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ryzen is nice and all, but I don't see any point of getting it if I have to use Windows 10

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Still using that old ass windows holy fuck, it's been nearly 9 years you autists time to move on.

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You don't have to use Windows 10. There is no processor in existence that does such a thing and that's not going to change anytime soon.

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You wouldn't use a 9 year old Linux kernel would you?

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The Linux kernel doesn't go to complete shit every other version.

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Newer is not always better, anon.

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Neither does Windows. Windows 8(.1) is objectively superior to Windows 7.

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CPU's don't need drivers, this is probably some useless bloatware that comes with ryzen like OC assist tools and shit.

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The backend yes but the UI is trash.

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Nah, it's overall better.

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I'm used to windows 7 and don't like change.

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Not my fault you've got the mentality of an 80 year old woman

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the only change you can possibly feel bad is the new control panel
which you can remove it with three clicks..

overall its faster in all aspects

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>CPU's don't need drivers

Not true.

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correct, it goes to shit every version

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>does not know it is a SOC

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>shitposting outside of /b/
>>>/b/ack to your containment board.

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This, while Microsoft has skull fucked the UI the NT kernel has had some decent work done to it since Windows 7. its much more lightweight (can compress itself down to 256mb of ram) while still keeping pretty good compatibility with programs built in Windows 7

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Since when is UI more important than backend ?

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You want to change something because its better, sure, ill go for it, hell I may even like it.

You want to move shit around just so it looks new so retards wont complain they they pay for the same thing over and over again, then no, fuck you and your god damn change its not wanted. Reminds me of that material design shit google loves but it completely fuckes the browser hard... sadly much like windows, I don't have much choice as everything is chrome based anymore and firefox committed suicide.

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It was changed for the better, Aero is ugly design.

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when the ui gets in the way of every single thing you do to the point you spend more time fucking around with it then you would save by increased potential productivity.

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8.1 is garbage and was the beginning of the end

10 is the final nail in the coffin

stick with 7, dont let global megacorps bully you into submission, show them the power of the closed wallet

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Good. The sooner Windows versions before Windows 10 die, the sooner IE dies.

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Is this a joke?

I will hands down agree that 8/8.1 is much better and faster, I even used it myself for 3 years

the UI is trash though

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>This guy pays for windows

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Anyone unironically using Windows 10 right now is a colossal fucking moron who doesn't deserve the right to use a computer.

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The only thing that's arguably bad is the Metro Start menu, and that's easy to get rid of. You literally have no excuse.

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>they fell for the win8/10 meme

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You think i'm talking about about the borders on the edge of windows, god that's cute.

for one, I prefer the glass as i keep notifications behind windows, so when I get a new alert on something, I can see it in what would otherwise be wasted space.

And two, I'm talking about every menu changing just enough that you have to relearn where every setting you may want to have access to is. oh what's this, something that use to be in power management is now in network management and the other part sound management? fantastic, i get to spend every single day googling issues that I use to know the exact answers to because someone decided if they didn't move shit around people would think they bought the exact same os again.

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>this guy thinks cpus are free

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Id gladly pay an extra 200$ if microsoft gave up the joke that is 10 and went back to 7.

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>that last post
There is not a single tripfag present in that screenshot.

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Wow you just happen to have traffic on your network while using Windows 10! That's some hard evidence that Windows is a botnet!

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need to use third party programs to make the os useable
need to use a vulcan wrapper as they fucked dx9 support.

such fantastic things you need to do with 8 and 10.

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G N U + L i n u x

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It absolutely is true, dumbass. The chipset needs drivers, but these will be provided by the motherboard manufacturers. We've literally already fucking seen Ryzen being benchmarked on Windows 7.

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>being this pedantic

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dont need evidence for something that is common knowledge

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I'm not wrong.

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see >>59081656

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doesnt matter, you're pedantic, and this latest post from you is making you look hyper autistic too

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There is the problem, we don't know how well or compatible any of the motherboards are, all we know is that the cpu worked on it.

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that's the most scientifically backwards claim I've read in a while, genius

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All I had with Windows 8/8.1/10 were crashes and slow startup times. Specs are i5 4690k, 8GB RAM, SSD

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IE is already dead.

