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Previous thread: >>59110698

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable
Why ThinkPad? (also applies to other business laptops)
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap.
>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet.
>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels.
>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models.
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop.
>Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model. Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain.
>The best trackpoint (that red thing in the middle of the keyboard). Great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad.
>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support.

Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

xsauc buyers guide:

EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):

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Bought a T420 on ebay.

> Put an SSD/16GB RAM in there.

> Got a 9cell battery.

> Threw Ubuntu on it.

So glad I didn't get meme'd this is the best purchase I've ever made. £300 for an awesome machine, cheers chaps.

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Is the t430 still good in terms of build? It looks nice, I want to upgrade my old as fuck dell. I wish it had blue enter key though. Is it worth getting overall? It has the performance I want. Is there something better for a dgpu with good build but not ridiculous (w tier) screen size and weight?

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What do you think of the x24 ?

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>Try not to work for the weekend, and take a comfy sunday.
>Decided to spend sunday in living room.
>Take x200 to living room.
>I'm still working because x200 is too comfy

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Cheapest 1080p model?
It honestly looks like I'm going to shill out ~$1400 US for a 1080p T460 with 6-cell
I just need something comfortable for University [Electrical Engineering] that is a little better than my X201 in terms of performance/Screen real-estate
1366x768 has made my laptop buying research a living hell

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x260 egpu?
I'm looking and I cant find much data on it.
Why can't I use an expresscard adapter like PE4C?

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I bought an x220 a couple months ago but this morning it gave me an 'invalid partition' error.

I restarted it but windows just crashes, tries automatic repair and restarts the laptop over and over. What should I do?

>> No.59130574

install gentoo

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>enjoy the Real ThinkPad Experience™

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I don't want our relationship to end this way but it's probably microsoft's fault

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I'm surprised these threads even exist anymore. I have one of the last "good" ThinkPads and it's slow as shit right now

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You did get memed though. Should have gotten w520

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>probably microsoft's fault
Real ThinkPad experience then

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any X250 owners with the 1366x768 IPS panel out here? is there any noticable PWM flickering?

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>Thinkpad T450s
>Intel Core i7-5600U
>512GB SSD HDD Samsung 850 Pro
>14" 1080p IPS display
>warranty till 08/18
>both batteries are at ~19Wh out of the 23.20Wh original capacity

What's the most I should pay for this? Mind you this is in euroland.

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Should I carry extra batteries around instead of power bricks?

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>keep the charge levels very conservative

What levels are very conservative?

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How much Eurofag should pay for grade A X250 with ssd & shitty 1366x768 screen?

>> No.59131779

imo yes

it's less cumbersome to swap and you're not tied to a power source

if you have a dock, then at the end of the day you can just plop your thinkpad on it and charge both batteries at the same time (although I think shitovo dropped that feature on its docks)

I get by with 2 degraded 6 cells (~4 hrs per battery)

>> No.59131803

i carry thinkpad x200 + 9cell, and another 9cell, and 90watt charger. it's not that much weight.

>> No.59131858

They should pay YOU to use that fucking shit.

>> No.59131868

why? do you really use it 20+ hours without having access to a socket daily?

>> No.59132048

two degraded 9 cells can pull much less than that in reality

the X200 is an old laptop

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>no laptop lewds

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thinkpad is not for fug

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>when you steal your little sisters panties for your thinkpad

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why the fuck would anyone do this

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File: 60 KB, 453x316, lewd1123243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I'm upgrading from X230 because it's shit.

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This is a blue board, faggot. Take that shit elsewhere.

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did you seriously put your sisters or daughters undies on your chinkpad?

>> No.59132592

Nothing beige board about this. Please continue anon :3

>> No.59132666

no i just bought some panties for my thinkpad

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Did u buyed it on aliexpress?

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>buying panties for your thinkpad
don't know what answer I would have liked better

>> No.59132742

Lay the panties on the keyboard or palmrest and rub the trackpoint

>> No.59132745

I have it and it works ok, it is terrible but no flickering

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>Doesn't recognize shimapan

>> No.59132757


What's your reason for upgrading, if it's not for the 1080p panel?

>> No.59132777

I know what it is, I just wanted to know why (((((((((he)))))))))) had one.

>> No.59132827


What, you don't?

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>browses /g/
>doest wear panties and thigh highs

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Can u post a link?

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Because the X230 was the last X series Model with ExpressCard.

>> No.59132974

The few people who actually do that one here are real mentally degenerate fucks who need it to fuel their snowflake syndrome.
Nothing funny, it's sad.

>> No.59133053

Go back to /b/ freak.

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anyone know why the hackintosh usb i made with unibeast isn't working?

>> No.59133581

>Skip gf/wife and went straight to daughter
And you're trying to call him a pervert?

>> No.59133694

Well, if youre girlfriend wears panties this size, then he would be automatically a pervert, I tried to do my best not to make it seem like that straight away.


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How many ThinkPads do you own?

>> No.59133725

I will buy the fhd panel later. X250 has better support for Hackintosh.

>> No.59133726

my wife is in full support of me dressing up and fucking my thinkpad
NOW thats loyalty

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>> No.59133761

Your "wife" is just lines on a 2D plane.

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I've had my thinkpad for 8 months now.

Just discovered the ThinkLight.

The future is now.

>> No.59134038

How will Lenovo ever recover?

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oh christ
sad thing is i recognize some of these people because i grew up around the IBM thinkpad team

>> No.59134387


Did anyone get hackintosh working well on X220 with this guide?

