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Utter bullshit that the recent single-thread benchmark was not averages. My 4790K easily beat the 4790K "record" on common air.

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Those are averages, guru3d tested the stock 7700k and it scores around 2300.

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>Utter bullshit that the recent single-thread benchmark was not averages.
>My 4790K easily beat the 4790K "record" on common air.
Seems to fit within average?

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Are you fucking kidding me? I'm sitting here on an air cooler with 100 4chan tabs sperging about it and I beat my chip on the list easily. A single Ryzen chip going against the average is literally nothing hard.

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Yeah, and a friend got 2060 with his stock 6700K

That's why it's called "averages"

Intel shills shaking right now

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are you braindead or something?

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Go back to primary school. You missed a few base classes.

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I don't even understand what you're trying to say there. Do you even grasp the concept of how easy it is to beat the average? I literally did nothing other than run an almost-stock 4790K while I had 100 other programs open and I easily beat the best chip on the list that was same with my own.

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What the fuck is this thread?
Your 4790k is 15% slower in single thread than a Skylake clocked 10% higher?

Is that supposed to be a surprise?

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No you moron. It means the 4790K of some sperg on 4chan run on an air cooler without even overclocking it much beat the best of that list, which means that list is just an averages list. Having 1 single Ryzen chip being high on it is literally nothing impressive in itself.

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Of course it's an average list, what the fuck did you think it was? There's literally nothing out there faster than a 7700k in single thread, so what is the issue here?

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Point is we don't know if that ryzen chip is OC while scoring near stock intel chips.

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>beat the best of that list

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Humble apology. Deleting post.

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just add about 5% to every cpu on that list and here you go

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guys the benchmarks are fake my score is lower than the one on the list

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>different systems with same CPU have slightly different scores

It's almost like you don't have different hardware, software, versions and shit.

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Lol, how did you manage to drop below the average? Shitty fan that downclocks it maybe.

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I get 2450 on an OC 6600k. It's great to see the IPC seems to be great.

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and that's exactly why op is a faggot
thank you case closed

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That's not the point of the OP. The OP is saying that if you have 1 single Ryzen chip and you go against the averages, you have an enormous advantage.
You can overclock it and always beat the average for your own chip for example.
In that example a 4790K on regular air beat the average of the 4790Ks on the list.

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>Lol, how did you manage to drop below the average? Shitty fan that downclocks it maybe.

Simple, Windows or browser does something, does an interrupt, average is lowered.
Also could be just a shitty mobo or higher latency memory.
It's 5%, honestly nothing to worry about.
Event the exact same hardware won't hit the same score one after another.

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just like i said, just add 5% to every cpu on there just to be sure, ryzen will be a little below i7-7700k and that's it

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bump because of amd shills like >>59147332

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What did they mean by this?

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Then add 5% to the top one too :^)

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How is it bullshit? It tells you that the 1700x performs close to the average 7700k in single core performance.

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Checkmate intel

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No they just poo'd on it

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>16 cores 16 threads
AMD can not stop fucking up! They can't help it

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