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>gets outperformed by laptops that cost half the price
>no other redeeming features whatsoever
>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS

what the fuck happened

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>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS
I'll reply when you return from La-La-Land

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pajeets can't even compete

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Windows has surpassed OSX a long time ago.

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In 2010 opening a Macbook Pro after using a Windows 7 shitbox was like stepping into a different world. That has changed.

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>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS
No, Windows is going backwards these days. It peaked at Windows 7.

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Can windows open a .pdf by now? Asking honestly.

Also, UNIX.

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>That has changed
Yeah, Windows has gotten fucking worse while MacOS has gotten better than it ever has been.

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Can OSX open a pdf without lagging? The answer to this is no.

Can OSX turn off mouse acceleration? Oh that's a no too...

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>Can OSX open a pdf without lagging
I do it ~5-10 times a day and it has never lagged even if I leave it open for days
Can I say this about Windows? Hell no.

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Windows has them.

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>I do it ~5-10 times a day and it has never lagged even if I leave it open for days
Lags for me when I scroll.
>Can I say this about Windows? Hell no.
That's a yes actually. My Windows PC doesn't have any issues with pdfs.

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>MacOS has gotten better than it ever has been.
Didn't it stagnate years ago? I heard they still only support OpenGL 4.1 and recently dropped support for the battery timer after they've been losing to Windows 10 laptops.

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/g/ is a cesspool of tech illiterate little kiddies drooling in a consumerist gadget whorehouse cesspool.

Go play some video games or jerk off, little boy(s). That's the only thing you are, or will ever be, good at.

You're opinions are just as worthless as any effort to try to educate you. Seriously, maybe just kill yourself and stop wasting oxygen.

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>gets outperformed by laptops that cost half the price
Ok, the base model is $2400 and comes with a Radeon Pro 450, quad core Skylake i7, 16GB of RAM and 256GB NVIe SSD, show me a $1100 laptop that outperforms it.

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I couldn't tell you. I made the switch from Windows to Mac during El Capitan, which greatly improved almost everything for most people from what I've heard. Sierra has done nothing but build upon that. It's smooth, responsive, never lags or freezes, I couldn't ask for more.

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>>gets outperformed by laptops that cost half the price
There are like two relevant competitors to this thing and they're both $1k+. When you autistic teenagers compare the rMBP to your 2" thick plastic Walmart shit, it makes cognitively normal people cringe.

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>Can OSX turn off mouse acceleration? Oh that's a no too...
Not only CAN you do this, but why the fuck would you want to? The real answer here is that you should stop sperging the fuck out.

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So... no? Third party programs cost money or annoy you with "premium edition" popups. If they don't do either, they generally suck. This is my experience.

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>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS

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>Can OSX turn off mouse acceleration?
It's called MacOS, grandpa.
You can do this
Is this a feature that most of the market would even think about in the first place?

Oh yea, because they want to have sex and make money, both of which you seem to have given up on.

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3 I think. XPS, Spectre, and Surface Book

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>59012866 ▶

Don't pay attention to retards. Architecturally, that is not even possible. The Windows model is built on the basis of third party drivers and support. There is zero quality control for this. The real irony is the best drivers out there for Windows are written by who? Apple. LOL. It's fucking pathetic.

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maybe don't download the first one you google

it's easy to find programs for everything from .zip file extraction to video file type conversions that work great and are 100% free with no premium version.

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> Third party programs cost money
You're officially an idiot. Lots of third party programs are free.
Adobe Reader is free. Sumatra PDF reader is free. Foxit PDF reader is free.

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Agreed except for the Surface Book

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Even if there is a program you are supposed to pay for, piracy is a thing.

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And what's wrong with the surface book? For the most part it has better specs than the MBP.

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>My OS is so good that I have to steal software and invite the botnet to do basic tasks.

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>For the most part
It's kind of just mediocre overall IMO, not really on par with the Spectre for example. No real reason to include it. Just all around worse / unwarrantedly expensive

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That's cute.

And yet dual core iPhones still outperform 8 core NSAndroid botphones.

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They look nice.
Seriously, I have a Powerbook from 2002 and it still looks modern.

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Yea, as a Widnows user I like cnet and pcmag for all of my software needs :^)

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> it has never lagged
Oh it will when (((Apple))) pushed out another OSX update that cripples performance.

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Ha. Wintoddlers can't even do basic pdf markup
That's it, pack it up boys.

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Oh so you're the Spectre shill who makes threads every hour? Putting the Spectre aside maybe the surface book has lesser specs, but it's still on par with the MBP which makes it a competitor.

Plus everything HP makes is literal trash with a worse build quality than modern Lenovo craptops, so that's one thing the SB and the MBP has over it.

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That's not as easy because laptop cpu performance has been stagnant for years

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>Oh so you're the Spectre shill who makes threads every hour?
Dude, how much time do you spend here? I have a MacBook Pro--I'm just making casual conversation about nice laptops.