Could I install hackintosh -before- replacing the wireless card and have it recognize it afterwards?

>> No.59134431


You are fat and have a small room.

>> No.59134562

x230 with
>dock and two chargers
>~3h battery
>320gb hdd

What's the low to high price this would be worth it?

>> No.59134585

Ameri- or Eurofag?

>> No.59134655


There's also a x220 with same specs.

>> No.59135070

Anyone know where a eurocuck can buy a nine cell for the X200 without it costing over €100

>> No.59135106


>> No.59135129

>Could I install hackintosh -before- replacing the wireless card and have it recognize it afterwards?
yes you dip

>> No.59135179

is this a good deal

don't forgot i'm a fucking leaf so prices are in CAD and being shipped to Toronto


>> No.59135241

How's the hackintosh support for the T420? Same as the X220?

>> No.59135276

As long as it doesn't have the dGPU it's the same computer

>> No.59135293

>be eurofag
>buy T430i for 100€
>buy an i5 for 20€
>have a T430 for 120€
Nice feeling.

>> No.59135314

is there a difference in the keyboards of T420 and T420i? I just bought a replacement for my T420, but the listing says it is for T420i and i might have fucked up.

>> No.59135333

Is it worth getting a modern (50 or 60) ThinkPad? Is the 70 good? Or is the quality still as crap as the 40s? I don't really care about price, I just want the best I can get in the quality shell of the 20 series.

>> No.59135341

As a yuropean,

Is paying 80€ for a screen replacement (the LP125WH2 (SL)(B3) IPS) too much?

>> No.59135372

The 50 series up are all superb. They're almost on par with IBM

>> No.59135375

is it just me or is this a really good deal? didn't these retail for like 3k?


>> No.59135403

Meh. That's what you pay in Europe. I got an X220 IPS display for 100€. Can't complain

>> No.59135432

Yeah I guess.

US people only pay like $80 for 16gb of decent RAM. We pay 150€. Not fair at all.

>> No.59135524


Yea. Always go with Thinkpads with car wallpapers.

>> No.59135549

yes, just looked it up and the base w701 retailed at $2,599, fucking dipshit.
>durr I don't know how to reinstall an operating system, I'm retarded, it's going to have le car stuff on it [email protected]!!

>> No.59135567

How are these? I guess it is IPS in both. Worth it?

>> No.59135568


>> No.59135689


I let one go on shitbay for 350USD a few years ago

doesn't matter, this was years ago
the only thing giving it above average worth is collector's value

>> No.59135706

>um why is lenovo using the same dumb marketing that literally every fucking manufacturer uses that cards = IT GOES FAST?????????????

because you're a faggot that's why

>> No.59135848


>> No.59135849

My SIster bought one for £140 off Ebay. I have an X60s. Did she get a good deal?. i5, 4 gb Ram, 320 gig H/drive. The only thing I don't like is the 1368 x 768 screen.

>> No.59135870


Same Anon....a T430.

>> No.59135903

>the only thing giving it above average worth is collector's value
and, you know, the quad core i7 and nvidia 1gb vram

>> No.59135923

Old CPU and GPU. No thanks.
Literary something a MBP from 2012 can beat in performance.

>> No.59135936

depreciated compared to modern options but keep being delusional so you can win your internet argument

>> No.59135958


>> No.59135980


aren't you amazed at my argument? impressive eh?

>> No.59135983

Topkek, 10/10 shitpost

>> No.59136022

>a MBP from 2012 can beat in performance.
no not really, especially not if it has an igpu

>> No.59136038

>I'm too retarded to google benchmarks

>> No.59136062

Macbooks have had shit performance compared to equally priced products ever since they dropped PowerPC.

>> No.59136069

>especially not if it has an igpu
Obviously not talking about a shitty 13 inch one, the ThinkPad isn't 13 inch eather

Fucking retard
also yes, it does

>> No.59136099

i want to get a cheap freetard machine.
wanna slap libreboot on it + gentoo or parabola.
gonna use it as a burner laptop that I can drag around when I visit my parents or murrica.
x60 vs. x200
what do would you prefer?

>> No.59136100

>I'm claiming an 7 year old workstation replacement laptop stands up to modern iterations

Next you will tell me you were only pretending right?

>> No.59136107

>actually believing this
Sorry m8, checking up Lenovo's lineup and Apples from 2011-2015, you are wrong. ThinkPads where actually mostly behind one generation with Intel chips and chipsets.

>> No.59136115


>> No.59136119

yeah I am, for the same price. show me a new laptop costing $200 that outperforms it

Next you will tell me you were only pretending right?

>> No.59136179

Not him, but the other day some ThinkPad fags told me that the price meme is a meme. That modded ThinkPads cost shitloads and you should not believe the price argument if someone says it, even for older units, because then they are not true thinkpad-fags if they worry about money while talking hardware.

>> No.59136234

I knew this general was retarded the moment I read these posts >>59135923 >>59135936 >>59135980 >>59135983

>> No.59136278

>can't comprehend the idea of a MacBook Pro of the same time being better performance wise

>> No.59136281

To settle this once and for all: Macbooks were great until they introduced unibody. Everything went to shit with that.

>> No.59136310

can you source me a benchmark that you are basing these claims on?

>> No.59136313
File: 476 KB, 915x963, Mash Kyrielight (362).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is T420 so popular?

And how much should I pay for it?

>> No.59136352

because it is one of the best machines you can get at the moment, pricewise.
price depends on where you are at.
200 if in EU
150 in USA

>> No.59136375

>200 in EU
If only... they go for 250€ in relatively good condition.

