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I have lost basically all fucking interest in gaming, which was one of my main hobbies.
Lately I haven't been doing much other then watch YouTube and browse 4chan.

Well anyways, what are some cool technology related hobbies? Really wish I had more stuff to do.

I was thinking of maybe ordering chink shit and making things (Like a taser for example) but I don't really have many ideas.

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Video games waste of time. Waste of life.
Smartman learn to program.

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Yea they sure are man, that is why I quit them. You learn nothing, achieve nothing, and just waste a shitload of time.

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Nothing wrong with gaming but if that's your Only hobby, then I can see why you're burnt out on them. I still play games often. Usually for an hour or more after work. But I digress.

Depends on what you want to do OP. Want to create content? There's programming. There is also amateur photography. You can learn to edit your own content. I personally picked up networking. Made my own file server. Turned it into a print server as well. I rip and encode all my own movies and music to share across the network. Let's me play with setting up server stuff. Also going to start messing with thin clients and network OS installs.

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im at the same point op

considering selling all my shit, I don't even know why I bothered with computers, I'm not smart enough to be a programmer or engineer, I just liked to game

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I mean there is nothing wrong with it, if someone likes it then good for them.
My only issue with it is that I got extremely bored of it.
Really I started losing interest a couple years ago, and now it's 100% dead.

I don't think I would be good enough to program, if not I would have gone for that. Maybe creating videos would have been good but I have no idea what I would do.

I am not selling shit because I use my computer most of my spare time, just not on games.
I really want to figure out some new hobbies though, or things I could do.

I like hiking, camping, hunting, and all of that but I can't do it often if at all. So it has to be tech related.

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you have decision fatigue, you probably have trouble choosing movies to watch so you end up watching things you've already seen a bunch over and over. it's the new plague with the invention of instant everything always forever technology

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Pick up a scripting language like python and write basic shit like a text game or something, then work your way up from there.

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Cryptography is fun.

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I wouldn't say that I have exactly that mate, I don't really do that. I have been feeling bored though.

I'll look into it, thanks.

What does it require?

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there's always anime, anon-kun

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No, never.

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No need.

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I recommend you explore the process of creating symbol by systematically posting an image/text that makes seemingly no sense for a long time in >>>/s4s/

Soon you'll notice how this image/text that made no sense begins to garner its own sub-culture and following in the board. It's a really fun experience to have.

Basically you can become a meme expert in as little as 3-months of methodical funposting

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Here's what you should do OP, stop bothering with expensive high end computers, just use a simple modest laptop and try to keep your life as minimalistic and clean as possible. Get a good pair of headphones and start cultivating a rich taste in music, go jogging every day and start working out at the gym. Get a hobby like hiking, or anything outdoorsy.

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>loses interest in a primary hobby
>does fuck all except browse Youtube and 4chan
It's depression, bro

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I am not bothering with high-end computers anyways.
Like I said here >>58553996
I love all of that outdoor stuff but I live in the city, and don't have a lot of chances to do all of this.

Nope, I am fine dude. Not depressed.

Could be good

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>What does it require?
For an engineers needs, not much more than general knowledge of computers.

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That's what everyone who's depressed says. I said the same like 3 years ago

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Dude how am I depressed when I don't feel depressed? Not everyone is the fucking same.

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>Dude how am I depressed when I don't feel depressed?
lol that's now how it works, it's not a feeling it's a chemical imbalance in your brain that leads to lower overall energy, motivation, and enjoyment over the course of years

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Dude probably just burned out.
When that happens to me I just lie in bed for a couple of days until it passes.

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I guess, it's not that bad at least. I feel fine.

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I'm only saying this because OP's situation mirrors mine almost exactly 3 years ago, and I probably would have gone on like that for the rest of my life if a prof of mine who was also a psychiatrist didn't notice my grades on exams being lower than on mocks

6 months of some super mild medication and I've never felt better

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I'm doing fine dude. I haven't been gaming much for like what, two years? So it's not a new thing.
I just don't have many hobbies that I can do everyday, and am looking for some new ones.

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Cars are something completely different than /v/ and /g/ shit, you'll spend more time outside but they're still very mechanical and straightforward

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you like reading?
got myself an ereader last year & been reading a lotta shit on my commutes and in random bits & places
Shadow of the Torturer is making me feel funny

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But would have to dedicate a large amount of money, wouldn't be able to afford that right now.

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Time to learn how to program.

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>Well anyways, what are some cool technology related hobbies? Really wish I had more stuff to do.

program bots for advanced shitposting on irc and discord

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Honestly dude I fucking hate reading, I don't like it at all.


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Some dude raced a $500 Craigslist BMW in the WRC against $400,000 purpose built racing machines and came in like 3rd in his class

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Fuck haha that is cool. Is that someone from /o/? Plus it requires you to learn quite a bit, requires a lot of money (For parts and tools), and requires a lot of time.

I do like cars though, so I would if I had a good source of income.

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>implying /o/ isn't full of bitter busriders

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>tfw only enjoy videogames, 4chan, and music
>tfw tired of videogames
>tfw not good enough to play what I want to play on piano or guitar
>tfw been playing 10 years
>tfw not creative enough to write music
>tfw the only thing I do with my free time is browse 4chan and sleep

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play harmonica ez and fun

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if you like sims there is a entire hobby you can waste your life on.


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I have no interest in that.

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Create an online community and watch it grow.
Doesn't matter if it's an imageboard, irc, forum, bbs, tree-style-comment (ala hacker news)... just make that community, and allow it to grow.

-You get sysadmin experience
-You get to play with a culture that you're creating
-There's always something that can be improved upon.

Once you've figured out what you're going to do, buy a 4chan self-serve ad.

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that's when you realize you might need to leave your basement

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Congratulations, Anon. You've just unlocked /fit/ achievement.

You can now access /fit/ content and get /fit/.

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Like others are saying learn programming it's gonna take time years maybe? But since all you had was /v/ as a hobby really take time to get past the basics. You can learn computer security, servers, cloud and other computer shit.

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The idea of interacting with people is dreadful. Even on drugs I hate it.

I'm too afraid to tell my therapist any of this too because I'm afraid she'll think all our progress was worthless.

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You can actually learn a LOT from video games, but I guess in the sense of the real world, you're right about not achieving anything.

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>lost interest in gaming

Me too.

I only play one game now, Darkest Hour (Red Orchestra mod), without any passion at all.

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Where to learn harmonica?

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I program php and have lost all hope for my life getting better. So I just program bots that do stupid shit on irc.

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You can learn programming fast if you enjoy it.

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why not?

