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The only other one is maxed out, so I'll start

I'm building a pc with a z170 gigabyte motherboard and a skylake intel processor.. what this means is that installing windows 7 would be more difficult. so i was considering just using windows 10, but directx12 is shit performance wise and actually reduces framerate for games

can i keep directx 11? is the jump to directx12 automatic if i install windows 10?

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Win 10 for game mode, Steam is going to be steaming about it.

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Install win 10. I wouldn't trust a hacked-together win 7 install on that platform.

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now this really is a stupid question. I was using Visual studio to make c# programs in Windows. What do I use to make c# programs in Linux?

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Just moved into my apartment and am trying to get internet. Already have the equipment but they won't let me do a self-install because of pic related and want to charge me 50$ for it.

Do they just want money or is this actually true?

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what would be best budget GPU for this build?

SOmething that is good enough but not best but good enough ya know?


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I will reply to myself here

I am thinking a rx 470. I'm not much of an AMD fag but it seems to have good reviews for a great price

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>make kubuntu live usb
>plug in desktop
>start kubuntu
>monitors go off
>give it a minute
>try it on my laptop
>works fine
Does this have anything to do with my 970?
Trying to Google but nothing seems to be helping and is mostly for older versions of Ubuntu.

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I have an old machine and i am about to change geforce 460 to AMD HD6870.

Will my 400W power supply (some old Nexus) be enough?

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I think both those cards use about the same power so yeah

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I just tried installing my first GPU and broke the plastic lock-in pin. Am I fucked?

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Yeah, that was my assessment as well aside from thinking that AMD was little lighter on power.

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From the current GPU generation in the market, is there any which doesn't use aditional power from the PSU? Just plain old PCI-E supply. I have a cheap EVGA 430W

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how can i transfer my oem windows to a new mobo? i called microsoft but they said they didnt believe that i was replacing a damaged motherboard (i actually am) . i remember one anon posted a link to a program that you put on a usb and use as a boot device to modify the os and trick it. but i forgot to bookmark.

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gtx 1050 and some 1050Tis use power straight from the PCI-E lane

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Almost done with my setup, now I just need to connect everything.

Are all ethernet cables the same? Anything I should look out for/avoid?

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How the fuck can I redirect the server that delivers images, on 4chan? is2 is a piece of shit and never loads images properly.

Hosts file change? If so, what do?

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It's bullshit nonsense. Tell them you're not paying for their infrastructure maintenance costs.

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RMA it for a new one. Say it came broke.

If you can't do that, no, you're not fucked. The pin just locks the card in place. It has no other electronic function that I know of.

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They also said the earliest they can get a technician out to me would be next Friday and that I'd have to wait until then.

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1050 would be enough for recent games al 1080p right? I don't care tweaking the settings if needed to get 60 fps

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Alright I'll do that. Thanks man.

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i would say that the 1050ti barely makes it to 1080p at 60fps, let alone the 1050.

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What anti virus/malware protection should I use for Windows?
I do not have common sense 2017.

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is there a online/offline file converter i can use without having to pay shit?

fuck CloudConvert and it's 25 conversion image limit. I have like over 90 .BMP images to convert into .png and shit.

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Fastest way to sell used, "good" condition parts?
I don't care about profit only time, they're not worth much anyway.

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you just might have to unseat the 970, install, and then plug it back in and see if it works then. That freaking Kubuntu live cd is a pita.

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Put it on your yard, put a tag on it saying "for sale, $50, ring bell". It'll be gone in 2 hours, since you only care about time, not profit.

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Serious question, are you retarded?

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Do you guys have any study tips?

I'm trying for my CCNA cert.

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Of course I am. I'm on this site.
Get off 4chan and study.

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If there's an xfinitywifi access point, and your parents have Comcast, and you don't mind your Internet being unencrypted wireless, you could sign in with their credentials and use it indefinitely without issue. It doesn't even count against their transfer limit.

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It's likely they do actually need someone to go there and flip/connect something. They needed to be let into the garage of my building for that. I was charged $15.

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Break it up into tiny chunks you can spread across the entire timeframe, and do one each day before clocking out.

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Unfortunately I have no other GPU option. I guess I could install Kubuntu on something then see if it works on the pc.
Is it just the live CD?

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updated bios and pc isnt working how do i reinstall windows 10 got this bios https://www.amazon.ca/Gigabyte-Plus-SATA-6Gbps-Motherboard/dp/B00F5R9O46/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_t

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Are 4chan images loading poorly lately. Click them and they just turn grey and do nothing

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gimp has batch mode, and imagemagick can do that too. How are you so helpless?

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>gimp has batch mode
that's all i need to hear

thanks anon

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What is the best textbook for self teaching calculus?

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Is there a way to install Windows 8.1 along side Debian and keep GRUB Intact?

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Micro SD cards in Android are mounted on my device in /mnt/media_rw. I want to give apps direct access to that but Android is set up to deny access to anything except the built in file explorer and apps that have root access.

Basically I want MX Player to have access to my SD card, but because of permissions to /mnt/external_rw, I can't even navigate to that location. How do I fix this?

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requesting the my son you must choose wisely with the rx480

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Okay, so why is is2.4chan so slow?

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because hiroshimoot is a fucking retarded niggerfaggot who is tryin to jew us with 4chan passes.

I have been searching for a text file on my windows 10 machine for over an hour. I know the file exists. It contains an email address. Why for the love of god does the file not come up in windows search. Neither the start one or the file explorer one. WTF

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>Are all ethernet cables the same?
ethernet cables come in different categories

>Anything I should look out for/avoid?
Don't use an older cable. Don't shove it in the wrong hole?

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Even if I'm using ssl over wifi on my phone can my company find out what threads I view on 4chan?

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Stop browsing 4chan at work. There's better stuff to look at.

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We have had our eyes on you for some time.

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Lost the MFT on my NTFS hard disk.
There were mostly programs and git repositories, so i don't need to recover the data, but i need a reliable list of files. What do?

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same price


which is "better"?

should the fact I'm getting am MSI video card influence my decision?

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I perceive MSI's system boards as being slightly lesser than Gigabyte/Asus. Is that how it is?

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is there a free aztec code reader for pc?

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How can we use technology to BTFO Normies?

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how do I make a templeos live usb?

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You are the normies.

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What the fuck is this faggotry? I have not used pale meme for fucking years, is it chrome now or something?

I thought material design was a chrome thing, and I can't find a single link about disabling it that does not assume you are running chrome.

What the fuck is happening with browsers?