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>the Start menu's the only thing that's arguably bad, and it's easy to fix
>but anon, what about the start menu!?
You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

I'm still not wrong.

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wew, nice cringe pic

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>thinks science has anything to do with it
>win 10 user sarcastically calling other people "genius"

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An OS compiled for amd64 instruction set will run on a CPU with amd64 instruction set -full stop-

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win10 shills getting mad

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I like how no one shits on Apple and Android, they have had the same telemetry and diagnostic bullshit for years but oh no Microsoft is doing it there the evil ones

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>needs to post anti-windows propaganda to feel good about using his incompetent, broken OS

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well lets see here
I don't have apple
I don't have android
And neither of them push updates and force me to upgrade, hell most celphones refuse to update phones.

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now all they need is to get everyone to actually make software for it, and not autistic people who think cli is a valid ui.

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>anon posts Microsofts own terms of service and examples of telemetry
>Microsoft shill calls it propaganda and resorts to insulting other peoples choice in OS because hes out of defenses for windows
Really makes ur nogging go joggin

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Does Windows 10 allows use yo use ":" in filenames?

I will change if it does.

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Again faggot, the cpu will run, every other aspect of the motherboard may be so broken its unuseable, that is the fear, do you understand it now or does this very simple concept go over your head.

hell, my only real hope is here


that's likely the motherboard I will get, at least the intel version of it.

[Beta] VGA driver ver:4565 (for Kaby Lake CPU)
Windows® 7 64bit
227.02MB 1/23/2017

That right there gives me a lot of hope.

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Windows 8.1 is objectively the best Windows to date.

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I said nothing about updates, I only spoke about the data mining telemetry crap which is done on almost any google android phone and apple devices. Apple on the other hand does force you to upgrade, you get a new macbook guess what? your not installing anything older the macOS Serra. not to mention the fact they drop support for older OSX versions way quicker than Microsoft does with windows, but yet everyone is happy with Apple

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>Microsoft own terms of service
>covered in pictures of actual Nazi
gee you sure had me there with you non-propaganda

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you know what the sad fact is, if I liked macs, if I like that ecosystem, THEY fuck me over less version to version then microsoft does.

but no that's not updating, I mean they don't push updates and you have no choice in the matter, sure you can dance through hoops to try and stop microsoft from pushing something, but you will get it whether you like it or not.

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>I like how no one shits on Apple and Android
First day?

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What about LTSB? I haven't tried it yet, but it seems nice.

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i would never knowingly use an OS that forces me to update and gives me no choice in the matter

i would never knowingly use an OS that takes screenshots of my desktop at random intervals and sends them to a database somewhere

i would never knowingly use an OS that turns on my microphone at random, records an audio clip, and then uploads it to a databse somewhere

i would never knowingly use an OS that lists every file on my computer, and checks them against a database of illegal/pirated files

i would never knowingly use an OS that punishes me for trying to install software from outside of the windows store

i would never knowingly use an OS that doesnt allow me to install the drivers i want, and will reinstall the latest drivers every time, even if the latest drivers are broken or reduce functionality

i would never knowingly think that someone who uses windows isnt a dumb cunt

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You can use those drivers on any z270 motherboard, you don't have to buy ASRock to use them

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Yeah, but Apple asks you if you want to send back telemetric data in the beginning (default to opted-out, I think. Can't remember) and actually follows through on that promise.

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This is even worse than stock Windows 10 ui.

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You know what happens to your opinions on this board, right?

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Have you even bothered to read Apple's ToS? http://www.apple.com/privacy/approach-to-privacy/

>We are absolutely committed to protecting our users' privacy and have built privacy right into our products. For Spotlight Suggestions we minimize the amount of information sent to Apple. Apple doesn't retain IP addresses from users' devices. Spotlight blurs the location on the device so it never sends an exact location to Apple. Spotlight doesn't use a persistent identifier, so a user's search history can't be created by Apple or anyone else. Apple devices only use a temporary anonymous session ID for a 15-minute period before the ID is discarded.

>We also worked closely with Microsoft to protect our users' privacy. Apple forwards only commonly searched terms and only city-level location information to Bing. Microsoft does not store search queries or receive users' IP addresses.