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you just blow in and out. I found a very old and crappy harmonica one day, started playing on it and liked it so I bought a pack of them for like $20

It's something you learn with practice

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I agree bros. Sitting on 4chan and Youtube a lot better because

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make robots, or go hack people for a living

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Thanks for giving it a name.

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>I have lost basically all fucking interest in gaming,
then you were never really a gamer to start with

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Move to the country. Buy a big cheap block of land. Build a log home.

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Arduino/raspi kits

Small scale robotics (think make your own RC car)

Larger scale robotics (think remote control lawn mower)

Dicking around with tensorflow/neural nets. Especially using emulations of older video games or using widely available mass data (like weather data or stocks or some shit)

Uh.... Stupid phone apps?

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You could become /g/'s dedicated logo maker with that

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How come none of my professors could also be psychiatrists who can help me blame my poor grades on depression instead of just being lazy :(.

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>Pay someone to help you
>Refuse to provide them with enough information to help you

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m8 get a cheap guitar and install Yousician

you will learn guitar, trust me

i did

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Fuck I would love to make a chan board, there is just so many out there.

Yea I feel the same way, every once and a while I'll try to play a game and I literally can't for more then 5 minutes.

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Unironically suggesting vaping (if you're a smoker). Never learned more about electricity and electronics in my life...
>inb4 neck beard, kissless virgin, mong, autism..

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I actually have a mod but my tank broke, and I had no good juice.
Honestly I was thinking about buying a new tank and some juice.
I kinda enjoyed doing and was a better alternative to smoking but it's not a hobby.

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I actually like a lot of those ideas. How would I make an RC car? Sounds like some fun.

I was thinking of doing exactly this anon. And for work maybe a park ranger or something? Sell animal skins and shit for extra dosh.
I just need some money and I totally would!
I have thought about this a lot.

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Maybe I wasn't.

I have a good knowledge of computers I just need to apply it.

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I lost interest mostly about ten years ago it comes back from time to time but I have taken to exploring different kinds of input like playing with motion creator on my hydra, or just planning different mapping plans using a multibutton mouse and left hand gaming pad. My fav right now is using a wheel in gta v with a mouse in the right hand and just doing random drive-bys. Some day with a bit of cash I'll get a an omnidirectional treadmill and sensics and revive gaming as a source of exercise in vr

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I'm in the same rut. I may play a game every now and then, but mostly I just stay up all night watching trash on YouTube.

Try planning a project like building or fixing something. I replaced the CPU in my T430 a week ago and that's the most fun I've had in awhile. Gonna build an eGPU setup and a new desk next.

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3D modeling, 3D animating, 3D printing, 2D art, interactive art (https://processing.org/, https://threejs.org/), sysadmin, freetarding, electronics, drones, circumventing the global surveillance system, hacking the gibson.

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>Stay up all night watching trash on YouTube
Same here mate, and usually all day as well. If I am off that day at least, or once I get home.
I don't really have much fun anymore, maybe when I went out on the boat last weekend.

I would really like to build or fix things but I just need to know what.
That is why I was thinking of getting cheap chink shit, I can make some little projects.
I really need to figure something out.

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>circumventing the global surveillance system
There is literally no fucking way anon, you can't.

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Can't wait for cordless VR, gonna be good.

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Get a raspberry pi/beaglebone or others and make a project, get it to blink the lights to a song.. start there and then move to other projects

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i was in the same place as you, but every now and then i got a new Project in mind, and when i am doing it everything turns back to normal.

i started with a homeserver for my PS2 vidya using a Orange pi

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Sounds like you are bordering a mild depression OP.

If you need to, force yourself back into gaming, if only for the goal structure that it offers, then you can branch out into other hobbies. You probably will fail trying to pick up a new hobby if you can't keep an old one in the first place.

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Did you try rebuilding and /or making your own juice? The builds can be quite challenging and mixing can actually make you money if you make a good juice. The only problem is if you're from the US. We here (EU) have a lot of small base and aroma crafters so we basically have unlimited access to different ingredients at reasonable prices.

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Good idea, I can totally do this.

You run games off of your server? How good does it work?

Maybe man, not sure. I don't think I want to force myself back into gaming, I just can't, I am not interested in it anymore.

I'm in the US. I will try and get a new tank and order some tasty juice.

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>Tech-related hobbies
Just go hiking and skiing dude, it's like you want to get diabeetus and get permanently fucked by a stroke at 43

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I like outdoor stuff but I can't do it in the area I live quite often.
I do wish I could move to a nice state with lots of chances to do outdoor related things, and work as a park ranger or something but I would need a nice amount of money.

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I moved onto playing with drones on weekends and travelling (when I have a fucking break).

>> No.58560049

Drones are nice, just somewhat expensive, same with travelling.

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one man's hobby seems like a waste of time to other. Big deal.

But if a specific hobby is not satisfying you anymore, well then its time to change.

Good luck

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Yup it is mate, thanks.
I do need to find some new hobbies though.

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I remember you can make a taser from a disposable camera. I'm not sure if you still can or if they even make those anymore..

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Programming is an amazing way to spend time on a computer
Try out new things OP - get a new pair of headphones, try out a different operating system, etc.
I bought my first Macbook earlier this year and it's been a fun time learning how to use MacOS for example

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Yea you totally can, they are still sound around.

Thanks mate. Programming might be a good idea.
All the other suggestions are good, but not long term things.

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Cool but again pretty expensive

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Airsoft or paintballing. make your own guns and shit without the impending sense of doom of a mm of barrel shift with making guns

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what are you talking about

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Watch manly anime like a man.
I suggest Sakigake!! Otokojuku first, so you can start polishing your manhood already.

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>I like hiking, camping, hunting, and all of that but I can't do it often if at all. So it has to be tech related.

you mean it has to be something you do without going outside and possibly making use of computers and internet?

try reading about the different languages out there, not learning a new one (for now) but the basic concepts of language, the history of language, start studying the beginings of human civilization as its bound to the study of language.

history of rome by mike duncan, some 150 audio episodes of 20min, start by taking a shit then listening to the same episode going to sleep that day, you'll fix one ep per day and jumpstart an interest for history as a hobby, its facsinating

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I actually want to get into real guns, gonna buy one soon so I can go to the range. That could be one of my hobbies.

Fuck off faggot.

Thanks, seems interesting.

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>you have decision fatigue, you probably have trouble choosing movies to watch so you end up watching things you've already seen a bunch over and over. it's the new plague with the invention of instant everything always forever technology

jesus fuck my ass, i am now aware that i have this issue, thats a start i hope

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buy a arduino kit

>> No.58563747

And do what?

