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Base clock @ 3.4 GHz, turbo @ 3.4 GHz (turbo disabled)

Fuck the non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

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d-delete this sir please

please respect the nda please sir

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>turbo disabled

What's next, superpi and x87?

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How the fug will intel handle this?

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kill yourself liar

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Unless they're willing to cut their prices 50%, they won't be able to handle it.
They cucked themselves out of the game by pricing their products way too fucking high.
Maybe they do what they've done before and just shill out bribes.

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Dog bless the leakers

Even though this is probably an internal leak, but still
>1 user benchmark

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Not bad consedering the non boost, the low power draw and the low price
Thats the website...not OP

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what i'm getting from this is intel basicly fucked themselves with that price thinking no one would beat it. Could they recover from this?

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based JIM

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p-power draw and turbo enabled when please

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How will those Israelis ever recover?!?!?

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Wow and it's only 3% worse than the almost same priced intel cpu.

Am I missing something, why should I go AMD if I'm getting a bit more performance for a bit more money from intel?

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>@3.4GHz turbo disabled

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because if it's very good in single core and even better in multithreading than the 6900k priced at 1200$ for one third of the price

why not buying it ?

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>16 threads vs 8 threads
Hmm really made me think alright.

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So it's like every other benchmark we have seen until now.

How is this new?

When will actual benchmarks come out, why was the turbo disabled?

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It has more cores/threads and is clocked lower (and also has turbo disabled), so it's more comparable to a 6900k (which costs $650 more) than a 7700k

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>literally half the price


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>60 bucks less
>twice the cores
>only 3% worse in GAYMING despite being clocked 800mhz lower with turbo disabled

jews are finished.

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you forget the low TDP

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And it's draws ~95w which is NUTS for an octacore.

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Nice, even my 3 year old Haslel has:

Slightly faster single-core speed. +12%

Much faster single-core int speed.

Faster single-core fp speed.

Faster quad-core int speed.

Which is the only thing that matters in games and real apps. But enjoy you 7zip performance AMDfags lmao

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But I only play games and I can get the intel one for less so why should I buy AMD other than intel being evil jews

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>new linus video
>XFR or whatever is called only boosts 0.1GHz
Still great price/performance but I feel like I was memed by this "it will OC itself" thing

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It's 100mhz on stock cooler.

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Well I suppose we can finally know how Zen performs with the same DDR4 kit as a SKL chip

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No, the XFR only boosts 0.1
If you want more than that you have to do an actual OC. Go watch the video

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This. Ryzen DOA. PooMD fags can fuck off to their designated shitting streets

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ahh magic 16% so that leaves me with:

-Much faster single-core int speed.

-Faster single-core fp speed.

-Faster quad-core int speed.

Really makes AMDtards think
exactly m8

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There is no theoritical limit for XFR. It's limit will depend on the efficiency of the cooling solution and the used voltage. 0.1 GHz XFR with AMD Wraith spire, which is their 95w TDP cooler (second best they made, behind 140w Wraith Max).

Pic related is on LN2

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>real apps

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>if we pull some bullshit math and pretend that if we increase x% the frequency it gets x% more performance it beats intel

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the math was downclocking the 7700k sample to 3.4Ghz, but sure.

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Pic related IS NOT XFR
It's actual OC.

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every relevant non-freetard software ever and 99.999% of gaming

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next thursday

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So why didn't you actually downclocked an 7700k instead of just pretending that by increasing or the decreasing the frequency you get a performance boost or reduction at the exact same %

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Like mono core apps like super pi?....

Most of your ''apps'' are multicore

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Why are you asking retarded fucking questions, nigger?

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This, can't wait to see how shit they are for real world use instead of these propoganda AMD internal benchmarks.

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If by multicore you meant 4 core and maybe some hyperthreading, sure, or you're trying to compare 4core i5 or i7 to Poozen in 2 (TWO!!!!!!) games that use 8+ cores? Wow AMD did win there bro! Bravo let me buy COD clone that no one plays and some other nigger-failed title no one even bought.

gl selling your workstation-ready CPU to gamers that get better results with intel for 4+ years even before Ricen was even released. AND even better luck trying to sell it as a replacement for 20+ core intel enterprise CPUs that are used everywhere where actual serious work in needed.

