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I see everyone goind mad with Ryzen, and I don't know why.

Can someone redpill me ?

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Intel choking the PC market to death will finally end.

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It's making CPUs great again.

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and then that 600 core ryzen performs shit in all games because AMD unoptimized driver kek.

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>x86 CPU
everybody point and laugh at the dumb /v/irgin until he goes back

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My CPU driver is acting up, fucking Windows 10.

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I'm maybe a fucking dumbass but...

What's wrong with Intel ? Is Rysen a real improvement or is it just a meme ?

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Basically it's outperforming a $1000+ intel processor while selling for less than $400.

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The kikes did it

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CPU x86 drivers, you were saying?

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Yes it's fucking nothing

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>What's wrong with Intel ?
price gouging.

that's basically it these days. years ago they'd do some pretty nefarious shit like bribing OEMs, sabotaging their compiler on competing hardware, etc.

now they mostly just milk their tech lead and segment the market like fuck, which pisses off many people, but otherwise can't be considered unethical or anti-competitive.

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It's only exciting because it has more cores and is cheap. No proof whatsoever they even gotten to performance parity with intel.

Just two websites crapping out some "leaks" over and over cuz they realized it'll drive traffic from g

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Ahhh but here's the kicker: at worst ryzen at the same frequency will have at least ~95% the single-core performance of kaby lake.

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>So it's better and cheaper

How this voodoo works ?

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Lol, your gonna have a bad time in a weeks time friendo

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great googling there. you find those two words in conjunction with each other and stuff.

there's still no such thing as a CPU driver. the CPU exposes an instruction set (in this case x86). the kernel's job is to what machine code the CPU executes, and when. instruction set support is at the assembler/compiler level. any optimization must also be done there, or in the software itself.

what AMD can release is microcode patches and chipset drivers. by not supporting win7, they will simply not supply packages by which those microcode or chipset driver patches can be deployed via win7. Ryzen should be stable on win7 and run at peak performance despite this. only, certain chipset or uarch features might not work.

for example, win7 can run on Skylake chips but their ultra-low-power modes are only available on 10.

lastly, regardless of this, you're still a fucking moron for suggesting this somehow translates to vidya performance. fuck off to /v/ please.

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Imagine a world where paying Intel extortion fees and being told "4 cores is plenty" ceased to exist?

Imagine a future of computing that finally gives you freedom to choose what's important for your computing needs, versus being told only one fits in your price range.

No more annual socket updates for 5% IPC gains.

No more 1000 dollar desktop performance CPUs and cheap, power efficient, home servers and NAS boxes.

Intels stranglehold on the CPU market is largely over.

75% single core IPC performance. With superefficient similtaneous multi-threading, for 150-200 USD less than an Intel counterpart means AMD pulled off a miracle.

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literally children

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In a absolutely best case scenario. You're overhyping.

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CPUs need drivers, just like every other pc component. You got proven wrong by that anon and want to throw a tantrum?

Good for you

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Just like the bulldozer hype

>muh cores
Yeah, no, fuck off.

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See how hard you punch yourself in the temple.

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>No more annual socket updates for 5% IPC gains.

I will never understand this retarded /g/ tier meme. Nobody tells you to update and it sure as fuck is better than the AMD's "upgrade once ever 5 years while your hardware gets outdated in the middle of period so you're becoming a waitfag for 2 years" route.

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> I don't know why.
Some people on here aren't teenagers and remember when AMD were fucking gods.
Knowing the old AMD, it's easy to understand how this isn't bullshit like Bulldozer.

The two old gods, Jim Keller and Raja are back at AMD. And the new god, Su, has joined them.
They're going to wreck Intel's shit.
Then they're going to wreck Nvidia's shit.
Then they're going to wreck all the shit in the mobile space.

No one is safe, except the consumer. AMD was always an extremely oddly consumer friendly company even when they were massive.

Literally the only reason Intel is still alive today is because illegal anti-competitive anti-trust business tactics. Intel would only sell to OEMs at reasonable prices and were giving huge kickbacks to buyers as long as they didn't buy AMD at all (despite AMD chips being better performance for cheaper and that they didn't light your house on fire) and they had a lot of marketing might.

AMD was the first to bring in DDR2 RAM while Intel was trying to push some overpriced piece of shit weird named RAM.
AMD created most of this SIMD vector shit that is standard to use in games today. "3DNow" or whatever basically became SSE. It's a good deal of why the 1.33Ghz Thunderbird ran 30% better in many games than the 1.5Ghz Pentium 4.
AMD created x86-64. Before that there was a 4GB memory limit. And Intel REALLY REALLY didn't want 64bit to happen as it cost more money short term for no short term benefit but AMD was just "fuck you, people want it".
AMD created dual core while Intel had its dumpster fire 1core hyperthreaded Pentium 4.
The list goes on forever. Intel hasn't done shit but force things down people's throats with marketing, overprice, and get lucky that Hector was retarded and okay'd Bulldozer after Jim Keller wasn't there to call everyone retards.

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Anyone who doesn't think or know that AMD has potential to be god tier again has at best been involved with computing for ~10 years.

You can tell it's a lot of young kiddos who are hardcore Intel fanboys.

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That's some desperate fanboyism. AMD hasn't been able to compete since dual core reached consumers.

Sure, they may have had a slight lead against Pentium D, but from core 2 and onwards they've been struggling to catch up to Intels previous generation.

This will be no different.

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It's looking really good, but as always there are a bunch of false flaggers trying to hype it beyond the stars so that they can tear it apart if it's not literally the greatest thing to happen in human history.

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I fucking hate your retarded AMD shills for that.

We both know there are no falseflaggers, it's just actual AMD retards having their 5 minutes before going back to suicide watch.

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AMD hasn't been a player for 10 years with several failed generations. Intel totally dominated the market with faster and more efficient CPU's. Now, AMD is back in the game with 14nm chips that have hyperthreading, while also doubling the amount of physical cores and threads. To top it off they are going to sell them at much lower prices than Intel.

Intel has gotten complacent after all these years. They figured AMD was finished. They will lose big on this, but since they're so big they'll be able to take the hit and learn from it. AMD definitely needs Ryzen to wipe the floor with the current Intel stock, to show that they're still capable of competing at the highest level (they were about to go under).

I firmly believe the hype is real, and the benchmarks are real. Look at how many motherboard manufacterers jumped on the Ryzen bandwagon by releasing a wide variety of boards, much more than any previous AMD generations. They were clearly very impressed. They smelled money and they wanted in.

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just get an nvidia graphics card then on your AMD rig.

you are confusing gpus and cpus, or AMD vs Intel vs AMD(radeon) vs NVIDIA.

