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delet dis

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Is that fucking mayonnaise?

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This is gore
>5.2Ghz across 8 cores

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No its thermal paste for the best performance

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not really into specs but 5.2Ghz daamn

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if Ryzen is stable at this voltage that would be fucking mental. most cpus die at 1.5

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It was a liquid helium suicide run, that chip's probably dead

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I think something is wrong with my fan

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The thread said gore, not anal rape

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CPU-Z having the wrong voltage, who would've though.

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Someone post that one guy who couldn't clean his thermal paste correctly

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>Apply Mayonnaise Directly

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Just got these gems

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I personally fixed a CPU like that, worked fine.

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>he didnt twist

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>tfw someone posts about you
>tfw just got off work, open /G/ to relax. Then someone calls u out
here u go senpai i got the before and after pics.

But its running fine and it averages 50c under load

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did it work after the alcohol treatment?

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It never didnt work. Its always worked. it wqs in a similar state for months and everything was fine.

theres a little bit still around the capacitors as u can see but the arctic silver 5 isnt all that capacitive and temps are way down.

if im unsatsified with it ill sell it on ebay but nothing is wrong. mightve Put too much on the CPU tho but it seems ok. Arctive silvers website says to put a line of paste.

I put a bit bigger than a pea size. About the size of two peas so i might have to re do it.

They say to do a line for anything generation 3-7

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>Stacking fans
Gotta give the idiot some credit.

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>850 EVO
>Already that dusty
Jesus christ, did he build a PC inside of a still-in-service vacuum cleaner?

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fucking saved jesus fuck.

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>putting peanut butter on your CPU
>no jelly

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fuck off shill.

>$0.02 has been deposited into your account

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Blasting off I see...

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Looks like there is red jelly mixed in there, it has all just congealed together with the heat/time.

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why use alcohol when there's arcticlean?
the latter even manages to dissolve oldest hardened TIM

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There's nothing wrong with it. Chips with no heat spreader should have thermal paste applied like that.

Every time one these pictures get posted underage things it's bad. 4chan has gone to shit these days. Bunch of meming kids trying to fit in.

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Oh fuck, now I see it! All is right in the world.

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Thats a good paste application. Just a hair too much, but not bad at all.

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It doesn't matter is the point. There should be paste spreading off the chip.

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Not by this much >>59067293
calm your autism down newfag

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You'd be wrong retard.

It's been done like that for longer than you've been alive, kiddo.

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Not that guy, but thermal paste hasn't been required on CPUs/GPUs since around the Pentium 1 era.

My AMD K5 25mhz system (Windows NT) had a tiny aluminum heatsink with a tiny fan on it, and no TIM between. It ran cool.

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newfag leave go back to watching jayznosense

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there was no 25mhz k5.

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... but why?

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So long as none of the pins are broken off you can actually fix that pretty easily.

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Woops, was confusing my K5 and PS/2.

But yeah, the 100mhz K5 had no TIM.

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i want to blow on it

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