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>No guys I own a MBP!
Yeah sure thing, Pajeet. There is no reason the SB shouldn't be considered a competitor to the MBP considering the fact that it has the same or better specs and the same or better build quality.

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>accuse me of being some kind of shill and imply that you're here 24-7
>literally shilling the surface book in every single post
...are you mentally ill?

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>implying they make you buy a new computer because of the new CPU
Perfect example: a few years back, Macbooks had a problem where a sensor responsible for collecting the system temperatures would fail, causing the system to believe it's overheating like shit and artificially underclocking the CPU.
Planned obsolescence.

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How does noticing that some faggot continuously starts threads and shills the Spectre on /g/ imply I'm here 24/7?
Projecting much?

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>How does noticing that some faggot continuously starts threads and shills the Spectre on /g/ imply I'm here 24/7?
...because that's literally the only way you'd possibly notice that kind of trend...?

I think I'm dealing with genuine mental illness with this guy. Like, not the meme kind of the le ebin insult kind, but actual mental instability. I kind of feel bad for you. We're just talking about laptops, bro...

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Isn't the XPS 15 $1200 or something wth the 1050 in it?

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With the keyboard-base that has the 960 GPU inside it smashes the MacBook, and remains just as light.
You can fairly compare the surface tablet without the base because a MacBook is permanently on is base

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>Isn't the XPS 15 $1200 or something wth the 1050 in it?


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>...because that's literally the only way you'd possibly notice that kind of trend...?

Lol what? You're kidding right? So now anyone who has ever noticed a trend in their life has a mental illness?

So if I notice that the Washington Post is biased against Trump I am mentally ill and obviously read Washington Post articles 24/7?

I think the problem isn't me, I think the problem is you're genuinely retarded with no ability to recognize patterns or doing any critical thinking at all.

>owns a Mac
Well, I guess that was given anyway.

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>Lol what? You're kidding right? So now anyone who has ever noticed a trend in their life has a mental illness?
Uh, no. Are you stupid on top of being mentally ill? You keep moving the goalposts and your posts are becoming more and more bizarre, inane, and incoherent. I'm suggesting that you'd only notice the trend you're accusing me of being part of if you were here a lot, and I'm pointing out that your erratic and disturbing posts indicate mental illness. Get it together, man... this is really disturbing...

If you need someone to talk to I can post a throwaway email and we can get in touch and I can maybe get you the help you need...

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Why dont you program a pdf reader yourself?

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Not him but clearly the issue here is you dumbass

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>uh, no you're retarded
>uh, no, you're retarded
>actually no, you're retarded
>are you serious? You're clearly retarded

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>I'm suggesting that you'd only notice the trend you're accusing me of being part of if you were here a lot
How is that?
Most threads on /g/ were made hours age, obviously /g/ is a slow board. I only browse /g/ when I'm on the train to and from work.

>moving the goalpost

And how am I moving the goalpost?

Also notice how your post is entirely ad hominem, I guess you don't have any real arguments after all and just want to release frustration.

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> Ha. Wintoddlers can't even do basic pdf markup
Don't make claims that are easily disproven with a 30 second google search.
I'm not even going to bother, because you're not even worth that much time.

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The Spectre thread was posted like 5 times in the span of two hours today.
I saw them.

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>ur dumb and use a mac!

u hav a mental illness n ur dumb!

I'm so happy /g/ is such an intelligent board for intelligent discussions like this.

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Dude obviously you have a mental illness too lol, you have to be mentally ill to recognize 5 threads shilling the HP spectre showing within the span of two hours.
Like you're a total retard!

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1. works for me fine
2. third party programs :^

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Yeah I'm starting to think that that guy is actually an HP shill who keeps posting this shit. I don't think anyone could be that unaware and get that much frustrated at a guy just pointing it out.

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>And how am I moving the goalpost?
For one thing, you continually separate my point from what I use to reach that point, and you do this intentionally.
> So now anyone who has ever noticed a trend in their life has a mental illness?
See this leap? Any cognitively normal person reading my posts understood that my point was
>spend a lot of time here -> notice the trend
See how you seemingly randomly disconnected those two things and associated them with other random things in my post? You're continually moving the goalposts like this.
> How does noticing that some faggot continuously starts threads and shills the Spectre on /g/ imply I'm here 24/7?
How does it not?

I mean, you lose any and all credibility when you won't concede even the tiniest and most benign point. You're simply denying any and all charges leveled against you, no matter what they may be. You're honestly sperging out for all to see.
>You're the spectre shill I see here every hour on the hour!
>"well you must be here a lot..."
>"wow calm down I think you might be having a prob-"

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I didn't read that but I'm sure it's very informative

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I'm the guy that made the Spectre threads not the guy you're accusing

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lol retard

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What do you even do when you read so many uninformed posters in one thread

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The touchbar seems really cool, I wish that kind of close integration between the software and hardware was possible on Windows/Linux machines.

But I tried the keyboard out in store, it's not as bad as I expected, but I'd still prefer a normal chiclet style keyboard on a laptop.