>> No.58563812

Get any drone with a stabilizer, shoot some videos of landmarks/nature/cities/other stupid shit, and sell them to normies on Shutterstock.

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I'm kinda the opposite. I pick a bunch of random shit to watch and never finish it cuz I find something else that might be more interesting. Symptom of the same plague tho. I try to mix in a bunch of science shit to at least justify it as learning

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>I pick a bunch of random shit to watch and never finish it
you start a series and drop/forget it mid first season?
yeah, i guess thats what eventually lead me to a total halt in choosing, but i would say its because
>something else that might be more interesting
but because its so hard to find a series that isn't faggotized for "relationshippers", dumb sitcom, chickflix, deus ex machina scifi, shakycam action, or isnt target at young teens
i like to lunch watching an episode of 1/4 of a film, or public transportation, so not really time for long read of books,

theres docs, but these are a hassle to pirate beyond the couple thousand or so most popular, i guess im gonna have to spend a monthly fee on seedbox if there exists a docs bt tracker

>I try to mix in a bunch of science shit
how so?
or you mean, watch some docs in between tv shows?

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> was thinking of maybe ordering chink shit and making things (Like a taser for example) but I don't really have many ideas

Yeah right... Look dude I hate to say this but making tasers and other weapons puts you in the category of people who are most likely to say "When I go out I'm taking some of the bastards with me". people just think youre fukkin nuts

>> No.58566179

There is nothing wrong with it. It's just a simple, cheap thing to do. Anyways it was just an example.

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>tfw too intelligent for hobbies
Not even kidding. All consumable media sucks. Programming is a chore. Writing doesn't pay.

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do meth

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>what are some cool technology related hobbies?

You must build robots, son. Giant robots.

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RC cars can be fun

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>technology related
Ham radio, nothing better than being komfe doing SWL in a blankie with only light coming fron your radio. Talking to faggots all over the world with only hundred or so meters of wire is also cool.

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mouth fedoras.

>> No.58566497

Because you learn things depending on what board or what channel you're watching.

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>Implying life itself isn't a useless game with no goal and a waste of time
Fuck off. People can enjoy what they want, does not matter after you're dead.

>> No.58566536


It's literally a waste though, sure you can enjoy it and more power to you.

They sure can


Most consumable media does suck.

>> No.58566634

That's because you probably treat games differently than other forms of entertainment. If you like a specific genre of movie or music you don't go watch or listen to every single release. Yet with video games people tend to see something in genre they enjoy and immediately jump on it even if it's a terrible game. If you listened to every single song in a genre you'd like you'd also be under the impression that pretty much all music is shit. You have to face the fact that consuming media is only a small part of the hobby, the majority of it is figuring out your tastes to the point that you'll be able to accurately tell if you'll enjoy something.

>> No.58566819

I have played many different types of games, this is not the issue at all.
I think the only thing I am willing to try to see if I can get back into gaming is playing that new Mario that is coming out.

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This is indeed what channers do when they get bored of their kid hobbies. I did it, and after three years I got fit as fuck and it completely changed my social life, for the better. I'm still here tho, you can never escape it.

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How long does it take you to come up with your own gym plan if you start with like zero knowledge?
Can't ask much without lurking either cause they just spout their equivalent of install gentoo aka GOMAD.

>> No.58566979

building electronic kits, and drones are pretty fun
trying to fix old laptops and turning them into linux machines is p cool
rooting IoT appliances can be cool

>> No.58567036

>building electronic kits
Like what?

>trying to fix old laptops and turning them into linux machines is p cool
Yea that would be cool

>> No.58567075

read the sticky on /fit/

>> No.58567159

Does it have a lot of organized info or is it a mess like /g/'s?

>> No.58567167

You could try building some model kits

If you get invested/good enough you can be one of those guys that wires them up with leds and shit

>> No.58567183

>Can't ask much without lurking either cause they just spout their equivalent of install gentoo aka GOMAD.
Yes, just ignore it and with time you will learn how to filter useful stuff.

>How long does it take you to come up with your own gym plan
A fucking lot, it takes some massive reading to understand kinesiology and muscle enhancing dynamics through exercise, it is no wonder there are areas of study about this stuff. I read it all anyway because I got interested.
I suggest you simply pick tried and true bodybuilding routines that just work according to your level of fitness, available around the internet after some basic searching.
Anyway, I'm also a programmer (we're on /g/ after all), and I see most stuff in life as basic algorithms - you complete some steps and obtain success.

If you want to get involved with fitness, be it for well-being, health, good looks, social life improvement or whatever the reason, I suggest you:

- go to the gym start right away with some basic routine, lack of knowledge and instructors' help to not hurt yourself
- start reading about nutrition, it's what keeps you alive, governs your body composition and chemical balances
- keep on reading about nutrition until you understand how stuff works (caloric balance, macronutrients, micronutrients and so on)
- by now you should start eating a lot better and move on to an intermediate routine, also start reading about exercise
- you keep acquiring knowledge of how stuff works, applying it directly and getting results

It has been so many years now, I read massive amounts of nutrition and exercise related stuff, I even trained some friends of mine (one lost 40kg of fat, other gained like 10kg of muscle)...
I think it is a nice hobby, it improves your social life, well being and it doesn't even take much time AFTER you've learned your shit - I keep programming and learning new stuff. I'm here in this thread collecting cool ideas as well as you are.

>> No.58567200

now that i have a name for it i hope i'll feel a little more embarassed

>> No.58567259

I've been doing this for more than 3 years and nothing good had occurred to me. Hopefully now that a big change had happend would i do differently.

>> No.58567336

Thanks for the encouragement anon, i really appreciate it.
I'm not too worried about the nutritional stuff since i've never eaten much trash food, the last time i ate fast food was like 5 years ago.
My diet is pretty much a gym diet with mostly fresh stuff at this point but the calorie intake is too much for someone as sedentary as me.
Will have to read more thoroughly about kinesiology like you said too.
Thanks again.

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>war thunder
>akiyama yukari skinned bf109 cockpit

My man.

>> No.58567487

Fuck, my man, I feel you. I've been trying to fool myself into thinking I still like video games but it simply isn't there anymore, I can't pick up games anymore, I've wasted some money on games I have never played even once in the years I've owned them.

These days I'd much rather program some silly games than play any. Even watching other people playing games is fucking boring to me now. I feel like I fucked myself over though, I never cultivated many hobbies and now that I can't into video games all that is left for me is programming. I gotta get into some other shit too, if video games taught me anything it was to not make your entire life about one single thing.