>> No.59136417

I bought 2x in the past half year in germany.
i5 4gb for 180, i7 8gb for 260
both in good conditions.
just lurk on ebay and on other sites for a week.

>> No.59136428

T430 is notably superior due to HD4000.

>> No.59136480

what is dedicated graphics?

>> No.59136495

It depends on how good are you at getting deals and how patient.

I wasn't, so I grabbed an x220 with 8gb RAM +128gb SSD for 245€ in "A grade" condition. Let's hope that's true.

>> No.59136531

That's probably my problem. I don't buy anything that hasn't been properly refurbished by a company specialized in used tech.

>> No.59136551

>I don't buy anything that hasn't been properly refurbished by a company specialized in used tech.
okay then quit fucking bitching or be like the rest of us who take our chances on ebay or kijiji or cragislist

no shit you pay more if you buy from a professional refurb company. idiot

>> No.59136582

Not all of them have a dedicated GPU, and even if they do, its not a whole lot more powerful than the HD4000 anyway.

>> No.59136661
File: 1.97 MB, 3264x2448, Denkbrett.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some possible additions to improve my T520?
I'm using the i7-2620M, 16 Gb of ram, 9cell Battery.
A CPU upgrade wouldn't be economical from my standpoint, considering the minimal boost in performance it could offer.

>> No.59136702

Slice battery, SSD.

Possibly BIOS hack to remove whitelist so you can install Wireless AC wifi card.

>> No.59136733

I've already got an SSD and a sweet USB 3.0 expresscard installed.
Whats a slice battery?

>> No.59136764

Its similar to a dock in that you mount the laptop to it. Its basically a plate that goes on the bottom of the laptop and adds another 4-6 hours of battery life.

>> No.59136838

Why do literally all Germans own a thinkpad and Jack wolfskin jacket?

>> No.59136872

Thanks! Looked it up and they are quite pricey around here, so not really an option.

Because we're smart people who value productivity over anything.

>> No.59136896

Jack wolfskin jackets are overpriced though, unlike thinkpads

>> No.59136947

Btw how are you liking the t520? I'm considering buying it, or maybe spend the cash and go for a t450

>> No.59136988

can you try shitposting less blatantly?

>> No.59137023

They're not that expensive. Sure, there are better options, but for the masses they seem alright.
Besides, its mostly 40+ year old childless middle class couples who wear them, so they can afford it.

It's pretty good. the i7 still does anything I expect from a laptop, it still has a better vuilt quality than anything that came out after it and I don't notice a real difference in the keyboard between it and tx00 or tx10 series.

Go for it.

>> No.59137074
File: 22 KB, 337x372, 1463515959953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i kind of want to buy that

>> No.59137076

any P-line
you're beyond delusional claiming your 2008 hipster trash is worth anything
7 years of processor spec improvements, another level of DDR and you're going to tell me it performs better than it's current workstation replacement iteration? Ahahahahaha Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself
At this point I'm convinced you're just shitting up the thread on purpose

>> No.59137083

Yeah the specs are just so much better for cheaper compared to the 450, even though the processors are a bit older.

I'm looking at i7 3740, 1080p, 256gb ssd for around 500€, and one with 128gb for 450. That's about half of what I'd spend on a 450 with less power

>> No.59137108

What could I use an empty expresscard slot for these days? x220 here

>> No.59137124

eGPU, USB 3.0, sound card.

>> No.59137140

Would three x220 pads with some missing parts, hdd and batteries being the biggest be worth to buy for 210€? Would get all missings ones for about 400€.


>4gb all

> screens unknown

>> No.59137200

Sound cards? Damn. I didn't know they even existed on that format.

I considered an eGPU adaptor but honestly I don't see myself doing much with it (I mean shit, which GPU would be even suitable for an i5 2450M anyways)

>> No.59137213

Anything that you have laying around. Like an old 660Ti for example.

>> No.59137226

>I will need benchmarks to clarify that a older gen i7 and GPU are slower then a generation newer!
literary autism

>> No.59137295

What the fuck is wrong with you anon

>> No.59137311

he's sexually attracted to thinkpads with loli panties
pretty typical neckbeard behaviour

>> No.59137321

I feel dirty owning a thinkpad now.

>> No.59137334
File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, 1469309954940.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tx70's were supposed to be out in feb-march
>no sign of them
>silence from Lenovo

>> No.59137374

/g/, please never stop being /g/

>> No.59137396
File: 2.92 MB, 960x540, NMtB - Sighing [540p 50fps].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59137441


Hah, thanks!

>> No.59137497 [DELETED] 

T420 for 160€

>320GB hdd

>> No.59137518

T420 for 160€

>320GB hdd

>> No.59137598

Almost too good for Europe. Any info on condition? Could have some cracks or possibly dead pixels.

>> No.59137640

One thing I don't understand: All you people buy stuff on Ebay and take risks while you could spend $50 more and get a properly refurbished product. Seriously, we're talking $200 laptops here. You might as well spend $250.

Btw why do Murifats put the currency symbol in front of the price. It's $250 but in Europe we write it like this: 250€.

>> No.59137758

just bought a t420
>i7 2640m
>8gb ram
>128 ssd
just checked on newegg
something like that wouldve been 400

>> No.59137796

I bought my new x220 from some german store that refurbishes laptops. Second-it-store. Hope these germans are good enough.

>> No.59137824

Which store? I know some of them.

>> No.59137859

>in Europe we write it like this: 250€.

No we don't you fucking 3rd worlder.

