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NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Rumored To Launch In March, Reportedly Now In Production


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Go spam your blog somewhere else.

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>letting AMD know a month ahead of time what performance level to target
What fucking idiots.

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Vega doesn't even come close to the 1080

Not sure who the idiot is here m8

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That's just in time for AMD to use 1080ti's to show off their CPUs

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Well you're a fucking retard then, because all the leaks we have of Vega show that it is indeed very close if not better than the 1080 in performance.

t. 1070 owner

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is it even relevant? 1080 still around 700-800
who insane enough to pay even more? it goes into titan x territory

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I mean doom mightve honestly been the poorest choice to be showing off GPU power on, it runs very very well
I'm excited to see more vega tests but reaching 1070/1080's OpenGL performance, in a very well optimized game AND using the other well optimized API, is not really a fair or equal comparison

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>founders edition for 1100 USD

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>wake up
>realize that new GPUs and CPUs were probably released while I was asleep
>check benchmark sites and make 20 threads about the latest GPU and CPU on /g/ee
>fall asleep

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>70 frames while Vega is screaming in your case like a burning jet engine with preferred Vulkan API and Doom

1070 does it better


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>Very close if not better than the 1080
>Choosing Doom running on Vulkan where RX 480 has 30% performance gain when compared to Open GL just to show us a meaningless 10% lead against stock 1080.

Their flagship Vega is going to be behind 1080 in DX11 titles and 1440p. And that's not even close to what Titan X has to offer, or the potentially cheaper 1080 ti. And then you have Volta which will absolutely ravage both Vega and Pascal.

AMD fucked up their GPUs as always. Somehow they're still playing catch up but at least with Ryzen the 5% IPC difference doesn't matter because the performance per dollar is absolutely insane. That's not the case with their GPU marketing policy of releasing same GPU for 5 years while giving you a $50 discount each time.

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Not a full gp102

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Doom wasn't the only game they demoed. The Battlefront demo shows pretty conclusively that it's very close to the performance of the 1080. It was able to do 60+ fps at 4K on a map that the 1080 struggles to achieve with lower graphical settings.

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so it's basically Titan

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Except nobody knows what the settings for Battlefront were. BF was always optimized towards AMD.

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You mean the 980ti?

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Yes we do. The settings were maxed out with FXAA on. And Battlefront doesn't favor AMD nearly to the same degree that Doom does.

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Yes he meant two of nvidias top-of-the line cards from last year, that performs basically identical to their 1070 now
Yes he's saying it takes 2 $300 cards to match vega or the $600 card

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Only the SLI 980tis get more than 60 fps so I'm not sure what your point is. That also doesn't say anything about what map it was done on. The performance difference from map to map is really big in Battlefront.

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There's also the OC 980ti that's more relevant than the stock founders edition

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Launch 20-23

So the PAX East presentation on 10-12th march is not fake. Good.

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>reference: 44fps
>aftermarket card: 60+fps
Why is this allowed?

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>Nvidia has Pascal refresh
>AMD has brand new architecture
Unless Nvidia can put out Volta a year earlier than expected my money is on AMD

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>980ti = 1080ti

K...and poolaris was not even faster than the 390x...

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Again, no idea what map that's benchmarked on.

Here's the map the Vega demo was done on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNTAMApSlz4

He's using an overclocked 1080 and getting frequent drops below 60 fps, and he doesn't even have FXAA turned on. Even if you take into account the extra action compared to the Vega demo, it's pretty good evidence that it's on par with a stock 1080 at worst.

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I mean I would trust that the guys benchmarking it aren't just looking down at the ground
Does battlefront not have a benchmark scene or something like that?

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The 1080 doesn't even dip down to 60fps on max kek

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>half a year old video
>150 of them are from you

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I don't think we watched to same video. The 1080 there is dipping below 60 fps constantly. The Vega demo was capped to 60 fps, so the actual framerate could have been higher. Not to mention the higher graphical settings it was using.

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>Incapable of reading
>Still thinking Polaris was supposed to be high end
It's literally half the size of Hawaii and costs half as much.

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Every benchmark expect that video with 3 views a day shows the 1080 well above 60fps the whole time

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That tells me nothing if I don't know anything about what maps they were tested on

That video I posted is only relevant because it's the same map

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Are we still discussing this? AMD taped the Vega exhaust on purpose so you don't know the performance 6 months away from release, since we have absolutely no idea how the card responds to throttling.

tl;dr you're literally arguing about hearsay

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I'm strapped for cash and didn't want to wait, so I picked up a 1050 2GB for $110, is it a good purchase?

