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>a decade later and this is still true

The majority of all programs you use are still single threaded, 90% use less than 4 cores. Which means that 8-core Ryzen will be absolute shit for 90% of your workload unless all you do is benchmarks to console yourself over a bad purchase

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1/10 BAIT


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>Ryzen will be absolute shit for 90% of your workload unless all you do is benchmarks to console yourself over a bad purchase
>posts benchmark

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desperate shilltel everyone, stop your damage control mate. not everyone is gaymen.

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LN2 setup mate

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1. You're still a laughable retard for posting a benchmark in reply
2. If you actually did anything except video games and anime you would know that even Microsoft's own programs like excel are largely single threaded.

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If Intel would ditch the pointless iGPU and use the die space for MOAR L3333333333333 Ryzen would be dead in the water.

But they won't.

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Then stick with your le pentium if you want to run microsoft office. Undercutting Intel with $500 8C/16T is a good thing.

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intel right now
>strong cores

amd right now
>marginally weaker cores
>twice as many of them

reality is, ryzen is going to be better for 99% of people, but gaymers will see vidya benchmarks and react accordingly, all the while completely forgetting that those extra zen cores could be used to do literally anything in parallel to their video games

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>Implying you only ever run a single program on your computer

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I compile and transcode, at least these are the heaviest things I do, both are quite well suited for parallel possessing.

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Read the OP again retard.
>The majority of all programs you use are still single threaded, 90% use less than 4 cores. Which means that 8-core Ryzen will be absolute shit for 90% of your workload

4 cores still have a purpose, but having 8 with shit per-core performance is retarded

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I don't understand why people want to see Ryzen fail. Remember the last time Intel got BTFO by AMD? Core2 was the result. I want to see Ryzen win this generation because it means good competition for Intel, and in the end we the consumers win.

t. Intel user (pic related)

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>marginally weaker cores
>twice as many of them
>can only use half of them
>marginally weaker overall for 99% of people

>those extra zen cores could be used to do literally anything in parallel to their video games
99% of people don't regularly render video while playing games while unzipping a 2TB archive.

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>implying 10 idle programs use more than 1 core worth of performance
>implying using 2-3 single threaded programs at once uses more than 2-3 cores
tech-illiterate plz go

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I don't want Ryzen to fail, but the delicious butthurt from fanboys if it does fail is almost worth it

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top kek

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amd has been in the shitter for a while, so them failing wouldn't be as funny. Now if the kikes over at intel shit themselves and damage control their money away, I can find entertainment in that

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>I want to see Ryzen win this generation

It won't win, stop your hyping shit.

AMD has never claimed that it will beat the current generation Intel CPUs.

The Ryzen CPU are a signficant improvement compared to the Bulldozers.

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it already succeeded. beats intel's top-of-the-line by 9% for half the price and has IPC on par with intel, chips and motherboards already highly available.

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Yup this is what we are already seeing

In the real world Ryzen is absolute garbage

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see >>59065112

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you can stop reposting this old incorrect image now


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>higher clock speed
More news @ 11
>6950X bottom tier

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>AMD has never claimed that it will beat the current generation Intel CPUs.

have you seen ANYTHING that came out today?

at the event they have benches side by side comparing ryzen to current gen intel stuff priced similarly or higher.

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>he thinks intel's prices will stay the same
how new?

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Or unless all you do is use your 8-core Ryzen for mining crypto shitcoins. I'm curious if I can use the Ryzen to get an advantage over any CPU-only mined alternative coins.

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>let's post an AMD marketing video in response

How delusional are AMDtards?

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>IPC on par with intel
mid-end chips will be following soon if you dont want 8core16 threads

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>unsupervised direct access to the test bench
d-d-d-d-d-d-damage control!!!!

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Sad but true. AMD will never win anything ever again because they just don't have the money to compete with Intel's R&D.

Literally the only way they can compete is by making cheap shit that sells for cheap.

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>intel R&D
where's the IPC improvements

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>nvidia shill tips
>linus who has intel gear on everything at least 3 years back
>amd marketer
how are you this dumb? I would be seriously interested in investigating your stupidity and publishing a paper on it

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>IPC on par with intel
still in benchmarks retard. Also only for the very top model, the others have a big disadvantage
see >>59065967

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You fucking retard, they only showed cinebench benchmark.

>comparing ryzen to current gen intel stuff priced similarly

I didn't see an i7-7700K or even i5-7600K.

And from the little information they presented you, you can make the conclusion that AMD beat the current Intel Gen CPUs?

Holy lord, it's quite the irony that boards like this or /sci/ have the most stupid people lurking around.

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please remind me of the last time intel dropped prices as a reaction to an amd release

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>unsupervised direct access to the test bench where you can only run cherrypicked benchmarks
how retarded?

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You might want to watch the video. The entire thing is at an AMD marketing event using AMD marketing benchmarks.

Wait until Anandtech, Techpowerup, other reputable reviewers get their hands on them in the real world - and prepare to be massively disappointed.

