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When did you realize windows has turned into utter trash?

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Windows 8
Switched to MacOS, feelsgood

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pretty much this, minimalist UI seemed interesting but not when put above functionality and much less when theme consistency is non-existant even among windows own environment.
Add to that Microsoft Botnetâ„¢ as well as extreme bloating with useless shit that was literally already there.
Windows 10 has:
2x Control Panel
2x Calculator
2x Image viewers
2x media players

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Switched to the *nixes 6 years ago now. Got off the windows train long ago and haven't looked back.

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I have to troubleshoot windows machines on a regular basis when at work. The double control panel thing is incredibly annoying and makes no sense whatsoever.

If you're going to revamp your OS you need to completely remove all your legacy crap. Rewrite all of Windows with BSD coreutils and it'd be alright.

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I think Vista was when my interest really started to wane. I went to Mac for a few years, then I returned to 7, which was alright. 8, 8.1, and 10 all pissed on my soul, so I went to Linux full time (always had at least one machine running Slackware). Really not looked back since then.

I have fond memories of Windows 95 + 98 as they were my introduction to computers, but it's become a boring, bloated, nonsensical mess.

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About 5 years ago.

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I left windows when 10 arrived. I've been using GNU/Linux ever since and I've gotten used to it.

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It went to shit after XP

>inb4 windows 7 fanboys

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Windows turns in to utter trash every 1-2 versions. Then it gets good within a couple of years.

Im still waiting for Win10 to get good. Seems like its taking them a long time but I still have faith based on past experience. Im on 7 until it happens.

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since windows vista

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About 6 years ago now.

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when i clicked the windows button and had to wait longer for start menu than for chrome to open. Yes, yes i use an old hdd but on windows 8.1 this worked instantly.

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I'm currently using Windows 10, convince me why I should install another OS

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also i started suspecting it when i installed ubuntu 8.04 and had adsl modem drivers ootb. that was the best first impression ever.

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For an average /v/ tard, you sure are entitled

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If you're happy with it, then you shouldn't. You've probably heard all the arguments already and decided to stick with it, so what's the point?

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And one of those control panels is retarded

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When Winblows 10 got out.. I used to think 8 was bad, but this is absolute garbage.

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Legitimately cringed when I first saw it

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4 years ago, when I bought a laptop that had Windows 8 installed on it, and I realized that microsoft has ceased to care about what their userbase wants/needs

4 years later, I am now a thinkpad + linux guy, and I honestly had no intention whatsoever of going this route, but they forced their longtime users away

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you should stay right there

if you continued to use an actual botnet despite all the warnings and news coverage on it, then you're a fool without the capability of abstract thought

you just see what is right in front of you, and mumble "okaaaaaay" as drool falls from your mouth

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>you just see what is right in front of you, and mumble "okaaaaaay" as drool falls from your mouth
kekt, seems accurate.

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You ignored all the arguments before, so why do you want to hear them again?

You're like Pajeet asking why he shouldn't wash himself in shit.

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Back in 2012 because I didnt enjoy gaming anymore. Now that win 10 is here even if i did want to play games i cant convince myself use that junk.

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I disliked metro, but ads for 10 in my taskbar on 8.1 pro ruined it for me.
Switched to mint cinnamon and haven't looked back.

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The myth about windows botnet/spying was created by linux shills on /g/ and /pol/ long before windows 10 release. Actual windows has no botnet, you just fell for the memes

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Nice rebuttal Pajeet.

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>shilling something that's free
sure thing pajeet

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their innovative 'menu' that isn't even useable

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the irony of the Microsoft's complete failure at UI/UX design is that powershell is a great tool and the windows command line has never been better because of it

I never thought we'd live in a world where I'd actually enjoy banging out scripts meant to run on a windows box

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t-thanks for defending me w-windows

I am using LTSB version btw

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>Oh shit he has actual arguments! Better resort to ad hominem
Shill harder linus

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It looks for copyrighted works on your harddisk and adds you to a naughty list. They plan on periodically disabling software that microsoft determines to be pirated on your computer.

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There were no arguments in that post. Literally just "I'm going to ignore telemetry evidence and blame it all on 4chin Loonix GNUsers." Not even close to an argument.