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Just a bunch of shilling by people paid to do so. They'll leave eventually.

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lmao you have no clue.

Intel didn't actually beat AMD until 2011 with Sandy Bridge.
It was only in 2007-2010 that AMD was no longer straight shitting on Intel and things were more even.
Processors like the Phenom II X4 for $275 or whatever was just as good as the Q9450 or whatever at at $325 and so on.

It was only when Sandy Bridge came out that there was the i5-2500k that was 2/3rds the price of the Q9450, 50% higher clocks, 15% higher IPC. So more than double the performance/$ all of a sudden.

And that's why Ryzen is so clearly a game changer, because people that aren't teenagers like you also remember Sandy Bridge's release. It's as big as Sandy Lake was; more than double the performance for the price again.

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AMD - MOAR COARES ヽ(。_°)ノ wait... now make the coares faster! ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ

Intel - Oy Vey the goy knows...

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Any good ITX boards for AMD yet?

>> No.59052705

Well we will see soon enough, jim keller was on that shit so yeah.

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>You can tell it's a lot of young kiddos who are hardcore Intel fanboys.
The saddest part about it is that they don't know anything about how shit the company is and always has been.

They're just the spineless sort of cucks who always back whoever they perceive as "winning".
It's like the cucks who voted for Hillary in the Democratic primary because "she's going to win anyway". People who didn't like her, but wanted to back the perceived winner.
People who don't have a favorite sports team and just back who they hear is doing the best.
These are the worst sorts of shitters on the planet.

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people originally wanted ryzen to be almost as fast as the current intel generation but a little bit cheaper. now it might actually seem that its faster and much cheaper. thats whats fueling the hype, since nobody really expected it. the big unknown atm is how well these chips overclock compared to intel where mid-tier binned 7700K's are hitting 5GHz on high-end air.

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There won't be until October when the APU comes out.

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An I5 750 absolutely managed to slaughter a Phenon II X4 965 you retard.

Look it up, there's plenty comparisons.

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>more than double the performance

Only if we talk about AMD CPUs. The performance is literally the same or a bit lower against Intel, if you own Kaby or Skylake there is no actual reason to lose money by swapping to Ryzen. It's just that the performance per dollar is going to be incre-fucking-dible, assuming those charts are real. Still Intel isn't dead by any means, the current market share of AMD in CPU departament is non-existent so they need at least 2-3 of future domination in order to also get all those folks who already own Broadwell/Sky/Kaby.

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pretty sure mobo support for ryzen is much bigger than any previous AMD generation. there should be plenty of boards.

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I'm Intel/Nvidia fan and I've been shilling for Trump since he announced running. Your analogy is retarded. People pick whatever runs best, stop taking obvious baits and shitposts so seriously you fuck face, also no, AMD isn't the poor "fucked by shills while being as good" company you want them to be, they were simply irrelevant for last 5 years.

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>what is price-performance ratio
>what is gaming
>m-muh transcoding

>> No.59052785

>performs at, or better than intel CPU with same core count
Keep telling yourself that.

It performed better than the 6900k at the same frequency with the same core count and clock.

Its obviously like 5 years behind intel right?

Oh wait, you're retarded.

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It's not Mobo companies that is lagging, AMD has yet to release the x300 chipset and ill not be doing so until late this year. ITX people will just have to stick to Intel for the time being, I'm just here total advantage of any price drop from Intel.

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Looks like the X300 mini-ITX won't come out until like 2 weeks after Ryzen.

Shit sucks.

It's probably only going be faster in super rare cases.
But they are MUCH cheaper than expected. Most people expected 30-40% cheaper for 80-90% the performance. Instead they're 40-65% cheaper for 85-105% the performance.

lmao kill yourself

Stop spreading this misinformation after you were already corrected in another thread, fucktard.

>Only if we talk about AMD CPUs
I was comparing double the performance/$ compared to Nehalem. I skipped Westmere because Westmere was a more in-between transitional architecture that only lasted 1 year, and Sandy Bridge was shown a year earlier as what Intel was working toward from the start.

And people that got Westmere were mostly idiots anyway, because they knew a year earlier that the real shit was coming a year later.

>> No.59052823

>what is moving the goalposts

>> No.59052836

>And people that got Westmere were mostly idiots anyway, because they knew a year earlier that the real shit was coming a year later.
Like people who got a 6700k or 7700k when Zen was announced 4 years ago.

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CPUs do not need drivers. Integrated GPUs do, however.

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Here's something that might be more to your flavor then.

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>hurdur this chip "SLAUGHTERED" this other one
>well no it didn't

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Remember, cinebench doesn't count as a benchmark.

>> No.59052906

d l e t t h i s

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> I5 750 absolutely managed to slaughter a Phenon II X4
Phenom II competed with Core2.

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In a modern system both memory and the CPU require kernel mode code — as do devices — to function.

Memory requires management of virtual memory tables. The CPU requires maintenance of process control structures.

In the business, such code is not called a "driver".

Generally, one thinks of a device driver as being kernel mode code that responds to devices through the interrupt vector.

That said, on some systems there are "printer drivers" that do not fit that definition of driver.

In short, do memory and CPU have something called a "driver"? No. Do they have something analogous to a driver? Yes.

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It counted when intel was winning

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No goalposts were moved.

performance/$ was right there in the post you replied to.
And that's not even me who pointed out what a fucktard you are in that post.

But yeah that's a retarded benchmark to cite, the X4 965 came out almost a whole year earlier.
Yet even then, the Phenom X4 955 beat the year newer i7-950 in many games.
Dumb shit.

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Such a curious turn of events is it not?

>> No.59052970

So you're saying AMD aren't "gods" because they release lower performing products that put out more heat despite the performance gap just for a few dollars less?

Good to know.

>phenom ii x4 was 2009
>I5 750 was released in 2009
I don't give a fuck what AMD attempted, what matters is what happened.

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ok ryzer is a meme, thank you

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Intel didn't have any competition for 7 years, so they just charged whatever the fuck they wanted.

Now AMD has parts that are equivilent in performance, but are charging much less to capture market.

Both are/will be selling their products more than a ten thousand percent marked up.
I'm not even kidding with that number.

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What are you on about? Are you schizophrenic? Your post is unintelligible. My point is that AMD might be producing another excellent price-performance chip which they did in the past. Get over yourself, autistic weirdo.

>> No.59053000

>equivalent in performance
Just like Bulldozer?
Or what about Phenom II?

>> No.59053010

SInce when? I've been seeing it brought up all the time in the past 6 years.

>> No.59053021


Since yesterday when the chinese leaked a cinebench run from a review.