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i'm pretty sure that you can configure it in about:config as i edited various elements there. but don't ask me where exactly

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we first mput technology in every single aspect of our lives and then complicate it. normies will die, trying to figure out text only interface

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There is a flag in chrome, but it's not even supposed to be a thing on firefox based browsers. If I add a -chrome to the end of "disable material design palemoon*" I get zero relevant results.

> dat wasted screen real estate
Fucking disgusting.

*or firefox

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Oh, and for the record, as of the latest release, the flag is removed.


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just...don't use pale

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Time to try chromium I guess. I'm just sick of having to jump between browsers because arbitrary shit. I was on firefox for fucking years, they fucked that up, now it feels like I need to change browsers every 6 months.



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About a month ago my PSU died. Its in the RMA process now. How can I know if my PSU didn't take any other components with it? I don't have another PSU to try unfortunately.

If it did, what can I do; would the other components' warranties work?

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how to install W7 on 6/7th gen intel
>get pc with older processor
>dont use loonix or W8+ because it fucks up your MBR and its a big fuck around to fix it
>burn ur windows 7 iso to usb
>clone the usb to an empty sata drive
>put that drive into your pc and install W7 to a different drive
>install your mobo supplier USB 3 drivers and intel chipset drivers for W7
>now u got W7 fully functional on latest intel processors with 0 risk of crashing or anything
>dont listen to retards saying IT WONT WERK
>dont listen to retards saying INSTALL W10 AND TOLERATE IT

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also bonus: installing from another sata drive makes the process so fast it's like a joke

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Why is datamining bad?

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Need a PDF reader for Ubuntu that allows writing notes/highlighting with custom colors and other functions like that.

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because you pay for power someone else uses for free

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Why is vimperator broken ? All commands relative to tabs (like tabopen, refresh, delete) aren't working, how do I fix that

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the fuck...?
i'm sure i replied to the other anon

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don't you have ANY PSU? a trash one is good enough

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I have one, its just 50 miles away inside of a machine I built about 6 years ago being used by a family member as a media center.

The RMA said it will ship out on the 10th so its decently soon.

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Guys, found a used ThinkPad for sale.

CPU: Intel Core i7 M620 2.67GHz
HDD: SSD 120GB SATA Kingston 512GB
Screen: LED 15,6” HD+ (1600x900)

No dedicated graphics card.

This is for 360€ (384 dollaroos)

Worth it?

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Guys, found a used ThinkPad for sale.


CPU: Intel Core i7 M620 2.67GHz
HDD: SSD 120GB SATA Kingston 512GB
Screen: LED 15,6” HD+ (1600x900)

No dedicated graphics card.

This is for 360€ (384 dollaroos)

Worth it?

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you know, it reminds me the drama with 64bit systems not suporting 16bit software
microshit said that (more or less) "to run a 16bit program, system would have to translate every adress from 64b to 32b and then to 16b and vice versa which would eat up too much computing power"
microshit likes to feed people with bullshit

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> M620
> No dedicated graphics card.
> 384 dollaroos
Not really. Look for x20 models, i. e. Sandy Bridge and above.

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My computer has been shutting down randomly and I'm not sure why. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing, whether it be watching YouTube or playing a game. I know it's not a heat problem, because my temps never go beyond the mid-50's. It'll shut off and then reboot a half second or a few seconds later. Sometimes it does this twice in a row.

Could I have a failing hard drive? This is a new build but the hard drive was salvaged from an old PC of mine that died a few years back. Or could it be a PSU issue (PSU is new however, and 80+ Bronze rated)

Any help is appreciated

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literally has shit all to do with the processor, its just the new chipsets with newer I/O ports that dont have generic windows drivers

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Well, I found a refurbished x201, but it's an i5

>250GB HDD
>120GB SSD

322€ (344$)

In case you could't tell, I'm oblivious about processors apart from the i* nomenclature.

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Pretty pricey for the T510. Probably doing it due to the SSD and HDD combo. Look at the /tpg/ guide and try to decide.

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That's a 1st gen i5 just fyi.


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Is this peanut butter any good?

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Because you;
- Can't be certain the company in question runs a tight, intrusion proof ship.
- Can't be sure who they are dealing with in terms of third party data access.
- Can't control who the data goes to and under what conditions if the company folds and the administrators start selling off their data assets to the highest bidder.
- Can't be certain that a legislation or governmental change will not convert that data set from an innocent online behavioral assessment to a tool to find and target perceived "enemies of the state"

Datamining bad, mmkay?

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I didn't turn off my laptop properly, now it goes bluescreen in a split second after it starts up and restart.

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had to reload for captcha

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Oh fuck, now I've >>58834610 replied to you instead of >>58834267


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try loading into safe mode (assuming wangblows), if you can, install and run bluescreenview and check whats breaking. If it fails to boot completely note which file it halts on, see what it does, and see if it's fixable. All else fails, well, you've broken your OS. It was prolly due for a reinstall anyway.

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Use irfanview's batch convert mode.

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If they wanted they could set up an ettercap man-in-the-middle honeypot with same credentials as you log into and run sslstrip on your shit.

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I ran blackbird (win 10 privacy enabler) and it fucked something up.

Every website I visit takes around 10 seconds to open up. It's not a DNS issues, I tested with different DNS servers.
I think it's more of an IP issue.
Even doing a wget in powershell takes 9 seconds. Same thing if I open it from firefox, a really long time.

I think blackbird fucked up one of the services. Any idea which windows service could it be?

>> No.58834747


btw, running the same command (wget from xubuntu in a virtual machine with bridged adapter is instantaneous.

So that rules out a NIC problem, cable problem or router problem.

>> No.58834760

Is Ubuntu still riddled with Amazon?

>> No.58834782

I think so...

>> No.58834809

Blackbird doesn't make Windows 10 secure.

You have literally botnets, backdoors in a kernel and hardware level.

Switch to Linux already, if you care about your rights.

>> No.58834831


>switch to an unusable, unnecessarily complex OS so that you can tell other people how much of a computer wiz you are


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Just because you're too stupid to get your head around it doesn't mean we all are anon. Git gud. If you can't manage a basic mint install you have no place on this board.

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I have a old HD that has office 2013 on it that I licensed with a work discount key.

I cant boot of that HD anymore, but I would like to extract that key, is it possible? I tried a few key lookup programs, but I cant get it to find that office key.

>> No.58834860

>complex OS
Ubuntu is far less complex than Windows. You can actually understand what the OS does and you can actually stop it from doing something.

Nobody, I don't think even Windows devs. understand Windows.

maybe if you are a fucking gameshitter teenager

>> No.58834890

>maybe if you are a fucking gameshitter teenager

Sure. Try to edit video, image and make music in an efficient way using Linux. You can't. I've tried switching. It's impossible because every Linux distro is just a programming machine without proper editing tools. It's shit.

