"

garbage meme bro

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I just want sword art online to be real already and that we kick start the virtual reality age already.

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Yeah but can it emulate PS3

>> No.59289355

How larger? Is there a better alternative?

It could probably run linux with a windows VM, running a PS3 emulator with much better performance than the PS3 itself.

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Saw this on reddit (my homepage) yesterday, weird thing was not even 10 minutes after it was posted the entire thread was filled with
>omg fuck IBM they just announce shit and never deliver
>IBM just want people to code for them and then delay the hardware so they can buy up the code for cheap
and other shit, all upvoted to 1000+ points within hours, was pretty surreal to see that kind of shilling in action

Here's the thread for anyone interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/5xt03g/ibm_to_build_quantum_computers_selling_machines/

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>linking rebbit

fake news / data mining

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They're right, you know.

>> No.59289440

Another example
>Classic IBM snake oil. They'll get some deep pocketed dummies to buy into it and then we'll never hear from them again.
Where is this coming from? I hardly ever hear IBM announcing anything in the news, why is everyone there acting like IBM do this every day? Am I missing something?
I'm pretty sure the only thing fake is the comments

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How big would a quantum PC be? How much power usage?

>> No.59289482

Can this thing browse The Verge's site without stuttering?

>> No.59289485


they recently fucked over the Qld state government and Australian federal government over contracts around adding Watson to our hospital system. They never delivered and they got out of any lawsuit where the government wanted the taxpayers' money back.

>> No.59289512

>They're right, you know.
How so? Last time I saw them announce anything quantum-related was when they released that quantum toolkit or whatever that let people play with their 5-qubit machine remotely, really don't see where these 500+ point "classic IBM snake oil" comments are coming from

>> No.59289517

Doesn't the difficulty scale with how fast it's solved?

>> No.59289547

Take a card turn it 360 degrees around. It's not the same way it was when you started. Turn it another 360 degrees ah much better.

>> No.59289629

it can
or it can't

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Nice cringe thread, dumbfuck. "Quantum" doesn't mean it's faster, it's a description of the kinds of calculations it's able to do. These machines will not be for home use, and they will offer no advantages in your gaymen. Fuck off back to /v/, facebook, reddit, or whatever other dark urine soaked hole in the wall you came from.

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That's a big quantum PC.

>> No.59290212

tl;dr you have probabilities instead of just knowing the states
You can manipulate these probabilities in such a way so that desired answer is statistically more likely than all the others

Yes, you need to fucking sample and then statistically infer the result of matrix multiplication

>> No.59290232

muh crysis

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>they haven't made a computer in over a decade
They haven't stopped making computers since the 30's or so, retard.

>> No.59290310

Do you think someone working at IBM could have secretly installed crypto mining devices and used it to assure themselves 99% of all cryptocurrencies in their pocket?

>> No.59290539

Recently started encrypting my whole trafic with quantum resistant algorithms. I should be good until they build quantum computer with more than 256 qubits

>> No.59290585

What... IBM releases computers all the freaking time. Just because they don't make your meme thinkpads anymore doesn't mean they don't still make computers. They are one of the biggest sellers in the server marketplace.

Your dumbass probably the type of person to say Texas Instruments isn't relevant anymore today too.

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current DWave computers have over 1000 qubits
t. worked with dwave

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damn. you heard it here first fellas. SELL NOW

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Dwave is broken. Are you new here?

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Why do shitposters always assume that high-performance machines are only desired by gamers? Why can't I desire faster rendering times when I'm editing something?

>> No.59291750

> have to push the power button without pushing it or anything monitoring it or else it won't turn on. However when it is on you won't know for sure if it's working

>> No.59291794

> this is how quantum pentesters will attack governments by breaking their entanglement and crashing their systems

>> No.59291842

>available soon enough
So in 10 years?
I hate this kind of news.

>> No.59291852

The whole point of quantum algorithms is that they work with quantum computers because of their ability to remove the bad results and only pass forward the good ones. Why wouldn't this be possible with rendering tasks?

>> No.59292081

RSA, DSA and elliptic curves ded yet?

>> No.59292119

Not necessarily but probably.

>> No.59292121

"Quantum computers" they have are actually "quantum simulators."

>> No.59292145


>> No.59292280

No but it can factorize your primes if you know what I mean ;)

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File: 819 KB, 1671x992, 2017-03-08 14_34_22-IBM Brings Quantum Computing to the Cloud - YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>IBM programming

>> No.59294335

What kind of key sizes are we talking?

