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>tfw want to upgrade to ryzen but it's been only 3 years since my last upgrade and i feel guilty about doing it so soon

Anyone else know this feel? I get anxious about spending lots of money.

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>wait until you actually need to upgrade
>can use even BETTER chips in your next build

ryzen isnt going to be deleted from the earth, no rush to try it out dude.

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I got rid of my old FX for a 6700k so I'm good til at least Zen+.

Let's hope Vega delivers this hard

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huge waste anon. i forbid you from upgrading until your current shit is at least 5 years old.

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I feel the same anon. Just remember that no matter what you buy, its still better than what you had before and that's why you should be happy with it.

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Instead of being sad that you don't have Ryzen, be happy that you are squeezing your old hardware for every single ounce of value, while losing literally no real-world speeds

Normalfags are replacing their Haswell systems as we write this becase they broke down out of warranty, or because the 760 they were sold in planned obsolescence is finally getting too shitty for them

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> it's been only 3 years since my last upgrade and i feel guilty about doing it so soon
Rightfully so, unless you have a Bulldozer CPU or something like that. Otherwise, just stick with what you've got for now IMO. Unless you're very wealthy and have money to blow on nothing.

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lol i got a 6700k like last summer and feel like upgrading. might wait until die shrink though since im lazy.

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Ryzen APU when?????

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