Just because it has unnecessary complexity, doesn't mean I don't understand it. It just means I won't spend precious minutes of my life jumping hurdles that grant me nothing but the "Linux user" status.

>> No.58834900

No, just some defaults in the free Unity interface that can be turned off.


>> No.58834905

>Just because it has unnecessary complexity,
Please explain what is unnecessarily complex about a mint install.

Not even a linux fag, just curious about what you find so complicated.

>> No.58834922

>Try to edit video, image and make music in an efficient way using Linux
As if you do any of these.

>Unnecessary complexity
You must be talking about Windows, Microcuck.

>> No.58834946

Just compare it to a fresh Windows 7 install, where the drivers are there and fit right in, for example. You can literally "NEXT" everything and voilá, it's a usable system.

I do two of those, autism wizard. Step out of your room once in a while, your convoluted shell scripts and animu wallpapers won't fill the void inside.

As for windows complexity, see above.

>> No.58834969

i'm finally fucking sick of chrome, what browser should i use now?
>inb4 lagfox
no. just no.

>> No.58834979

If you actually do 2 of those
(everyone against Linux in /g/ in 2017 seems to do THOSE EXACT THINGS, this is like VIDEO EDITING & MUSIC CREATING BOARD) - despite the lack of actual VIDEO AND MUSIC EDITING THREADS IN CATALOG EVERY DAY -
I understand you.

My friend does 4k video editing and he can't use Linux for this and must stick with Windows. The programs for it are so much better in Windows according to him and he has done it for a couple of years.

You should still opt out for VM or dual booting to secure your rights. Windows isn't secure, Blackbird doesn't make it secure. Understand that You have backdoors in a hardware and KERNEL LEVEL when you use any Windows after 95. That's insane breach of privacy, security of the user.

and Windows, of the two "OSes" is the one that's needlessly complex, just a pile of shit legacy code on a pile of shit of legacy code for decades. Developlemt of Vista was a fucking fiasco where they tried to fix it but had to revert back and built it on top of XP for example.

>> No.58835003

>Windows isn't secure, Blackbird doesn't make it secure.

I am the guy who asked the original question. I know that. Can you help me out with my issue or not? This is not the place to be having an os war with that other dickhead.

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ouch,yeah turns out I need to reformat it. thanks.

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I'm paying for Netflix subscription and this fucking retarded thing is preventing me from viewing any content. It's been like this for fucking days. I'm not going to do a fresh install of Firefox because I've personalised the shit out of the browser. Fucking shit is starting to slightly irritate me.

>> No.58835014

>when the dedicated youtube app is inferior to just using youtube in a browser

i fucking hate smartphones

>> No.58835037

>That's insane breach of privacy, security of the user.

Every claim like this has no credible source, which leads me to conclude it's just baseless conspiracy theorizing.

>> No.58835058

I use windows purely because it has steam and most games work on it

>> No.58835064

Well, I did it. Refreshed the fucking browser. Lost all my extensions and years worth of personalization. It still can't install the fucking thing.

I am very thankful of our Google jew overlords for making me go through all this.

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That was not a question but it most certainly was stupid. Not particularly interesting though.

>> No.58835091

makes sense though don't it?

>> No.58835092

>years worth of personalization

Literally consider offing yourself.

>> No.58835107

What audio converters do you guys use on windows?

I'm using freac right now but it doesn't have Opus conversion.

>> No.58835109

I realized I had 300 games in Steam and I hadn't played none of them in 8 months.

Then I just downloaded Xubuntu, wiped my disk, installed Xubuntu and never looked back.

Sold my Steam account to a friend for a couple of hundred euros.

My question is - is there a PDF reader for Ubuntu that allows writing notes/highlighting with custom colors and other functions like that.

>> No.58835120

you can't play video games with a pdf player, retard

>> No.58835123

Yeah but I can leave notes and highlight parts to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason that I'm reading dumbo

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File: 1.30 MB, 1560x2080, IMG_20170207_232054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dear. Fucking. God child, have you ever installed Win 7?

Pic related is a HP dc7800 I'm building up for my mother, released in 2008. Whats that you were saying about "drivers are there and fit right in". This, Dell D610's, HP 2740's, all machines that were old news by the time win 7 rolled around, and all machines I need to install drivers onto when routinely rebuilding them for freebie handouts.

No wonder you find mint a challenge, you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about.

>> No.58835150

Are capture cards straightforward and sophisticated enough to route output from my cable box into MPC and upscale it onto a monitor in lieu of using a tv? Further, how is the quality of a monitor relative to a tv? I have seen implication that IPS is an inferior panel tech for tvs, but I get the impression that that is only due to black levels.

I'm struggling to decide between getting a 4k tv for upscaling and getting a 1440p144hz monitor within my budget constraints.

>> No.58835177

Dear god you sound autistic. Most machines, even old ones, are quite functional after installing Windows 7. Your garbage cans that you call computers seem to be a special case, and not unlike what it was installing a fresh installation of previous Windows versions.

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Should my swap be at 0k?
what twitter accounts should I follow?
unrelated questions

>> No.58835206

Why would you answer these questions?

>> No.58835219

I'm simply drinking beer and entertaining myself.

>> No.58835240

When I plug in my USB drive, I only get a few options in gparted to format it to
I need to choose either fat32 or fat16 in order for the drive to be readable by Windows, and I can't. Why is that?

>> No.58835298

Not every linux distribution has the FAT formatting tools installed by default.
Check if they're installed and try again.

Also, for a flash drive that you want to use with Windows, use exFAT.

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File: 54 KB, 420x379, 1047657485213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> All these generalisations
> Calls some of the highest selling and best supported (by everyone but Microsoft) business machines of the era "garbage cans"
> Still can't explain why an OS that was released a few years after these machines does not support basic and common as fuck hardware like the broadcom netxtreme LAN chipset or the Q35 display chipset.

Next thing you're going to tell me is Dell, Acer, Toshiba and HP all maintain driver download sites out of the goodness of their hearts. Why would they bother if MS is so on point with drivers? Surely MS could just roll down new drivers as updates instead of leaving it up to the manufacturers, no? And again, zero problems with mint on any of these machines. Only reason mum is getting win 7 is because she's used to it, and it's not worth the shitfit to try and change her over.

Say hi to your dad for me next time he's rebuilding your gaming rig for you xx

>> No.58835330

I've used them before on the same drive. Now it's not letting me. I was previously using it as a boot drive for Ubuntu for a friend's netbook. I formatted it completely, erasing everything on it, and then tried to format it again using gparted, and now this is happening.

