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what browser do you use on your phone?

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Lightning, or Lineage stock when clicking links doesn't work.

Tbh would use Chromium if I could change search engine to something decent.

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Pale meme :^)

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Firefox with Ublock Origin

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there's literally nothing wrong with shaved head, beard and glasses

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This. Best thing with Firefox is that you can "background play" youtube.

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It feels really numale to modify the original and add Firefox because you're a Google shill

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I don't see how bill burr is numale

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>Bald head and a beard is nu-male

I think you missed the point

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was the intention of this meme to include examples from as many different ends of culture as possible? because you nailed it

literally everyone fits in under something on this picture, anon. try harder

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Why is that girl in the list?

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Bill Burr is pretty based, bro. Even if he is an oildriller with a mocha monstrosity on the way.

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you leave Steven Universe outta this

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>bill burr
so it's one of those /pol/ nigger charts designed to piss off everyone

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That show is painfully gay. It makes Uncle Grandpa look good in comparison.

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Leave Tolkein alone!

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Who that QT

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why is Bill Burr there

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So if the orcs are Nazis and The Shire is England, who represents Americans? I figure either the Dunedain or the eagles. Probably the eagles, since they were late to join the war and then fucked all the bad guys up once they did.

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Reported for shitty /pol/bait image

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Miss Alice or something, some cam whore

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Oh yeah, dwarves are Juden.

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announcing your report is bannable, anon

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Chrome and Firefox installed (android)

Mostly use chrome, because it has the one-finger-zoom (double-click+drag)

Would rather like to use FF, because (((botnet))),
but on a cell phone I'm screwed anyway, and that one finger zoom is a godsend on a 4" screen

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Wait I like frozen coffee and have a bald head and beard, and I also like SU. What does it mean?

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France has to be the elves then, since they just leave instead of fight?

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>tfw I like Lord of the Rings

Time to moisten Jarrell Deshawn Washington's penis tip for my girlfriends wife.

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Nightly firefox

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>steven tumblrverse
off yourself

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Brave is breddy gud, I have never had any success with combinations of [browser] and adblock, but brave seems to get the job done.

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Opera mini
> p-please

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enjoy warning or ban for announcing report

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That's precisely why I watch it >>>/u/

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firefox is a disaster. it's slow as fuck, the url bar is behavior is retarded.

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reported for bullying

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/co/ is sick and tired of SJWs and identity politics in comics and cartoons, it too is welcoming /pol/ in.

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It's called "Internet". Works well enough.
And I have no beard so obviously I'm not a numale.

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So? /pol/ is for numales

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No it's not.

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>that pic

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t. numale

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>That show is painfully gay
yeah, that doesn't bother me at all

>implying I like to go into circlejerking fandoms
Just because some people like to gather to analyse things like if it were some sort of philosophical essay, doesn't mean I do

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/pol/ elected trump, go back to r*ddit.

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You are an autist with shit taste. As far as pretentious cartoons for children are concerned, even bottom of the barrel anime outclasses that travesty.

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There is nothing it value from SU. You can't even like it because you're a lonely waifufag like other shitty cartoons it's that terrible.

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>Numale starter pack
>To /pol/ it goes

>Alt right starter pack
>perfectly fine

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>If you don't like slack-jawed numale faggotry, you must be a retard who reads breitbart

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Of course not, if you aren't a numale.

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ABP browser. Get the Firefox and the AdBlock no root. And for everything that doesn't get, run DSN66 in background.

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>/pol/ elected a mentally handicapped president
>thinks this is something to brag about

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Work on your shitposting and you'll get the (you) s you seek

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Seriously guys, if you don't like just don't reply to it.

>>Alt right starter pack
>>perfectly fine
Didn't even see it here, but basically I want for /pol/ to stay in /pol/. No need to display political beliefs/affiliations on /g/

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Oh wow that ms paint cartoon sure showed us!

Shitting on a show =/= not allowing you to like it

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>Shitting on a show =/= not allowing you to like it
You're actually right, my bad

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Fuck you too for comparing trash like TYT and MSNBC with Dr Who and Lotr

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>Seriously guys, if you don't like just don't reply to it.
So you are denying the raison d'etre of criticism

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