>> No.59137898

Oh, through their eBay store, not one particular physical store. It was classified as Grade A so I guess I don't have to clean the keyboard thoroughly when it arrives.

>> No.59137922

Just got one and I like more than my T420 I had awhile ago. $115 I paid.

>> No.59137930

Should be the same. What's the seller called? Like I said I have some experience.

>> No.59137942

It was silence before the Tx60's came out as well.
I think Lenovo doesn't want people to delay their purchase.

Also I think they said "March", which generally means "end of March" and likely delayed a couple of weeks into April. (My T460p was also delayed by more than a month)
So stay strong, I know your pain.

>> No.59138003

Frenchman here.
I know for a fact that that's the placement that is used in France, Germany, Netherlands and Austria,
though the banks are free to decide which placement they use. Travelling Europe I have seen the
€250 placement maybe twice.

>> No.59138046



Because we also used to write ƒ550

>> No.59138063

The name is literally second-it-store. I don't see any specific names on their website.

>> No.59138084

By website I mean their eBay store, btw

>> No.59138101

Had to look it up but I do recognize their website.

I ordered a T420 from there a year ago. The condition was mint. They even put a new keyboard on. I ended up sending it back but that was because of intense coil whining issues, Not their fault.

>> No.59138110

Kill yourself, you dumb fucking shit stain.

>> No.59138137

Pls respond

>> No.59138150

Cool, seems I don't have to worry too much. Thanks for the feedback.

>> No.59138305


The temptation is strong to settle for a 60, I hate working on this borrowed laptop I'm using right now, feels like typing on a marshmallow. But no, I'll just regret it in a month's time.

>> No.59138472

Why are the nigs at bios mods charging money for custom bios?

>> No.59138484

Why shouldn't they?

>> No.59138536

Because shitpad owners are poorfags

>> No.59138543 [DELETED] 

I just dick around with Linux and torrent. Should I keep my goodwill T60 or keep the T510 (NVIDIA)?

>> No.59138570

I've got an x220 with new batteries, and battery life is still absolutely shit. Is there any sort of magical fuckery I can do to help in this department? I've never loved using something so much, but <90 min battery life is nearly unacceptable.

>> No.59138573
File: 39 KB, 642x465, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just dick around with Linux and torrent. Should I keep this goodwill T60 or switch to my T510? One has to go

>> No.59138837

If one has to go, keep the T510. BBut why do you have to get rid of one? It won't cost you anything just to keep it

>> No.59138919

>really hate how the dvd drive is creaking and shit
>want to buy a dummy insert
>empty hdd caddy cost $7

>> No.59139156

Alright, guys. I have been monitoring my battery health (using inxi -Fx) and my UltraBay battery (a 43) has been dropping like a rock.

bat0: 36.9/44.0 Wh (84%)
bat1: 13.3/31.3 Wh (42%)

bat0: 36.8/44.0 Wh (84%)
bat1: 10.4/31.3 Wh (33%)

bat0: 36.6/44.0 Wh (83%)
bat1: 8.0/31.3 Wh (26%)

2/26/2017 (later in the day)
bat0: 36.5/44.0 Wh (83%)
bat1: 5.6/31.3 Wh (18%)

Is this normal for this battery?

>> No.59139332

>didn't these retail for like 3k?


Are these repliers untrained shitpost bots or...?

>> No.59139381

The price meme is a meme. You will easily add $200+ in SSD, RAM, keyboards, not-shit displays, you name it. Thinkpad Soros laid it out in a few of the old Thinkpad related threads.

>> No.59139430

This general is like a bunch of poor losers who all bought $300 cars and circlejerk for justification.

>Show me a new car you can get for $300!!!

>> No.59139460

No grown adult needs to spend over $250 for a laptop

>> No.59139466

congrats, you bought a 5 year old spreadsheet machine with one of the worst displays of it's time and since.

>> No.59139486

Well meme'd, anon!

>> No.59139506

Oy vey, but buying my garbage off-lease computahs is very good for the economy you fucking goyim.

>> No.59139533

Real-talk. Are any thinkpads worth buying as desktop replacements these days? I'm moving to a meme city and will be living in a coffin-sized apartment so it's looking like my desktop is not coming with.

>> No.59139547

Is t450 good in terms of build quality and screen?

>> No.59139567

Problem with w line in general, especially w520 is that they're just too fucking massive. They weigh a ridiculous amount. Performance is great and battery is godly but they are a pain to actually carry anywhere or use on your lap. Any other decently specced ThinkPad, ie 420, 430 or 450 is good for a desktop replacement. X series if it needs to be very portable but battery is getting bad there.

>> No.59139585

About to start uni and was looking at a Acer Aspire F5-573G-59ZR but I'm not sure if this is just some consumer grade POS. Any thoughts/recommendations?

>> No.59139872

The computer's weight isn't even that bad, the adaptors are massive.

>> No.59139877

T420 weights 4.8lbs and the W520 weights 5.4lbs.

Speaking from experience people shouldn't even bother with the T420. The screen is so shit it'll always be bothering you.

>> No.59139907

Plus you look like a retard when you use on on your lap.

>> No.59139928

>Speaking from experience people shouldn't even bother with the T420

>> No.59139982

Just got a t410 for $45 except the battery is dead. what is the best replacement battery to get. All the ones on amazon have mixed reviews.

>> No.59140006

Don't really care about weight. It's going to sit on t he desk of my new apt. I don't manbag a laptop around all day when I've got a smartphone.