>> No.59294733


>quantum computers finally come out
>fucking javascript devs manage to bring them to their knees with utterly awful code

>> No.59294850

> Much as in the old mainframe days, this computer is aimed at "business and science" customers that need to solve specific problems.

And here I was, thinking that for once OP wasn't a fag.

>> No.59294872

What a faggy manchild question.
The real question is. Will it run Doom?

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So you're telling me SETI can use this to fold faster and discover AYYY, LMAO's?

>> No.59295011

Well, would be interesting to see if they can process more data than the rest of the people using conventional processors

>> No.59295040

>The whole point of quantum algorithms is that they work with quantum computers because of their ability to remove the bad results and only pass forward the good ones
I dont know where you got this info but its completely wrong.

No matter how well you craft it, there's a chance it's going to be completely wrong.

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Shit, man.

>> No.59295085

Nope. It would drop. Then rise again

>> No.59295121


>millions of times faster
>so expensive that only government can afford them
>so fast that they can crack current military grade encryption in a few days
>new encryption standards will come out but they will be impossible to implement on non-quantum computers because stuff would take decades to encrypt
>all non-quantum encryption implementations are trivially cracked by the government

>> No.59295145

>military grade
When will this meme stop

>> No.59295175

Couldn't this be used for simple math aka graphics aka IBM quantum QX 480???

>> No.59295188


>le liberal hating military and loving peace and le weed

Back to your safe space faggot.

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File: 1.75 MB, 320x180, CUTE GIRLS DOING CUTE THINGS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When they stop pumping in 50gorillion burgers on the military.

>> No.59295205

My bad forgot to say that it would of course need purple LEDS to complete the computations accurately

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>IBM to build
They should build a specialized machine just to keep track of how many times they have thrown around that phrase about concepts that never happened.

I'm getting sick of the marketing

>> No.59295247

>le retarded fag that thinks that le "military grade" marketing means something
lel not even, inform yourself and go back to fucking you sister, hillbilly piece of shit.


>> No.59295257

If shitcoin was in anyway valuable and was expected to be something in the future then the big boys with the big computers would have hit the set limit long time ago

it's just meme money so it doesn't matter what happens

>> No.59295322

Being a quantum computer doesn't automatically make it fast and in fact, they will probably be outperformed by regular hardware for a long time (if not forever). You clearly don't even know what a quantum computer is, so why are you creating these topics? Fuck off.

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Quickly, list marketing buzzwords:

muh quantum compuding
muh klawd
muh artafecal intelageance
muh nig datuh
muh internat of tangs
muh virtUAL realty

>> No.59295339

>, they will probably be outperformed by regular hardware for a long time (if not forever).
I want quantum brainlets to leave.

>> No.59295346

No. The difficulty would scale to the hardware very quickly.

>> No.59295368

>If shitcoin was in anyway valuable and was expected to be something in the future then the big boys with the big computers would have hit the set limit long time ago
You apparently don't know how computationally expensive it is to reverse a hash. Have you considered shutting the fuck up you fucking retard?

>> No.59295416

You realize that to perform any kind of normal computational tasks with a quantum computer, it requires an absurd amount of overhead right? They are only useful for certain types of computations.

It's analogous to a brain vs a computer. Obviously a brain can perform calculations that would be effectively impossible for a calculator. However, for normal computations a plain calculator is much faster.

>> No.59295441

>all non-quantum encryption implementations are trivially cracked by the government
This is a load of horseshit. There isn't a single shred of verifiable evidence that this is true.

>> No.59295464

>You apparently don't know how computationally expensive it is to reverse a hash
haha, yeah except it wasn't in the begging and middle stages yet no one of any value cared about it anyway. The only ones that cared were the ones that were going to ride the bubble. No one with serious comp power ever said "hey I better get in on this because it's a valid currency". It's only Chinks and people heating their basements, and people that don't pay their electric bill that cared about this doomed to fail meme currency

I suggest taking your own advice since you are parroting generalities about the present without any knowledge of what I am implying

>> No.59295478

>Wait for proper gaming benchmarks you IBM shills, I bet they are worthless and overpriced against my i7 7700k :^)
A quantum computer would be worthless for gaming. Please read more about what a quantum computer actually is and what it's useful for.

>> No.59295499


I only use 512 or 1024

>> No.59295503

>let's discuss marketing disguised as valid R&D for a company that has been in a period of stagnancy for years
I'm sure we're bound to find a ton of evidence on things that don't exist

>> No.59295506

>hue hue

>but it only does the tessel run in 45 petabytes

>> No.59295517

>They are only useful for certain types of computations.
no shit, and that's what we're discussing you retard.