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Hey it's not like you have to pay money for it befroe it come out.

leaked benchmarks shoe it to be pretty good, OEMs are happy and have posted so - they never did that for Bulldozer (PhenomII wasn't really hyped, but I didn't really care, I was happy with Conroe then)

You're also forgetting all the times Intel hyped the shit out of NetBurst.
And you're also forgetting the hype AMD made for Kaveri, which sucked, but OEMs didn't bother marketing either.

>> No.59053061

Starting to wonder if you're not simply too stupid to hold a conversation with multiple people without getting confused

>> No.59053065

phenom ii was against core2 and it did good.

bulldozer was never equal to the i series, we knew that before release, AMD presentation in hot chips was pretty clear.

>> No.59053077

It will be RX480 all over again, amd fanboy claiming it will destroy competition for a much lower price and when it comes out its worse.and more.expensive than the competition and all the shills suddenly disappear

Fuck off

>> No.59053088

That's clearly a GPU bottleneck.

>> No.59053093

It's just AMD astroturfing /g/ hard. I guarantee it.

>> No.59053128

>It will be RX480 all over again

? it did what it supposed to do. and now it is better than 1060.

Please be around when official numbers come. I wanna see you, crying around.

>> No.59053143

>The two old gods, Jim Keller and Raja are back at AMD
Keller left AMD like a year and a half ago now...
Easier to hype shit up than it is to get facts right.

>> No.59053176

Keller always works project base. he already left paths for Zen+ and beyond. If AMD wants him back again, he would come again.

>> No.59053214

Well they were back, I should have said. He was back working on Zen and left AMD with many years of future designs.

It was the past tense "are", obviously.

>> No.59053217


no shit sherlock

all the heavy lifting for ryzen was done years ago

>> No.59053218

That is just wishful thinking.

If zen is a flop can we blame keller for it too ?

>> No.59053227

of course. but keller never failed before. his track record is amazing. that's why we trust in him this much.

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>Intel didn't have any competition for 7 years

And it showed.

From 2005 to 2011, ignoring single core performance, Intel DOUBLED their overall CPU performance, year on year (600%)

From 2011 to 2017? 5%, less than 5% of you count overclocking.

>Intel shills will defend this

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So it's his fault when Zen can't perform better than Haswell in third party reviews?

>> No.59053295

>release new CPU
>no ITX board for months after launch because lol who cares what direction computers are going
AMD is finished before it started.

>> No.59053313

>make up fake news about no itx boards
>hope it will stick

Intel Shills everyone.

>> No.59053344

>b-but it's a PCRag article it has to be empirical evidence r-right
extreme levels of retardation on display here

>> No.59053362

I wouldn't say intel has done nothing.

Todays 7350k is nearly as good as a 2600K

Adjusting for inflation the 7350k is about half the price of the 2600k

Some people are just not happy and want to see C2D gains every generation.

>> No.59053372

>who cares what direction computers are going
No one should care what direction idiots are going.
Just buy a laptop.

There is no reason for ITX to exist today.
>Less slots
>typically 1/3rd the VRM setup of a real ATX board, sometimes less (2+1phases is typical for ITX, 16+2 is typical for ATX - if you never want to OC or love housefires, ITX is the way to go!)
>terrible audio
>Less front port connectivity due to less board space
>usually only 1 years warranty vs 2/3 on ATX since OEMs know ITX will fail sooner due to thermal wells/hotspots

If you buy ITX, you're an actual moron.

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This. You can also literally buy an 8GB Rx 480 for ~$200 too...

>> No.59053387

Why should someone buy a new CPU for 5% performance increase?

In what reality is Intel entitled to my money?

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it wont be $389 it will be more at the $500

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1700x is 390 bucks.

>> No.59053458

1800x will be around 500 not 1700x the article is talking about

>> No.59053463

>AMD doesn't want to violently rape intel with a cactus and make it bleed the most market share possible

>> No.59053465

Sorry mate, it's gonna be $389 for the 1700X.
$449 for the 1800X.

Prices already exist at ingram micro - it's not even a guess or 'leak'

>> No.59053479

wtf I love jews now

>> No.59053484

30% improvement in 6 years, because they refuse to try anything different since itanium.

>> No.59053485

I will get an Ryzen tattoo for a rig contact me pls AMD

[email protected]

>> No.59053494

I will be here to remind you amdshits how much this amd failed AGAIN

>> No.59053518


>> No.59053526

ok, scott tenorman.

>> No.59053537

Itanium and Netburst.

Banias saved the day.

>> No.59053555

Better Red than dead

>> No.59053589

I never said the upgrade path from a 2600K is a 7350K
What I am saying is that people who do buy new systems today are paying less

a 7700K costs the same as a 2600K adjusted for inflation while being significantly better
Maybe that should be your upgrade path, if you want to upgrade.
No one is forcing you to upgrade.

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Except the 7350K is useless since it costs the same as the 7400, not to mention you need a Z170/270 mobo to OC the 7350K to even come close to matching the 7400

The G4560 is the only mildly interesting kaby lake chip, and only because Intel decided to put a technology on it they could have put on it years ago, but never bothered because it would cut into their own profit margin...

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyRCWBEC9Us

Furthermore, Here's my 3570K compared to a top 1/3rd 7600K.

So, you're telling me I'd have to buy a K chip AND Z series mobo AND Overclock it in order to see any gain whatsoever? What a joke.

>> No.59053636

Plenty of companies use ITX builds, if you actually have a job you'd know this. A lot of gamers are also starting to adopt ITX. I know why AMD won't do ITX though, and that's because AMD chips run on average 10 degrees hotter than Intel. Which is also the reason why AMD chips tend to die 1-2 years after purchase.

>> No.59053659

>and that's because AMD chips run on average 10 degrees hotter than Intel.
maybe if we're talking about oem shit

>> No.59053696

>Retards still use this "No actual difference" argument while failing to understand RAM bottlenecks.

Odds are that if you were put something like a 1070 gtx in that shitty 3570k rig of yours that probably has something like 1333mhz/1600mhz ram you will encounter random usage drops on gpu for no apparent reason in more demanding games.

>> No.59053702

>plenty of office PCs use ITX
>Gamers should drop everything because office PCs use something.

Did you run a P4 in the day too?

>> No.59053737

god i love amd, making am4 backwards compatible with am3+ so you dont have to buy a whole new system. intel is such a fucking joke.

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Wrong. My A10-7870K runs at 52C/126F during maximum cpu load. I can barely tell it's under load because of how quiet the stock heatsink is.

>> No.59053745

>am4 backwards compatible with am3+
no such thing.

