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>want to copy a file in Linux
>have to type cp


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use scp or rsync. The base copy command is unreliable anyway.

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is that like soft cp or something?

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Where'd you learn that?

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Why are wintoddlers so superficial?

Legit question here.

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You have to go back, normie.

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i'd like to try her raspberry pi if you know what i mean

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>Be a woman
>Have to type 'man' to know more about a program

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unzip; strip; touch; finger; grep; mount; fsck; more; yes; fsck; fsck; fsck; umount; sleep

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You have to go back, reddit.

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OP is autistic, scp is Secure Copy based on the SSH protocol. It's used to copy files over networks using SSH.

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no one will hear your screams, sweetie

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who is this system daemon?

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I had an SWF that was much better from years ago when I browsed /f/ but I lost that folder

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is that the one off silent witness as a child

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scp source

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alias man="woman"

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startle3 startle3 startle3 scream5

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>'woman' just calls 'man' in the background and makes it do work

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maticagames is her youtube channel

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indeed, pottery

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>using scp for local file transfers to avoid typing 'cp'

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>"Your logs show that you have typed 'man cp'. That's it, you're coming with me fucko."

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how do I put a process bar to the cp command

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fucking lol'd harder than i should've

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>want to get a free COBOL compiler
>has to install Linux


Thankfully, there's a solution.

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In .bashrc
alias 'ep'='cp'

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Why are these threads allowed? It's like WinCTR is trying to fuck up /g/.

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Pick one.

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I'd want to give her more RAM and bash her back door with my dongle

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t. mudslime immigrant

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Washed up, old hag detected

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ugh, too old

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In this case woman is man, so really just a cross dresser
Need a function for any calls to be involved

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ew, she already got blacked and chinked

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