No one wants or needs AMD CPUs, they are Another Major Disappointment. Intel would probably cut $20-$40 from their mainstream CPUs tops, that's it. AMD wasted millions on RnD to make a shitty 2600k killer in 2017? Because it can't beat haswell where it matters. And like I said above anyone who takes work seriously would get Xeon E7-8890 v4 or something like that because they have money and they make money with that equipment. unlike AMD.

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>.8 more niggahurts
>59 more burger credits


Now that's what I call TICK TOCK TOCK

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>he does it for FREE

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not an argument

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>FREE shilling

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won't quote anymore unless you'll come up with an argument

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Is intel going to offer OEM massive deals again?

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so you likes unoptimized games and software?

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The secret is that they can cut prices and will. Then they will drop the hammer in about 12 months. Same shit happened last time AMD broke the rules and toyed with the lead.

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Would be really awesome.

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You can't just change the price at will without consequences, that's not how it works in a capitalist system.

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You know a 16 core for workstation and a 32 core for servers is following right.

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1700X is €440.
7700K is €360.

They aren't
>almost same priced
at all.

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>Why are you asking relevant questions that destroys my shitposting?

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>using euro trash fun bux as currency

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1700 -> 320$

is that more fair ?

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Neither were any of the insults, fallacies or falsehoods intel payed you 5¢ to post

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Some gayme use more that 4 core...
Ryzen draw less power...

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They have to. AMD already popped their bubble. Intel inflated their value long enough.

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Ryzen 1400X will be the equivalent for i7. You're right it wont be

>almost same priced

It'll be a lot cheaper.

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Supposedly tigerlake and cannonlake will be cheaper
also i5 with hyperthreading etc

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>also i5 with hyperthreading
so, an i7?

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there are like 13k games on steam, you calling only one of those games optimized?
home software I use like PS been using GPU for years and it performs really well
problem is, AMD already positioned their desktop CPUs as workstation-like. If it's the same shitty cores as in "normal" poozen with more cache it's a fail.
would LOVE to see this graph with recent non-downclocked intel CPUs
because skylake is up to 20% faster in GTA 5 than 4790k


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Nice dubs Pajeet...

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>because skylake is up to 20% faster in GTA 5 than 4790
FREE shilling. I want that.

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No. Pentiums are already i3s since they're dual-cores with Hyperthreading. i3s will become the quad-core/no-HT and i5s with HT. i7s will be 6 cores and higher. The Jewing ends here

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Why would it only boost 100mhz? Those chips are like 30% more expensive. That makes absolutely no sense.

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have fun with a newer game

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there is a video link there for imbeciles like you
also can you please post your cpu-z screenshot with a thread in the background to proof you're not a trolling/shitposting poor indian if you want to continue this dialog

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>buy Intel
>lol can't overclock unless you pay extra for Zx70 board
>lol can't overclock unless you buy highest-end K-chip

We haven't even seen R5 1600(x) yet, can't wait for mid-market to blow Intel TF away

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Poojeet stop doing it for free.

>> No.59072851

Cannonlake is laptop only

>> No.59072856

>another year, same old excuse
Literally bulldozer 2.0

>> No.59072864

>reading comprehension
new CPUs in GTA5 game YOU mentioned. Also, why are you still grasping at straws, I already mentioned your whole TWO games here:

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I'm a different guy.

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Get fucked

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>4.7 GHz chip
>can barely compete with 3.5 GHz Intel offering

>> No.59072893

Intel just can't compete. 7700K clocked 1ghz higher failing at simple computation.


>> No.59072899

desperate for attention then? anyways I already answered you delusion there

>> No.59072903

>half the cores
Enjoy your 7zip performance AMDfags

>> No.59072917

>4 core vs 8 core
nah kill yourself

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So you like unoptimized games and software...well
What about the 8-Core 6900K?

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yes it was. but we talk about ryzen and cores and scaling.

>anyways I already answered you delusion there
didn't even read your post.

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Servers are power and thermal limited. Given everything shown sofar Ryzen uses less power. That means more headroom to clock up higher core variants without exceeding TDP.

Sky/Kaby having a 3-4% IPC lead won't matter when their 32 core chips are clocking higher than Skys top 28 core SKU can.

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Intels is cheaper.

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>want pay $1500 for the same performance with a Intel CPU

>> No.59072962

Bulldozer was made for branchless integer throughput, that's about it. Soon as you throw in some branches, floating point, or heavy cache usage it falls apart.

Really fuckin good for media transcoding and code compilation though.