>> No.59053760

>stock heatsink
lol sure thing

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>/g/ genuinely shilling for Intel

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File: 1.55 MB, 2812x2200, Screen_Shot_20170220_at_23.07.41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's true though. Left is cuck heatsink provided by jewtel and on tye right is the heatsink I got with my A10-7870K.

>> No.59053780

If you mainly need power for gaming, Ryzen will be a dissappointment.

I love all the AMD hype on the internet just to get BTFO.

See Polaris

If you do heavy multitasking stuff, you will get a Ryzen.

Sorry to burst your little fanboi dreams, but the 1700X won't beat even the i5-7600K in gaming performance.

>> No.59053799

>See Polaris

You mean the cards that delivered exactly what AMD had promised?

>> No.59053807

At worst you will have to overclock your ryzen by 100 MHz lmao.

see >>59052269

>> No.59053815

again I never said the upgrade path from a 2600K is a 7350K
I am not telling you to buy anything, just like you're not telling anyone to buy a 2600K over a 7350K either.
Everyone has their own reasons to upgrade, if you don't feel there is enough performance gain to warrant spending on on upgrade then don't. its that simple.

Why not address my main point of price ? todays cpus are faster and cheaper than the 2500k/2600k people are still on.

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You're spot on mate, no actual difference, in fact the DDR3 probably stutters less due to lower latency.

>> No.59053855

Jim Keller decided he was sick of Intel and butt buddy'd with AMD to steal the shekels. The love child of those two is Ryzen, code named Zen before release, and is the reasonable price performance CPU and exposes how Intel has been jewing everyone out with their 6/12 and 8/16 CPUs, for $800+ USD.

>> No.59053868

>Reddit spacing

No basic functionality inside an x86 CPU requires any kind of modified driver code.
The only "drivers" it may need are for certain unique features that require tight integration with the operating system. XFR MAY be such an example, but we don't know yet.

The "drivers" everybody talks about with >MUH NO WIN7 SUPPORT are the chipset and peripheral drivers such as USB controllers, memory controllers etc.

Hell, I probably can take one of those fancy 24 core Xeons and boot some bullshit OS in real mode without having to do any modification regarding the CPU.

>> No.59053875

You do know that thermal margin is *not* the temp are which the apu is operating at, right ?

Glad you posted with a trip

>> No.59053894

Correct, it's how far away the CPU is from THERMTRIP# (~100C).

Notice how I said 52C NOT 47.6C, dumbfuck.

>> No.59053897

AMD didn't promise anything with Ryzen either that would meet all the hype on the internet.

Polaris got hyped too to no end, and still today the GTX1060 is faster than the RX480, even in DX12, and the fucking 3.5GB GTX970 of few years ago performance within 95% of those cards mentioned before.
Not to forget that Polaris didn't match Maxwell efficiency.

I will be curious and entertained about all the damage control next week.

But all in all, one can say that AMD is moving into the right direction, but the 1st generation won't win anything.

>> No.59053908



>> No.59053923
File: 62 KB, 512x384, IMG_4485_zps9834ad39.jpg~original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair AMD were giving away even shittier heatsinks for awhile.
Pic related is the shit heatsink I got with my 7850K on release.

>> No.59053945

>Polaris got hyped too to no end, and still today the GTX1060 is faster than the RX480, even in DX12, and the fucking 3.5GB GTX970 of few years ago performance within 95% of those cards mentioned before.
>Not to forget that Polaris didn't match Maxwell efficiency.
Ok, now THAT is just blatant bullshit. You should be ashamed of yourself.

>> No.59053957

I love the idea of APUs but they're just so god damn slow. I want one that can match my old 7870's performance. I don't think that's too much to ask.

>> No.59053968

>blatant bullshit

No, it's fact.


Take all the games, bench it, and the average will show that the 1060 is ahead albeit a small advantage of 3-4%.

>> No.59053976

Your main point about price is the fact that it simply isn't worth the upgrade.

As I previously stated, if I bought a 7600K, I'd be paying around the same I did for the 3570K, and get NO performance improvement at all unless I overclocked it. It's not a surprise people are hanging on to these systems, who wants to pay that much for a 0-15% performance gain depending on how you did in the silicon lottery? Not to mention you might actually LOSE performance if you opt for a non K CPU, if you had an older OC K SKU.

Back when intel was doubling their performance year on year, this wasn't an issue. The slowest C2D's were faster that the fastest P4's, the slowest i7's faster than the C2Q extreme CPU's. It was WORTH the upgrade, it isn't anymore.

That is, until now. (Hopefully)

>> No.59053986

>Make up blatant bullshit
>exclaim everyone else is bullshit

Are you perhaps of the Semitic persuasion?

>> No.59054010 [DELETED] 

>A $200 card practically matching a $240 one.
I dunno man. If the extra $40 is worth it, go ahead.

>> No.59054033

didn't you see apu with 320 CU at 1Ghz with hbm on the die and 200w TDP? we talked about it yesterday.


>> No.59054039

1060 and 480 are in different markets, imo

The 480 can easily be found in the sub $200 market leaving it's only real competition to be the 470

>buh muh 1060 3gb

AMD did a really good job isolating the 1060 6GB and 1050ti in really weird price ranges. It's going to be interesting to see what Vega does to the market.

>> No.59054057

>Take all the games, bench it, and the average will show that the 1060 is ahead albeit a small advantage of 3-4%.

This doesn't jive with retested results based on newer AMD drivers. The RX 480 is ahead overall, deal with it Eurotrash. Also please link articles in English, not your native mongrel language.

>> No.59054074

>in academic paper

>> No.59054099

It's pretty incredible.
For $25 more more than the 1050ti, you can nab the RX 470, which leads 50% greater performance over it.
The cheapest 1060 3GB is going for $190. There's an RX 480 4GB on Jewegg going for $175, AND includes a free copy of Doom 2016.
I'm even seeing an aftermarket RX 480 8GB going for $200.

>> No.59054126

>The RX 480 is ahead overall

No, it is not.

>Also please link articles in English

No, if you are too moronic to be only proficient in 1 language, it's not my problem, small heda friend.


February 2017

Fastest aftermarket GTX1060 beats fastest RX480 by 6%.

>> No.59054152

>No, it is not.
Oh yes it is.

>> No.59054179

>No, if you are too moronic to be only proficient in 1 language, it's not my problem, small heda friend.
>bitches about people not knowing an irrelevant language
I mean, if it was Spanish or Chinese or French or... well, any major language, then you might have a point. But no-one outside Europe speaks German.

>> No.59054201

Yep, not sure who to credit more AMD's marketing team or Nvidia's stubbornness to not admit defeat.

>> No.59054212

and no one does his/her job better than the german. computerbase.de is one of the best in what it does. you can easily use google translate.