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Since i had to reinstall windows 95 Every week

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Oh man are you for real? Brb installing gentoo

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>actual arguments
where exactly Radesh?

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>shilling for windows,
>uses jew.png

Pretty accurate

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>Father gets laptop with win 8
>Install updates reminder pops up, clicks remind me later
>install update forces him to reboot and update
>At 91% update fails and changes reverts changes
>Takes 45 minutes for entire process
>After a couple of months he tells me about this issue
>got rid of Windows and installed openSUSE

He's been happy with Linux for two years now

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Well there is no real alternative to windows anyway, so that settles the debate.

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Nice shuttered portholes?

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stop posting

this isn't something that there should be a debate about, its already been proven

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There isn't really. Linux is a barely-supported platform filled with holy warriors more concerned about ricing than making truly functional software (and server software that most people interact with but don't actively use), and macOS is just Linux with a shiny paint job behind a paywall inside a garden of minimum user agency.

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>I'm going to stay on this sinking ship, even though I will drown

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I don't think its utter trash. I use it to play my video games and program everyday.

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>Programming in windows
Shit platform. Historically.

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>sinking ship

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2004, but it redeemed itself with 7 and then 10.

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Has it really? Surely those wireshark screenshots with red circles around "" can be called proof

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>around ""
Just got back to >>>/biz/ NSA/Microsoft Shill

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When I hit the start button and saw there's no "Run" conveniently located

I have to type in "run" in the search box to find it

Fucking Christ

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Compare that to stats 10 years ago. Sinking slowly, but still sinking.

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This. When macos gets overwatch and stops being limited by applel hardware, then we actually have another platform.

right click the start button

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I've found Linux to be a suitable alternative. Does everything I need it to. I would do no more or less with Windows, so to me it's a better choice. Dunno about other people.

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Right click the start button or just win+r. No need to rage, anon

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>Compare that to stats 10 years ago
What's the sinking ship there?

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And considering that the majority of users just use their computers for perfunctory tasks such as web browsing and document editing, literally any other OS would be fine.

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holy fuck

all this time

thanks anons

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>Linux is a barely-supported platform
>macOS is just Linux behind a paywall


Pajeet displays his 'knowledge' about computers.

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and for them chromeOS/macOS is the best option, literally anything else would be too complicated

but they're fine with their mobile devices these days so their input doesn't matter

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When the biggest fanboys have a tough time defending something in it https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/5ovvb1/microsoft_advertises_one_of_its_chrome_extension/

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>expecting technologically correct statement from tech inepts (aka windows users)

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honestly, still use 10 for gayming
I've gotten used to it, even if a few things still bother me
as for botnet, what's the worst that could happen
I'm just a low wage worker who lives in cheap conditions so I can afford to invest for retirement and occasionally buy a cool tower or set of cans
most annoying part is having to go through three different services lists to turn off all the bullshit

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From a computing perspective, I've always been most comfortable working in Linux. I use Windows at work and am okay with the Powershell, but I've always found Linux to work better for me.

Day to day stuff can be completed with any platform. Really the thing that sets Windows apart is gaming support. Since I'm not a gamer, that positive was completely outweighed by all of the negatives of using Windows day to day (for example, my Windows 10 PC at work which would lose its USB drivers every time I booted it, forcing me to remote in each time to reinstall the drivers.)

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well i prefer c++ in order to develop video games. that's what I want to do because it seems the most fun.

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I hope you feel bad about shipping botnet with your games

>> No.58562928

majority of game devs can barely feed themselves with how little money they make in the industry, why the fuck would they care about some botnet lmaooo

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>utter lack of integrity
>can barely feed themselves


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I don't care dude.

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This is why wincucks should be banned from /g/

>botnet in OS
lol i dun care XD

>botnet in compiler
lol i dun care XD

Fucking jews won

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Obtrusive updates later in Windows 7's run and the first previews of Windows 8.

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after that one forced win 10 update that resulted in random bsods
been few months, still not fixed
today went back to 7 and it just works

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I stopped using Windows after 8 was released

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Was working with when I saw a Windows Server machine fail and revert a retarded amount of updates. Even with enterprise versions it's unstable as fuck.

Windows is shit because it is Windows.