You can also easily opt out of Spotlight Suggestions, Bing or Location Services for Spotlight.

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>i would never knowingly use an OS that lists every file on my computer, and checks them against a database of illegal/pirated files

>i would never knowingly use an OS that takes screenshots of my desktop at random intervals and sends them to a database somewhere

Is this true or this guy is spreading FUD?

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> nearly 9 years

Feb 2017 - Oct 2009 = "nearly 9 years"

Using that Win10-calculator, don't you?

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>takes screenshots of my desktop at random intervals and sends them to a database somewhere
>turns on my microphone at random, records an audio clip, and then uploads it to a databse somewhere
Windows 10 does that? Shit mang

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i hope any win10 users here arent planning on running for government in the future

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The checkbox was checked by default IIRC. But it was very clearly displayed during the install.

>> No.59082120

Ignoring the spying/privacy issues , what I really hate is that they use all this to spam the ever living shit out of you with advertising

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>linux exposed for being the elitist useless trash it is

>> No.59082139

Vulcan wrapper? DX support broken? What are you talking about? I am able to play DirectDraw games just fine in Windows 8.1 while recording in OBS on Direct3D.

>> No.59082147

Only on the Home versions, never had an issue with Pro or LTSB

>> No.59082150

>uses Linux daily
>lol it's useless guise

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Well that's good.

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I can understand not supporting Win10, but not supporting Linux? They have no reason not to. Fuck this new gen data mining trend on everything

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People are just retarded with their wording. The proper way to word the OP would be "Windows 10 is the only officially supported Windows version." These retards disregard the fact that other operating systems exist.

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As someone who regularly flies with British Airways, no it's fucking not. Even Edge won't show the necessary checkbox, only IE will.

>> No.59082275

>not supporting Win10, but not supporting Linux?
Assuming you mean windows 7 but regardless, Linux is less than 2% of the market with regards to consumers. I can imagine Linux support will come with Ryzen Opterons.

>> No.59082369

if AMD wants any server market share Linux support is going to be day 1. Desktop Ryzen already has support on mainstream Linux

>> No.59082375

I specifically point that out as both processors are technically not supported in win7, kaby definitely isn't, and they are making a am4 version of this board and it looks to be one of the better ones available.

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Not my fault if you cannot just tolerate and accept nefarious garbage. Think of the less fortunate.

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From my understanding the implementation of dx9 is broken on 8+ and you need to use a vulcan wrapper to un fuck it.

>> No.59082424

Whats broken? DX9 shit runs fine.

>> No.59082440

look up the dx9 vulcan wrapper, they will tell you better then I half asleep ass can.

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Windows 7 is old and archaic. No DX12 support, no memory compression, no Action Center and it's already out of mainstream support.

Aero Glass feels antiquated now.

Windows 10 is the name of the game.

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>memory compression

This sounds like it would downgrade the performance (i know nothing about the topic by the way)

>> No.59083021

I don't see the issue, mostly only Linux users are dumb/cheap enough to fall for the AMD meme.

>> No.59083033

It's not that bad to be honest, you can avoid using most the Metro shit. While in W10 the whole GUI is designed like the Metro shit.

>> No.59083038

How do I pirate Windows 10 then?

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Except it does

>> No.59083062

>search for Windows 10 torrent
>open with torrent client

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I wouldn't. Because I wouldn't use any Linux at all, new or old. It's dogshit.

>> No.59083110

Can't use : in filenames.

Windows 10 is still full of archaic legacy shit.

>> No.59083111

It's x86 its going to run just fine. just don't expect proper motherboard drivers or idle power states or AMDs help when something goes wrong

>> No.59083168

So if I were to put my system into sleep mode, would there be issues?

>> No.59083185


stfu pedo

windows 7 and 8/8.1 also have telemetry

everything on the internet tracks you, the safest option would be to not use the internet at all, or better yet, just research and use tools to help you at least make tracking/spying minimal as possible


>> No.59083307

I don't see why there would be issues, your PC might use abit more power since Windows 7 doesn't allow fine down clocking of the processor when at idle on the newer CPUs

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If there's critical bugs in the BRAND NEW silicon you won't be getting a microcode update on Windows 7 to fix them. Fuck you AMD. You just cut a vast majority of potential sales to please Microshit - they must have 'compensated' AMD well.