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You drop the truth bomb about the best ultrabook on the market right now

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I haven't been on /g/ in a while, but I'm remembering why I left.

It's time to step away, and take a break. Time is too precious for this.

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it did not fucking get better. Lion was horrible and Yosemite was really horrible and Sierra is the buggiest piece of shit ever created.

>> No.59013337

>How does it not?

Maybe it has to do with threads on /g/ up for hours? I guess it's different on reddit and /b/, but it takes a lot longer time period for threads to disappear on this board. If you take a look right now there's still threads from Friday up.

So when there's 5 threads shilling the spectre in the catalog every time I'm on /g/, it gets noticeable real fucking quick.

How you equate any of this with having a mental illness and being here 24/7 goes beyond me.

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>I see here every hour on the hour
You took that literally? Are you a fucking moron or is English not your first language?

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Can windows unzip files by now? Asking honestly too, haven't used windows since 7.

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Yeah it has winrar built in except it's somehow worse than winrar

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you can just use edge, or any browser, to look at pdfs in windows nowadays.

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Yeah it uses Edge as the default application for opening PDFs. They still don't have a standalone application for editing and opening pdfs, they rather spend that time on failed efforts like their maps and messaging apps

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Nope, only zip files. Still no support for rar.

No clue what this guy is talking about.

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That's what I've been doing actually
Based Goygle, keeping me away from shitty foss alternatives to word

>> No.59013441

Google Docs is sort of shit. Doesn't Microsoft offer word online for free?

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no one gave a good answer to this yet
youre thinking of the $1399 one. it has 8gb memory (compared to 16gb), PCIe SSD (compared to NVMe) and a hilarious SRGB 1080p display.


>> No.59013453

>no one gave a good answer to this yet
There is none the guy is talking out his ass, and even if he did find one it still would probably have a 1080p TN panel as the display.

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>PCIe SSD (compared to NVME)

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>PCIe SSD (compared to NVMe)
Typical macfag response

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>PCIe SSD (compared to NVMe)

Mactoddlers everyone.

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Is Mac OS is something that you get used to? Why should I put effort into to doing things that can be done much quicker on Windows?

>> No.59013755


Why does it matter? Use whatever you like, whatever you want. What do you even do with your computer other than basic tasks and mostly media consumption, like most users?

>> No.59013794

I have a hard time imagining Windows ever surpassing OS X, especially after the clusterfuck known as Windows 10.

>> No.59013807

Scott Forstall got shitcanned.

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>PCIe SSD (compared to NVMe)
What the fuck you nigger.

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>falling for an obvious false flag

>> No.59014190

Ah the old 4chan banteroo!

>> No.59014212

>Perfomance is the only thing people care about

>> No.59014236

Windows 10 is what finally pushed me to get my first Mac, this was when it first came out. Watching it evolve into the mess it it today has been hilarious, so glad I don't deal with that shit anymore.

>> No.59014318

>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS

>Here's our new file manager
>It's the equivalent to a file manager app on a smartphone, so literally no options
>Meanwhile Finder can do columns and spring loading

>Here's our new settings panel
>Can't add new elements

>Here's our new design
>It's flatty flat flat with more flat than you can get

>Here's our new task view
>Feature that's been there for generations on different systems
>Doesn't even allow for full screen applications

>Here's our updates
>Oh, there be constant and unstable
>Oh, there be unstoppable

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Talking purely performace, a specced out inspiron 7567 with 4k display will outperform the base 15inch Macbook for under 1300 usd.

>> No.59014607

>having your values assigned by society
>the very essence of being cucked
>not thinking for yourself
Typical Mac user

>> No.59014626

>It's flatty flat flat with more flat than you can get
seriously what the fuck are they doing, it looks atrocious

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I fell for the HP Spectre meme
will i be okay

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>ha ha OS X is great because it has all these 3rd party programs to add functionality to it!
>Windows sucks because you have to rely on 3rd party software for everything!

>> No.59014702

Who're you replying to?

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>friend needs to send an archived folder to me
>His Google Drive doesn't give him permission
>grab my USB stick 'here bro'
>He stares at me powerlessly from his $3600 macbook with no usb ports

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Nobody talking about the Razer laptops? They got seriously good recently. If you cover up the dumbass glowing logo it looks just like a plain ass laptop so "gaymer" aesthetic isn't an argument against it.
The Razer pro model supposedly has a dogshit keyboard though.

>> No.59014873

Yup, still on OpenGL 4.1 and yes they've removed the battery life timer.

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Not the one you asked but let me explain it. You are on 4chan, where people use stupid arguments to "win". To counter these before they appear, you make up some greentext.
We all know, that ">" was and is used in things like email to reference what someone said, so to say to make citation. On here, the boardculture decided that these little arrows also can be used for "greentext" (because the > makes the text green)
Greentext is a made-up story telling funny things or even to imply things.

Now now, if someone asks the same question again in the future, someone may post my little text here. This is called copy-pasta.
Have a nice day.