>> No.58835352

>business models
Oh. Perhaps you should shift the blame from MS to the companies for making different (not better or more efficient) technologies for consumers and companies.

>> No.58835391

I've never actually used gparted before, as I just normally just fdisk + mkfs.whatever myself, so I don't really know how it works.
It's very unlikely that it's the drive itself, but you could look at another drive and see if that works.
Maybe you did a package upgrade which made the *FAT tools incompatible with gparted, or a package auto-remove that likes to automatically remove a bunch of shit you actually want (APT is known to do this).

>> No.58835406

>APT is known to do this
Of course it is. So how do I check that things are installed correctly? Do I just reinstall gparted?

>> No.58835422

Just check if the dosfstools package is installed.

>> No.58835425

I'm not shifting the blame anywhere. >>58834946
Is asserting that Win 7 works right out of the box, I'm demonstrating that it doesn't. And again, I have never had had to install drivers for a mint install. If I'm honest, being the winbabby that I am, I'd struggle to do it.

None of this changes the fact that the cited chipsets are common as fuck across hardware of that era, business machines or not. Make what you will of the fact MS didn't think to include a generic driver for them like they do for disk and chipset controllers, but it is ludicrous to state that "drivers are there and fit right in" when they are demonstrably not.

>> No.58835452

>The only other one is maxed out, so I'll start

> 200 replies


>> No.58835465

Of fucking course it was that simple. Thanks, anon.

>> No.58835529

What's currently the best way to pirate the Adobe Create Cloud? Or is it even possible? Is it possible to sign up for the free trial and then block any of the Adobe software from ending the trial?

>> No.58835602

how long can thermal paste last in packaging? I have mx-2 from 2012, it says it has 8 year durability but I just dont know it seems really liquidy for a pste

>> No.58835616

I have a Dell Inspiron 15-3521 that I got brand new in 2013. I haven't replaced anything in the laptop except the HDD and the RAM (which I upgraded to 8gb)
Do I need to replace my thermal paste any time soon? I've used it as a daily driver since 2013, and I've stressed it to a point that it should never have been stressed to a few times.

>> No.58835735

check the date?

please respond when you find out about your silliness

>> No.58835772

My laptop battery died and I got a new one. The seller told me that I must let it charge for 3 hours while the laptop is off and then use it without plugging it in. Is what he says true? How do I maintain it?

>> No.58835781

I'm trying to read an EPUB file in the Calibre reader since it doesn't show up right in SumatraPDF.
Said file mostly consists of pictures, while Calibre is clearly set up for pure text.
My problem is that I can't figure out how to make the page itself larger instead of just the font size of the text, and that I can find no way to toggle a two page spread mode, but that I can live with.

I've tried circumventing the whole mess by converting the file to a PDF, but it stops at 47% after getting there in five seconds.

>> No.58835895
File: 163 KB, 1356x462, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Search complete, couldn't find shit captain.

>> No.58835964
File: 141 KB, 845x545, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58836051

You're fucking right, what? I didn't look at the time when I posted >>58835452, I just saw more replies and assumed older thread. If I view them in the catalogue I see that >>58829349 was indeed posted first, but viewing them via the link shows a different post time for >>58829349. That's a bit bizarre.

Hover the links in >>58835452. You seeing that shit as well?

>> No.58836099

How can I move Firefox tab window from top to the side?

>> No.58836150
File: 38 KB, 678x468, 750Car2_678x452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does it mean when an SSD supports encryption?
>AES-256, TCG Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667 (eDrive)

Does it mean full disk encryption is handled by some dedicated chip on the SSD?
With no performance loss, even if I put it in an old PC with a C2D?
Or should it be paired with a CPU that also supports the same encryption, for no performance loss?

>> No.58836202
File: 233 KB, 1205x659, 5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally took the screenshot from your post
Literally can't see it from the catalogue.

>> No.58836249

I have two weird issues with my laptop, I usually try to fix shit myself but now I don't get it.
It stutters a lot, a lot. On desktops, opening programs, folders, files, playing game, etc. Even games that I could play with no problem before are stuttering.
And another thing that I've noticed is in some games the stuttering only happens when I do an action for the first time (Like picking up x weapon in Hotline Miami or shit like that).
My laptop is not really that powerful but the fact that some games that I could play fine are unplayable right now is really bugging me.

so what is wrong with the laptop ?

>> No.58836265

forgot to mention that the stuttering doesn't happen when using Ubuntu on the same laptop, only W10 fucks up obviously.

>> No.58836333

What laptop?

>> No.58836375

An HP I don't have the serial number but I have the specs which are more relevant, I forgot to add them.
CPU: Intel Core i3-5010U 2GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500

do you need anything else ? I've thought maybe the HDD is at fault but I don't know how to investigate that

>> No.58836484

How do I convert this to g++ asm? It won't run in NetBeans. It can't recognize the (naked) either.

double inline __declspec (naked) __fastcall sqrt(double n) {
_asm fld qword ptr [esp+4]
_asm fsqrt
_asm ret 8

>> No.58836610

How do I block a script of this type on a site?
For example

It detects my adblocker and then redirects me to a URL of the form http://www.zeperfs.com/en/matchsel.htm#random numbers
I tried just blocking the elements that it loads, but I can only make it work for that specific random number, then it just generates a new one anyways.

>> No.58836632

The only thing different is you have to use a disc instead of a USB. You can burn your own CD too. Windows 7 works just fine on my Skylake setup

>> No.58836787

can i run this game?

i have a laptop (LENOVO ideapad 300)

-Windows 10 64

Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3700 @1.60GHz (4 CPUs). ~1.6GHz

according to cpuboss.com my CPU is better than the minimum required one, is it?

all dxdiag says is 'Intel(R) HD Graphics'
but apparently i have 'Braswell HD Graphics 405' if google what gpu goes with my cpu

when i check GPU properties:
Total Available Graphics Memory: 2132 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 128 MB
System Video Memory: 0 MB
Shared System Memory: 2004 MB


-DirectX 12

i understood the' Dedicated System Memory' is my VRAM and used to think i can only run games up to 128 but then i tried this game

it runs perfectly and it needs 384 MB of VRAM

so now from what i understand my VRAM is the 'Shared System Memory' and apparently i have 2GB so can i run Stellaris with its 1024MB VRAM requirement???