>> No.59054244

G*rmans are extremely good at fucking everything up and killing everything including themselves. Truly there are no worse subhuman than g*rman.

>> No.59054247
File: 418 KB, 627x627, Intelbender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59054252

>No, it is not.
Sorry, you're just wrong on this one, Fritz. Computerbase has been shilling hard for Nvidia since forever, too.

>if you are too moronic to be only proficient in 1 language, it's not my problem

Says the Kraut speaking my language to me on an American website. top kek

>> No.59054285

Thanks for keeping up the good fight outside of /his/, Germ-sperg. Your autistic hatred of the bestial, retarded Hun is an inspiration.

>> No.59054333

I want to build a new PC from scratch to use for general browsing, gaming and also some video editing.

Is it worth getting an Intel i5 7600k for $316 AUD or waiting for the 1600X

Really hope AMD doesn't FUGG over the Aussie market with the Ryzen release.

>> No.59054340

No dude, wait for 1600x. Literally second best value cpu since sandy vagina.

>> No.59054367

Just wait a week. Worst case scenario Intel CPU's stay the same price.
And the 1600x is a beastly value. About the performance of a 6800k if leaked benchmarks are correct.

>> No.59054442

No Chipset and APU drivers you idiot.

>> No.59054481

No, you literally have no reason to make up a new pin count every year. 1155-1151-1150. Fucking retarded. You can use same socket and still refresh chipsets like on 2011.

Why are you ok with this?

>> No.59054529

>Says the Kraut speaking my language to me on an American website. top kek

Owned by a jap weeaboo.

Toppest of keks

>> No.59054565

I wish VM software could run macOS properly. I'd really love to buy the 8/16 Ryzen CPU and simply virtualization macOS. I prefer the OS abut Apple's desktop hardware offerings are shit.

>> No.59054577


They're falling for marketing because no one here on this 14 year old infested board is old enough to fully recall Bulldozer's hype.

>> No.59054675

They're falling for the 'it's just marketing' meme because no one here on this 14 year old infested board is old enough to fully recall K8's hype.

>> No.59054727



You want to dig up more dinosaurs to pretend AMD is competent this century?

>> No.59054739

Did bulldozer have leaked benches as good as these? No.

>> No.59054774 [DELETED] 
File: 105 KB, 255x345, Shitwrecker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the same guy who worked on it, and coincidentally he hasn't been on AMD until Zen.

>> No.59054799
File: 105 KB, 255x345, Shitwrecker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the same guy who worked on it, and coincidentally he hasn't been on AMD since then - until Zen.

>> No.59054812

It's going to be within 10% performance per core compared to kaby lake at half the price. incels and nvidiots with residual gpu asshurt over the 480 beating the 1060 are incredibly buttmad about it, you can almost taste the bitterness and angst. the rest of us are just looking forward to affordable 6/8 core cpu prices.

>> No.59054813
File: 7 KB, 535x480, 1487709204612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>An old CPU is still relevant for deciding whether AMD's new cpu is good except for when I decide it's not

>> No.59054830

Many people were rightly skeptical of Bulldozer's architecture before release. People knew that it was going to have to hit insane clocks to compete with intel on single threaded tasks. The only people that were surprised when it failed weren't paying attention.

The Zen architecture, at least what we know and that's a lot already, isn't nearly as lofty in its goals as Bulldozer was. Bulldozer needed a lot of things in the industry to go its way. AMD overestimated the rest of the industry.

Ryzen is different. It's going to be good because it's too simple to suck.

>> No.59054831
File: 13 KB, 381x286, certified_shit_wrecker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>59049732 (OP)
""When you set out to design the high level architecture there is a lot you can leverage. You know, tricks of the trade. There is a lot in the literature. I often rely on the literature. Thats what I did when we started the Zen project. I picked up a book, dusted it off, and opened the cover to a page at random. "And the people of Israel again did what was evil in the sight of the LORD, so the LORD gave them into the hand of the Philistines for forty years"
Judges always was a favorite of mine. I decided to take inspiration from this and apply it to the high level architecture. Zen wasn't just something to be released and produce ho-hum performance. What I decided to do is show those greasy kikes the wrath of God. I am their new God.""

-Jim Keller.

>> No.59054837
File: 427 KB, 1134x610, 116c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not nearly as good, but the hype was there
>more cores!

>> No.59054894
File: 58 KB, 1542x634, oshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




They look legitimate too.

>> No.59054911
File: 7 KB, 195x259, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's say I'm thinking about building a cheap-o $600-$700 PC for my first build.
Should I still care about this?

>> No.59054952

I'm sporting a 3750K

Really looking forward to this year unfolding. Might just make up my mind about wether or not it's about time to build a new system and pass this old banger down.

>> No.59054977


Yes you should.

>> No.59054988

Yeah it may still be very relevant to keep an eye on the performance of the cheaper chips.

Relative to i5 and i3 you know. I think there's gonna be a 4 core 8 thread at an accessible price tag

>> No.59055020
File: 29 KB, 752x241, 3dcb21c06d2f421685754004123b48c5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For folks debating when shit came out, here's a rough timeline.

>> No.59055041

Wtf I hate Trump now

>> No.59055100

>~95% the single-core performance of kaby lake.

I'm as much as an AyyMD fag as you but come the fuck on mate.

>> No.59055128


That is effectively what broadwell-e is.

>> No.59055158


>> No.59055237
File: 234 KB, 800x612, 1483514094254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59055260

Sir please I beg you please delet this.

>> No.59055295
File: 45 KB, 546x366, cdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I am fully erect

>> No.59055297

Will someone fucking leak the overclocking stats and benchmarks for fuck sake?!


>> No.59055437

No, they don't.

>> No.59055457


Looked like they were legitimate bundles from Amazon, too; In the bundle price breakdown, 1800x (WOF) was 499 and 1700x (WOF) was 399, available March 2nd.

Without fan, though... How much will the variant with the high-end Wraith cooler cost, then? I was thinking of spending a bit more over the 1700 to get the 1700x for both the potentially better lottery results and the high-end Wraith, but at 400+ USD, it's difficult to justify over the 1700 with the Spire, which hopefully will be around 319-329 as leaked previously.

Even outside of that, I'm debating if I should try for 1600x (if it comes with high-end Wraith) with a X370 motherboard instead of my planned 1700 with B350 motherboard. The former will bring me an effortless overclock that should last for 3-4 years when I would buy the highest end, potentially final Zen release WOF to pop into a powerful mobo, but the latter feels like a 2600k situation that, maybe not maxed out GHz wize, will be plenty for 4-5 years and be the only Zen I need; I can always buy a better cooler later.