>> No.59083427

Does the processor no long work with Windows 7 after microcode updates?

>> No.59083471


That isn't the issue. The processor will work with Windows 7. If, however, there is a nasty bug in the design of the CPU that has been discovered, a microcode update can work around the issue and alleviate any instability. If you're on Windows 10 you'll be fine when you receive the updated microcode. If you're on Windows 7, you ain't getting shit. Say hi to random bluescreens or features/instructions that could crap out your OS.

>> No.59083486

I will use Windows 10... actually scratch that, I will use any OS, if it comes with an actual female that I can use for whatever purpose I wish. Microsoft shills, I know you are watching these threads, please give me a female I can have intercourse with while using your latest OS. Linux shills, I just need one female willing to give up their body for "my freedom". I'll even use a Mac, even though god forbid I have zero idea why someone would normally use one. Shills, you know what you have to do.

>> No.59083497

That's my point, you can still use another OS to install microcode updates and boot back into Windows 7. You just can't use Windows 7 to install the microcode updates.

>> No.59083513

do we need another "Current state of Windows 10" thread to remind you?

>> No.59083521

>I'll even use a Mac
You wont get a GIRLfriend in that case.

>> No.59083526

To remind me of what?

>> No.59083555

To remind me of some cherry picked bullshit that 90% of the time is the fault of the user

>> No.59083565

Didn't say I wanted a girlfriend. I want a girl I can own as my personal property in return for using any OS out there. Either a girl made to do such by an evil company or a girl willing to sacrifice herself for me.

>> No.59083628

Why the fuck is everyone so surprised about this? In the TOS they literally say you can't turn it off the spying. And you can't say most users didn't read it either because some of the options literally say there is no option to turn them fully off, both in the OS and in the installation process.

You literally agree to this when you install and it flat out tells you, so I don't know why so many people are shocked that it keeps their promise.

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Seems pretty degenerate desu senpai
I would prefer getting a qt gf

>> No.59083675


You do know microcode patches are not permanent and is reset to the factory microcode each time you reset your computer? This is why you rely on motherboard manufacturers to release BIOS updates with the new code. If the motherboard manufacturer can't get support from Intel or AMD to include microcode updates for Windows 7, how are you going to apply it? Linux updates bundle microcode into the boot-loader because every time the computer is booted it loads the new microcode patch.

>> No.59083704

I thought microcode updates actually overwrote the processor's firmware

>> No.59083737

i have home on two computers and other than the initial install when start menu was full of shit (that i removed in 2 minutes) i have literally never seen a piece of advertising in the entire OS

i dont understand this meme at all

>> No.59083745

Forget that, no female would ever love me. I am /g/. I am a bearded guy who lives in his parent's basements. Females don't wish to interact with me. So, I just wish to own one. GNU/Linux, Microsoft, whoever wishes to shill their OS to the extreme. I am ready. I know what I want. Now, who wants me to use their product? I would appreciate if the latest Gentoo install came with a free girl you could chose from a list, kinda like how you could chose different motherboards for your CPU. Speaking of which, I am willing to shill and show full brand loyalty to either Intel/AMD if they are willing to do the same.

>> No.59083818

I think there could be some sort of compromise, what if the girl was brainwashed by an evil corp to be your gf?

>> No.59083867

You are thinking into the land of fantasy. Intel and AMD are having trouble getting past 10mm. How on earth will they ever get that good at brainwashing a bunch of girls? It has to be a mass public thing, otherwise I am an unlucky NEET that will just be yelling at why it couldn't be me.

>> No.59083897

So you think it would be easier for them to give you literal slaves instead of brainwashing the girls to lust for neckbeard NEETs?

>> No.59083936

It's easier to brainwash people than to manufacture processors with a 7nm process. Just look at Charles Manson, he did it singlehandedly

>> No.59083952

Yes. You really think for a minute that a girl will lust for a NEET? You realize the extensive training that would entail? We are like the opposite of what ever girl wants. The only answer is a slave. Sure, that would mean changing some laws around, but that is still easier than ever getting a girl to think the average /g/ poster is attractive.

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>> No.59083994

I recently threw out the Win10 on my laptop and reinstalled Win7. I had literally nothing but problems with Win10.