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Hmm. I had already disliked it for a while by this point, but probably the time I was setting up a *brand new* computer for someone, and it was so laggy and bloated out of the box that even after disabling many of the startup programs from safe mode, I still had hanging and ended up putting on a fresh install. As you'd expect if you've installed Windows before, it was missing several important drivers, including the network driver, which I had to get on my laptop. Yes, this is annoying, and yes I had run into it before, but after the events I mentioned happening previously, something in me broke. I remember I had a dual boot at home at the time, and I took out my Windows HDD as soon as as I got home.

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Oh, and this was Windows 7, although 8 was out at the time.

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I've been using Windows since 3.1. It's never been good. Microsoft's success was a "right place, right time" kind of success. Windows has always been technically inferior. They take standards and fuck them up. "Embrace, extend, extinguish" was their modus operandi for a decade and the tech community still hasn't recovered. Fuck Microsoft.

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dude your memes are lame and outdated.

>> No.58563197

GNU/Linux was never at 4%...

>> No.58563404

Arguably one of the worst things they did was simplify computing. They made incompetence the norm, leaving the current, interconnected generation on the wrong foot.

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>turned into
It's always been trash.

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pretentious nerds that deserve to be bullied

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They removed the old calculator (at least in win10 pro). Tried copying the old one (from the other PC that still had it) and it fucking didn't work.

>> No.58563664

ltsb has it, ltsb doesn't have the (((new))) calculator

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nice graph m8, must be real

>> No.58564031

When wasn't Windows utter trash?

>> No.58564131

It didn't work because it needs the calc.exe.mui file from en-US folder

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when i installed 10 and was greeted by a fucking mobile interface

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What os can play handle video games like Windows can? If so, I'll gladly switch over.

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Linux plays my games just fine m80, but then I don't play QTE: Infinite F

>> No.58564529

Play better games

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windows vista

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if you don't use windows 10 right now you're basically a hipster. everyone knows it including the people who refuse to openly acknowledge this. you know those argumentative types.

>> No.58564658

I didn't realize Lignux became hipster overnight. Feels hipster man.

>> No.58564670

I mean come on, linux still has windows tearing or thumbnails. Fucking thumbnails...

>> No.58564680

What about those of us who never used Windows?

>> No.58564755

what have you done it to hurt microsoft?

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There's literally nothing wrong with 7.

>> No.58565054


The day I used a Chomebook and decided it was worth switching over to full time.

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When it added the registry.

>> No.58565270

That hasn't been true after the Win9x days. Get on with the times.

>> No.58565360


Before the switch to windows 10

installed ubuntu

Now I have no idea what the fuck it has become

>> No.58565410

My smartphone is my daily driver now. Laptops and towers are dead.

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> Assuming Windows was never not trash

>> No.58565475

nice meme XD

>> No.58565516

That's not trash, that's aesthetic.

>> No.58565554

how do i switch to mac osx on my think pad

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>Not using Vista

>> No.58565960

I wonder what Microsoft was thinking when they made windows 8 and windows vista.
At least 10 is somewhat understandable.

>> No.58566095


Vista was basically just the XP interface with more shiny shit. The biggest complainers were poorfags who refused to upgrade their 90s boxes to run a new OS. Other than the steeper sysreqs it was a decent Windows.

8 was full retard "we want to iOS audience".

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Windows 10. After that abomination I had no choice but to switch to Windows 8.

>> No.58566660

>switch from trash to worse trash

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Works for me. You must be a retard to not know how to use Windows properly.

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are you willing to share that wallpaper?

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fair enough.

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File: 3.16 MB, 5120x2880, Opera Neon Wallpaper 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Awesome thanks a lot!

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The moment I discovered package managers existed on every other OS except Windows. Run one command, updates all programs and OS. No shitty store or ads to deal with that only cover some of your installed software.

>> No.58567446

>not manually typing in each and every new 0 and 1 to update your programs
automation is a botnet

>> No.58567484

i've been running Xubuntu with Compton for about two years now as my primary machine. Works with everything I do, can even play Civ V on it.

I have windows 10 at work and it's shit. i have to unplug my trackball during boot or it will just spin in circles infinitely. multi-monitor support is pretty good though.

