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Isabelle is terrible with technology edition

Previous thread: >>59028190

Just fucking google it first, or use something like duckduckgo if you have turbo-autism

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Why doesn't this work?
startapplication && wmctrl -c "Window"
I know the wmctrl command works, it just doesn't work this way.

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I'm retarded and can't figure out how to block stuff like this in Ublock Origin.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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That is my GT 640. The 1070 ITX is still quite small but bigger than it. Will it even fit on my motherboard, or would it collide with all the shit on the bottom even if the motherboard was outside of the case?

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For more information,

GT 640:
Length 5.70 inches
Height 4.38 inches
Width Dual-width

GTX 1070 ITX Gigabyte:
Length 5.20 inches
Height 6.70 inches
Width Dual-width

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I want a laptop with the following:
>beyond 1920x1080
>a decent processor, ideally 7th gen
>at least one USBC

Chromebook pixel is out because lmao16GB storage.

XPS13 looks alright but I don't want to feed the Dell Jews.

The spectre is only 1920x1080

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What do cartoons make it look like you can just steal someones deed and now you on their house?

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I need a decent antivirus for Windows Server 2008 RC2, nothing I find on the next is compatible with it

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How can I host a completely blank website that I can edit with HTML for free? All the free hosting ones I can find on Google have some gay tumblrina UI for creation.

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Changing my wi-fi channel actually does some difference on signal?

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guy, i just wrote a linux rap. when i upload to youtube, will you check it out? it's fire i swear. a lot of linux references

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If people near you use the same channel, you'll get stronger signal on your side.


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How do I write unit tests? Is the idea just to check all relevant test/edge cases and check if you get the desired outcome?

The gut reaction wants to say that if you can only check cases you know about, which are probably going to pass anyway because you know about them... but I guess the idea is to be able to run the tests so that you know if something fucks it up in the future, not necessarily while you're writing it, yes?

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You take a function, you feed it a set of inputs, and you check the outputs to ensure that they are what they are supposed to be.

It's simple. You can't expect to cover all cases, yes. However, most software projects will add new test cases whenever they fix a bug.

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You can use GitHub Pages if your project is a simple HTML page, just commit the changes and it updates the website. Otherwise, Hostinger has a free plan for web hosting (html, php and mysql) but it has a limited bandwidth, if you just want to keep your simple website running 24/7, go with GitHub Pages.

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No one cares MC Frontalot.

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Looking into this now. Will update. Thanks anon!

I'm bored enough to listen to it. Link senpai.

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Ah, i didn't recorded yet...

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whats the AMD equivalent of a 1070?

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How fucked are these temperatures?

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How do I stream a recording from my android phone to my PC to get saved?

I want to film myself doing a Dark Souls playthrough, but from my couch in my living room.

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Get raped and kill yourself, you retarded fucking faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.

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2 480's crossfired

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Got it working. Thanks a ton man.

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Whats the alternative to windows movie maker nowadays?

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i used lightworks. it worked

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nobody wants to watch a fucking camera recording of your TV screen anon
if you really want to record console video games you should get a capture card

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>incognito mode

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>sign ups

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How do I torrent with TOR?

I've already read the statement of tor project "plz no torrent on tor! think of the refugees!" but I honestly don't care, I just need to use it one time for something that will get a lot of seeds after I've uploaded it once so it's not like I'm gonna clog the onion up, it won't take more than a couple minutes anyway.

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Granted I have official, MS printed Office 2016 install media what's the best way to activate without a key?

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I'm using a richfaces calendar component. i'm trying to get the form that the calendar is placed in to submit after a date is clicked, but "document....submit()" will either work too early(before calendar date is changed internally) or not at all. suggestions?

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Should I wait for vega or buy a rx 480 already?

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can I convert a folder of .alac files to .flac losslessly with ffmpeg?

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Is your application exiting with 0?

Either way, what you probably want to do is
application ; wmctrl -c "Window"

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just wait one more month

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Kill yourself nigger faggod

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macbook pro 13"

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No u

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I use an HDMI splitter specifically to undercut HDCP because fuck it, that's why. I'd also like to introduce a switch into the mix though. Is there any way to know if the two would play nice together? Any issues with HDCP, or introducing some amount of latency?

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ok i'm become an officially waitfag now

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Check the ryzen general to get your fix. It wont be too long though. Even if you won't be able to afford a vega, the current GPUs will begin falling in price.

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If you put your splitter (that strips HDCP) before the switch, it will work fine. Any switch that is built properly will not introduce perceivable latency. If you're worried about that, try a more direct route to your display.

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Anyone have experience mounting USB fans to TVs? My monitor has a pretty common issue with it's type, and the only solution besides sending it back to Sony (way out of warranty) is to hook up a cooling fan to the back. Thinking about converting my AMD stock fan to USB and mounting it or getting a better USB fan, but I'm not sure how to mount the damned thing either way. Any ideas?

Link related - the issue I'm having (turn off your audio): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjn9iZPgwGg

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Literally only used incognito mode to record the video.

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>WD My Passport 1TB external drive
>had 700GB worth of movies, tv shows, music, backups, etc
>formatted to exFAT so it can go between osx and windows
>just been sitting in a drawer, hasn't been plugged in for months I'm pretty sure
>go to plug it into mac, doesn't show up
>open Disk Utility and it shows the drive, the partition is greyed out, drive has been renamed back to default "WD generic name + number"
>says it's 999GB used and 0bytes free, definitely had 300GB free last time I checked
>doesn't show up in windows either
>try to open windows disk utility
>doesn't even open
>unplug drive and it loads
>plug the drive in and it like fucks up explorer.exe and any programs trying to access the filesystem

Any good open source, or just free data recovery software that I could run over my PC or mac? Even if I could just see the directory tree I'd be happy, just had a collection of TV shows/movies I really liked

Any ideas?

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What the fuck is wrong with the Windows store? I can't get it to download consistently. Or at half my available download speed. I've tried turning the p2p update shit on and off, clearing the catch and running the Windows store repair tool.

It goes 'steady' for a while but always inevitably stalls out and drops down to zero. Downloading a fucking 50GB game is painful enough with my shit internet without me having to click pause and resume every 10min to get it to start again.

Also while I was typing this post the entire download seems to have reset itself. Fantastic. I'm so glad I brought a separate SSD for this piece of shit OS rather than "upgrading".

