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It doesn't support Windows 7. Why the FUCK would you put up with this travesty? AMD had one job and like usual, they blew it. No thanks.

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I feel you OP, anybody have advice on different OS's that aren't botnet?
Red-pill me on W10 if youw

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Stop being stuck in 2009 and it won't be a problem.

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>AMD had one job and like usual, they blew it. No thanks.
What does this have to do with AMD? Are you stupid?
Also, pic related

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>using Windows

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The newest intel processors don't support W7 either.

They'll still work with W7 since at the end of the day it's a x86 processor you goofs, you just won't get official microcode updates or those special features

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>using lunix

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Microsoft won't backport kernel scheduling and idle state patches to Windows 7. You can still use it unofficially, AMD and motherboard manufacturers supply chipset drivers for Windows 7 and 8.

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Says Windows 7 right there m8.

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Holy shit W7?
There is still hope then.

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>stop being stuck 8 revolutions ago around the sole star of our solar system

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Fake news.

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>windows 7

The future is now, old man

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it microsoft fault, they already send the patch, Microsoft refuse to included in window update.

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What exactly does it mean that ryzen is incompatible with Win7? Would it not boot? Or what exactly would happen?

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>what is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

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Then release a better OS. This shouldn't be too difficult, right? It's almost a decade old.

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No official driver support

Get back to work Pajeet, those phones won't answer themselves

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It functions but no extra support or something.

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It's just not supported officially. Some of the newer extensions might not work. h.265 extensions for example might not be able to be utilized if you do encoding. So most people probably will not even notice a difference.

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A sidegrade from Windows 7 at best that only addresses some of the issues.

The simple fact is nobody would use Windows 10 if Microsoft wasn't forcing DirectX 12 to be 10-exclusive. If Windows 10 was genuinely worth using Microsoft wouldn't have to literally give it away for free while witholding Win7 updates.

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> buy 1800X for $500
> water cool it for $100
> overclock
> spend the remaining $400 on the best whores available
Intel shills will remain virgin forever lmao

Even apple is beating them with their 1W CPUs

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It would boot. It's just that operating systems receive microcode patches which basically optimize the system for the architecture it's running on. Most often, these patches do little to no difference in terms of performance. By denying these patches, the architecture is effectively "unsupported", but since it's still the same old x86_64 instruction set it's entity compatible.

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It means nothing. W7 will run but you wont get any updated windows 7 drivers. Yes your old hardware and drivers will work.

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>spend the remaining $400 on the best whores available
what a fucking waste

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Windows 10 is actually pretty smooth, the machines at my work have them. The spying shit is a deal breaker for sure though. I see no reason to switch to 10 for a fancier UI, nor DX12 which still isn't fully adopted just yet.

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No support != No functionality

Just like how no one will support OP's anime addiction, doesn't mean he still can't watch it like the degenerate he is.

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Why do you expect Microsoft to backport new stuff into older operating systems?

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>what is linux

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If there's a critical bug in these totally brand new CPUs you ain't getting a microcode update if you're on Windows 7. This has happened before and having the update has made the difference between having your computer crash randomly or having stability.

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>Desktop Linux


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Cause I use 10 and I don't give a shit.

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You can do that?

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A server OS

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I ran Cinebench on an identical system in the same configuration under Windows 7 and Windows 10. Win10 is ~5% faster. Is that the "revolutionary technology" of 2017?

>Fancier UI
It isn't even consistent.

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jesus christ nu-/g/ is really out today. wow.

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win 10 LTSB, thank me later

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do you actually lose any performance by using ryzen woth win7?

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Dude, Cinebench is supposed to stress the hardware. A 5% performance improvement cause by the OS is actually quite good. The OS can't magically improve your hardware though.

And your argument is...?

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Not who you're replying to, but nu-/g/ is basically the fact that /g/ is becoming /v/ overflow. /g/ is going to shit due to it.

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It's not that the CPU doesn't support Ryzen you idiot, its that Windows 7 doesn't support the CPU.

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A piece of shit.

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>m-m-muh m-muh games!

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Windows 8.1 + Startisback = Windows 7 anyways, stop whining you faggots. Use LTSB N if you don't want any of the meme features or botnet and call it a day.

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>It's not that the CPU doesn't support Ryzen you idiot
>CPU doesn't support Ryzen you idiot
>CPU doesn't support Ryzen
>you idiot

You clearly are.

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>not supporting a decade old OS that is going to be unsupported by even MS soon enough
I hope you're just trolling and you aren't this autistically retarded.

