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So.... is Intel going to drop their prices drastically?

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The laser etching and fonts look really nice desu

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That's exactly what I'm buying R7 1800x I can't fucking wait.

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The R looks like a sideways u with legs

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It's cute :^3

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Not sure about that, but the next gen Intel CPU's (next year hue hue hue) will probably be the following

i3: 4c/4t
i5: 4c/8t
i7: 6c/12t

Prices will remain the same unless AMD gain a giant momentum.

Fucking Intel, I'm pretty sure it cost less than $3-400 to make the i7-6950X

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Hope you have windows 10

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Dual boot master race faggot. Win 10 and Linux

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the 7700k is priced well enough, but the broadwell-e processors arent going to drop anytime soon due to the architecture advancements over ryzen

unless ryzen has 40 pci lanes and more chipset advantages over x99 then people will still buy intel for certain use cases

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We will see, maybe a $40 price drop on 7700k
They won't drop prices as much as you would think.
If Intel can still post that extra 3% fps In Games, they will still be able to sell CPUs.

Their 8+ cores will take a beating though though.

We are alsp assuming AMDs benchmarks are legit.

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>calls someone a faggot but has linux.

Yeah pot & kettle spergy.

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> le single-thread performance does not matter le meme
didn't they pull the same shit last time
Intel will benefit from yet another flop

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Oy vey shill harder

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This isn't faildozer you sperg. This is a completely different ballgame.

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It's AMD you hurt you fucking retard. If I literally want to help AMD to become better I have to expose their hypocrisy. By supporting their "le single-thread does not matter le meme" which is EXACTLY what they pulled last time, I support yet another flop, which will support Intel.

Bullshit, the AMD shills themselves post threads in this very shill board that show it worse.
All the memes AGAIN, are about 999 cores against FEWER cores from Intel.

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AMD single thread scores are same as Broadwell-E Brian.

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They've improved single thread performance by 54% percent

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They planned 40%...

Is this Athlon all over again

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Should I sell my i5 4690+12GB RAM+B-motherboard now for R7 or wait for R5?

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hmmm...kaby lake IPC is still considerably better. will be interesting to see how the ryzen quads compare

the 6-cores might end up being the sweet spot

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Why would they

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the kaby lake chips are clocked much higher

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>ryzen 7 @ 3.50
>i7 6900k @ 3.20

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I'm personally going to hold back for a month or two. Not because of the chips, but the mobo's and their overclocking potential.

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> le single-thread performance does not matter le meme

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6900k has a single core turbo of 4.0Ghz. 1700x single core turbo is 3.8Ghz

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They reported stable 4.3-4.6ghz on all Cores (Tho these are only rumors)

They reached 5.2Ghz and got a world record in Cinebench

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The record was with ln2 of course

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>no R5 until Q2
I sure hope so, because I'm going with intel in my next build.

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no you stupid goy. the margins on intel cpus go back into funding women's initiatives in technology, trump campaign contributions and well deserved executive bonuses as reparations for the holocaust

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>Q2 is 38 days away

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/g/ humor thread

or, is it a gore thread?

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I only play Supreme Commander, which is like the most intense CPU game out there.
Would it be better for me to buy a Ryzen or a quadcore intel?

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Intel. FA hammers single core like crazy.

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Yeah I'm sure they'll be released on the 1st of April, when have AMD ever disappointed us before?

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Ryzen silicon performance looks very close to Broadwell-E. 6900k ln2 record is around 5.1 and air around 4.4.

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>trying this hard to force le le single threaded performance does not matter meme meme

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Screw dual booting. VGApassthrough FTW

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but babbys can't into

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Yeah they did. What CPU you got currently. I mean I know the "Its less than 3 months from now" line could be bothersome, but if you have an i5 or better, it doesn't worth the upgrade.

Pretty sure you will regret it. Wait for the R7 third party bench also

Even if its performs worse than the Broadwell-E, I still going to OC it to 4.0Ghz and I will be fine. I don't need the best, I play games and watch movies.

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I know that FA hammers single core, but with the FAF patch, wouldn't Ryzen be technically better?
Also, which Intel should I go for that can be atleast 4.5ghz on air? Current I have an I5 but that one is stuck on 3ghz.

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Fucking AMD need to stomp out the Jew vendors in the UK/US fucking shitholes like Overclockers are charging £489 for the $499 1800x, and £250 for a hero mobo, the Z97 hero was £139

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over a score of 100 single core IPC doesn't mean shit because newer apps and games use more cores.