>> No.58567502

>Open program
>Anon, you got an update
>Update program
>Keep using my PC as always

Every 3rd party Windows software does this. It's non an issue

>> No.58567547

>>Anon, you got an update
>>Update program
>Wait for the program to use its shitty internal updater
>Some software even launches a whole msi installer instance you have to navigate
vs just typing "sudo apt-get update" or its equivalent to do literally everything at once.

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>Update available
>machine reboots by itself to install windows update
>update available
>successful install
>machine reboots by itself to install windows generic version
>literally every nvidia driver update

>> No.58567761

Thought I was looking at dwarf fortress for a second

>> No.58568619

Windows 7 on my laptop.

Shit didn't booted one day and was tired of fixing shit. Had Linux alongside so I said fuck it. Used the partition as a storage, then one day just wiped the windows partition.

>> No.58568669

>all of this is just happening in the background where I don't care

I can't remember the last time I had an install take over my screen. Actually, some of the Intel drivers are like that on IntensePCs but that's Win 7 which has shit out of box driver support in the first place. Either way, one time thing.

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>not disabling that in group policy

>> No.58568702

When did you realize you were born with down syndrome? Retard.

>> No.58568846

>Linux alongside
>can't even mention a specific distro
>no complaints of anything breaking


Either you're using Ubuntu and only browse Facebook or you just made that up so you could feel like you fit in on an online community.

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>Windows security

>> No.58569204

When I "upgraded" to windows 10.

before that I knew the benefits of Linux and I did agree with the philosophy, but there was nothing really compelling enough to make me move away from Windows, I was pretty fine with a comfortable and familiar windows setup that I had grown up with, the occasional bugginess or whatever was fine, it didn't feel worth the switch to Linux.

But when I naively moved to windows 10, (mostly out of distaste for Windows 8s Metro UI), I immediately started running into problems, weird glitches with menus, pain in the ass ads and bloat, dumb "windows store" crap, programs stopped working, it just generally got even more bloated and crap, forced updates and so on. not the mention all the fucking spying shit. Couldn't take it anymore with things breaking so much, switched over to Linux and things are far better. sure it takes a bit to get used to and you can occasionally run into problems installing shit or whatever but generally things are fine and once I got started it was definitely far better.

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that's why I put it in quotation marks dumb cunt

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Kind of relevant, but the gaming community. Pre-2010 gaming was fun. I've been playing games since 95. When all of the whiny manchildren decided to start playing games and products produced for Windows started catering to these insufferable faggots, that's when I realized.

Then I grew up, started using Unix and Linux at work almost daily in my sysadmin duties and began to severely hate Windows. Windows 7 was tolerable, but now having to deal with the stupid licensing bullshit Microsoft is pulling now plus the removal of offline updates from the knowledge base reveals its full incompetence as an industry OS. They're almost becoming Oracle in the regard to licensing and updates.

>> No.58569343

Windows 10 is better than 7 so i am fine with it

>> No.58569362

> pain in the ass ads and bloat
>dumb "windows store" crap
>programs stopped working
> forced updates and so on

>how to tell when someone has never actually used Windows 10

>> No.58569366

So for a completely clueless retard that is in despair and frustrated at how Windows operates, what Linux distro would you recommend they start with? Bear in mind they have only ever used GUI and never command line in their life to install or do anything.

>> No.58569404

Mint or Ubuntu though if you can't learn how to use Windows you're likely not going to be good with using any operating system. Personally, I think it says a lot about people who don't have the ability to bounce back and forth.

>> No.58569457

That's a pretty broad question because I don't really know what kinds of things you/they do and what they're expecting. There are some things that, unfortunately, require Windows for the utility aspect, but as far as personal preference for doing not graphic or gaming things, I use OpenSUSE. If it's absolutely necessary, I run Windows in a VM.

On my main box, I'm currently in the process of setting up GPU passthrough with KVM on my SSD. I've done it once with Manjaro, but I didn't really like the way Arch was laid out and the AUR is like playing russian roulette.

>> No.58569486

>On my main box, I'm currently in the process of setting up GPU passthrough with KVM on my SSD. I've done it once with Manjaro, but I didn't really like the way Arch was laid out and the AUR is like playing russian roulette.

Do you really think this Winbaby is going to understand any of this? Why are Linux users this bad at understanding their audiences?

>> No.58569506

>I don't understand a term, let me just copy and paste that into google to get a general idea.