>> No.59072970

>sofar Ryzen uses less power
wrong right there, you're comparing desktop CPUs without iGPU to intel proper all around desktop CPUs not intel workstation CPUs that don't have them.

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1700 can OC, 7700 can't

>> No.59072994

Oh no, they compared it to 6900k which has no iGPU.

>> No.59072998

why do I need 8 core CPU in my desktop? For winrar and apparently excel? And for this I have to sacrifice performance in virtually every game? No tyvm

>> No.59073000

6900K and 6800K don't have igpu.

>> No.59073005

7700k is still cheaper.

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>> No.59073011

1700 can't reach 7700 OC level

>> No.59073012

no it is not. read again.

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Those aren't even in the same performance range, retard.

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OPs pictures shows the 1700X you fucking retard

so yes the 7700k is still cheaper.

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>le install gaytoo!!!:DD
ryzen has 10 core? oh damn, at least TDP is lower right?

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>being such a brand loyal consumerist whore that you won't buy a cheaper, superior product

Is your (lack of) personality really that defined by the crap you buy?

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then why is the OP comparing them fucktard.

>> No.59073049

I bet you have Windows 10

>> No.59073055

6900K is 8 core, 6800K is 6 core retard. learn your shit.

>OPs pictures shows the 1700X you fucking retard
7700K competes with 1700. not 1700X.

>> No.59073063

I do with todays updates. I also use twitter, whatsup and fb and have friends.

>> No.59073065

Jesus Christ

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File: 97 KB, 798x1199, Screenshot_2017-02-23-13-09-00-1865307486_EDIT_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD is still so far behind Intel, this is just Bulldozer all over again.

>> No.59073080

>Mental Gymnastics.

The picture in the OP is literally comparing the 1700X to the 7700K

Are you actually fucking retarded?

>> No.59073081


10% faster clock for clock, so Zen is between ivy and haswell in single thread perf but has higher SMT yield in multithread workloads

>> No.59073083

Your life must be so great anon!

>> No.59073084

8 core CPUs are not for you my son.

>> No.59073097

are you saying that people with i7 3770k and later CPUs should """""""""""""""""""""""""upgrade""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" to rizen? hmm made me thing thanks

>> No.59073100

>(turbo disabled)

>> No.59073102

Look at the clock speeds you nigger

it's nearly the same IPC (instructions per cycle for you niggers)

>> No.59073111

Point where he said that please...

>> No.59073119

that's why i use 4 core i7 like a normal desktop user lol. but that's for clarifying, grandpa

>> No.59073132

Go play minecraft then.

>> No.59073133

>Point where he said that please...
>he said that
AMDegenerates are like a pack of wolfs lmao this is comedy gold. Defending fellow pajeets on the internet

>> No.59073141

>Still a 1700X

And people wonder why AMD fanboys get made fun of.

>> No.59073148

Then he/she/xe didn't. Nice digits btw!

>> No.59073149

I play overwatch now mainly, waiting for 4th competitive season to start

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go play roblox with that $350 i7 of yours nigger

>> No.59073183

if you play LoL/DotA/Overwatch/WoW you should seriously consider taking your own life

>> No.59073189

get a i5...

>> No.59073219

>How the fug will intel handle this?

They already have monopoly, they just make better OEM deals. 10% lower prices if they order server, desktop, and mobile from them exclusively.

Ryzen will only sell in the desktop, like Athlon 64 did.

They may get fined for 1 billion € again, but that will just come off as a tax writeoff next to their 55 billion $ yearly revenue.

>> No.59073236


lol, there goes that "5ghz on air" claim.

>> No.59073258

Broadwell-E doesn't have any iGPU. 8 core 6900K uses 125~ watts, 10 core 6950X uses 135~ watts. Both are 140 watt TDP which fits power use nicely. Numbers are from Anandtech.

Ryzen has a 95 watt TDP.

>> No.59073283

>playing memewatch

>> No.59073291

Who gives a shit about ipc when they're not running at the same clock speed you stupid nigger

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>I buy hardware that is 40%~ slower because it's cheap

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>16 AMD threads barely outperform 8 Intel threads

>> No.59073346

>ryzen is 40% slower because i said so

whew, and i thought amd really had me on this meme. thank you, just removed my 1800X preorder and got a 6950X

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don't worry I have other stuff to play, I'd worry about your beloved AMD though

>> No.59073369

>put less cores in the CPU
>clock them higher

Here's a (You) you dumb nigger

>> No.59073375

OMG anon, you are a cool guy! Can you please be my friend in Roblox? I can be your girlfriend in Roblox or minecraft if you want. :)

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>he wants inferior single thread performance
I found the ideal processor for you

>> No.59073413

Don't try to argue with AMDoomed it's pointless. They are lost and have lost.