>> No.59140042
File: 13 KB, 384x512, disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59140131

Links pls

>> No.59140977
File: 63 KB, 677x536, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just dropped a 3720qm into my t530 and works perfectly

>> No.59141122

Kind of worthless tbqh

>> No.59141195


>> No.59141196

Can anyone recommend me a BIOS that disables the whitelist on x220? I want to upgrade my wifi

>> No.59141220

Should I get a t450? I want a 400 series build with a decent dgpu.

>> No.59141284

You should spend some extra money and get a T460. Build quality is better. It's been increasing ever since the 40 series. The new 70 series is even better.

>> No.59141477

3. T520, X220, and a T43.

>i will never have a t43 with modern guts

>> No.59141520

it is but fuck it

>> No.59141962

Arent new CPU's rolling out in the first week of March? I think that means old laptop prices will drop a bit. Look out for sales.

>> No.59141963

>T400, X220, X230
I used to have a T40 but that one's gone. It was just too old to be useable. I'd love to mod an old IBM ThinkPad with a 4:3 screen to modern standards. I'm not gonna buy one though. Thinking about how I could do it myself.

>> No.59141977

What's the fat thing?

>> No.59142037


is this a good deal?
looking for a laptop for my work
do some programming things and stuff
the certified refurbished kinda worries me but that's all there is on Amazon, a lot of people say it's good though, only a few people complaying they got theirs jizzed on

>> No.59142051

shit screen
4gb of ram
320gb hard drive

>> No.59142122

No. It's worth $200 or $250 if refurbished.

>> No.59142314

Is x330 really gonna be a thing in production or is it all just a meme

>> No.59142318

The T420 is a bid one with no known problems. It boots and i should be able to do a test before buying.

Would it be worth it if it raises to 200€?

>> No.59142338

T. Chang at Lenovo

>> No.59142357

Is >>59141284 true? If you have the money, are current gen ThinkPads good?

>> No.59142369
File: 95 KB, 237x218, 1488042516750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the hell can I get an authentic working battery? All I find is garbage.

>> No.59142465



>> No.59142494

What's the most powerful IBM ThinkPad? Mostly just interested in getting it as a gift for a friend who works for IBM. he might actually end up using it a little if Linux works

>> No.59142638
File: 164 KB, 801x649, ss+(2017-02-27+at+12.30.07).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just paid $529 for this guy, main selling point being the small form factor, and 1080p IPS screen. How cucked/jewed am I?

>> No.59142649

the plastic shell on my x220 is a bit cracked, especially on the palm rest. I assume the palm rest is easy to replace, what about the bottom half of the shell?

>> No.59142679
File: 170 KB, 977x1121, tumblr_ngpgyvBi5R1rku39mo1_r4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you'll have to carry over the whole motherboard, but it's fairly simple. One thing I experienced was the screw for the wifi card getting stripped, which was annoying as fuck. Here's a link to a guide http://www.myfixguide.com/manual/lenovo-thinkpad-x220-disassembly/

>> No.59142696

cool, thanks. I'll see if I can get by with just replacing the palm rest first. The corner of it got chipped pretty bad and the bottom shell is bending up into the space where that part of the palm rest was.

>> No.59142716

Well it's got a glossy display and the hinges aren't exactly high quality. I also heard of some screen burning issues on some models. If the hinges are OK and the screen isn't ruined you got yourself a good deal.

>> No.59142757

I have a X220 already but the resolution on it was killing me. The photo shows no dedicated trackpoint buttons, but the model number shows that it does have them. Should be here by Friday.

>> No.59142769

you should have downgraded to a t60 for its glorious 1600x1200 IPS Display

>> No.59142812

How was the resolution killing you? 768p is the perfect resolution for 12" screens. Anything higher res will make text unreadably small. In fact I think text on the X220 and X230 is almost too small. It's around 120PPI. 100PPI is best for laptop screens.

>> No.59142837

I bought an x230 with those same specs for $175 earlier today, so somewhere in that ballpark.

>> No.59142850

That's an awfully low price if it has 8GB. Are you sure there's nothing wrong with it?

>> No.59142920

There's some minor cosmetic damage and it comes with a wiped hard drive, but that's it. That's how it was advertised, anyway. I'll return it if that's not the case.

>> No.59142929

I ended up ordering
new for $339
probably spent a bit more than I needed too huh
1366 x 768 res I wasn't too stellar about but everything else seemed pretty good
and I spent $50 on a mouse, because I really enjoy wasting money

how'd I do?

>> No.59142941

Will a 3.0 USB hub Express card work with the x201?

>> No.59142955

Yes, but it won't be powered so an external HDD for example wouldn't work without another power source.

>> No.59142958

Was it that one fancy Logitech mouse that's been around half off lately?

>> No.59142976

Thinking of getting an e460, I can get one new for $881 aud, the i7-6400u with R7 360 8GB ram model.

Are they decent laptops?

>> No.59142989

No. They're terrible. You can get a T450 for the same price. Performance won't be a lot worse but build quality will be stellar comared to the E460.

>> No.59142994

nah it was an M$ Intellimouse 3.0
figured I'd give it a whirl since people jerk those off a lot. Currently use a Steelseries Sensei that I got off Amazon about a year ago and I think it's pretty okay, like 9/10. I bought the Sensei for $37 so really pleased about it.

>> No.59142996

Don't buy E thinkpad series. You'll regret it.

>> No.59143003
File: 37 KB, 750x563, e88290be4cf39a2b20a1b7642223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would something like this work (power jack in the middle), and would I get the USB 3.0 speeds?

>> No.59143014

Sure. The connection is basically PCIe. Theoretically the ExpressCard slot it capable of far higher speeds than USB3.