>> No.59084001

Sure, it is pretty easy to brainwash people to kill other people. Humanity is like animals after all, so we can play strings to get those urges to the forefront. But loving a NEET? That goes against all the laws of nature.

>> No.59084056

>Again faggot, the cpu will run, every other aspect of the motherboard may be so broken its unuseable, that is the fear, do you understand it now or does this very simple concept go over your head.

You do realize that just like with any other component manufacturers, it's the vendors themselves who are in charge of what OSs get supported. The same way a vendor can chose to support Windows 7 on an Intel board despite Intel themselves not supporting 7 they can chose to support 7 on an AMD board regardless of what AMD does.

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Because of the square window borders? We can do that on 7 too!

>> No.59084209

Can you get rid of Aero and have a better underlying OS too?

>> No.59084273

There is one thing I don't like about Windows 10 compared to 7: The search. Instead of just typing something in and getting a result, it limits results to documents, and I have to click for video results after typing in Tentacle and Witches instead of just pressing enter.

The thing is, it used to work just like in Windows 7 but got fucked up after a patch and I haven't found a way to change it.

>> No.59084279


Guys, let us not squabble amongst ourselves, for we have a common enemy to fight. Remember everyone, >>59081929 is the guy we must fight for W10 is the devil and to get on his platform means you will be going to hell.

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Really really really basic 3D question. I have
* a 3D position, P
* a direction vector, D
* a length, L

I want to calculate P', which I define as the result of moving P, L units, in direction D.

Imagine I want to draw a line showing a triangle's normal for debugging reasons. (This isn't exactly what I'm doing, but it's analogous.) P is the centre of the triangle, D is the normal, and L is an arbitrary number.

I think I can do this by creating a full-on 4x4 transformation matrix out of the required rotation specified by D and a translation specified by L, and multiplying P by this matrix. That really seems like overkill, though- surely there's a simpler/faster way to determine P'x, P'y, and P'z given Px, Py, Pz, D, and L?

>> No.59084716

Dude, it's just P + L * Dn, where Dn is normalized D, i.e. D * 1/|D|.

>> No.59084722

Sorry I deleted it because wrong thread, but thanks- that is a lot simpler than I thought.

>> No.59084741

Reminder that without installing what AMD calls "CPU driver" Athlon X2 on windows XP had frequent BSODs and negative numbers for ping results. Because fucking core desync happened.
Nobody knows for sure if the totally new CPU architecture will or will not be compatible with some obsolete OS out of the box.

>> No.59084768

Meanwhile Kaby Lake is based on an old architecture and is pretty much Skylake version 2. Intel wins! Hooray for lack of innovation! AMD BTFO!

>> No.59084937

Only legitimate feature missing

>Memory compression
Memory is cheap and plentiful

>Action Center
What? That was introduced with 7 you dip

>Out of mainstream support
Good, Microsoft won't try to add new (((features))) that exist only to collect data

>Aero Glass
Objectively superior to Metro.

Windows 10 is the name of the goyim.

>> No.59085075

>Memory is cheap and plentiful
Nigga, have you checked RAM prices in the last few months? They have skyrocketed

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File: 416 KB, 1026x671, explorer_2016-05-27_00-58-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What? That was introduced with 7 you dip

This is what I'm talking about. Windows 7 does not have a unified notification hub.

>> No.59085139

That gimmick is annoying.

>> No.59085188

Linux + QEMU/KVM w/ Windows (no networking and GPU passthrough if you want)

>> No.59085190

It has, but either nobody cared or the api was too retarded to use.

>> No.59085205

>some bloggers leak turns out to be wrong
Every time

>> No.59085213

Don't worry, it will work on Linux soon.

>> No.59085237

>Good, Microsoft won't try to add new (((features))) that exist only to collect data
hahaha, of course they will and they already have, windows 7 is the 3rd (third) major windows release with a phone-home system and need I remind you it forcably downloaded a 7GiB ISO of Windows 10 to disk?

You're trolling right?

>> No.59085348

Support's there, unofficially.

>> No.59085402

>reeeeee why won't they support this archaic os;_;
Try running a old ass Linux kernel on a modern CPU and see what happens

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