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>all benchmarks are faked because it doesn't support AMD's RYZE to the top!!!

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>Show Zen doing good in benchmarks
It's actually performing better than expected in leaks.
>Show Vega doing bad in benchmarks

What is Lisa Su's master plan?

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More like it's complete retardation to use different maps that have huge differences in performance on the same system to compare performance across GPUs.

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keep in mind I'm only playing GTA 5.

I have an i7 6700 3.4ghz
12gb ram

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Well I'm sure the benchmarks where the 1080 does the best are all just looking at the ground
And the benchmarks where the 1080 does the best are more legitimate tests

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>NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Rumored To Launch In Every Month Until It's Launched

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should have gotten a RX470 or at least a 1050ti 4gb

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Only had $120 to spend, so those were out of my price range. maybe in the future

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Nobody was looking at the ground you dumbass shill. You should use the same map for the same reason you use CPUs of similar power when making comparisons: to minimize the effects of the things other than what you're testing. Which in this case is GPU performance.

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hotly anticipated newcomer reportedly with a grain of salt

cutting a few more SMs from GP102 allows NVIDIA to improve """yields""",just switch to samsung fabs already

The truth is that:

- P6000 is the real Pascal
- Titan XP is the real 1080Ti

>selling twice the same card

~$4800 US


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>start combing through battlefront 4K benchmarks from different websites
>endor survival training
>endor survival training
>endor survival training
I mean one day-one release they might've been benchmarking willy nilly, but people clearly found the most consistently demanding mission to test, and the 1080 smashes in all of them.
But I mean the fury comes in second place, so since AMD is almost the best is it a legitimate benchmark now?
Im just saying that claiming the 1080 can't hold up 60fps is just wrong according to every single measured benchmark

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kek did you just learn about the cluster removal?
This has been happening since the 780, and has been happening much more on AMDs side

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notice P6000 destroys Titan XP and Ti only with a single 8 Pin versus 8+6 at exactly the same TDP

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>he just now learned about this

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P5000 is the real GP102.

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>AMD can simply choose the performance lvl of their next card as they please
>"quick Raja, nvidia has released the 1080ti and it's very powerful. what shall we do?"
>"no problem, I'll just switch the setting of our vega cards from Mini to Wambo"

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This gen was particularly different for obvious reasons, DGX and self-driving; stock went thru the roof not that I complain but it's just the principle of artificial shortage and the arch is sometimes questionable on a clock to clock perf, next gen

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>Im just saying that claiming the 1080 can't hold up 60fps is just wrong according to every single measured benchmark

That was never the claim to begin with. Some maps it achieves 60 fps at 4K handily, and on others like that Endor chase sequence, it struggles. Gettings 60 fps in one situation doesn't guarantee you'll get 60 fps in another.

Also, the Fury X performing that well at 4K shouldn't be a surprise, it has HBM. It beats the 980ti more often than not at that resolution.

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i'm going to purchase 2 quadro P6000's and put them in SLi

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Could you post that link so phone posters can open it?

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>happening much more on AMD's side
I'd contest that, Nvidia used to make 4-5 derivatives of a single chip.

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Remember Fiji?
Remember Hawaii?
Remember Polaris?
Remember the Titan?
Remember the Titan Z?
Remember the Titan X?
tl;dr: you can't avoid the jew

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Besides the Z

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>phone posters
lmao well deserved faggot

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I'll admit the P6000 is sexy asf but something just doesn't feel right, it's like getting scraps at the door from light commercial monoliths specifically for 3584 CUDA from a designed 3840

Not really hitting the 10 multiplier, we're still in between revolutions but the P6000 really looks nice, I'm not sure why anyone would buy a Titan XP over a P6000, GPUs will cost the same price as the cars that they drive is quite conceivable at this point. Smart, as usual and you wouldn't expect any less from the field.

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Well to be fair the Titan Z is TWO chips

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Quadros are so fucking sexy.

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Which spawned 2-4 gpus each

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If Vega truly has binning rasterizers (like Maxwell/Pascal), Doom is probably the least flattering thing AMD could have been demoing.

idTech 6 does screen-space volumetric binning on the host processor, which is most of the reason that it runs so well on older architectures including GCN.

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Well yeah binning is normal, why do you think it began with the 780?

I mean for fucks sake G92 had at least a dozen versions.

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So why complain that the top-of the line card is using the complete top-of the line GPU?

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Holy fuckballs I swear this card came out months ago. This is fucking with my mind a little bit.