>> No.58567512

good advice and well organized, just start with SS + (maybe) GOMAD it's a meme but it works pretty well if you're starting from nothing

and just eat a little better e.g. cut out sugar, eat less processed shit, eat out less, cook more

besides /g/ stuff lifting is basically my only hobby right now, but its pretty great

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>>58567487 here, maybe I'll try getting fit too, I need to take better care of my health. Is there anything missing from the sticky there I need to know?

>> No.58567762

>>>/fit/40066118 had the right idea

As a general rule extremism is bad, don't waste your entire life on unproductive shit but don't punish yourself for having fun in your free time either.

>> No.58568119

Exactly I feel something very similar.

>> No.58568775

>It's literally a waste though
Life itself is a waste. Don't "try" to be smart, just be happy.

>> No.58568791

>Just be happy
I try my best.

>> No.58568841

>lost all interest in gaming
Because modern gaming -- and in fact, all gaming since about the mid-90s -- is shit.

Go download emulators for pre-1995 and a shitload of ROMs, and have fun gaming again.

>> No.58570873

>but because its so hard to find a series that isn't faggotized for "relationshippers", dumb sitcom, chickflix, deus ex machina scifi, shakycam action, or isnt target at young teens
I'm watching Twin Peaks right now and I can't comprehend how popular this show was at the time. A TV show directed by David fucking Lynch.

>> No.58571123

>Honestly dude I fucking hate reading, I don't like it at all.
I feel sorry for you.

>> No.58571247

It's just the beginning.
Next, you'll start losing interest in life.

>> No.58571302

install gentoo

>> No.58571710

Call them what you want, but I'm making a comfortable living out of them... Besides the vaping culture here is different here. We don't have cloudbroz and hipster fedora tippers here.. Most of my clients are 30-50 year old business people that wanted to quit smoking and they have no problem paying a nice sum for a mod or an atomizer. Some regard the high end mods as watches (status symbols, if you don't belive me Google crovape)

>> No.58572135

>I have lost basically all fucking interest in gaming, which was one of my main hobbies.

Me too anon.

My life has been so much better since that's happened.

>> No.58572161
File: 98 KB, 612x491, 1474548462346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you do to pass time?

>> No.58572411

Start using Linux

uncuck your self.

>> No.58572688

Make a subreddit!

>> No.58573155

Sounds good, I would like to try. Gonna need a good controller for older Nintendo games, don't think the Xbox One controller is good for that.

It's cool


What have you been doing since anon?

>> No.58573184


That would be good but it's not a hobby that I can "enjoy".

>> No.58573192

newest tech meme is FPV drones. Start a club and do tournaments for pocket change.

>> No.58573612

Just do drugs, OP. That's what I did when I lost my interest in vidya.

>> No.58575599

I do them when I can to be honest. Haven't smoked Weed in over 20 days.
Want to do some DXM pretty soon though. Wanna try a 1st plat since they say its better then a 2nd.

>> No.58575759

Learn Linux or BSD. Or learn programming.

>> No.58575868

Programming might be good.

But using Linux or BSD is not a hobby.

>> No.58575878

Chink drones and quads

>> No.58575924

Are they any good?

>> No.58575945

>games are a waste you learn nothing
> but if you watch certain youtube channels and read the 5% of posts that aren't shitposting it's okay
>but not certain games

Anon you may be clinically retarded.

>> No.58576109

I played video games for ages and I never learned fucking shit, it's useless. It might be fun at times, but is not a tool for learning.

On YouTube you have an endless amount of shit to watch about all fucking topics, so yes you can learn quite a bit.
Boards like /diy/ are quite nice and you can always learn a thing or two.

Fuck off you cunt.

>> No.58576325

Hey, I just learned I'm a retard! Time to embrace my white trash life. I just need to get some welfare.

>> No.58576364
File: 45 KB, 326x326, 1484099436530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58576958

how old are you?

>> No.58577107


>> No.58577129

You picked the wrong time to start that shit.

>> No.58577151

>What does it require?
A brain moran!

>> No.58577168
File: 42 KB, 720x720, cancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was in kinda the same boat a few years ago.

here are some of the things I've picked up as an alternative to video games:

* Poker (live, not online)
* Drawing
* Writing (trying to write a scifi book)
* Restoring old speakers

It takes time to find a thing you really enjoy. You gotta go through a bunch of things which fell like "eeee... do I like it.... I think? maybe?".

Good luck.


Fuck. I need to take my own advice.

>> No.58577198
File: 97 KB, 493x277, ss+(2017-01-20+at+05.28.08).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know you'll come back anyways, anon.

>> No.58577234

>A brain
Spotted the retard

>> No.58577238
File: 76 KB, 724x620, 1483018319102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know...

I don't do it often. Like once a week, usually on weekend and only at night.

Sometimes I have long breaks. Like half a year or so. But I always come back. I don't know why.

I think I feel like people on this site, and ones like it, are kindred spirits. We don't know each other, but we know we are all alike in many ways.

I guess 4chan is kinda like a church for spiritual people. A place to go be alone together.

>> No.58577390
File: 367 KB, 591x439, ss+(2017-01-20+at+05.44.10).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me it's a way of talking to people from all around the world without having to put on a facade or having to be politically correct and also with no consequences.
I can spout bullshit while talking to my closest friends but not on the level of bullshit you'd see here plus here you'd only get called a faggot or a retard and that's it, unlike on the real world.
In a sense as you said it's a place where we're alone physically but we're also together with kindred spirits looking for the same thing, freedom from the real world and it's facades.

>> No.58577442
File: 67 KB, 398x388, nito.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a way of talking to people from all around the world without having to put on a facade or having to be politically correct and also with no consequences

Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

The internet, and 4chan especially, has made me an extremely brash and direct person. It really feels so much better to be able to just talk shit without worrying you'll cross some non-existent line and make life-long enemies with someone because they get oh so offended.

Yeah, I think you nailed it.

But this site is also such a shithole sometimes. But that's probably because we have a mix of oldfags and newfags.

I had some of the most interesting conversations in my life on 4chan, and usually with oldfags. But at the same time I've seen so much retardation that it makes me doubt there's hope for humanity.

But I guess that's just because there are so many young people nowadays on this site.

We need a 4chan but for people that are 30 or older. Or maybe it should be a function of how old you've been on the internet?

>> No.58577548

You sound depressed, OP.

>> No.58577601

>But I guess that's just because there are so many young people nowadays on this site.
I don't know man, more than once i've encountered >30yo oldfags who were complete retards on a bunch of boards but it is true that boards overrun by teenagers have gone down the shitter cause they're generally plebs on the boards subject or complete memers, i guess teenagers and oldfags with a shitty life that just come here to vent their anguish on other anons just make a really shitty mix.
Nowadays like you said, i gotta be thinking before i say something in public if i'm actually crossing some line, retards get offended too easily. You can actually have a more meaningful sincere conversation with someone you'd just met on the bus than with some retards from work or school.