>> No.59073431

The two benchmarks are single threaded and four threaded.

Thats less than half of Ryzens power level.

>> No.59073510

So I know there are a few Ryzen CPUs coming out next week, but how long until the low-mid end CPUs?

I'm building an ITX rig to run as an emulation console and wondering if this Ryzen set will have iGPUs.

Right now I'm looking at the i3 7100 with integrated HD630.

>> No.59073647

Actually it's 3% behind (overall) for $60 cheaper. With the low power draw, and more cores/threads, we get the same age old debate year after year. Intel fucking destroys AMD in single core performance, but is more expensive. Both of them are completely viable options depending on what you need to do. Y'all are children if you can't get this through your head.

>> No.59073715

> Intel fucking destroys AMD in single core performance
as long as it's a thing AMD can't win, simple as that

I used phenom II x4 925,upgraded to 4770k in 2014, looked and Rysen benchmarks, looked at Intel top 4 core i7s and decided to wait till next CPUs from both of them.

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File: 60 KB, 1014x1024, 1487801520746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ryzen APUs in Q3

Please don't do this to yourself.
HD 630 has 24 EU, 350mhz bclk, 1150mhz turbo, works out only to about 440 gflop. This is worse than even the Nintendo Switch.

At least try to find something with a 640 or 540. Both have 48 EU with 300mhz bclk and 1050mhz turbo, with a 64mb edram chip

>> No.59073830

Just fucking get a low profile GPU

MSI RX 460 2GT LP just came out

>> No.59073833

But Intel is more expensive. You can edit videos, play video games, do whatever intensive task you need to do on either of them. If you go with Intel, you can get better performance in certain areas but you're gonna spend more.

I also don't believe AMD is trying to compete in the single core department. They've been pretty heavily focused on shoving more cores into their processors for a long time now. Personally, I think it's a ploy to make their product appear better on paper to the less tech savvy people, namely underage gamers. At the end of the day, you can get away with either.

>> No.59073902

If I prefer to buy hardware once every 4-5 years even $200 difference between CPUs isn't that big of a deal. I still use galaxy s3 because it's a great phone especially running 7.1.1. My point is that I'd love to spent more on AMD if they had better performance for casual users, I don't render stuff nor I care how fast porn archives unpacks. The only thing that I love about AMD is that they are much more consistent with sockets. Intel and their socket a year basically means I can't simply upgrade CPU which is lame.

>> No.59073959

Fuck off back to >>>/v/

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File: 200 KB, 560x416, 15682865_10154239312006375_1235479935_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But Intel is more expensive


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>> No.59074015

Those are wrong, unless you're not in the united States. $329, $400, and $500 are the official price points. Google it.

>> No.59074033

That's the non-x version.

>> No.59074034
File: 284 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170222-222815.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59074056

Just so I'm clear, Ryzen is to Intel's lineup as the Radeon graphics cards are to Nvidia's offerings, right? Basically not as good but a much better value and still "good enough", correct?

>> No.59074058

I suppose if you upgrade your CPU every year that might be an issue, I'm not hating on AMD, I usually just do some research and go with whatever fits my budget when I upgrade.

>> No.59074070

>Those are wrong, unless you're not in the united States. $329, $400, and $500 are the official price points. Google it.

Those are the official prices in Australia.


>> No.59074097

yes they went from being complete trash to tolerable. AMD fans think of it was christs second coming though baka

>> No.59074103

A much fairer comparison


>> No.59074134

The more expensive prices? Every website I've looked at, even us based ones, are listing the lower prices I posted. So for people in the US, ryzen is cheaper than the Intel comparisons.

>> No.59074154

3-4% lower IPC, lower power usage, overclock results aren't out but probably won't hit 4.8ghz like Kaby. But its more cores, a shitload lower price, every processor can overclock, and they all support ECC memory.

Intel is going to have to cut $80 off the 7600K, $120 off the 7700K, $180 off the i7 6800K, $600 off the i7 6900K, and $1000 off the i7 6950X to stay competitive.

