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Post your Cinebench.

How much of a performance boost would you get if you were offered a Ryzen R7 1800X?

>tfw haven't felt the need to upgrade since 2011 but now it's starting to struggle.

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>How much of a performance boost would you get if you were offered a Ryzen R7 1800X?

This reads like actual advertiser shilling

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A shill with and old Intel CPU?

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>le amd is commie from the ghetto le meme
fuck off and die. amd are also corporate.

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1156 bro here, x3470

get a x3440 on ebay if you want a boost, but not wanna buy a whole new system. They go very cheap and overclocks pretty good.

I'm getting zen if it runs fine on Win7, if not then this cpu will hold me up for a few more years atleast.

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The old shit wrecker.

Don't have a scrot for my 5680s, but it's close to 1700 multi

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can you please be less abvious with your marketing

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Waiting on 2nd cpu, gotta go fast

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>tfw "poorfag"

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a lot

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fuck, posted multi core, first time using cinebench


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[email protected]

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7600k at 5.2ghz, the other score was at 5ghz

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sorry guys, you're not getting single core anytime soon, I was running it then it started to make burned smell

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haha, I like how everyone has an AMD GPU

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>tfw my cpu that i just replaced thermal paste is idling at 60°C+

fucking scary

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you applied it wrong or most likely the cooler isn't fitted properly
try pushing on it while it's own and maintain the pressure while looking at cpu temps

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Had around 915 cb
X5650 at 4.1 ghz (6 cores)

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the thing is, I think the temperature sensor if fucked, even before I replaced the thermal paste (I was using the same for 1 year and half), the temperatures were the same, even with the dried out paste

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That's not right

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Put your and above your CPU and check if the air is hot
60° is certainly something you can feel for yourself

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Most of them are 200 series, which still get performance/optimization drivers compared to nvidia, notice how there are only pascal nvidia cards? really makes you think

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r8 m8

Running on 3.9GHz

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your hand*

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the air is kind of warm, but not nearly enough to justify those temps, if it were really that hot the cpu cooler would be running like a madman

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Does the vrm's on your motherboard have cooling? What motherboard you have?

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I have a GA-F2A85X-UP4 (shitty amd richland)

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If the numbers are right the 6c/12t ryzen chips can match my xeon in MT and shitstomp it in ST.

Core for core and thread for thread, the Ryzen chips would flatten the Xeon, and for less power consumed too.

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But the clock isn't the same, 2.9 vs 3.4
And Xeons overclock retardedly well if you're brave enough.

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SB-E Xeons and higher are locked and locked hard. The most I can get out of this chip is 3.3ghz all core and thats from turbo. Cinebench is also incapable of reading turbo clocks.

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Even if you throw voltage and bclk at them?

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Yep, the higher straps dont work, increasing by smaller increments takes everything else out of range, and voltage is pretty much useless.

Its definitely the major reason why I'm excited for Ryzen: I can get a proper 8c CPU that isnt either locked down super tight or $1000+

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cpu 4590
cache 4488
ram 2448

throttled h100i gtx

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I think the only xeons after 1156/1366 that can oc is the 1600 series via bclk strap as far as I understand. Never confirmed it actually is possible tho.

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Should I upgrade yet?

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Clocked at 4.2GHz
I guess I'd get something like 20% more performance at the very best.

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didn't realize how much my haswell has aged

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What did you clean the old paste with? Microfibers from paper towel and the like can increase heat. Also too much, too little or loose cooler fitting like the other anon said.

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I used q tips, but made sure there was no residue

But as I was saying before, the sensor is probably fucked

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what clock speed?

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ah the good ol burning smell.
scares the hell out of me on the current pc, but it has gone away. i'm just assuming some dust got somewhere it shouldn't have been or dislodged as there is no sign of hardware burning itself.

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it's at stock

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Oh well no wonder it's shit. That chip is hilariously underclocked. With moderate cooling 4-4.2GHz is a reasonable OC.

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shit has barely aged, the issue is you didnt clock it up, would be almost if not parity with kaby if you put it at 4ghz+

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I'll try to run it again, now the room temperature is somewhat colder

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lol what a bunch of fags

so this shit replaces the gay speccy homo gatherings?

lol g is full of fags


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there we go

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I upgraded from basically that single core performance (it was a slightly better APU clocked at 4GHz with 4 core 8 threads)

to this


The change in performance for my encoding time was drastic.

