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can someone give me a quick rundown on this man?

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He has a large history of having any CPU design he's involved with exceptionally successful, earning him prestige and respect in the tech world. His latest venture, working on Ryzen, has been a great success compared to the ethnic supervision of bulldozer and vishera. He left AMD as soon as his work was done.
He WILL wreck your shit.

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He has a big penis.

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He's the guy who single handedly killed intel

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The certified shit wrecker who saved AMD

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They photoshopped an amd logo behind him when he has absolutely no interest in brand loyalty

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It's not like he's ever worked at Intel, at least. AMD's gotten him twice.

I wonder what kind of whit he's gonna wreck at Tesla, though. I bet those cars are gonna end up driving themselves better than humans can by the time he's done with their guts.

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The man who single-handedly made CPUs great again

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He is a god among men, but, why Intel haven't hired him?, they sure have the money

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Intels been using the same design automation for a long time, if they even could put together a team to improve it, it would likely be more expensive that what they would gain from "winning again"

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Maybe he doesn't want to. Maybe he knows someone at Intel in charge of CPU design that he can't get along with, or knows that Brian Krzanich is a massive retard and wants to stay away from the coming Intel dumpster fire.

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Jim Keller, the patron saint of certified shit wrecking.

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He not some nigger throwing a ball around, redesigning a CPU architecture is a little more complicated than just hiring some guy

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Probably hates intel for ruining computing

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how do i become like that man? I want to BE that man

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You can't, he was born into it. You'll just mearly adapt to it.

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Thank you, based Jim.

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