This isn't 2011 anymore stop using old memes.

t. i7 6700k owner.

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It's almost as if intel is leaning on big retailers to overprice AMD products

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No, because Intel doesn't care and has a self-centered strategy independently from market prices since they currently lead

Completely unrelated but 750 pcie drive prices haven't changed even with Samsung M2 "competition"

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Careful with tinfoil hat....

>You are making too much sense

What better way to sell i5/i7 then to jack prices up

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going by amd's general european pricing over the years they don't give a shit about us.

i've bought nvidia for like 3 gens in a row now simply because they're cheaper on release than amd in the uk.

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>6700k cost more than 7700k

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because the Z170 boards are more mainstream, possible incentive to sell Z270

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>drop prices
Hahahaha! That has NEVER happened.

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both 100 and 200 series support both processors

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Intel will always drop bribes rather than prices.

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Doubt we will see heavy price drops, they'll probably still bank on their name recognition.

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So, when are Ryzen 5 and 3 releasing? And the APU?

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Q2 supposedly

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only in their next revision, as to make it look like they were not artificially bumping the price in the prior revision

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>If Intel can still post that extra 3% fps In Games, they will still be able to sell CPUs.

on stock frequencies, you mean? :^)

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Y looks like a pussy

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They won't drop prices on current line because shareholders and investors would tear them apart. They will, however, eat the losses for now and phase out Broadwell-E and Kaby Lake as fast as they can. Skylake-X and Coffee lake price tiering will be readjusted, 10c/20t 7950x at $1000 and Coffee lake 6c/12t at $350, so on. i5s will have 4c/8t and i3s will have 4 cores, all amounts to effectively lowering prices across the board.

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You know they say that all cpu's are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Intel and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one on one with another Architecture, you got a 50/50 chance of winning. But I'm an IPC freak and I'm not normal! So you got a 25%, AT BEST, at beat me. Then you add VIA to the mix, your chances of winning drastic go down. See the 3 way, at Easter, you got a 33 1/3 chance of winning, but I, I got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning, because Intel KNOWS they can't beat me and they're not even gonna try!

So Intel, you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus my 25% chance and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winning at Easter. But then you take my 75% chance of winning, if we was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 per cents, I got 141 2/3 chance of winning at Easter. See Intel, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at Easter.

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Ryzen is going to be a huge boon to PS2 emulation since using the software emulator for the graphics is much more accurate, and having a cheap(ish) consumer chip with 16 threads is fucking rad.

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>Fucking AMD need to stomp out the Jew vendors in the UK/US fucking shitholes like Overclockers are charging £489 for the $499 1800x, and £250 for a hero mobo, the Z97 hero was £139
Worked in retail years ago, they will always set prices lower on high volume products, gets the most clicks and in store traffic. Generally people will buy low volume items with less concern for price.

Intel wont drop prices, they sold pentium 4EE for $1000, even on high tech products where you would expect informed customers, maybe 20% will buy ryzen products over intel if intel chips cost twice as much for the same performance.

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it's almost like your shitty nation decided to break away from the rest of the developing world because your populace is retarded and your economy is suffering as a result.

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At least 50 nerds must be beside themselves with excitement right now.

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i'm fine with buying nvidia though tbqh.

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UK prices aren't even hight though. It's exchange rate +20% tax then rounded up to the nearest 10. Not going to get better than that in this day and age. Thankfully I can get it without tax, but still.

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Retailers will probably cut prices to get rid of product stock. Intel can't do much other than lower prices slightly, fire deadweight employers and stop wasting money on fruitless ventures while focusing on their next competative products. Intel has simply lost their edge and got caught off guard.

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oc uk said they sold 1332 chips in 3 hours

all the big international shops are out of stock

90% of the europeans are out of stock

this is a pretty fucking superb start

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what advantage 8 more pcie lanes will bring? especially when ryzen has gen 3 and broadwell has gen 2
32 is more than enough if someone wants more the aibs will probably create a better plx chip

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I think they'll drop prices on their broadwell E chips because they're really behind, hopefully it'll be a strong enough kick in the pants to make them give half a shit about their enthusiast platform again.

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Is this what the tech scene has fallen to

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>requires discrete graphics

lmao, changing their market hold fro .1% to 1%

The hardcore PC market is fucking nothing

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