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>It isn't even consistent.
Never said it was, I was referring more to the effects versus Windows 7. You're pretty much preaching to the choir, I never even implied it was "revolutionary technology". I just think it looks nice.

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What is this Windows 10 LTSB?
I searched online and cannot find much about it...

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Buthurt mod changed the post and decides to pretend it's a typo. How low do you have to stoop?

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I have seen some excuses but this takes the prize. And btw, AMD said they would not be supporting anything but the latest operating systems. That was from their own press regarding Zen. Microsoft probably paid them a good deal of needed dollars to have an exclusivity deal with Windows 10.

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is that a stable OC tho ?

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but i use linux though

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b-but, muh gaymen

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Stores here actually advertise "unofficial Windows 7" support. So it might actually be as close as it gets to Luddite-friendly CPU.

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>Luddite-friendly CPU.
>preferring a fully functional, more aesthetic, non-spyware OS that is still fully relevant despite microsoft's attempts to sabotage it is somehow being a "luddite"

Go buy the latest Mac with dongles you consumer whore.

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>Intelfags trying this hard to find something wrong with Ryzen

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Why the fuck is everyone 'tisming aout some shitty 2009 OS? Upgrade to 8, 10, or just go install Lickass

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Because we have taste here anon.

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8 and 10 are objective downgrades. Even microsoft employees know that.

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>a processor doesn't support an OS
What is this meme?

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Blackmail and coercion by Microsoft's failing OS (Win10). MS must have paid a handsome sum to get Intel and AMD to make their CPUs exclusive to W10.

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Holy shot Zen still isn't a buyable product?

Well it's too little too late...too late for Xmas season...to late for USA tax refund season...

Too fucking late to give a shit. I'll just stick with my FX 8320

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Your loss

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That shit is gonna destroy itself in a few hours.
Anything above 1.45v is pushing it longevity wise

Also, most 7700k can hit 5.0ghz with reasonable voltage,
Hell, my 2600k was able to hit 5.1ghz 1.51v back in the day.

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could possibly be cpuz misreading voltages due to this being an unrealeased platform

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>implying amd is losing anything from thieves
You pirated that 7 and never wanted to buy AMD in the first place.

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Or he may have logic in picking a superior OS that doesn't invade privacy or have ADS.
Geee I really don't know anon pretty tough decision..

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see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aikfO6Sw0hk
that is the 2nd video.
the first video is where the photo comes from. he had to edit the video (NDA maybe ?).

on their presentation AMD gave overclockers some r1800x to see how far they could push it.

the photo in question is with LN (liquid Nitrogen)

Still fucking impressive tho

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I dont miss win u at all. Shit couldny even multi monitor correctly

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CPU-Z is fully supporting Ryzen since yesterday.

>> No.59076090

>a superior OS that doesn't invade privacy or have ADS.
But Windows 7 does have ads, and telemetry has been added in, without user consent... not to mention whatever other back doors you can't see

>> No.59076168

but windows 7 DOESN'T have ads and telemetry is an OPT-IN you have to agree to


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Thats the exact reason why I will not upgrade to that cpu, not backwards compatible

>> No.59076417

>telemetry is an OPT-IN you have to agree to
Wrong. Install a stock W7 system and update it and you'll get all the telemetry patches. MS reissues them with new versions now and then so people who opted OUT by hiding or uninstalling those updates get them again.

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I'll buy it because it triggers faggots like you

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>It doesn't support Windows 7.
Doesn't mean Windows 7 won't run. You can already install windows 7 on Kabylake.

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>AMDrones need to hire prostitutes to lose their virginity

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Doesn't support =/= Isn't compatible

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16c/16t? Werren't the top Ryzen chips 8c/16t?

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>consumer whore
>prefers windows 7
You played yourself

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this guy is such a fucking faggot can you link another video please?

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Shit taste

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Daily reminder that Intel started the same trend with Kaby Lake and that you outdated OS is not going to be supported until you die.

Also, it isn't a big deal anyways, the CPUs on themselves will work with Windows 7 just fine, maybe some really specific features will be unavailable, but that's prolly it.

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It it becomes hugely popular MS will eventually support W7.

>> No.59076566

"Windows 10 ltsb" on Google, first result (an entry from windowsitpro.com or something), your welcome.

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>AMD had one job and like usual, they blew up.

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>or those special features
Which features are those exactly?
Like I want to upgrade to Ryzen, but I want to use win7. Which is the best option for me then?

