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Hey /g/,

I just got bought a new desktop from Dell, it's an Insperon btw. It's pretty sick but it runs windows 10 and a lot of stuff is confusing or doesnt work. I've been trying to get limewire installed all day and it doesn't work at all. Is this a hardware problem? Do any of you guys have limewire working on windows 10 or do i have to use my windows xp computer and just burn the files to CDs?

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I don't have it, but have you tried running the installer in compatibility mode?

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>using limewire
>not morpheus

fucking kids these days

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>have literally never heard of Morpheus
>some shitter p2p program for winblows only
>last version released in 2007
>closed source
Fucking gross.

Why not just run utorrent 1.8.5. At least then you'll have an actually useful p2p application.

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i havent been on /g/ in a while wtf happened to this board

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/g/'s average age comes down 5 years every year, that's what happened

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is it 2005 again?

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woah limewire is back? not that i care, utorrent is infinitely better anyway

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I don't know where this meme came from, but the gnutella network never went down.

All the lawsuit did was ban limewire from distributing their software

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im not even sure where i heard that it was down.
is the content decent? do you use it

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use gneutella you scrub

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pls tell me how to search files to download in utorrent senpai

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It really feels like stepping back to 2007. All the files are still .avi etc etc.

Though I only ever check. I don't really use it. Soulseek is much better for music, and DC++ is better for most other files.

I just keep a copy of gnutella because why not.

Limewire IS gnutella

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there is also a client called gnutella
it's what I remember using back in the day

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you dont actually search files in utorrent..
you go to a tracker site and download them from there, utorrent takes over and downloads them from there

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>there is also a client called gnutella
Yes, I said as much in the post you replied to...

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limewire is not gnutella, it uses the gnutella network but it is not gnutella, it is limewire

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whats with that star?

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>I just keep a copy of gnutella because why not.
what part of that sentence is hard to understand?

4chan gold account

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>this whole thread


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um the part where you didn't say that until now

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I tried installing Kazaa and it just crashes to desktop in win10 but still works fine in xp

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Make sure to download limewire pro.

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Limewire is a dead app. They released the source code and frostwire picked up were they left off. Unfortunately frostwire scraped it in favor of bittorrent.

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Yeah you gotta use your windows XP pc, limewire doesn't support modern dells.

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no like this fag

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Don't you have a war to be waging on Dipping Dots, Sean?

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>trying this hard to troll /g/

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No but seriously C++ is objectively superior to C. C doesn't even have templates or member functions. Pleb tier language...

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void pointers
>member functions
unnecessary cruft

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>My fellow Americans

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I still use Ares Galaxy though.

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Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

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oh lawd

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use soulseek

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>/g/tards are this gullible
Also underage b&

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limewire #1

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No point in using limewire

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>not using Kazaa.
TMD movies
downloading New York bootleg CAM rips where literally half of the screen is being recorded and you can hear the camera guy laughing and eating popcorn.

god i hated the 3 or 4 disc releases.
200MB x 3 discs.
that would take about 4 8hr nights of downloading from dialup.

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