And another little question:
How come i have DirectX12 when the GPU page (http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-405-Braswell-Benchmarks-and-Specs.169241.0.html) says i can only support DirectX 11.2 ?

i will appreciate a detailed answer, i want to understand this subject and not need to ask each time i want to try a new game.
thank you for giving your time to help me

>> No.58836853

4chan images just stop loading after I've loaded like couple of them

fucking is2 server kys hiro

>> No.58836865

Probably not run as in "stable fps and enjoyable user experience", but can't you just buy game from Steam, install and test it for 2 hours under full refund if it doesn't work

>> No.58836930

say I run bitcoin mining for a month solo on a mid to high end computer

am I more likely to win the lottery than to solve a block?

>> No.58836998

Can Java interfaces inherit other interfaces and classes? Or only other interfaces or only other classes?

>> No.58837042

i want to understand this subject, i brought this game as a relevant example since i want to play it

also my internet is not the best and it's a shitty feeling to download a file that size just to find out it doesn't work

>> No.58837069

I don't think Stellaris is a "informative game about space", it's just a Europa game with graphics changed to space.

Read a book!

>> No.58837071

What media player will let me select part of the song/video to loop it

>> No.58837089

i meant 'the subject of the relationship between computer hardware and games, and how to know if my hardware is good enough to play a specific game'

>> No.58837095

Oh, lel. Retarded me.

>> No.58837115

Can something bad happen if I use a 12V 1.5A DC power supply on a device that originally came with a 12V 3.0A DC power supply?
It's specifically about using the power supply of an old model external HDD for a new model external HDD that has an added USB hub. I'm hoping it will just work, and at most the USB hub will just not work, which I do not care about.

>> No.58837122

You'll likely end up losing your money either way. Lottery tickets cost a certain amount of money, and mining for bitcoins requires a high-end device requiring a lot of wattage meaning your electiricity bill will grow.

Best chance of gaining a quick buck would be purchasing about 800 4chan passes and selling them in the black market for 20 bucks a piece.

Br, not moot and certainly not Hiro

>> No.58837178

"hey kid, kid, come to the bushes a sec, WANT TO BUY A 4CHAN PASS?? only 20$ boi"

>> No.58837192

I do not pay for electricity, desu.

I know that my expected reward is lower than what it costs though.

>> No.58837884

Are video games for children only?

>> No.58837928

Are you me ?
I've thought about that for a while but never started doing it.
It's still just an idea inside my head.

>> No.58838409
File: 4 KB, 540x455, css_problem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've been trying to google this for an hour or so, but because all the terms are to generic I can't seem to find anything usefull.

I want to do something fairly simple.

Div 1 (the black box) is my header, which has a width of 100% (and a min width).

Div 2 (red box 1) is a button which needs to be alligned left.

Div 3(red box 2) contains a button and a widget section, which needs to be centered.

Somehow I can't seem to get this to work in CSS, any help is much appreciated.

>> No.58838493

Give the black box position:relative;, give red box 1 position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;, and give red box 2 a width:200px; or however much you need, and margin 0:auto;.

Position:relative on the black box means that any absolutely positioned elements inside will position themselves not to the document, but the first relative/absolute element, so in this case the red box 1 will be in the top left corner of the black box.

absolute positioning the red box takes it out of the normal element flow, so red box 2 can be centered normally (by making its left and right margins automatic, and giving it a fixed width) without red box 1 affecting it in any way.

>> No.58838602

I have a moto G3 that isnt working, the home button doesnt return to home and i cant factory reset it.

How do i fix it?

>> No.58838625

How to bypass a Dell Latitude Secure Password on the Bios ?

>> No.58838744


Works perfectly! Thanks for the detailed explanation it helped a lot!

>> No.58838781

is $300 did a 64gb wifi only Microsoft surface good or bad?

>> No.58838837
File: 537 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-08-02-41-21-905_org.mozilla.firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is likely stolen right? what's the catch? he says it's not icloud locked

>> No.58838851

>what's the catch
It's Apple shit-top.

>> No.58838877


>> No.58838885

You bee robbed/raped when you arrive to hold the transaction.

>> No.58838929

i need one for ios development

thats why you meet in crowded places and bring a friend

>> No.58838988

Was this not stupid enough of question ?>>58837042

>> No.58839070

where do you think you are?

>> No.58839087
File: 92 KB, 645x796, b2qwJKg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i prevent this PoS from showing pictures centered and with a black bg?

>> No.58839107

make your browser window smaller

>> No.58839160

I also have the option of using the 3.0A adapter, but that would mean I'd be using the 3.0A adapter on the 1.5A HDD as well. Is that a better option?

>> No.58839161

Not what i meant, smartass. They used to show aligned to the top left and with a white background, and suddenly today i'm seeing this shit

>> No.58839169
File: 12 KB, 302x167, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am moving soon and will need to buy a portable wifi/dongle to browse internet for a couple of weeks

How much data does 4chan use on average? Lets say, 1 hour of browsing? It can't be much right, assuming I don't open images?

>> No.58839320

Try Vivaldi, I guess.

>> No.58839323


When I found out the PSU was no good, I didn't smell anything burning, no popping noise. If you were to press the power button, every 5th time or so the CPU fan and GPU fans would spin up for a second, but back down. Also the "Power" LED on the motherboard was lit up the entire time, so the mobo detected power from the PSU.

>> No.58839327
File: 14 KB, 562x397, PrtScr capture_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm using turbo boost on this thing. Are there any downsides to overclocking? Idle temp seems good.

>> No.58839376

Sup /g/
I got a Lenovo Y-700 not long ago(don't bully) and it came with a preinstalled win 10 (home edition). I basically couldn't be bothered and used it as it is, happy that I finally have a licensed OS and don't need to worry about anything except for invasive spying.
Lately it began working like shit, so I'm doing a clean install.
>Should I in your opinion install win 10 again, or can I install my beloved win 7 according to the /g/ wiki guide?
>Will the drivers for win 7 work properly?
>Is there a workaround that lets me install the latest Visual Studio on win 7? last time I checked they were not compatible
>will I be able to use the majority of the programs and games that will come out over the next years/came out in the past two years?
Could not find definitive answers on the web regarding this model, which is the reason I am bothering you
Please help

>> No.58839490

what browser are you using?

>> No.58839509
File: 314 KB, 400x400, 1466812157087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to learn a meme language, common lisp or rust?

>> No.58839513

I'm trying to run Kareha on my ubuntu server but it's not running the .pl as a page, it just shows it as text

I'm really newbie with how things in Ubuntu function, should it not be in that folder? I've seen a lot of documentation suggesting I add .pl to a text doc somewhere but I have no idea what to nano

>> No.58839638

have fun having your private user information on various websites including banks stolen

just change your theme

>> No.58839651

is windows 10 worth buying or is it safe/simpler to pirate when installing on a new pc?