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>intel will lower prices
last 2 months there's been 2-3 people saying they wont every time someone suggested people wait until ryzen so intel has competition and might lower prices

guess we'll have to wait and see

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I read that from top to bottom instead of left to right.

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Yeah Ryzen can't even beat a i7-7700K

Basically it's totally useless for anything but very low end

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Let them hype the products for another week, until reality sets in.

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Hop to 7:50

Eat shit

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Dude longer pipeline lmao.

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Every time AMD released anything competitive store prices on intel/nvidia goes down. However it's been so long you might not remember it.

Also retard, you're just comparing to intels hugely overpriced 6900. The other intel's are only like 20$ more expensive and have 20% better single thread

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I don't do streaming.

Later on, he showed a scene with the 1700, but not against the 7700K, and he even mentions that.

The 8-core CPUs of Intel are totally shit, and overpriced and get beaten by even an i5-7600K at gaming performance.

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>I don't do this use case
>therefore it's a shit product
I don't plan on preordering this because my cpu is still alright for my needs. The only reason I like this development is that intel will have to get their shit together and be competitive, and that's better for me and everyone else. That's the reason all the intel shills all over the place get me going.

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How retarded do you have to be to seriously think that any significant amount of posts on 4chan are shills?

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I am not that guy you are believing to quote.

I am the one who said AMD has never claimed to beat the Skylake/Cabylake CPUs of Intel.

They have claimed that they are gonna get 40% more IPC compared to Bulldozer which they achieved with 52%.

For me the Intel 8-core CPUs have never been a topic.

I want to see something that rivals an i5-7600K and the i7-7700K at around the same price.

Then we can talk, otherwise it's only marketing blabbering and showing-off.

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I don't mean paid shills retard, I mean the morons who go full damage control because they spent all the money they got from their mom buying a $500+ intel cpu that got btfo.

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>mfw I cheer for Ryzen so I can buy superior Intel hardware for much less once AMD has set their asses on fire and forced price cuts of future gens.

AMD is necessary but I truly feel sorry for idiots who actually buy it.

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Why is shitposting so retarded?
What of Intel and their 6-10 core CPUs? What about them you fuckers?
It's not like Ryzen won't have 4 core parts. Fuck, I'm mad with all these retards.

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>can only use half of them
clueless retard spotted

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>I don't mean the words I use retard, I mean other words
>morons who go full damage control
I think even them are not that many. Most just enjoy AMD butthurt
>a $500+ intel cpu that got btfo.
such as?

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then that's a win for us consumers
what do you retards dont understand about the concept of competition vs monopoly?

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see >>59065012

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yeah amd defintely created their version of cinebench that would give them better perf without anyone noticing...

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>It's not like Ryzen won't have 4 core parts
If even their top of the line 8 core can't compete, how do you think their mid range shit will fare?

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>Not all shills are paid shills
>Intel butthurt is much more delectable
>The 6900K got btfo

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see >>59065112

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You hurt AMD more with that meme'ing in reality. Intel is already better per core without even releasing anything. AMD would be more benefited if you memed against its hypocrisy.
Since the continue their old shit they are doomed to fail again.
Your only chance to improve them is to stop being stupid and expose them.

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>Not all shills are paid shills
what do you even mean by this?
>The 6900K got btfo
I think there's literally not a single person on /g/ who's bought that. It's the same as that 3000$ AMD Fury GOLD or whatever that retarded dual GPU was called

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What do you mean can't compete, cunt? It competes with Intel's 8 core CPUs.

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Tell that to my compiler anon!

>> No.59066767

>they just don't have the money to compete with Intel's R&D.
Intel is spending money on frivolous shit like buying McAfee for 6 billion and fruitlessly trying to pierce the mobile market.

they are spread thin right now. their x86 team probably isn't much bigger than AMD's.

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Only in your retarded benchmarks stupid.
Read the OP again

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you are correct, Kaby Lake is better at single thread perf, I predict by a factor of 10 to 15%

in fact that's quite literally the one single thing it'll be better at after Ryzen launches

keep acting like it's the only thing that matters if it helps you sleep at night

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I mean that literally, some people shill for companies even if they're not paid for it.

I've seen people in battlestation threads running SLI titans, people here have frankly dumb amounts of disposable income.

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your OS has a CPU scheduler, you do realize that right? it means if a specific application only spreads across 4 threads, other applications can take up the rest. this is much more important for a desktop than any of you shills care to admit.

>b-but I'll only ever be doing 1 thing at a time...
>I-Intel is better if I close everything whenever I play league of legends...

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>doesn't know intel jumped to 8 core too

>> No.59067114

>The majority of all programs you use are still single threaded

>not knowing browsers
>thinking current browser performance is good

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>ldle programs
>2-3 single threaded programs
Fucking 1 monitor casuals kys

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>3.7 ghz intel btfo by 3.2 ghz amd.
Holy shit AMD won guys.

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