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>https://nonfree.pizza is down

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>disconnect server computer for not even 5 minutes to move it somewhere else in the room
>someone still managed to check the site in that tiny window and make a kneejerk thread
Why even are you checking it, there's nothing new on it.

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if you don't renew the domain I'm gonna be upset

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Now you've caught a glimpse of how bad the autism plague on this website truly is.

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Who knew, domain rentin' isn't free after all.

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https://lewd.pics/ is better tbqh

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>>59189499 (witnessed)

the site may be better, but the domain isn't quite as memetic

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I probably will, but at the moment $60 is a bit.

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But it works so well anyway!!!

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I Ain't Clicking That Shit, Nigga

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http://zeniea.com is better desu desu senpai

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>you're a mod
You're easily the biggest fucking faggot on this board, and I wear knee highs and get fucked in the ass. Go away.

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rood... ;(

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I want weebs to fucking D I E

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anime website

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Who fucking cares. Kill yourself.

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Weaboos who post with tripcodes and dream of getting fucked in the ass by Jamal while wearing thigh-highs aren't the same as anime enthusiasts.

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>SSL cert is only valid for actre.com.au

what did he mean by this

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Leave it to you to come back to shill some shitty alternate imageboard where you can post your awful fucking Debian screenshots. Just end it all man.

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You're just jealous your desktop doesn't look like this. Literal perfection...........

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I wish I could punch you in the face over the internet

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I love it, fuck.

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I wish you would contract AIDS and herpes from anal rape.

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not gonna lie senpai. Catgirls excluded thats pretty neat, you deserve more credit than these memers give you.

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I wish the same, that's actually my fetish

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This desu senpai

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That did he mean by this?

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How much does hosting cost you?

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Free software is literally an SJW movement. Prove me wrong.

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>Taking MSNBC/CNN/FOX seriously

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Yeah, I get all my news from Breitbart and the Alex Jones Show now.

Grow the fuck up.

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I'll pay for some of that, stick a paypal link up on the site.

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>Trusting news sources that lied about the Iraq War and actively colluded with the Clinton Campaign
>Not watching Styx
Good goy
>inb4 source
>Taking Brietbart and Alex Jones seriously
They're just entertainment really

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Hosting is the cost of electricity and internet to my house (this thread is because I physically moved the server and someone happened to notice the 5 minute downtime)
Does that require nonfree javascript to donate to/receive donations?

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Hi, /v/.

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That's a pretty cute Awoo~ senpai. The MAGA is the icing on the cake.

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anime website

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>he doesn't purchase the water filters
>he actually allows the government to put chemicals in his water that turn the fricking frogs gay
[email protected]

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>Does that require nonfree javascript to donate to/receive donations?

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when does it expire?

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it does, but damn I don't remember seeing JS on any serious site in human readable format:


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Around the 27th of this month, if I remember correctly. I bought the name a year ago when I was in better shape financially.
I'm not sure I want to ask for donations or anything, unless I put literally anything else on there instead of a meme webm.
Is that required, though? Does it appear to still function with javascript disabled?

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just tested it in icecat, with reactos' homepage. Clicking on the donate button after specifying the amount took me to paypal, but only to be greeted with a white page and "error - return to merchant" in the title

>tfw the botnet doesn't want reactos to succeed

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Pretty rude desu

Thanks!! I removed the maga Awoos from the site a week ago tho since he's been elected for a few months now.

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anime website

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Thank you for testing it. It seems at the moment that bitcoin might be the only ethical, botnet-free way for me to ask for donations, if I do at all. I'd need to give the site more than what it has right now before I'd be comfortable with it.

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cute awoos

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why are her tits by her stomach

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