>> No.58577802

I got into rc flight. It's neat but the only other people doing it are 50 year old men. Some bring flasks and booze though so it's okay.
This. But be careful it can snowball. I know have a bunch of hardware and 2x 36" crts in the loft and am planning a win 9x era build for the pc games that haven't been patched.

A Wii with softmods is the way to go for emulation. hooks up to hd or sd tv and you can play from the couch.

oh, you're a kid. Nevermind.

>> No.58577910

What the fuck does that have to do with anything? I have done a shit load of drugs other then that, just something I would like to try again soon.

>> No.58577926

Maybe if you didnt play shit tier casual/autist games, and picked up a game with a legitimate skill curve/something to learn, you might think differently.
Think of braindead you are while playing skyrim, cod, etc, then tell me how much you have to think and learn to play at a decent level in starcraft. It doesn't compare, and it's the same kind of critical thinking you do when you learn something /g shills for like programming.

>> No.58577957

Thanks friend.

I would like to fix electronics and maybe make some neat things.
Gonna start learning.

Start small and then get onto bigger things.
Eventually when I get good I would love to make a PC build inside of an original xbox case.

>> No.58577985

DXM is pretty based anon.

>> No.58578110

If you're recommending starcraft, then you must know it's the RTS for people too dumb for an RTS. Not the best "critical thinking" game you could've mentioned.

>> No.58578648

>What have you been doing since anon?

Spent a lot more time at the gym, finally got around to reading all the books I've had on my backlog, and went travelling to different countries over several months. Though for that last one you'd need to have a decent amount of money to do.

But most importantly, I spent more time with my family instead of sitting in my room the whole day.

>> No.58578908

Enjoy your 500 concurrent playerbase hipster shit

>> No.58579256

u r dum

>> No.58579321

That is excellent anon! Good to hear that your off to better shit.

>> No.58580130

Starcraft sucks

>> No.58581670

Thanks anon!

>> No.58581955

No problem man, godspeed.

>> No.58581993

just get a substance abuse problem like the rest of us.

>> No.58582259

what if i'm not cool enough/too autistic to get drugs

>> No.58582278

Have you tried EVE online?

>> No.58582317


>> No.58582380
File: 221 KB, 1280x960, 1472004731783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have lost basically all fucking interest in gaming, which was one of my main hobbies.
>Lately I haven't been doing much other then watch YouTube and browse 4chan.
heh, me too. I have TBs of stuff to watch and tons of cash, but I feel like doing nothing. Its kinda frustrating.

>> No.58582454

I feel ya. I would like to start hoarding more content just to fill my 4TB drive.
Just don't know what to download.

>> No.58582542

I just went back and got HD rips of all the old movies and anime I already have. Pointless anyways since I dont watch any of it. Have hundreds of steam games and dont play those either, lol

>> No.58582555

I would actually like them for future use. Right now all I am torrenting is porn.

>> No.58582591

javjunkies? :x I basicly download every torrent every day and keep what I like... which is alot

>> No.58582604

Go ahead and try it.

>> No.58582693

Is it more of a waste than watching tv or movies? At least you're doing something, and sometimes gettin better at something is rewars in itself. I bust my fucking ass off at work and like to come home and get high and play some games... who cares

>> No.58582698

Pick a game you know with an API and learn programming by creating mods / plugins.
Currently making spigot (bukkit) plugins for Minecraft and it's the most fun programming I've ever had. Making stuff happen in a game or creating stuff that happens on events is way more interesting than outputting text to a console.
Plus the stuff you create (even the basic stuff) actually has practical use. Making mods is just a hobby and every game is different, so it's not like creating desktop applications where there's already 200 different programs created 10 years ago that do the same thing and a multi million dollar commercial application that already does the same thing 10x better.
Seems like a pretty good way to make some side income too, my friend used to be a developer for a petty big server and earn a few hundred a month.
Even if you just do freelance, there's people on fiverr etc. that are willing to pay you $20 or so for a basic plugin to their specification.
Of course, make sure you learn basic programming "properly" first so you learn the concepts and conventions.

>> No.58582707

As a smoker, look at http://www.onepoundeliquid.com/

Buy a box of virginia and british tobacco, 50 bottles each. Mix it half and half into your tank. I found this is the closest thing to a normal cigarette (i smoke rollies and it kinda tastes like that).

>> No.58582723

What is that?

I'll consider it.

>who cares
Yea who cares, I don't. I even said it, more power to you.
That might be comfy for you, and hell I have done it many times before.

>> No.58582728

>look at me im from /v/

Learn Rust with your wife's son

>> No.58582750

Learn how to program.

It's fun, easy, and the possibilities are endless.

>> No.58582766
File: 39 KB, 480x468, morans[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spotted the retard
>Doesn't know the oldest meme in existence

Literally just typing "get a brain" autocompletes the "moran" part on google

>> No.58582780

he's ironically seriousposting, he's on another layer of irony than us

>> No.58582781

I'm not from /v/

Right now it's one of the top things that I am considering.
What language would be easiest.

>> No.58582794

Why no programming?

>> No.58582802

These posts exemplify the problem with consuming media as a hobby quite well: it's all a fucking dick waving contest. At some point people stop consuming things because it's entertaining or constructive to them in some way, they're just doing it for this feeling of superiority. It's the same reason most people get into obscure or impenetrable shit too, not out of a genuine interest, but as a badge to proudly display in their chest.

Creative hobbies can also sometimes feel like a competition to see who creates the best thing or whatever, but at least that is counterbalanced by the self-improvement aspect they also have. Consuming media has no such thing.

>> No.58582838

I am willing to give it a try anon.
Just wondering what the best language would be.

>> No.58582961

Python -> Perl -> C -> C++ -> Assembly

>> No.58582977

So Python then?

>> No.58583011

Its a good start. Its more of a scripting language.

>> No.58583031

Would be cool to learn then. I hope it requires zero to no Math because I am fucking terrible at that.

>> No.58584649

watching youtube and browsing 4chan sounds like life worth living

Programming, installing linux, electronics, mechanics, whatever. Programming would be cheapest, and if you'll get nice idea at some point, you can release it on some kind of smartphone app store and earn something (or at very least, boost your self-esteem a little, which is nice as well).

