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Speccy thread waiting for Ryzen eidition

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Budget tier as fuck

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I'll show you budget

>protip: the temps are wrong

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>tfw waiting for 6c/12t ryzen
running at 4.2ghz 1.175v
also waiting for ryzen apus to replace my busted ass media center laptop

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got my 1700X on pre order. Going to have an entirely new machine

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Main machine (pic 1/4)

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Spare pc (pic 2/5)

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My laptop (pic3/5)

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My old desktop (pic 4/5)

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Old Dell Optiplex. Dual booting XP and Xubuntu.

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tfw 2011

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backup laptop while main machine has parts on RMA

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I'm content with this setup for now. Sold my 6700K recently and was planning to buy Ryzen, but I've found that I'm not missing it at all.

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It's alright

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fuck I killed my LGA1150 mobo edition.

Not sure if I should wait for Ryzen or just buy a replacement.

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It's literally one more day.

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Can't really afford R7 right now, so I'd be waiting at least until the 6 cores come out.

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Waiting on a couple cards. R7 360 4gb, and a 1060 6gb I grabbed for cheep.
Will be getting a 1800x when I can. So I can underclock this for a home server.
They laughed at our moar cores, until we got another 5 years out of the chipset.

Real question before I get Ryzen is what board is best for overclocking? Haven't looked to much into it yet, because specs can only tell us so much.
Still have to look into cooling options. I'm highly tempted to use peltier plates.

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>They laughed at our moar cores, until we got another 5 years out of the chipset.
That's because they hadn't released pretty much anything that required a more advanced chipset/socket.

Not defending Intel, but that's a very dumb thing to say when the FX-8xxx series came out in what, 2011, 2012?

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>phenom x6

It must feel good to have the last semi-decent amd cpu until now. Also, nice digits.

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>When you already built your rig before Ryzen and the 1080ti were announced.

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>inb4 why i have a 160 GB HDD

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>R9 380
nigga not everyone was born with a golden spoon in their asses

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>tfw socket 2011

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