>> No.59014919

I don't need you to explain greentext to me, you fucking retard.

>> No.59014922

im not even saying that any gaymer laptop is good, but the new razer gaymer book runs circles around the damn mbp.

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wow, cunty

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idk, macs still have the advantage in everyday usability. going to a windows computer after using my macbook air for browsing, word processing etc is pretty jarring, and even if I boot into windows on my macbook air the mouse acceleration just disrupts the otherwise superb trackpad and my adjustments don't seem to do it much good.
Plus on mac i can interface pretty easily with linux servers which is a feature i know they're trying to shoehorn into windows but it's pretty nice to have a *nix CLI by default.

>> No.59014980

Can somebody make a Pepe version of the pic on the right

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File: 7 KB, 280x180, FB_IMG_1486888173455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I fell for the Razer Blade meme and I don't regret it one bit

>> No.59015020

please keep it off your lap, it can fry your balls.

>> No.59015025

I tend to use it on my desk, docked to my Dell TB3 dock.
When I'm not doing the vidya, it's perfectly fine on my lap

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You asked, mysterious questioner.

>> No.59015031

3600 dollar macbook? you mean like the new one that's supposed to replace the macbook air? The maxed out version is literally 1599, less than half of what you claim, and the Macbook pro doesn't even cost anything above 3000 when maxed out.

So you're basically lying out your ass lmao

>> No.59015049

dont use it on your lap, it can cause many urinary and reproductive problems

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>> No.59015063


>> No.59015093

/g/ gets triggered by apple products.

>> No.59015106

but why? I thought /g/ was linux fanboys and to be honest I'm kind of one myself, and OSX overall gives a more nix-like experience and in general is more efficient with its resources also like linux

>> No.59015111

/g/ is literally just American Pajeets pretending to be white or east asian to make fun of Indian Pajeets.

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This is the base model 15" rMBP 2016
This is the equivalent on my Razer Blade.

My Blade cost me £1949, and I got a Razer DeathAdder Chroma, about £150 worth of game key and a pair of (shit) Kraken Pro headset

The Razer Blade is a much better deal.

>> No.59015137

Australian dollars. He paid 3600$ for it. It doesn't have a single usb port, replaced by thunderbolt. He needs a dongle to the second screen and mouse. It's fucking retarded.

>> No.59015141

That new spectre 360 tho..

Why can't they release budget versions.

I don't need a 1300mb/s read speed m2 ssd for example.

I want it as a casual browsing machine. This and the yoga 910 screens are just what I want, but they are simply filled with shit that makes it too expensive.

>> No.59015169

specs, specs, specs, that's all you people ever care about is it? it's not just about the specs but the user experience as a whole. Plus apple's build quality is just objectively better.

I'm no fan of their latest offerings but if you look at computing through the purview of gaming then of course a razer deathadder is going to be a better deal, but people need to realize that not all PCs have to be used for gaming and it's honestly fucking retarded that people approach PC value by raw specs

oh, Aussie dollarydoos.
But how can the macbook not have a single USB port? Literally their entire gimmick was USB-C plus butterfly switch keyboard. And honestly your friend is retarded for buying a new model macbook if he was gonna use a second screen and mouse with it regularly. Also the new thunderbolt standard uses USB-C soooooo....

>> No.59015172
File: 9 KB, 533x205, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh and also the Blade at the £1949 (now £1999) has a 512GB SSD.

Also free FL Studio, if you're into that

>> No.59015185

>Why should I put effort into to doing things that can be done much quicker on Windows?

Nowadays it's pretty much the opposite. Windows is getting more cluttered whereas MacOS is getting smoother performing any task at all.

>> No.59015191
File: 64 KB, 958x439, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>build quality
As said by Linus "Shill Master" himself, the build quality is just as good as the MacBook Pro

I can also confirm .The only plastic part on the entire thing is right under the screen, to get access to the hinge.

I like macOS, I owned a 2015 rMBP before replacing it with this Blade. I just wish Apple were a bit cheaper.

>> No.59015205

His model doesn't have any, I think he went for the most expensive one. He's a full stack developer that values mobility.

Meanwhile I'm quite happy with my y510p, still holding, connects to everything.

>> No.59015206

you know there are free and open source programs for windows right?

>> No.59015221

No no no, that can't be right, it's impossible for the macbook to not have a USB-C port because that's literally how it charges. And again, thunderbolt uses the usb port now.

Also, he's still an idiot. Why didn't he go for a low end macbook pro in that case? He uses external displays and a mouse all the time right? You get more ports and lose almost no mobility. I mean for christ's sake Apple has basically dedicated their existence to making things thinner, a 13" macbook pro in 2017 is already mobile enough as is

>> No.59015223

Reasons people not on /g/ buy Macs:
- No bloatware. It doesn't make sense to normal people to have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the entire OS from scratch to get rid of the out-of-the-box registration pop-ups and bloat.
- Time Machine. It's free and there's no integrated Windows equivalent for recovery and migration.
- No forced updates/restarts. The average computer user isn't going to edit group policies or install LTSB just to make his new computer usable.
- The included software is actually somewhat decent. Pages/Numbers/Keynote does't compare with MS Office, but it comes close. GarageBand has no Windows counterpart, and MS completely got rid of Windows Movie Maker while Apple still offers iMovie for free with new Macs.
- Using Apple's stuff over others (Final Cut, Logic Pro, Motion, etc.) is a matter of preference, but users that want those apps can't get them on Windows.

tl;dr normies don't want to reinstall their OS and pirate software to get the same functionality of an Apple computer.