>> No.58585102

I'm noticing a pattern: People with a huge interest in gaming often tend to build a huge, elaborate, powerful 'rig,' use it for a while, then suddenly lose all interest in a very short amount of time. Why is that?

>> No.58585114

Make music. You already have a gaming computer, and 90% of the time anything designed for gaming is also a great option for music because of the low latency. At this point, you only need to make small changes (e.g. buy some MIDI controllers, a DAW, maybe a microphone and an interface) and you'll already be good to go.

>> No.58586049
File: 405 KB, 557x800, true love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guns have made me pretty interested Anon, I spend most of my days in the shooting range, also made new /k/ bros, gotta love the moist nugget.

>> No.58586085

how do i get into it
barrier to entry

>> No.58586143

I feel like you are salty that you got bodied and want a moral high ground because this is the case for like 5% of competitive players. The self improvement aspect is definitely still there, at least for me. I enjoy the challenge of learning to understand and apply different concepts within games, and enjoy being able to track my improvement.

>> No.58586157
File: 781 KB, 1000x1503, 1364514383216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a bike

>> No.58586210

Get a gun instruction lesson first, you know the one where they teach about gun safety and how to properly handle or grip the gun. Start with pistols and work your way up to rifles.

>> No.58586823

4chan is my hobby. It's still fun and it consume all my time.

>> No.58586880

Kek dude, listen to this guy, >>58554181 I had the exact same problem you and he had/having. It will hit, you may not feel it, bit you are slowly drifiting into a deppression

>> No.58587281

How so?

In my case that didn't really happen, but I think it does happen to those people because they might want to play some games on there current PC and can't but after buying a new one there excitement goes down.

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010 with a GTX 970 thrown in, not really a gaming computer.
I have been interested in making music, need a good microphone and acquire some skills first. Beat making isn't for me, I didn't understand jack shit on FL Studio.

Getting a rifle pretty soon anon, just thinking about which one would be best for me.

How long would it take?

>> No.58587637

>I didn't understand jack shit on FL Studio.
You shouldn't be using FL Studio. It's way too overpriced for what it is + the workflow is absolutely retarded. It's hard to learn for no reason -- it doesn't have to be that way. I wouldn't recommend using it, let alone paying for it.
Reaper, Logic, Reason, Ableton and Cubase are a few better DAWs. Most of them are easier to get a hang of than FL Studio.

>> No.58587717

The problem with FL Studio is that it's too similar to Photoshop's layout; a bunch of 'mini-windows' over a background where you work. This works well for editing photos, but not so well for music.

>> No.58587745

From those which is the best and the easiest to get the hang of?
I heard that I might have to somewhat learn about the instruments.

>> No.58588131

Personally, I'd say Reaper is easy to learn because it treats MIDI and audio the same and is modifiable to the high heavens, so if you don't like ANYTHING about it, you can change it. Also the workflow is logical as all hell and it's great at not only recording and arranging, but mixing as well.
However, that's just my personal opinion. Lots of people (like Grimes) use Ableton because of how easy it is (it feels almost like a game) and I know Iglooghost uses Reason. For beginners, I'd recommend Ableton just because it's massively popular, to the point where companies are starting to manufacture MIDI controllers specifically designed with Ableton in mind. Logic is literally just GarageBand's older, more sophisticated brother, so I know Logic is super simple to use.

Cubase has a god-tier piano roll for MIDI input, but that's just about it.

>> No.58588781

So I should go with Ableton then?
Where can I get a torrent?

>> No.58588997

>So I should go with Ableton then?
>Where can I get a torrent?
That's a tough question. A cracked, working version of Ableton is pretty hard to find. Maybe try tpb?

>> No.58589021

Ah that fucking sucks man. How much does it cost? Not willing to spend a few hundred bucks on it. I got malware from a FL studio install so I rather stay away from software that comes from TPB.

>> No.58589071

Go to a shooting range for a few times and it'll click or clash.

>> No.58589108

i'm studying Ableton now at school, got my version on 1337x.to, just be careful, don't download the last version, stick with the 9.5, if you use a firewall lock everything related to ableton and keep the activator in the install folder cause ther's the possibility you have to crack it 2/3 times

>> No.58589336

>How much does it cost?
$99 for Intro (basics), $449 for Standard and $749 for Suite.

Alternatively, REAPER is free. (It's actually $60, but you can download it directly from their website and "evaluate" it for as long as you like. As long as you don't pay for it, you'll see a 5-second nag-screen, then once you hit OK, you basically get to use full, uninhibited REAPER.)

>> No.58590001

That's genius. I have same issue, often it's hard to choose a game which to play and then I just end up grinding in WoW even though I don't like it that much anymore.

>> No.58591017

Get a gf

>> No.58591597

wrong board

>> No.58593042

I can play 2 instruments, I can dance, I can code, and I still love video games.

>> No.58593061

I learned FL studio first and I'm so bad at reaper.. any tips ?

>> No.58593095

i've been playing around with computers since i was 9 (i'm 30 now) and i've barely learned shit about computers except how to get them running to play games. i've finally gotten to the point where i don't give a shit about games much anymore and i'm actually starting to learn stuff especially since i forced myself to ditch windows and run linux on bare metal instead of fucking around occasionally on a vm. kinda makes me feel like i've wasted a lot of my life not learning a lot of programming and shit like i could have.

>> No.58593158

How good is Reaper? Might just get that.

I know a little bit but I want to become more handy. Like knowing how to fix electronics and shit.

>> No.58593266

It's likely depression

>> No.58593270

Cool, I don't.

>> No.58593321

Mate I just got bored of gaming and want to try new things, I am not depressed.

>> No.58593377

You don't have to always be tired or sad to be depressed. A lot of people are depressed without even knowing it. You can be the happiest, bounciest guy and still be depressed. Losing interest in things you've spent a long time interested in is a chief sign of depression. Fortunately you're in early stages. Get it right before it consumes you.

>> No.58593417

>Mate I just got bored of gaming and want to try new things, I am not depressed.
Idk man losing interest in things that you like for no apparent reason is a hallmark of depression. And you don't really seem to have many interests to be losing.

>> No.58593745

You are in denial. Once you lose interest in everything, hooo boy. It gets interesting from there.

>> No.58594154

Get swole and play casualfuck games on console, thats what I did. Youre not a peasant for because its not like you cant play it on pc in higher quality, you just enjoy the novelty and simplicity.

>> No.58595378

Gaming is just shit right now, nothing interesting or good has come out in a long ass time.

I am getting a Nintendo Switch so I think that would satisfy any console needs.
I would like to relax and play some Mario.

>> No.58595770

So was it depression?
Asking for a friend

>> No.58595940

Any consumptive hobby is a meme. Productive hobbies are the only things worth pursuing.