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>liquid nitrogen cooling
>barely hits 5.2

blunder of the century
I can already see how it won't overclock on air or water for shit

>> No.59077608

You know that 5.2 is across all 8 cores right?
This isn't like the overclocking world records up at 8.6 where it's done on single cores alone.

>> No.59077622

Not him but i didn't realise that

>> No.59077646

We got less than 4 years to switch to 10 or whatever new OS Microsoft releases.

So why would AMD support for obsolete OS for their newest lineups?

>> No.59077647

shut the fuck up child shill. you have no shekels either from intel or amd. so stop shilling for either and shut the fuck up and die.

>> No.59077682

Ok. Note to self, don't disprove shills with facts, apparently it offends them on a personal level.

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Will this Windows 10 is bad meme ever end?

>> No.59077707

>It doesn't support Windows 7

what? didn't they say it does? dafuq amd

in that case, i'm going with a 7700k

>> No.59077711

If Win10 stops being bad

So no

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>It doesn't support Windows 7. Why the FUCK would you put up with this travesty? AMD had one job and like usual, they blew it. No thanks.
Because that's Microsoft's fault, not AMD's. Don't like it, firebomb MS headquarters.

>> No.59077734

You mean Windows 7 doesn't support it.

Wintoddler logic is always backwards in that regard.

X doesn't work on Windows?
Clearly the fault of X.

X doesn't work on GNU/Linux?
Clearly the fault of GNU/Linux

>> No.59077749

Considering the only way to do that is to actually make win 10 not bad.
But knowing microsoft it will never happen.
So the answer to your question is no.

>> No.59077767

>in that case, i'm going with a 7700k
Ryzen supports win7 just as much as the 6000 and 7000 intel series.

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Please kill yourselves.

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The sheer fact you own a $1000 intel processor means women flock to you, you don't even have to boast, they just know, you are an affluent individual who only buys the best, wants the best and deserves the best, from women to processors.

>> No.59077777

Here's your (you)

They pushed it to 5.4GHz for the new world record CB score and stopped at that. There's no telling how high it could have gone

>> No.59077779

>Shills on suicide watch
What else is new...

>> No.59077787

>It doesn't support Windows 7. Why the FUCK would you put up with this travesty? AMD had one job and like usual, they blew it. No thanks.

Windows 7 doesn't support it* FTFY

Microsoft said they wouldn't be supporting newer chipsets on Windows 7. I agree with the other guy, stop using the botnet and this issue doesn't matter.

>> No.59077806

To be fair: Win7 has a huge marketshare.
The only reason they have to abandon Win7 is that they want to force you to use Win10

>> No.59077816

Muh raisin is so much better than jew shills cpu....oh no windows 7 support
It has begun

>> No.59077836

Switch to GNU/Linux, faggot.

>> No.59077852


>intel isn't able to OC all 8 cores to 5.2ghz with ln2 and 1.875 voltage

You are born as retard, you will as one
reply again when you have arguments with some value

>> No.59077857

Go ahead and link where a 6900k is 5.2 across all cores then m8.

>> No.59077880


What they didnt show though if it was watercooled as if it was then its not counted apparently.
Im only repeating what I ave read and been told.

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File: 216 KB, 1024x694, ryzen-ln2-2-22022017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't try to change subject. The point wasn't about how high a $1000+ intel cpu could clock, it was about how high could the 1800X go and that unfortunately can't be determined just from the demo that the overclockers did at the event.

it was LN2

>> No.59077935


People are theorizing this might be due to the mobo compensating for the new low drop out voltage regulators amd is using, and the actual voltage supplied to the cpu being around 1.4-1.5v.

I'm researching a bit on this, see what else I can find.

>> No.59078057

even if it did have full support for windows 7, windows 7's time is limited. you're not gonna be using it forever are you? what happens then?

might as welll pick up loonix now

>> No.59078074

That 1.85V could even be the true voltage that was supplied to the cpu, but because the new architecture has full per core voltage control the actual voltages that the individual cores saw could have been much lower than that. The 1.85V only sets the maximum and CPU-Z can't yet read the values off of individual cores

>> No.59078133


Per core voltage control is why these new digital regulators are there in the first place, so that might very well be the case.

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>windows 7's time is limited.

>> No.59078255

yeah you're right look at how well xp is doing

>> No.59078338

>yeah you're right look at how well xp is doing
>40% market share

Doing not bad.png imho

>> No.59078373

>most 7700k can hit 5 GHz

That's because it's a quad core, faglord. The record for the Intel's octa cores is also 5.2 on LN2.