Was that fucking hard?

>> No.58569508

definitely 8, when it became entirely clear they had no fucking clue what to do with even the UI

>> No.58569523

Most people really don't bounce back and forth, they stick with one brand and one brand only. An Android phone user wouldn't suddenly be using an iPhone for example.

We're talking about a "user" type of person, a complete consumer that doesn't use the computer for developing anything. Think of how an Android smartphone is typically used for browsing, texting, the occasional phone call, watching videos, perhaps some ebooks now and then.

Surely there's a Linux distro for complete and total retards that don't need to fire up a terminal, not even for changing any configs.

>> No.58569573

>he thinks Linux documentation fucking explains anything

That's really cute. That's a huge issue across the community. They'll say what something is to a certain degree. Nothing EVER explains why you'd want to use it.

Anecdotal but I know plenty of people who go back and forth between Android and iOS.

>> No.58569603

>They'll say what something is to a certain degree. Nothing EVER explains why you'd want to use it.
Linux community: ask them for the time and they'll tell you how to build a clock.

>I know plenty of people who go back and forth between Android and iOS.
You telling me they carry both phones in their pocket or their purse?

>> No.58569635

>he thinks Linux documentation fucking explains anything

>That's really cute. That's a huge issue across the community. They'll say what something is to a certain degree. Nothing EVER explains why you'd want to use it.

Uh, no. There's always links to discussions on Reddit and Stack Overflow with generalized explanations and their use cases. #1 goal to searching is interchanging search terms until you find an answer you understand. If you cannot do this in 2017, stop using a computer entirely, because the world is leaving you behind.

>> No.58569663

>You telling me they carry both phones in their pocket or their purse?

Naw, I know people that have changed over the years. Some back and forth. Some have done one or the other at various times.

>literally have to go to secondary resources to find out what something does and then be lucky enough to find someone who explains it instead of just saying to look it up

> #1 goal to searching is interchanging search terms until you find an answer you understand

Thanks for proving my point.

>If you cannot do this in 2017, stop using a computer entirely, because the world is leaving you behind.

Here's the classix Linux elitism at work. Shitty documentation doesn't mean that the end user needs to get better. You should google around for specific issues and not to found out what something is meant to do in the first place.

>> No.58569668

you literally don't know shit then, I still use Windows on my desktop cause muh gaming, just use Linux on my laptop (which I probably use more) and it force restarts daily, had ads and shit for ages until I force disabled them, and even then they come back due to some updates. It was more buggy back at release, which was when I gave up on Windows and only used it for gaming and did everything else on my laptop running Linux. It might be better now with patches but that doesn't excuse them from the awful state it was in at release.

>> No.58569710

Where are these ads? Why are you getting daily updates? You're literally turning what you've read online into hyperbole.

>> No.58569775

clearly you haven't used Windows 10 then, every time I finish using my PC I put it on sleep mode and leave it, and almost every time I come back it has restarted and I get a pop-up saying "updates installed"

>> No.58569779

Is a professor shit because their students don't have any investigative skills to find answers on their own? The universe isn't made of direct answers and learning how to investigate is a skill that most people who jump into Linux lack. The same applies for Windows or any OS for that matter.

Man pages and wikis have the documentation. It explains the syntax needed. There are discussions elsewhere that explain different processes and techniques. There are dozens, if not hundreds of articles and guides on different things. I really don't know what you're getting at.

>> No.58569819

I'm not saying you should never research and I literally made such a point at the end of my post. I was making a point about how bad developers are about explaining what they made. Documentation 9 out of 10 times completely leaves out context. You have done absolutely nothing to disprove my argumentative that the "why?" is always left out of this.

>> No.58569822

What? macOS is candy, not trash

>> No.58569866

>You have done absolutely nothing to disprove my argumentative that the "why?" is always left out of this.

>You should google around for specific issues and not to found out what something is meant to do in the first place.

And I addressed this. What software doesn't do this? It doesn't matter if it's for Linux or any other OS. Do you even have examples of shitty documentation?

inb4 some github project of a college student

>> No.58569914

>Do you really think this Winbaby is going to understand any of this? Why are Linux users this bad at understanding their audiences?

>technology board
>stop talking about technology because the normies might not understand

>> No.58570021

>What software doesn't do this?