>> No.59074162

Faster single-core int speed.
Faster single-core fp speed.
Faster quad-core int speed.
Faster quad-core fp speed.
Slightly faster single-core speed.
Faster OC single-core speed.
Faster OC quad-core speed.

And Intel is still winning. Let's be reasonable here, someone comes into the store and asks for a modern desktop for games and shit for their wife's son, no one would suggest AMD because it has faster winzip and excel speed.

>> No.59074172


>> No.59074175

...and then you wake up?

>> No.59074176

>3-4% lower IPC
Not even close. The official AMD demo showed them comparing their 1800X to the 6-core i7 and they were only about 10% faster. 2 more cores, 4 more threads, 10% speed gain in multicore test... that's not 3-4% lower IPC, that's a shitload lower. I'm excited for Ryzen, but stop being delusional.

>> No.59074205

this if you overhype and overshill AMD so much the end product becomes shit after listening to shills here. when in reality isn't not that bad

>> No.59074210

It was an eight core i7 mate. It was 10% faster because the 6900K is clocked lower.

>> No.59074224

the link postet show amd 13% over intel retard

>> No.59074266

No it wasn't, stop spreading lies. It was an i7-6800K at 3.0GHz (no Turbo) versus an early 8-core Zen ES at the same clock but with Turbo mode left on.

>> No.59074278

he's not talking about that dingus

>> No.59074287

Can someone explain why they even use turbo? Is this just for power consumption stepping or is there another reason? Why not just run the thing at full clock speed 24-7?

>> No.59074321

Desktop market share could not be more irrelevant at this point. What really matters for AMD's performance is how well Ryzen does for laptops. If Ryzen is matching Intel with such huge TDP disparities, it'll be hard for Intel to beat them with deals when AMD will significantly extend battery life.

>implying 99% of the population is going to give three cucks for the 3% Intel offers
>implying they don't just care about how long they can browse facebook
>Ryzen can still amtch Intel's performance when people need it

Intel is straight fucked. If AMD can market Ryzen for laptops, Intel will only have retarded teenage gamers left, which makes up 0.00000000000001% of earth's population.

They're already fucked on mobile, and AMD is about to blow them the fuck out on laptop performance if they play their cards right.

TL;DR: Intel is finished.

>> No.59074337

single threaded performance matters, not winrar bro

>> No.59074369

Why wouldn't they cut prices? There's always massive price cuts in the video card market when something new is introduced. What makes this any difference? Intel has crazy profit margins. It's not like they're selling their cpus near cost. Lowering prices will hurt them, but not lowering them will hurt them more.

>> No.59074384
File: 124 KB, 358x272, 1469877426690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>7700k turbos to 4.5GHz
>1700X locked to 3.4GHz
>32% clock speed difference
>Overall ~41% better in single threaded tasks
>Overall ~30% better with four threads

Not counting their OC results.

You pretend like that's a bad thing. Multithreaded is still a clear lead either way.

But who are we kidding: This is /g/, so only the purest of benchmark bars count.


It will be okay if they shortly release their 6C and 4C (price adjusted) units instead of being retarded. The 8C units will be some nice workstation chips if that holds up.

>> No.59074423

You are not very intelligent. You seem to be conflating multiple benches and multiple sources.
>But who are we kidding: This is /g/, so only the purest of benchmark bars count.
There's a reason for that...

Most people agree with you, btw, so /g/ is not the issue here.

>> No.59074432

It might be nice for Intel to have to try.

>> No.59074438

Ok which AMD event are you talking about. The release day that just happened? Because that was a 6900K

>> No.59074451

There must be more multithreaded games in the future because they are developing for gaming consoles with 8-core 1.6GHz APU these days.

>> No.59074470

Why don't you just get a single threaded processor then you stupid cuck.

Not all of us are single core enthusiasts.

>> No.59074481

7700K single-core stock turbo is 4.5Ghz, thus:
>140 / 4.5 = 31.11
This Ryzen sample could only run at stock 3.4Ghz, thus:
>111 / 3.4 = 32.64
7700K all-core turbo is 4.2Ghz minimum, thus:
>498 / 4 = 118.57
This Ryzen sample, again, could not boost beyond 3.4Ghz, thus:
>416 / 3.4 = 122.35
>per-Ghz scores within margin of error

Seems to me like Ryzen is managing to par with Skylake/Kabylake in general benchmarks.
Seems to me like Intel finally has real competition.