>> No.59143031

Sorry, didn't realize it's an X series. The X series laptops have a smaller ExpressCard slot so you need a slim 34mm card. The 54mm is too wide. It won't fit.

>> No.59143051
File: 135 KB, 1500x1500, expresscard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the form factor you need. I have never seen a powered one though.

>> No.59143052

But it will work the same way, if I would find a external powered one?

>> No.59143090

nay man, X201 has a 54mm slot

>> No.59143112

actually wondering is there any X series that has 34mm one

>> No.59143143

Measured it and it's 54mm one

>> No.59143166

>6GB Ram
>i5 520M
>320 7200 hdd
>Win 10 pro
>no scratches at all
Good deal?

>> No.59143199

Which of the thinkpads has an IPS screen, they say T420 that I was looking at is really old school bare screen with lots of backlight bleed? I'd need something around $300-400.

>> No.59143263

>You can get a T450 for the same price
They start at $1500

>> No.59143425

>Performance won't be a lot worse
Performance WILL be a lot worse unless you do nothing on it.

When you're buying a T series, you're paying for the build quality and for the mobility. If these aren't your priorities there's nothing wrong with getting much better specs for the same money from E series.

>> No.59143482

considering most shit still comes in 1366x768, that isn't too nad

>> No.59143499

go for it.

>> No.59143521

Was thinking of getting one of these. Thoughts?


Do the strengths of thinkpad carry over?

>> No.59143572

>Do the strengths of thinkpad
IBM thinkpads dont exsist anymore, just remember that going in

>> No.59143668
File: 75 KB, 581x312, received_1001385639993676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking about doing this to my t410, as I don't care about the spill resistance

>> No.59143726

Is HP 8740W shit?
According to panelook it's the only laptop ever with 1920x1200 IPS panel within 13-18" range.

Not even thinkpad-branded lenovos carry over the strengths of thinkpads.

>> No.59143806

>Not even thinkpad-branded lenovos carry over the strengths of thinkpads.
thats what i mean.

>> No.59144124

There are T series models with virtually the same specs. They'd just be a generation older than the E series to match the price. E series build quality is on par with $300 consumer Laptops. That justifies going back one gen for everyone.

>> No.59144238


x220/230 for some reason Lenovo never put ips displays in the T series until I think to 40 or even 50 series.

>> No.59144285
File: 1.79 MB, 2444x3258, IMG_20170227_044533_hdr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59144560

What's the difference between the T460 and T460p? The lenovo website only has the vaguest of descriptions.

I'm really considering just buying a new one, I have the money

>> No.59144683

What the fuck why are the thinkpads in the European online store shittier AND more expensive than the American one??

>> No.59144718

Just as everything else in Europe. People are just trying to move to the superior united states to run away from the rapefugees so they gotta make money.

In all seriousness, yes it's awful. There is something definitely wrong when RAM costs twice as much.

>> No.59144747

Yeah for the same model: US $1100 8GB ram 256gb SSD, EU €1350 4GB ram 500gb HDD

Fucking kidding me

>> No.59145360

those are used panties, fucking disgusting faggot

>> No.59145498

What's a good price for a t43/42 in good condition?

>> No.59145666

Dead in what sense? Really high wear, or it simply won't take a charge at all? If the batteries have been sitting on too little charge for a long time the chip gets wiped and they need to be left to charge for fair while before they'll randomly respond, I had it happen with my own T410 when I got it even.

Otherwise you want genuine batteries if you need the best battery life possible, otherwise any chinky batteries will be a gamble on exact capacity and how fast they wear. Unless the Amazon reviews are telling you the actual capacities I wouldn't pay too much attention since how good a battery "feels" to some normie is meaningless.

>> No.59146558

i have the 430 and i like it. the left side of the palmrest was doing weird sounds when pressure was applied, but i fixed that. people say the hinges are worse, but i have not experienced that yet, although i bough a replacement just in case. you can replace the keyboard with the old model easily, if you manage to flash custom ec firmware.

>> No.59146784

Where do you people get these amazing deals from? I've been looking into an x220 and the best deal I could find was 4GB ram, 320GB hdd in 'good' conditions for €199

>> No.59146826

well of course they're used, its wearing them you asshat

>> No.59146842

>try to feminise a thinkpad
>still call it "it"
fucking weird fetiches

>> No.59147055

It doesn't hold a charge at all. Really all I need it to do is hold for 3 hours at most while just taking notes during lectures. I think I'm just gonna take a chance with a chink battery off amazon as they're only $30 ish. If it holds for 3 hours with just using word, I'll be happy. Super solid laptop for $80 all in.

I took a chance buying this cheap t410 as my other laptop shit the bed and I needed something quick. Laptop is great, I already put in a 240gb ssd I had lying around and 8gb of ram and its already faster than my much newer previous laptop.

>> No.59147138

work is gonna provide me with a new laptop and we basically have the choice between a t460, t470p

now, for obvious reasons, it's gonna take a while until we would get the t470p, but other than that it seems like a fairly obvious choice, at least spec-wise. I am somewhat concerned about the battery life though, because 3k display and nvidia gpu, especially since afaik optimus support on linux is still fairly flaky. thoughts?

on an unrelated note, does anybody know how x220 libreboot is coming along?

>> No.59147147

How do I disable integrated graphics on the t410?
Trying to open steam, and a couple of other programs, in manjaro spits out an error related to missing a GLX extension. I poked around online and I'm pretty sure it's because it can't decide whether to use the integrated graphics or the gpu, so disabling the integrated graphics should fix it. The problem is, I can't find anything in the bios that would allow me to disable it. What am I doing wrong here?