>> No.59055495
File: 1.14 MB, 939x583, firefly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well ST the 1800X is on a par with a 6900K

>> No.59055500

I bet it is not ITX.

>> No.59055507
File: 114 KB, 1080x1080, 1448909264529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks for the correct info, i'll just stfu

>> No.59055519
File: 135 KB, 783x615, 14FjMUT6FKjVUCOu15aNoasteIRhapihW8TQF8qJtGg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, that leak was legit

>> No.59055520

RX 400 series is a success. Hope it goes to Zen too.

>> No.59055525
File: 66 KB, 480x555, 1478680403590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trump was right and the jews at intel have been exposed.

>> No.59055543

And a huge one, they got their market share back.

>> No.59055555

>my Phenom II X4 @ 4.0Ghz goes 399 points
I need it.

>> No.59055564

Trump is a kike himself and he openly supports kiketel so we should gas him.

>> No.59055778

>No basic functionality inside an x86 CPU requires any kind of modified driver code
basic functionality being incredibly shitty and lacking a lot of things.
there's a lot of shit on the CPU die, such as pci express, GPU, etc.
and some of those absolutely require drivers. Whether or not those are generic drivers that come bundled with the OS is irrelevant.

>> No.59055904
File: 129 KB, 314x278, question mark 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would the multithread perfomance actually help with Android emulation?

I'm currently on a i5 4670K and looking up the Cinebench R15 benchmarks for it, the single thread performance is roughly the same, but it has 3x the multithread performance.

>> No.59056055

It might be good. Wait for independent reviews.

>> No.59056194

>CPU driver
Fucking retard >>>/v/

>> No.59056437

Upgrading Intel has been worth till 2500k

>> No.59056467

you will know who the shills are when you see the software/method they use to benchmark.

>> No.59056536
File: 500 KB, 1487x757, My body is ready ryzen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there are two big unknowns

1) overclock
2) memory

the bench that we got from a boutique who used shit memory was bac, but then adoredtv tried to match his ddr4 in his 6700k to it and couldn't get the same latency.

is it a bios fuck up, was the ram just not clockable to such shit levels, something we won't know till launch.

Overclock is a bit more known, nothing is architecturally standing in the way of 5+ghz, but we dont know how motherboards can handle an all core because it was done on a validation board with shit power delivery.

>> No.59056634
File: 19 KB, 248x255, 1486502721346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59057029

6 more days until I can laugh at the retarded AMD fanboys here.

>> No.59057304


>> No.59057328

>DDR 2
Well there's a useless side by side.

>> No.59057331

Damn, why there were only one season? The show was perfect! We had young Christina Hendricks and Morena Bacarin. I bet Josh Weldon fucked it up somehow, he always does it.

>> No.59057343

>x86 CPU
I thought Ryzen is AMD64?

>> No.59057357

Welcome to the internet, son.

>> No.59057360


>> No.59057393

x86/AMD64 are pretty much interchangeable. x86 just refers to the instruction set of the 8086 while AMD64 refers to the 64bit extension that was added to x86 from the AMD Athlon 64. all modern Intel and AMD processors support both

>> No.59057397

The cost thats why

/g/ is populated with finacially strained people that they'll find any means to defend their "poor man's intel" just so they can show they can outpace the rich elite with this hardware

>> No.59057490

Here are your (You)s

>> No.59057511

whats wrong with having no igpu? X99 cpus don't have either.

>> No.59057513

The cost isn't the issue, the comparison of the improvement in CPU that you got when bought a new CPU five years ago for a cost versus the substantially lesser improvement in CPU that you get today for that same cost is unpalatable for informed consumers

>> No.59057526

What I have and what ryzen offers,

the important thing is a i7 in the memory test gets 3000+ and we don't know if it was the dog shit memory used, or if it is a problem on the memory controller.

>> No.59057537


>> No.59057588

asshole, we WANT to upgrade, we WANT something to absolutely shit on our current systems so hard we feel pathetic and must upgrade, we WANT shit to get faster to the point we can't even keep the damn thing satisfied with tasks to do.

We aren't getting that.
What we are getting is 5% at best gen over gen, and are told to be happy because they cant do better.
Our motherboards are on the brink of dying and when we 'upgrade' its not even a 100% uptick in performance, is a measly 30% at most in synthetics.

>> No.59057785

wtf i hate blacks now

>> No.59057889

It's awful just like everything AMD makes

It overpromises and underdelivers, a complete disaster.

>> No.59058839

ohhh another retard has joined in

>> No.59058868

But how do I reply to a executive order?

>> No.59058932

Intel performance for 1/3 the price and less TDP. Need I say more?

>> No.59059071

I almost have a reason to upgrade from my 2500k now. Maybe a few more years.

>> No.59059169

This. I regret buying ITX, I wish I had bought mATX instead.

>> No.59059461

>Adjusting for inflation the 7350k is about half the price of the 2600k
That's shit. It's a much small process and should be 1/4th the cost AND significantly better performance.

CPUs used to jump about 50% better performance and 30% lower cost every 18 months until Intel cornered the market with Sandy Bridge.

>> No.59059481

If you double your performance every year for 6 years you end up with 6400%. If you double your performance every 28 months for 6 years you get 594%.

What I want to know is whether or not Intel has been working on the performance side and holding back for a time where they have to compete.

>> No.59059592

is this, dare i say, the best timeline?

>> No.59059603

I think most emulators thrive with high single core performance

>> No.59059621


Just wait and see what AMD is going to do when they get some of that sweet server market and get fucktons of money to go towards R and D instead of shoe string budgets and paying down debt.

The next five years are going to be amazing.

>> No.59059646

this looks like its from frys electronics

>> No.59059704

I like how the idiots all got silent.

People have to be living under a rock by now to not know, definitively, that the RX480 is a far better than the 1060 even if they were the same price.

Or they're just intentionally lying to themselves for some reason.

>> No.59059718

1600X is surely better than the 6800.
It's on par or better than the 6850k

>> No.59059764

The benchmark right there shows how bad they are. More cores for the same performance as less cores. That's shit.

>No, you literally have no reason to make up a new pin count every year. 1155-1151-1150. Fucking retarded.
There is a reason: Intel gets a licensing fee from the board manufacturers each time they sell a board, so they make even more money on top of their retarded overpriced prices.

>> No.59059777

Thanks senpai

>> No.59059829

It was DDR4 2133 or 2400 memory used with CAS Latency of fucking 17. So very shit memory. You can reverse image search and find it, probably.