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Is it fine to mix RAM modules with different memory size, like 8GB and 16GB?
Is it fine to mix RAM modules with different timings?

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Fine to mix different sticks of RAM with different capacities however, all of it will operate at the slowest frequency of the set

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I have used "Runtime GetDataBack for NTFS & FAT" some years ago.
Not sure if it is free or not though.
You might want to make disk image and violate it instead, I think HDDRawCopy would work for it.

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How do i remove and use the 'System Reserver' Partition on my Winblows desktop?

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i just found 1gb ddr3, can i just chuck it in my pc (dual channel 4 slots

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is it possible to tell Linux to use very limited CPU resources?

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yes but why

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what's the best terminal emulator?

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Is there something similar to windows remote desktop for Mac? Something that keeps the local console locked while you're connected remotely and doesn't have shit performance like VNC?

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Is there an adblock for Chrome on android phones?

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There's a build of an AdBlock enhanced chrome browser, but it's become shit lately. I switched to Firefox mobile and ublock origin works great with it.

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does firefox respect my freedumbs?

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Where is a zero day market?

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depends on mobo and cpu

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You're fucked regardless, mate. Might as well go for something that actually works and doesn't rape the resources on your phone.

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naked browser and lightning?

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Don't get the browser get the apk in the small text under the button

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Doesn't work either.

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I want to do raid on my home server but can't decide on raid 10 or 6. I have 4x2TB drives.

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How do i remove and use the 'System Reserver' Partition on my Winblows desktop?

i accidentally installed it on the wrong hard drive.

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if you're a normie: reinstall but partition the drive before hand

if you're not a normie: copy the bootloader off of the system reserved partition (google it) then delete the partition, resize the other one

it's probably just easier to reinstall


nice try fbi




if you want to disable cpu cores for that boot session, kernel parameter maxcpus

if you want to move tasks to a different cpu: google linux cpu affinity (or taskset)

if you want to "isolate" cpu cores from the rest of the system, look into the kernel parameter isolcpus, however if a process is spawned on a cpu kernel code must also be ran on that core; if you do use isolcpus the 'numactl' command won't work, it's similar to taskset so maybe look into that too

if you just want a lightweight linux distro look into a lightweight linux distro, use a lightweight de/wm (tiling wms work), or don't use x, compile your own kernel removing options you don't want, etc, using "less cpu" is a misnomer, it's using it on something


if it's a ddr3 mobo, probably

>Is it fine to mix RAM modules with different timings?

if it works, the ram will run at the slowest speed

sometimes laptops dislike mixmatched(speeds/manufacturers) ram and won't boot but it's hit and miss

>Any good open source, or just free data recovery software

if all else fails, testdisk/photorec

clone the drive to somewhere else before trying to recover data from it in case of drive failure

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What does the T in ISO 8601 timestamps stand for?

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Is there a way to start a .exe minimized on windows? (without using the shortcut properties)

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How do DNS servers work?
Is there just a big database of ips and names which are synced between world wide DNS servers? Who is the authority updating this db? Are all the names on all the servers, and if not, how do the computer knowing which DNS servers to connect to?

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I'm not sure if the command string is standardized accross all Windows versions, but
start /min [exe]
works for me.

You can also try
start [exe] --new-window/min

And you can try looking at the second google result in addition to the first.

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Yeah I found that on google but the thing is that another program starts the program I want to start minimized, I wanted to maybe edit the registry but the program doesn't have one, maybe I can create a registry?

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DNSs will essentially have every single domain-IP link (the size of the map is easily within the storage capacity of a single server) and it can take a while for an IP change or a new link to propagate throughout the system.

Similar to the way IP addresses are routed through the internet, DNS propagation is a huge clusterfuck whose exact mechanisms will change from ISP to ISP and from their ISP to ISP. Each top-level domain (.com, .org, etc) is managed by a specific authority, but how THEY actually delegate the changes is as much a business question as it is a networking question, and ISPs will probably get in contact with a middle-man who manages all the interactions rather than dealing with each top-level domain directly.

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Is searx dead?

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You just need EasyBCD and a good partition manager. It's actually pretty easy. Just takes a few minutes once you know what to do.

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All programs are started from a command string and a Window Context at some level, so you shouldn't be afraid to use those.

If you wanted to change it so the program will by default start with a certain command string, I believe the Compability properties of an exe (run as administrator, etc) are stored using the Registry. A little googling shows me in Windows7 it was in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
I'm not sure if it's different for Windows 8+, but a little googling from that launch-point should help some:

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Yeah just did it but now windows is not genuine,

>> No.59047321

What, did you just reinstall the whole thing without bothering about the license?

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i updated my new N3DS to 11.3
what do

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I don't even, /g/.

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Well i used EEasyBCD and just copied the boot files from /F And put them on /C

The key i used was actually actived with like some crap tool or something.

>> No.59047451

Ok. That should not be a thing. What version of windows do you have and where did you get the "crap tool"?

>> No.59047461

I use Windows 7 Ultimate and i got the tool in a torrent.

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Which is better for a hard drive's lifespan: leaving it idling when not in use, or turning it off and having to have it start up again next time it's needed?

>> No.59047484

Yeah, you should probably just format that sum bitch and start over. If you don't give a flying fuck about malware in your system, you can just reactivate with Daz


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Guys, I've been learning HTML-CSS-JS for roughly 2 days so far, and I'm still struggling trying to understand how divs and generally document "structure" works, well maybe not necessarily document structure (because it's rather obvious) but more correct said objects' placement within body section - no clue if that's a good way to call it though. I mean just take a look at the following example - it's taken from one of free templates you can find at w3schools.

I understand that the website is divided into elements, that indicate where certain things such as logo, menu etc. should show up, the problem is that I don't really understand how it's done (I know that it's all about css however I still cannot find any entries regarding positoning in w3 official .css file) and why those divs have some weird classes alligated to them? I know that the question is rather dumb but I really need help with this one ;_;.

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Conventional wisdom is leave it on. Test data with modern controllers are a bit limited, though, and it probably won't make a huge difference.

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cheers senpai

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I get this every-time i boot

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how does the PIA VPN work?

i downloaded the client and got it connected now. Does it mean my internet traffic is going through the VPN now, all of it?

>> No.59047658

install gentoo

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I wish, but i have too many gaymes and gay porn

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What's that after Local\?
Also why is your username lard?

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On Android, can you get in app purchases for free?