I don't mean productive in the sense of work/a job (although that's cool if you can make your hobby your job) but something that produces something. Whittling, music, programming, some physical pursuit, etc.

>> No.58595980

Spotted the newfag

>> No.58595992

Good taste nigga

>> No.58596016

Literally download Starting Strength. Read it. Read it again. Go apply what it says. In 6 months - a year move on to an intermediate program (texas method, greyskull, etc)

>> No.58596087

I'm in the same boat. I built a beast to play game but I grew out from it because of how toxic the community became.

I now use my beast pc to bot games and shit and it's eating all my resources and making me want to upgrade it

I saw so many people with multi monitor powered by just a mac book. I kinda wanna try them out but I don't even program or anything.

I want to do something with my pc besides botting games or auto download someones instagram picture every 5 min interval.

I actually use my mouse more than my keyboard surfing the web for garbage.

I think I would look cool typing something fast but I can't even touch type. I half ass too much on my shitty ass hobbies.

what soul break advice you got for me senpai

>> No.58596095

Since you unironically used the word "toxic" I'd suggest suicide.

>> No.58596194

I want to play games but it just isn't fun anymore. Psych meds ruined my pleasure centre in my brain. I just sht post on 4chan and watch TV all day. It's a pathetic existance.

>> No.58596289

>falling for the behaviour altering drugs meme
Spotted the american. Let me guess (((ADHD))) or (((anxiety)))?

>> No.58596307

Schizophrenia. I have to take it or I get locked up. Antipsychotics are nasty drugs. I hate them.

>> No.58596671

I usually go through something similiar whenever I have larger amounts of free time. Gaming wasn't all that exciting for me for a while and now I pretty much stopped completely. I end up spending my days watching shit on youtube and browsing 4chin. After a few days my brain gets into this mode of constantly thinking of stupid shit and overthinking stuff resulting in me feeling more and more depressed.

College helped me a ton. I'm too busy to be depressed and I get to be with people. Now I'm waiting till the next semester starts and all the free time is making me feel pretty miserable.

>> No.58596688

I second this notion.

>> No.58598828

Start reading the Bible and find God.

>> No.58600480

You gotta be Christian Bale in Equilibrium. Not Christian Bale in American Psycho though, don't do that.

>> No.58600843


You're depressed.

Nothing other than psychical activity will help.

Run, ride a bike, dig a hole.

>> No.58600917

>decision fatigue
how much of a faggot do you need to be, lol

>> No.58600976

Instead of playing games, you could, well, make games.

>> No.58601240

I know that feel OP. You need to save up for a vacation.

If you have enough space you can make video montages of your favourite porn scenes.

>> No.58601351
File: 155 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-01-22-14-27-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've picked up a spot of pentesting actually. Installed some tools on a debian vnode, and there you go, pentesting from your phone. I've mostly been dicking around with networking stuff though

>> No.58601702

doesn't anybody on /g/ have any friends?

>> No.58601952

>Gaming wasn't all that exciting for me for a while and now I pretty much stopped completely. I end up spending my days watching shit on youtube and browsing 4chin
Exactly my situation.

I have gotten somewhat out of shape, I have no fucking stamina or anything.
I can go out to the park and smoke weed and shit but that isn't physical.


I have a shit load of both space and porn, I could probably make a few haha.
I would love to go on a vacation, maybe to another state.

>> No.58602259

Bumping this interesting thread. Thank you OP.

>> No.58602311

I am exactly the same way OP. For months I've sat down at my desk and just stared at my Steam library for like an hour trying to decide what I'm in the mood to play. I never play anything and just shitpost on 4chan
Was thinking about trying to pick up the piano since I have a shitty electric keyboard just lying around.
I'm also going to start getting /fit/ like other autists recommended since I'm literally hungry skeleton mode. I encourage you to take the plunge with me

>> No.58602364

Forgot to mention like others have said, there is a very good chance you have depression. I was depressed for 2-3 years and never knew it and never saw it coming. It creeps up on you very slowly so you don't notice until one day you're setting up a noose in your bedroom.
Obviously we can't know for sure but just keep the possibility in the back of your mind.
Always make sure you have goals in life and that they are rational/obtainable. It will keep you on track for life.

>> No.58602418

a what? isn't that a tv show?

>> No.58602439

>Lately I haven't been doing much other then watch YouTube and browse 4chan.
That's what I've been doing most everyday for... 3 years now. It seems like that's all I do these days. Yes, it's depression.

>> No.58602474

Eh I guess. Been doing it for a long while as well.
I am gonna try getting into making things, I am pretty interested in that.
After I can think of a few projects I'll get started.

>> No.58602504
File: 46 KB, 640x640, kvrdishh_Nov_08_15_36_521d6e19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy a Nintendo Switch and stop complaining like a bitch.

>> No.58602534
File: 12 KB, 227x200, pq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have lost basically all fucking interest in gaming
>was one of my main hobbies
How about you learn some programming, pick up a game engine and start working on a game that you think would be fun to play? (and possibly get filthy rich too when you release it)

>> No.58602546

Apart from getting /fit/ i suggest you also start your own garden.
I started a month ago just watching youtube vids and already got like 20 tomatoes on the way an a shitload of carrots apart from other spices, yesterday i ate my first tomato an the feeling of eating the stuff you grow yourself is amazing apart from having no pesticides and tasting ten times better than tomatoes that have been on a freezer at the supermarket for a month before going on sale.

>> No.58602617

frank, is that you?

>> No.58602675


>> No.58602685

>video games are a waste of time
>said someone posting on 4chan
That's the pot calling the kettle black.

Actually it's better to play games than watch TV. As an interactive media, as opposed to a passive one, your mind is encouraged to think more while playing a game, than while watching TV. Depending on the complexity of the game it may even provide an overall benefit to the development of your problem solving skills.

>> No.58602762

Thanks anon. I am also a skinny fuck, I would like to get in shape. Maybe I can start jogging and riding bike, and then branch out to other things.

No problem at all, thanks to you man.

I actually have this huge area where I could possibly start a garden, my Dad grows lettuce there sometimes, and other plants.
It would require me a bit of work to set it up (Full of weeds, and long grass currently.

What plants would be good to grow?

I actually might, towards the end of the year.

Thanks, I am considering this.

>> No.58602838

That sounds funny.

