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ITT: Horrible jokes that have been going on for way too long

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My life

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literally found this on kkk.com

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wrong board, baka

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this desu

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l e im so depressed kill me xd
fuck off back to redd*t you fucking homos

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kill you're are self

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I've never owned nor seen nor heard of any equipment that utilises this port

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Liberal autism major detected

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more like we should nuke that country to end their suffering

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>your favorite distro

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>they get dubs
>you don't
kys yourself

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This thread

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>FOX news hates him

Seems like he fucked up something.

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get off then

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You made it shit.

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elaborate? it seems that the autist would be someone owning such equipment given that it's so hard to find

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>mfw amd64.

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Old video cameras used to use it because it allowed them to upload video a hell of a lot faster than shitty USB 1+2

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x86 is a very good architecture. No idea what you're on about. It has one of the most robust and dev-friendly assembly.

Of course, why did I even assume anyone on /g/ knows anything beyond "NVIDIA IS BETTER THAN AMD FAGGOT" and "WINDOWS 10 HURR DURR"?

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what's wrong with mysql?

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Assembly is only good for 8 bit micros and dsps

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nice english pajeet, do you fix vindows?? I can do one thing

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You tell me. Scalability, Efficiency? Why don't we have x86 in smartphones or routers and other low computing power equipment?

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Power consumption. Designing CPU's for x86 instead of a RISC architecture necessitates higher complexity, and thus, power consumption.

Simple few million transistor RISC design is good for applications of less than a watt.

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Did you unironically expect Linus not to blindly defend x86?

It was his study subject during his Master's!

He worked half his career designing x86 chips!

He's still just a (rather untalented) programmer though. As usual, he focuses his defense on speed and clever kludges - which is nice, but he completely overlooks other factors.

Factor number 1 in my opinion: security. x86 has no proper page protection.

But fuck it, who cares about my expert opinion? I'm not famous, right.

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>x86 is a very good architecture

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>my expert
[citations needed]

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didn't you know, everyone on 4chan is a [technology/car/video%20game/photography/fashion/lifting/sex/psychology] expert who has made at least 1 field-shattering breakthrough in their career

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>Taking the bait :^)

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Different TV broadcast methods.

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These are only relevant in places where they still have analog transmission though.

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VLC media player

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This thread

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>I have not done anything notable in my life but I will make sure to ridicule those that have.

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X86 is risc though

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Yeah, but the ride with x86 will never end. Compatibility, and compatibility on top of compatibility. Unless somebody invents an ARM cpu which can do x86 instructions.

>inb4 arm is shit
fuck you and your whore family.

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Whys this not here?

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>Compatibility, and compatibility on top of compatibility
How much software is written in ASM nowadays?

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Whatever the language, nobody will port the software.

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>implying x86 and ARM are the only architectures there are

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>implying anything else comes close for general purpose computing

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sorry, made it look like there are only two architectures in the world. not the desired effect.

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No it's not.

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>What is a operating system
>Don't know you need assembly in some functions

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Or so would anybody sane think

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>It is also the case that since the Pentium Pro (P6) Intel has been using an internal RISC processor core for its processors.
Please tell the class that you're sorry, or provide an explanation as to why X86 is not risc.

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The context is ambiguous here, neither of you are wrong

x86 is a CISC architecture - and needs to be decoded as such - but for the discussion of power consumption, the Execute core architecture is more significant than Decode. Ultimately, it probably depends on what size chip we're talking (Xeon vs Quark)

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Well I guess the Famicom is x86 too, since I run FCEUX on my desktop.

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fuck you mit nigger

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Shit if we're going to include emulation literally everything is X86 then.

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Molex needs to die a painful death.

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And what should be used instead? The only recent device using PowerPC is Wii U, ARM is still not there yet and shit like MIPS better not be mentioned anymore.

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That's the only thing I've ever used it for.

That and a really old external hard drive for the same video class.

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Serious response.