I know that by rooting you can install paid apps by installing apks from the web.
Is it possible to trick the app into thinking you've paid for something?
If there is a way, does it always work or only for some apps?

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That's the problem - nothing is there

Also Lard makes everything taste good

Lucky Patcher

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Good day /g/!

How usual is this when using chrome on android? All pages I visit are so small, they are entirely centered and I can't see anything written. It's as if the resolution on the phone is fucked up.

Does this happen often? What can one do?

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Why are so many people on /g/ against Windows 10? It's so fast in a good network. SMB3.0, man

>> No.59047748

Does that work on all apps?

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What's a good cheap videocard I should buy for my pc? I mainly use it for VMs and such and the only games that I play on this are Civ5, 6 and EU4. I'm planning on buying a cheap videocard first then buy the added 16Gb ram later.


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No, it's luck.

Some do some don't.
If it's for games that require internet like Clash of Clans etc, it will not work. Ever

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Is there a site, when I can copy and paste a "rxvt-unicode" config file?

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I tried ordering something through a site and it gave me an error code.
Mailed with the support team and he told me that my IP was black listed.
>your network is broadcasting an ip address that has been used to do bad things.
Never done anything fishy except post on /pol/.
He also said the IP he sees isn't the one i got from a website to give me my IP.
What's up /g/?

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256MB enough RAM for a postfix+dovecot+mysql with DMARC email server?

Thinking about the $2 option here:

>> No.59047822

Why do almost all accounts in games, websites etc. require you to sometimes have minimum 6 characters or sometimes maximum 6 characters?

What is it about the number 6 that makes this so important? Why can't my username be 3 characters long or 32 characters long?

>> No.59047825

Should be alright if you remove systemd. Otherwise, look for 512M. 256 for MySQL + Linux is really low.

>> No.59047838

thanks. what else? i don't think that's available in my location (manila)

>> No.59047885

Eh, might as well get the PLUS package from ProtonMail then.

>> No.59047908

how do i integrate different spring boot standalone applications through a portal or similar? they all have a similar structure but different code, so making a new app from scratch that covers all their functionality would be too hard.

>> No.59047935

Yes, as long as you've enabled the killswitch

>> No.59047982

Their coding is shite, so some of their updates fuck shit up bad for way more people than is acceptable. They also keep doing weird shit like uninstalling third party AVs, taking away settings and workarounds people use, and generally fucking with people's control of their own systems way more than they did with previous versions of windows. Also they keylog the fuck out of you, and there's been questions as to whether they do it securely.

>> No.59048010

1050ti. Unless you plan on running 3+ VMs at a time, you probably don't need any more ram

>> No.59048074

No web designers willing to help me out a bit here? ;_;

>> No.59048091

Get an nvdia card a 1050 or 1060, much cheaper than amd alternatives here in the ph.

>> No.59048116

thanks, will probably buy a 1050ti

>> No.59048117

Write tests firsz

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Will using a usb wifi adapter in my laptop speed up wifi? will it connect to the same router?

>> No.59048173

What is the current lightest image mounting software?

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>> No.59048244

I can't decide whether to go for ProtonMail or ScryptMail.

I'm leaning towards the former because the latter doesn't have DMARC (lol, lame).

>> No.59048247

It may help if your laptop's built in wifi isn't powerful enough, is having a hard time getting good reception, and the usb adapter is significantly better. Or if your integrated wifi is using a crappy standard like 802.11g or a 2.4ghz frequency in an area with high competition, and the usb has something better. You won't be able to use both connections at the same time.

>> No.59048250


>> No.59048287

Protonmail doesn't encrypt metadata (scryptmail does), so it's trash. Avoid at all costs.

>> No.59048328

What if I haven't?

>> No.59048330

Any recommendations for secure chat?

>> No.59048356

Wire is by far the superior solution to this date. Normietier (but still good) is Signal.

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Can a "hypervisor" do pic related?

>> No.59048376

Then the VPN could stop working and you wouldn't know it. Your computer would just start doing stuff over your regular internet, possibly without even notifying you. A killswitch or firewall configuration prevents this, and most VPN windows clients include some option for it

>> No.59048398

using a external hdd and raspberry pi as samba file share. I don't have a recycle bin on hdd so every file i delete a can't restore.
How can I fix this?

>> No.59048450

Why exactly is it a bad thing to use a hdtv as a monitor? Every time it's brought up I see nothing but shitposting and no one really ever explains why. I'm assuming it's an input lag issue.

>> No.59048451

yeah that's what I figured it meant but on the PIA software the warnings when turning it on were so severe it confused me.

but I got it on now, everything seems to be working. I guess I'm not "on multiple network interfaces" or whatever

>> No.59048497

Yeah, things like VM tap adapters or ICS can make things a little complicated. If you don't know what those are, you're probably fine just enabling the firewall/killswitch.

>> No.59048535

Where can I find the best source to learn about base64?
Dont know how, cant find anything usefull

>> No.59048544

anyone else having memory issues with windows 10 (and chrome)
i have 16GBs of RAM and 10 seconds after boot my memory usage is up to 95%
a browser using more than 8GB of ram is fucking amazing

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forgot pic

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Damn, why the hell is Wire not mentioned anywhere? Everybody's praising Signal like it's gods gift to hitmen, even though it only runs on mobile and requires closed source binaries/frameworks to run. Do you know if anyone's vouched for it being a secure solution?

>> No.59048599

What do you mean by firewall exactly? An external one?

Should I enable DNS or IPv6 leak protections?

I'm mostly going to be doing light torrenting on it. Some browsing when I want to access stuff for Americans but that's about it. Not planning to have it on 24/7 or anything.

>> No.59048628

Snowden tweeted about Signal, praising it and especially the people behind it. Probably a bunch of articles popped up from that and that's how it became somewhat popular.

You could always tweet at Snowden, asking him to give Wire a shoutout, lol.

>> No.59048688

However your vpn provider does it. Killswitch and firewall are just two different ways to tackle the same problem. Firewall is technically more foolproof, but in your case it shouldn't matter.

Yes and yes. If they don't cause problems, leave them on. Yeah you don't want to run it all the time. Websites will start bitching at you like crazy.

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I just freshly installed windows on my computer and everything is working except when i install the nvidia graphics driver for my gtx 780 windows can't boot leading me to have to uninstall the driver through safe mode. Someone please help.

>> No.59048818

>windows can't boot
"windows can't boot" as in...?

