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>mfw Indians are leading most of the top tech companies but /g/ still doesn't recognise the Indian masterrace

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Let's see how long before a smart ass comes along with "POO IN THE LOO" or "DESIGNATED".

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White boys are just afraid of indians.

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Indians are white

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It's a simple inverse proportion between penis size and technical skill.

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You know what he meant. Indians aren't 100% white.

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There are no 100% whites.

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>all those companies doing badly

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>announces record profits
>doing badly

>Totally refines product line with Surface
>Windows' Creator's update with overwhelmingly positive response
>doing badly

It's like you're not even trying [email protected]

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those are some smelly companies

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>literally running off ad revenue and not currenlty having competition, something easily resolved if any of the other video platforms received investment

>about to close the failing games division

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>games division
Boy, you're really reaching to find something aren't you? I'd be surprised it their games division even contributes to more than 0.0001% of their revenue.

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Citation needed, nigger.

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indian mustardrace reportin in
back the fuck off, white bois

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Indians are Aryans to be honest. SIKHS are fucking bros

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Is it really a good thing? Everyone who knows an Indian, knows they only good at bullshiting. They got their CEO jobs by stealing credits and lying their ass off. You know it's true.

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I spit in your general direction

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>8 people make for the ~2 billion street shitters

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Nice try pajeet. Everyone knows they're only diversity hires so that the companies seem (((diversified))). It's a PR thing.

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>indians are aryans
don't use words you just heard

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>diversity hire
Do you even know why they do diversity hires? It's to pad their minority percentage. To do this, you give the CEO position?

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all those companies were started by whit bois indians just got on the ride when they already got big

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Aryan master race reporting in. Kys faggot.

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>The Global League of Indian Companies:

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and if the smartest 1% flee a country of 1 billion, and 1% of those do well in business, you could still expect many more Indian CEOs than there actually are.

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The fact that you know that you have a designated shitting street is enough already, Pajeet. Don't you have some women to go rape too?

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Because indians make good puppets.

They are elected to be CEO by the board members, don't you know shit? These aren't private companies.
They can sit in the chair but they don't make any actual decisions.

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Atheist: 1
Macfag: 0

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The CEO is the ultimate diversity hire. That way the board can say "look we hire poos and niggers look at our CEO". Don't be so naive.

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>mfw Indians are Caucasians and thus ''white bois''

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I don't hate Indians but I just dislike some. And for to say, assholes and other idiots exist in every community or country but in the case of India, the majority of the bad news that come out are rape cases. The Indians living outside the country India are the best Indians. Yes, I'm actually saying that. I had an Indian friend as a roommate while in New York and he was the broest bro of my friend's circle. Super helpful and super motivated to do any stuff that is given to him. As an American, I have to say to other Americans or white people in general that these motherfuckers are taking our jobs because they can work for less but you could also do it if you are well competent enough. I work at a small tech company here in LA and I think 30-40% employees here are Indians. They do their jobs well quite awesomely. Hell I'm even dating an Indian girl in her 20s and might even marry her. She's the sweetest person I've met in my life.

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But Sikhs are Indians too you idiot.

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my dad rajeshwaran is the owner of a mobile repair shop far far in mumbai my dad is masterrace

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Vajayjay Banga sounds like a good Indian movie if you know what I mean.

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yeah and you'd know all about that. seriously, the fucking autists on this board

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masterrace when it comes to a race to the bottom

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But who's the most powerful?
Say bye to your h1b pajeet

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>something easily resolved

Yeah okay. I'm super sure you're a genius and no investor or company has ever thought of this and this will magically happen soon.

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I work for [Big American Finance Firm]

Indians getting to higher positions is a signal of failure. Means everybody who can is leaving and they are filling the ranks with cheaper losers.

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>as if anyone cares
o im laffin

>overwhelming positive response
>even though people are throwing a fit because they took away the option to uninstall pre-installed apps easily

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>dating an Indian girl in her 20s
pics or didn't happen

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The one NEET who knows it all

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>Laughing Colours
Oh the memories

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>Ivan Menezes
>Both name and last names are Spanish

Yeah he is brown too

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>Thinks it's a country

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No. In fact many pajeetinas date white guys.