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Why were you on there? Are you a nazi or something?

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you have 45 minutes to explain in detail why x86 is an inherently bad instruction set other than 'it just is' and 'muh phone has lotsa battery life', taking into account the actual uses cases where x86 overwhelmingly dominates any and all RISC architectures and compatibility with existing software.

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Holy fuck how many times do I have to explain this to you doubleniggers?
X86 is risc. It has been risc since Pentium pro.
Front end pretends to be X86 cisc, but past the decode it is all risc. It's not quite as efficient as a pure risc processor but it gets close enough.

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old external hdds, cameras, camcorders, ect ect.

basically if it needed throughput and could go faster than usb it would have firewire.

anymore... not much use.

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>hell of a lot faster
>80MB/s vs 48MB/s
the only redeeming quality was DMA

>it died because of small ($0.25) royalties

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>blindly defend x86
He's got a shitload more points for it than you and about a decade of direct experience working with the architecture (at that point) behind his opinion. What do you have? A bunch of bullshit arguments rooted in trivial idealistic/aesthetic perspectives? Some talking points and ancient benchmarks from '90s workstation vendors that went under the second mainstream PCs became powerful enough to compete with their products?

RISC and CISC are dead, stop living in the past.

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>>I've never owned nor seen nor heard of any equipment that utilises this port
joke right?
>>Horrible jokes that have been going on for way too long

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Reminder that the removal of leftpad, a npm package that's single purpose was to pad zeroes onto a number (7 =>0000007) crippled the entire node ecosystem.

It turned out that leftpad was up the chain somewhere in the dependencies of so many packages.

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1) Stay triggered, faggots
2) Stay on topic
Stop trying to derail the threads, cucks

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>Just turn it off
Yeah I wish I could.

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>x86 has no proper page protection.
Explain please

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It's less of a joke than C++.

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underrated post

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>He wanted Itanium shit instead of x86-64

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i hate npm so much.

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x86 is a CISC architecture, but because it is so shit (especially to decode) every semi-modern x86 CPU translates the cisc opcodes into RISC . then these RISC opcodes get executed

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what's wrong?

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write functioning javascript engine/JVM/LLVM alternative implementation in rust.

Then we can talk

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Just because most famous CISC architecture implement some instructions by using other instructions inside processor firmware doesn't make it RISC.

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yeah wait..let me cargo my firefox real quick....

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Compare it with this map

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It's almost like there's a connection.

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Daily reminder that no one is entitled to the presidency and perhaps after being in politics for ~40 years Hillary should know how to beat a reality TV star who picked it up as a hobby last year

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It's called GIMP because your productivity takes a serious hot when you switch from professional closed source software by Adobe

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So it's a chip with a CISC instruction set and a RISC architecture hidden behind a translation layer

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the assembly language is CISC, which gets converted to an internal risc-ish representation by current intel x86 CPUs

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assembly is still faster than anything else, even on x86 which has very good compilers

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it's not about 'assembly' making programs faster.

C/C++ or any other programming languages' fail to teach compilers enough detail not to fuck up cache line/instruction schedule/register allocation/anything else interesting, whereas skilled programmer should be able to write better code as it's his idea after all.

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>tfw rust niggers fail to understand how rust compiler is written

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Every single power supply today can run on any voltage, only the different power plugs really matter nowadays.

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quit using it then
also stop making bait threads outside of /b/, nigger dipshit cancer

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Isn't it self hosted now?

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His points are propaganda. He was a shill for a x86 CPU designer, namely Transmeta. Stay mad.

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>how rust compiler is written
With rust?

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Fight me

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>implying LLVM is written in rust

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Anon can't explain because he's wrong. Or, maybe he's just an autist who will say something like "8086 is technically x86", knowing full well that's not what anyone is talking about.

>> No.58778813

It is, and has been for a while. Of course, there's still >>58778743

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Could you please refute his points so we know better then?

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> voltage in africa
topest bait

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