>> No.59048847

As in either a blue screen comes up saying i need to uninstall recent software as its causing windows to crash or just a black screen with nothing else which eventually shuts down the computer and brings up the "windows did not boot successfully" messages with options to boot in safe mode

>> No.59048873


Run sfc /scannow from command line. Update windows. Uninstall drivers with this

Update integrated graphics drivers, install GPU drivers directly from Nvidia website. Make sure monitor is not attacted to mobo.

>> No.59048877

Its something with the display driver, right now the graphics card can display to the monitor through a standard vga driver but as soon as i install the nvidia one windows cannot load. And im not sure if this is a hardware issue or what. I haven't tried putting the GPU into a different PCI slot or anything of that nature yet.

>> No.59048884

I will try this thanks

>> No.59048889

Is there any disadvantage to a bigger hard drive?

I see PC builds on here and they tend to have a multitude of 2-4TB drives but wouldn't it make more sense to just build a smaller PC and use 1 8TB drive?

>> No.59048892
File: 199 KB, 1132x586, refuckingptcha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate this recaptcha.
How can I go to the other one that's two words?

>> No.59048911

Thanks man, great info.

>> No.59048942

Where can I get good quality desks? I was thinking about spending a few thousand on a really nice desk. How big is a reasonable size that isn't going to be impossible to move 10 years down the line? I'm currently using a garbage ikea thing and was wanting to get a third monitor but don't have room for it.

>> No.59049060

From Wikipedia: A single point in time can be represented by concatenating a complete date expression, the letter T as a delimiter, and a valid time expression. For example, "2007-04-05T14:30".

The T doesn't stand for anything, it simply separates the date and time so you don't get them messed up.

>> No.59049084

I unironically recommend picking up desks off the side of the road and fixing them up. It depends on where you live but I've gotten a couple good desks this way desu.

>> No.59049100
File: 329 KB, 1280x720, ???.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is better for chinese cartoons? KCP or CCCP
>inb4 use mpv

>> No.59049130


>> No.59049150

The 2 4TB's were probably cheaper. Or faster. Or they wanted redundant storage. Plus larger drives of the same family tend to have a higher fail rate, but not by much.

>> No.59049153

Do games perform better on SSDs? I'm running W10 on my SSD but would games perform just as well on my second hard drive?

>> No.59049174

If I'm plugging a new ethernet cable into a new modem and my connection still dropped last night, are there any other measures to take or is it a service problem?

>> No.59049189

You're gonna get shit on for joining the botnet.

The perform better on SSDs than not but most people I know run games off of their regular drives.

>> No.59049198

In my experience the SSD will significantly help with load times but not much else, usually CPU is more the limiting factor.

Just sounds like a service problem, try talking to your ISP to see if they've had any outtages recently.

>> No.59049239

Go into settings and check "Legacy CAPTCHA".

>> No.59049400

How do I preserve my files when changing from Ubuntu to Win 7? Is partitioning my hard drive a good option or should I upload them to some botnet cloud? The size is only around 5GB

>> No.59049436


>> No.59049454

What is the highest power CPU that can be run fanless? I just saw a 25W CPU/MB combo that was fanless. Any higher?

>> No.59049546

2/3 of my flashdrives are fried, and the 3rd one contains the windows ISO
I have some shitty 32GB hard drive laying around somewhere, is that a feasible option?

>> No.59049550

everytime i check for windows updates there is always more security updates and such, will it ever end?

>> No.59049556

>What does the T in ISO 8601 timestamps stand for?

It means "time". It's used to separate the date from the time.

The T is allowed, but it's not often required. I believe every SQL database allows the T to be replaced by a space, for example: '2017-02-21 09:49:00'.

>> No.59049610

always and forever
is buying a new flashdrive at the store a possibility for you?

>> No.59049612

No, that's not how updates work

>> No.59049613

>I have some shitty 32GB hard drive laying around somewhere, is that a feasible option?

Yes, but after you copy the files onto it, test it first to make sure the files can be copied off it. I wouldn't trust a "shitty" HD to hold the only copy of all my files without completely testing it first.

>> No.59049622

Could work. But flashdrives are hella cheap. You could shrink windows and make a small partition for the files if you really needed to

>> No.59049633

nevermind, went through some of my old laptops and saw that I had backed most of my files onto one of them

>> No.59049642

What about:

application & sleep 2; wmctrl -c "Window"


>> No.59049662

Wow, shit. That actually worked. Thanks!

>> No.59049728

I am currently running windows 10 which was free upgraded from windows 7
Will I have to buy a new copy of windows if I upgrade to ryzen?

>> No.59049740
File: 395 KB, 751x1000, 1487482242817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If an ISO file of installation media, such as Linux distro or Windows, is burnable to CD/DVD.
Will dd the ISO to a USB flash drive will result in bootable USB? or do I need to use something like rufus or unetbootin?

>> No.59049771

>Any higher?

depends entirely on the size of the heatsink you put on it

in general ambient temperature, the size of the heatsink, the amount of forced air cooling (fans in the case or on the heatsink) and cpu load all affect temperature

server cpu heatsinks tend to be 'fanless' but they have VERY powerful case fans and are in cooler environments, low power media pcs can get away with a single case fan or none at all, etc, unless you decide to run prime95 or something that is

>> No.59049790

I'd recommend using a software to download the ISO on to your USB. More often than not it's not bootable if you just move it with archive manager or other things like it.

>> No.59049837

You don't need a special software when burning the ISO to CD/DVD.
Doesn't this means that the ISO is bootable?
Or does the BIOS handle Optic drive differently regarding booting?

>> No.59049842

>Will dd the ISO to a USB flash drive will result in bootable USB?

most of the time 'dd if=img of=/dev/whatever' with no other arguments should work, some distros don't like it if you start messing with blocksize, but almost all distros should tell you how to write an image to usb with dd or with an appropriate windows tool on their installation documentation

>or Windows

making a bootable windows iso from linux is a nightmare, google how to do it

making a windows usb from windows can be done by using windows usb/dvd tool

>or do I need to use something like rufus or unetbootin?

usually gives best results but be mindful if a distro puts out their own tool as it'll work better (fedora has liveusb-creator for windows/linux for instance)

>> No.59049925

>dd linux ISO
I kinda figured that out, even arch recommend that and says it's faster.
>messing with blocksize
Why is that?
>Windows from linux?
Why is it a nightmare?
Burning the ISO to DVD works fine, and online guides recommend using unetbootin.
Does that mean it add something to the USB flash drive? like MBR?
>windows USB/DVD tool
Why DVD tool?
I thought Win7 supported burning ISOs.