I didn't mention hardware because it's horribly overpriced. There's no excuse for that.

>> No.59015235

Macs are for stupid who can't use Gentoo.

>> No.59015242

SM951s are not particularly expensive drives

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just regarding updates, there's a fairly easy way to prevent those, and it works on any version of Windows

>> No.59015248

Get a chromebook

>> No.59015254

"but muh built from scratch PCs with no bloatwhere!"
"muh third party backup apps!"
"muh Candy Crush Soda Saga that keeps installing itself by force"

Honestly though I agree with you on price to some extent, probably the best solution is hackintoshing it with chameleon or something

>> No.59015259

Razer Blade Stealth

>> No.59015261

We're talking about normies here.

>> No.59015287
File: 2.31 MB, 1920x1080, snapshot_08.17_[2016.09.27_04.09.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

windows supports winzip files since fucking XP

>> No.59015288

As much as i like MacOS, their absurd refusal to keep OpenGL updated is jut bizarre

>> No.59015289


I meant standard good ol' USB ports.
Either way my USB stick wouldn't work. It would need a dongle just like the mouse lol.
But yeah, people making the wrong hardware choices based on their usage are retarded.
Nothing pisses me off more than seeing 'graphic designers' working on their macbooks using the track pad.

>> No.59015294

It's called "we're too lazy and it seems like a trend now".

I want to go back to gradients. Some gradients look nice. Skeuomorphism looks kinda dated but I'd take the design of fucking OSX Mavericks over "everything must have only 2 or 3 colors"

>> No.59015307

>graphics designers

you're shitting me right
but yeah, misappropriation of hardware is basically the killer

>> No.59015335

Everyone at my previous job had a macbook and only 2 people used mice.
Funny how they don't get frustrated having 50 tabs and shit opened. It's like how women wear heels, it's painful but it looks good so they must endure.

>> No.59015337

I think we can all agree that both the new rMBP and the Razer Blade cater to different markets with different needs.

Personally, the Blade does everything I could possibly want. But I can understand why people buy Macs, even though other products out-compete on both price and performance.

>> No.59015369

Theres the Asus ux501vw for like $1200. Same specs as XPS 15.

>> No.59015489

I'm thinking of getting a razer next because I want a lighter laptop. Thing is the top of the line is a 17.3 mammoth which defeats the purpose. I want to go a longer while without having to upgrade.

>> No.59015513
File: 39 KB, 660x525, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a really great laptop. It's as thin as a 2015 rMBP, but a bit heavier. If you're not gaming at 4K the 1060 in the Blade will be fine.

>> No.59015519

But you get the fucking razer logo, and don't get me started on Gaming gear and FL Studio, any respectable producer would laugh at you for choosing FL and gaming headset, when there are options like Logic (OS X only) Cubase and PROtools, Reason, etc...

>> No.59015530

I'm not a professional though. The headset is fucking awful, which is why I use a pair of DT 990 PROs and a Blue Yeti

I agree about the logo, which is why I got some 3m wrap and covered it up.

The Razer mouse that came with it is nothing really special, but the sensor is on point.

>> No.59015531

For graphic design it would be horrible, but apple trackpads are pretty good for everything else. With a piece of cheap software you can do a lot of things on it through gestures. I used that for a while and had no issues with multitasking. Problem is that you don't get a precise pointer.

>> No.59015652

I feel like slapping those fags on sight. Maybe they have shit hand eye coordination and need to touch everything like fucking kids. It's where the industry and hardware is going.

>> No.59015798

How is it shit?

>> No.59015853

All of Microsoft's webapps are utter shit and unusable.

>> No.59016017

is this a good deal?
it drops down to $1,234 with the president's day promotion


>> No.59016126
File: 17 KB, 640x480, final-65d6e19fecb4b8ad90d02178bbce0dd6-w2kboot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, it peaked at this baby

>not yet a botnet
>stable as fuck, almost noe blue screens

>> No.59016266
File: 300 KB, 1600x900, anonretard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7th gen

>> No.59017488

Any half decent gaming laptop with a 970 or 1060. Shit even the new xpx 13 performs better than it.

>> No.59017541

mac os is actually unrivaled thats what happened, its unironically worth it to pay for their computer's price for the os they have

also even for normies that dont actually take advantage of mac os, they have the actually good design that some normies are willing to shell out thousands of bucks for, so all in all apple is the perfect computer brand

>> No.59017967


In surveillance and lack of privacy yes. In everything else - no.