Seems to me like you shills will be getting overtime for the next 6 months.

>> No.59074491

>His car has a 100 hp advantage but still get beaten at a 0-60 race

>> No.59074510


>498 / 4
shoulda' been
>498 / 4.2

>> No.59074520

Did you not see the picture? In real world use outside of perfectly scaling benchmarks it's going to still fall behind Intel. Cores don't mean shit when most programs only use 1, 2, or 4 at most.

>> No.59074526

>conflating multiple benches and multiple sources.

Oh well, I guess I fell for it, I'm not familiar with Userbench. Seems like their Mixed suite isn't just a simple combination of their Float and Integer benches.

Seems even better for Zen, in this case.

>> No.59074562


>> No.59074780

But real world use means running multiple programs at once, so cores ARE leveraged, if not by the program by the operating system.

Aside from that, it's not 2007 anymore. Most programs do make use of multiple threads. The only exception is your pathetic games because all you've gotten for that past 12 years are unoptimized horseshit console ports. They don't use multiple cores like every other modern program because developers don;t give a shit about you and only cared about optimizing for PowerPC and CELL. Even that is now changing with the Xbox One and PS4 using multicore x86 CPUs.

>> No.59075166

All these Intel shills are actually defending their jew overlords for free? And I thought this mess was pathetic already.

>> No.59075250

Also the games arguement is bad because most people have a 2nd monitor or a 3rd monitor and are doing shit with their other monitors.

For instance I watch youtube while gaming.

>> No.59075402

It wouldn't be enough to stop Ryzen on the server market
Ryzen isn't aimed at laptops, AMD isn't going to be attacking the laptop market until the APU's drop
Which would obliterate every single Intel offering, they literally cannot compete there anymore unless they bring in Nvidia or AMD iGPU's
>pre-order prices
Ryzen 7 1700 and higher compete with the i7 6900 stupid CIA nigger
>but how long until the low-mid end CPUs?
Low end is not happening anytime soon, the APU's will cover the low end and they aren't launching before 2017Q2, if not 2017Q3 or even later
Rumor is that yields on the 8 core are insanely good and that's why AMD isn't launching the 6 and 4 cores now, so who knows when they will have enough defective chips to launch the 6 and 4 cores
He's an Intel/Nvidia shill, he won't update until Ryzen's dominance is well established
You hit either thermal or power limits by running the thing at full clock speed all the time
The problem is that Intel is in the worst moments to try, their CEO is pants on head retarded and stupidly prideful
>All these Intel shills are actually defending their jew overlords for free?
They're paid shills, Intel's on full damage control

>> No.59075474

AMD CPUs usually come with a lot more ISA extensions enabled by default

you know, CPUs are not only about speed

>> No.59075579

>Ryzen 7 1700 and higher compete with the i7 6900 stupid CIA nigger

Thats why the OP is comparing the 1700X to the 7700K

you dumb fuck

>> No.59075680

Those processors compete with the Ryzen 5.

>> No.59075702


thats why OP is comparing the 1700X to the 7700K

AMDrones end your lives

>> No.59075715

You aren't taking into account the mobo

>> No.59075723

>You aren't taking into account the mobo

Don't need too.

Youre trying to make too many excuses

>> No.59075745

Where are you getting those prices?
On newegg they're hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Oh right, that retailer is getting bribed to increase ryzen prices just like I predicted.

>> No.59075752


>such delusion

Aus prices

>> No.59075770
File: 207 KB, 1178x589, Screenshot_44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even on new egg intel is cheaper

so much damage control from the AMD camp

>> No.59075785

>4c/8t in 2017

>> No.59075818

>this damage control

>> No.59075846

>6800k is on sale and STILL manages to be more expensive than 2/3 of the AMD CPUs that have more cores and threads


>> No.59075863

>disabled features.
>still have to change motherboard more often.
> oh shit they're overclocking CPU's we told them we couldn't, quick send out an update that LOCKS THEM AGAIN.
lintel is still lintel man, I don't even care about all the pissing contests between Fanboys of either side, Just don't like their business practices.
-Posted from a 2600k.

>> No.59075885

If i'm from /v/ I'd be taking 4c/8t for games
If i'm from /g/ I'd still be using 2c/2t for anything else.
As a matter of fact i'm both but i'm not some faggot youtuber/streamer that requires more than 4c/4t.

>> No.59075887
File: 1.21 MB, 720x404, 123431124125.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember how people said in 2006 that 2-cores processors are all it is needed?