>> No.59049954

making a bootable windows 7 flashdrive on linux isnt that hard if you just follow the steps correctly. You could run into some issues depending on your USB, having to fuck with partitions and such.

>> No.59049985

So any ISO should work if burned to DVD.
Unless the ISO is hybrid ISO, it won't work if it got dd to the USB flash drive.
Is that right?

>> No.59049991

Should I set up my own vpn for me to connect to when I'm using public wifi on my laptop or should I just remote control my home desktop?

>> No.59050006

Installed Steam on my 64bit void linux. Started it for the first time, everything was fine. Now it crashes after shwoing the "updating Steam" window for a second.

[0221/162308:WARNING:audio_manager.cc(317)] Multiple instances of AudioManager detected
[0221/162308:WARNING:audio_manager.cc(278)] Multiple instances of AudioManager detected
Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1484790260)
PulseAudio connect failed (used only for Mic Volume Control) with error: Access denied
assert_20170221162307_1.dmp[1799]: Uploading dump (out-of-process)
/home/alice/.local/share/Steam/steam.sh: line 727: 1757 Segmentation fault $STEAM_DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$STEAMEXEPATH" "[email protected]"
assert_20170221162307_1.dmp[1799]: Finished uploading minidump (out-of-process): success = yes
assert_20170221162307_1.dmp[1799]: response: CrashID=bp-be68ea8d-a69f-4c82-a18c-385b82170221
assert_20170221162307_1.dmp[1799]: file ''/tmp/dumps/assert_20170221162307_1.dmp'', upload yes: ''CrashID=bp-be68ea8d-a69f-4c82-a18c-385b82170221''

>> No.59050079

RX 480 4GB or 8GB? I use Blender

ALSO if I want to jump from AMD3+ to AMD4 sockets, what all do I need to replace? Just the CPU and Mobo?

>> No.59050151

would it be completely stupid to buy a laptop with the intention of reselling it? let's say I need a laptop now, but want to wait later in the year to spend a lot of money on one. is there any laptops that I could buy now and resell without losing too much money?

>> No.59050153
File: 260 KB, 620x640, 1476366172146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have any experience with laptop docking stations? If so are they replicable with vga/dvi/hdmi to usb and a powered usb hub or do I need to shill out three times as many neetbux for a store bought one

>> No.59050198
File: 965 KB, 547x698, P8P67LE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I want to connect a SSD to this. Are all the ports I circled fine or is one better than the others?
For the white ones it says LE Intel SATA 6.0Gb/s
For the blue one it says LE Marvell SATA 6.0Gb/s

>> No.59050304

Hahaha! I have you doxed now!

Anyway, what's the output of:
ps aux | grep Audio

>> No.59050320

Probably shouldn't capitalize that A.

>> No.59050348

alice 2558 0.0 0.0 13172 2212 pts/0 S+ 16:54 0:00 grep Audio

the user name is not such a giveaway...

>> No.59050358

alice 2560 0.0 0.0 13172 2220 pts/0 S+ 16:55 0:00 grep audio

>> No.59050379

VPN is more secure. Ideally you would send all wifi use through it

>> No.59050388

>vga/dvi/hdmi to usb

>> No.59050432

I honestly don't even know if those work, but if it saves me money it's worth a shot

>> No.59050467

you can't connect a display thorugh usb though....

>> No.59050502

I mean the converters exist, but how well they work is questionable.

>> No.59050504

>and online guides recommend using unetbootin.
>Does that mean it add something to the USB flash drive? like MBR?

it does, unetbootin adds its own bootloader (or creates a mbr) to the usb and I assume it just chainloads the windows iso off of that

manually writing a bootable windows usb it's a nightmare because at the very least you can't just dd the image to the usb, you need to partition it correctly and copy the files over

if you're making a windows 8/10 usb and you plan to boot it from a uefi motherboard, it should just work once you copy the files over (unless you have a very early uefi motherboard that doesn't handle multiple efi options well, you'd likely know if this was the case), see the uefi option here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-using-ubuntu

but if you want to make a windows 7 bootable usb you need a tool like ms-sys to create a mbr and then copy the files over
an example guide would be: https://thornelabs.net/2013/06/10/create-a-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive-in-linux.html

some other guides even suggest installing grub to the usb just to boot windows! an absolutely ridiculous amount of effort just to boot windows

however unetbootin should do this automatically for you, so just use unetbootin for future reference

and for some context: most linux isos tend to have grub on the iso already so they work when written to a cd/dvd or to a usb

to answer an earlier question of yours
>Or does the BIOS handle Optic drive differently regarding booting?

usbs act like hdds on most modern motherboards (usbhdd in bios, just as a hdd on uefi mobos (maybe with a usb: prefix), I don't know why cd/dvds are treated differently

>Why DVD tool?
>I thought Win7 supported burning ISOs.

I think that came with windows 8? either way the windows usb dvd tool will create a bootable windows usb (the name dvd in this case is confusing because it refers to the windows dvd iso, not to write the image to a dvd)

>> No.59050505

You can through usb c

>> No.59050555

>If I want to connect a SSD to this. Are all the ports I circled fine or is one better than the others?

usually the intel (or amd) chipset provide a limited amount of sata ports, however sometimes motherboard manufacturers add additional sata ports from chipsets provided by 3rd party vendors (marvell is a big one, others may be from asrock or other vendors)

there shouldn't be a difference in performance or how they work but you'd probably want your boot drive and any additional extra drives you can fit connected to the intel chipset, the motherboard might not support booting off of any drives connected to the marvel chipset

>> No.59050565

I didn't think this warranted it's own thread, so I decided to ask here first. I'm looking to get a tablet for under $200. I've narrowed it down to two, and I would like any help or suggestions if there's any better alternatives. Thanks in advance.

This is the most expensive, but I've had Asus products before and they're usually pretty good. Plus this has the latest android and 2gb of memory.

This one is the cheapest of the two, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be putting this thing under a lot of stress, so I'm not sure if I should bargain this one.

Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.59050600
File: 201 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-21-11-13-50_com.android.chrome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently you can through USB 3.0 as well
I want to connect my laptop to 2 monitors and maybe a TV, but it only has a minidisplayport and USB, would splitting the minidisplayport 2 or 3 ways work or is it worth the risk to try the USB converters?