>> No.59017989

You just got btfo by 3 different anons, anon. What now?

>> No.59018043

>No bloatware
Normal people don't notice or care
>Time machine
Normal people don't understand backups nor want to buy an external hard drive to use it. (Especially since you can't even buy a normal external drive for it with the new ones due to the fucky USB)
>No forced updates
OSX by default auto installs and makes you restart
>Included software
Only thing noteworthy is the mail client
Naturally up to personal preference.

>> No.59018064

*zip files

>> No.59018083

>Windows are written by who? Apple.
Citation needed.

>> No.59018087

Jerry, people are trying to work here. Why do you keep installing package managers. We already have composer and node.

>> No.59018271


>> No.59019918

pretty impressive although it looks disgusting

>> No.59020032

>that monstrocity

XPS is $800 senpai.

>> No.59020126

One thing I can not understand is why they don't grab the opportunity to advertise their laptop line in more places, then just S.Korea and the US/Canada. They could become huge, if actually did a effort in going for a wider market.

>> No.59020157

Disregard that, Verge is full of shit as usual. Didn't realize where that headline came from.

1050 XPS15 costs $1200.

>> No.59020200


>8 billion registry defragging and small infinitely copied useless 'utility' applications

>> No.59020228



This isn't a gaymen rig you child, its all about the experience of using the product. Most of that money has gone to expensive manufacturing, research because only Apple seems to like to try new things, and development of their own OS, something nobody else has.

>> No.59020522
File: 292 KB, 1000x1000, 1466626269744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expensive manufacturing

>> No.59020555

>aluminum body made by automated machines

>> No.59020599

>new things

You mean they like to take ideas that went under the radar and redress them in an Apple logo because people will very willingly fork over significant amounts of money for it.

>> No.59020650

>every OEM that has ever actually made money with tier PC business ever

>> No.59020709
File: 72 KB, 640x640, 1475046406912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Difference is, they don't have a braindead fantard base that blindly buy their products at 5X manufacturing cost.

So customers actually get good value for their money unlike Applelcucks.

>> No.59021031


>4chan computer manufacturing experts


>le sheeple!
>everybody is brainwashed except me xD
>everyone just buys things that they're told to xD
>nobody is capable of thought except me xD


>> No.59021109


Need a separate app

>> No.59021226


>> No.59021246
File: 55 KB, 535x535, adobe-acrobat-dc-–-pdf-reader-41-535x535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Errr... Yes?

>> No.59021623
File: 981 KB, 390x213, original.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People don't buy a brand of car because they're the fastest, strongest, or some other numerical number. People buy what car they like when they can afford to. People like Macbooks and they can afford to buy them.

But, but, but, the HP X5656898XL Revision 3 has a faster chip. Nobody cares.

Windows catching up. They tried to leapfrog Apple (and their integration of MacOS and iOS) with Windows 8 and you see how well that turned out. Wether Windows is "behind" (a subjective term anyway) or "ahead" is irrelevant. People that buy Macs run MacOS and aren't going to bother going through the bother of installing Windows on them.

>> No.59021788

>implying performance is the most redeeming characteristic on a MOBILE COMPUTER (are you fucking stupid?)
>implying even with your stupid performance argument that the SSDs in the 2016 MacBook Pro don't obliterate any other SSD in any other mobile computer ever made
>implying MacBook Pros don't have the best screens, trackpads and batteries
>implying macOS > Windows or GNU/Linux

Do you ever forget to breathe?

>> No.59021818

does the 2011 MacBook pro model have the same customization available as the 2012 non retina model?

>> No.59022246

You went looking for a point of differentiation you could argue with and this is the best you could find?
Something for 12-year olds to obsess over?

>> No.59022405

>using shitdobe reader
windows has actual NATIVE ways of opening pdfs, which are BETTER than that shitty vulnerable bloated piece of trash

>> No.59022753
File: 54 KB, 538x535, jaypeg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are they better than pic related?

>> No.59022809


I don't want to use edge, thank you.

>> No.59023183

Wow, looks like I opened up a wound here.

>> No.59023207

Get raped and kill yourself, you retarded fucking faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.

>> No.59023227

Apple realized they can still make money by keeping their products virtually stagnant and just throwing in a meme feature for the drooling, retarded normies to hype over and think it's a reason to upgrade every year.

>> No.59023309

>does Windows have a way of opening pdfs natively?

>> No.59023377

Wow, looks like I opened up a wound here.

>> No.59023396

>Defending Edge
Is this the current state of Windows?

>> No.59023403


NVMe is essentially a PCIe interface built specifically in mind for non-volatile solid state storage. I don't see what's so funny.

>> No.59023431

Edge is a pretty decent browser. It just werks, there's no bloat. Hell, it handles video playback better than Chrome on YouTube, even.

There's no reason to hate Edge outside of not being able to install your bloated, poorly optimized extensions and /g/ memes. Yeah, it's not ideal for web design either but for that I just use Vivaldi.