Off the top of my head people have no problem understanding most of Apple's software, Dropbox, Office, Steam, etc.

Meanwhile 99% of Linux software just describes a rough feature set that doesn't say what makes that feature set useful. Now, here's what you're not getting and seem to taking personally or that I think it's bad software: It's very clear that these people are simply developing the software and haven't hired anyone to talk about it for them. You could call this marketing but most of these developers need help for even from even a starter technical writer.

Quick examples off the top of my head:
-Btrfs, where literally WIKIPEDIA and not their own Wiki is a better resource as to why you'd want to use it
-rsync, where they do better but don't really say what their particular advantages are
-Any linux torrent client, where they just spew a feature set and nothing more and sometimes are barely even verbose about that

And so on.

Positive examples: Docker. They literally have a page where they tell you what the fuck is going on with it. Why is this so hard for so many other developers?

For the negative examples i mentioned you literally have to rely on secondary resources for something the developers could write themselves.

>> No.58570090
File: 1.29 MB, 800x628, linux has no gaems goyim - PC.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's very clear that these people are simply developing the software and haven't hired anyone to talk about it for them.
Linux could do with some technical writers to spruce up documentation, or lack thereof. It's the same for marketing. But this is a free as in free beer OS project, so marketing is practically non-existent in the mainstream.

>> No.58570133

This is one of the reasons they can't be taken seriously. There isn't one guy on the team who can actually talk to the public? Perhaps someone who knows it well enough to translate the technical details to something useful on their website? How do people expect the year of the Linux desktop to happen when everything comes off as a hobby project?

>> No.58570165

I actually installed 8.1 and 7 today in that order (needed Windows to use certain music software)

i had heard 8.1 was better than 8 but man, they really fucked it up. After tinkering around for about an hour I just said fuck it and threw Windows 7 on there

don't worry, pirated both and if it's botnet I'm not worried about them listening to muh punk rock music

also would like to add that the install process of Ubuntu and Mint is much easier than the install process of Windows, Windows didn't have a shitload of drivers I needed. Had to get them on thumbdrive from other PC, what a pain in the ass

>> No.58570207

>install several year old OS
>complain about modern driver support

Quite the brain you got on you

>> No.58570226

>There isn't one guy on the team who can actually talk to the public?
Because there isn't any one team, there's so many of them thanks to all the various branches of linux distros. This isn't corporate unless you count Canonical's support for Ubuntu.

Usually the drivers come with the motherboard manufacturer in a CD. But yes installing Linux is so much faster because if the hardware isn't bleeding edge the OS will work right out of the box. Unless you're trying to get wireless/WiFi working. I ran into the problem of Mint wireless not working when on the Live Mint version it worked without any problems, I had to copy over the drivers from the USB. But I shouldn't have had to do that in the first place.

>> No.58570249

>Because there isn't any one team, there's so many of them thanks to all the various branches of linux distros

All of my examples were specific pieces of software, actually, and not distros. Distros are a huge mix of things and due to that they should actually be BETTER than this than individual developers as they have more resources.

>This isn't corporate unless you count Canonical's support for Ubuntu.

It says a lot about your knowledge when you say "corporate" but mention Ubuntu and not RHEL.

>> No.58570280

Not consumer grade.

>> No.58570328

I disagree with btrfs only because the wiki has been known to be a shitty source. Anyone that asks about it is usually redirected to the Oracle docs. If anything I would contact Google to replace that shitty half-assed page as the top result and replace it with the Oracle docs. This is more of a Google problem because it goes based off of top hits rather than the original source.


>> No.58570329

Hate to break it to you but you might want to look at how Canonical funds Ubuntu: https://www.canonical.com/

>> No.58570375

If there's a fast attack running on ubuntu I am so there.

>> No.58570379

This is actually the kind of good shit I'm talking about. Look, how it not only says what the feature is, it says what it does/why you'd want to use it.

Let's take a quick example using compression.

>Compression (zlib and LZO)

>Transparent compression saves disk space.

Now let's do checksums.

>Checksums on data and metadata (crc32c)

>Checksum functionality ensures data integrity.

Seriously, Oracle isn't even adding a lot here and it's far better.