>> No.59059868

Dont be a poorfag and get the 1700x

>> No.59059915


hahahah get a load of this OEM-bribe babby

>> No.59059924


(((Toms Hardware)))

>> No.59059970


holy shit those gainz

>> No.59060025

>GPU drivers are now CPU drivers

just stop posting.

>> No.59060026

>no iGPU
>outperformed by Intel in games

AMD's target market is non-gamer gamers.

>> No.59060320

i love my momma

>> No.59060321

Probably both, it's going to be better some 2011 chips, but it's going to be overpriced as usual and since it's AMD they are probably going to run at 70C idle even with liquid cooling.

>> No.59060328

>and since it's AMD
You could at least pretend to pay attention to the TDPs

>> No.59060401

>driver kek

The autism is strong with this one.

>> No.59060423

>juangra got banned

Now if only /g/ dealt with its retarded Intel shills the same way.

>> No.59060523

I'm sitting snug with a 6700k/Z170 build but I am seriously considering buying an 1800X and top ROG/sabertooth board at launch. I already have the 32GB ddr4 from my current build so at most, I'd be looking at a $750 bill. 8c/16t AND motherboard for less than $1k? And similar if not better single core performance than intel's offering? What's the catch? Is Ryzen going to missing a bunch of instructions or something?

I was hype for Vega cards as well but AMD support on Linux is TRASH. Unless that's changed as of late.

What should I do with my 6700k/z170? Poverty build for my little sister? idk

>> No.59060533

>What should I do with my 6700k/z170
Sell it and buy an SSD or the best cooler available and overclock the 1800x to 5GHz.

>> No.59060558

I have 3 SSDs (sata based, non M.2 so maybe a 1TB 960 pro?) and my cooler is a single tower affair similar to hyper 212 EVO. But I do have a 360mm and 240mm radiators in my closet. Alphacool UT60's. Also have an EK all copper AMD block. is AM4 supposed to be similar to AM3 in terms of holes?

>> No.59060560

mother FUCKER

>> No.59060566


At 5ghz (with some guesstimation of the voltage curve) you'd need a custom loop to cool such a beast. A 6900k at 4.3ghz will be pulling around 200w as a point of reference.

>> No.59060568


>> No.59060577

with my liquid loop I said in >>59060558
I was able to keep an FX-9370 clocked to 5.4ghz? Should be able to keep the 1800X under control yea?

>> No.59060580

>what's the catch
You got jewed really-really hard for the past 5 years by our best friend merchant from kiketel. You're used to overpriced CPUs.

>> No.59060586

that might be. Really hope Keller made AMD great again.

>> No.59060593

The difference between the 1700X and 1800X bothers me a bit.

The 1800X is 28% more expensive, but only has a 6% higher base clock and is otherwise identical. I wish they would be upfront about why; if the binning is significantly better or if it comes with a high performance cooler etc.

Does anyone know?

>> No.59060606

it's probably higher binning. Better overclock chances etc. Think the FX-9590 boosting to 5.0ghz out of the box compared to the bone stock fx-8350 which if you were lucky would hit 4.8ghz with a fuck ton of voltage.

>> No.59060607

It's not just Keller, both their management and Radeon group became surprisingly competent. In the year of 2017 AMD drivers are better than NVIDIA ones. What a weird time we live in.

>> No.59060627

I'm waiting for reviews to find out myself. I can't see any reason other than binning but how extreme it is can't be known yet.

Personally the 1800X had better consistently OC at least 300+ MHz higher than the 1700x for me to consider shelling out the extra $110 for it.

>> No.59060630

last time I tried using AMD on Linux, I couldn't even get native monitor resolution of 1440p to display on my desktop. It's what made me sell off my R9-290X for a 980TI

>> No.59060682


Like him or not, he tried to match the memory in his system to the ryzen sample, and couldn't get the memory to run as shit.

either the memory was so bad you cant replicate it, which is a possibility, or amd fucked up the memory controller/a bios issue was present.

>> No.59060707

even with the memory being a worst case scenario for me, its still fucking amazing.

>> No.59060714

I think this will be like some of AMDs old chips where they were quite picky about latency unlike Intel that manages to do a pretty good job masking latency issues and mostly just cares about bandwidth.

>> No.59060717

anyone else incapable of posting pictures? With any picture of any size I get an "upload failed" error. Did Nagasaki Moot take away everyone's allowance to post?

>> No.59060727

Hiroshimoot shat on the servers.

>> No.59060737

how so? Servers just knocked offline or something? I hope he's not taking away all pic posting abilities. How else will I get my porn? My smug anime faces?

>> No.59060768

>fanboy claiming it will destroy competition for a much lower price and when it comes out its worse.and more.expensive than the competition and all the shills suddenly disappear

It's almost like counter shilling. Where a company would hire people to overstate the facts on a product soon to be released to create artificial disappointment.
/v/ needs to get its head out of their arse.

>> No.59060787

Valve employees are working on AMD Linux drivers.
AMD has open sourced much of its software.

You fucked up, but whatever if you've got the money its a huge deal. Hope that your 6700 is still worth more than $150 used after Ryzen drops.

Even factoring in the $300-$400 loss from selling that CPU and motherboard, you still end up with good value because Ryzen is so cheap lmao

>> No.59060789

XFR changes the binning game a lot. I'll use GPU's as an example as it makes things easier to put into perspective.

With a GPU, AMD can fab chips and determine what a reasonable clockspeed, voltage, and TDP will be at minimum, and do some preliminary testing to find the absolute best and those that are simply "good enough" and leave anything in between as chance. This is to maximize yields and minimize production costs as seconds lost on additional testing per chip can up to millions in overall cost. A third party then orders the chips in bulk and is free to do further testing as they see fit. They decide how worth it it is to further filter out the best performers for their top tier cards and define further steps between.

With XFR, the testing process is automated by design. AMD can let the chip decide what it can run at and just define minimum goals.
So the really high priced chips are proven superior from the get go. What we don't know are the defined goals. It's possible lower tier chips will clock just as well, but at a higher voltage and TDP threshold. XFR thus doesn't just offer a robust auto overclocking utility for consumers, it also automates the selection process on the manufacturing side.

>> No.59060799

ehh, selling off my old intel stuff isn't a priority for me. I have the money to buy the new AMD stuff without pause. Shit if I REALLY wanted to, I could've gotten that i7-6950X 10c/20t and awesome x99 set but fuck that $2k tag and intel's price gouging.

>> No.59060805

Your problem. AMD open-source drivers are getting much much better though.