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Hey stranger you seem lost reddit is over yonder

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Be smart and pair an athlon with a 1050ti

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Can anyone who is better with hardware understanding please explain to me why the full GP102 GPU with more CUDA cores and such can have specs that mostly equal or surpass the Titan XP but somehow has the same TDP with 1 8-pin while the Titan XP has 8+6?

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>I'm not sure why anyone would buy a Titan XP over a P6000

BEing within 10% of the performance for 20% of the price?

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I still don't get why would anyone buy anything more powerful than a gtx1060 it's just overkill. The human eye can't even see past 480p/30fps

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a (you) for u

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Buying ATI was a mistake, I would say they should just cut their losses and sell their GPU division but I forgot they at least get console money plus Intel might be using AMD iGPUs in their next CPU release.

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Thanks, I don't deserve it.

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AMD killed ATI, ATI was so based

>> No.58980696

What the hell was based about no drivers?

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Literally not spending 100 bucks more for the Titan ishygddt

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>1080 still around 700-800
Where the hell are you shopping? You can get a 1080 for sub 600 now

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In NZ its still $799 for a GTX1070

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they kind of can, they can use same die they sell enterprise and sell it for less with small things disabled

all the speculation about doom/battlefront is pointless, ES usually is half the card
they may as well emulate before printing with same result, it's mostly about power delivery bug testing

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$916 as of current rates here

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>March 2017: Vega gets released
>November 2017: Vega gets released with a fan that does not resemble a Mig-27 takeoff.

I hate AMD for this.

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Even if Vega is better than the 1080Ti, Volta will completely BTFO Vega. I'm predicting AMD's success here will be short lived. They just don't have the resources to to run neck-and-neck with Intel and their buddies anymore.

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Hold up, are you guys seriously gonna waste money on a GTX1080 TI when a GTX1070 is enough for most games?

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Yes because I'm not poor.

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Any chance the memory bandwidth will be increased with the Ti?

What is usually the difference with the Ti editions?

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GTX 1050 is 2GB
1050 Ti is 4GB

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try canadacuckland

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Oh I should've read the article. 480GB/s just like the TITAN X. +50% over the standard 1080.

If it really is going to have 12GB, this will be a deep learning monster where memory bandwidth is very often the bottleneck.

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volta might go very wrong, nvidia plans for 10nm(remember how 20nm worked out for everyone?)
it's not coming until 2018, unless they magically solved scalability that both promise in volta and navi
and navi comes out in 2019

so either rebrand or magic. because AMD never was far behind on actual GPU tech

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>this will be a deep learning monster
consumer NVIDIA cards can't DEEP learn by design, they even cut it from Titan

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>$1000 card
>mfw i bought a hd 7770 for $30.
>tfw don't give a fuck

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what's the retail? $1300?

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>mfw 1050 Ti coming in the mail

Gaming over 1080p and 60fps is a literal meme, so I don't give a fuck.

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you do realize this is pre-drivers vega right? it's only going to get worse for you pascal early adopters. the biggest cucks are always x80 owners.

>> No.58983353

great can't wait for another 1000 dollar gpu, right alongside the 1000 dollar cpu from intel.

pc hardware definitely moving forward.

>> No.58983365

I know the sub ~$6k Pascal cards don't do half-precision, effectively cutting their memory in half. But at 1/6 the price and for 1/4 the memory, the consumer 12GB cards are still pretty respectable for hobby-level DL. Especially for those not interested in images and video DL.

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>hobby-level DL
it's a thing? you can't hope to teach net anything practical with small cards in reasonable time can you?

>> No.58984140

>And then you have Volta which will absolutely ravage both Vega and Pascal.
Volta is a Pascal refresh with HBM. Nvidia has already mentioned this.

>> No.58984393

Does that mean 1070 prices might drop?

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Don't crush their dreams with reality so hard.

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File: 1.15 MB, 2560x1440, Ghost ReconĀ® Wildlands - Closed Beta2017-2-3-14-28-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have i5 and 1070 overkill for it. There is no point in new cards unless you have 8 threads cpu or aiming for 4k. Ether of those are expensive as fuck.

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>waiting for Vega

Waitfags will never learn.

1.It will be fucking expensive thanks to HBM2 memory

2.It will be faster than a GTX1080, but I doubt it will be the case with the GTX1080Ti

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>8 threads

That's where you're wrong kiddo

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>>letting AMD know a month ahead of time what performance level to target


AMD will never get even close to be as good as Nvidia or Intel.

We won, bros. Can't wait to get new GPU.

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>We won, bros
child detected, unless you have assets invested into Intel/nVidia you are just a dumb fuck fanboy who glorifies monopoly while getting screwed by it

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>buttblasted AMD poorfag detected

Burn yourself.

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