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Tech is in large part, data centric. Where would you find any correlation between performance and orientation? ego aside

Ryzen set a new world record on cinebench with the 1800x, 2449 at 5.2ghz

It also beats the 6900k, 1601 to 1474

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5 year old tech reporting in

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what's it clocked out for those scores?

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4.7 daily but I can do 5GHz for benches. Or at least I used to before I switched from water.

Still gonna do a Ryzen build.

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Yeah I figured it was something that crazily high, it was rivaling my 5820k at 4.3GHz

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alright lads
I got it overclocked at 3.5Ghz now
new results are in

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meant to say 4.5Ghz

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The 6 core Ryzen Cinebench R15 run leaked the other day had it at 146CB single core and ~1130CB multi core

Over clocked it might come close to yours in single core as well.

It has 2 more cores though, and hyperthreading for 12 threads so it obviously does a lot better in multicore than yours.

Though only 2x yours with 3x as many threads (4 vs 12)

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I can only imagine, must be like a dream

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currently at 4ghz. gonna redo when i get my new cooler and get up to 4.2-4.3

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passmark at 4.7
cinebench is at 4.6GHz
running at 1.38 volts I believe?
probably wanna upgrade zen+
second iterations of new uarch is typically best with most improvements able to be done
(see core i7 series)
r8 h8 compare

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>intel IPC has barely improved since the i5-750

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Sandy/Sandy-E overclocked high. 4.7 on a 3930K is fairly average. Ivy and Haswell weren't that great but Kaby and hopefully Kaby-E are bringing back the good clocks.

>> No.59090416

how is your single score better than mine? mines being run at 4.6 ghz
does the mp ratio have something to do with it?
they're both haslel arch
even this guy has the same processor with lower score
something is up

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okay you corrected yourself with 4.5
so take out my comparison with the other 4670k
but still its clocked less than mine and is scoring more
i made sure anything in the background was off

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nigga please

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at an uncomfortably high voltage

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Mine at 4,7GHz

>> No.59090685

what's uncomfortably high to you?
pretty much anything should be able to run 4.4 at a safe voltage

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I am pretty comfy with my PC build for a nice 1080p gaming experience, i will consider ryzen on the very low end, a mATX R3 Ryzen 4c/4c and a RX460 for business travels.Let us wait for the real benchmarks.

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I'd get a pretty huge multithread increase, probably a notable singlethread increase once overclocked too.
Most probably going to grab either a 1700X or 1800X sometime late 2017 or early 2018.

>> No.59090740

>early 2018
might as well get Intel's response whenever that will be
Or Zen plus depending how soon it'll release after

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I was not goy enough to buy an i7 with K but those unlocked Ryzen are fascinating.

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single core 190
multi 1367

>> No.59090829

Broadwell e oc?

>> No.59090864

Depends on how good Intel's response is, how good Zen plus is, and how prices are going to look on the used market.
I've got bigger priorities for the time being though, like upgrading my graphics card to something that isn't a GTX 960, and maybe getting a more suitable case.

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I'm thinking Zen plus should be pretty good
Given its the refined version of a new uarch
See core 2600k

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without any shilling, puts "the new king" 10x previous gen perf in perspective

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All Ryzen CPU's come unlocked[1]!

[1] http://www.fudzilla.com/news/processors/42578-all-amd-ryzen-cpus-will-be-unlocked

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ECC support

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I can't wait much longer

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My 4790k.

>> No.59091438

there is just some shit you can't do, such as render faster, or make games play faster that can take advantage of threads, but overall, should feel like a brand new cpu.

assuming you have a cooler that can keep it cool at 4.5 should hold you over till zen+ or intels next uarch.

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a six core would be a decent upgrade but im happy for now, i'd like it for streaming mostly.

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Anyone have/know what a 970 or Xeon Westmere-EX rates?

Just wondering, since I am eyeballing the 1600x

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Overclock your 950 and find out.

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File: 34 KB, 325x676, stockvoltages4.5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got 4.5 on stock voltages, can probably push further but don't have time to test.

>> No.59091705


970/Xeons are 6 cores

>> No.59091755

how are you, my fellow APU user?