>> No.59050678

2 questions

1)What was the name of the programm to disable telemetry and stuff of w10? It's not beacon

2)Is there some way to track down the IP of someone connected with you with teamviewer, anydesk or similar programms?

>> No.59050682

I can't seem to make a background image fill a div or section. I used background-size: fill and adjusted the height and width to 100% but none seem to work. Any takers?

>> No.59050685

Thanks for the detailed reply.
I think it would be simpler to have an external optic drive in that case then.
Since all ISOs are bootable if you burn it directly.
I thought I might get better speed from booting over optic drive, but the ubuntu wiki claims to have similar speed to USB 2.0 and save a few DVDs in the process.

>> No.59050698

keep in mind these are usb "graphics cards", so to speak, they don't use your computers' existing graphics hardware
they're mostly very basic, web browsing, slideshows and office work are fine on them, maybe video playback is ok on modern ones, but don't expect to run 3D games on them

>> No.59050707

> Using the word 'normie'
>expects to be taken seriously


>> No.59050735

1) There are several. It generally doesn't matter which one you use. W10 privacy is one of them.

2) Sure, just use the session to look at their network configuration

>> No.59050787

yeah It happens to me too but until 5 or 10 days of use It doesn't bother

btw restart your computer that should do the trick

>> No.59050792

So would using my computer's minidisplayport be a better alternative or is splitting it too much? I guess I could drop my super old 1600x900 monitor and use my laptop for that instead but I do want to connect at least one monitor and a TV

>> No.59050800

Torrents will amost always ignore tor. Just buy a fucking vpn like everyone else.

>> No.59050807

Unused ram is wasted ram

Read it

>> No.59050818

Is there any way to find out what tab is making firefox slow? After having it open for a while (a day or 2) with like 30-40 tabs, it always starts becoming incredibly slow. I've tried killing the plugin container process, CPU/RAM usage seems to stay within reasonable bounds.

>> No.59050825

Is there a way to stop certain files/folders from showing up when searching in Windows 8.1? Does hiding the folder remove the contents from search?

>> No.59050830

Termite. Like urxvt but the config just werks.Only downside is that you can't use Xresources to set the colorscheme.

>> No.59050849

No output there at all. Were only warning messages so it's probably fine.

"PulseAudio connect failed". This might be the central issue, but I'm too stupid to figure it out, sorry. Either that or that "Segmentation fault" in steam.sh.

>> No.59050859

>shutdown PC
>doesn't POST next morning just a click sound and fans running
>hit reset button
>POSTs and boots fine
What does this even mean? I just ignore it because second boot always works.

>> No.59050876

I've never used the Gecko profiler plugin, but that'd be your best bet.

>> No.59050877

Yeah, I think so to... the denied access doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's the segmentation fault, but I don't have any idea how to fix it.

>> No.59050892

Thanks for the tip. I assume paging shouldn't be an issue with 8GB of RAM, right?

>> No.59050918

It seems to be complaining about the path, so maybe it can't figure out where your steam is installed.

>> No.59050923

Try shotcut

>> No.59050945

It might slow things down while it's profiling, but just having it installed won't do anything; it's basically just an advanced GUI for functionality that's already built into the browser.

>> No.59050946

I thought people bragging about their +16GiB RAM were trolls.
This is legit thing?
I have 4 GiB of RAM and FF only using 1GiB with 20 tab open, and whatever it cached from the current session.

>> No.59050963

I just installed windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit but i cant connect to the Internet due to no drivers available. How do I get the drivers and how do I know which ones I need?

>> No.59050983

Wire makes big claims, but there's a vague air of shadiness in the way they've handled things, and the sense that they're in way over their heads. It's like they're making the No Mans Sky of secure chat programs.

Their code is very poorly written from a security stand point, which would probably be acceptable for your average offline program, but is the exact opposite of what you want on something that's responsible for permanently securing your messages against future attacks. They also send plain text passwords to the server, rely on poorly chosen protocols, include closed source dependencies, and their "end-to-end, encrypted, open source" desktop application downloads most of the code it uses on the fly as a webapp every time it launches



>> No.59050986

Can you connect a flash drive?

>> No.59051011


>> No.59051017

This. A computer will and should use RAM that it has (though you can tweak settings to disable this). At worst it'll sent things you didn't want to the paging file (i.e. make it slightly slower to load when you alt-tab back to it).

My computer idled at around 80% RAM used when I had 4GB and when I upgraded to 12GB it idled around 75%. This is working as intended.

>> No.59051024

What motherboard do you have?

>> No.59051027

I noticed it's better to run 32-bit OS on 64-bit machines, if you want so save up RAM, especially for windows.
While it's true that 32-bit OS won't allow you to use more than 4GB of RAM, but the smaller binaries makes the difference.

>> No.59051067

I've added a 12in subwoofer to my 5 channel passive soundbar, but now it feels like I have low bass and highs, but no mid-bass.

Do I add another smaller subwoofer to handle midbass? (receiver can handle 9.2 so I have another unused sub out)

>> No.59051090


>> No.59051095

The only way the negotiation could be intercepted, modified, and retransmitted would be with a publicly signed certificate. Their voice and video chat is still end-to-end encrypted. Let’s say for example that the government (or someone else) could get a signed certificate for Wire’s domain. There is absolutely nothing the client could do to trust it. The only way to prevent it is with certificate pinning.

I don’t think you explained this too well. The session negotiation is already encrypted to and from the server. There is no way to “encrypt” on top of this without an out-of-band key negotiation, in which itself can be compromised just like the DTLS is now. All voice traffic is still end-to-end encrypted, but there is still a point of trust in the system. In this case, it is the publicly signed certificate fronting their http traffic.

Imagine the scenario of end-to-end encrypted text messaging (WhatsApp, iMessage, etc). There is still a central server with all of the public keys of the other people. When you send a message, you encrypt it using their public key and only they can decrypt it. If the WhatsApp or iMessage server’s database was changed to use a different public key, you would be encrypting the message for someone else. There is always a point of trust in any security system.

>> No.59051128

i need a 256GB SSD, which one do i buy

>> No.59051139

850 evo

>> No.59051142

Samsung Evo series is nice.