>> No.58603238

Read a book nigger

>> No.58603441
File: 58 KB, 750x563, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAjlAAAAJDdmNTI0ZTg0LTY1N2QtNDMzMi1iMDA4LTk4ZWEzZmY2YmY4Nw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What plants would be good to grow?
I'm growing tomatoes, carrots, spices like basil and oregano which come in handy for salads or sauces .
I planted a bunch of potatoes and sweet potatoes which i'm waiting on and in the future i'll go for some lettuce and fruits like melons and see if a can get a tangerine tree as well.
If you got a large space you should go for it, check out how to make a bed for crops with plastic or dead grass over it so weeds don't grow there and maybe get some peat and compost to mix with the earth you already got there so that stuff grows even stronger.
Some weeds like dandelions come in handy though cause they scare bugs away if they're next to you plants.
Seriously there's lots of stuff on youtube to check out, you don't even need to read a book to get started.

>> No.58603529

Thanks friend I am really interested in doing this, and can probably get some help from family members as well.
I would love to grow potatoes (You can do so much with them) and fruits like melons.
I live in the South so I would imagine that melons and pumpkins would grow great here, I would like to start with those actually.
I have a huge green house type thing made of black mesh (Sadly it's somewhat in bad condition because of it not being maintained)

>> No.58604035

I lost interest in gaming a long time ago. I still play video games, but it's just that occasional amazing game that comes out once every 5 years or so. After years of buying into every AAA game that is announced only to be disappointed time and time again, I finally had enough.

I've taken up an interest in fucking around with different Linux distros and not only is it much more fun, but at the same time I'm educating myself, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

I can have hours of fun literally for free.

>> No.58604076
File: 23 KB, 624x352, computer-carl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been doing it since 2010. And yes it is depression

>> No.58604095

I find that quite boring to be honest, might be nice to do every once in a while but not something that is a ''hobby''.

>> No.58604102

Will there ever be a path towards happiness? It's difficult to enjoy things it seems.

>> No.58604211
File: 33 KB, 728x523, s2.reutersmedia.net.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not without prescription chemicals clouding your brain to turn you into a machine

>> No.58604301
File: 704 KB, 840x623, dergon sleyer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's depression
No such thing. That's just a modern bullshit term for chronic self-pity.
They made it a medical condition so they could sell you medication for it.

Get your shit together if you feel """depressed""" and things might work out better for you.

>> No.58604312
File: 2.26 MB, 478x391, 1466717282437.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it wasn't already said try gardening/growing some plants. Spices are quick and easy. Learn to cook if you don't know already. Skilled trades as a hobby around your residence. Build up your tool collection. Make a shelf or learn to fix things. Essentially learn the basics to being a man. Assuming here but it doesn't hurt to shore up your skills as man if you haven't already.

>> No.58604357

You're are totally fucking right man, thanks. I do need to learn a lot and do shit that any other man would do.
I am gonna try to do some gardening, and cooking seems nice as well. (Although I'll try to cook with a budget)
My Dad has plenty of tools that I can use (Like anything I could ever need, so I am good)
What are some other things I can learn to do?
I would love to make some things out of wood like you suggestion.
I want to be more crafty and know how to do more things.

>> No.58604376

>>I was thinking of maybe ordering chink shit
That's pretty much the only way I keep my life interesting as a semi-NEET desu. Lurk >>>/g/csg/, anon.

>> No.58604472

There are Youtube videos covering most things from minor car maintenance to hanging a door even. Wood and other supplies can be had for cheap usually. You can hit up construction sites like new homes and dumpster dive for scraps. Electronics you can usually find stuff on trash day if your cheap. Score a lamp or whatever isn't wanted anymore. Allows you to mess around and learn. Some folks get pallets and make stuff out of that. Do your own brakes. Change your own oil. Sharpen your own tools (mower blades etc). If you're interested in something walk up and ask a store/clerk/worker. Just ask folks.

>> No.58604583
File: 120 KB, 1280x720, 1425546479450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On a website that is anime focused in the first place.
Come anon-kun, join me to the path of /a/

>> No.58604585

I actually made a post there, I am interested in finding some cheap stuff that I can make into something cool.

Thanks a lot friend, I'll keep all of that in mind. Gonna try and learn more things that would be expected from a Man.
I know a little bit about cars, quite easy actually. Gonna try and learn some more.

>> No.58604603

I don't want to nigga.

>> No.58604610
File: 64 KB, 447x750, faggotry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/a/ is gay and plebbish

>> No.58604666
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>> No.58604821

Alright man. Have a good day and stay safe. Laters

>> No.58604830

Same to you

>> No.58604859

>jewtube browsing only
>korean muppet forum shitposting
Both are as shitty, learn to program of earn money on jewtube instead of wasting your time.

>> No.58604882
File: 531 KB, 1912x1076, entry-68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go away pleb

>> No.58604929

Follow the word of Terry and: "Write games, don’t play them!"

>> No.58604942
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>> No.58605343

I would like to make a YouTube channel but I don't know what I would talk about to be honest.

>> No.58605855


>> No.58605990

>decision fatigue
I had this so bad I just decided to go through everything alphabetically. Once I removed choice I felt sane again and actually stopped rewatching old stuff.

>> No.58607731

I mean, I have just extrapolated the hours I've spent on 4chan during the last 5 years and come up with something like 8,000 to 9,000 hours.

Not saying that 9k hours in CSGO would sound much better, but at least I'd be a fucking CSGO god now. But 9k hours in shitposting is literally worth nothing.

>> No.58608201

There's a biological basis for depression but there is nothing that is pinpointed just yet.

>> No.58608207

I am in the same box as you OP.
I found a new entertainment medium in Chinese Xianxia novels and such.
Basically take Dragon Ball, substitute Goku with a ruthless and calculative MC who rapes, genocides, and conquers, add some Lord of the Rings spice upon it, up the amount of blood and death and MCs even practicing necromancy and soul domination, and you get Chinese fantasy novels.

After developing complete hate for Japanese moeshit diarrhea, and Japanese MC's who are submissive sissy faggots whose righteousness and morals have replaced all their brain cells,
reading edgy Chinese fantasy martial arts novels
is like a gigantic breather.

>> No.58608270

>There's a biological basis for depression
Natural selection.
Depression is one of those life tests, or evolutionary tests.
If you shrub it aside like a bad fart or
refocus it into anger and then channel that into positive action, then you have won. You are worthy.

If you let it stick onto you and don't just willpower it away, then you don't deserve to live and should just do the species and its genetics a favor and kill yourself. You are unworthy.

>> No.58608727

try this https://youtu.be/16DKgo4_mN8

>> No.58609445

not true. just because you play games like a braindead faggot doesn't mean others can't use it to develop themselves. Simulators, puzzles and strategy games are good examples.

>> No.58609563

dark net markets

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