I remember.

The more people buy a new Ryzen or new Intel the more % of the PC community will have a higher core procesor which will make the devs optimize for them. Unless you dont want to upgrade too often its better to buy an 6/8-core Intel or Amd processor already.

its literally a must. Prove me wrong

>> No.59075904

I fell for that meme and have been stuck with a duocore for 10 years now

>> No.59075954

Why didn't OP just set the i7 to 3.4ghz as well and turn off the turbo?

>> No.59075991

Ryzen 7 1800X is already the best seller CPU on Amazon

>> No.59076429

i wish Playstation 5 or Xbox Scorpio 360 came sooner so that 8 threaded games will be mainstream.

>> No.59076486
File: 95 KB, 499x499, 272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who is this jim keller and why is he such a badass?

>> No.59076550

why would you NEED more than 32mb of system ram and a single core clocked at 200mhz???

>> No.59076688

Why are you people yelling at each other over computer parts

>> No.59076697

I hedged that meme and got a tricore

>> No.59076721

You wouldn't not until X+1 years has transpired.

>> No.59076731

1600x when?

1700x priced at $430 in my country.

Still no pre order for motherboard.

>> No.59076924


>> No.59077030

Insane how hard 4corecuck people shill for free and try to justify their depreciated garbage.
Be happy your next cpu is going to be 8 core, be it intlel or from amd.
t. 6600k user

>> No.59077057

this. i3 used to be gold standard for gaming. 4 cores era needs to end.

>> No.59077058

This. HEDT-tier multicore CPU for everyone is awesome.

>> No.59077137

yeah cuz potential performance is so fucking important

not all of us gaym you know

>> No.59077169

Asking the real question here.

>> No.59077232

5ghz on air SINGLE core.
That is what the claim is.

>> No.59077235

So is G4560, what's your point?

>> No.59077412

>7700K (on sale) €360
>Z270 mobo (on sale) €120
>decent cooler €50
>delidding tool €20
>liquid metal €10
>Total: €560
>boxed 1700X €440
>B350 mobo €80
>Total: €520
gee anon, what build should I get?

>> No.59077451

you forgot the most important point of ryzen
>faster compiling times for your gentoo machine

Intel BTFO

>> No.59077457


>AMD shills reduced to doing arbitrary math

pajeet pls

>> No.59077467

Cucky Mcfucky

>> No.59077480

No you idiot, in a capitalist system producers must respond to other competitors by changing prices and/or product quality or customers will jump ship to the competitor. What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.59077600
File: 347 KB, 688x387, .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The current -j8 distcc setup I have is pretty comfy but

>mfw -j24

>> No.59077614

I'm going to compliment my 390 with

>> No.59077626

are you new to semiconductor industry?

>> No.59077718

Cannonlake will release 4c8t @ $200 price point.

This will be their "15% better than kabylake" claim.

>> No.59077724

>tfw had msi r9 390 8g
>idle'd at 70°C
>hit high 80's under normal load
>swapped it for evga 980 with minor clock speed problem
>idle's at 45°C and barely breaks 70 under normal load
>more performance and less heat/noise

Feels good desu. The 390 would have been a good card if it wasn't such a fire hazard.

>> No.59077790

mine idles at 40C with no fans spinning, your MSI was broken.

>> No.59077807

Shitposting aside, does it ever make sense to run a K series processors cores at odd clocks? E.g. First one at 4.7, rest at 4.5.

>> No.59077808

"15% better than kabylake" claim is for 14nm 6c/8t Coffee Lake, not Cannonlake.

>> No.59077812
File: 783 KB, 802x523, KfucOsR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nuclear submarine

>> No.59077818


>> No.59077872

It was normal. Most people's 390s idle at 60/65 from searching through Google. 70 isn't so much higher. I have a friend with the same card and his would idle at 65 too.

Anyway I'm happy with the deal I on the 980. I basically traded a 390 for a 390x with no extra cost.

>> No.59077920

thats something I was looking at. I really want to see the Price to Performance in games.

I spent a lot of time recently going through charts and pc building forums, and most people didnt need or have the money for an i7.

These Ryzen 7's look great, but they are above what im willing to pay and do more than Im ever going to need for the foreseeable future.

>> No.59077960

$15 less expensive than 1700
4 cores and 8 threads less

damn, really made me think..... of not buying intel ever again

>> No.59077990

because shareholder wont really accept a 40-50% price cut or even more if the tdp is actually so low...