>> No.59147319

If you don't often need battery life you could always look at a cheap tablet or netbook to fill the gap left a T470p. I doubt the battery life hit would be that bad once you dick around enough with settings anyway.

Switchable graphics support on the T410 is a mess, different models do different things. Mine has no options under the BIOS to disable the dGPU and the iGPU is in no way exposed from the software side of things from what I've seen.

If you only have a 256MB graphics memory model I wouldn't even bother with the dGPU for gayming, the FPS hit from running out of memory on everything the iGPU couldn't handle anyway will ruin it.

I think Manjaro also uses it's own alternative way of setting up graphics drivers, so I'd double check that nothing has gone wrong there as well.

>> No.59147406

I'm not trying to use it for gaming, I'd have gotten a different laptop for that. I just use steam for talking with friends.
Where would I go to get better information on the GLX extension thing? I googled around but the stuff I found didn't apply to me.

>> No.59147438

T410 has no switchable graphics, desu. You're either forced to use dGPU (dGPU models) or iGPU in iGPU models.
Nvidia optimus was first announced in T420.

>> No.59147482

From what I understood, the problem was that it was supposed to be using nvidia card, but had intel drivers installed. I'm not sure where to go from here.

>> No.59147505

go to the bios and check if there is any option even remotely related to dedicated GPU.
As I said there is NO switchable (optimus) option in t410. It was first announced in T420.
You either have fixed iGPU or fixed dGPU.

>> No.59147528

Look into using a standalone client for steam chat, I know plenty of shit exists though I can't comment on how well any of it works.

The fact that the issue is with Steam is a nuisance since it tries to use its own libraries, try running it with native libraries. Manjaro's Steam package should have a command to do it by default iirc.

>> No.59147560

The T60 had IPS displays. I think there are still people on eBay selling them for $200+ even though they're slow to the point of being virtually useless now.

>> No.59147586

I looked through the bios very carefully, there was nothing related to the GPU.
Thanks, I'm gonna investigate that.

Thanks to both of you

>> No.59147606

check how your GPU identifies itself in device manager
You probably got the intel hd graphics

>> No.59147646
File: 3.36 MB, 225x324, 1482247006322.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello friends, would the x220t be a good option as drawing table, all other options seem to be way more expensive.

>> No.59147703

Depends. It's got a fairly low resolution and it's more optimized for taking notes. Only if you're not a professional.

>> No.59147803

The computer itself is really not that heavy, the power brick is the ridiculous part. Damn thing weighs almost two pounds, so your 5.4lbs laptop becomes a 7.2 lbs laptop with a huge awkward block you need to stuff into a bag somehow.

I love my W520 but rarely carry it around. Ever since I quit gaming it has superseded my desktop, and just goes with me when I visit my parents on weekends, and the only carrying I do is from my apartment to the car and back into their house. Everywhere else I travel, I bring the X200 I used in university.

>> No.59147827
File: 180 KB, 404x416, checkem_4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a Dell Latitude E6220
>8gb of memory
>128 GB SSD
>i5 2520


How'd I do?

>> No.59147847

not really, it's not made with drawing in mind
i'm sure it's possible to do nice drawings on it, but it's gonna be a pita
i suggest you get a cheapish wacom tablet
it might not be exactly what you're looking for, but you're still gonna be better off

>> No.59147979
File: 1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1444349502087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, no deal then, thanks for the help anons.

>> No.59147994

I personally own a T22 (with glorious 1400x1050), T400 and a W520.

In the rest of my family we have a 600X, T40, T42p, T60 (soon to be disposed of), T410 (dad), T420 (mum), T430 and a recently added W541 (brother). We've basically been Thinkpad people for as long as I can remember, but my sister recently betrayed all of us by buying a Macbook Air for university. T430 "wasn't good enough", so maybe I can pick it up as my travel computer (ie the one I don't care about if it gets stolen).

>> No.59147997

I got one with the intention of doing some light sketching, it's ok. The stylus does get inaccurate near the edges and misclicks. I just ordered a Yoga 12, I'll see if it's any better.

>> No.59148054

Someone is selling X9100 CPU for 20€, should I buy it for my T500?

>> No.59148153

Never mind, it's bad deal. Chinks are selling T9600 2.8GHz/35W and P9500 2.53GHz/25W CPUs for less than $15.

>> No.59148266

>got drunk
>put bid in for shitty T420 with no hard drive
>no one is outbidding me
>1d left


>> No.59148313

I tried getting steam running on my own T410 with Manjaro running and got the same GLX error regardless of whether I use native libraries or not. I then went to check if it was a driver issue and installed the proprietary driver (through Manjaro's GUI settings manager even) and now my display manager won't start.

Either way I stills suspect it is a driver issue, but it's up to you whether it's worth the risk of breaking X.

>> No.59148479

What's the best 8gb x2 ram for a x220 with the latest bios mod?

>> No.59148499

I had it running fine on manjaro, but then I had to wipe it and reinstall and now it's fucked. Compton doesn't work either, due to the same error. No clue what messed up.

>> No.59148617

16GB should work without any mods

>> No.59148655

I haven't found any good answer to my problem, hope you guys can help:
Will the RAM downclock in the T420 i5 if I throw a 1600Mhz in there? Any chances of the system being unstable?

>> No.59148813


Those cards work well with flash drives and recent, low-power external hdd. I never used the power adaptator on mine and work great with 2TB Seagate drive with the famous Samsing drive in it.