>> No.59091774

Will I gain much of a performance increase from my fx-8350 @ 4.6?

>> No.59091780

if the single thread performance is what amd is saying, yes

>> No.59091816

>Xeon Westmere-EX

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This CPU really does run a lot hotter then I expected. around 80C under full load, I'm thinking about delidding.

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I think it can OC well but I'm a noob.

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Fug, maybe I should upgrade. Then again, how much juice do you guys think I could squeeze out of me old CPU?

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FX 6300 @ 4.4ghz, gtx 770

486 cb - CPU

Is this normal?

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I may still build a dedicated Ryzen stream/recording PC.

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>bench my bentium
>beats 3rd gen i5 in multi core
>equal to 3rd gen i7 in single core
not too bad for 80 bucks

>> No.59092296


Thanks, should have looked through thread closer.
Thats not bad considering its a cheap upgrade for me to move towards. But Ill wait for 1600x benchs as planned.

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File: 303 KB, 1248x987, cinebench425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go away amdfags.

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Intel 2600k at 4.6 GHz.
Do i even need to upgrade to Zen?

>> No.59092449

Whats is that running at? what are your temps? cooler?

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File: 34 KB, 322x817, Cinebench426sing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres one with singlethread

could be worse.

>> No.59092552

What is yours clocked at? Which cooler are you using?

>> No.59092568

X5650 @ 3.6Ghz

I will probably try for 4Ghz soon.

The i7 920 in the graph was what I upgraded from.

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Fug, forgot image

>> No.59092609

6700k owner
not necessarily inclined to upgrade atm
maybe in 1-2years. we'll see what amd continues to do, and how intel responds

>> No.59092801

As a 6700k owner im selling this piece of fucking shit and giving amd my money. Fuck Intel the jewish dogs.

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I can get around 300% improvement for rendering? I sort of want to wait and see what the opterons will be like.

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>mfw i just bought a 1700
>over 2.5 times better multi
>Single core performance increased over 50 percent.

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No desktop at the moment, hoping to be building a 1600x with RX 580 soon. Only have an old Retina MacBook Pro 15.

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>> No.59093918

@4.2ghz btw

>> No.59094063

>tfw Ryzen's cinebench is exactly twice mine and I have a 4 core

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I would get some performance, but it won't justify spending almost 1000€ on a cpu + mobo.

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I don't regret it at all. I built my computer several months ago (right about a month before the 1070 came out, I actually did without a dedicated GPU for that time kek) and didn't want to wait for AMD. It appears that the wait for AMD's ~$200 offering will be even longer, so even if the Skylake i5 isn't a great value compared to Ryzen, I still got several months of gaming in. By the time games actually need moar cores like Ryzen offers, it'll be time for me to upgrade anyways.

>> No.59094564

Wait, wtf? Why does it say I'm running Windows 8 professional edition when I'm running Windows 10 pro?

>> No.59094664

>Broadwell e
Haswell e, 5820k @4.7ghz to be specific

>> No.59094924

Ive had that same thing happen to me

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>> No.59095779

>473 cb

did I do gud?

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I have had my current system for a while, didnt have the funds to upgrade in the past. I am aiming for an 1800x this time so I expect a huge improvement for me.

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Running a 4790k @ stock, OC'd I'd probably get a decent performance boost, no need for me to upgrade at the moment. Perhaps I'll dump my 970 when Vega is released or wait for the 11x series on the nVidia side.

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Don't think I need anything better for my stuff desu, but I'd gladly take that Ryzen for a ~30% multi core boost.

1118 was when I had all other programs closed. Also don't think the opengl test benefits from sli.

>> No.59098101

4.8ghz runs kinda warm and maxes out at 85 with an h115i. I'll probably delid soon

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beat this you disgusting plebeians

>> No.59098133



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File: 16 KB, 417x414, cpuz-5680-bench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only 8000

>> No.59098149

did you not see the single gore berformance blebeian

>> No.59098161

Multi is all that batters XD

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File: 45 KB, 756x659, results.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

judging by this, I'd get just a bit less than 3x the performance in multithreaded tasks ifI were to get a R7 1700/R7 1700x

bretty good, probably gonna pull the trigger on one of them

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Hello AMD I am writing to you today in response to your offer to shill for your CPU for a free copy of minecraft and 1 free rhizome CPU.

