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Why is this acceptable?

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Not being /pol/ here, but it was literally become okay to be racist against white people. It is socially acceptable to discriminate against white.

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Is this verified real?

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looks very easy. just don't be white.

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White people thinking that they are qualified because their white. They need to step their game up

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No you idiot, it's /pol/ propaganda. Do you really only think that 17 african americans applied for the largest tech company in the world in an entire year? And they accepted all of them?

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Because of white privilege. It's SO REAL.

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Why /pol/ is here ?

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>application 17
>hires 17

lol wut I don't believe it

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If Google wants to hire based on race instead of merit and skill, it will show in the quality of their product. I mean look at Hitler.

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>Gopgle is full of Idians


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more like poogle

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Acceptance Rate, from pic
Asian: 0.0074
Indian: 0.0108
Hispanic: 0.03
African America: 100
Caucasian: 0.0009

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>no evidence besides an infographics

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Because whites are lazy fucks

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Why is it not? Some of the best software are coded by poos. When are whites going to deal with the fact that they are an inferior race when it comes to technology?

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>reminder they start at $100k a year
>reminder they don't speak english well
>reminder they live in 3 bedroom apartments with 8 people
>reminder they don't drink, socialize, watch sports, celebrate american holidays, watch american media, or want to adopt american culture
>reminder they will be forcefully deported with no chance of citizenship in 6 years because lmao h1b

it's gotta change, pajeet.

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>unsourced propaganda
>snowflake /pol/kins fall for it/push it through

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source: your pic

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It's a lie you fucking idiots. Do you really think that 17 black guys applied to one of the most popular tech companies on the world? And that they accepted ALL of them? And that they hired *8* out of 10000 whites? And that the black:white applicant ratio is 1:500? Does this even seem remotely feasible to you? Or do you have such a gigantic victim complex that you jump at the most blatantly made up numbers to cry waa discrimination?

You are everything that's wrong with voters nowadays. We have access to untold amounts of information, orders of magnitude more and more organised and more easily accessible that at any point in history. Yet we are the most uninformed we have ever been.

And btw of course this is fake. https://www.google.com/diversity/. 4% of new hires last year were black.

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boo hoo, faggot

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Where was I complaining, dumbass?

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How do you even get the ethnicity from an application? They don't even ask that.

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Sports are stupid.

>american media
You mean jewish brainwashing?

>american holidays
4th of july is the only one that counts, the rest are scams so you can buy useless shit at 900% markup.

>drink, socialize

Fuck off, not everyone needs to adapt to your bullshit rules. Hurrrrr hey bro what's on the game durrrrrr. Yeah nice socializing faggot, I'm sure that's fun if you're brain dead.

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>or want to adopt American culture
What culture? Getting cucked into choosing a retarded oompa loompa for a president? Becoming obese?

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So every nigger that apply to google gets hired?

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I know you like to attack people like a rabid dog, but frankly the numbers you presented do literally nothing to indicate anything contrary to the OP's image as data is taken from 2015 and indicates not only current employee base but it would represent the new-hires as well. Furthermore there is an obvious correlation in hiring minorities rather than more common whites. The biggest disparity lies in their 'Asian' numbers, which include Indians and all other Eastern races. 37% Asian and 57% White, the Asian population in the US is approximately 4.8% according to the 2010 census, whereas the White population is at 72%. Both Hispanics/Latinos and Blacks boast 16.3% and 12.6% respectively and yet they're hardly represented even if you account for statistical dilution.

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whats the percentage of people who graduate from a CS relate degree with the grades to work for google?

It's probably like 80% asian.

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It's a complete fake. It says ~200 people were hired in 2016 but that's their weekly fucking figure

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I know a couple for people that work at google and they are all white, and I think they got hire 2015 or 16 so no

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why is /pol/ so fucking dumb

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Nice pajeet

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Chances are those "caucasians" hired are probably actually (((caucasians))).

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Costs reasons

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>tfw one of the 10 hires

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