>> No.59051189
File: 1.98 MB, 960x720, shot0022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna fuck that dog

>> No.59051352

Should I sell my g4400 and add 20 eur to get a g4560?
My gtx 960 is getting a severe bottleneck on some games

>> No.59051400
File: 6 KB, 438x372, 1471723622104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please respond

>> No.59051423

Currently using a non-k i7 4770
A 5930K with a x99 board came up pretty cheap ($300)
I was going to upgrade sometime after ryzen with intel i7-7700k or the ryzen equivalent. Should I pick this up instead?

>> No.59051491

>low power media pcs can get away with a single case fan or none at all,

Thanks. What's the maximum power CPU that you could typically use in a media pc that's entirely fanless (i.e. passive CPU heatsink with no case fans)?

This for a situation where there's enough room for a normal size mini-ITX case (like, say, 18" x 12" x 6").

>> No.59051505

have you tried putting the drive in another enclosure or plugging it in directly into your desktop

>> No.59051513

I forwarded the port number to the server and don't have a firewall on, why can't I connect to it via the internet?

>> No.59051569

That actually wasn't one of the points I addressed, but it is also concerning. In order for voice and video to be truly "end-to-end encrypted", wire themselves have to be unable to do a man in the middle attack. Otherwise you're just trusting an operator the same as you would with facebook or any other service. There's no system, as with Signal, to share locally generated keys manually or use oral key verification. The system is just designed to trust the Wire servers, which makes their E2EE claims technically true but effectively worthless.

>> No.59051600

They've said they'll release the source for their servers in Q1 2017.

>> No.59051676

What should I get, dual 23 inch monitors or a single 27 inch monitor? both 1080p i think, both ips.

>> No.59051687

just get a cheap second hand laptop that does what you need it to do

>> No.59051785

I am looking for some C# tutorials

>> No.59051814

Get a used x220 or x230 if you want a small laptop or a t420 if you want a big one. Should cost around 200€ (way cheaper in US) and will hold most of its value.

>> No.59051821

Very stupid question here

I have a new monitor. Got evicted 15+ months ago and everything went to storage. I cannot find the power cable to monitor now. Is there anyway to power it without one? Or am I just fucked and need to order from the companies website etc

So annoying.

>> No.59051850
File: 239 KB, 1280x850, ebinbacon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

neo-/g/ always deliver

>> No.59051858

get your storage back? keep a laptop only obvs

>> No.59051895
File: 17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does Stallman think of TempleOS?

>> No.59051896

Which is great if you're someone who wants to run their own server. Might eventually make a good alternative to mumble or XMPP. But it still doesn't solve their own fundamental problem. Whatever code they claim to run on their server, we have no way of verifying. The whole basis of their claim is that two clients can communicate without having to trust the server in between. There are already countless federated servers out there, many of which have better reasons to be trusted than wire swiss.

>> No.59051898

yeah, that's what I did. was using t420's the whole period. oh well. hopefully if my tax returns ever come back I'll just order a new power cable.

was hoping for some sort of universal cheaper option or whatever

>> No.59051922
File: 181 KB, 858x536, 1448047845134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there any "native" config way to get conky to show information for two different MPD clients? with the 1.9 branch? for my WM keybinding I'm just catting a file with the -h option, I can do the same thing in conky obviously as an exec but that would be slower/more costly no? just wondering if there is a better way.

>> No.59051925

well whats the monitor? some use standard connectors, some dont. what i mean is why dont you have your stuff back yet>? or was it sold to auction hunters?

>> No.59051956

AOC IPS. I don't think I can get around it. Going to have to order a new one.They were nice enough to mail me a free stand though. Since it was also lost . But then I found it... lol

>> No.59051975

27 is a bit big for 1080p. Some people are ok with it, others are bothered by anything that stretches that res past around 24 inches. If you go with two, you could get one as a tn pannel for gaming. If you try to game on both at the same time you'll need a more powerful GPU. Productivity wise you'll do better with more real estate. You'll probably want to stick one monitor in the center and the other off to the side.

>> No.59052040
File: 1.55 MB, 1000x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this mobo and i don't know how to connect front usb 3.0, i think there isn't a socket for that or idk

>> No.59052070

lol I think i got it going with old modem cable. it turned it on but i havent connected it with hdmi etc yet for signal

>> No.59052089

Bottom middle

>> No.59052114
File: 201 KB, 600x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the cable comes from front panel

>> No.59052129
File: 1.04 MB, 1097x813, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and this is the mobo i have, i posted rev 1 before i have rev 2.0

>> No.59052134


>> No.59052179

nah not gaming, mainly coding and coding. My current position allows me to buy either a 27 or 23 inch monitor (ive currently got a 23 inch one) for nearly the same price but i was thinking if i get the bigger one id just sell my small one. On the same note ideally id get a ultra wide curved which has the equivalent of a 27 inches height (31 inch?). though idk how curved monitors are for editors and productivity, only seen them for a few seconds.

>> No.59052234
File: 263 KB, 706x525, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i were to replace psu for this system, how much power i need? the goddamn current psu is noisy as fuck

>> No.59052261

Everything I've heard suggest curved monitors are a meme, but you could be an exception. Ultra wide means not a lot of vertical resolution, which can really suck for productivity. Think the opposite of a 16:10 screen.

>> No.59052297

You could probably get by on a 550, 650 ideally.

>> No.59052630

fuck, i oiled psu fan now it makes more noise

>> No.59052849

New recaptcha's noscript version is great as is it one step only and often its is easy.

I can use it on 4chan with 4chanX, How can I use it on every site without disabling js globaly?

>> No.59052887

What's the best way to learn excel?

Any books or great video tuts that would get me to competency and give me a more complete understanding?

>> No.59052935


From the looks of it, it seems like they've nixed support for that from those boards. Not surprising considering that they're H81 boards, but you could always get one of those converters that let you hook them up to a USB 2 header like those on the bottom middle of the board.

>> No.59053100

On Windows, where should I put youtube-dl.exe?

>> No.59053131

wherever you want.
if you want to run it from anywhere put it into windows\system32
or even better, create a little tools directory and add it to your PATH and put your favorite command line programs there.

>> No.59053162

The documentation says to put it anywhere but system32

>> No.59053167

dont listen to this guy, do not put crap in system32. just add PATH in environment variables

>> No.59053174

C:\program files\viruses

>> No.59053180

it's a quick fix to make it globally available, hence the second option.

>> No.59053265
File: 5 KB, 257x196, down syndrom guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a teacher and I'm responsible for the tech whenever an event is held at school (information evening, proms, etc.), aka sound, microphones, Power Point, etc.