>> No.59023455

>built specifically in mind for non-volatile solid state storage
>I don't see what's so funny.
Ask me how I know you don't work in semiconductor fab.

>> No.59023492

>Is this the current state of Windows?
Yes, it is.

>> No.59024154

>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS
Do you mean it regresses? Last time I checked (last week), OSX was a pile of smelling crap - there's nothing for Windows to catch up to.

>> No.59024301

>>No bloatware
>Normal people don't notice or care
Yes, they do. Dropbox setup, device registration, Asus Webstorage, HP support assistant, etc. I work on PC repair and hear complaints about this shit constantly.

>>Time machine
>Normal people don't understand backups nor want to buy an external hard drive to use it. (Especially since you can't even buy a normal external drive for it with the new ones due to the fucky USB)
Yes, normal people care about backups/migration, especially when buying a new computer. I know this may surprise you, but most people don't want to start from scratch whenever they buy a computer.

>>No forced updates
>OSX by default auto installs and makes you restart
Wrong. It actually asks you if you want to turn on auto-updates the first time updates are installed. You're given the opportunity to opt-out.

>>Included software
>Only thing noteworthy is the mail client

>> No.59024384

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 can be used to open PDF applications.

>> No.59024411


>> No.59024505

>I work on PC repair and hear complaints about this shit constantly.
It's bad to lie this openly.
You are not the only one who has PC repair working experience.

>> No.59025050

>starting an argument over anecdotal experience

>> No.59025513
File: 172 KB, 375x368, 1373564681435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Windows rapidly catching up to Mac OS
Ah yes this rapid advancement in quality is why Windows 7 is still a massive market force even after Microsoft used scams and jewish tricks to destroy it

>> No.59025617

Yeah, I always said that the only thing that's better than Windows 7 is Windows XP with IE6.
Win XP can only suck a dick of Win98 though.
And 3.5 floppies are clearly the best way of storing data.

Sheesh, anon, do you lack common sense or something? Are you this new to this world the concept of "ah dun wanna switch" is something that has to be explained? You should be older than 18 to browse this board.

>> No.59026006
File: 103 KB, 476x475, 1343964286942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I agree, there's nothing more important than the cutting edge. That's why I run Arch, compile my own browser from the webkit nightlies, and sneak into AMD's headquarters in the middle of the night to steal Ryzen samples so I'm Always on the Cutting Edge

Sheesh, anon, it's almost as if your stupid logical fallacy is based on your sexual inadequacies rather than any logic

Are you so new that this concept of "actual improvements" means nothing to you, and you'll slurp whatever drips from Microsoft's cock like the good little consumer you are?

Name one (1) improvement Windows 10 has over Windows 7 that's relevant to the average consumer.

>> No.59026100

>Name one (1) improvement Windows 10 has over Windows 7 that's relevant to the average consumer.
>average consumer
1 (one): Search function.

Define "average consumer", you degenerate.

>> No.59026114

>average consumer
More touchscreen-friendly enviroment, overall user-frendliness, integration with MS account.

>> No.59026132
File: 18 KB, 400x300, absolutely_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically this.

I'm gonna make a chan for purely computer science, with boards for everything from hardware to software. You'll hear from me, maybe.

>> No.59026133

Can you tell a Macbook to not suspend when closing the lid?

Thought so.

>> No.59026149
File: 820 KB, 1024x768, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>search function
gee fucking wizz pajeet

>integration with MS account.
That's objectively a downside

>More touchscreen-friendly enviroment
Not compared to 8.1

>overall user-frendliness
hahahHAHAHAHAHA fucking kek you got me

>> No.59026182

>you degenerate.
It makes a lot of sense only /pol/tards are stupid enough to fall for Microsoft's gimmicks and consumerism

>> No.59026258

>being this stupid
You asked for improvements, not new features, idiot. Search in Win10 works better and faster than the one in Win7, but you don't know it because you've never bothered to check, haven't you?
>That's objectively a downside
>Not compared to 8.1
>hahahHAHAHAHAHA fucking kek you got me
Man, you are literally a retard. Like no jokes here. Go see a doctor to get your disability pension.

>> No.59026277

>but you don't know it because you've never bothered to check, haven't you?
I used Windows 10 for six months you fucking subhuman mouthbreathing Indian cunt. I took the free upgrade, tried it until January, and then upgraded back to Windows 7.

>Man, you are literally a retard. Like no jokes here. Go see a doctor to get your disability pension.
t. microsoft slurper

>> No.59026297

>what the fuck happened
Steve Jobs, the only guy at Apple who promoted long term innovation before short term profits, died of cancer. His replacement, Tim "Cucked Every Night" Cook, regularly caves to investor pressure to build crap that sells easily for short term profits.

>> No.59026355

Figures, a degenerate like you could not comprehend a fucking plain-ass OS and had to go back. Go back from here, please.
>t. microsoft slurper
Why are you calling yourself a microsoft slurper?