I turn the setting in the bios up before benchmarking correct?

T. LinusTechTips

>> No.59100176


>> No.59100547

Why not push it higher
you can probably get 4.4 at a safe voltage
i'm running mine at 4.6 with 1.38v
temps are fine

>> No.59100591

I thought it's fairly common to hit 5ghz with reasonable temps
is your chip just garbage maybe
do you have overkill voltage for your frequency maybe?

>> No.59100666
File: 23 KB, 338x438, cbench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

werks bretty gud still, but might fall for the meme just to finally upgrade something

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Been my faithful companion for almost 6 years now, definitely the best CPU I have owned for the price/performance/longevity considering it's been clocked at 4.5GHz from day one and it's been on for something along the lines of 2000 days.

Might upgrade to a 6700k if intel drops the price a bit following Ryzen's release.

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redid with new cooler. only at 4.1 cause bsod at 4.2

thanks intel.

>> No.59102927

Have you tried adding voltage??

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my upgrade gonna be gud?

>> No.59104021

price already dropped 90$

>> No.59104556

Since last week? Where did you see that?

>> No.59104789

its at manual 1.25. might try upping it, but i really dont care.

>> No.59104931

Well that's why you can't get higher frequencies. Pushing it to like 1.35 is safe if you have adequate cooling

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>> No.59107290


>> No.59107448
File: 522 KB, 1280x1024, fuckingplebs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'all bunch of plebs

>> No.59107572

then it idles at 40+, which i dont like. im still kinda annoyed it idles at 35ish at 4.1 with 1.2v even after repaste and new cooler.

>> No.59109678
File: 40 KB, 762x711, Q9550_3.8_r9270x CHine15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do i want to upgrade to Zen?

>> No.59110145
File: 201 KB, 950x1057, Intel-Broadwell-EP-Xeon-E5-2698-V4_Cinebench.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How much of a performance boost would you get if you were offered a Ryzen R7 1800X?
Negative boost.

>> No.59110936
File: 65 KB, 509x767, cst.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So happy i bought Sandy at launch. New it would be a long term gem. (Same as 7970, 290x were) But RYZEN is here, and that 1700X is looking real good. Got the same IPC as my 4.6 Ghz i5 when its at stock. Plus with 8 cores/16 threads.

PERFECT upgrade.

>> No.59113488

i got ~100cb (multi) last i checked

don't even need more

>> No.59113898

Set it to adaptive mode. When you're idling it doesn't add any voltage that isn't needed

>> No.59113953
File: 21 KB, 375x443, cinebench_apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Already bought a 1700X
end my suffering

>> No.59116326

25% can hit 5 ghz I had this one running at 5ghz but the temps were way too fucking high.

>> No.59116683
File: 21 KB, 330x508, t420 nscore cinebench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T420 represent

>> No.59116982

surprised it made it through.

>> No.59116992

i did that and i get whea uncorrectable BSODs.

>> No.59117033

Weird. My 4670k that's also at 4.4GHz gets 670 in multicore and 176 in single core.

>> No.59117034

kek, I can get a higher score with my 6 year old xeon that i got for $40

>> No.59117462


only took about 6 years :^)

>> No.59117779
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mu nigga

>> No.59119394

As if this were a good benchmark for normal workloads. How much of your day is spent waiting for your CPU to fucking render video to an output file??

Personally if I'm going to do anything like that, I start the job before I go to bed and it's done by the time I wake up.

>> No.59121287
File: 74 KB, 811x900, sdasdasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't CPU wanked in a long time. Is 180 good ?

>> No.59121441
File: 104 KB, 1012x978, cinebench.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 8350 has no OC on it.

>> No.59121509

you should oc it

>> No.59121547
File: 74 KB, 371x611, wew lad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1700x for both of us.

>> No.59121629

That seems really low. When I had my 4670K at 4.5 I was getting about 680. Now it's at 4.7Ghz and gets about 708 average

>> No.59121763

Obviously a 6c or 8c is going to do better in cinebench but I use my computer for gaming so literally all I care about are those benchmarks

>> No.59121910

Whay you would be happy to admit this I will never know.

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