>> No.58570452

They're also funded to make it better for their customers. FOSS is really just a collection of pet projects (Like the Linux kernel), some even make it as far as being a consumer product (Android) and some being an enterprise product (Docker). There really are no standards to creating software for FOSS and that's always a disputed topic because no one can really force a developer for docs. The same thing revolved around POSIX. Some distributions may require it in order to be included in their package management system or included by default, but it's usually the community of the distribution that provides this. The developer's only function is to develop software. He doesn't have to play the role of a technical writer.

>> No.58570499

I don't think funding is relevant. People with business interests are not the only answer to writing a simple fucking blurb like what Oracle did to describe the features and why they're useful. You should be able to have someone do that to casual users. Instead, Linux relies on word of mouth, which is why it has zero adoption in the home market and only has heavy adoption in the server market where someone actually is hired to translate the autism into something the sales team, exec, and marketing team can understand.

>> No.58570541

>Instead, Linux relies on word of mouth, which is why it has zero adoption in the home market and only has heavy adoption in the server market where someone actually is hired to translate the autism into something the sales team, exec, and marketing team can understand.

And this is why. These people want to stay employed and be making $150-$200k a year to translate autism. If everyone somehow learned Spanish, the market for Spanish translators would crash and burn.

>> No.58570553

When Windows 8 came out.

>> No.58570770

the computer I installed it on is from the Vista era

>> No.58572047

That's all I needed to read.

>> No.58572098
File: 446 KB, 369x251, 1474645205060.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Windows was always trash but that isn't the point. People don't use Windows because they LOVE Windows. They use Windows because they need or want software that only exist on Windows. MUH GAMES are keeping me chained to Windows.

>> No.58572613

>complain about wiki
>do not edit it

>> No.58572642

Fully updated Windows 10, this year's hardware, OS constantly breaks in ever increasingly hilarious ways.

>> No.58572672

Wait until it breaks

>> No.58572693

it's fun.

>> No.58572835

Fresh install. It's been installing the latest cumulative update for an hour. It didn't take this long before.

>> No.58572879


>> No.58572959

It's difficult to say. Windows 98SE wasn't that good and I acknowledged that already, but by that time I was a stupid kid that thought that was the only OS available on PCs. It still ran fairly ok.

Connecting XP SP1 to the internet made me feel bad, but in the end, I managed.

Vista was slow garbage by the time.

8, not 8.1, was really the point where I thought they were just doing it on purpose and not just experimenting with shit and failing.

10 is terrible, but more functional at the beginning than the first releases of 8 and Vista were. It's just, it's shit. It's garbage, why would you want it. Fuck off nigga.

>> No.58575095

>when i had windows 7 i could just type my login password and hit enter while waiting for the monitor to wake up
>on windows 10 i have to jam escape a thousand times to make the faggot swipe card photo of some place on the earth nobody gives a shit about go away before i can even start typing and even then i still fail my password because it doesn't go away quickly enough

>in win7 i pressed start pressed a maximum of three keys of the app i needed, pressed enter and it launches

>in win10 i have to jump through hoops disabling web results because microsoft seriously thought the point of the start menu was sending me shit that isn't even on my computer

>in win7 i download an app that takes over a lot of file associations. go to preferences, click all, and you're done

>in win10 you can just go fuck yourself on that one. we're going to ask you what app you want to open that with every single fucking time

>> No.58575306

You can't shill for something that is both free as in freedom and free as in beer, because shilling is paid work and something that is both free as in freedom and free as in beer doesn't generate profits by growing their userbase through advertising.
You can still be a fanboy, but there are simply no linux shills in existance. No one gets paid for these posts.

>> No.58576517

how do i do that.. any totorials

>> No.58576971

>are you quoting yourself

>> No.58577255

be ready for a triggering


>> No.58577295

When images of windows 8 started to surface

>> No.58577613


>> No.58577656

shilling isn't paid work

>> No.58577687

The UAC shit denied permission to delete or move some of the links in the start menu!

>> No.58577707

You do realize that's a shopped image, right?