>> No.58839765

>Windows 10
>it's actually very fast and good on a live usb
what happened?

>> No.58839812

Would placing plastic foam in my computer reduce noise levels, or do i need genuine sound dampening foam?

>> No.58839948

how do y'all follow the news
i want to understand the world and shit, should i just browse news sites or how do people keep up these days

>> No.58839960

Pirate it.

Spend money on better hardware.
Pirate 7.

>> No.58839993

Why does this command not work anymore?
wget -P $DIR -nd -nc -e robots=off -rHD i.4cdn.org -A "*.jpg, *.png, *.webm, *.gif" -R "*s.jpg" $LINK

It hasn't worked for a while now, but I've never cared enough to inquire as to why.

>> No.58840022


pls help

>> No.58840081

HDD is damaged.

Open speccy>Storage>SMART attributes.

Post a screenshot of that.

Then install HD Tune pro and do a benchmark test with nothing running.

>> No.58840165

My laptop's screen is broken but it still works well if I plug it into my TV via na HDMI cable.

I started the update to the 1607 version of Windows and after it rebooted, I think it may not have loaded the graphics driver so it didn't display an image on the TV.

Will plugging in a VGA cable work during that initial setup of Windows?

>> No.58840179

Is getting an i7 7700k a meme or not? I'm wanting to build a new computer soon and really don't want to worry about upgrading it for a while.

>> No.58840201

If you are booting into safe mode or reinstalling yes, VGA should work.

>> No.58840218

Any unlocked i5/i7 will last you years.

>> No.58840224

Glad to hear that. Thanks, anon.

>> No.58840245

Okay I'm doing that
But if HDD is damaged how come it doesn't happen on Ubuntu (installed in the same HDD)

>> No.58840290

Anyone have the guide for removing W7/W8 telemetry updates? I need it for someone else.

>> No.58840405
File: 50 KB, 740x665, smart1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the screenshot you asked for

>> No.58840452
File: 93 KB, 1600x900, 2015-11-30_203000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My laptop came with windows 8.1 and I upgraded it to 10 to see what the fuzz was about.
It was a mistake, obviously. It's auto updates and intra-ads are annoying as hell. I feel insulted using it.
I'm desperately going back to a previous windows.
My question is: windows 7 or 8.1 ? I know 7 works like a charm and you can set it up with DAZ and whatnot. Is there anything like that for windows 8.1?

>> No.58840463


>> No.58840469

always bet on 7

>> No.58840489

I hear ya. I was asking about 8 cause I've never really tried it and so it seems a bit more intriguing/entertaining.

>> No.58840497

here's the test

I don't know how to interpret it, but it looks bad right ?

>> No.58840517
File: 67 KB, 1366x675, yabai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot the file

>> No.58840555

>>>58828235 (OP)
>Anyone have the guide for removing W7/W8 telemetry updates? I need it for someone else.
Check my digital life forums w7 section.

Reallocated sector count doesnt look good at all.

8.1 only if you have a touchscreen.
7 if you dont.

Yes that looks bad, are you really sure you dont have anything running in the background?

>> No.58840599

>Yes that looks bad, are you really sure you dont have anything running in the background?

All programs are closed but there's still things in the task manager obviously, when I started the test the disk usage was at 0% in the task manager.

>> No.58840682

What cpu + motherboard combo would you recommend then for around the price of a 7700k + mobo?

>> No.58840702
File: 44 KB, 1343x592, test..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another test

>> No.58840737

So, the optical drive in a customers laptop doesn't work. At all. It can read a disc, but it can't read it well enough to boot from it, nor to write anything to it.
I have only a 2gb usb drive, and I want to install a version of Windows for them. They want 8.1, but I don't have anything large enough to store it on to boot from without losing a large chunk of my data.

tl;dr how do I install Windows 8.1 with a 2gb flash drive and no working optical drive?

>> No.58840770

come on, everyone have better than that in the CURRENT YEAR

>> No.58840899

I could use some help with a bit of Python syntax.

I have some lists, for example
line0 = list("hi")
line1 = list("hello")

I need a loop for something; is there a number formatting thing I could use to access my line variables incrementally?

>> No.58840921


>> No.58841027

Is2 and Is servers are slow as shit, use host files to use the cdn one instead.

>> No.58841067

Right, I should have figured such. I even have one set up already. Derp

>> No.58841095

I need an insult for my friend who's a full stack developer and a software engineer/solutions engineer. Pls help

>> No.58841164

If I install a linux distro on a computer, then move that drive to another will it still work?

>> No.58841165

>solutions analyst/software engineer
>friends plural

>> No.58841235

Depends if your hardware is supported.

Like when I switched motherboards, I had to install new firmware for my wifi card.

>> No.58841277

Will it still boot up at least so that you can do just that?

>> No.58841299


>> No.58841308

Will clonezilla work just fine if I'm make an image to clone onto my ssd if it's all the same stuff? Same components, still Windows 7, etc? I was reading about sector/block sizes but I can't tell if that just changes from OS or from SSDs.

>> No.58841374

Thanks, senpai.

>> No.58841506

Bonus to this. Is using Samsung's One Stop/Data Migration worth using?

>> No.58841532

Can I just clone a drive to a drive to another and have everything just work? I'm planning on using clonezilla from a lubuntu live cd.

>> No.58841622

int factorial(int n)
if (n==0 || n==1)
return 1;
return n*factorial(n-1);

I need something about basic recursion explained. You see the n before the function is called? Why doesn't that decrement with each calling? Only the n in the parenthesis is decremented each time

So if I input 6 it becomes 6*factorial(5)

But then the next time it's 6*factorial(4), why isn't it 5*factorial(4)?

>> No.58841643

That looks 100% normal.

Try reinstalling windows.

>> No.58841666

>But then the next time it's 6*factorial(4), why isn't it 5*factorial(4)?
It is, wtf are you talking about? How do you think the first check makes sure it doesn't loop forever?

>> No.58841692

seriously ? I can't do that this week, but is there something else that maybe at fault that I can fix ?

>> No.58841714

I'm fairly sure that my ISP is blocking a certain TS server I'd like to join. I can connect when I use data on my phone, however I'm not able to pay for that currently. How would I go about setting up a vpn just for Teamspeak?

>> No.58841730
File: 7 KB, 222x122, Screenshot_2017-02-07_23-00-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

#include <stdio.h>

int factorial(int n)
printf("n=%d, n-1=%d\n", n, n - 1);
if (n == 0 || n == 1)
return 1;
return n * factorial(n - 1);

int main()
return 0;

>> No.58841834

Roommate wants me to fix his PC.
Shit's fucked I guess. Says his FB and email were hacked.
Convinced he has a virus on his phone despite it being very unlikely that is the case. I will have fun trying to explain that later.