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Half of them are caucasins. The other are mongoloids and them you got some that are related to aussie aborigonals.

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Its probably a portuguese name. Goans have portuguese names. Frieda Pinto and Dinesh Dsouza are examples. In fact the PM of Portugal is Goan Indian.

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I've seen this a lot on /g/ but where did this start? Is this anything more than a meme like gentoo?

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/int/ but no, India has a huge problem with people openly defecating in the streets rather than an actual toilet.

No they're not, Apu

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I'm pretty sure this thread refers to Indian Americans and shit, not actual natives of India

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>top right
>sihk turban
>not sihk name

what is going on?

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Not him but you're at least partially retarded if you don't know Indians are the origin of Aryans

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Public deification in India is a real thing, their government launched a giant ad campaign telling people to "TAKE UR POO TO THE LOO" that's the actual slogan it's not even a meme. The reason is that Indians think their poo is holy or some shit and they feel like kings because they shit on the street. Look it up

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Not really, just working hard and getting their way up to the point where they build an expansive network of connections

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Indians lie all the fucking time their resumes on LinkedIn are mostly fake. Former CEO of PooNLoo LLC
Graduated from LOO College Sir with a Master's in Electrical Engineering
Master's in Computer Science

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>working hard
My sides. Perhaps the minority. Especially the better-educated ones. But all the stereotypes come from the majority of Pajeets, you know, the lazy lying asshole kind.

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If you doing your masters in Europe, you see this a lot. Let alone bachelor degree, most Pajeets cannot even do basic high school math.

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>Adobe CEO is a poo in loo pajeet

that explains so much

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>yeah and you'd know all about that. seriously, the fucking autists on this board
All? No, but I did take business in University for several years.

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That's disgusting. I've never heard of this holy feces concept once. I know people do it in places you shouldn't but there's no way people would do it in big/industrializing cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. Isn't this a thing in many parts of Africa too? And I'm sure there has to be some line between the poor village and/or uncivilized Indians and the normal ones trying to live working lives.

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Lol, it's obviously not a thing in the cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai.

In some villages (mostly remote people who have never had access to education, electricity or any of the modern ameneties), human sanitation is poor, yes.

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I know those exist and that is what a Pajeet really is, like I know the stereotype to be true for a lot of actual Indians. But then that doesn't make other Indians pajeets, or especially Indian Americans. I mean at least when I hear Indian, I imagine NRI's (people who don't live in India) but are ethnically Indian.

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Idk about other places, but here in Atlanta we have a sizable Indian population, most are first or second generation immigrants.

They're more enthralled with the American Dream than most white people: they want the nice house, two cars, flatscreen TV and tailored suits, and they genuinely believe these things will just be handed to them if they don't even work hard. They're mostly alright, although the men grow mustaches as thick as a straw broom just to stay ahead of the women.

This is all anecdotal, btw, so it's probably different elsewhere.

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Just a reminder not to take /g/ and 4ch in general too seriously.

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Where do you find these people? I've never seen Indians like that outside of India

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That's so strange I literally don't know people like that. Indians have been no different from Asians with tiger moms with what I've both heard and seen. All being pushed to be lawyers/doctors/engineers.

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Pajeet, it's in you all along.

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>top tech companies
the only actual tech companies on that list are botnet mills like adobe who need to ship an RCE per week to fulfill their quota

nice try pajeet

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Only people I know are people who grow up broke who had no choice but to get educated and go to good schools and build everything they could. Nice meme

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>What is Indian brain drain
>What is 40% of Indians living on sustenance farming

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English, Motherfucker, do you speak it?

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> Same shit skin
> Same shit hair
> Same shit eyes
> master race

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>recognise the Indian masterrace
>Indian masterrace

Gee I wonder why.

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Because board members want to blame someone, and Indians like to take it in the ass

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If indians are shit at writing code i can only imagine how they are at designing. I imagine indian civil engineers create designated shitting streets and the boss is confused by it.

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Why god created Indians, Why they even exist ?!

The smart race
The beautiful /smart race
The strongest race.
The labor/drug dealer race.
A horrible mixture of Niggers and Persian genes resulting in abominations, they combines the worst preferences from all genes, and they producing fast, we shall nuke em all!

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