>> No.59078388

Apparently there is a new abstraction layer built into Ryzen which makes Windows treat the threads like proper cores. Has some advantages in certain cases apparently.

>> No.59078497

Keep in mind how heavily microsoft pushed windows 10.
Forced upgrades, FREEE GOY IT FREE GET IT, endless shilling.
They pushed so hard, yet look where that has gotten them. Imagine if they just released the OS and let it try to survive on it's own merits.
It would have fared no better than win 8.

>> No.59078592

Legacy support is holding back technology. Upgrade or die.

>> No.59078602

Okay, provide us with something that is an upgrade. Go ahead, I am waiting.

>> No.59078645

"Does not support Windows 7" does not equal "It's guaranteed not to work on Windows 7"

Just means they won't really give an ass about making sure it runs well on W7

>> No.59078646


Windows 7 is unofficially supported, afaik kaby lake chipset works on Windows 7 it's just the igpu graphics drivers that aren't supported

"While they may be able to install a Ryzen or Kaby Lake processor on the machine, and run Windows 7 or 8.1 on it, they'd be left alone if they require support. Neither Microsoft, nor Intel or AMD will provide support on unsupported operating system version.

It is unclear if Ryzen processors will perform the same on Windows 7 or Windows 10, or if driver support and better operating system support make Windows 10 beat earlier versions of Windows performance and stability wise."


>> No.59078683

That's because the 7700k and 2600k are both quad cores, you retard. Overclocking eight cores is way harder than four cores when it comes to reaching 5 Ghz.

That's why LN2 is needed for the eight cores.

>> No.59078697

Some of us have jobs and need to run industry standard software

>> No.59078849

XP has more marketshare than 8 and 8.1 combined.

>> No.59078906

There is no reason to not use win10

>> No.59078955

Windows 10 is malware. No-one should be using it.

>> No.59079006

What photo you used, do you know where to find the blender file of it?

>> No.59079023

>Why the FUCK would you put up with this travesty?
Windows 7 is 10 years old, what the fuck does a brand new processor need Windows 7 support?

>> No.59079025

>what is xorg

>> No.59079089

There is SHIT tons of reason not to use win 10.

>> No.59079125

here's hoping that's true, would love to stay on win7

>> No.59079165

because its still the only os microsoft has made, currently supported, that is good

>> No.59079184

it's a good kernel for good operating systems like debian

>> No.59079196

Supports GNU/Linux, maybe it's time to install Gentoo?

>> No.59079201

>he doesn't use uwp software
fucking pleb

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Fucking upgrade or find your favourite linux distro you fat fuck aspie

>> No.59079258

>using internet

>> No.59079269
File: 41 KB, 720x263, Screenshot_2017-02-23-09-38-35~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I smell a smelly smell

>> No.59079615

I wasn't planning on running Windows 7 on it, why the FUCK would I care?

>> No.59079642

LTSB N doesn't get rid of the botnet. Windows 8.1 + ClassicShell is better. Why go with Startisback?

>> No.59079673

Why not just not update? I rather risk my info getting stolen by Russia than by Microsoft. At least with Russia there is a chance they won't get it.

>> No.59079708

Get Thief 1.14 vanilla working in GNU/Linux and I will switch. Until then, Linux is not an option here.

>> No.59079716

To upgrade to Windows 10

>> No.59079896

potentially the entire chipset will not work

Hoping win 7 will work, looking into gpu passthrough if it doesn't, fucking hate linux and everything about it, but if it lets me condom the os I want to use ill put up with its shit.

>> No.59079931

the spying I could live with, that is a router firewall away from being solved, or a goodwill pc with pfsense away,

But the whole not obeying hosts, not letting you turn any shit off, not being able to turn all updates off, random shutdowns that do not offer you a way to postpone, the ads, its all that shit in conjunction with spying that makes me not want to use it.

>> No.59079939


>> No.59079970

likely means nightmare to make function.

>> No.59080070

40% OS marketshare.

>> No.59080111

Time for that 40% to upgrade.

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File: 70 KB, 1280x720, how_about_no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59080136

give me an upgrade

>> No.59080154

Sorry, but I refuse to go past 8.1. Any OS-tan that offers herself for free isn't for me.

>> No.59080160


>> No.59080165

Do you have an off-board GPU?
Install Windows 7 and it's going to just work. Maybe you'll have to edit the .iso to put USB 3.0 drivers in it (so you can install through a USB 3.0 port). Alternatively, if you already have an HDD/SSD with W7 installed, chances are you can slap it into your new PC and it'll just work too.