>> No.59026402

Quality shitposts m80s
Kill yourselves

>> No.59026488
File: 180 KB, 517x768, 1438815023215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally too stupid to understand people don't like Windows 10
fucking indians you worship cattle that doesn't mean you have to think on their level

>> No.59026515

Cook doesn't get cucked, he's a homo

>> No.59026525

>MS completely got rid of Windows Movie Maker while Apple still offers iMovie for free with new Macs
Not only this, but the current iMovie offers a lot of functionality that beats most of the sub $100 Windows video editors. All for free.

>> No.59026527

>Implying he doesn't watch his boyfriend get plowed by larger men

>> No.59026539

>implying he isn't the one getting plowed

>> No.59026565

Fucking disgusting

>> No.59026983

Flamewar thread

unzip Extractor has been baked in since XP. Third party archivers/dearchivers have been available from CLI days. Since 1985 Windows has had third party apps to do it since there was BETA vs VHS vs Whatever type going on with compression software ( anyone remember .ARJ?). One reason Apple baked in zip extractions was they were uncertain developers would 1) write for Mac OS and 2) Follow their style guide. I know cuz I talked with these guys. That damn interface document was huge, nowadays it's considered the norm.

Remember in 1985 you had Windows 1 and on Apple side you had Apple IIc.

At the time I was live on big iron and I had two thin clients/terminals (WYSE and a generic Linux client/terminal box), x86 and a Apple II at home. I rarely had any use for the Apple. The Macintosh was out but really did not catch on till it got postscript capability. Then suddenly everyone who needed good printing grabbed one. I know I grabbed one in 86. I remember my cousin the artist using it so it's drool proof moniker was earned.

All these flames about "best computer" misses the point. It's usability and flexibility. Not fastest, or most stylish all though those are factors. Does it do the job you want it too? Will it need to be replaced or can it do more kinds of job? What is it total cost of ownership? Will it play that cool game? Run that app?

My decision:
If I can buy my wife and my kids a computer each as well for the cost of one Apple PC guess who gets my money. It does not matter if it's a super comfortable race-car if I can't drive when I want to. It does not matter about ease of use if I can't run the software I need to run on it because no one wants to develop for it. If something goes bad in it how hard to repair or upgrade? I used to repair Apple products. I still do not want to fight my devices to repair them.

A Caveat:
Now that we are seeing the limits of Moore's law we may see the computing landscape change.

>> No.59027136

Kek. You don't really know what "t." stands for, do you?

>> No.59027535

I'm eternally BTFO. How will successful people ever recover?

>> No.59027742

Darling, we get that you bought Mac thinking it'll make you successful - it's common knowledge by this point that poor, talentless, and unsuccessful people buy Apple production thinking it automatically makes them all of the above.
Surprise-surprise, that's not how the things work.

>> No.59028040

Faggot alert!
Faggot alert!

>> No.59028066

>it's common knowledge by this point that poor, talentless, and unsuccessful people buy Apple production thinking it automatically makes them all of the above.
>Surprise-surprise, that's not how the things work.
However, he'll at least know it's not his choice of computer that's holding him back. If he can't make it with a Mac he is indeed talentless.
If he was a genius he might have been able to eak out a living with Windows, but tio get anywhere even a genius would prefer a Mac.

>> No.59028090

xps 15 can be had for $1500 with quad i7, gtx 1050, 16gb ram, and a 512gb ssd

pls livestream your suicide :)

>> No.59028103

I see you have discovered the wonders of softpedia

>> No.59028106

you have to have an external display plugged in.

>> No.59028142

You've just called literally all people who work on Windows geniuses. You have extremely low standards, but thank you.

>> No.59028152

>windows 10 poorfags defending their jewish popup ridden botnet OS ITT

my sides

>> No.59028174


are you retarded or do you just not know how to count?

>> No.59028199

>people actually spend this much on a laptop instead of just building a fucking computer

why do you need such advanced specs for a shitpost machine?

>> No.59028214

The exact price was $1511

>> No.59028362

>"eak out a living"
>gaymen in your parent's attic

>> No.59028489

>projecting intensifies

>> No.59029000
File: 65 KB, 327x347, Can+t+agree+more.+MFW+the+title+says+quot+ow+my+childhood+quot+_25e36eedff51effb54032981f9c49201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>botnet is rapidly catching up to a secure and private OS

>> No.59029044
File: 345 KB, 728x945, 1469296817088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>secure and private OS

>> No.59029181

Windows can open a pdf file out-of-the-box. Can't edit it, but can be viewed and printed.

>> No.59029510

> Apple advertising says: "Our products are the best, because everybody will love you when you use them. Don't worry about the price. Repeat after me:"
> YOU say: "Apple products are the best, because everybody will love me when I use them. I don't worry about the price. Now everybody repeat after me:"
> /g/ says: "go home, mactoddler."

>> No.59029632
File: 271 KB, 393x383, 1464330844702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he spent $1000+ on a laptop that uses igpu
>he spent $1000+ on a web browsing machine

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