>> No.59148875
File: 14 KB, 350x263, blocked-heatsink3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


start by disassembling the heatsink for cleaning. I bet your's is full of lint. You will need to clean and reaply thermal paste.

Factory-applied thermal paste is always pretty shitty, bad paste and too much of it. Just using a better paste can get you 5-10 C less in temp VS factory-new. For old laptop, it will be night and day.

I "resurected" a few laptops this way.

>> No.59148907


What I want to know is how much more expensive the Tx70's are going to be compared to their x60 counterpart. I don't want to wait for the T570 just to find out that I'll have to pay a couple extra hundred for lighter weight and a Thunderbolt port.

>> No.59148917


Ram will downclock, it will be more stable.
With modded bios, you can access the advanced settings and play with ram timings.

>> No.59148969


Usually less than 10% difference. I would say go for it because of USB-C, better touchpad and Thunderbolt.

>> No.59149247

>be truck driver
>co-driver smashed my E545 because he wasn't paying attention
>find another one on CL for 70 dollars
>in absolutely flawless condition
>put my quad-core A10 and 16gb RAM into it
>also install my 1tb drive, decide fuck it, wipe and reinstall
>have a legal Server 2008 R2 key
>decide fuck it, load it onto the E545
>find out USB 3.0 isn't supported by 2008 R2

Fedora 23 seems to run breddy gud on here I'll be using that on a usb until I figure something out. I use Photoshop and Lightroom for my photo edits so a permanent Fedora 23 install is out of the question I'm probably going to dual-boot because Fedora is max comfy.

>but thinkfag the E545 isn't a real Thinkpad

I do all my expense reports and calculations on this machine because it has an actual number pad on it and my T60 does the heavy-duty shit anyway

>mfw T60 survived 5 foot drop on concrete with no damage at all
>mfw E545 couldn't handle a 2 foot drop onto a linoleum floor
>mfw waiting patiently for the T70 Skylake board to come out from 51nb for the T60

>> No.59149366
File: 5 KB, 75x457, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck did someone here tell me that the t430s has terrible cooling ? tpfan comes up in manual mode and can stay so for hours staying at around 50* and fan at 0!

>> No.59149406

Does anyone know if P50 is supposed to be good? Can't even run the building information model I need for my procurement shit. Seems to run out of memory, supposed to have 16GB. Any ideas around this?

>> No.59149447

try to load both cpu and gpu a little

>> No.59149476

played some evole with the nvidia gpu the other day, didn't melt

>> No.59149617

saw lcdfan is doing thinkpad modding using an x61 chassis, is it worth it to get one?

>> No.59149746

t430s is known to overheat
check gpu-z meters on how badly it was throttled

>> No.59149834

i will check it anyway, not that i will play games any time soon, just wanted to check performance.

coming from t410, the cooling is fanta-stick

>> No.59149845
File: 1.58 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20170227_190259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've done fucked. Basically the heatsink cover on my x201 got broken which caused the back with the hinge and power port to bend backwards as I'm opening the lid. I decided to flood it with cyansomething based glue (not the best idea, pic related) is there a better fix to this that does not include replacing the whole bottom cover?

>> No.59149927

Should I install windows xp on my t420 to get optimal use out of it?
I like arch but for some reason when I use wifi on it its way slower than windows so I can't use it

>> No.59150512

I didn't ask that, I ask what the best model ram to get for it the machine at 8gb x2

>> No.59150665


>> No.59150704

install F24, install windoz in virtualmachine.

>> No.59150748

hey /g/uys, my T420's LCD backlight does not work. It's definitely the motherboards problem, it does not work with other displays either.
What am I supposed to do? Change a fuse?

>> No.59150753

Considering that mSATA is slower, would a 128gb SATA SSD + 500gb mSATA SSD be a bad setup?
I'm used to something similar in my main computer, except it's a 1TB hard drive instead of a 500GB SSD. It'd be still better than mechanical, right?

>> No.59150781


what do you mean, does not work with other display ? Have you tried connecting another LVDS screen to the mobo ?

Have you tries external display ?

>> No.59150815

The LCD Panel works with my friends T430, and his panel does not work either mith my T420.
The LCD is not blank though, but without backlighting, you could see shit

>> No.59150818

msata isn't slower in any way. Unless it's wired to a SATA2 connector.

Even if you particular drive was a bit slower, IRD difference is inperceptible...

>> No.59150881

I'm grabbing an x220 with a 128gb SATA SSD. So I heard somewhere that an mSATA SSD on it would perform at half the speed.

>> No.59151266


I see, so in my T520, the msata slot is wired to SATA3, just like the main hdd bay.

In the x220, the msats connector is connected to sata2. the speed is limited but there is a bigger problem: AHCI isn't suported with sata2 so you are stuck with IDE. For an SSD, that's a problem and you should never do that. Stick with sata3 in AHCI mode. Not only for the speed but for ssd maintainance as well.

>> No.59151355

I see. I guess if I grab a 512GB SSD, it will be SATA and just use that one.

>> No.59151512

Why not Windows 7? Or any other Linux distro? The T420 has some power.

>> No.59151648


You know, you can always buy an sata ssd with a more future-proof form factor like M.2 (NGFF) and then use adaptator for your x220.


That's probably what I would do.

>> No.59151768


Yap, 850EVO and MX300 are good candidates. Lots of newer laptops have sata/nvme combo slots.

>> No.59151838


Also, newer laptops don't even have 2.5in slot...

>> No.59151926

Woah. Didn't know those existed.

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