>> No.59080374

Wait does Ryzen support Windows 8.1?

>> No.59080795


>> No.59080861

Nice try faggot.

>Do you have an off-board GPU?

I installed the 6700 for a friend some time ago on win 7 and it works fine.
But with ryzen I am wondering just how much features am I going to miss out on win 7.
For instance I know that the extended frequency boost thing might not work on win7, but assuming I can manually overclock it anyway I dont care right?
So I should just get a Ryzen without the extended frequency boost thing right?

>> No.59080907


i cant stop laughing at this image

>> No.59080946

alright, what version of Win10 is the /g/ recommended one that wont fuck me too hard?

>> No.59080989


>> No.59081074

whatever lunix you want and passthrough win7 for games that don't work well natively/via wine

>> No.59081076

W10 Enterprise LTSB.

>> No.59081149

>don't support W7 either
>the crappy competitor doesn't have x feature
>so now neither do we!!!
>no we weren't paid to remove something like this to give the people paying me for this a bigger paycheque
>hue hue hue

>> No.59081182

Too bad you can't find it anywhere, fuck..

>> No.59081190

Russia don't give a single fuck about you, but the kikes does.

>> No.59081192
File: 33 KB, 500x500, get a load of this goyim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

win10 - 3.

>> No.59081220

Literally took me less than 10 seconds to find a torrent

>> No.59081258

baby dont gnu me

>> No.59081361

You can block all telemetry through a hosts file.

Anyone using windows 7 is either incompetent or a poorfag. There is literally no excuse.

>> No.59081384

Even if Windows 10 didn't have telemetry it still has a clusterfuck UI and forced updates.

>> No.59081398

>You can block all telemetry through a hosts file.
No, MS hardcodes it's IPs to avoid this.

>> No.59081414

You are fucking retarded and don't deserve to be on this board.

>> No.59081472

It's like asking what version of cancer should you get.

>> No.59081510

>You can block all telemetry through a hosts file.
The fact that you even NEED to do that is why only a cuck or retard would touch Windows 10.

>> No.59081523

you don't need to do it at all.

>> No.59081547

True, I just use Linux.

>> No.59081552

I'm still on windows 7 because it's a pet partition for video games and not a serious OS for serious things

what exactly would I gain, updating to 10? DX12 doesn't seem worth all the hassle that comes with it

literally nothing but downsides

>> No.59081571

Well, you'd be able to use modern CPUs for one.

>> No.59081594

>what exactly would I gain, updating to 10? DX12 doesn't seem worth all the hassle that comes with it

>literally nothing but downsides

Pretty much this.

Except modern cpus run on win 7 quite fine. But certain stability fixes or features might not work.
My friend has a 6700k and it runs fine on win7 for instance.

>> No.59081615


Maybe last week they were.

>> No.59081618

it's higher IPC though - look at that cinebench score compared to 5.0Ghz 7700k. You probably only need aboput 4.2Ghz base clock overclock to make the 1800x perform close to stock 6950X

>> No.59081634

Why doesnt firefox play html5 video on windows 10?

Works on ie 11

>> No.59081650

How reliable are they anyways?

>> No.59081651

Intel said you NEEEEEED windows 10 for 6000 and 7000 series, yet people run them on windows 7 fine.

>> No.59081678

How reliable do they need to be? They work the same as always
>open torrent/magnet link
>client downloads data

>> No.59081698

Okay, but does the enterprise edition still botnet over my PC?
Any way to stop it?

>> No.59081717

Can't help you there, I don't use Windows.

>> No.59081773

Thanks anyways.

>> No.59081774

W7 was retrofitted with the same botnet W10 has, so you either use Linux or shut the fuck up retard.

>> No.59081801

Unless you know, you didn't let them. Which you had some control over in win7.
Win10 on the other hand you have no choice.

>> No.59081885

>Win10 on the other hand you have no choice.
Yes, you have the choice to not use it.

>> No.59081901

:^) Obviously. But I meant if what your options are when an os is installed.

>> No.59081936

>I enjoy Microsoft boning me in the pooper and looking at all my shit.

>> No.59082806
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>It doesn't support Windows 7. Why the FUCK would you put up with this travesty? AMD had one job and like usual, they blew it. No thanks.

Because you should be on Windows 10 already.

>> No.59082831


>> No.59082869

So many posts on an obvious bait thread

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