>> No.59060808

how do people not understand this and even need to ask

Anyone that wasn't an infant from like 1999-2010 knows how the CPU market is supposed to be and how the only reason it changed is that Intel got a monopoly then jewed everyone

Anyone that bought a processor past like the 5900k, 5950X, or 4690k is a retard and may as well had just donated all their money to feminist frequency

>> No.59060822

>build a PC when skylake hits
>Only other options are an antiquated outdated POS FX series CPU
>Or devil's Canyon with slightly worse performance and, no proper NVME SSD support, and DDR3.

Yea nah. I get what you're saying, but it doesn't apply to everyone. I bought the 6700k because I needed the threads for editing work, but also wanted good single core for gaming. Plus the locked 6700 and comparable xeon were all more expensive than the 6700K at microcenter.

>> No.59060835

Oh that's the same place I was at.

The cost doesn't matter, but Intel offered super shitty value the past few years.

Hopefully the 7nm die shrink and 30%+ gains in 2 years are still AM4. I just hate upgrading motherboard and liked the days where I could just put a new CPU in for improvements.

>> No.59060858

You could have gotten a used 4770k or whatever instead of supporting jews

The 6700k isn't the first time they offered 8 threads.

>> No.59060866

>Playing videos games in your free time and enjoying some sweet erp = retarded virgin.

When dis /g/ got so clogged up with idiots and shitty memes , get a hold of yourselves faggots and go back yo watching anime all day. There iw nothing wrong with playing games

>> No.59060889


>Anyone that wasn't an infant from like 1999-2010 knows how the CPU market is supposed to be and how the only reason it changed is that Intel got a monopoly then jewed everyone
>implying that Intel hasn't been the world's largest CPU manufacturer since 1970
>you stupid fucking person
>stupid fucking people will be the death of us all

>> No.59060930


>> No.59060938


Definitely an improvement

>> No.59060958

if the average /v/ermin tourist knew something about technology other than how to be a retarded fanboy for one team or how to do anything other than post cherry picked video game fps benchmarks as if they're the be-all-end-all metric for performance, it wouldn't even exist as a meme.

>> No.59061024

somehow, place orders for celebration cakes titled with some sort of acknowledgment " "...for AMD? and have it be mailed to intel. in BULK or...just have everyone order 1 muffin with RYZEN like chip icing from as many different bakery's.....I'm sure it will be less costly then blowing you money on fucking twitch.

>> No.59061723

Dear little Jesus,

Please make all the ryzen hype true and AMD back into the competition.

Sincerely yours,

>> No.59061750
File: 54 KB, 1024x410, nEqdNzkhoi1EWGfWXEj0cRs8bNpgCyLjr8qltbVUGwc.jpg?w=1024&s=b0ce17b8437a821b52cb3de4499c085d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.59061753

wtf fuk ooff

>> No.59061855 [DELETED] 

Dear little Jesus,

Please make all the ryzen hype true and AMD back into the competition.

Sincerely yours,

>> No.59061875

Wew. I guess Intel knew, they should've had ES long before bench leaks.

>> No.59061917


>> No.59061932

When are we going to see prices/official reviews for AM4 motherboards?

>> No.59061940

Probably a couple of days after 28.

>> No.59061992


Ohhhh I heard rumours that AMD will do a announcement and release on the 28th?

>> No.59062025

they didn't during athlon64 when they had more push on market

>> No.59062032

march 2 confirmed by Lisa Su in investors call

>> No.59062034

So how long until we see some actual proper benchmarks we could use?

I'm putting an ITX build together and looking at the i3 7100, but all of you wont stop talking about Ryzen, so I feel like I need to wait and see how good the price/performance really is.

>> No.59062048

28th most likely, worst case release day

reviewers got their samples, so countdown is 5-7 days

>> No.59062058

>Ryzen hits
>better than Intel
>cheaper than Intel
>Intel responds
>released 8th gen early
>its better than Ryzen
>costs more than Ryzen
>we still buy Intel anyway

>> No.59062061
File: 141 KB, 999x649, immunity trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59062068

I'll remember that next time I have to rip an audio CD to FLAC.

>> No.59062133


>> No.59062154


>> No.59062169

Wait, you're basically macking a solid comment on a guy who has not tested the real chip?

>> No.59062354

>No basic functionality inside an x86 CPU requires any kind of modified driver code.
But some advanced functionality may require driver for the CPU to function correctly.
Reminder that any AMD multicore (since Athlon X2) requires a driver on Windows XP pre SP1, otherwise it would fucking desync the fucking cores with very frequent bsods and literally negative ping values (most obvious giveaway of that issue)
Who knows what kind of engineering oversight and/or planned obsolescence trigger will be in Ryzen

>> No.59062577

Basically imagine all the Intel processors line up at half the price, still just a couple more days for real reviews. However we all benefit if AMD wins, jewtel starts making real chips again instead of holding back their own technology and AMD doesn't go bankrupt, It's a capitalism beauty.

>> No.59062636

Intel and AMD are friends now. They will let AMD shine a little.

>> No.59062694


>> No.59062724

So when will the 1600X be released? I thought it would be released with the other Ryzen CPUs but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case.

>> No.59062835


I thought all CPUs will.be released on the 28th, where did you hear it won't?

>> No.59062901

it's made me $2,600 in the last 2 months

thanks NASDAQ:AMD!

>> No.59062902


>> No.59062917

I've got this from this video. He says the 1700, 1700X and 1800X can be bought on March 2nd but he doesn't say anything about the other Ryzen processors.

>> No.59062995

tfw it's the bulldozer hypetrain all over again.


>> No.59063034


bulldozer benchmarks and leaks always had an asterisk to them, zen has been nothing but positive

this is pretty crazy desu

>> No.59063048

I'll believe it when I see it.

>tfw not even in the market for a new cpu for another couple years at least

>> No.59063171

Can someone explain to me what AMDGPU is all about?
Because it still sucks and Nvidia non-free is better in every way
They killed off their proprietary diver but the free ones are still pretty garbage, especially for graphics heavy stuff, power management and fan management

>> No.59063507

First thought:
>Oh no, how do I reply to an executive order? Do I have to mail Trump?
Second thought:
>Oh, wait This one isn't even real, it's just a photoshop
Third thought:
>... am I disabled?

>> No.59063600

literally children

>> No.59063604

>x86/AMD64 are pretty much interchangeable
lol no; fuck off reppit

>> No.59063632

>AMDGPU: It'll be good soon, we promise™

>> No.59063654


>> No.59064268

oy vey

>> No.59064321

> next time i have to rip an ... audio CD
WTF they still make CDs?
Last time I bought a CD was... like 10 years ago

>> No.59064365

nigga people are actively releasing stuff on cassette

>> No.59064395


>> No.59064876
File: 53 KB, 600x392, 1486202297435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's wrong with Intel

>> No.59065979

fuck u loser

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