I don't really know what to do in this situation.
I usually just nuke the OS if it gets too fucked, but I can't do that because he doesn't want to lose files, and I can't be assed to back his stuff up. (He also doesn't have his windows key anymore, and I'm not about to teach a retard how to use linux.)

What's the best way to approach this? I'm probably going to stick a USB in with malwarebytes and scan, but what about the network?
We share it, and I'm a fucking idiot when it comes to networking. Is there a possibility that it's compromised?

Also, best real-time AV protection to make sure this doesn't happen again? I'm a fan of bitdefender, but I don't know if their 2017 free edition is any good.
He obviously has none running right now, and is too much of a dunce to watch what he downloads.

>> No.58841884 [DELETED] 


Oh shit I get it now, I was reading it the wrong way...

>> No.58842119


>> No.58842127

Wait a sec, then why isn't 1 returned when n eventually becomes 1?

>> No.58842317

Relatively best Linux distro to use for an aspiring programmer?

>> No.58842354

What is the best GNU/Linux distro for a twelve year old with adhd?

>> No.58842454
File: 1.03 MB, 268x274, 1472897488139.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58842498
File: 27 KB, 237x271, haha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58842510

Looking at this ASUS laptop:

I'm looking for something with a DVD drive, a good processor for running simulations (MCNP), and a little bit of vidya.

Is this a good laptop for what I want? Any suggestions otherwise?

>> No.58842542 [DELETED] 

I'm trying to install Rockbox on my Sansa Clip Zip and it's not going well - the Rockbox Utility crashes in Windows and has a segfault in Arch Linux when I try to autodetect. Is there a reason the utility is so bad, am I an idiot, or should I just proceed with a manual installation?

>> No.58842573

They all work about the same. It really comes down to how skilled you already are with programming, rather you want cutting edge or stable, and what meaningless team you want to pick.

I personally use Arch. I like pacman + the aur, and think they may be the best package manager. I also like how minimal the original install was, and that I only installed the programs I wanted (although there are definitely more minimal distros). If you know nothing, install *buntu or mint.
Ubuntu for sure. Or maybe Mint.

>> No.58842592

Looks good to me, cheaper models would have less RAM and no SSD.

>> No.58842593

Why does Pajeet love Windows so much?

>> No.58842674

I am new so guess an buntu or Mint it is. Thanks, senpai.

Maybe one day I'll get to Arch.

>> No.58842741

How can I activate windows without buying a product key?

>> No.58842813

I emailed the guy at http://www.suctips.com/ and he gave me a product key.

Is it a cracked code? Probably. Are the FBI outside my window? Perhaps. Is it legal? Maybe. But it did work, so I will give him that.

>> No.58842838

Ani desu desu senpai ~~:)

>> No.58842865

>thinks I spelt senpai on purpose

>> No.58842960

What be the better video player for macOS? Is it mpv?

>> No.58843278

Ubuntu. Learn to keep all your configs backed up somewhere, like in a git repository, so your current install is expendable and doesn't take any of your time. It's not worth knowing how to fix a borked GNU/Linux system if you're never going to be a sysadmin and a reinstall takes literally two minutes. So you just do a git pull during the third minute and you're back in business.

>> No.58843339

Is it possible for an anti-virus program to be infected with viruses itself? I downloaded MalwareBytes once as a pre-emptive measure after a fresh OS install, and I was immediately infected with some kind of browser stealer.

>> No.58843419

The installer might have some kind of malware/virus/etc in it if you didn't get it from the main site or not read through the installation window. Assholes are getting tricky because they know a lot of people just click "Next" without reading. So you might have agreed to install some bs you didn't want.

>> No.58843490

So I guess my next stupid question is, "is ninite no longer a trusted source?"
>if it ever was one in the first place
looks shady as shit but I've never encountered this problem before. The other thing is that I put extra effort into watching all those panels for the extras they're trying to install. I uncheck them all.

>> No.58843623

Never heard of it. Looked it up. Can't say how I feel. I suggest to only install software that has been downloaded from the main developer site. For the most part anyways. If there is no main site, that one can be a bit tricky.

>> No.58843806

ok people. I have someone working for me who knows nothing about computers. Does anybody know free tutorials for complete beginners ? And i mean beginners.

>> No.58843866

They don't need to learn computers, just the applications they'll be using.

>> No.58843878

Fire him. He got hired for a position that requires something he doesn't have, a basic knowledge of computers.

>> No.58843975

ok guys so omegle has a shit bot detection system
basically after a certain amount of chats in a certain time frame, it will detect you as a bot and make you solve a captcha after each chat
the problem is 75% of users are horny dudes who will disconnect on you in 2 seconds, so you inevitably have to start solving captchas even if you're just a regular user
which makes the site unusable because now you have to solve a captcha every 2 seconds
how would one get around this?

>> No.58844053

>BSOD 124
>doing nothing
>i7 6800k
>msi gaming pro carbon
>game boost set to 6
>4.1ghz over clock
>vcore 1.280V
>no BSOD in stress test
what the fuck? Why is this happening? How do i fix this?

>> No.58844066

>get lynda subscription
>plan on downloading videos to watch in free time
>requires drm software with no linux version
>webplayer needs flash
any alternatives that let me download mp4 or something?

>> No.58844069

>find another service/stop using omegle
Really about the choices you have there. Doesn't Omegle let you search for people based on tags?

>> No.58844096

Have you tried bluescreenviewer to look at the dump files? If yes, what did you get?

>> No.58844102

What was that version of Windows 7 being passed around here? IIRC it was very lightweight and came prepackaged with SP1 but no botnet updates. Links much appreciated.

>> No.58844104

well there isn't really an alternative to omegle, it's the only site that does what it does
and I know that there must be something you can do because there's always this one fucker i run into on there who said he bypassed the captcha thing, but i have no idea how he did it
and yes but every tag you can think of is populated by horny dudes and bots
it's ridiculous

>> No.58844137
File: 81 KB, 663x449, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is youtube-dl giving anyone else trouble? I've tried across three platforms and I keep getting errors about the python scripts

>> No.58844226
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>> No.58844240

Youtube-dl was giving me BSOD but I just updated it and that stopped

>> No.58844450

Do you use a Nvidia gpu? If so you might try to update or reinstall the driver. I've heard that "hal.dll" issue can be caused by video drivers or it could be a voltage related.
What stress tests did you do?
That one is tricky. Windows file. So if it's corrupted I believe the best you can do is reinstall Widnows.