>> No.59295555

Are their published technical details of anything related to quantum besides theory or is this just another IBM investor ad placed in some pseudo news site?

Is there a verdict on what will need to happen to crypto once quantum is realized from concept?
Is it as simple as increasing keysize or is it much more complicated than that?

>> No.59295581

>Is there a verdict on what will need to happen to crypto once quantum is realized from concept?
The difficulty will scale to the hardware. It wouldn't have any meaningful impact. Current holders would lose a lot of money, but the blockchain technology would still very much be alive.

>> No.59295634

man that's a good one, made my day.

>> No.59295655

>it's another "thinkhipster thinks their fruity toys were the bread and butter of IBM" episode
IBM never made money on that shit, PCs and consumer tech in general is a worthless market to all but the largest of megacorps who can shove enough volume through to offset terrible profit margins.

Mainframes and POWER systems are still going strong, they've simply returned to their pre-1981 state.

>> No.59295691

And everyone still uses fucking cognos for some reason

>> No.59295725

>The difficulty will scale to the hardware.
That makes sense.

I guess the biggest problem is all the data that was vacuumed up on legacy crypto
Can you think of anything else important happening due to market ready quantum?

>> No.59296302

>quantum computers finally come out
>/g/ will still complain about slow benchmarks

But how thin will they be?

>> No.59296405

Don't forget about fashionable
that's neo-/g/

>> No.59297392

>millions of times faster

for very, very specific tasks

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Oh fuck, will I be able to use their quantum computer to build a microwave time machine and fuck up the future and then go back to the past to save my waifu in a wacky Dr. Pepper commercial?

>> No.59298434

Yes, no one knows what they're talking about

>> No.59298634

It's true faggot , military grade electronic components used to mean components capable of handling a wider range of temperature.

>> No.59299078

shitty interpretations of quantum theory in this thread aside, what practical computer science tasks can be achieved/improved by the use of a quantum processor?

>> No.59299135


>> No.59299146

FFT is pretty fast there.

>> No.59299159

Calculations involving quantum mechanics on atoms.
Better simulating the behavior of brains.

You can do calculations in 3d space(I believe using quarternions?) with a quantum computer absurdly faster than with a binary computer. But the result isn't deterministic. But nature isn't deterministic, either.

>> No.59299163


>> No.59299212


Gaming environments made of virtual "atoms" rather than clunky polygons.

>> No.59299244

yes and no

>> No.59299262

You can see inside the box with the cat.

>> No.59299279


It will be running Fractal DOOM.

The chip will create an approximation of DOOM, indistinguishable from the original.

>> No.59299306

It'd retain valueish. There's only so much coin that can be mined in total on that platform. Limited supply is always in demand.

>> No.59299337

Na son. Public key infrastructure and blockchains will be doomed. But look on the bright side. People are starting to develop counter measures eg post quantum cryptography

>> No.59299345

lol nah. that would force people who want to "develop" for these things to learn high-level math and quantum mechanics. shit is trippy yo.

quantum computing would also make security of any (classical) system largely ineffective.

>> No.59299356

Won't quantum computing exponentially increase the speed of databases? That sounds extremely useful.

>> No.59299375

Am I srsly the only one on this shitboard who's already using quantum resistant encryption?

> 2017

>> No.59299405

I can see it now, /g/ in 2020

>> No.59299418

at any point if a single program holds greater than 50 percent of the hashrate the system breaks- it can just make coins at will.

I'm not sure why a quantum computer cant crack hashes, why do you say that?

>> No.59299435

>shut it down

>> No.59299472

So I can calculate light bounces really fucking fast?
Does this mean that the age of raytraced video games is finally here?

>> No.59299510

You are retarded

>> No.59299521

How does quantum computing have any impact on data retrieval speeds?

>> No.59299532

nevermind, I was thinking of inverse square root.

Is there some sort of resource I can access that says what kind of algorithms can be computed using quantum algorithms?
Clearly there is a concept of quantum turing machines and that would mean we could do anything, but there has to reasonably be a type of problem that quantum algorithms are especially suited for.

>> No.59299554


>> No.59299572

From the sounds of it, all this lets you do is reverse a hash. I don't see how that helps with speeding up the retrieval of data from a database.

>> No.59299579
File: 306 KB, 593x540, 798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see what you did there

>> No.59299762

>Never heard of Volex Atoms...

Eternal summer.

