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Can someone console me? I literally bought this build last month because I couldnt wait any longer.

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Should've bought a PS4, you dumb faggot. There, you've been consoled.

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Can you still return it?

Why are you buying pre-built pc's anon?

Also how much was it?

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He didn't say it was a pre-built, you fucking retard.

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>paying for games


No, and it wasnt a prebuilt. I spent $1300 after taxes and rebates.

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>I spent $1300 after taxes and rebates.
Sorry for your loss.

Just sell the 1080 and buy a 1080 ti and you will be fine probably. maybe.

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Looks fine. You have a great screen, excellent GPU, big SSD (for you). What is the issue? Why do you need consolation? You should be playing all games at high/max.

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he's sad because he doesn't have the biggest epeen anymore

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I spent $550 for the 1080. Now even if I sell it for $500 if im LUCKY, the TI will be a $250+ dollar upgrade, which at that point might not be worth it.

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>which at that point might not be worth it.
you have a 4 gig 1080 which is garbage, you would be getting like 50-60% increase in performance just from a 250 dollar upgrade.

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>My GPU is no longer the best!
No matter what you buy today, it will be outdated in time. You still have something excellent. Why are you upset?

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Just sad that if I waited a month and spent like 200-300 bucks extra, my computers performance would be 30% better. Also this:


It was a great month while it lasted.

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>4 gig 1080

Do you have brain damage?

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Do you have eyeballs?

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I think the area you messed up on is the ram and the motherboard other than that nice build I think the 1080 is overkill though hurts to see someone spend so much on gaymen

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Hey Falcon, will you be upgrading to AMD Ryzen?

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How's the monitor? Debating on it or the Acer cause of quality Control issues.

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Awww jewtel.

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You fucked up kiddo

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Your CPU and GPU are almost top of the line when it comes to gayming. Only the Titan pascal is a better GPU. You should be able to max out those 100 fps on your 1440p monitor easily. Stop complaining.

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>have top of the line hardware
>abloo ablooo ablooo

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That build is nothing to be ashamed of. Better than mine.
Don't fall for the marketing hype on here.

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