>> No.58844647

I'm using a gtx 1080 so it may be the drivers. That would also make sense as I used to get this error while running youtube-dl. I assumed that was cpu intensive not gpu intensive while rerendering videos.

I ran the 'MSI(R) Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility'

>> No.58844925

I'm troubleshooting a Shitdows 10 workstation that has started to act up after years of good service.

The machine gets heavy use and has decided to not boot after an "unexpected store exception". I made the mistake of not getting a dump of the issue as I had work to do.

I shut down the machine (don't do this usually but for pseudotechnical reasons I thought it would help) and now it refuses to boot.

It gets into preparing automatic repair and hangs. I can't boot into various rescue utilities including an official OS CD, an unoficial windows rescue disk, and a USB rescue disk made by a the official Windows util. Yet I can get GNU/Linux live disks to work fine as well as a memtest iso.

I know this is a vague description but anyone have an idea of what could be going on that is preventing any official rescue tools from working? It doesn't make sense to me.

Currently waiting for memtest to finish.

>> No.58844941

I don't know what that does, but you might try three separate programs.
Stress tests your CPU by making it check prime numbers or something like that.

Stress tests your GPU.

>memtestx86 or something like that
Tests your RAM.

First update the drivers and see how that goes. If you still get the error, start with stress testing your GPU. If nothing, try CPU. If nothing, let the memtest run over night, or while you away and not using it for 10 hours, since it can take a while. Generally 3 passes is good enough to say the RAM is good, which can take around 8-10 hours, but it's not 100% full proof.

I'm thinking it's a software issue and not hardware issue just yet none the less. I suppose you could use furmark before and after you update/reinstall the drivers and see if you get any results.

>> No.58845059
File: 49 KB, 869x540, msi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prime95 and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility run in similar ways, but I'll give those a try too. Thanks senpai.

>> No.58845280
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Having some issues with chrome after today's update.

Direct link images are now centered with black background instead of the top left white background align. Colors are also way oversaturated.

Is anyone else experience this on chrome? The most I could find was an empty reddit thread.

I tried to boot into my SSD with an older version and it worked fine before the automatic update fucked it up there as well.

>> No.58845356
File: 826 KB, 1440x2392, LwLxbn2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started learning html this friday so far i have a good grip on whats goin on

BUT i cant get myself to remember somethings like meta bullshit

the only meta thing i can remember on the spot is <meta charset="UTF-8">

i dont have any problems with typing links, imgs, videos or audio

i made a excel document listing the things i notice im not remembering just so i can go back and check

So the question is: how the fuck i get to memorize those fucking thing i just cant get to memorize?

so annoying because i already feel like i get html for the most part and i should be starting to look into css

>> No.58845515

Does you ISP have a lot to do when trying to connect with remote desktop or desktop sharing?

>> No.58845551

I have a folder I've been dumping all my mp3s in for years, is there a program to sort it all without having to go through each file and putting them in the correct folder?

is there a program that creates folders with the correct hierarchy based off the mp3's metadata?

>> No.58846111
File: 29 KB, 320x300, affirmative-action[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there such a thing as affirmative action in the software engineering field? I know it's wrong but I'm wondering if I'm going to benefit from this since I'm a Mexican-American about to get my degree in CS.

>> No.58846212

Seems a lot of companies have some kind of forced diversity quota. So you just might benefit. Of course with the "big bad Trump" companies might be more willing just to "spite" him as if they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

At this point I can't blame someone wanting to take advantage of such a thing as long as it's not abused.

>> No.58846322

Are laptop cooling pads and USB fans just memes or do they really do anything?

>> No.58846812


>> No.58846856

i have an android tv box and i want to loop videos on it. VLC doesn't seem to allow it and i was wondering if anyone knows of other media players that can do that for me? is kiosk legit?

>> No.58846876

>unusual load-related stuttering
>hdd fine
>only in windows
could be horribly fragmented

>> No.58846893

is it up to date?

>> No.58847068

how reliable are the results of a memtest? I'm trying to troubleshoot hardware after what seems like major software corruption following an unexpected store exception

>> No.58847173
File: 988 KB, 1589x1030, why is.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I've been noticing that CAM reports consistently lower CPU usage then Task manager and Resource Monitor.
I'd like to know if there is a reason for this or is CAM just shit.

>> No.58847187

Just started a new build. I had 2 hdd's, an ssd and a regular pkatter, with win 10 on ssd. When I booted, got through bios and said to insert a boot able drive or dvd. Reinstalled the 2nd drive and booted no problem. Then I ran a disc check on the ssd and on boot, got the install boot drive error again. Any ideas what is going on?

>> No.58847191

Grain of salt reliable. The general rule of thumb is three passes in a row and you are probably okay. But apparently with the way it works there could still be an issue even with those. Even with ten passes there could be one. Although I'd say if the memory is really that bad, it won't get past 1.

>> No.58847360

Makes sense. Thank you for the info. The standard test seems to be 4 passes so I will base the decision from those results. So far 0 errors so I doubt the memory is a failing component here.

The problem with the machine (before it shit itself) was that the user was constantly hitting their RAM limit and since Windows starts swapping very early the machine was constantly swapping.
This is an amateur analysis but it seems that swapping must correlate positively with software corruption compared to a machine that is only using RAM

>> No.58847404

I've had to use memtest twice and both times it returned thousands of errors within the first few minutes. Removed the faulty sticks and never had a problem since.

>> No.58847470

Wish this was the case.

tl;dr repair blogpost below
I'm dealing with a strange fuckup where I can't get any official restore tools up and running from external media for some unknown reason.
Every USB/CD made by windows to get me to a network restore hangs on loading while GNU/Linux live ISOs work just fine. This is what I get for relying on baked in Winshit utils for backups/restores...

>> No.58847536

What happens if you connect the storage medium you have Wincuck installed on to a different computer?

>> No.58847642

Other operating systems as well as the BIOS recognize the storage medium on the same computer. Haven't tried pulling and mounting on another device.
Fuck ,
If I did periodic drive images I wouldn't have to fuck around mindlessly..
Can only blame my laziness
Are there people that unironically use stock Windows utils to manage things in production?

>> No.58847734

well, next step is to run a SMART test on the storage medium. Chances are if it's fucked then any external rescue media that is trying to interface with it gets hung as a result.

>> No.58847808

Do entry level positions in information security exist?

>> No.58847834

it's called IT

>> No.58849887

My disks are defragmented every week by the built-in W10 defragmenter, should I use something else ?

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