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>be me
>professional programmer
>know c, c++, java, javascript, python etc
>decide to quit my job as a systems analyst
>strike up a brilliant idea
>apply for an array of low level office work that requires excel and other very boring stuff that involves organisation, sorting, appointment creation etc, general boring office tasks
>write up programs in weekends which do the work of 100 employees in a month in less than a day with generally 95-99% accuracy
>go to the ceo office of each company
>offer huge figure to each one for my product (already sorted out all the licensing issues and contacted my lawyer etc.)
>they realize the huge savings cost they could make
>offered millions of dollars from all of these different companies
>sell my shit to them and even get higher offers by telling them i have other interested buyers
>companies lay off hundreds of staff whilst i walk home a millionaire

Why haven't you done this yet, /g/? Don't you realize there are literally thousands of companies which rely on humans to do tasks an easily programmable computer application could do in less time with more accuracy? Why aren't you taking advantage of this?

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Sounds legit

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I'm not lying, AMA.

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Can you buy me a 4chan pass?

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Could argue that cutting it the workforce for a high profit is unethical.

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Yes, it is unethical but I am now going to retire.

Sorry, bud. I don't support Hiro or his Ad regime.

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What language are the programs in? Action script?

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Why do you tell lies like this on 4chan faggot frogposter?

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bullshit, its inevitable not unethical

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you may be a dumb frogposter, but that's a pretty great idea

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>company makes enough to spend millions on ERP software no problem
>company has no ERP software already

Sure thing.

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1. i'm above being a product servicer
2. the ceo has done this already

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Modern day carpet bagger

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>be me
>reading op's greentext
>enlarge op's pic not thinking anything of it, didn't see that it was a .gif
>get half way through reading blog and then bam get hit with the blink
>spooked so hard I fell out of my chair

Still keking.

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You'd be surprised

Also, 10 staff at ~20,000USD a year equates to 200,000$ so a company would be well willing to pay that price of a years work for future cost benefit

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>be me
>hobby programmer that has to do a one year long internship for scho
>have to do a lot of ms-office
>the shit i have to do for 8 Hours a day i could make a program for in 4 hours
>get told no
>be sad

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Why lie? Is roleplaying on /g/ your fetish?

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>not just doing it

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more info?
how does the sales to the ceo pitch work?

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