I've found a group of tech-savvy students who love to work with said tech.

Now I'm looking for a platform where I can improve communication with my with students. It needs

a) a closed group where I'm admin
b) that doesn't give away my private phone number (so no Whatsapp)
c) isn't Facebook, so I don't have to relog private and school tech account all the time.

What's my best option here?

>> No.59053298

My ISP blocks ThePirateBay, which is easily circumvented by Tor, but it's extremely annoying when using the search function in qBittorrent.

Can I do something to make ThePirateBay work in qBittorrent's search function?

>> No.59053301

do not use the piratebay its honeypot

>> No.59053328

Any non-retarded answers?

>> No.59053337

use rutracker

>> No.59053399

Does it include ThePirateBay?

>> No.59053404

Can I expect the surfacebook to go on sale any time soon?

Really would like to get one somehow for about $1100

>> No.59053413

Just get a VPN

>> No.59053433

that sounds dodge as fuck


always when a new one comes out.

>> No.59053455

Stop this meme already, I use anonymous mode. I'm untrackable.

>> No.59053491

>anonymous mode
Then obviously you won't have any problems with your ISP

>> No.59053503
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Quick question.
I'm using Macrium Reflect to clone my OS drive to a larger SSD. I can't change the maximum size of the OS partition to take up all the empty space left after cloning, unless I swap the order of the last two partitions. Is this OK to do?
The way things are ordered now, if I select the OS partition and go to Cloned partition properties I can't set a size bigger than its current one. I can only change the maximum size of the last partition in the list.

>> No.59053511

it's the best torrent site you can get with open registration. the only "downside" (if you're not russian) is that it's in russian and if you want to download software, shows, movies, etc. it's often russian only or shows usually have internal russian audio tracks (in addition to original), so the file sizes are considerably bigger. but once you download you can just extract them out of the container and repack only the ones you want.

>> No.59053538

Damn, didn't think that one through. Fine, I'm too lazy for anonymous mode, even though I have i2p running on a server and kind bind my ports to it without any issues.

>> No.59053558


>> No.59053587

What should I use to edit a LaTeX file? Should I stick with a trusty text editor or is there a LaTeX for noobs program that allows me to write text and format it like with MS Word?
Am LaTeX noob

>> No.59053613

>that sounds dodge as fuck

No dodgy intentions here. I could also communicate via my official school e-mail, but that's slow and impractical as fuck.

I just don't want pupils have my private number/info. Same reason why I have a second phone with a prepaid card for study trips because there WILL be assholes who do joke calls with a suppressed number.

If there's no reasonable way to do it, so be it, but that's why I'm asking.

>> No.59053666

I don't think it will matter. SSDs don't give a fuck about position, and windows recognizes partitions based on pre-assigned identification numbers. The rest is usually handled by macrium. But I'd pull the old drive in between cloning and wiping, and give the new one a test run to make sure everything boots OK.

>> No.59053711

nowadays i just use rutracker (for software/games, they have other things, primarily russian but often dual language with english), torrentz2 (torrent search engine, can easily combine trackers into a single magnet link), and rarbg (tv shows/movies, they have other sections as well)

>> No.59053765

I've seen some web stuff that displays the output in real time. I just use emacs for most jobs.

>> No.59053793

I have this popular 3 days old torrent from nyaa with 100 seeds and 300 peers.
Why isnt any of the peers connected?
Using qBittorrent and tested all the settings.
Do you thing something is wrong or is that just expected? Are the numbers lying?

>> No.59053837

Other torrents (if you have any on your client) could be hogging all of qBittorrent's connection slots. You could try raising the global max number of connections in Options > Connection > Connection Limits.

>> No.59053848

Make sure you're seeding plentifully and dht is enabled. Try another client

>> No.59053863

What's the best gallery app for Android?

>> No.59053909

listen to this man
russian pirate is best. especially music and linux games.

>> No.59053927

OK thanks anon. H-here I go!

>> No.59054027

DHT PeX enabled, no global rate limits, no maximum number of connections or upload slots.
One of my torrents sits at 13 peers connected and 1-5MiB/s all day so its not something wrong with my client.
Might try another client tho

>> No.59054122

How do I share one specific file with my class but ensure one person in specific doesn't get it in any way possible?
Even if I sent the file to each individual they could share it with that person. If I uploaded the document somewhere and put password in it, they could still share that info with that person.
I heavily opose DRM but I really hate that person and want it to fail the class.

>> No.59054416

probably not possible, it doesn't help that you didn't specify what kind of file it was, but i don't think it would matter
outside of full blown locked-down-to-fuck DRM such that allowed users can't touch the unencrypted data, you can't prevent sharing

you'd have to do something like allow individuals temporary access to a machine you've prepared that only allows for viewing the information, but not taking a copy

>> No.59054462

>you'd have to do something like allow individuals temporary access to a machine you've prepared that only allows for viewing the information, but not taking a copy
to be clear, this isn't perfect either
whatever the content is, the parts that are used by the viewer can be retold to another
for example, if your information was the answer to a math question, the person could just tell someone else the answer, without them needing to see your information directly

>> No.59054478

Even if I could allow viewing, normies would still take a screenshot or simply take the camera picture or something.
Guess I'll give them my trust not to share it with that person.

>> No.59054494

actually, one thing that will work is if you managed to convince everyone else not to share the information
not really in your control, though

>> No.59055063

How do I get through the password of an ipod touch gen 4 without wiping it?

>> No.59055064

MPV question:

How do I get this to work on windows?

where do I put the excerpt_copy file?

>> No.59055066

What game should I play with the bf tonight? I have two monitors and a VM capable of running Source Engine.

>> No.59055088

heroes of the storm

>> No.59055111

What's the best router that isn't over priced trash. $100-200 max

>> No.59055130

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.59055188

There's no need to specify a minimum price.

>> No.59055278

I just want the pictures/videos and such if there's a way to get those.

>> No.59055379

Stop being a creep.

>> No.59055797

Helpful, thanks. It's my own ipod.

>> No.59056101


>> No.59056153

I have that.
Is it gud if we haven't played the first one?

>> No.59056188

yea, 2 has the first campaign in it

i haven't personally played 1, but from what i understand 2 has everything 1 does anyway

kind of like unreal tournament 2003 and 2004, 2004 just has the same but with extras as well (i actually bought both of those, though)

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