>> No.59300231

>>so fast that they can crack current military grade encryption in a few days
>you can crack everything with brute force xddddddd meme
nice try, dingus

>should start working on software for them
gladly, show me the instruction set and I start with a compiler

>> No.59300813

Its size exists somewhere between all over everything and nothing.

>> No.59300835


>> No.59300839

Your autism is showing. Your retardation is showing too.

>> No.59301490

>quantum computers
>assuming that humans can make computers that harness quantum ANYTHING to a resolution that makes sense
Good luck with that

>> No.59302068

you should fuck right off

>> No.59302757

A thousand times this

>> No.59302891

I wonder if I can use it to get repeating digits on 4chan

>> No.59303590

Holy fucking shit, quantum computers rely on the probabilistic nature of particles or whatever, but their output is not probabilistic. If it was, it would be entirely useless. For example, if you were to do something that requires multiple iterations, the probability of your end result being correct would exponentially go down to zero.

>> No.59303726

>I'm not sure why you say that
When I wrote that post, I assumed that they would not be better at cracking hashes than a normal computer at all. Turns out I was partially wrong. Apparently, there is an algorithm called Grover's algorithm that cuts down search time from N to sqrt(N) for tasks such as hash cracking, however that increase is not as significant as the increase with Shor's algorithm (used to crack RSA), that reduces time from sub-exponential to polynomial (sub exponential time is better than exponential, but still grows worse than any possible polynomial)

>> No.59303863

They would probably crash the bitcoin market with that, and it would become useless pretty fast, I mean, who would use bitcoins after IBM mines a gorillion, and if no-one uses a currency, it is worthless. Not to mention that someone else would invent another quantum computer, and then they would have to race against other quantum computers, i.e. they would be basically back to where they started. Finally, the quantum computer market may be worth more than all the bitcoins in existence, which is around 20 billion dollars at the current rate.

>> No.59304002

What the fuck is a quantum computer anyway

>> No.59304017

Are they selling the machines faster or are they selling faster machines?

>> No.59304019

It's magic, Joel.

>> No.59304056

You know how with modern computers the transistor is either on or off, depending on the electrical charge? Quantum computers have on, off, and both simultaneously.
No one really knows what they're good for, as this thread shows. Some say that they're excellent at massively parallel tasks, others say they're shit at that but good at parallel tasks in a different way than what we think of as "good."
It's a fucking shitshow.

>> No.59304105

>they haven't made a computer in over a decade
What the fuck are you smoking, faggot.

>> No.59304129

>Texas Instruments
It's a shame their AI division died like it did, they had some really cool stuff: https://vimeo.com/62618532

>> No.59304136
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>All code made for IBM(C)(R) quantum computers is intellectual property of IBM(C)(R)

They wont let a second Bill Gates happen.

>> No.59304139

Can quantum computers make BonziBuddy smarter?

>> No.59304169

quantum computers are not faster than normal computers in the general case
since they are indeterministic they also need the assistance of a normal cpu

ssl would be

>> No.59304199


>> No.59304258

underrated post

>> No.59304296

I hope not.

>> No.59304519

Ogga booga muh videogames will run better now?

>> No.59304528


>> No.59304555
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>quantum computers finally come out
>all complexity classes expand
>some classical NP problems become quantum P complete
>some classically unreachable problems become quantum P/P complete
>a decision procedure employing QTMs allows for the calculations of critical temperatures for general strongly-coupled quantum systems
>exact diagonalization of many-body Hamiltonians extends to thousands of lattice sites
>enumeration of the universality classes of polymer condensations and phase transitions become possible
>understanding of both hard and soft condensed materials grows exponentially, which allows us to build even more powerful quantum computers
>we begin to harness quantum computers in our brains to aid information processing speed
>this process repeats ad infinitum until all solvable problems in the universe is solved
>we become ultimate beings able to control galaxies within our palms
>mfw I can finally read millions of trap hentai doujin simultaneously

>> No.59304714
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>> No.59304863

What a time to be alive, also checked.

>> No.59305308

Millions of times faster at solving certain problems. It's massive parallelization with a really shitty clock rate.

>> No.59305375
File: 433 KB, 1177x1146, [Onizuka Naoshi] Emotive Ch. 1-3 [English]_P010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>mfw I can finally read millions of trap hentai doujin simultaneously
Ya blew it.

>> No.59305742

Quantum computers already exist. Just not to the general public.

>> No.59305817

>being this retarded
They don't just send bad information they correct for it.

>> No.59305837

They did in the beginning when mining was a lot easier. In modern times the cost is higher than the benefit for most people.

>> No.59305847

How to spot the tech illiterate

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