>> No.58577790


I don't think simplifying computing was their mistake, I think being incompetent was their mistake. IIS has a fraction of the marketshare of Apache yet how many more worms and viruses have been created to attack IIS? Do a port scan on a freshly installed MacOS or Linux box, how many ports are open? Spoiler it's 0. Windows has a half dozen ports open by default. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of computer security knows that is just asking for exploits. Their "standards" are often totally unnecessary, do more harm than good, and end up making a huge mess of things. "Simplifying" computing is fine, just do a good job with the technical underpinnings.

>> No.58578017



>> No.58578028


Quads of poor plebess

>> No.58578045

Do you have any life at all other than spending all day every single day posting these threads over and over again?

>> No.58578109
File: 1.07 MB, 1904x1104, 1484099422054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58578152

>using the internet at all
>crying about botnets

Let me know what ISP you guys are using that isn't working hand-in-hand with triple letters and other IC components. Let me know what country you live in that isn't playing hand with the components of global intelligence agencies spying on literally everyone.

Let me know what ISP you're on that isn't owned by some major media corporation that already sells your information at will.

I'll wait.

VPN's and encryption only save you from criminal charges, but VPN's can be tunnled and end-points are enough to get a warrant.

>> No.58578491

How the fuck does that even happen? Vanilla windows 10 does not do that, ever

>> No.58578520
File: 59 KB, 812x761, 1482233632274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vanilla windows 10 does this btw

>> No.58579753
File: 33 KB, 396x385, 543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man you guys are such morons. If you hate Windows you most likely don't know how to use it. Also it juat oushed an update i had manually set to do and i couldn't be happier

>> No.58581879


What semi-modern unix-like system has "*nix" in the name?

Linix, FreeBSDnix, OpenBSDnix, NetBSDnix, Plan9nix, 9basenix, Solarisnix, AIXnix, IRIXnix, HP-UXnix?

>> No.58582543
File: 232 KB, 966x532, 1457128746906.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come that doesn't happen on my machine?
I'm using the same list and have fewer group policy settings modified.

>> No.58582588

>turned into

>> No.58583952

windows 7 is the most recent one I have, and it took me till an ssd to move to it because it was a step back from xp at least in terms of features I used.
after using it for an extended period of time, its a side step not a step back, neither positive or negative.

8 and 10 are clear negatives with no positives and the only positives are support... not looking forward to my new computer if win 7 is not supported in the drivers.

>> No.58584204

When there had to be a "Second" edition of win98

>> No.58584809

I'd rather that than not having any application support

>> No.58584886


>> No.58584945
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Why does it connect to something related to Edge when I'm not using and it's "disabled" in settings?

>> No.58585241

Windows 7 = good
Windows 8 = failed attempt at leveraging the desktop to break into the mobile market
Windows 8.1 = oh shit we fucked up bad, so we'll fix a couple of the worst problems
Windows 10 = We're still in denial about going in the wrong direction, but we're in it too deep and we'll push forwards anyway. But this time, we'll push it hard and try to force people to upgrade, but pretend to give them a choice.

>> No.58585942 [DELETED] 
File: 164 KB, 1500x1041, 719m9DMcrVL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /g/, I have this piece of shit laying around.
I tried Lubuntu last night, I was amazed by the performance it did.
Always thought it was a piece of shit.

Now, the thing is. What do with it?
I thought of doing a FTP but for what?
Doing a NAS... errr. Nope.
Then I was like hey why not throw a pfsense... oh right, no awesome NIC or anything.

It left me with the idea of using it as a photo frame thingy. So yeah, I simply can't believe that's the only thing left in mind to do with it.

It's either I find a project or it goes to recycle somewhere but I still believe there's something. Can't be THAT useless.

>> No.58587183

I don't even care about the botnet stuff, Linux DEs and MacOS have been looking way more polished than Windows from a UI standpoint alone for years now. What makes things even worse is that people are literally being paid to work on it. Of course there's a lot of legacy stuff that will understandably take some time to polish but there's still laughably small things that can make a world of a difference in terms of cohesion and it's yet to be done.

Still hyped for CU though.

>> No.58587581

when i started browsing /g/
installed w7 on a slow desktop like 6 years ago it was pretty fun doing it and using it afterwards

got a new laptop which has w10 as factory OS and then I see things like cuckerberg taping his camera on his mac which makes me uncomfortable all the spying MS or Apple probably do normies dont know about

Maybe one day Ill try gentoo, its shit tho
OSs are pretty much on par with politics nowadays

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