>> No.59078026

yes i cant see anything wrong comparing a cpu with turbo boost on and a cpu locked on the base clock...

with that mentality since ryzen runs on 0.5ghz on post that means with the 5.2ghz they got it has 932% more oc

seems legit

>> No.59078040

They will cut prices by exactly as much as is necessary to get the most profit out of the current market situation.

Now the parameters of the market situation have changed. I'm pretty sure their marketing dept has some nifty software where they can adjust those parameters and get a new price estimate that will get them the maximum profit.
The best price for "them" is obviously somewhere in the middle. If they're going absolutely bananas, no one will buy them, if they sell them too low, more people will buy them but they will lose margin (even if they still make profit). So they will price it as high as possible while people still buy it

>> No.59078075
File: 101 KB, 1198x443, Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.23.00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turbo Disabled
>Hiding the quadcorecore and multicore scores
The "effective speed" rating of UserBenchmark is complete bullshit because it overemphasizes the single core benchmark. Even a 6900k only gets 111% even though it's just as fast as a 7700k in quadcore loads and 60% faster in multicore loads.

>> No.59078087

>decent cooler
>delidding tool

What the fuck?

>> No.59078094

amd compares 8c/16t with intel 8c/16t
4chan wise men compare 8c/16t with 4c/8t
and worst of all they dont realise their stupidity on which for few more bucks you get literally double the cores fewer tdp and almost identical perf

>> No.59078204

Don't forget that the Intel branded Z letter for the mobos cost extra and depending on how often you update your system the AM4 socket will still be here till DDR5 (~2021) but the same can't be said for 1151

>> No.59078224

If you want to overclock jewtel's cpus without housefires. Intel switched from soldering the lid to using mayonnese and shaved 0.000002$ off from cpu production costs, but their cpus suddenly got 30 degrees c higher even while idle, double that under load.

>> No.59078329

+boxed version of 1700X comes with a 135W TDP Wraith which is a quite decent cooler for us who just want modest overclocks, the 7700K is a no cooler only thus extra ~50€ for a comparable cooler

>> No.59078630
File: 408 KB, 1920x1696, Nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear AMD

>> No.59078769

10% lower when AMD is 40% lower at comparable performance won't save them this time.

>> No.59078785

>They may get fined for 1 billion € again, but that will just come off as a tax writeoff next to their 55 billion $ yearly revenue.
>implying they'll ever pay

>> No.59078825

CPU-Z is reporting it wrong

>> No.59080452

Lexy Panterra

>> No.59080477


>he thinks it's as easy as that

keep dreaming incel shill

>> No.59080506

My 390x idles at about 35C with the fans at 10%. Never has hit 70 in gaming.

>> No.59080682

Id really like to see Benchmarks done by 3rd Parties right about now.

Getting really tired of seeing AMD's stuff or Leaks with features turned off.

Jesus, they Dragged Ass for Months and even when they showed how good their stuff is, they are dragging ass once again.

>> No.59080734

>with features turned off.
Which features are you talking about?

>> No.59080854

boost clocks or their auto Overclocking thing.

over the past few months random engineering samples were popping up and it was always made out to be like Ryzen was being tested with 1 arm tied behind its back. Now I want to see real world testing, from shit coolers to top tier coolers, in single threaded games to the most Obnoxiously Unoptimized Multithreaded games.

>> No.59080955

Well you are right that the boost feature was disabled but it was the engineering samples. The processors that we've seen yesterday are the one we'll see in our systems.

>or their auto Overclocking thing.
When Linus said .1GHz boost, he didn't mean that it was the limit. He meant that it was what their stock cooler Wraith Spire (the second best, rated for 95w TDP) could reach. It makes sense that a 95w TDP cooler on a 95w TDP CPU doesn't offer much additional headroom.
We'll have to wait 7 whole days for 3rd party benchmarks :(

>> No.59081092

im excited that maybe there will be a big leap in cpu power. disappointed that they are taking their sweet time. I would have considered buying AMD, but they took to long. still going to be another few months until they release their Ryzen 5 and Vega... they are literally killing me.
(recently upgraded from a 10 year old Q6600 to an i5 7600k since the deals over the holidays were to good to pass up and Ryzen was just a Rumor from a Half Assed Budget PooLou Company.)

>> No.59081225

Attention whore

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